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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 25, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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quote, we are informed that some employees of russian private security firms with no trolgs the russian government authorities are working in sudan but their functions are limited to personnel training. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead" starts now. ♪ this announcement really is a bfd. the lead starts now. breaking today, the worst-kept secret in america politics is out, and joe biden is in. and he's making a bee line to the fight with president trump. build that stone wall. one top democrat saying president trump is pushing the house towards impeachment as the president continues to turn down house democrats' requests at every turn. plus, north korea has the gall to send a $2 million medical bill to the united states for the american kid that they tortured to death. how the trump administration is responding today.
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welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. the 2020 lead. from the first words, literally, literally the first words of his campaign, joe biden taking aim at president trump. the former vice president finally announcing his third bid for the oval office. this time biden enters the race stronger than ever before but also facing the most diverse and crowded democratic field in modern history with 19 other democrats and a democratic base that has moved to mr. biden's l left. mr. biden making his first campaign stop in his home state of delaware and weighing in as an early front-runner in the race. >> i tell you what. the issue is going to be who -- not only who can win this, but who is the best person to lead the country? and that's what it's going to be all about. it's going to be for the voters to decide that. >> as jessica dean now reports, the former vice president has already picked up a number of endorsements, but there is one endorsement he claims he will not be asking for.
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>> everybody knows donald trump. >> reporter: officially a presidential candidate, joe biden came out swinging today, going right after president trump. >> very fine people on both sides? >> reporter: in his video announcement, biden focussing on trump's response to the 2017 deadly clash in charlottesville, virginia. between white nationalists and counterprotesters. >> in that moment, i knew the threat to this nation was unlike any i had ever seen in my lifetime. >> reporter: biden also framed the 2020 race as a battle for the soul of the nation. >> if we give donald trump eight years in the white house, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation, who we are, and i cannot stand by and watch that happen. >> reporter: biden faces a few potential headwinds, including his age, possibly becoming the oldest president ever elected, and his centrist politics. in an historically diverse and
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crowded field that's becoming more progressive. >> not only who can win this, but who is the best person to lead the country. and that's what it's going to be all about. it's going to be for the voters to decide that. >> in a cycle where small dollar online donations are in and big fund-raisers out for democrats, one of biden's first stops will be a philadelphia fund-raiser where event organizers hope to raise $500,000. >> i have confidence in his leadership, but i've known him quite a while. >> the former vice president begins his campaign with a number of endorsements, including senators bob casey of pennsylvania, chris coons of delaware and doug jones of alabama. president obama, who has said he has no plans to endorse anyone right now, did praise biden through a spokesperson who said, quote, president obama has long said that selecting joe biden as his running mate in 2008 was one of the best decisions he ever made. >> i asked president obama not to endorse. and he doesn't want to -- we should -- whoever wins this
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nomination should win it on their own merits. >> reporter: another president also weighed in, writing about the race in a tweet. it will be nasty. you will be dealing with people who truly have some very sick and demented ideas. but if you make it i will see you at the starting gate. biden's first big event will be monday in pittsburgh. he's also planning stops in the key early states of iowa and new hampshire along with visits to south carolina, nevada and california. all of it leading up to a big rally in philadelphia scheduled for may 18th. and along the way, we're expecting to hear more about his plans to rebuild the middle class and bridge the divide he believes are tearing the country apart. >> jessica dean, thanks so much. former vice president joe biden acting as if the general election is on basically. focusing all his energy and momentum on president trump. take a listen. >> i believe history will look back on four years of this
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president and all he embraces as an abhorrent moment in time. >> what do you think of the strategy? >> i don't love it. it was a well-done video, but i'll always disagree of making the opening argument for your candidacy or key theme based on someone else. this video was not about joe biden. it was about reacting to donald trump and also, i think they are overthinking the problems they have with the black community a little bit. the decision to start that ad with charlottesville, virginia, i was taken aback. you're going to go there right here, right now? i think there's time to do that later. i think it would be great for someone to do a speech there, symposium, something, but to make that your opening phrase? it just sits funny with me. >> i didn't perceive the charlottesville piece to be just about race, though. it was about character. and to my mind, what biden is trying to do is say, let's make 2020 about character. we know there are going to be ongoing investigations. this is what the republicans did in 2000 in the aftermath of bill
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clinton's impeachment. they made it all about family values and democrats have really shrunk away from that argument for a really long time. so it seemed to me what he was trying to do is, obviously, you know, put out some messages that say i hear you, i get it. i understand the line about jefferson. that's very much for the african-american community, i think. but also let's make this about something bigger. let's make this about who has the character to be president. >> you have said that joe biden is the strongest potential threat to president trump. what did you make of the announcement? >> so i understand they take two openings and this one made it the other didn't test so well. i'm not sure if this is the one they taped originally and it didn't test so well or -- look, i agree with amanda. tell us why you should be president. why you should be the winner at the end of this race. democrats face a big challenge on pragmatism with joe biden versus purity. they'll have a decision to make.
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do we want someone that can beat the president at the end of the day or someone pure on legalization of marijuana, on medicare for all, on green new deal. biden if you look at his voting record was most centrist to right of center democrats his entire career. you look at the numbers, all the stores, he's a very conservative democrat. not where the party is today. >> conservative democrat today. like 20 years ago, a moderate democrat. the party has moved to the left. >> it's moved to the left so purity versus pragmatism. >> that's not where twitter is today. and that's not sometimes where cable chatter is today but actually where the party is today, you should look at the 2018 elections and see what kind of candidates won and helped win back the house for the democrats. and what i think joe biden is betting on is that there is an opening in the race for somebody who is as welcome in alabama as they are in new jersey. he was in demand in the 2018
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election. >> doug jones from alabama would love to have him on the top of the ticket. >> certainly he would. others would as well. and he's betting, and we'll see if this bet pays off, that empathy and decency are going to break through some of these issues. as more and more candidates get into the race, more of them are moving away from medicare for all and the green new deal. bernie is still leading. these are still real issues in the primary, no doubt, but there's more of an evening out -- >> let me say, to your point, candidates like mayor pete buttigieg and bernie sanders have warned democrats that if they focus too much on donald trump. but in cnn's poll of democrats, 56% said it was more important that a candidate can beat trump as opposed to the purity angle, a candidate who shares the values. >> let's see the fund-raising numbers bear out. david cohn is hosting a big event for the vice president. >> have to stop talking like it's just two guys. david cohn, former chief of staff to ed rendell --
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>> we know who he is. >> you asked before, why do i think he's important? joe biden is running as if he's from pennsylvania. joe biden left pennsylvania in 1952. >> delaware/pennsylvania. >> come on. >> so he's doing an event in philadelphia. >> his headquarters are in philadelphia. >> he's obviously placing some importance. if you ask me why? because there's 80,000, 90,000 votes that separate the president. and i think joe biden speaks -- >> i was going to say on the electable question, though, that's pretty misleading in polls. what do we even know what electable means? i think for joe biden, i want to go back to the point which was important. the video cannot be the totality of his roll-out. and i don't think it is. >> he's going on "the view" tomorrow. >> yeah. >> well, i'm just saying. that's what i know. >> he's going to be at a lot of campaign events. an important part of what we need to hear is who joe biden
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is, why he's running, his personal story. i think we'll hear that. that video was lacking that. and i think it's important that he does that and introduces his history. >> the counterargument would be from a biden person, people know who he is. he was vice president for eight years. he's been in politics literally since 1972 he's been a national political figure. people have an idea of who he is. he's been in office longer than you've been alive. >> he has a 40-year record. here's the problem. he has to get out of the democratic primary to face president trump, and he hasn't done the town halls. he hasn't taken the questions about marijuana, medicare for all. should felons vote? green new deal? how do you pay for all these things? i don't know how he's going to handle that. he's quick on his feet but hasn't been pinned down on that or the questions about the krum bi crime bill that people are going to breing up. how are democrats in his own party going after the former vp trying to steal their own
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it's a long, long campaign. >> former vice president joe biden joining the very crowded democratic field this morning explaining his delay in announcing is not because he doesn't think any of the other 19 rivals can beat president trump but because he wanted to do it on his own timetable. the latest polling shows biden is in second place behind bernie sanders and just ahead of buttigieg. i know it's early but the state-by-state races are important. what do you think? you feel bullish on biden? you think he can do it? >> we're going to see. i thought the roll-out today, this is the start of a roll-out based on the fact they announced a schedule of a roll-out and it's probably a roll-out that started a month ago or so. but to what amanda was saying, i think you're right that people feel like they know a lot about biden, and it's going to be up to biden to demonstrate as he continues this roll-out to make sure he's speaking to those things people think they know about him, and how does he do in
1:16 pm
those one on one sessions. and i've said this before. this is where the debates are going to be so important because it's also going to be for the other candidates on the stage to -- there's going to be a stature gap naturally as a former vice president. how are you, as the other candidates, going to handle that and his level of experience. does he recognize he's going to be accountable for the unfinished business of the obama presidency, as well as his own record from his time in the senate. >> the president is right about one thing. joe biden has never cracked 1% when he ran for president before. he's not traditionally a great presidential candidate. he's not done well either time. he really hasn't gotten any tracks. this time is yet to be seen how it's going to play out. today may be the high water mark. mayor pete is, again, occupying that same lane as moderate new outsiders. he's going to hollywood, raising a lot of money from big names in
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hollywood. and those folks know joe biden as well. >> and jen, the justice democrats, a progressive group that helped launch congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. they tweeted joe biden is out of touch with the center of energy in the democratic party and highlighting his past positions such as supporting the iraq war and being against school desegregation. for the record, he was against busing which was to achieve school desegregation, but this is what he faces. the left does not like him. >> that's true. and i think this was a topic of many, many conference calls between joe biden and his team before he decided to run. when you think about the delay, part of that was about what this is going to be like. and running as the front-runner, which he has never been before. even though he was vice president, typically, the vice president is not attacked on a daily basis. so this is going to be a whole new adventure for joe biden.
1:18 pm
what he is betting on is that he's a great campaigner. he's a great retail campaigner. he's great one on one with people. yes, he's going to have to address these tough questions. that is going to be the most difficult part for him over the next couple of months but he's also going to be introducing his own story to the public. that could be very compelling as well. >> on those justice democrat issues, joe biden's problem isn't just the left. it's the right. the right is going to meddle in this democratic primary probably like we've never seen before. rush limbaugh had a line today which was provocative and probably on the mark. if you look at joe biden's record, if he were a statue, the justice democrats would probably tear it down. you'll have the left making these arguments about segregation, about women, about the crime bill, but also the people on the right who are mocking it. it's going to be a furious two-pronged attack, and it's going to be very hard for joe biden. >> and he's been a terrible
1:19 pm
fund-raiser. he's not been a good fund-raiser. you see with bernie, 900,000 people that can give or and over and over. that's going to be a challenge. >> but again, let's be careful with bernie. bernie had a bad day yesterday at the she the people event in a roomful of black women. a whole roomful of women groan because you're talking about your civil rights work in the '60s. to your point, joe biden can talk about, yes, that was my record then but here's what i've done since then. it's not just going to be answering for it in the past but he actually has something to talk about. a record to talk about of things he's done for communities of color, for all these different parts of the party. >> you just talked about the fund-raising idea, david. biden was on a conference call earlier this week. according to politico he said fund-raising in the first 24 hours would be key. in the first 24 hours, we should
1:20 pm
remember, beto o'rourke raised $6.1 million. bernie, 5.9 and kamala harris, $1.5 million. biden said this. what if he's number three? >> what if he's number five? >> he knows they have not kind of built and sowed the seeds of their email list over the past years. >> he knows how much -- >> i don't think he knows how much he's going to raise but he knows this is an area he needs to build. if people are excited in the first 24 hours, that's where he needs them to give. he needs people to donate online. he has a lot of high-dollar donors as we've seen with fund-raisers and people who feel comfortable with him, have loyalty with him, but he needs to build that list and that's a place he's going to be behind the others from the start. beto o'rourke had built it over time in texas, right? bernie sanders had done an excellent job of keeping that list engaged. that's a place where biden is behind. >> also a place where that tension between who can inspire
1:21 pm
us and who can beat trump as we go through the primary. the more people think this is the person that can beat trump. that's the person that's -- >> speaking of joe biden's past. aneata hill in "the new york times" talking about former vice president joe biden who called her over her testimony against justice clarence thomas. hill said i can't be satisfied by simply saying i'm sorry for what happened to you. i'll be satisfied when i know there is real change and real accountability and real purpose. she cannot support biden unless he takes responsibility. coming up, president trump ignoring his aides and attacking the mueller report. this time implying one of his former top officials is a liar. stay with us.
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now all you have to do is move...that thing. [ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. the politics lead president trump insinuating his former white house counsel is a liar. tweeting, quote, i never told then-white house counsel don mcgahn to fire robert mueller. then we have him under oath. mcgahn told his personal lawyer and chief of staff at the time about the instructions from the president so who do you believe? as cnn's kaitlan collins reports, the white house is even promising to fight a house
1:27 pm
judiciary subpoena along with apparently every other subpoena. >> president trump contradicting the special counsel today. now claiming he never told former white house counsel don mcgahn to fire robert mueller tweeting, if i wanted to fire mueller, i didn't need mcgahn to do it. mueller was not fired and was respectfully allowed to finish his work. but that's not what the mueller report says. instead, citing testimony and evidence, the investigation found trump sought to have the special counsel removed and engaged in efforts to curtail the investigation and prevent the disclosure of evidence to it. trump claimed mueller was allowed to respectfully finish his work, even though he attacked him repeatedly. >> i know that he's conflicted, and i know that his best friend is comey, who is a bad cop. mr. mueller is highly conflicted. >> reporter: sources say the president's allies have urged him to declare victory and move on. but he's gearing up for a fight
1:28 pm
rather than settling down. >> i say it's enough. >> now combining his frustration over mueller and his power struggle with house democrats. >> we're fighting all the subpoenas. >> democrats say the trump administration is taking stonewalling to another level, resisting subpoenas for testimony from current and former administration officials, missing two deadlines to hand over the president's tax returns, attempting to stop don mcgahn from testifying, and now rejecting democrats' calls for senior policy adviser steven mueller to come before congress. leading democrats to believe their best chance at success is in the courts. >> our ability to collect evidence, to hear testimony under oath is central to our oversight function and to holding the administration accountable, no matter how much the president tries to stop it. we will prevail. >> reporter: the white house is making clear to house democrats they can either have their subpoenas ignored or take them
1:29 pm
to court. the white house says those court battles could take a long time and drag out past the election which seems to be a factor that they are banking on. >> kaitlan collins, thanks. david, we're doing this segment right now because president trump keeps going on twitter and railing against robert mueller and even against his own former white house counsel don mcgahn. any strategy? >> so i really like to talk about this segment about the strong numbers in pennsylvania in march. he had -- historic -- in pennsylvania, the lowest unemployment rate in the history of pennsylvania. >> we can talk about opioids. >> lots of things we're doing. >> but the president would like us to talk about don mcgahn and robert mueller. >> i think there's some strategy involved. >> you do? >> the biggest case rests against obstruction. don mcgahn would be a key witness at that. he's going right at don mcgahn trying to cast seeds of doubt over what mcgahn told robert mueller. and there's maybe a tiny bit of wiggle room.
1:30 pm
don mcgahn essentially says that trump asked him to call rod rosenstein and say get rid of mueller. he has conflicts of interest. over some golf fees like ten years popping mcgahn says not going to do that. then "the new york times" does a story about that call and trump calls him and says, can you put out a statement denying that story. mcgahn says, not going to do that. now a debate over whether trump ordered mcgahn to fire mueller. and because they didn't use the word fire, i think trump thinks he has wiggle room, which is crazy, but here we are. >> the point is now we're talking about it. >> we're talking about it and i am a believer, don mcgahn wrote copious notes. his assistant wrote cope yious notes while he knew there was an investigation under way. he knew he was going to be speaking to mueller and knew he'd be asked to testify. he is also, what he also did here is cleared his name in a white house where there are many people leaving with terrible
1:31 pm
reputations. so my expectation is that he's absolutely going to testify. donald trump knows that. he wants to treat him like he's treated past people who are -- >> michael cohen. >> exactly. >> bloody him up. >> this is also part of why trump has, in the clinton administration, we had a strategy where there was a war room that dealt with this -- the investigations and so that from the podium, the press secretary was talking about pennsylvania and the news of the day, right? trump can't have that kind of strategy because, as we started this segment, he can't shut up about whatever it is that's on his mind. talking about screaming for vengeance over the weekend. so this is part of why trump will have this cloud of, this ethical cloud over his presidency going into 2020. he can't control, by the way, also, the sdny or what the new york attorney general's office is doing or what deutsche bank does. sure, he can have this fight with congress and try to drag it out and make it look like democrats are being petty, but there are other investigations going on that he can't control
1:32 pm
that create this ethical cloud that i think going back to joe biden, let's go ahead and make ethics an actual topic -- >> i think the attacks -- >> it's warranted by the white house? >> just to stonefall and refuse to -- >> exercise executive privilege has been done historically through lots of presidencies. you see jerry nadler with 81 subpoenas. i think they did a great disservice by casting such a wide net. they made it look like this is purely partisan and most of america turned the channel at that point. they lost their opportunity to drill down -- >> when you're also then tweeting about, i want vengeance on this guy and -- i bet you the next part of this is he's going to start degrading mcgahn's character. >> these are going to go to court. these subpoenas are going to go to court and generally from my understanding, it's not going to be heard in any short period of time. >> if it's white house
1:33 pm
officials, they'll probably -- >> they'll probably deny it. no one is going to jail because of it. no teeth. >> miller can't go to the hill and talk about -- >> can i ask a question about steve miller. steve miller is one of the most important people in the trump administration and arguably, he's in charge of immigration policy in this country. he basically, we're told, was one of the people pushing for kirstjen nielsen to leave as well as the head of i.c.e. and head of the secret service, et cetera. theoretically, he should talk to congress about what he believes, just in terms of the policy. >> absolutely. he also -- i read this morning as part of the reorganization of homeland security. so, yes, he should talk about immigration, but he should also talk about it not just from that point of the policy but also from a national security concern because we also know that we've heard that part of the reason kirstjen nielsen was kicked out is she wanted to talk about voting security in 2020. and nobody wanted to hear that. so you're right. this is a high level official,
1:34 pm
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in our world lead, north korea slapping the united states with a $2 million hospital bill for otto warmbier's care and inscientii insisting the u.s. agree to pay the bill before returning the american to the united states with severe brain damage and
1:39 pm
tragically died later. the u.s. government did not honor the agreement and does not plan to pay that $2 million bill. former cia counterterrorism official phil mudd joins me now. how unusual is this deal the u.s. made with north korea? is it normal that, here's this guy we detained and tortured and now we expect you to pay us $2 million? >> it's a weird one, but it's north career. best defense is a good offense. if you are the president and want to negotiate on missiles and nukes, someone is going to say you have to raise human rights, including people like otto warmbier. the north koreans are saying not only do we not take responsibility for his killing but we tried to take care of this guy and you owe us $2 million. i don't think we can pay anyway. i'd have a question whether under sanctions you could give them the money. >> let me ask you about not paying it. assuming the united states did make this agreement and said we're going to pay you $2 million, which is, obviously, just a farce. is there a risk in not paying it
1:40 pm
going back on it? >> oh, heck no. if i were sitting there and someone said we won't give you somebody who is injured, maybe deadly injured unless you sign a piece of paper, i'd say i don't care what's on that paper. there's one broader policy question about whether you pay something like this. and no indication we have. this looks like a hostage negotiation. not the return of an injured american. if you start paying, and the americans typically haven't done this, hostage money, somebody is going to say, why don't we take hostages because they'll pay up. this has been a debate forever. you don't pay for hostages. typically we've said we won't. >> and president trump suggested he believed kim jong-un in that kim jong-un didn't know anything about the torture of otto warmbier. is that credible? would kim jong-un not know if an american was being tortured by his own regime? >> first of all, that's not credible. even if you were to believe that, when that young man went on a plane back to america, it's hard to believe that kim jong-un didn't say, why is he on a
1:41 pm
stretcher? we hold people accountable, including bashar al assad for chemical weapons for the murder of civilians in syria. we don't hold a dictator? he had to have known. >> phil mudd, thank you. news about warmbier comes as the north korean dictator just wrapped up his meeting with vladimir putin. despite his long history of horrific human rights violations, russia rolled out the red carpet, giving him a saber and russian tea set, treating him to a lavish dinner. >> reporter: heaving himself out of his specialty imported stretch limo, north korean dictator gets a red carpet reception to russia's strong man business. this is the first time these two autocrats have met. a first chance to dysdiscuss kim jong-un's nuclear weapons and
1:42 pm
how russia might help get rid of them. this is classic vladimir putin inserting himself yet again into an international crisis. >> translator: i'm sure your visit to russia will also help to develop our bilateral relations and will help us to understand the ways we can settle the situation on the korean peninsula. >> reporter: putin says kim has asked him to inform the u.s. about north korea's position. this now looks increasingly like a three-way nuclear negotiation with the kremlin in the middle. details were sparse, but there was no shortage of diplomatic niceties at this summit. president putin giving kim a saber and a special russian tea set. putin was gifted an elaborate ceremonial sword. later, a formal reception dinner for both leaders. these optics are key. growing allies with a close personal bond. not the isolated figures often
1:43 pm
portrayed in the west. these talks seem to have been short on specifics. what exactly they talked about when it comes to disarmament on the korean peninsula is unclear. we do know, though, what they ate because we got into this room where the reception was held. there's a plate of bulgar wheat and beef. confectioneries and chocolate and this little cheesecake here. a chocolate cheesecake with the north korean and russian flag. outside the vladivostok summit, a final farewell after what the kremlin describes as constructive talks. next stop for putin is china, another key ally, leaving his new north korean friend to explore this russian city on his own. now much of kim jong-un's itinerary here in vladivostok over the course of the next day is under closely guarded secrecy. we're not being told about it publicly. we understand he's visiting a
1:44 pm
war memorial in vladivostok here in eastern russia late today. and will also be visiting the local aquarium on this sort of touristic sightseeing visit that he's now embarked on, jake. >> matthew chance live in russia, thank you. a major fbi raid in a major city. the target, the city's mayor and a scandal involving children's books. stay with us. at fidelity, we make sure you have a clear plan to cover the essentials in retirement, as well as all the things you want to do. because when you're ready for what comes next, the only direction is forward. it's how we care for our patients- like job. his team at ctca treated his cancer and side effects. so job can stay strong for his family. cancer treatment centers of america. appointments available now. has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers
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the national corruption scandal involving charm city, baltimore, maryland, and its democratic mayor catherine pugh.
1:49 pm
maryland's governor called on pugh to resign. at the center of the investigation is a children's book pugh wrote and thousands of copies sold. including some with a company looking to do business with the city of baltimore. now it's a story that will almost certainly not have a happy ending. >> reporter: fbi agents raiding the home of baltimore's embattled mayor catherine pugh after weeks of questions and controversy surrounding the sale of a children's book she authored. agents streamed in and out of the house for hours removing several cardboard boxes while the mayor reportedly remained inside. >> i just think that it's a long time coming. this is just the beginning. >> reporter: agents also executed search warrants at pugh's second residence, city hall, the office of her attorney, and the home of one former staff member. the raid is related to the sale of pugh's heathy holly
1:50 pm
children's books. the health care provider ordered $114,000 worth of books over three years as it saute luough t sought a lucrative contract with the city. and the university of maryland looked to purchase books at the same time pugh served as a board member. >> this was a regrettable mistake. >> reporter: the mayor stepped down from her board position in march and returned $100,000 from her most recent book order. pugh also stepped away from the mayor's office, going on indefinite leave for medical reasons. >> i want to say that i apologize, that i've done something to upset the people. >> reporter: now maryland's governor is demanding pugh's resignation saying mayor pugh has lost the public trust. she is clearly not fit to lead. no comment from the mayor directly today but her lawyers confirm that fbi agents did
1:51 pm
seize her financial records. as for the university of maryland medical system, they are saying despite purchasing $500,000 worth of those books that the medical system actually never received copies of those books. so that will likely be a big thread of this investigation. as for kaiser permanente, they say it distributed the books it bought to schools and child care centers. >> jessica, thank you. evangelical preacher franklin graham defends president trump and attacks a democratic presidential candidate for being gay. stay with us. so, jardiance asks...
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1:56 pm
bell. he gets at the collision of politics and region in "united shade of america." come a series of tweets, graham said mayor buttigieg says he's a gay christian. i believe the bible which defines homosexuality as a sin, something to be repentant of, not to be praised, flaunted or politicized. the bible says marriage is between a man and a woman, not two men or two women. what did you learn about the divide within christians and specifically lgbt christians in your series? >> i mean, unfortunately, preachers like franklin graham are the face of christianity right now. these big, mostly white men, megachurch preachers are the face of christianity. in dallas there's the cathedral of hope that caters to lgbtq plus. there are certainly lgbtq plus
1:57 pm
people who are also good christians. >> and it's not just same-sex marriage. one pastor in your series talked about the struggle for those who are creating controversial policies in this country, including having to do with immigration. take a listen. >> you start talking about who you get to marry or -- >> talking about opening up the borders. except when -- >> can't serve jesus who was an immigrant and then be hating on immigrants when they show up. so either you're following a jesus of your own making, which i would argue many of us are, or you're following the jesus that forces you to have to wrestle with a real what would jesus not do. what did jesus do? what did he do? we've got a ways to go. >> it's like people are talking about different jesuses, really.
1:58 pm
>> yeah, patter mcbride is saying a jesus of your own creation which is what preachers like graham are doing. they've created a jooesus esus r head. the jesus i understand is about those that are less than us. graham is threatening the lgbtq-plus members in his church, the gay youth. that leads to mental health problems and suicide for some of those youth. >> you have this episode about lgbt individuals in the mormon community. tell us more about that. >> every major religion, and we try to be careful, has issues with the lgbtq plus community. the issues the mormon, the lds church has, they have a high rate of teen suicide. that's connected to how members who grow up who are lgbtq plus feel they're not accepted and it
1:59 pm
leads them to depression and sometimes suicide. so we're not really -- it's fun to talk about this in a big way or pete buttigieg. pete buttigieg is going to be fine. but the thing franklin graham doesn't realize is you're threatening the health and well-being of members of the community who feel not accepted. >> united shades of america" returns this sunday. here's a taste of season four. you always tackle issues having to deal with diversity. what's the overall theme or question this season? >> as we start to head into the 2020 presidential election and start to think about what these people at the top of the party are going to do, the theme is, it's on us. it's on each of us as individual members of our community to work harder to make our community better and we highlight a lot of people who do that. we can't hope for a perfect presidential candidate. it's the aoc example, do the work yourself. >> catch the premiere this sunday night at 10:00 here on cnn. the emmy award-winning show, i should say.
2:00 pm
follow me on facebook and twitter @jaketapper. tweet the show. our coverage on cnn continues. thanks so much for watching. happening now -- breaking news. joe public. former vice president joe biden already raising money tonight just hours after making public his much-anticipated run for the white house and taking on president trump directly. transcripts don't lie. the president denies he tried to shut down the mueller investigation, even though white house officials gave sworn testimony he ordered don mcgahn to fire robert mueller. north korean ransom. cnn has learned that the kim jong-un regime demanded $2 million from the united states for the release of the american student otto warmbier who suspiciously fell into a coma in north korean custody and later died. and blocking testimony. as house democrats