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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  April 26, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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constitutional checks and balances. trump is putting his own people in grave jeopardy. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world to "new day." happy friday, april 26, 6:00 here in new york. >> what could possibly go wrong? >> today will be a good day. it's a big day. the 2020 race has changed in just the past 24 hours. former vice president joe biden making a splash by taking aim at president trump. and now some of biden's democratic rivals are taking aim at him. president trump is irked by the coverage the democratic field is generating and that the president is asking a lot of questions about biden's strength as a candidate >> biden is in. the question this morning is, now what? what will he say when he has his first campaign interview on "the view" in a few hours? how will he handle criticism from democratic opponents and
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how will he address questions about his treatment of anita hill when he chaired the hearings for clarence thomas whom hill accused of sexual harassment. we learned biden had a phone conversation with hill where he expressed regrets for what she endured. he's had 28 years to prepare for the conversation. apparently that wasn't enough. hill tells the "new york times" she's not satisfied and isn't sure she sees real change and accountability. we begin here in new york with the top story. biden is here, coming on "the view." you're chasing him. it's brought you here. >> reporter: right out of the gate joe biden made his campaign about taking on donald trump calling it a battle for the soul of the nation. before that, he has to navigate the crowded democratic field and his long record is coming into focus. >> hey, guys.
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>> reporter: joe biden shaking up an already crowded primary. >> how does it feel to be the frontrunner? >> it's real early. the issue will be not only who can win, but who is the best person to lead the country? >> reporter: cnn learned biden's candidacy makes president trump fearful. the early campaign plan targeting voters in the rust belt and midwest living in blue states like pennsylvania that trump flipped in 2016. biden is a frequent topic within president trump's political meetings and the president spent months polling advisers on biden's chances of winning the democratic primary. another strategy -- trump working to highlight internal divides between the former vice president and other candidates within the field >> it looks like the only nonsort of heavy socialist, he's being taken care of pretty well by the socialists. they got to him.
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our former vice president. >> reporter: president trump warning of a nasty primary saying if you make it, i will see you at the starting gates. inside a delaware pizza shop, biden's response, short >> everybody knows donald trump. >> reporter: hours later, biden still on trump's mind. in a late night interview with fox news >> i think when you look at joe, i have known joe over the years. he's not the brightest lightbulb in the group. he's a pretty sleepy guy. >> reporter: within hours of being in the race biden's past is exposing vulnerabilities including his handling of anita hill's testimony during the clarence thomas confirmation hearings. >> to this day i regret i couldn't come up with a way to get her the kind of hearings she deserved. he recently reached out to hill >> it was a private discussion. they have spoken. >> reporter: hill telling "new york times" i cannot be satisfied by saying i'm sorry
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for what happened to you. i will be satisfied when there is real change and real accountability. with a late start to the race biden had a fundraiser at the home of a media executive in philadelphia. now to how much biden raised in the first 24 hours and he'll have his first interview on "the view." monday, his first campaign event in pittsburgh. it will be a busy few weeks for joe biden >> fascinating to see what happens on "the view" today. i wouldn't call it a hostile environment. even the republican on "the view" love him. they have a long history >> like meghan mccain and joe biden have a long relationship. biden spoke at mccain's funeral >> absolutely. thank you. stay with us of course. don't go anywhere from this set. we are not allowing you to. also joining us is mj lee and john avlon, senior political analyst.
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arlette, biden said the first 24 hours would be critical. he had a big fundraiser in philadelphia last night. how did it go? did he raise the money they hoped to? >> it is unclear. the campaign hasn't revealed how much they were able to bring in. he stood in the backyard of a media executive, an executive from comcast. it was a few dozen people there. he talked about many of the same themes that you saw in the campaign video about the battle for the soul of the country. he was really trying to make it an argument that he's the person that can bring stability back to the way the country is run. towards the end there was a quote where he said, i'm going to be honest with you and tell you the truth. that can be good and bad. sometimes i say more than i mean. at the end he said i make no apologies for the fact i say what i mean. that graphic is up now. biden really speaking to the
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krou crowd. there will be a focus on how much he can raise with small donors and grassroots fundrai fundraisi fundraising. biden isn't as experienced as much as bernie sanders >> so the video made a big splash where he brought up charlottesville. he has perhaps more endorsements than any other candidate. senators from delaware. chris kuhns, bob casey, doug jones, dianne feinstein, richmond might be the most interesting in some ways to endorse him. some people see endorsements as old school. they are still important. he is showing his establishment credentials here >> that's right. the former vice president has probably more built-in establishment support than anybody else who has gotten insofar. we know the count is up to around 20 democrats.
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that's going to be a big advantage for him. i think the number of endorsements actually fits really well into the narrative that he was trying to show yesterday with that video. joe biden is many, many things. he has a lot of qualifications. it was incredibly telling that with the first video he decided not to talk about his senate record, not to talk about his foreign policy credentials or his working class roots. he decided to talk about trump. part of the message was to say my campaign will be a general election campaign. it is going to be singularly focused on taking on president trump and telling the american people that the america we have seen under president trump is not the america that i stand for. i think the endorsements really back it up >> it highlights the fact that biden is uniquely respected for someone who spent that long on the hill. he has reservoirs of respect and affection across the aisle.
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one of the things you will see on "the view" today, affection from meghan mccain and her family. that's not typical in a hyper partisan polarized environment. he's making a general election argument and saying this is why i'm getting in the race. donald trump is a genius at defining people. usually through insults. the negative partisanship play book where all democrats are socialists and radicals doesn't work with joe biden. that's an asset he'll take advantage of. will he have stumbles out of the gate? sure. he already has. >> in the first 24 hours there is high profile criticism and we have learned there was a phone call between joe biden and anita hill in the past few weeks. they have very different interpretations of the upshot of the phone call. i think vice president biden thought it went well and he apologized. that's not what she heard. i think when you say, i'm sorry
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for what happened to you. she says i cannot be satisfied by simply saying i'm sorry for what happened to you. i will be satisfied when there is real change, real accountability and real purpose. he's had 28 years for the phone call. however, there's been a cataclysm in the past two years. in the past two years the sand has shifted with the me too movement. perhaps he could have crafted something that said i'm sorry for how i conducted myself, for how i handled myself during the hearing >> a statement from a spokesperson to biden said he expressed regret for what she endured. that's something you have heard repeatedly. this resurfaced in the spotlight in the wake of the me too movement in 2017. he was asked about his handling of anita hill. he said, i owe her an apology. you have seen over the past two
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years different variationles of that. biden critics want an apology for his actions and the way he handled that. you saw it in hill's interview with the "new york times" and saying she's not ready or will be unable to support biden unless he accepts responsibility for what he did. >> there are two fascinating things. one is the language he uses. we heard it. i'm sorry i couldn't give her a better hearing which is different than i didn't give her a better hearing. the second thing is process and some people tonight like process, but it's fascinating. how is it the new biden campaign let this be the story yesterday? they knew there was one thing they had to make sure was taken care of before he got in or a few days after. they had the video rollout. the glow lasted six hours before this broke >> perhaps they thought it was
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taken care of, that a phone call that happened a couple of days before he announced was enough. and that the message he sent to her was enough. clearly in her words the apology or nonapology wasn't enough. i think this anita hill incident, as much as he would like to fast forward to the general election, he cannot do it. he needs to get through the primary process. through that primary process, a lot of things from joe biden's past will come back to haunt him. whether they are the policy positions he's taken, whether they are ways in which he's conducted himself including in the hill hearings, these are things that will get litigated again >> steven collins at cnn said, biden is in, the knives are out. elizabeth warren has policy differences going back to what she says defense of credit card
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companies. bernie sanders known to play rough ball behind the scenes. some of the early negative stories about biden may or may not have been pushed by the candidates. they won't give him a pass. was it an unforced error out of the gate? absolutely. was hill ever going to be a biden supporter in the primary? no, probably not. and biden voted against clarence thomas. that gets lost. i'm not sure this is what main stream america will call the biggest take away from biden's first day, but it is a sign of the baggage he's got. that's the flip side of having so much time in the public service >> sometimes bernie sanders isn't behind the scenes. sometimes it's in a campaign email. this is what they said yesterday. it's a big day in the democratic primary. we hope to end it strong, not with a fundraiser in the home of a corporate lobbyist >> that's specific.
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>> but with an overwhelming number of individual donations in response to today's news. >> bernie's people are saying it's on. >> completely. friends and supporters of biden said he's prepared for the attacks. he was expecting them not just from president trump. he knows he'll be the target of the democratic primary rivals now that he's in the race. pretty soon you are also going to see joe biden start to unveil policy positions. he hasn't really weighed in on the big debates that have been animating the democratic primaries so far. medicare for all, the green new deal, reparations, impeachment. we haven't heard what he thinks about that in light of the mueller report. there are big questions about where biden stands. he'll have to answer those in the coming days >> thank you very much. great to see you and have fun at "the view." rod rosenstein taking on critics and defending how the
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rod rosenstein overnight defending himself and the handling of the mueller probe. >> i pledged to take it to the appropriate conclusion.
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i didn't promise to report all results to the public. as my fellow u.s. attorneys know well, grand juries are ex-parte proceedings. we decide whether it is appropriate to file criminal charges >> john is back with us. also here, alana plot and frank bruni, cnn contributor and op-ed cl columnist. the speech rod rosenstein gave to the armenian bar association >> as one does. >> was fascinating. he was taking on critics from all sides defending his role in all of this. saying i did it all right. he was critical of donald trump for saying the independent counsel investigation shouldn't have happened. one thing that jumped out was how serious he said the russian attacks were >> he said we haven't even heard
3:19 am
all of it in the mueller report. i fear that's been obscured by looking at how trump behaved and did he attempt whatever. beyond all of that, what donald trump hasn't done as president is address the interference and take steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. as we know he can't do that without feeling like the legitimacy of his election has been questioned. going forward that's a serious thing. i think years from now when we look back at the mueller report which went into this in great detail, i think we'll be talking as much about the absolute complacency, the cavalierness about what happened in 2016 and how to protect the american democratic system >> his administration said he's doing it. do you believe when the person at the top won't talk about it that the people below him can do it? >> we have asked the question a million times.
3:20 am
secretary kirstjen nielsen said she had to convene her own meetings. it would help if the person on top were on board, but i think dan coats is trying >> without the proper backing and support. >> the story of the investigation is an effort to contain the president and carry on the business of government outside the president's worst instincts. trump doesn't want to deal with russian interference. it will be the most damning in the eyes of history. he could unite the nation. instead people in the administration tried to go around the president and the white house. we saw jared kushner with the same issue. this is just an irritation. the mueller report, even stuff we have seen is a damning indictment of how much more extensive and pro trump and anti-hillary than previously reported >> as extensive as the details are in the mueller report he's saying it only scratched the surface. >> john avlon gave us a good
3:21 am
segue here. john said the story of the administration is trying to contain the president. maybe the story up until this point. there is a new sheriff in town being chief of staff. acting sheriff mick mulvaney. you've got an interesting article with big fat quotes from mick mulvaney an how he sees his job as chief of staff. he said often he's giving ideas on what his priorities are and what he wants to accomplish. that's how he's explaining why he's letting trump be trump. >> i remember he told me that, so sometimes illegal requests? a sliver of the time out of all of our days in the white house? you're absolutely right. mick mulvaney was candid with me in his trashing of john kelly. morale was low in the white
3:22 am
house. he said meetings are a free for all. they're hanging from the rafters in mick mulvaney's office. it's more closely resembling what reince priebus's time in the white house looked like. mick mulvaney said he doesn't want information to be currency in the white house. above all, what i think is important to communicate to viewers of the segment is that mick mulvaney is a really ambitious guy. he's had essentially three titles in this administration thus far. sources say he's already looking on to see at what point he could succeed wilbur ross as commerce secretary. one said he's a master of self-preservation. when he said he would like to help trump be trump and give him the tools he needs to be the kind of president he wants to be and lead the way he wants to, that's mick mulvaney looking out for number one, not necessarily the president >> sure.
3:23 am
mick mulvaney is a master of self-preservation at the expense of anything resembling principle. only would a stint as commerce secretary be seen as a step up from the chief of staff in the white house. the problem is we know from the mueller report donald trump's bacon was saved by aides who tried to contain him and not execute his worst instincts. so being the biggest sycophant possible in the position, that doesn't help the president, the administration or the country >> a couple of quotes i want to read from the piece. he is not mincing words about john kelly. he goes out of his way to criticize him. here's just one. it was an experiment gone bad, he says. i think it's difficult to cultivate a healthy work environment when somebody near the top lets everybody know they hate their job. i guess the experiment was
3:24 am
trying to exert control in the traffic of the white house. i know your love of food which i share >> oh, thank you. >> this is the physical effect the job had on mick mulvaney. he cheerfully extolled his relationship with trump joking he's gained ten pounds. i eat more with the president. he eats hamburgers all the time. >> this is the president who greets people with vast volumes of fast food. it is a great profile. the idea of the white house as a place of high morale to me doesn't past the smell test. come on. the vast and bruised trump administration diaspura attest to what it's like to work in this administration. ask kirstjen nielsen, rex tillerson, john kelly. >> mick mulvaney said, look, any of us could be fired at any time. we have no job security here and it's capricious. i'm going to go on and hope to be the next commerce secretary >> he wants to get more power
3:25 am
one hamburger at a time. >> eat yourself fit. >> what about alisyn's point here? when you read the mueller report if you take away it was only the presence of people saying no to the president -- not directly but not carrying out his actions. if those people are gone and the attitude is gone, is the president, the country in jeopardy? >> i think you have to consider the implications of the notion that when it comes to trump's grail guardrails they are gone. one way i thought of mick mulvaney was the ability don mcgahn. think of it this way. were mick mulvaney holding mcgahn's position which he could because he has a j.d. and donald trump said i want you to fire robert mueller immediately. i'm not sure he would blanch at
3:26 am
that thought. i don't think he would slow walk the president's orders and assume he won't bring it up again in the near future. >> all right. >> then you have obstruction. >> the idea that letting trump be trump is a big thing. it's letting a despot bloom. >> on that note, frank, elana, john. >> have a great friday, everyone. >> thanks for the perspective. arson investigators are searching for clues after two fires at a pennsylvania church. the latest innovation from xfinity
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a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. for the second time this week a pennsylvania church goes up in flames. the first blaze was ruled arson. now investigators want to know if an early morning fire was also set intentionally.
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>> another upsetting story here. two fires in a week at this church. the fire on thursday was started in the early morning hours. the cause is unknown and there were no injuries. as we have mentioned the church was already badly burned by a fire on tuesday. also began overnight. started after midnight. the city's fire official determined the first fire was arson. the daughter of the church's pastor and a church leader spoke to wfmz. >> it was heartbreaking. really sad this would happen for the second time. what else can they burn? >> she guesses the people responsible want to see the church burned to the ground. we don't know much about the church itself. we know from the name that it
3:32 am
likely serves a spanish-speaking population and bethlehem has a sizable population of 30%. they are asking the public for information on these fires. federal investigators from the atf are offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to the successful prosecution of whoever did this >> keep us updated on the story. several people are dead after a fiery crash on i-70 in colorado. look at that. police say a speeding semi trailer slammed into several stopped cars in a traffic jam setting off a chain reaction. the crash shut down the highway in both directions. emergency crews rushed six others to the hospital. look at that >> it's horrible. a mayor in louisiana says it will take months to recover from a tornado's direct hit. much of the town including louisiana tech's campus sustained major damage. the storm killed a mother and teenage son when a tree fell on
3:33 am
their home. the same system has moved east. chad myers has the forecast. scary stuff, chad >> you bet, alisyn. the storm moved across the southeast and is now turning up the coast to the northeast. there will be a threat of some severe weather. i'll say is a chance but a threat of severe weather for d.c. and long island. the weather is brought to you by the shark self-cleaning brush roll. the vacuum that deep cleans now cleans itself. this is a forecast radar. we'll see line after line, wave after wave of showers through d.c. it will be very slow. chicago, it will be 40. i get it. there is snow in your forecast. temperatures will be somewhere around 30, 32 when it's snowing.
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eventually it all melts. but, oh, we don't need this now, john. >> chad myers, thank you very much. i have to tell you today is the day i want it to rain heavily. why? it has to do with the next story. i want my boy's soccer practice to be rained out so we can go see "avengers end game." it's been out a few minutes and is already a behemoth. >> what's that about? >> superheroes. >> i have heard that. >> i like him, mark ruffalo. >> there was a record, making at least 43 million last night. they are crushing it overseas as well. "end game" made $169 million in its first day. on track to be the highest debut weekend ever in the united states or globally. that's thor >> he's cute. why aren't we seeing robert
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downey, jr.? >> i'm not responsible. >> i will reedit that. >> we didn't show hulk. >> which one is he? >> hulk. >> who plays him? >> mark ruffalo also. >> the green guy. >> former vice president joe biden is in the race and our next guest will tell us why president trump should be worried. "new day" weather brought to you by shark. - [woman] with my shark, i deep clean messes like this. this and even this. but i don't have to clean this, because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair, while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans, now cleans itself. the question is... is fast enough? ♪ or, do you want speed and style? power and attraction? exhilaration and distinction? ♪ introducing performance,
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former vice president joe biden is focusing on fundraising. he attended a fundraiser at the home of a media executive which is catching the eye of his rivals. joining us now is ed rendell who co-hosted last night's
3:40 am
fundraiser and has endorsed biden. good morning, governor >> good morning, how are you? >> how much did you raise? >> the money isn't all in yet. we think we raised well over the half million mark we were targeting. probably close to three-quarters of a million dollars >> i know joe biden himself had said on the conference call the night before he would have to come out of the gate strong and it would be all about the fundraising numbers. was that a surprise to biden? >> it was a surprise to even me. i have been raising money for 42 years. some for myself and often, many times for other candidates. it was surprising the outpouring of affection. of all of the fundraisers i have been a part of which was the easiest to get people to come to. people here know joe biden. he was called our third senator when we had two republican senators. he's got relationships here.
3:41 am
virtually nobody said no when i called. one guy called to complain he didn't get an invitation to give $2800. that's never happened to me in 42 years of fundraising >> bernie sanders is criticizing the way former vp biden is going after money or the places he's trying to get it from. here is what sanders said. it's a big day in the democratic primary. we hope to end it strong, not with a fundraiser in the home of a corporate lobbyist but with an overwhelming number of individual donations in response to today's news. do you think the senator has a point that voters have an allergy to corporate lobbyists? >> no. i think they have an allergy to $100,000, million dollar gifts. this is people giving $2800. it's a lot of money in one sense, but low compared to the
3:42 am
super pacs that get billions of dollars on both sides of the aisle. people have a right to give what they want. we shouldn't have unreported gifts of, you know, half a million, a million dollars, $10 million. people have a right to give this type of money. there is nothing wrong with it. people don't expect anything in return with it. for 90% of people who attended last night's fundraiser they are contributing against their own financial interests. >> meaning? >> they'll do better with a republican president. they are in the top 1%. they'll do better with a republican president. that will cost them money if joe biden wins. he'll bring sense to the tax cut and he'll probably raise rates on the top 1%. a lot of these people gave money though it was against their own financial interest. they have a right to give. the question isn't whether they give. the question is does government respond to them in a way that's not right and joe biden never has and never will.
3:43 am
>> i want to ask you about this phone call to anita hill. it sounds like she and former vp biden have different interpretations of how the phone call went. we understand from the reporting that in the past couple of weeks he made a phone call to her that was, i guess, supposed to be an apology of some kind. first, some people thought that was a very belated phone call, number one, for what happened during the clarence thomas hearings. number two, she's saying basically he's saying i'm sorry for what happened to you. she doesn't think that goes far enough. do you think saying i'm sorry for what happened to you is good enough? >> first of all, i will shock you. most of your guests don't say this. i don't have a clue what you're talking about. i don't know anything about a phone call. >> let me tell you.
3:44 am
joe biden made a phone call to anita hill after decades. i think she was expecting there would be some -- >> i watched the hearings. >> okay. >> i'm older than i look. i watched the hearings >> as did i. what has been reported is this phone call happened in the last couple of weeks and it didn't go the way she anticipated. so do you think by him saying i'm sorry for what happened to you, that's sort of a backwards apology. do you think he should handle it differently? >> i'm totally confused and i don't know enough to answer it. i will say this. joe biden has had a terrific report of dealing with women's issues including his authorship and being a prime mover of the violence against women act. whether he had an individual phone call about something that happened almost 30 years ago,
3:45 am
whether it was the right type of apology, i don't know. i can't say because i wasn't impressive to the conversation. you can't take one line of a conversation out of context. >> i understand that. i appreciate your candor. do you think what happened with anita hill will be a challenge for him on the campaign trail? >> no. he has a terrific record on women's issues. look, we make our business politics. we tend to think the public reacts or overreacts to everything. it's not true. the proof of that is governor northam who wore blackface at a college photo session. there's a recent poll that shows 55% of african-americans in virginia don't want him to resign. he's been a good governor.
3:46 am
that's what people are interested in. what are they doing to help the challenges we face? that's more important than some apology that could be construed one way or the other >> you think women in general will forgive joe biden for what happened with anita hill? >> i think it won't be a factor in deciding whether or not to vote for or support vice president binden. at fundraiser a lot of women gave $2800. he has support among women. i don't think this will change it in any way >> we appreciate your perspective. thank you for your candor. we'll speak to you again. >> thank you very much. >> helping her children or breaking the law? a source close to actress lori loughlin said they didn't do anything illegal. loughlin and her husband say they didn't do anything illegal.
3:47 am
we'll discuss it next. even our pets know to go directly to
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to save 30% on all the medications we carry. so go directly to now. actress lori loughlin and her husband are maintaining their innocence in the college admission scandal. a source close to the couple says they did what so many people in their financial situation do to get their kids into schools. what about people who donate buildings to schools?
3:51 am
why are they becoming the poster children for things that have been going on forever? they didn't do anything illegal. they just wanted a good education for their kids, like every parent does. joining us now is criminal defense attorney and legal analyst joey jackson. is this sound legal theory? >> not at all. i'll premise it with presumption of innocence. you want a trial? we have a system that's designed to provide you with a trial. go in and plead your case. everybody else was driving 75, so i thought i could, too. everyone else was doing things for their kids, i should too. everybody wants what's best for your children. usually you operate within the confines of the law. at the end of the day while you could make any arguments you want, these will fall on deaf ears. understand this. this is a distinction between donating a building or a library which benefits other students
3:52 am
than bribing your way into school. i don't think that dog will hunt. have the defense do what you have to do. i think there are a few realities here >> one thing they claim is that they didn't know what was going on was illegal. they thought they were giving to a foundation. they department know it was illegal >> here are practical realities. when you are ignorant of the law that falls on deaf ears. you don't have to be in that. the other is called evidence. if you look at the indictment, the fact is indictment is only an ol investigation. it is a timeline where you know your daughters don't do crew, but you are providing money for that. the other reality is the fact you have jurors that aren't millionaires, that did things the right way that will resent you >> they took pictures of their daughter on a rowing machine as part of the application.
3:53 am
they know she wasn't a crew star. that seems to be a problem >> it is a problem in as much as it's going to focus on knowledge. did you know what you were doing was incorrect, improper? you are writing $50,000 to an administrator who oversees the crew issue. in addition to that thing called evidence, there are other people you are being tried with. when you are tried with other people and the judge could separate the cases but at the end of the day when you are mixed in with those people it's a problem >> it may be why the prosecution is looking for felicity huffman to have her case wrapped up sooner after she pled guilty. might be tougher for lori loughlin >> indeed. >> great to have you here. >> pleasure and a privilege. >> alisyn, the next story is important to you. >> let me tell you about sports. it was draft night in america. the top pick wasn't a surprise to me at least.
3:54 am
another pick had fans booing. i'll explain it all when the bleacher report happens next.
3:55 am
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>> announcer: bleacher report update brought to you by tums. tums fights heartburn fast. >> one of my favorite days of the year, the nfl draft. dreams coming true for 32 young men last night. the first round of the nfl draft. andy scholes has more in the bleacher report. >> good morning, john. the nfl draft is one of the best weekends of the entire year. no matter who you are a fan of you get to be optimistic that your team is getting better with the selections. check out the crowd in nashville. an estimated 150,000 people to take in the draft. the cardinals were up first. they didn't surprise anyone with their pick taking kyler murray, the reigning heisman trophy winner making history, becoming the first player to be drafted in the first round of both major
3:59 am
league baseball and nfl draft. cliff kingsbury recruited murray as a sophomore in high school. seven years later they finally got him. the giants shocking their fans, passing on duane haskins at six and instead drafting duke quarterback daniel jones. >> the new york giants select daniel jones. >> oh, no! [ booing ] >> that was the draft party at met life stadium. good thing the draft wasn't in new york like it used to be. giants fans not happy with the pick. many believe they could have taken jones much later. they also had pick number 17. alisyn, if you see a giants fan walking in the hallway at work today give them a smile >> console them. >> i want to console the player. i don't like that everybody was booing when he got up there >> it's never their fault. he might be a great quarterback in the nfl.
4:00 am
he wasn't treated well by the fans on draft night >> sometimes quarterbacks turn out to be pretty good even though they don't go in the first round. >> tom brady. >> thanks to our international viewers. talk is next. for the u.s. viewers the 2020 race changed in a day with joe biden. we'll bring you the developments when "new day" continues. >> this was his first fundraiser. he talked about the concerns that tit was a mistake >> joe isn't the brightest bulb in the group. >> joe biden has to give answers like any other candidate. >> they're saying he has the right to do that. >> they do what i say. >> you must respect the constitutional checks and balances. trump is putting his own people in jeopardy. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day." what a difference a day makes. the


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