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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  April 26, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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he wasn't treated well by the fans on draft night >> sometimes quarterbacks turn out to be pretty good even though they don't go in the first round. >> tom brady. >> thanks to our international viewers. talk is next. for the u.s. viewers the 2020 race changed in a day with joe biden. we'll bring you the developments when "new day" continues. >> this was his first fundraiser. he talked about the concerns that tit was a mistake >> joe isn't the brightest bulb in the group. >> joe biden has to give answers like any other candidate. >> they're saying he has the right to do that. >> they do what i say. >> you must respect the constitutional checks and balances. trump is putting his own people in jeopardy. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day." what a difference a day makes. the 2020 race.
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it's a whole different ball game fundamentally changed since joe biden jumps into the contest. he wasted no time taking aim ott president trump, framing the entire candidacy around that. now some of biden's democratic rivals, the one he was trying to jump past, they are starting to talk about the record and learned president trump is irked that the democratic field is making the big headlines now. the president is asking a lot of questions about biden's strength as a candidate >> biden's candidacy revealed a vulnerability. he had a conversation with anita hill where he discussed regrets for, quote, what she endured when he chaired the hearings for clarence thomas whom anita hill accused of sexual harassment. hill said biden still doesn't understand the damage he caused >> joining us now, cnn political reporter arlette saenz.
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david gregory and michael smerconish. you were in wilmington yesterday. you covered the campaign. how do the biden people think it's gone so far. the video made a splash. they got the coverage on that. the anita hill issue sprouted up >> they got the coverage of the video showing the former vice president wants to make it all a focus about him and donald trump. already looking ahead to the general election match-up. we talked about the comments relating to anita hill. that's certainly not something they want to be addressing on the first day of the campaign. joe biden faced plenty of questions over the past two years really since the me too movement started to bubble up about his handling of the hearings. there are questions about why he didn't address this sooner, why he didn't have the conversation with anita hill sooner. these are questions he'll continue to face.
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he'll be on the view later. potentially they'll press him on that. there seems to be differences. the campaign is saying he expressed regret for what she endured. anita hill is saying that type of apology isn't enough >> david gregory, we had ed rendell on. i asked him about this thing and he said he didn't know anything about the phone call or anita hill's feelings but felt it wouldn't matter to female voters, that this won't be an issue for female voters and part of why he thought that is he cited the enthusiasm of a fundraiser from women. i guess it's unknowable at this point about how women will respond to joe biden. he's been in for 24 hours. who knows what their top priorities are at this moment? >> governor rendell doesn't know how all women in the democratic party will feel about joe biden. it's insulting to suggest the
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uniformed view. my mother won't judge him harshly for that. perhaps a 25-year-old voter is going to look at the issues with fresh eyes. without having been there and seen it. there will be a mix of views. the challenge for biden is he's caught in a place where he'd like to be accountable for the behavior, running the anita hill, clarence thomas hearings. he would like to be accountable for that. being the kind of politician he's been for 40 years. he doesn't want to apologize so much. how prepared he is to deal with this. the danger for biden is he'll be ham-handed about this. it will be kind of a rolling series of ways to respond to thul of this that will be
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clumsy. in the end i don't know how much we are going to know about this. it is a progressive moderate split within this pack of candidates running on the democratic side >> it's been 20 years since the anita hill hearings. >> times have changed. >> i appreciate that. he's had two years to think about the reframing >> that's a critical period. i don't think it's fair to put a 2019 lens over 1991. but the past two years have been a cataclysm i hope people haven't missed >> even within the alisyn camerota window he's had more than a few days to think about this, michael smerconish, which i'm getting to. he made a speech saying i'm sorry i couldn't give anita hill a different hearing before the senate which is just so different from saying i'm sorry i didn't. it sounds like when you listen to her reporting from the phone call that took place she didn't get the apology she wanted, that
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it's not clear yet what joe biden is apologizing for. i suppose he does have a different opportunity in a few hours on "the view" to say it differently. >> i give credit to joe biden for having made the telephone call. it was a positive step for him after all these years to have reached out to her and want to achieve a level of reconciliation. i agree it is a net loser for him to be relitigating in the age of # me too, the events of three decades ago. it shouldn't go unsaid there is a defense for the way in which he and arlen specter conducted the hearings as a search for truth, given that there were inconsistencies in her account. i found myself reading specter's memoir last night to reacquaint myself with the facts of what transpired. let's not overlook the positive for joe biden today which is this. there is all this pennsylvania focus because joe biden the regarded as governor rendell
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said, as a third senator from pennsylvania. i don't know how donald trump can win re-election without pennsylvania, without ohio, michigan, wisconsin. i don't know how donald trump could defeat joe biden given the situation today in the keystone state. that's why all the emphasis here last night and when he comes back on monday and when he'll come back on the 18th of the month >> i don't want to dwell too much on the anita hill thing. i want to represent her point of view. you said it was a search for truth. he didn't call any corroborating witnesses. she was the person who was basically lambasted for her view and the other women could have reported it. that's her complaint. >> it is her complaint today. you have to respond on behalf of senator specter who is not here himself. there was testimony she offered to him and an account she
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provided to the fbi as well as the senate judiciary committee before she testified that was at odds with what she said in the hearing. she felt the obligation to push on that. senator biden continued to ask those kinds of questions >> the biden campaign was the one that divulged he made the call on the announcement day. they made the decision. is there going to be a debate about the handling of anita hill? joe biden has one message which is i almost feel like i'm looking like joe biden >> literally. >> i have one message, folks. joe biden's argument is that he can deliver the country from donald trump, period. that's why you vote for him.
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that's the argument. >> i don't want it to go without notice that michael smerconish might be the only one to have an arlen perspective memoir by his bedside. captain pennsylvania right there. thank you for that. >> i want to talk about where the biden campaign thinks it is going and how it intends to deliver the message. biden is going on "the view" in a few hours. interesting audience. female hosts. overwhelming women in the audience. why is show? what message? there are many facets to it >> a lot of the presidential candidates in their early days have gone on "the view." it is a forum. you have four or five women who will be there questioning joe biden. you have to remember meghan mccain and joe biden have a personal relationship. one of the most emotional moments on the view was he was consoling her, telling her she was going to get through what her father was battling.
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joe biden was a very close friend of senator mccain's. he delivered a eulogy at his funeral. also, senator john mccain and beau biden suffered from the exact type of cancer. also thinking about joe biden and senator mccain. joe biden talks about mccain, how he is a character of a different time. talks about him in terms of decency. those are things you will hear him stress today. i assume the hosts of "the view" will ask questions about anita hill and how he thinks he handled that >> it will be a friendly environment. let's be honest. this is not going to be any sort of intense or gotcha. i'm predicting that they ask good questions. don't get me wrong. but they are fans in general. here is the moment you were talking about that was emotional between joe biden and meghan
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mccain >> one of the things that gave beau courage, my word, was john. your dad, you may remember when you were a little kid, your dad took care of my beau. your dad when he worked with me became friends with beau. beau talked about your dad's courage, not about illness, but about his courage. >> you know, looking at the clip, that's what biden and his supporters point to. that personal connection. his ability to emote with people. they see it as one of his strongest assets going forward. he'll have to defend a long record. i think biden and his team hope people will remember those moments and realize or argue he's a real person who can connect with you. that's what they are hoping voters will remember going in. >> the interesting thing is how biden will lean in to the middle
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because there are independents who will vote in the primaries. there is no real republican contest which might mean you get independent voters in new hampshire which could be a huge deal. mccain voters could actually show up. you are also seeing his opponents worry. there is a reason elizabeth warren made critical comments about joe biden yesterday. there is a reason that the sanders team sent out a fundraising email off of biden's entry into the race >> it's easy to distinguish biden from the rest of the group that's struggling to find different lanes. among them now there is a stature gap, an experience gap. he's been close to the oval office of vice president. he's run for vice president before. with that comes baggage and past failure. with that comes the debate of the '90s and early 2000s. it's amazing. the big question is where were you on the iraq war.
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the iraq war was a death knell for progressives at a certain time. he will be able to distinguish himself. i agree with the point about independents in a primary state like new hampshire. biden operates -- is operating within his own lane now in this democratic field. on top of that, who can win, who can beat trump. and to smerconish's point who can win in a state like pennsylvania? we talk about his first day, big fundraiser with david cohen, a big fundraiser in the democratic party showing he has chops to raise the money and do it in a state like pennsylvania >> michael, ten seconds left. you think he's the biggest threat to president trump at this point? >> i think there is a tension between emotion and practicality. there is more emotion for elizabeth warren but this is the guy with the best shot to win >> thank you so much for all of the reporting and perspective.
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watch smerconish tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. eastern on cnn. his guest will be kellyanne conway. >> all right. is joe biden the best candidate to beat donald trump? we'll ask the former head of the democratic national committee, the former governor of virginia who spoke to biden before the big decision. that's next. the best simple dishes ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at repair the enamel on a daily basis. with the new pronamel repair toothpaste more minerals enter deep into the enamel surface. you have an opportunity to repair what's already been damaged. it 's amazing. whthey're america's damaged. bpursuing life-changing cures. in a country that fosters innovation
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joe biden's democratic rivals are pouncing on his record already within hours of biden jumping into the race. president trump is also taking aim at the former vice president and his intelligence. joining me now is terry mcauliffe, former chair of the democratic national committee, long time friend of joe biden. until go weeks ago a potential presidential candidate. >> you spoke to joe biden and both talked about your potential candidacy. how much of a factor was biden's entry into the race? how did it factor into your decision not to run?
4:19 am
>> i spent about three hours with joe, talked about a lot of issues, talked about charlottesville at length. it was a factor, but not a defining factor. the big issue at the end of the day, virginia has historic elections, we have the house and senate up. many people said we'd love you to run for president but we need you at home. i'll stay home in virginia, work for the first time in 26 years, win the house and senate. encourage the presidential candidates to come in. you have to get out of bed every day. where can you make the biggest impact on people's lives? for me it's virginia. that's where dorothy and i raised our children. they need me and i'm going to fight for them >> you say the biden entry was a factor, yes? >> sure. joe and i would be in a similar space. i have known joe forever. i loved that he kicked off by talking about charlottesville >> why?
4:20 am
>> this comes down to a question of character, joe biden versus donald trump. i was the governor of virginia. i was there in charlottesville. a thousand neonazis, white supremacists and alt-rights were screaming vile things about members of the jewish faith. i talked to the president that day, president trump, told him what was happening in the streets of charlottesville. he said he was doing a press conference. he came out and said there were good people on both sides. john, there were not. they were screaming obscenities. what i love about what joe biden has done, this is about who we are as americans. he didn't talk about his record. donald trump failed the test as president as the moral leader of our country. on the other side racism exists in this country >> i get it. >> people didn't think racism exi
4:21 am
exists. it ripped the scab off. we have to do things about income inequality, inferior schools. the next step for joe biden. tell me how we'll make all schools equal. every child in america deserves to have a quality education. every child deserves a nutritious breakfast. same quality teachers. joe, watching the campaign with charlottesville will bring all of the issues. that's what the debate is about. >> you say that's what the debate is about. that's how biden wants to frame the debate. particularly how much of the primary will be about his record. he was elected to the senate the year i was born in 1972. there is a long record. he's had a long ledge slgislati record. he was the author of assault
4:22 am
weapons ban, the issues on climate change. when you're in this, everything is fair game. folks will make a decision. who will lean in on lowering drug costs >> i understand there's time. >> it did come up yesterday on the day of the campaign launch. the phone call with anita hill. we don't know the language used. but it sounds like joe biden said to anita hill something like what he said out loud a few weeks ago when he expressed regret. let me play it for you so you can hear the language >> when anita hill came to testify, she faced a committee that didn't fully understand what the hell it was all about. to this day i regret i couldn't come up with a way to give her the kind of hearing she deserved >> anita hill said that apology isn't enough. i couldn't give her the kind of
4:23 am
hearing she deserved. she said that's not accountability. does then senator biden, now vice president biden need to do more? >> he said he called her and listen, you have to look at the entirety of the record. that was a mistake back then. you have to look at people through their own -- we all make mistakes, learn by them. joe biden made a lot of mistakes. i have made mistakes. i learned. i'm sure you have, too. it's all about the issues and mistakes you may have made. no one has dug in more on fighting on women's issues than joe biden. you have to look at the totality of someone's record. he was the author of the violence against women act. we have to look at the whole record. also look at the world stage. i'm disgusted about the way america is viewed on the world
4:24 am
stage, what president trump has done. relationships to nato, what he's done with tariffs. farmers in virginia. soybean farmers in virginia are no longer selling soybeans to china because of the ridiculous tariffs >> you're saying lots of nice stuff about joe biden, but to be clear, you haven't endorsed him yet. >> i'm a big fan of joe biden. i view my role. this is what i did leading up to thinking about running for president. i want to push the candidates to have a real discussion. the litmus tests, are you for this and that. it's like "game of thrones." they all try to kill each other. tell me what you are going to do today. how are you going to lower drug costs? >> don't the positions matter there? if you are for medicare for all, that matters >> medicare for all means you
4:25 am
lose your privacy insurance and then people aren't for it. coverage is important. it's a good point you raise. it is a moral issue. under president obama and vice president biden we got 20 million more americans covered. most americans are now covered. coverage is important. that's not the issue for most americans. it's when they go to the drugstore and the costs they have to pay for drugs. when they go to a hospital and they are in networken and an anesthesiologist is out of network and you get the bill after you get out of the hospital. that's what i want people talking about. helping people every day with money in their pocket. that's the focus we have to deal with. we need infrastructure. something i worked with joe biden on when i was governor. i took over a port in financial distress. we rebuild it, made it one of the best in the country. the white house and joe biden were there. they came down. >> you said lots of nice stuff about him, but not endorsing, at least not yet which is
4:26 am
interesting. governor, always a pleasure to have you. come visit us in new york >> thank you. >> alisyn? >> did president trump bloup his chance to claim executive privilege with a tweet? we'll look at it next. [ thunder rumbles ] omar, check this out. uh, yeah, i was calling to see if you do laser hair removal. for men. notice that my hips are off the ground. [ engine revving ] and then, i'm gonna pike my hips back into downward dog. [ rhythmic tapping ] hey, the rain stopped. -a bad day on the road still beats a good one off it. -tell me about that dental procedure again! -i can still taste it in my mouth! -progressive helps keep you out there. -i can still taste it in my mouth! you wouldn't accept from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase.
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president trump is denying he instructed then white house counsel don mcgahn to fire special counsel robert mueller. that's exactly what don mcgahn said happened. now cnn learned that president trump may try to prevent mcgahn from complying with a subpoena to appear before the house judiciary committee next month. let's talk about the legality of this. we have chief legal analyst jeffrey toobin with us. the president, as he's so wont to do likes to name the press. don mcgahn testified under oath that the president wanted him to get rid of robert mueller. that's the source. >> then the president told him
4:31 am
to deny he wanted to fire mueller. it's a double barrelled level of obstruction of justice that the mueller report accuses the president of in connection with don mcgahn. really the most dramatic episode in the mueller report. >> perhaps the most clear example of what people could look at and say this was obstruction. this was an abuse of power. of course robert mueller doesn't use the exact boawords and he t us why. there is evidence there. there is testimony there. there were other people in various rooms at the time who testified to certain things there. why is this episode so damaging to the president? >> because it is a very specific example of the president trying to stop the mueller investigation for an improper purpose. if you believe don mcgahn's testimony. that he's trying to stop the mueller investigation because it is getting too close to him. which is almost exactly the
4:32 am
impeachable offense that nixon was forced out of office for >> how can the president stop him from going in front of congress? >> this is an interesting legal issue. it is one thing for the president not to turn over documents from the white house or prevent white house officials from testifying but mcgahn is a private citizen. the executive privilege carries over even if someone leaves the white house. the question is are these covered by executive privilege. did the president waive executive privilege by allowing mcgahn to testify. >> if he waived it to talk to mueller's team it's off for good? >> if you allow the report to be published with those conversations in them, that's the real waiver that i think is the most important. waiver is waiver. once you waive it once, you can't clasp it back.
4:33 am
what makes it interesting is what is mcgahn's attitude toward this. if mcgahn said, i'm happy to testify, does he go to court to get an injunction to try to stop the testimony. that's a very different posture. that would be much more difficult. the president is in a very strong legal position at least to delay most of the testimony that congress is asking for from current white house officials. he's in a weaker position with mcgahn. mcgahn is out. we don't know whether mcgahn personally is willing to tell the story >> he needs to be careful. people like rudy giuliani saying things that impugn mcgahn too much. >> we know that the president is furious at mcgahn. we know the republican national committee has cut off jones day
4:34 am
which is mcgahn's law firm as it appears. this is not certain that a punishment to jones day for mcgahn's presence there. there is a lot of interpersonal dynamics going on >> when the president tweeted about this yesterday it struck me as dancing on a strange line with privilege. if he's saying something didn't happen and the only way you could find out whether it did happen was to talk to the other person, isn't that a win? >> i thought the same thing. it's less clear of a waiver. the president of all people have the right to public affairs, to talk about the presidency. my point is he waived executive privilege with the mueller report. in all the legal fights mcgahn is probably the most interesting
4:35 am
because there are so many moving parts. the part that he's gone. the waiver issue. because the testimony as portrayed in the mueller report is so incriminating >> we want to play something rod rosenstein said yesterday. he's trying to seize back the narrative and not be the villain >> i did pledge to do it right and take it to the appropriate conclusion. i didn't promise all results to the public. as my fellow u.s. attorneys know well grand juries are ex-parte proceedings. we just decide whether it is appropriate to file criminal charges >> it is not our job to render conclusive findings. why did they then? >> the regulation under which mueller was appointed does have a provision in it for reporting to the public. it's different from regular u.s.
4:36 am
attorneys. when i was a federal prosecutor, the everyday cases i prosecuted, if we didn't file charges, the public was never supposed to learn that. the special counsel had a special difference from an ordinary case >> this seemed to be the beginning of rod rosenstein trying to write the rod rosenstein narrative. >> isn't he an interesting figure in this? certainly the most famous deputy attorney general in history. >> yeah. >> liberals love him in some ways and hate him in others f. conservatives love and hate him. he picked robert mueller to be special counsel here. he apparently considered wearing a wire on the president. he was so concerned by the president's behavior. he was the person who stood by barr when barr exonerated the president for obstruction of justice at least in their opinion. a lot of people will be interested in talking to him >> quoting trump legal theory. >> he's a complicated character. thank you, jeffrey, very much
4:37 am
>> what's next? >> something fascinating will be coming up on "new day." >> i think something coming up next. did the united states pay millions to north korea for otto wa warmbier's return? president trump responded. we humans are strange creatures. other species avoid pain and struggle. we actually... seek it out. other species do difficult things because they have to.
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we do difficult things. because we like to. we think it's... fun. introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger built for the strangest of all creatures.
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happening now, president
4:41 am
trump with his first statement moments ago about the $2 million hospital bill that north korea presented to the united states for the care of american otto warmbier who spent 17 months in a north korean prison and was returned to the united states in a comatose state. he died days later. this is what the president wrote in part. no money was paid to north korea for otto warmbier, not $2 million, not anything else. cnn's kylie atwood live in washington with more. it was only 24 hours ago we learned north korea tried to present the bill. >> a shocking bill at that. of course this was an awful situation where otto warmbier, a 22-year-old, came back after being unjustly detained in north korea for over a year he was comatose and died days later. it is really remarkable that the north koreans had the audacity to hand the u.s. a $2 million bill. we reported yesterday that the
4:42 am
trump administration hadn't paid the bill. that matches what president trump is tweeting out this morning. he's making allegations that previous administrations, the obama administration specifically had paid ransoms for americans unjustly detained abroad. there is an interesting case to look at. there was a case in 2016 where money was paid around the time of the release of four americans from iran. the trump administration is saying that was ransom. the obama administration said it wasn't ransom. i want to point out that secretary pompeo said recently the trump administration never paid ransom. it would encourage the actors to take more americans and it would give them more money to do so. i want to transition to something else. coming out of the white house. our reporting tells us the trump administration is hoping for a big nuclear deal with china and
4:43 am
russia. this is big. we have heard trump mention it. he hinted at it a few times. the national security team at the white house is conducting an intense interagency process now. they are looking at the options for how president trump could pursue such a plan. it is really worrying nuclear experts who think this would mean ditching the new start treaty, a signature pact between the u.s. and russia when it comes to nuclear arms. it will expire in 2021 if it is extended >> thank you very much for all of that reporting. now to this strange development in a story we have told you about recently. a federal judge says a coast guard officer who was accused of plotting a domestic terror attack can be released from detention pending his trial. lieutenant christopher hassan was indicted on weapons and drug charges but didn't face any charges related to terrorism or
4:44 am
attempted murder appoint his public defender used to argue his detention is unlawful. joining me to talk about this is phil mudd and legal analyst joey jackson. guys, this is confusing. let me remind everybody of what this person is accused of, what prosecutors say he did. amassing an arsenal of guns and tactical gear, searching online for are supreme court justices protected and their home addresses, hassan espoused white supremacist views, searched online for the best gun with which to kill african-americans. he had a hit list including prominent democratic politicians as well as cnn and means. he searched for a white homeland. it goes on and on. why would a judge release him?
4:45 am
>> if you look at the question about connections with terrorism. in the cases we used to deal with. al qaeda or isis. if you had email from a subject, a u.s. citizen going to an al qaeda recruiter saying i want to join your terror organization so i can continue to fight, you can go to a judge and say not only does this person have access to weapons and explosives, they have clear indications they want to join an international terrorist organization. i'm looking at the case saying the judge doesn't have that information tying this person to stuff beyond weapons and drugs. so the judge is saying if you can't make the tie to terrorism, i'm limited in how much we can incarcerate this person before their trial >> isn't that arsenal of weapons enough to keep somebody, joey? >> taking a step back, terrorism -- and phil makes an excellent point. but terrorism isn't the standard. the standard before going in front of a judge saying, look, i want you detained or released is not whether you are a terrorist. the standard is, is there a condition or combination of conditions that can ensure the
4:46 am
safety of other people? from what you listed, the dynamics of attacking journalists -- >> and the pictures. this is an arsenal of weapons >> the cache of weapons he has, et cetera. if you are making the argument that something is amiss here, other people could be in jeopardy. if there is a danger to the community where release could not ensure people's safety, that in and of itself is sufficient for keeping him detained >> he searched online. white homeland, second when are whites going to wake up and, please god let there be a race war. >> obviously it sounds as though there could be a danger to the public. >> not sounds as though. there is a danger to the public. one of the most difficult things to interpret in these situations isn't what you see in the photographs, the opioids in the house. the thousand rounds of am
4:47 am
position. it's what's going on in someone's mind. when i saw the case over the past few weeks and over the past day when the judge ordered the release, i'm looking at the hardest question in the case which is intent. when i see the searches that tells me this person is not only thinking about doing something, not only amassing weapons, but they have crossed the bridge to actually taking steps to take action. that's researching how to conduct an act. that's very difficult to understand in a case. if i were looking at this in front of a judge, we not only have someone thinking of this, they are taking half a step toward action. that makes me nervous >> what's the judge thinking? >> at the end of the day let me play defense attorney for a minute. the judge says, you are entitled to have bail >> not everyone is. if they are a public danger >> not supporting this at all. just reviewing the fact is this. i certainly stand on the issue that if you are a danger to the public, you should be detained. however, you go back to the
4:48 am
issues of presumption of innocence. you go back to the issues of if you are innocent until presumed guilty and the judge said i am going to ensure that there are conditions wherein you are overseen, overlooked and the public is protected >> some people are held until trial. doesn't this guy meet the criteria of things you have seen that held other defendants? >> by any reasonable standard given the accusation here, given the fact that there are three decades of jail he's looking at, given the cache of weapons, his mental status in terms of what he intended to do, given the white supremacy and the target list and things he was parroting, i believe he would meet the standard. i believe he should be detained and i am baffled by the decision. the judge decided to go the other way. federal judges have a vast amount of discretion. ultimately this is what the judge thought was appropriate following a hearing >> should people feel safe with this guy outside of jail even if
4:49 am
he's on supervised release? >> i wouldn't. i'm looking at a 99% solution. can i guarantee 99% and not the last 1%? they're going to do everything from ankle bracelet to ensuring he doesn't leave the house to confiscating weapons to controlling his internet access. if he snips that bracelet at 2:00 a.m. and goes out the back door and you don't have 24/7 eyes on him, i don't know how you are not nervous about this one >> phil, joey, thank you very much. >> pretty sobering. >> president trump is building a wall. but it's the stone wall around his administration. sort of a metaphor here. preventing anyone on the team from testifying before congress. what's next for this self-made constitutional crisis? we have a reality check next. ca. book your next vacation. ♪ be a booker at
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4:54 am
words. strouk, del object struck, delay, deny. but the kind of oversight president trump is claiming never happened to president obama. is that true? in our reality check we'll look into it. >> reporter: so donald trump is definitely building a wall. but this one seems to be around his administration. yes, one week after the redacted mueller report was released it's become clear stonewalling is donald trump's strategy for dealing with democrats going forward. in the past week alone trump has sued to stop the release of his financial records, tried to block the testimony of his white house counsel don mcgahn, preventing a white house security person to give testimony. and his justice department even ordered the head of the civil rights division to refuse a subpoena on the citizenship question one day after the kay went to the supreme court. team trump has refuseed a flud of subpoenas.
4:55 am
so it looks like total obstruction is the way forward until election day 2020. congratulations, everybody. it's an extension of trump's advice from his own ally. always attack never defend. but trump's attacks comes with a victim card. never happened before, unlimited procedural harassment. republicans never did this to president obama. how about that one? we know history is not the president's thing. this is really recent history. last six years of obama's terms there were five republican congressional investigations conducted often different committees. like the gun tracking scheme known as fast and furious. the benghazi hearings. and the roll out of the site. none with a hostile foreign
4:56 am
power interfering. republicans never had to sue to get his tax information because he turned it over. there's at least one republican victory that's directly relevant. during the fast and furious hearings the obama justice department decided to cite executive privilege. they went to court. judge jackson denied the obama administration's claims. look, situational ethics are the way of washington. didn't always used to be this ay. the unilateral subpoena powers that democrats are using today were first put into effect by republicans during the clinton era. that's where the house oversight committee was weaponized to go over unilateral subpoenas over five years. republicans expanded it now 14 committee chairmen to do it. after all those investigations president obama left office with only administration in the last 50 years to have no senior members indicted or committed of a crime.
4:57 am
fact matter. perspective is needed. we're being set up for an epic clash. trump's stonewalling strategy may be enough for courts. but he's hoping if he wins re-election statute of limitations will run out by the time he walks out of the white house. that's your reality check. >> delays work. delays work. now that he's finally in the race, the comics taking aim at joe biden. >> this afternoon we stopped at a pizza place in delaware where he talked to some reporters. i think he got distracted. check this out. >> we are putting together, i think, a pretty good staff and capability and websites. hey, man, how are you doing? how are you doing, man? i'm going to get some pizza. >> the only way we'll have pizza in the middle east oh, look calzone. many say democrats are likely to vote for joe biden partly
4:58 am
because of how progressive he's become and parly because how good he is at getting under trump's skin. >> press always asks me if i wish i were debating him. no i wish i could take him back behind the gym. that's what i would wish. >> that would not last long. go like this. he's down. he'll never get up. >> old men fight. old men fight. old men fight. this would be hilarious. these two dudes fighting. let's get ready to stumble! >> very funny. predictable to a certain extent. the biden team regrets the gym statement from before. i think he's trying to avoid the gym. >> i guess so. is that the worse thing ever been said on a campaign trail. >> not suggesting it. not suggesting i wouldn't like
4:59 am
to see a nonviolent, noncriminal version of it. >> you will in the debates. >> if they face off each other. >> 2020 race enters a new phase. "new day" continues right now. >> this was his first fundraiser. he concerns about the values of this country is at stake. >> a sense of worry amid trump aides. >> when you look at joe he's not the brightest bulb in the group. >> it's one thing to say i'm sorry for what happened to you, it's another to say i'm sorry what die. >> joe biden has questions to answer. >> president says he'll block these subpoenas. they say he has a right to do this. >> nobody will testify. they do what i say. >> they are no longer his employees. the president has no authority to order him not to appear before congress. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning. welcome to "new day". happy friday. it's friday, april 26th, 8:00 in the east. we do begin with the 2020 race.
5:00 am
it has changed big time with information vice president joe biden now in the contest. biden directly taking aim at president trump and the president hitting back. now some of the biden's democratic rivals are pouncing on his record. cnn has learned that president trump is quote i rxed that the democratic field seems to be stealing the spotlight. >> folks are talk about people other than president trump. >> it's different than the past two years. >> it is different. we could see more of it. joe biden with the big roll out over the last 24 hours with a dramatic video. there have been some vulnerabilities that are now at the forefront. his campaign did reveal that the former vice president called anita hill. we're told he expressed regret for quote what she endured when he chaired the clarence thomas hearings. hill said biden still does not understand the damage he caused. joining us now is cnn political reporter who i


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