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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  April 27, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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to save 30% on all the medications we carry. so go directly to now. a deadly shootout and explosions in sri lanka as police uncover what could be a bomb making factory. u.s. president donald trump is on the defensive about the white supremacist rally in 2017 and a jail house interview. maria butina talks with cnn about her future behind bars in the u.s. we are coming to you
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live. i am nately all natalie allen a cnn newsroom. across sri lanka authorities are carrying out raids making sure those responsible for the violence would be carried to justice. three bombs detonated. at least 15 people were found dead inside. six of them children. police say two suspects are on the run. hello to you. i want to first ask you what can you tell us about the raids that took place and what officials found there? >> well natalie, today we had warnings about potential attacks that may be in the works following the devastating easter sunday bombings.
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there was a raid on the eastern coast of the country where 15 people were killed and 6 suspected terrorists. one of them that has been identified as a prominent member of the local islamist group that is believed to engineered the easter attacks and the leader that blew himself up at the hotel on sunday. we are getting more of a picture of what the authorities are after when they got to the place and they raided these locations. they discovered a huge cache of explosives. 150 explosive sticks, ball bearings, a drone and large operation. we heard over the past few days since the sunday bombings about the scale of what happened and about the concerns of how well
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funded that these terrorists were. the raid yesterday underlines the point. isis flags there as well and it points to a funded and sophisticated terror network that was out to cause more havoc across the island. now as the raids take place. as the security forces try to send any attacks and go after the two terrorists that escaped yesterday and the others that are loose, people are encountering curfews and the fears they thought they left behind when the country was in a violent civil war. very much a fluid situation as we come up to the one week anniversary of the deadly attacks. >> you mentioned the two that got away during the raid. bigger picture, do authorities believe there are more
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terrorists out there in hiding? that there is a threat that is severe. >> yes. the authorities are emphasizing the point again in the recent week. they were criticized a lot for the apparent intelligence failures. we know they received several warnings. since then they were trying to get ahead of the curve after failing to act before the bombings. more attacks could be in the works. u.s. authorities made the warning. israeli authorities said there is a concrete threat of more attacks in the country. a fluid situation here in sri lanka.
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>> thank you. three of the six places the bombers targeted last sunday were churches filled with worshipers celebrating easter. >> i am standing outside of st. anthony's shrine, one of the churches bombed here in sri lanka. the clock stopped at 8:45 when the bomb went off. looks bad outside. >> yes. >> he was only in the church for a few minutes. >> yes. he has made it into the area where normally children will play. >> he chose the location. >> yes. this area here is full of
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people. >> most of the people that dive are right in the area. i see the clothing. the shoes there. >> yes. yes. >> do you know how many people died? >> they took 33 bodies out. >> some of the bodies were in pieces. >> yes. yes. >> we take this for blessings and everything. unharmed. >> the fact that the bomb did not destroy these as well. what did that say to you? >> it is a real miracle and the power of st. anthony. >> these were thrown all over the place. >> the whole roof is gone. >> dave: the smell.
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you still smell the bodies. >> you just renovated this. >> yes. yes. a year ago. we renovated it. >> it makes you really wonder when you walk around here what kind of a person can ever do something like this. >> that is the biggest question that we should ask. >> u.s. president donald trump has a new talking point to try to fire up his base ahead of the election. he claims he you was the victim of an attempted coup, an apparent reference to the mueller report. for more here is our jim acosta. >> without providing any evidence president trump fired up a crowd of run rights enthusiasts by alleging robert
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mueller's russia probe was a coup. >> they tried for a coup. didn't work out so well. i didn't need a gun for that one, did i. a disgrace. spying. surveillance. trying for an overthrow and we caught them. we caught them. >> it is an unfounded claim he shared on one of his famous tv shows. >> bigger than watergate. this was a coup. this was not stealing information from an offense in the watergate apartments, this was an attempted coup. >> he tried to knock down one of the findings that he ordered don mcgahn to fire the special counsel. >> if i wanted to fire mueller i would have done it myself. i am a student of history.
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i see what you get when you fire people. it's not good. >> mr. trump is savaging mueller, a man he called honorable several weeks ago. >> we had 18 people that were trump haters including mr. mueller. he was a trump hater. >> very fine people on both sides. >> the president is relitigating his response to the violence at charlottesville after mr. biden slammed trump for saying there were very fine people on both sides. >> you will see that question was answered perfectly. the people there were protesting the taking down of robert e. lee. >> there were neo-nazis and other white nationalists chanting anti-semitic slogans. >> the neo-nazis started this.
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showed up in -- >> you had people that were very fine people on both sides. you had people in that group. excuse me. i saw the same pictures as you did. you had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down to them of a very, very important statue and renaming of a park from robert e. lee to another name. >> the president would rather have the 2020 race turn on the entry. he is also defendings his handling of the american college student that died after being imprisoned by north korea. the president is describing himself as the greatest hostage negotiator i know of in the history of united states. >> we don't pay money for
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hostages. it was a very unusual case. i want to let you know, no money was paid for otto. >> sources close to the president say he is not in any legal jeopardy attacking the investigation. jim acosta, cnn, the white house. the president and first lady are hosting japanese prime minister and his wife for the third time mr. be a has been to the white house in two years. the two leaders will discuss north korea, trade, investment and other issues during the two-day visit and celebrated melrvethsm melania trump's 49th birthday.
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let's begin with mr. trump's meeting with the japanese prime minister beabe. this comes after the north koreans accuse the u.s. of acting in bad faith. a worrying turn of events for mr. abe. >> yes and no. first of all, i think the japanese were worried. with what was going on between the united states and north korea and concerned about whether their security concerns were fully recognized particularly from the short-range missiles. i think they wanted things to slow down but they want the situation in north korea to be solved.
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the proximity of japan to north korea makes them extremely vulnerable to kim jong un's weapons. they want to see that we are going forward with total denuclearization. we will be following that. i want to turn to something else happening on the campaign trail, the president's comments on charlottesville. if he was go to respond to joe biden, why do you think he doubled down on his previous comments and some would say rewriting history charlottesville. >> you hear this coming from the political right in the united states, president trump's words after charlottesville were
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misunderstood. out there called the hoax. he said there were many fine people there. he excluded white supremacists and neo-nazis. but i think he realizes that biden's campaign for the presidency will be about trump from day one. that is joe biden's way to get the nomination. i think trump says biden is the most serious competitor. you know, i think he wants to directly respond to that quickly. >> clearly joe biden is getting under the president's skin, isn't he? >> you know, i think he is provoking a reaction.
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but it is not hard to get under donald trump's skin, as you know. i think whenever he is hit, this is how trump acts. he fights back right away whether it is on twitter or comments to the press. you know, this is not surprising. we used to think the best way to deal with this is to ignore them and let it go away. president trump never does that. the minute he is hit, he hits back. i think you will see this over the next year or year and a half as we ramp up to the election. >> meanwhile candidate biden has issues of his own. the getting too touchy-feeley with women. he talked about that and the anita hill hearings. biedenbach then did not call others to testify.
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her story about thomas. she said too little, too late. here he is talking about the issue on the view. >> i am sorry she was treated the way she was treated. i wish we could have thought of a better way to get it done. i tried to be able to do what i could to stop things. there were a lot of mistakes made across the board and for those i apologize. >> is this a topic that will hurt biden on the campaign trail? >> i think so. biden has been involved in american politics for such a long time. we have emovement on the same sx marriage, the me too movement. the politics have changed while biden has been in the public. he will be caught flat-footed on
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many issues and i think this will bother women with the controversy there over brett kavanaugh and that nomination and allegations of sexual assault and things like that. i don't think he did a great job on the view. he was sorry for the way she was treated by the committee. he is not taking responsibility for this and leaving an opening for criticism because of that. >> we will wait to see what the others in the field do when we get to the debate season if they come after biden on this. we really appreciate your insight. thank you so much paul. >> thank you. >> a powerful storm leaves parts of mozambique in ruin. second big storm of the past few weeks there and measles in the
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>> strong wind and heavy rain. this is the scene when cyclone kenneth made landfall leaving
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behind a trail of destruction. it is expected to bring a lot of rain. all this as it recovers from another storm that struck last month. we don't have details on injuries. you were saying it reminds you of hurricane harvey in texas. >> this one kind of stalling and prolific rain for the next few days. if you don't know what is happening with kenneth, there is the mozambique channel and there is the storm.
12:23 am
winds of 140 mile per hour, equivalent category 4 hurricane in the atlantic and the strongest ever to hit mozambique in history. kenneth was the tenth. that makes 2019 the busiest season since the early 90s. where is the storm now? wind is not an issue but it is the rain. stalled out in the same area and it will rain itself out over the next three to five days. 250 millimeters to 500 or 10 to 15 inches of rain. a lot of rain in the next few
12:24 am
days. we will continue to follow kenneth here. harvey devastated texas and this will likely do the same to mozambique. >> that never happened. ivan, thank you. well, in california health care workers are racing to contain a measles outbreak. more than 600 are in quarantine at two universities in las vegas. the u.s. has the highest number of measles cases since it was eliminated in 2000 and now president trump has changed his view. >> they have to get the shot. this is really going around now. they have to get their shots.
12:25 am
>> anyone at the two california universities that has come into contact has to prove they are vaccinated or they are ordered to stay home. sanjay gupta breaks down the latest. >> this is not something the people expected to have a quarantine about measles. that is what is happening in california. the campus of ucla. the way it unfolds, you have someone that had measles in a public place on campus. anyone who is supposed was asked if you are immunized. 21 days, a bit of an arbitrary number. from the time someone is supposed until they develop symptoms many days or weeks
12:26 am
pass. one thing that i will tell you is that the idea of people getting booster shots, something to boost their system now might be a recommendation it is coming. it can actually help you shorten the duration of the illness or shorten it all together and provides an assurance you are vaccinated. in new york there is another emergency declaration that is filed telling people that if you have measles. if you are exposed to measles, you cannot be in a public place. a little shorter than the one overturned by the cuts but it is a declaration happening in new york.
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22 states affected. half the country has evidence of that. the big point is to present measles from spreading more freely around the united states. if that happens we will have to ask ourselves if we are expected. >> dave: dr. sanjay gupta for us there. well, day one of joe biden's official campaign and he already raised millions in his bid for the white house, but he faces fresh scrutiny. and when we come back, what russia had to say about maria butina's sentence and what she wants to do when she leaves prison. sfloop
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the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. welcome back. i am natalie allen. here are our top stories. more loss of life in sri lanka as at least 15 people died as three bombs inside a home were detonated. president trump is defending his response in charlottesville in
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2017. now he says he was only referring to the protesters of the statue of robert e. lee. and a cyclone made widespread destruction when it made landfall in the north and was the second to strike mozambique in the last couple of weeks. joe biden faced tough questions about his age and past decisions. jessica dean reports he got big boosts from generous supporters. >> reporter: the early numbers are in. the former vice president's campaign said it raised $6.3 million in the first 24 hours since it launched. >> please welcome former vice president, joe biden.
12:34 am
biden went directly at president trump. this president has done nothing to help that group of people. >> he says he plans to connect with working-class voters to get the support of those that go up against trump. at 72 the president is four years younger than biden's 76. >> i am a young vibrant man. i look at joe, i don't know about him. i don't know. >> if he looks young and vibrant compared to me i should go home. >> biden's entry has changed the dynamics already. drawing attacks from competitors, including elizabeth warren. >> i got in that fight becau
12:35 am
because -- >> bernie sanders sent an e-mail to those taking aim at biden's philadelphia fundraiser held at the home of a comcast executive and sanders saying not in the home of a corporate lobbyist. biden was pressed on his handling of anita hill's testimony in the confirmation hearings for clarence thomas. >> i am sorry she was treated the way she was. >> i think she wants you to say i am sorry for the way i treated you. not the way she was treated. >> i'm sorry for the way she got treated. there were a lot of mistakes made across the board and for those i apologize. i believed dr. hill from the beginning. from the beginning. i said it.
12:36 am
>> biden you was asked to explain his reaction to the women that came forward. >> sorry that i invaded your space. >> sorry i invaded your space. i am sorry this happened. but i am not sorry in the sense that i think i did anything that was intentionally designed to do anything wrong or be inappropriate. >> and he spoke of his son who died of brain cancer in 2015. >> i get up in the morning, i hope he is proud of me. i hope he is proud. >> up next for the former vice president, he is headed to pittsburgh. on monday he is expected to talk about expanding and growing the middle class. interestingly, pennsylvania a critical state in 2016. you can bet it it will be critical again in 2020.
12:37 am
a lot of attention will be paid to that state. >> a woman who was a key face in the russia investigation was sentenced on friday. >> reporter: a federal judge sentenced maria butina, a russian national to 18 months behind bars. the judge decided with prosecutors as she pleaded guilty to acting as a agent of a foreign official. the judge said the crime was serious, sophisticated and dangerous and more than just a paperwork violation and not letting the attorney general know she was operating here in the united states. she spoke in court saying she
12:38 am
did not know she was violating the law but that was no excuse. they said it is completely fabricated and farfetched in nature, the charges butina is facing. i spoke to her from jail in the detention center and i am now allowed to speak about that publicly. she was looking forward to getting out from behind bars. she didn't want to be a media star and have her own television show like anna chapman got. she will have to wait before she returns to the family in russia. >> russia is not happy at all. kremlin called it an ugly stain
12:39 am
of the u.s. justice system. >> not surprisingly there are strong and angry reactions coming out of russia after the sentencing of maria butina. they have been championing her cause and the russian foreign ministry. they have her picture up. in a statement, she came out to say the following. we view the decision of the washington court to 18 months in prison as politically motivated. we have been pointing out the accusations of her intentions to influence the process in america is farfetched and fabricated in nature. and they believe that the case
12:40 am
and the trial were politically motivated and she was taken into custody on the day vladimir putin and donald trump met in helsinki for their first major summit. and the head of the foreign relations committee of the russian senate and he said the trial and charges were a witch hunt and like many other russian politicians he believes that maria was committed because she was a russian in america. a young boy was thrown off of the balcony at the mall of america. the family says he needs surgery
12:41 am
and rehab but he can come home as early as a man just threw him over the railing and that man faces attempted murder charges. what went on between the leaders of north korea and russia and why did it involve president trump? that story is next.
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>> we are learning more about what went on in the summit between kim jong un and russian
12:46 am
president vladimir putin. in particular what mr. kim thinks about donald trump and what that may mean to u.s./north korean relations. more from washington. >> reporter: north korea's angry dictator is venting. kim jong un gave the russian president a brutal view of where he thinks he stands with donald trump. kim told putin the situation on the korean peninsula is at a stand still and reached a critical point to where it will return to its original state and kim accused president trump and team of acting in bad faith. kim jong un is frustrated. the last summit in hanoi was a failure. >> trump walked out after kim asked for the sanctions against
12:47 am
north korea to be dropped. they are worried about how kim might take out the frustrations. >> my worry is that kim because high had a bad summit in hanoi might make provoking steps that might start a diplomatic effects in the peninsula. >> what is more interesting, he chose to share them with another of america's foes, vladimir putin. putin asked him to play the role of mediator and tell america where kim stands. putin said he is happy to oblige. >> we will discuss it with leadership from the u.s. in open. russia always voices an open position. there are no conspiracies. >> president trump who is more trusting of both strong men than
12:48 am
advisors would advise. >> i appreciate president putin's statement. >> putin shares the view that north korea shouldn't have nuclear weapons and putin could help with kim. >> to the extent that putin is north korea's last, best hope when it is otherwise isolated if the united states and russia are communicating or have a degree of agreement where the communications can go a lot more joint leverage on pyeongchang than would otherwise have. >> and there is another motive often working against america's interests as putin could be trying to drive a wedge between trump and kim and persuade kim he does not need the u.s. >> if they say you don't have to give up what the united states is asking you to give up, we will help you weather the storm
12:49 am
of sanctions. we are under sanctions. we are doing fine. kim might not have an incentive to meet with trump or make concessions. >> there are other ways vladimir putin could be a destructive actor saying the russian president can and has offered more cooperation in cyber warfare against the united states saying weapons and military cooperation is always on the table and that the russian president can help kim evade sanctions and get what he needs on the black market. >> hellboy rises again but one tennessee theater which changed the movie's title on the sign because of the language. [♪] check your free credit scores at creditkarma.
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avengers may be getting all of the headlines but end game is not the only movie out there. moviegoers can check out hellboy except in one theater where they renamed it "heckboy." the local theater sign seems standard, but a closer look at one of the titles shows why it is creating such a buzz here
12:55 am
across the country. hell boy has been in theaters since april but on highway 46 in dixon, the billboard is displaying the name as heckboy, a decision made by the owner who did not want to speak on camera but many are supporting the decision. >> she is the owner and has the right to put what she wants to on her sign. >> she has never displayed any words on the sign that may be seen as profanity since the roxy is next to an elementary school. her son used to go through here. >> the buses and the kids sit in front of the sign and i think she was just trying to protect what young children season. >> this small town out here in dixon. there are fine people out here. it is kind of cool to know they
12:56 am
are stick to what they believe in. >> news outlets pick up on the unique sign. she is as she is glad to share a small part of the dixon community and a laugh with the rest of the world. >> it is just something i think should be an individual parents decision, not something that is blasted out there for everyone to choose to tell your child. whether i do or don't agree with saying that word, it should be a parent's choice. >> the sign is also drawing attention to conversations about what children are supposed to. >> the owner says this sign is the only place the title was changed. it appears as hellboy on the website and out in front of the theater. >> thank you for watching cnn newsroom. i am natalie allen. see you soon. ,♪]
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%-p suspected terrorist and find what could be bomb making items. and donald trump once again defending his controversial comments about the white supremacist rally in charlottesville. and campus quarantine, two universities in los angeles order a measles quarantine to try to prevent the spread of the highly contagious disease. live from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, well come to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. "newsroom" starts now.


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