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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  April 27, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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a search operation in sri lanka turns deadly and now two suspected terrorists are on the run. cnn is live outside the hideout that's soon to be a bomb-making factory. plus, this -- >> i am a young, vibrant man. i look at joe, i don't know about him. >> it's only been two days since his 2020 announcement. now former vice president joe biden is off getting talking points of the u.s. president there. mr. trump responding. also ahead this hour, while one budding romance fades, another blooms. kim jong-un has a new friend in
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russia's president put puvladim putin we're live at world cnn headquarters in atlanta. we want to welcome our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm george howell. "cnn newsroom" starts right now. 5:00 a.m. on the u.s. east coast. more bloodshed in sri lanka. less than a week after the easter sunday massacre that took place there. on the island's east coast police came under fire as they approached a home and three bombs detonated. six of the 15 were children and one innocent by stander outside. police say two suspects are now on the run. authorities were led to the home by evidence at a warehouse full of explosives and bombmaking equipment. and isis flags and uniforms also found there. cnn's sam kiley is following the story live and just outside of that site.
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sam, you got a chance to get a closer look there, didn't you? >> reporter: yes, george, we were here very early this morning when there was still a body on the road. there was a body on the roof and the house, i'm afraid, was a house of burned bodies, some adults, but mostly women and children. now, they were inside this building where the police say there were three blasts that detonated, killing a male adult here. we won't go any further in, because there's still some cleaning up in removal of bodies. but the scene was hideous. now, the police suspect, they haven't yet been able to proven it with dna sampling, but they suspect that the civilians that died here were family members of a terrorist cell. now, that terrorist cell, george, has a direct connection between here and what happened in colombo and in batticaloa
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here. muhammad nasri is the brother-in-law of the spiritual leader of the group that seems to have put this isis plot together. he himself was a suicide bomber, killed when he was murdering a number of people alongside another suicide bomber in the shangri-la hotel last sunday. so, we now have a clear link to another level of plotting here. and it's precisely that the sri lankan authorities have been on such alert for. they introduced a national state of emergency. there are nightly curfews. there's actually a daylight curfew in two of the villages. and the reason for that precisely is because these plots are not over. not all of the groups behind these plots have been rounded up. and just in the last hour, there's been another arrest involving the seizure of what is known as blue water gel blowing
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equipment. also known as gel ignite. with detonators and timers, exactly of the sort captured in the police raid last night. so, clearly, there is still more terrorists out there, and more capability to destroy more lives here in sri lanka, george. >> and to that point, sam, you know, given that we have a better sense of the scope and scale of this particular group of terrorists that were operating, how goes the search for more suspects? >> reporter: well, it's ongoing. and it's been successful so far. as i say, there's been a recent capture. there were lots of people being arrested all over the country. hither and thither. some of them more sinister involvement. but there certainly seems to be
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an awful lot of capability in the country, in the forms of nor explosives to carry out more plots. imagine if that enormous hole of 150 gel ignite sticks, 100,000 ball bearings and boards and dozens vats of various acids used in the production of homemade explosives. imagine if there's another one of this, with another cell attached to it, george. >> one would hope that's not yet, sam. that's what investigators will be looking for, sam kiley in sri lanka, thank you for reporting. as security forces carry out their duties, the job of rebuilding continues. at st. anthony's shrine on saturday morning, dozens of people came together to help clean it up. it was one of the churches targeted by the easter sunday bombers. will ripley was there. >> reporter: i'm standing outside of st. anthony's shrine. this is one of the three
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churches that was bombed here in sri lanka. you can see the clock there that stopped at 8:45 when the bomb went off. father defer nanand idefernando take us inside. obviously it's much worse in there. >> yes. >> reporter: he was only in the church two minutes? >> two minutes. this is the area where he exploded himself. this is normally the area where children play. normally people want to stay in this area. >> reporter: so he chose the location nearest to the children? >> yeah, because this area is full of people. >> reporter: most of the people who died were right in that area? >> in this area, yeah. >> reporter: i see the clothing and the shoes there. >> yes, yes, yes. and shoes and everything. >> reporter: do you know how many people died in here? >> of course from here, they took 33 bodies out for
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recognition. >> reporter: some of the bodies were -- >> yes, yes, yes. this is the st. anthony's statue which we go for blessings and everything. it was unharmed. >> reporter: the fact that the bomb didn't destroy these as well, what does that say to you. >> i mean, it's a real miracle. and miracle and power of st. anthony. >> reporter: now, we're going to the roof? >> yes. >> reporter: this is the roof that was thrown all over the place. >> the whole roof is gone. careful. >> reporter: yeah. >> some people are here. people were here. >> reporter: the smell -- you still smell the bodies. >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: a >> and you can see this is all intact. you see the damage there. >> reporter: and you just renovated a year ago. >> yes, just renovated, yes, a year ago. >> reporter: it makes you really wonder when you walk around here
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what kind of a person could ever do something like this. >> that is the biggest question that anyone should ask. >> will ripley on the story for us. thank you, will. back here in the united states, president donald trump is hosting japan's prime minister at the white house over the weekend. it's shinzo abe's third visit at the white house in two years. he's already stayed twice at the president's resort in the state of florida. it's a clean sign of importance that japan attaches to its relationship to the united states. but mr. trump is also focused on re-election. the former vice president joe biden now running for the democratic nomination slammed donald trump's initial response to the deadly slash between white nationalists and protesters in charlottesville, virginia, 2017. mr. trump has a new talking point, when trying to fire up his base ahead of the 2020
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election. he now believes he's the victim of an attempted coup with the robert mueller report. jim acosta explains. >> reporter: without providing any evidence, president trump fired up a crowd of gun rights enthusiasts at the convention by alleging mueller's russia probe was an attempted coup. >> tried for a coup, but didn't work out so well. and i didn't need a gun for that one. a disgrace. spying, surveillance. trying for an overthrow, and we caught them. we caught them. >> reporter: it's an unfounded claim he also shared on one of his favorite tv shows. >> bigger than watergate, because it means so much. this was a coup. this wasn't stealing information from an office in the watergate apartments.
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this was an attempted coup. >> reporter: the president also tried to knock down one of the most remarkable findings in the mueller report that he ordered former white house council don mcgann to fire the special counsel. >> i never fold mcgahn to fire mueller. if i wanted to fire mueller, i would have done it myself. i'm a student of history. i see what you get by firing people and it's not good. >> reporter: and a man he called honorable a couple weeks ago. >> we had 18 people who are trump haters that includes mr. mueller. >> very fine people on both sides? >> reporter: the president is also reiterating his response to the white supremacist rally until charlottesville. saying there are very fine people on both sides. >> if you look at what i said, you will see that question was answered perfectly. people there were protesting the taking down of the monument of
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robert e. lee. everybody knows that. >> reporter: but that's not true. there were also neo-nazis and other white nationalists chanting slogans. sir, the neo-nazis started this, they showed up in charlottesville to protest the removal of that statue. >> but you also have people that were very fine people, on both sides. you had people in that group -- excuse me, excuse me, i saw the same pictures as you did. you had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down, to them, of a very, very important statue and the renaming of a park from robert e. lee to another name. >> reporter: still, the president seems to relish a mashup with biden saying the gdp grew 3.2% in the first quarter far above expectations. he's also defending his handling
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of otto warmbier, the american student who died in north korea. and describing himself as the greatest negotiator that i know of in the history of the united states. mr. trump weighed in on the reports that north korea asked for $2 million for warmbier's release. >> we don't pay money for hostages. the otto case was a very unusual case. i just want to let you know, no money was paid for otto. >> reporter: as for the mueller probe, sources close to the president say he's not putting himself in any legal jeopardy. one adviser went as far as to say the mueller probe has become a unifying force for the gop one that they will continue to tap into heading into the campaign. james boyd is a professor of international political studies at rip mondchmond, the american university in london. joining us at this hour. >> good morning, george.
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>> james, joe biden has made it clear, announcing his candidacy using charlottesville as the centerpiece. mr. trump has responded. the question here, how big is the biden factor when it comes to donald trump moving into 2020? >> well, it's been a long time coming. if you believe joe biden, he decided he was going to run in the off-month of the charlottesville attack. and indeed, he premised his entire opening video around that. he showed some clips, and in that report there from jim acosta. so there's no doubt that joe biden is going to take the president on directly in terms of issues of race and attempting to bring the united states back together again. i think it's challenging, i think, for him to try and position himself. many question why he would wait so long, if indeed charlottesville was indeed the primary motivating factor when we've now seen some other 19 democrats beat him to the race.
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he's just generated $6.3 million in 24 hours. that's the largest 24-hour fund-raising effort by any democratic candidate at this point. so, he's up and running. donald trump as you pointed out, he's already taking the fight straight to joe biden. he made issues to do with his age and i think relishes the opportunity going up against the former vice president. we'll see how this plays out. >> but we also saw biden here on a show in the u.s. called "the voice" -- "the view" trying to tackle subjects of his own. and in the past, anita hill in that confirmation proceeding that put clarence thomas on the supreme court. many criticize biden for how he handling hill's allegations of
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sexual harassment. i want you to listen to this short clip. >> i'm sorry she was treated the way she was treated. i wish we could have figured out a better way to get this thing done. i did everything in my power to do what i thought was within the rules, to be able to stop things. there are a lot of mistakes made across the board. and for those, i apologize. >> but, james, one of the hosts on "the view" pointed out it's not about apologizing about the proceeding. but, rather, it's about apologizing to anita hill. the question, did that apology, that you heard, did it work? >> well, this is one of the great dynamics of joe biden's candidacy and one of the reasons i thought he might not actually run this time. you have to wonder why it is that joe biden can't simply say, look at the camera and apologize for what was done to anita hill all of those years ago. instead of offering the sort of
2:16 am
nuanced approaches, i'm sorry if your feelings were hurt. i'm sorry for the process, et cetera, et cetera. we're hearing from anita hill herself about a phone call that took place between the former vice president and herself. and, again, many. people ask why that is so late in the day just before he announced his candidacy. this is really something that could and should have been done many months ago, if indeed, joe biden was planning to run in the aftermath of the charlottesville attack. something he should have got sorted out and laid out ahead of time and dealt with, so these questions weren't coming up time and time again. and very much denting, i think, the very beginning of his candidacy. it is a problem for him, i think, moving forward. it does make taking some of the bite to donald trump far more difficult. and will raise questions, i think, about whether he is the ideal candidate to challenge donald trump, especially on
2:17 am
these issues, notwithstanding some of the strengths that i think joe biden would have, particularly, in areas such as pennsylvania, michigan, et cetera et cetera, where, of course, donald trump did so well to win the presidency. >> james is quick there, in the shadow of the mueller report, the questions from that, this "washington post"/abc news abc news poll shows half of americans say it's fair and even-handed, 21% say it's not. 28% say the findings do not change their opinion of the trump administration. also here's the thing, james, only 31% believe the mueller investigation cleared donald trump of all wrongdoing. 53% more accurately say it did not. what do you make of these numbers? >> well, they're fascinating, aren't they? i think for the president, we're looking at this and saying, s e
2:18 am
surely, he's going to struggle to be re-elected. his numbers are not where you want an incumbent to be at this point. you bring the numbers up and you played the clip from the nra conference. donald trump does not seem to be putting the mueller report behind him to try to unify the country as we saw reagan do after iran contra and clinton due after the offense in the late 1990s. i think donald trump appears to merely appeal to his base and we'll see whether he's able to move to more center ground to bring in the independents which will be so vital if he intends a second term in office. >> james boys, thank you. police say a california man accused of ramming his car into a crowd of people was
2:19 am
specifically targeting muslims. he also attacked the group because of their race but the driver's attorney said the act was not intentional. he claims it was a case of mental disorder. at least eight people were alleged in the attack. the suspect has been charged with eight counts of murder, if convicted, he faces life in prison. still ahead here in "newsroom," the remnants of kenneth. thousands of homes in mozambique have been flattened. and plus, two high schools issue a quarantine. the latest on the measles outbreak. stay with us. (client's voice) remember that degree you got in taxation?
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tylenol®. details. destruction in mozambique are just coming into cnn. the disaster management institute says cyclone kenneth destroyed more than 3,000 homes, left 18,000 people displaced. 95% of the homes on the island are no more. the weekend storm is forecast for bring nor torrential rain and flooding. it's the second major storm to strike mozambique in the past six weeks. let's talk more about it with our meteorologist ivan cabrera. >> horrific. 95% of the homes destroyed. it's going to be the rainfall, george, it's very heavy over the next several days. i think that's the main concern now that this thing is inland. a rare event for mozambique, to be getting a category 4
2:23 am
hurricane, equivalent to new england and united states. it didn't happen here, not only did it happen with the strongest storm but on the heels of idai, a monster storm of a month ago. the season runs november to april. we're on the tail end of it. on the tail end of it, we get the strongest storm to ever hit mozambique in kenneth with 220. 11 cyclones equivalent to 1 or higher to hit mozambique. only four of major category 3 or higher. this is certainly a rare event. and certainly, to get two, these two strong back to back like that, are just unprecedented in modern history. no doubt about it. see that spin, that area of low pressure and kenneth, what's left of it very heavy rainfall. we'll likely see 250 to 500 millimeters of rain fall in the
2:24 am
next 48 hours. that's 10 to 15 inches. that's going to get us in trouble here. it's going to get into the rivers and streams. everything has to go out to mozambique channel. and it's going to be flooding these areas. this will be the main threat over the next several days. we talked about idai, right? a month ago, six weeks ago across central mozambique. take a look at numbers here. just incredible death toll. incredible devastation out of the region there. this is why, i think, people are just shocked to the core to be getting something even stronger. there you see some of the numbers. over 1 billion in damage there. of course, that doesn't matter too much when you talk about hundreds dead. hopefully, we're not going to get anywhere near that. by the way, the death toll with kenneth remains relatively low. hoping that will be the case even despite the heavy rain coming up in the next few days. >> ivan, thank you.
2:25 am
officials in california are racing to contain a potential measles outbreak. students are under quarantine at two california universities. those who can't prove they've been vaccinated have been ordered to stay home. the u.s. is facing its worst measles outbreak since virtually eliminated in the year 2000. government officials have found 695 cases in 22 states alone. the highly contagious disease also flaring up around the world, as you see on the map. based on world health figures, ukraine had more than 72,000 cases in the past 12 months. the easter sunday massacre in sri lanka has been over for days now. but the fear now is not over. how it's affecting people's livelihoods. plus, joe biden officially campaigning. it just got started. and now, he's already raised millions of dollars in his bid for the white house. he's also a fresh face for
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welcome back to viewers here in the united states and around the world. you're watching "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell with the headlines we're following for you at this hour. at least 3,000 homes have been destroyed. 18,000 people displaced. this, after psych cone kenneth harmed northern mozambique. this according to the country's national disaster management institute. the remnants of the storm are expected to bring even more rain and flooding. it's the second major storm to strike mozambique in the last six weeks alone. the u.s. president donald trump says the united states will not ratify an international arms treaty negotiated during the obama era. he made the announcement before
2:30 am
the national rifle so, a powerful gun lobby here in the u.s., that has long opposed the agreement. the u.n.'s armed trade treaty is meant to curb local trafficking of conventional weapons. at least 16 people are dead in sri lanka. this after terrorists blew up their house as security forces approached. it was part of the nationwide set of raids of the easter sunday massacre there. authorities also found bombmaking elements and isis uniforms and flags inside. the terrorists behind the sri lanka attacks had at least two motives. like most terrorists they want to do as much harm as possible and make those who survive to live in fear. our ivan watson reports that's just what happened in the capital of colombo. >> reporter: any normal day of the week, this shopping street would be full of pedestrians. but shop keepers who are here,
2:31 am
they say that most of the shops, more than half, appear to be closed. and there are a couple reasons. there are fears that the terrorist bombers could strike again. and there are fears that muslims in this country could be targeted in revenge attacks. >> today, empty? >> today, empty. >> because of fear? >> afraid. yeah. >> why? how does it feel? >> i am a little unnerved as i got here. we're leaving the city now getting on the train. >> reporter: don't be fooled by the music playing over the loud speakers because i'd say that half of the stores in the shopping mall are also closed right now and here's part of why. the u.s. embassy in colombo put out this warning saying, quote, terrorist groups continue plotting possible attacks in sri lanka. they could target without warning, tourist locations, transport hubs, markets, shopping malls. the list goes on. the sri lankan security forces
2:32 am
are on high alert. we see them deployed all throughout the capital colombo. at checkpoints, checking i.d.s, stopping cars and searching them. and that's because there is real fear that there could be a second wave of terrorist attacks and deployed here in front of a mosque. a muslim mosque. the idea of hate and extremism that is proposed and spread by isis, they hate sufi muslims. they ask them heretics and also a targets. the catholic church in sri lanka has announced that it is suspending all church services until april 29th amid the security threats and the sri lankan minister of muslim affairs, as urged muslims to stay home. not to go to mosque. and not to attend friday prayers for fear of further terror
2:33 am
attacks. ivan watson, cnn, colombo. >> ivan, thank you. just a day after officially joining the democratic race for the white house, the former vice president joe biden faced some tough questions about his age and his past decisions but as jeff zeleny reports, he also got a big boost from some generous supporters. >> reporter: joe biden flexing his fund-raising muscle. with his campaign announcing he raised $6.3 million during his opening day in the race. the former vice president outpacing the first day totals of all democratic rivals. trying again to keep his fight focused squarely on president trump's conduct on office. >> rest of the world, i mean, they look at us like, my god. >> reporter: biden also responding to trump's latest attack on his age, despite both men being just four years apart. >> i am a young vibrant man. i look at joe, i don't know about him. i don't know. >> if he looks young and vibrant compared to me, i should
2:34 am
probably go home. >> reporter: but appear on abc's "the view," biden is also fielding questions about his long record. about apologizing to anita hill in the hearings over clarence thomas. >> i'm sorry she was treated the way she was treated. i did everything in my power. >> reporter: expressing regret, but stopping short considering he was chairman of the committee. >> i think what she wants you to say is i'm sorry for the way i treated you. not for the way you were treated. i think that would be a little closer. >> well, but, i'm sorry she got treated. >> reporter: finally, biden said this -- >> look. there are a lot of mistakes made across the board. and for those, i apologize. but i believed dr. hill from the beginning.
2:35 am
from the beginning. >> yes. >> and i said it. >> reporter: biden also struggled to apologize to women amid allegations that he made them feel uncomfortable. >> so i invaded her space. i'm sorry this happened. but i'm not sorry in the sense that i think i did anything that was intentionally zienled ed do anything wrong or inappropriate. >> reporter: but biden notorious for his up close campaign style said he would be mindful of it. >> i have to be aware of it. a woman or man, or a man has a right to say, particularly a woman to say, no, this is not my space. >> reporter: biden showing a deeply emotional side when asked if his late son beau is why he's running for president. >> he's not why i'm running but my hope is -- oh, it's stupid,
2:36 am
but when i get up in the morning, i think about -- i hope he's proud of me. i hope he's produce. >> reporter: joe biden said that age would be a legitimate issue in this campaign. he is 76. president trump is 72. but asked if he would only serve one term in office, he said, no, he would not make that commitment. he believes voters would decide with age comes wi s withdom and experience. the latest figures show the united states economy is moving along at a nice clip. that should be good news for a white house as it looks need 2020. but there are some signs, some trump voters have turned against mr. trump. miguel marquez has this report from erie, pennsylvania. >> reporter: 28-year-old business owner chris trott an obama voter flipped to trump in 2016. >> he's not a guy i'd have a
2:37 am
beer with or fish with. >> reporter: but you'll vote for him? >> i'll vote for him. >> reporter: he started his own vehicle modification business. it's growing, he might soon hire his first full-time employee. the strong economy gets his vote as does the president. maybe. >> i'm going to have to hold out and say it's probably going to be trump, but i'm still open to seeing different things. >> reporter: a common refrain. democrats here hold a sizable registration advantage over republicans but many voters cross over. no republican had won erie county since 1984 when ronald reagan did. trump campaigned in erie and returned here with the election. clinton won the city, trump the suburbs and rural areas. last year's midterm saw democrats flip. 35 suburban and rural precincts,
2:38 am
back to their candidates. one of those places, tborough o gerhard. this business owner has soured on his presidency? >> i don't even admit that i voted for him? >> why? >> because his personality is nasty. like i don't feel like he's a good role model. >> reporter: so you won't vote for him in 2020? >> no, i don't think i will. >> reporter: down the street, the gerhard dine r owner credit trump seeing him unbeatable in 2020. >> you can go to almost every business around here and you'll see a sign in the window for help wanted. they can't find people to work so that tells you that something's going good. >> reporter: his sister a dial die-hard democrat voted for clinton but says she'll have a
2:39 am
hard time pulling the lever for a candidate that's too progressive. >> i don't know what the country is ready for. a woman president or gay president or any of that stuff either. >> reporter: all 1700 members of erie's largest union united electrical went on strike earlier on the year. trump won many rank and file union votes in 2016. both parties vow to fight for those same voters in 2020. >> going to 2020, i think we're looking very strong. >> reporter: do you think you can count on union votes in 2020? >> well, we got to wore fk for them. i can count on them thinking and believing in this region. >> reporter: the rust belt a major route on the way to the white house. miguel marquez, cnn, erie, pennsylvania. from bromance to angry words, what kim jong-un is now saying about donald trump and he's saying it to that man.
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one year ago, it was a hand shake heard around the world as leaders of north korea and south korea met. it set off a flurry of diplomatic expectation. and parved the way for a meetin between the north korean leader and the president of the united states. as brian todd tells us from washington some of those feelings of goodwill have become
2:44 am
anger. >> reporter: north korea's ruthless young dictator is angry. in the meeting, kim told putin the situation on the korean peninsula is, quote, now at a standstill and has reached a critical point. more damning, kim accused president trump and his team of acting in bad faith at the recent second summit talks. so far, no response from the white house or the state department. >> kim jong-un is frustrated. the last summit in hanoi was a failure for him. >> reporter: a failure experts say because trump walked out after kim asked for most of the sanctions between north korea to be dropped. bill richardson who often negotiated with north korea is worried about how kim might take out his frustration. >> my worry is that kim, because he had such a bad summit in hanoi, might make provoking
2:45 am
steps that might start a diplomatic effect in the peninsula. >> reporter: what makes kim's revelations more interesting that he chose to share well a an america foe vladimir putin. putin says he's happy to oblige. >> translator: we will also discuss this matter in today's meeting with u.s. leadership. in the same open and candid manner. there are no secrets here. russia always voices an open position. there are no conspiracies. >> reporter: president trump who has been more trusting of both strongmen than diplomats would advise is positive of the overture. >> i appreciate putin's statement yesterday. he wants to see it also. >> reporter: putin does share the view that north korea should not have nuclear weapons. and experts say despite being an adversary of the u.s. putin
2:46 am
could help with kim. >> to the extent that north korea is the last best hope when isolated, if united states and russia are communicating if the united states and russia have some degree of agreement where the negotiations could go, that means a lot more joint leverage on pyongyang than we would otherwise have. >> reporter: but with vladimir putin experts caution there's always an at tearier motive. >> if the russians say to the north koreans you don't have to give up what the united states is asking you to give up we will help you weather the storm of international sanctions. after all, we're under sanctions too. we're doing just fine. we can continue to help you out then kim might not have an incentive to meet with donald trump let alone make concessions.
2:47 am
>> reporter: analysts say president trump has offered more cooperation with north korea in khyb cyberwarfare. and as always, the russian president help kim evade sanctions and get what he needed on the black market. brian todd, cnn, washington. now to the story of the russian woman who pleaded guilty to conspiracy for acting as a russian agent during the 2016 u.s. election. she learned her fate on friday. our sara murray has the story. >> reporter: a federal judge on friday sentenced marina butina, a russian national to 18 months behind bars. butina has been in jail for nine months. she has nine more months to go. she pleaded guilty months ago to conspiracy of acting as an agent of a foreign official here in the united states. the judge in delivering the sentence said butina's crime was serious, it was sophisticated
2:48 am
and dangerous. she made it clear this was more than just a paperwork violation. more than just letting the attorney general know that butina was operating here in the u.s. and it's clear that this broader conflict between u.s. and russia with tensions about russia's interference in the election played on the judge's decision. butina apologized for her activity, she said she didn't realize she was invite latie vi law. they said that her sentence is politically motivated and it's fabricated and far-fetched in nature the charges that butina is facing. i actually spoke to her on a couple occasions when she was in jail and i'm now allowed to speak to about that publicly. when i talked to her, she was very much looking forward to returning home to her home down of siberia. she doesn't want to be a media star. she doesn't want her own show
2:49 am
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to save 30% on all the medications we carry. so go directly to now. welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell. getting accepted into one good college is reason enough to celebrate anywhere. but one high school student in the united states is now sorting through 115 -- that's right, 115 acceptance letters. believe it or not, antoinette love said she received so many offers, her mailbox overflowed. no matter where she chooses, she won't have to pay a cent. love has been offered a staggering $1.3 million in scholarship money. she says she hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams as well. listen. >> i want to show others that
2:54 am
it's possible to be accepted into college and go to college. >> pretty simple? >> yeah. but not everybody goes because they feel like they can't. >> love plans to become a teacher, saying she wants to help children be there very best. we know that her parents, of course, very proud of her accomplishments. the defending champs of the nba are moving on to the second round of the playoffs. that thanks to the record performance from their star player. warriors forward kevin durant put on a storied clinic dropping 58 points to eliminate the clippers, scoring 38 just in the first half which was tied with the second most in postseason history. here's what he said about his performance after the game. listen. >> i scored 50 points but i missed some good shots tonight. i feel like i made a few more. but i mean, i felt great. i felt great. it was a fun game, for sure. >> felt great, he said.
2:55 am
the warriors will face the houston rockets on sunday in the second round of the playoffs. and it could be a shot at redemption for houston, which lost in the western conference finals last year. here's warriors coach steve kerr on the upcoming matchup. >> don't make you think too much about what they want to do. they'll let you know. they're going to come after you pick and roll. we've played them three times in the playoffs, the last four years. so, we know their team well. they're tough. we know they're already in the bay waiting for us so, yeah. it will be a quick turn around. but this is how it goes. it's the nba. it's just like the regular season, you get a day off, and you play another game. >> all right. and now to the london marathon. on sunday, more than 41,000 people will run and when they're thirsty at while 23 or kilometer
2:56 am
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the scene of a gun battle and series of explosions that has been devastating. >> fears the terrorist bombers could strike again and there are fears that muslims in this community could be targeted in revenge attacks. >> joe biden flexing his fund raising muscle with his campaign announcing he raised 6.3 mill$6 million during his opening day in the race. >> congratulations to vice president, biden. >> excited the credit card companies. >> i am a young, vibrant man. i look at joe, i don't k


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