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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  April 28, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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authorities in california search for answers in the deadly shooting at a california synagogue as the community mourns the loss of one of its own. plus, a nation on high alert. sri lanka marks one week since the easter attacks that took place there. also ahead this hour, mixing humor and history. washington hosts a comedian list white house correspondents dinner. live from our cnn headquarters in atlanta, we welcome all of you around the world. . i'm george howell. "cnn newsroom" starts right now. at 5:00 a.m. on the u.s. east
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coast, we start in the state of california. the aftermath of the shooting at the synagogue in san diego and we are learning new details about the woman who was killed in that attack. authorities have identified this woman, 60-year-old lori kay as the woman who has shot and killed by the shooter. a friend says she died at the stepping of a gunman and a wounded rabbi. the rabbi told the friend kay saved his life. here is how a member of the congregation is remembering her. >> friendly, you knew her as a friend. i can't say anything mean bad about her. when i think of her i can only smile because all i can say is the community lost a great soul. >> the story of this heroic act came as jews were marking the last day of passover. officials say a 19-year-old
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suspect is in custody and he wrote a manifesto and here is the u.s. president donald trump speaking about that shooting on saturday. >> america's heart is with the victims of the horrific synagogue shooting in california that just happened. our entire nation mourns the loss of life, prays for the wounded, and stands in solidarity with the jewish community. it just happened. >> cnn sara sidner has more on the attack. >> reporter: the city is in mourning after a 19-year-old suspect opened fire in a synagogue shooting those who
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were there to celebrate the end of passover. this is the eighth day of passover, a day when jews remember those who have died, their relatives who have died and now there is fresh pain after one woman was killed, three others injured, including the one of the rabbis here at the synagogue. what we know about the suspect he was captured a couple of miles from the synagogue. he is 19 years old and police say that he actually was engaged by an off-duty border patrol agent who happened to be here inside the synagogue when the shooting took place. this also happened on the very same day six months ago of the worst and most deadly anti-semitic attack in recent u.s. history and that happened in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, at the tree of life synagogue and that mayor reached out to the mayor of poway and here is what he said. >> they are standing with us and
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praying for us and having a vigil there for the community of poway. >> reporter: police are looking into what they are referring to as an open letter that they believe was written by the suspect. in that open letter, the suspect refers to other attacks on other places of worship, including the devastating attack in pittsburgh at the tree of life synagogue and in christ church at the mosque there. they are also delving into his background looking into if he is affiliated with any other particular groups. at this point, they have not found any affiliations. we should also mention that this is a community shocked by this, in part, because there is a very strong interfaith community here. if you will look behind me, you will see the synagogue. just down the street, just down the street, just walking distance, there are two churches. one of them, an orthodox church that will be celebrating easter
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easter, if you will, tomorrow. we expect a lot of folks bringing flowers and a community that is strong and sticking together through one of its most tragic days. sara sidner, cnn, poway, colorado. saturday's synagogue shooting comes six months after the mass shooting at the tree of life shooting in pittsburgh. starting in march, three historically african-american churches were burned to the ground in louisiana. just last week, bombers targeted churches and hotels in sri lanka, the blast came on easter sun and killing hundreds of people. last month, a gunman targeted mosques in christ church, new zealand. dozens of people were killed and wounded there. . let's talk about all of this now with amy pope. she is a former member of the u.s. national security council
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under the former president barack obama and she is now an associate fellow with chatham house think tank. thank you for joining news london. good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> reporter: this is the latest attack we have seen around the world targeting soft target places of worship. what sort of things, if anything, amy, can be done to protect or guard against attacks like these? >> i think, number one, is that we need to use our intelligence much more effectively. there was at the department of homeland security a unit that was focused on tracking home-grown extremism and violent extremism around the country, as well as sharing information with extremism with our partners around the world and that particular unit has been gutted and that is troubling at this moment in time when we are seeing a rise in this kind of attack on people within religious community in particular. i think there is a lot more
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information that is out there and a lot information should be shared. >> i want to take a moment to look at hate crimes specifically. the fbi stats around hate crimes since 1998, if we have that graphic to show our viewers. you can see the trend line here it is on an uptick recently. the numbers focused here in the united states. what can authorities do to get ahead of this and crack down on the groups or better identify those individuals who might be radicalized by the rhetoric online, the things they are espousing? >> the first is to use the tools that we have effectively. we have seen at the department of homeland security a mismanagement of resources overfocus on a manufactured crisis at the border when the real issues are happening within the homeland. so we need to make sure that we are linking up law enforcement agencies around the country, that they are sharing information, that they are using social media.
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the extremist groups use social media as a tool to radicalize converts. they can use social media to identify people who may be becoming radicalized. a lot can happen at the local level to identify people who may be feeling alienated. we often see signs people are taking some sort of action before it happens and making sure people know what those signs look like. >> from your previous remarks here, i get a sense of where you may go with this question. but the u.s. president has spoken out about what happened in san diego. he is calling it a hate crime but the question to you, the greater question, what do you make of this administration's attitude and policies regarding hate crimes against anyone, whether it be over religion or race or sexual orientation? >> the problem is this administration is not consistent. you see from the president's remarks in charlottesville he suggest there is some sort of
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similarity between people who are protesting on behalf of communities and those who are committing hate crimes. there should not be that kind of parallel drawn. we need to treat this as a very serious threat that it is. homegrown extremists can do far more violence as we have seen in pittsburgh which is my own community and san diego and others. i mean, this is a serious threat and the president needs to take it as seriously as he can. >> amy pope, we appreciate your time and perspective today. thank you. >> thank you. ♪ now to sri lanka. one week after the bombs exploded across that country the police are taking action to find the people responsible and the community is still trying to heal. ♪
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>> sri lanka's archbishop held mass inside his own home at the suspended services at churches across the country. in the meantime, we are learning more about the attacks that claimed 253 lives. this video just released shows the moment of an explosion in the kingsbury hotel. security forces are trying to rout out the terrorists behind the attack, carrying out many raids in the country. on friday, ten civilians were sil killed when suicide bombers blew up their house. we warn you before you see this report, some of the video here is graphic. >> reporter: a moment of grim triumph for sri lanka's forces. mohamed nias, directly connected to the massacres in capital lies dead. gunned down in a street battle
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in the far east of the country where the terror group first put down roots. he died alongside five other suspected terrorists in three blasts in an inferno, taking nine civilians with them, three women and six children. another woman was caught in the cross-fire. police believe they were members of the suspected terrorist family. believed to be perhaps the bor some of the civilians. >> reporter: the suspected terrorist were deemed by family ties. the leader of the group attacked a hotel in colombo on easter sunday with a suits bomber attack. authorities warn more terrorists were on the loose after the attacks last week that killed more than 250. this room is still hot from the fire caused by what the military is saying was an explosion of a suicide bomber's motorcycle.
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inside the room, there are the charred remains of what appear to be children, possibly some adults. it's a channel house. last weekend churches and mosques were told not to hold services while sri lankan forces looking for more members of the group. all of the local villages were evacuated to a school for their own safety. it was this muslim community that delivered the terrorists into the hands of the police and they will remain critical to this country's fight against terrorism. the terrorists rented the house where they decide, only two days before the easter bombings. he says they took the house for rent on the 18th and left in a couple of days. they came back yesterday with more people, nearly eight. the landlord became suspicious. they had arrived just hours after sri lankanan authorities found a staggering amount of
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explosives, bomb making material in a lock-up about three miles away. 150 sticks of ignition exploded and 100,000 ball bearings. islamic state flags and the uniforms police suspect were used by the terror group in videos before easter attacks. proof that those easter massacres were, by no means, the only mass killings the isis gang had planned. sam kiley, cnn, sri lanka. let's get a closer look at the aftermath of the sri lankan attacks with jeff who is from "the new york times" joining us from colombo, sri lanka. good to have you with us, jeffrey. >> reporter: thank you. >> i'd like to start by getting your thoughts around the article that you co-wrote with colleagues in "the new york times." you talked about the breakdown in intelligence monitoring that happened there in sri lanka, specifically, jeffrey, that memo
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that warned of a possible suicide attack but that memo that was never passed on and in the article, you suggest everything from political infighting to a brain train as a result of the civil war that led to missed warnings and a botched investigation. >> yeah. this place has been really hard hit and full of grief because of these attacks. people are shocked. therapy saddened by the loss of loved ones. everywhere you look in the city, you see white funeral flags flapping in the wind marking where somebody lost their life. on top of that is this growing frustration that this could have been prevented because the sri lankan government had detailed information, weeks before this attack, about the names of the people, where they lived, their cell phone numbers,' what they were plotting. and that intelligence was provided by the india government to sri lanka. they had been watching some of
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these terror suspects and the sri lankan government did nothing about it. a memo was circulating after the attacks showing the government had this information and the public has found out about this. it's compounded the sense of sadness and anger and frustration and the government doesn't have any good answers. >> the questions about the missed warnings, both within the country and, as you point out, warnings from other countries. also the fluctuation in the death toll numbers as reported initially 350 people killed. then reduced to 253 lives lost the next day. what does that say about the government's handling of the aftermath? >> i'm glad you brought that up. we don't want to pick on sri lanka right now. this country has been heavily hit by a serious attack that killed lots of innocent people, men, women, children that had nothing to do with any wider global political agenda were
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bone apart. so we have to be sensitive to that. but, at the same time, there's some real questions about the confidence and the ability of the government here to deal with these things. for instance, every day since the day of the attack, the death toll was steadily increasing. the government kept saying we have identified more people who have died, we located dna tests or hooked up with relatives. efficient day the death toll kept going up to 359. two days ago, all of a sudden, they said, no, we made a mistake. it's 250 dead. that just raised a lot of questions why did you keep raising the death toll all of those days if there were issues about the number counting? then even perhaps even more unexplainable was the government put out a warning that there were six terror suspects on the loose, that these people were highly dangerous, were connected to the attacks and were maybe plotting new attacks. in that information that the police department released, they
2:17 am
included the picture of a student at brown university in the u.s. that has nothing at all to do with what happened here. and that young woman quickly sent out some messages on social media saying my picture appeared in the sri lankan media and i'm unconnected to what happened. and, again, we asked how did that happened? why were the police just cruising through facebook and social media looking for pictures? so there is a lot of frustration and concern from even before this happened to now. >> there is a separate article that i read as well that asks a basic question and i'd like your thoughts around this. is there a sense in sri lanka that somehow since the civil war the government has somehow become too complacent? >> i think this place was enjoying the fruits of peace. they have fought a really nasty civil war for three decades and tens of thousands of people were killed. in 2009 that ended.
2:18 am
for the last ten years, there was a sense of a renaissance of a rebirth of blast walls coming down and metal dough texters taken away and police officers and soldiers being removed from the streets and this feeling had put those dark days behind it. so i do think they let down their guard. they were focused on building the economy, moving forward, bringing in tourists. they were not thinking of a massive terrorist attack and i think we have seen now the results of that, that they have been overconfident. but, you know, everybody is going to make mistakes and not read intelligence the way it should be read. what is striking in this case there were several repeated detailed warnings talk about these specific people attacking churches in this way and nothing was done about it. that is what is really the most frustrating and there is no good answers to that. >> jeffrey getleman, we
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appreciate your time. thank you. washington journalists celebrated one of theirs biggest nights of the year but the u.s. president didn't want anything to do with that event. that story is ahead. spain is having elections. what is at stake in this vote and why europe is playing close attention. - [narrator] meet the ninja foodi, the pressure cooker that crisps. it's the best of pressure cooking and air frying all in one. with tendercrisp technology, food will be juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside. (upbeat drumming) the ninja foodi, the pressure cooker that crisps. (danny)'s voice) of course you don'te because you didn't!? the ninja foodi, your job isn't doing hard work...'s making them do hard work... ...and getting paid for it. (vo) snap and sort your expenses to save over $4,600 at tax time.
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the polls are open in spain this hour. it is the third general election in four years there and the
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results are far from certain. this live image in madrid, spain, you see people there making their choice. in fact, the choice may just add to the country's political turmoil. voters are set to choose from five parties. none are expected to win outright. forming a functional coalition government could be a challenge. also a new far right party called vox could pick up seats in the country's parliament. cnn traveled to one area where that party is gaining ground. >> reporter: crammed between the sea and the mountains as far as the eye can see is a shimmering white city draped in plastic. this is a hill in southern spain and here produce is king. with each classic greenhouse growing much of europe's fruit and vegetables from peppers to tomatoes and more. the most important seeds sprouting here isn't produce but
2:23 am
a political party. vox is spain's first elected far right party since the death of their dictator in 1975 and a century is already smhaking up the political landscape. meet local candidate. last year they won nearly 30% of the vote in the elections here with a pledge of national unity to put a stop to corruption and illegal immigration. >> translator: i'm 42 and i grew up here and born here and i've run up and down this town and today we don't dare let our children dot same. no safety. there are robberies and rapes and a lot of crime. spanish people commit crimes and migrants commitment crimes but majority of migrants. >> reporter: a walk through the
2:24 am
city shows how much they are dependent on seasonal labor area most carried out from migrants from north africa. what vox has been able to do in southern spain is voter frustration and particularly the question of immigration and the number of migrants coming in across the mediterranean have fallen. 63,000 landing here last year alone. the culture difference make many spaniards feel uneasy. i can hardly find anyone to acknowledge this. this woman tells me if people want to change, they want to change and try something new but they don't know how to. we are fed up she says with so many migrants and come without paper work and do what they want
2:25 am
and what they feel like. we are very tired of them, she says. across spain, vox is far right populous anti-islam and anti-immigration. your leader says he wants to build a wall in spain's border with morocco' he wants morocco to pay for that wall. do you believe that? >> translator: we want to close the doors so migrants cannot flood spain because spaniards can't stand that. >> reporter: why they hope to filter it, it is one with many spaniards who feel abandoned with the actions of spain. earlier i spoke to a reporter based in madrid and she explains why this election is
2:26 am
particularly so complicated. >> reporter: election polls are open this morning at 9:00 a.m. local time. pedro is one of the favorite to win the elections but there will be a majority and necessary to agree between different parties to make agreements for a coalition and spain has a tradition, we remember the election in 2015 then 2016, they had to repeat the election because of very fragment parliament that couldn't allow to form government and in this situation now in 2019 we are in a more even fragmented situation with also this new party you talk about it, this far right vox who appear in 2013 due to corruption cases that have been affected to traditional parties but also due to the economical crisis so that would explain the
2:27 am
five parties we have now which makes a big difference between what we had before 2015. we have to remember that in spain, there were mainly two parties, the socialist and the people's party and sometimes there was a right who won and sometimes it was the left who won but now a lot of different parts and five parts could get a big result today, although as you also said, the result is still uncertain because there is a lot of uncertain voters and yet some of them will decide their vote today. >> that was cnn's reporter from madrid. one of the states was crucial to his 2016 victory for trump but his trip is more than a political rally. also a very pointed snub of the white house correspondents association dinner. their annual celebration of the first amendment.
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on my "it's my party" summer tour. cast your vote by saying "vote for world of dance" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. or as j-lo likes to call it, your v-mo. . welcome back. this is "cnn newsroom." here are the headlines this hour wr polls are open in spain for their general election in four years. vox is a far right party that is growing in popularity. sri lankan archbishop held sunday mass in his home after suspended services throughout the country. the island marks one week since the terror attacks that killed 253 people. shortly after, hundreds
2:32 am
gathered outside st. anthony's sflin shrine. a vigil was held. in san diego, california, a victim has been killed and identify as lori kay. a friend of the victim said kay died between stepping between between the wounded and rabbi. the rabbi is saying kay saved his life. we are live in jerusalem this morning. >> this shooting happened just as the sabbath, a day of rest and tranquility was ending here and a sharper reminder six months ago, the pittsburgh shooting and we have seen some very powerful reactions from israel's leaders. a statement this morning condemning the attack and saying the country's thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim lori gilbert kay as
2:33 am
well as the others who are recovering. i'll read you a part of the statement. no country and no society are immune. it's also worth pointing out that he points out the attack on the last day of the holiday of passover, another very sharp blow to the jewish community not only in california and the u.s. but israeli and around the world. prime minister benjamin netanyahu said the entire world needs to intensify its fight against anti-semitism. after the president's statement he said i condemn the criminal attack in california is a strike into the heart of the jewish people and the international community should intensify the battle against anti-semitism. he said he would have a
2:34 am
conversation with those this week who combat anti-semitism. >> this happened after a shooting at a synagogue in pittsburgh. simply when this happened in terms of the time in israel. sabbath is a day of rest where not much news is generated so to come out at this time and see this news and the pittsburgh shooting as another horrific element to another horrific attack in that synagogue in california. another painful reminder of what -- of the anti-semitism that remains out there and very much so to israel as they are deal with the attack and around the world as well. >> orien lieberman, thank you for the reporting. to washington we go. the annual white house correspondents dinner that took place on saturday night. the u.s. president was not a part of that event. it is the third straight year
2:35 am
that crump has boycotted the dinner. his entire administration was a no-show. the president has often attacked the news media but this time historian ron chernow told them not to be discouraged in the pursuit of journalism. >> asbestos good a time as many to take stock and rededicate yourself to thighest journalistc and integrity. donald trump won't be the first and won't be the last it to create jitters about the first amendment. so be humble, be skeptical, and be aware skeptical about the things you're fighting against. the president is a powerful weapon that must be aimed with precision and locked in. >> we get more from cnn's kaitlyn collins on the story. >> reporter: the 2019 correspondents sdirn haddinner
2:36 am
different feel than the past one. not because president trump media not here because of a shooting outside of a synagogue in san diego that loomed over reporters gathered here to celebrate the first amendment. in the past this celebration has been sometimes about celebrities that were here or administration officials or even the president, himself, who has been in the room. but this year without hardly any celebrities or any administration officials, really the point of this, the point of the dinner and the focus of it was back to journalism and back to the first amendment. most of that was reflected who they had speak. instead it's typically a comedian as in the past but after last year with a mitchell wolf and sarah sanders they invited a historian and during a speech he talked about the relationship the presidents have had with the press and dating back to george washington to president trump who at times was deemed the enemy of the people
2:37 am
and the media. the historian talked about at times it's tense and tough and made the fact that reporters are here and the ones that continue on throughout the administration and his focus was on journalism. certainly different than the past but according to reporters in the room, something that was a welcome change. kaitlyn collins, cnn, white house correspondents dinner. >> thank you. he's done in in the past. president trump chose to hold a campaign counter rally instead of attending the dinner. this year he went to green bay, wisconsin. a battleground state that was crucial to his 2020 election. of all things he said -- of 2016 election, i should say. one of the most provokive is sending document immigrants to the sanctuary cities is what he said during the even. the administration has denied it's even under consideration but the president told his
2:38 am
reporters, quote, it was a sick idea and he was already doing it. >> last month alone, 100,000 illegal immigrants arrived at our borders placing a massive strain on communities and schools and hospitals and public resources like nobody has ever seen before. now we are sending many of them to sanctuary cities. thank you very much. they are not too happy about it. i'm proud to tell thaw was actually my sick idea. no. hey, hey. what did they say? we want him. i said we will give them to you. thank you. they said, we don't want them. >> america's most powerful gun lobby is under investigation over its finances. the new york attorney general's
2:39 am
confirms it's investigating the nra after their tax exempt oliver north says he is out at nra president. one allegedly accused north of extortion and forcing him to resign. this large construction crane broke loose from a building and part of it toppled on to a major intersection. the crane operate irs were killed along with two people in cars. witnesses were shocked by what they saw. >> i saw people running from the -- i'm sorry. people running from the interstate and i knew something was wrong. and that could have been me. you know? because i was going to go to the grocery store and he normally go to cfc and going that way and that could have happened to me.
2:40 am
>> that makes me feel like i could have been dead -- i was supposed to be late to this meeting. i got there at 2:15 or so and if i was just a few minutes later or stopped by at the end instead because i couldn't make it, i could have been one of the cars that this crane has fallen on. >> it's not known what caused that crane to fail. the mayor of the city said that an investigation will take some time but she also praised those who stepped up to help and marvelled at the survival of a mother and baby in a badly damaged car. >> as many of you know, a crane fell off the top of the building and because of that, four people have, unfortunately, died. we also saw some miracles. a mother with her young child was in a car you can see was horrifically hurt and injured but she was able to get out. we have also seen community come together here, the hotel that is very nearby opened its doors for
2:41 am
anyone to come in to and let victims and other workers in. we have seen the workers come together themselves just trying to determine what happened and how this came about. still ahead, rampant violence plagues a coastal state in mexico. the federal government is sending support but question is it enough to curb what is happening here? ♪ ♪ stand up to chronic migraine with botox®. what if you had fewer headaches and migraines a month?
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welcome back. pope francis is directing 500,000 in funding. they are helping migrants in mexico and money will be used for food, housing and other aid. the vatican says it wants bring attention to the plight of thousands of people who are
2:45 am
stranded in mexico and people whoa are unable to reach the united states. the pope has called for the u.s. and other countries to approach migration with compassion. in the meantime, another major crisis in mexico playing out right now. this in the coastal state of vera cruz and hit with a wave of deadly violence. first three months of 2019, almost 700 murders were reported there. the latest victim a 25-year-old mayor of one small town. our rafael romo has this report. >> reporter: a candlelight vigil for a woman whose untimely death has left an entire town in mourning. she was shot to death as she was traveling on a highway near a small town in the mexico state of cruz where the 25-year-old was the mayor. her husband and their driver were also killed.
2:46 am
cries for justice can be heard around the state of veracruz. the mayor's death happened only death after an armed attack at a party that left 13 dead, including a 1-year-old baby. a brother-in-law of one of the victims said he had been threatened months before the shooting. veracruz continues to be plagued by a wave of violence. according to government figures, there were nearly 700 homicide in the state between january and march. the state's governor is asking for support from mexico's newly created national guard. the federal government has responding by sending soldiers and increasing security on state highways. reacting to the violence, mexico president said violent crime is the result of failed economic policies, as well as corruption of passed governments which
2:47 am
robbed the mexico people. he took office in december, promising among other things a ruck reduction in crime but in the first three months of this year, nearly 8,500 people murdered in mexico and over 10% compared to the same period last year. veracruz has been, for years, the epi center of a turf war between criminal gangs. a bloodied conflict that seems to have no end. rafael romo, cnn. after the break, we will have more on long recovery for mozambique. much of the country is in chaos after hit by back-to-back cyclones. we will have the latest on the devastation. it has three times the cleaning power of the leading spray to dissolve kitchen grease on contact. and it's great for bathrooms!
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wouldn't it be great to get a when yophone too?reless plan, switch to sprint and get an unlimited plan with the samsung galaxy s10e included for just $35 a month. it's a big deal. to save 30% on all the medications we carry. so go directly to now. a heart breaking scene to show you in northern mozambique after hit by a cyclonekenneth. it flattened so many homes. at least five are dead and thousands have been displaced.
2:52 am
terrible conditions continue in mozambique. even more rain is expected which could trigger floeods and mudslides. we report as this country is struggle to go recover from another very powerful storm. >> reporter: the second time in six weeks mozambique is wallowing in water after a powerful storm blew across its borders. cyclone kenneth with winds gusting at 280 kilometers an hour made landfall on thursday and with it more rain and more mis a misery on the way. >> we expect more flooding at the end of the rainy season because rivers are already swollen and the soil is saturated. >> reporter: more than 30,000 people from high-risk areas have already evacuated according to the u.n. officials are advising others to move to higher ground as the lingering rains which could last
2:53 am
through monday pose new threats to areas already devastated by the initial impact of the storm. >> houses are destroyed and hundreds of thousands are in temporary school buildings and church buildings is not touched and now they need urgent assistance. >> reporter: aid agencying were struggling to keep up with the demand of food and waured aftte another cyclone hit the area. the country is still reeling from a cholera outbreak and loss of vital crops. officials worry the new storm might strain the system. >> strike from kenneth may require an operation at the same time the ongoing cyclone targeting 3 million people in three countries remain critically underfunded. >> reporter: a need for help that could continue to grow in a
2:54 am
country that is already weary from weathering the storms. rick fullback, cnn. now our meteorologist ivan cabrera is here. >> devastating pictures coming in overnight and i'm really now beginning to see the scope of what happened here. this is cyclone kenneth. as i widen this out and to be able to see. my goodness. the first view i've had as far as there was a storm surge. we talked about it. here is the second one to the water. you see the roads full of sand. that is a telltale sign the ocean came in and leveled them. the community is almost wiped out, right? this is the scene repeated all along the coast as a result of is not just the storm surge but now dealing with the rain and aftermath that will continue. significant threat of mud sloois and hilary terrain we have to be concerned about and could be looking at more rain as far as the total from what we had from
2:55 am
an earlier cyclone. the storm is inland and what has not dissipated is the rain. you see that blob of orange there? that is indicative of some very strong storms dropping down tropical rains and talking several inches an at hour at time and more on the way the next several days. another ten inches is not out of the question and make a mess as well for recovery efforts as they try to get things back to normal and try to reach mvillages that probably are still cut off here. we will keep you posted on things in mozambique. i want to take you to the northern hemisphere we don't see this time of the year typically. chicago, snowfall yesterday through the day on saturday. there you see, my goodness, backyards. wrigley field, snow was on the ground. we got 219882 inches of snowfall and what that does, it takes us back in time here on the maps to be able to see 2.5 inches of snowfall and that was enough to set a daily record and this is now the latest snowfall we have
2:56 am
had in chicago in 30 years. it goes back to may 1989 and george and i i weren't borne back then. a long time, right? the system is moving out of chicago and you're done and rain out of it across the northeast but not a huge deal. another storm and this is more powerful and be a blizzard and not heading to chicago but northern plains get hit with 60-mile-an-hour winds and talking a potential for a foot plus of snow. that will leave you some pretty pictures. hyacinth are frosty and shouldn't be. >> we were there several years ago in may and it happened. really? >> it happens but not this late usually. goodness. >> thank you, ivan. thank you for being with us for "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell. the news continues here on cnn after the break.
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police say a 19-year-old man entered the congregation and began shooting. >> the america's hearts are with the victims of horrific synagogue shooting. >> the community lost a great soul. >> 100,000 illegal immigrants arrived at our borders. we are sending many of them through sanctuary cities. thank you very much. i'm proud to tell you that was actually my sick idea. the 2019 correspondents dinner in a different feel than the past run. >> they wanted boring at this year's deliver. i can deliver on that big time. the united states was nev


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