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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  April 29, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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>> we are standing together. we are getting stronger. you can't break us >> in just a few hours joe biden will hold his first campaign rally in pittsburgh. >> we are going to get the first glimpse of how biden will adapt to the campaign trail. >> it's only the beginning. he has to have a broader narrative about why he should be the next president. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "new day." an investigation is umpbd wnder after a deadly attack at a synagogue. he was armed with an assault-style rifle and opened fire on those celebrating the end of passover. today there will be a funeral for lori gilbert kay who was killed in the attack. according to her friends and authorities, this 60-year-old woman tried to shield her longtime friend and rabbi from the bullets as he tried to evacuate children. that rabbi and two others were
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also injured >> officials are investigating the attack as a hate crime. an anonymous letter from someone claiming to be the gunman referenced recent today taattac. president trump strongly denounced the synagogue attack and anti-semitism at a rally over the weekend. the president is still defending his controversial response to the deadly charlottesville white supremacist rally after joe biden criticized it in his campaign launch video. it is at the center of the 2020 race. we begin with dan simon live in california with the latest on the synagogue attack in poway. >> reporter: the details of the attack are chilling. the woman who died, 60-year-old lori gilbert kay died after her husband tried to revive her. in fact, he's a physician.
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at first he didn't realize it was his wife. once he did, he collapsed next to her. in the meantime, we are hearing from the rabbi who said he was in the banquet hall trying to prepare for the sermon when he heard what sounded like a loud bang. next thing he knew he was face to face with the shooter >> terrorism like this will not take us down. >> reporter: his hands wrapped in blue casts, the rabbi goldstein remembering the moment his congregation became the latest target of a deadly attack. following massacres in sri lanka and new zealand >> i heard a loud bang. i turn around and see a sight that i -- undescribable. here is a young man standing with a rifle, pointing right at me. i couldn't see his eyes, his soul. >> reporter: one of four people shot at the synagogue in
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southern california. a lone gunman with an assault-style rifle opening fire on worshippers celebrating the last day of passover >> shooting like crazy. he was just focused to kill. >> reporter: the rabbi was shot in both hands, losing his right index finger. 60-year-old lori gilbert kay was killed dm t ed in the attack >> as the suspect was fleeing the temple an off-duty border patrol agent opened fire on the suspect, but apparently didn't hit him. >> reporter: earnest surrendering eventually to police charged with one count of murder and three counts of attempted murder. authorities believe earnest acted alone. >> we are in the process of reviewing to determine the validity and authenticity. >> police and the fbi examining whether earnest is linked to
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arson last month at a nearby mosque. >> we condemn the evil of anti-semitism and hate which must be defeated. >> reporter: we are learning more stories of heroism inside the synagogue like almad parits who was shot in the leg. >> coming like a soldier, standing in the door with focus like that. staying in the way, relaxed and shooting. >> reporter: trying to protect his 8-year-old niece who was injured by shrapnel. >> the world isn't supposed to be like this. >> reporter: poway, the latest american city trying to heal from another hate-filled attack. >> no matter how dark the world is, we need to think of a little bit of light pushing away a lot of darkness.
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>> reporter: while honoring those like its youngest victim noya sitting tall on her father's shoulders. >> she was owounded yesterday ad today she's here with us. this is bravery >> the injured rabbi was filled with emotion remembering lori kay, one of the congress grants killed at the synagogue. >> in horrific event here. lori took the bullet for all of us. she died to protect all of us. she didn't deserve to die. she's such a kind, sweet-hearted good human being. i do know this is lori. this is her legacy. her legacy will continue >> joining us now is lori's friend of 25 years dr. lev. thank you very much for being here. we are sorry for your loss. we know how horrible the past 48
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hours have been. we appreciate you being here to talk about your community, congregation and your friend lori. lori sounds so special from everything we have heard from her daughter, from the rabbi? what can you share with us about your friend. >> thank you so much. really appreciate the kindness of everybody r. really happy to be here. important to tell and let the world know lori kay, my best friend. the second mother to my children. we raised our children together here at this congregation in poway. everybody who knew her, she reached many lives around the world. countless people that may not know her name. now need to know lori kay. she was the most amazing person. she was human. she had false and positive
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aspects. she had ups and downs in her life like all of us. no matter what and her darkest days, she's had trauma in her life. she always looks as the positive. before coming here, i came and took some of many books she has all over the house. this is her. this is be happy. you are doing a freaking good job. 14,000 things to be happy about. that's lori. always looking at the positive. always giving. anyone who knows her, knows she was giving. in her car i found gift cards, an easter basket. before every trip she would give me a check or two checks, each for $100 or more. i would be all over the world. she said, go find some charity
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that needs it. i told another friend. she said, she did this for me. >> my god. >> she is a symbol of random acts of kindness. the more we are talking about her, the more i hear about it. my mom -- she took my mom to breakfast the other day. she loves her coffee at einstein bagel. she gets two and my mom goes, oh, no, no, i don't need. she said, don't worry, there is a homeless person. she's giving her extra coffee and bagel for someone else. she's sometimes late. why is she late? oh, because i had to stop by this person's house or that person's house. she collected people, loved people. we are standing here in front of my synagogue, house of worship. we believe in god. we believe god is good. if god picked lori kay and he
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did this for a ran and the reason is good because we believe god is good. lori is a person who can spread goodness in the world. she's making us stronger as a jewish people. we will not let anti-semitism stop us in any way. we know there is evil in the world. it is nothing compared to the good we have. we see it now. especially in her demise. we see the goodness in poway, in san diego. she loved the media. she would want to get her message heard. i wish she was alive to see this. this would be her message. and her message is to be random acts of kindness, be good. regardless of where you are anywhere on the planet. we were much better people. in the law enforcement, in the
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medical community, in the vigils. people of all faiths come together to remember lori kay, my best friend. to send a message of good to our world >> what a beautiful message. how well you have channelled her spirit for all of us. the story goes that when the gunman came into the synagogue, it was lori who put her own life in jeopardy and stepped towards the gunman to shield the rabbi. how is that possible? why would she be capable of doing something like that? >> when you say that, it pains me because i know that's lori. anybody who knew her knew of course it's lori who stepped in front of the rabbi. the rabbi told me when i saw him rolled into surgery, let people know that lori died saving my
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life. that was his words to me as he was rolled up to the operating room. it sounds like why would someone do that. anybody who knew that would know it was lori. that's how lori made the ultimate sacrifice, perhaps to send this message of unconditional love which is the words that lori would use. >> how is her family doing today? >> not good. her daughter hannah is an amazing, amazing young woman. you will see. she's a replica of her mother. in terms of good and kindness. i hope she gets to speak to you some day. she had a terrible night. and so is her father, her
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husband. they are not well at this time. they appreciate their support, if i had to speak on her behalf it would be thank you so much to everyone and hugs to everyone. she's not in a position to be on camera >> of course. we understand. one of the many affecting moments of this story is knowing that lori's husband is a doctor and when he heard there was a shooting at the synagogue he raced to help people. he didn't know it was his wife who was close to death. when he saw her and realized it was she he would have to be treating that he collapsed as well just from the shock of it. it's all so horrible. just hearing the aftermath of all of it. >> our synagogue is blessed with a lot of physicians in our synagogue. we have the stop the bleed bag that a trauma area should have.
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we are equipped. it's not the first time someone or even howard, her husband, has come to rescue in the synagogue after 30 years here. things happen. we are prepared. so he did run to the scene when he heard a very loud -- that's the description i hear about how loud the gun fire was. he was told we need your help. dr. kaye. he ran to the scene. they saw it was lori and he fainted. our synagogue is blessed with amazing bravery. we are not sitting ducks here waiting for someone. we know we are a potential target. we know anti-semitism exists. we are ready to protect ourselves. as synagogues throughout the world should be able to do. we have people who ran to the
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gunfire to subdue and chase the gunman away, to protect the children and the rest of the con g gregants. i'm amazed of the heroism and proud of the people. >> so are we. i want to ask about that feeling of knowing that you could be targeted. that off duty border patrol agent, was he regular -- who ended up shooting at the gunman and hitting his car to the point where the gunman had to surrender. was he often there at the synagogue because you felt or had heard other threats? >> no. the off duty border patrol agent is a member of our community. we have retired military members of the congregation. this was a big day. this was the last day of
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passover. this is a day -- the reason lori came to the synagogue, she was celebrating my daughter's graduation on friday night. on the first day of passover it was her house. they led passover sedar. and we had the most wonderful sabbath meal. she was rushing to be at the synagogue on saturday to say the mourner's prayer for her mother. she lost her mother recently. she wanted to say the prayer. it would have been the first time in her life to have to say the mourning for the dead. she was anxious. so she was in the hall way standing which was typical. she was nervous about the prayer she was about to say. she never got to say it. she will be meeting her mother in person. >> the rabbi you raced to the
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hospital. you saw him wheeled into surgery. he lost fingers as a result. he also is strong. you all personified the strength with which you practiced your faith. will things change because of this. because you're under threat. will there be an armed guard present? what will make you feel comfortable going back to synagogue? >> it will change us. it changed the rabbi forever. we'll think of cute nicknames to call him with his hands. it will change us for the better, for the stronger. i have four children. they will be proud jewish people coming to the synagogue. not afraid. we'll be stronger. we'll have more security. that's not my expertise. our faith is stronger. we'll come here more often, not
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less often. and no one should be afraid. like i said, there is more good, way more good than evil. yes, evil exists and we'll wipe it out, but there is way more good. the way we get to it is by coming here and being part of the community. embracing our faith, embracing goodness in however you express it. this will not stop us. it unites us and makes us better. >> dr. lev, you made your friend lori proud this morning. thank you very much for representing her and, again, we are just so sorry to you and the community for everything you have endured this weekend. >> thank you so much. >> i have to say you can see what must have been the enormous strength in lori kaye through her friend dr. lev. where else would dr. lev get the strength to come on and talk
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like that this morning. you can see how broken up she is. her faith is not shaken. her love for her friend is not shaken. it was just remarkable to hear. >> i have read the notes of her friends and family. they do believe she was chosen, if that's the right word, to symbolize what their community stands for, symbolize forgiveness. they said lori was one of the most forgiving people they had ever met. to symbolize love and we can't talk about her enough. >> dr. lev said god chose lori kaye for this. it's stu ee's tough to take, bu understand why she feels that way. she was there to mourn and then lost her own life. the mourning is such an important spiritual moment. it's just really hard to take.
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the rising tide of white nationalism is very much at the forefront of the 2020 campaign. president trump and the former vice president joe biden are feuding over the president's response to the white nationalist rally in charlottesville that killed heather hire. joining us now is jeffrey toobin, arlette saenz, political reporter in pittsburgh as we speak to cover the first campaign rally for vice president biden later today. jeffrey, we heard a moving interview alisyn did with dr. lev, a good friend of the victim of the synagogue shooting in poway, california. it's striking to me what happened over the last week, you had joe biden launch his campaign, the centerpiece of his campaign in his video announcement was fighting white
4:24 am
nationalism. fighting the wave of hate that exists in some places in this country. and then days later there's a new shooting at a synagogue. it seems like this is an issue for the campaign >> not only that, but vice president biden succeeded, i guess, in getting the president to double down, ratify, agree with his comments in charlottesville. he expressed himself perfectly when he said there were good people on both sides. that's going to be a fundamental difference in the campaign about whether the president is someone who cares about white nationalism, whether he is a supporter of it. look at what the president did this weekend where he praised the number two person drafted in the nfl draft who had a history of racist white supremacist tweets. >> we have to see he did say all
4:25 am
the right things. he said we condemn white nationalism. he said -- in fact, we have it. let me play it. listen to this. >> america's heart is with the victims of the horrific synagogue shooting in poway, california. just happened. our entire nation mourns the loss of life, praise for the wounded and stands in solidarity with the jewish community. we forcefully condemn the evil of anti-semitism and hate which must be defeated. must be defeated. >> that's what you would want -- >> fair point. people have to decide who the real donald trump is. there is lots of evidence on the other side. >> julie, it's not just that
4:26 am
white nationalism -- that joe biden pulled this out of thin air. it's that the numbers have spiked. so there are all sorts of statistics that show hate crimes have gone up in the past year, that crimes against houses of worship have gone up. there is more violence, more anti-semit anti-semit anti-semitic graffiti. >> notwithstanding the fact that the president condemned this individual incident and the anti-semitism that was underlying it, he's done it in the past. what he was not willing to do was he pushed back against it in the wake of the new zealand mosque shooting. to admit there is a huge problem on the rise of white nationalism. it's something he doesn't agree with. something needs to be done about that. until he's willing to acknowledge that, there will be questions about why it is he
4:27 am
doesn't want to talk about his role as the leader of the free world in pushing back against some of the forces. he seems to think admitting that or potentially talking about that would reflect poorly on him. we saw in his response to joe biden jumping in the race he clearly sees it as a personal issue for him. he's not willing to talk about it in the context of the worldwide or national problem. he'll use it as a political problem. >> the president put out a tweet noting he had a long conversation with the rabbi from poway, about how they had a long conversation over the weekend. >> i'm glad you said that. with rabbi myers at the tree of life in pittsburgh it meant a lot that the president visited. in the one on one moments the president connects >> again, you look at the totality.
4:28 am
the tweet about nick bosa over the weekend. notable was the omission of congratulations for kyler murray, the number one pick, who is african-american. >> it wasn't just that nick bosa is white. the issue is why is he a public figure? not because he's a great player for ohio state. it's because he had a history of ugly tweets including some tweets that were for the president. that's why he was praising him >> i want to go to you, arlette, in pittsburgh. in a purely political sense it was fascinating joe biden made it a center piece of his video launch. i'm curious if he sticks to it. he's got a campaign rally where you are standing in pittsburgh later this afternoon which we'll be watching closely. i want to know what the campaign message will be from a stage when he may be less skrimted. we didn't hear much about it on "the view." he didn't drag the conversation back to that subject. will it be a central theme
4:29 am
today? >> i think if you look at biden's past appearances over the past six months when he was on the campaign trail, campaigning for benefits in the midterm elections, this charlottesville moment was a reoccurring theme he often was speaking about the battle for the soul of the country. looking forward to this afternoon, it's going to be a speech focused on rebuilding the middle class. that's what the campaign said about the event this afternoon. i think he probably will be drilling in on this entire notion of the battle for the soul of the country pointing to charlottesville, potentially making reference to the shooting at the synagogue over the weekend. you saw he brought things back to the battle of the soul of the country as he responded to the synagogue shooting. it's one of the themes this afternoon. >> as we know from the reporting, the biden team was
4:30 am
debating what to do in that campaign launch video. maybe they were going to do something biographical, scranton joe. the idea they have focused on the violence of charlottesville and white supremacy. that seems prophetic. >> help zeroed in on that. i think the best way in his mind to make a contrast between his vision of the country and what this president's vision has been. for sure we'll hear him talk about the economy, the middle class, working people. overarching all of it in biden's mind and this is the decision they made to focus on this as his center piece of his announcement is, it's a broader message about who we are as a country. he believes that will resonate
4:31 am
and it is important to have it resonate in a way that maybe some of the economic arguments can't be as universal as that. that's how he's positioning him in the field as the anti-trump. we'll see if that's successful. >> arlette, julie, jeffrey, thank you very much. attorney general william barr is scheduled to testify twice this week on capitol hill. scheduled to testify, but one of the hearings in jeopardy now. why? we'll talk about it. we are also going to ask a senator who was scheduled to question him next.
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attorney general william barr is warning democrats on the house judiciary committee he may not show up for his scheduled hearing on thursday. the attorney general has criticized the format set up by democrats heading the committee. before he goes or doesn't go to the house, the attorney general will testify before the republican-led senate judiciary committee. that happens on wednesday. joining me now is someone who will be a part of that. dick durbin from illinois serves
4:36 am
on the judiciary committee. you will get to question william barr. what do you want to ask? >> clearly we are going to ask about the mueller report and try to get more and more of the redactions removed so the american people can see the result of the investigation. personally, i have to disagree with jared kushner, the president's son-in-law, who d dismissed the russian involvement in the last election as two facebook ads, a couple of facebook ads. that isn't what the mueller report said. it was a systematic effort by the russians to undermine our democracy. what are we doing about it? what's the attorney general of the united states and the president going to do to make sure the 2020 election isn't also a victim of russian intrigue >> lindsey graham said jared kushner has it all wrong saying it was a couple of facebook ads. he noted the russians stole emails from the dnc and from john podesta.
4:37 am
what questions will you pose to the attorney general on how he handled the mueller report? >> i can tell you i wasn't too surprised. i voted against his nomination. he said he was seeking the position basically to protect the integrity of the department of justice. we know what the president thought about the previous attorney general, jeff sessions. he said jeff sessions wasn't doing his bidding when it came to eliminating the investigation and the like. then came attorney general barr and his early rollout of the mueller report, his four-page rollout really had suggestions in there of things that were not included in the report. then the press conference before the actual release. these things tell me bill barr is doing his best to serve as the president's personal attorney. that goes beyond his responsibility. his responsibility under the constitution as attorney general is for the people of the country and to protect the constitution >> his job is done in theory
4:38 am
with the mueller investigation. you would agree with that, yes? >> for the most part it is. i don't know that we'll rehash every aspect of it. some of the things he said which were misleading about the contents. the american people can see that for themselves. going forward, we want to make sure there is a level of cooperation between the department of justice and the congress. also to make certain that we have some effort under way to stop any russian intrigue >> one more question because you are a lawyer yourself. as a question of law do you think don mcgahn's testimony to the house would be covered by executive privilege? >> so far they have not exerted executive privilege. i hope they don't hide behind it. i think he turned out to be one of the bright lights of the administration when he showed up to the president >> what if he doesn't show up to the house meeting pause he doesn't want to be questioned by
4:39 am
staff. >> it was behind the curtains before. jerry nadler want as 30-minute interrogation. this one is public. >> do you think he should go if staff gets to question him? . >> i'm not sure. nadler can call his own procedure as chairman of the house committee >> i'm interested you are not saying he should just go, that you are not giving a fullbacking to the house judiciary. >> i'm not trying to undercut jerry nadler. these things have been negotiated beforehand as to whether or not it will be public. this is a very open display of tension between the white house and the congress. i don't want to downplay it. it's a very important thing this president said, oh, i'm not responsible for providing witnesses for the administration. that's a dramatic departure from
4:40 am
previous presidents >> what appears to be a hate crime over the weekend where a man went into a synagogue and killed one person, injured others. why is this happening? why can't we stop it? >> this is domestic terrorism. call it what it is. had there been someone from the middle east involved in this, someone with a green card involved in this, can you imagine the alerts that would have come out from the white house about the threats of terrorism to the united states? yet this president does just the opposite. with a wink and a nod he says to the nationalists and supremacists, i know they are just trying to protect the statue of robert e. lee >> he condemned the poway attack very strongly. >> of course. and he should have. but why do these people feel they have license to attack synagogues, sick temples, churches across the united states. this has been fomented because of rhetoric we hear from the
4:41 am
white house >> do you think the president is giving him license? >> it's loose and as a consequence, people feel a permission slip to move forward in areas they never have before. >> you went to el paso to a border facility there. you wrote about it. what you say you saw was alarming. is it a crisis? >> it is a humanitarian crisis, no doubt about it. when i looked into the cell where we are holding detained immigrants, capacity 35 and saw 150 men shoulder to shoulder, i don't know how they survived there for days and weeks at a time. another cell, capacity of 16 with 75 women including nursing mothers. they are pleading for help. this is not what america should be about. this is not our image, our values. i told the acting secretary we have to do better. we have to do it quickly. >> treat people humanely first. particularly mothers and
4:42 am
children. that's a must. we don't have the capacity to deal with those. we need to make sure we can. you can't cut off foreign aid to three countries and marvel at the fact that these people are flowing to the united states because of the disintegration of the economy and the disintegration of their society. this president's approach to this of getting tough isn't working. >> we'll let you go. do you want to endorse someone running for president? >> there are so many people running for president who are my voters as a leader in the senate. i'm going to stand back for the time being. we have plenty of candidates and more to come >> shrewd political move. senator, thank you very much for being with us >> smart. makes sense. thank you. after the two deadly crashes, boeing will meet with shareholders today as cnn learns about new fears from whistleblowers on the troubled 737 max fleet. that's next. mes the rain. [ horn honking ] [ engine revving ] what's that, girl? [ engine revving ] flo needs help?!
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for the first time since those two deadly crashes involving boeing 737 max jets the company's ceo will face shareholders. this as cnn learns whistleblowers warned the company of a wiring issue. what have you found out, drew? >> reporter: could be a tough crowd this morning for dennis mullenberg as he tells shareholders that following the two crashes, the mix for boeing's brand new plane, the 737 max is coming along. it's a computer fix. the final technical flight, he says, before certification has been flown. 146 test flights looking at this computer fix, this software fix they are trying to prove not only to american flyers and boeing shareholders but to the world that this 737 max plane is safe and can be back up in the
4:47 am
air. as you said, this is coming at the same time we have learned that federal investigations both in congress and the faa might be expanding looking at how the plane was built. four boeing whistleblowers called the faa hotline the day after the ethiopian air crash to report problems with things we didn't learn before. there were problems in manufacturing or reported problems in manufacturing of the aoa sensor, the single angle of attack sensor similar to problems boeing had with other development of its plane, particularly in its charleston plant where you have foreign objects or messy or sloppy manufacturing that could have led to damage. just as they are trying to continue to put the two crashes behind them and get the plane back up in the air, new angles of investigation have been opening up. >> good for the whistleblowers. that's who the public needs to hear from as well as the investigators. so it's not just boeing that's
4:48 am
under fire. there is a lawsuit that's going to be filed today against the faa and boeing. explain what that's about >> boeing and the faa, right. this is the first lawsuit based on this ethiopian air flight. the basic premise is this, that the faa allowed boeing to rush this new plane through certification and the system that is involved in both crashes, ethiopian air and lion air is called mcas. it relies on a single censor, t and most things on planes are duplicated and triplicated with back-up. this was automated based on a sing single sensor that's known to fail. that's the subject of the lawsuit. boeing fired back on this behind the scenes, but the faa is putting out a statement saying
4:49 am
hold on here, this might not be the best avenue to attack legally. the faa releasing a statement saying that safety is the faa's top priority. we have a longstanding, well established aircraft certification process that has consistently produced safe aircraft. the single angle of attack sensor was considered in relation to a variety of other factor, specifically well known pilot procedures that would mitigate the effects of a failure. read between the lines here. this is the faa looking towards pilots' action or inaction in these flights which i think is significant >> it sounds like it. drew, thank you very much for sharing part of your investigation with us. john? >> it's time for cnn business now. president trump calls this the greatest economy in many years, maybe in history with stocks at record highs and the economy growing. our chief business correspondent christine romans joins us with more >> hi, guys. happy monday. it was james carville who
4:50 am
famously said it's the economy, stupid. with that in mind, the four numbers important for president trump headed into 2020, number one the jobless rate is near the lowest in half a century. and for some categories, certain categories, women and african-americans, the jobless rate has never been this low. this is a good number for number two, economic growth. candidate trump promised 3% sustained growth. on the campaign he boasted it could be four, five, even 6%. look at this, friday's gdp number at 3.2% for the first quarter surprised many economists who thought economic growth slowed in the first quarter. this is another tail wind for the president heading into the election. stock market, stock prices, just over half of american households own stock. the 30-stop dow jones has become the popular barometer.
4:51 am
up 14% this year, up 45% since election day in 2016. the president says the dow will be five to 10,000 points higher if not for the rate hikes last year. that's a claim impossible to prove. if the stock market remains resilient, this is another positive for the president. finally, gas prices. a potential achilles' heel. it's the indicator americans feel every time they fill up. gas prices are rising. the national average now $2.88 a gallon, touching four bucks in california. two factors here, the annual shift to more expensive summer blends, trimmed production from opec members to prop up oil prices. this could be a question mark for the president. a lot of time to go, of course. many of these indicators, economic indicators are looking favorable for this president heading into 2020. >> christine, thank you for looking at all those for us. he joined the police force but kept his side job. how it helps him go beyond the call of duty next.
4:52 am
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4:57 am
help combat crime in his community. cnn's victor blackwell explains how this officer is going beyond the call of duty. >> destruction and violence in baltimore. >> the state said he planted evidence. >> marches for justice. >> in recent years, crime has dominated the news in baltimore. >> detectives put down more than 50 bullet markers. >> each of the last four years ended with more than 300 victims of homicide and local rapper saint knows the names of more than a few. >> i've seen a lot of people die. i'm tired of it. >> reporter: saint is writing positive rap, hoping to change minds and saveives. ♪ saving kids from these hearst. >> reporter: officer joshua jackson with the baltimore police department. >> i want to be able to affect the youth so they know you don't necessarily have to turn to a gun. >> reporter: rapping came first as a teenager. >> after i became a police
4:58 am
officer, i said, well, i can combine the two. >> saint the rapping cup. >> reporter: when the higher-ups heard about it, they teamed up to make a music video. ♪ ♪ baltimore's finest ♪ i'm proud to be baltimore's finest ♪ >> reporter: michael harrison is baltimore's police commissioner. >> it's talking about us. but it's talking about us. the officer is telling his story in a very different way than police generally in our culture tell stories about the work we do. >> reporter: officer jackson knows baltimore's challenges will require more than music to overcome, but he says it's helping to open dialogue and that's a start. >> it means my message is reaching people. it's powerful. ♪ proud to be baltimore's finest ♪ >> reporter: victor blackwell, cnn, baltimore. >> he's got skills. >> totally. gets people's attention which is
4:59 am
what he wants. that's great. learning more about the synagogue attack and the incredible heroism that prevented more death. let's get right to it. >> i heard six or seven shots. i ran and called 911. >> here is a young man with a rifle pointing right at me. i couldn't see his eyes, couldn't see his soul. >> you see hate crimes of all kinds. it's a national crisis that requires a national response. joe biden kicks off his 2020 presidential campaign in pittsburgh today. >> biden has a chance to run a campaign on things that people are actually for. >> the biggest thing we're watching for is what kind of a performer is he on the trail. >> he's never been in this position before. he's about to prove if he is a front-runner or not. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning and welcome to your "new day." it's 8:00 in the east. getting new information and deeply moving reaction to the attack on a synagogue in poway, california, that appears to be
5:00 am
the latest attack inspired by hate on a house of worship. a teenager storms into a synagogue and opens fire on innocent people celebrating the last day of passover. a funeral is planned today for laurie kaye killed in the attack. her friends say the 60-year-old shielded her rabbi from the bullets as she raced to evacuat children. three others were injured including rabbi israel goldstein who spoke out after the violence. >> -- won't let anything take us down. terrorism like this will not take us down. >> officials say a motive remains unclear. the gunman's own reported words suggest a hate crime. an anonymous letter posted online referenced recent attacks on houses of worship including the massacre at a pittsburgh


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