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tv   CNN Right Now With Brianna Keilar  CNN  April 29, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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to beat donald trump. >> what had a novel idea before picking and actually deciding. still nine, ten months away from the iback caucuses. thanks for joining us on "inside politics." brianna keilar starts right now. >> i'm brianna keilar live from cnn's washington headquarters, and we begin with breaking news. isis has released a video purported to be of its leader abu bakar al baghdadi who has not been seen for five years, since 2014. i want to start with clarissa ward at the pentagon and barbara starr. how do you know that this is something that's timely? >> reporter: well, we know it's timely because there's a recent reference to the vicious
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protracted battle that took place in syria near the iraqi border to essentially completely crush the caliphate but al baghdadi also mentioned in this video the attack on sri lanka which, of course, was just over a week ago. it's not clear though, brianna, whether the video was potentially made in different chunks. there's a couple of cuts in the video where the audio quality changes, potentially indicating that this was shot or filmed over a series of different episodes. what is interesting to note is the difference in abu bakar al baghdadi if it is confirmed to be him in his physical appearance. he's much heavier than what we saw him last in june in 2014 when he gave that now infilmous sermon and he also has a different beard now, brianna. it's much whiter and also with
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henna at the tips of the beard though he doesn't seem in good health. he's calm, sitting on the floor surrounded by men in arab style, sitting on the floor guns nearby and having a conversation, and then it goes into some portions of the tape which are covered with video, but this is very significant. no one has heard from al baghdady in a long time and people have been waiting to see how will isis respond to the crushing are of the physical caliphate in syria and iraq, and here, brianna, i think you're getting a glimpse what have that response will be with a bold and horrendous attaining in sri lanka being fold up by a bold video in which the isis leader appears on camera for the first time, as you said, in nearly five years. >> barbara, what does this mean, and here we see a picture -- a screen grab of the latest that
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we have of al baghdadi. to your description, clarissa, you say he has a different beard and appears to be more heavy-set and his beard appears to be more white or gray and as officials will be looking at this video and listening to the contents, what is this going to mean for the u.s. fight against isis? >> reporter: well, you know, bottom line up front, the u.s. military and intelligence community has been work on the assumption for some time that baugtdy is alive because they basically have no evidence that he's dead, so led by iraqi forces who believe he most likely might, and there's a big maybe there, might be hating somewhere in western iraq near the syrian border, a very remote area and the area that the iraqis have been scored looking for finding where he might be.
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if they are able to mount a challenge to get him and one of the most logical question is will it be a capture or kill mission? they want it f-dhaent they found him whether it's a photo and that's been discussed in iraqi circles about how they might go half him. one thing that's very interesting here is the recent reference to the attacks in sri lanka. this means if this is confirmed to be baghdadi, no reason to think it's not, he at least has the communications capabilities still from hiding to communicate and get a video out fairly quickly for an isis on the run, so this is going to be something they are definitely going to look at, all the clues, how could this video have been made and how would it be transferred and sent? would it be sent somewhere on the dark web?
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is that possibly how this happened. they will be looking for all the crews and looking their way backward to see where else he might be, but to go to clarissa's point, perhaps not focused on enough is what about isis now? sri lanka, u.s. officials will tell you, was a wake-up call. isis may not have an exclusive caliphate but they are able to launch attacks around the world and attacks that are deadly and the scope of what they were able to perform inside sri lanka is something that the u.s. intelligence community has not seen so far. brianna? >> this timing no coincidence following the attacks in sri lanka. barbara starr and clarissa ward, thanks so much for joining us on breaking news. the levered isis appearing in a video for the first time in five years. president trump doing exactly what his advisers asked him not to, a source telling cnn. the president has been warned against inciting tweet wars with
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potential 2020 opponents and unwittingly elevating their candidacy, but hours before joe biden kicks off his very first campaign rally in pittsburgh, president trump is launching a tirade against the former vice president, attacking his record in the obama white house and lark out at a firefighters' union that recently endorsed biden, the president calling it membership a rip-off with particularly high dues and biden is hitting back saying i'm sick of this president bad-mouthing unions. labor built the middle class in this country and we need a president who honors them and their work. biden hopes that his rally in pittsburgh is a launch willing pad for his appeal in his original home state of pennsylvania. this, of course, is a big union state, a steel worker state and much to the democrats' dismay a state that president trump won in 2016. we have cnn political director david chalian here and the president taunting biden, talking about pennsylvania's
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economy. >> no doubt about that. what's amazing here, you said his advisers, the presidents warrant againsty elevating. you don't have to elevate joe biden because he's the front-runner so he's already elevated and what the president is doing, brianna is helping joe biden. what did he do out of the gate and talked about charlottesville and went right after trump. he wants to advance beyond the primary. his whole reason for running is that he can beat pump and joe biden was making that. >> he's criticized his firefighter union head. there's been four tweets with biden in half an hour. what do you attribute that to? does he feel challenged? >> yes. >> i mean, is he getting under his skin?
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>> we know from our reporting that team trump is very wary about joe biden. they think he poses the biggest threat to winning some of those voters that went from obama/biden in 2012 to donald trump in 2016 and that he perhaps has the unique appeal among the 20 democrats to win some of those back. you mentioned the firefighters which dovetails what. he did win a lot of union members but exactly that case that joe biden is making, he's the one that is getting that endorsement that he can win the voters back and donald trump is keenly aware of that threat. >> we'll have the president from the firefighters union on here later this hour. david chalian, thank you so much. joseph yun confirming to cnn that the trump administration did agree to pay a $2 million hospital bill to north korea for the care of american detainee otto warmbier.
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yun is a diplomat sent to north korea in 2017 to bring warmbier home, and here's what he said this morning. >> well, as soon as the north korean side told me that -- that his bill for $2 million would have to be paid. i contacted my business and then secretary of state littlerson got back to me be a said no, request ahead and sign. >> was it your understanding that the president gave his authority. >> that was my understanding. >> warmbier was held as a prisoner for a year and died after being returned to the united states. >> we cannot pay money for our
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great otto. there was no money paid. there was a fake news report that money was paid. i haven't paid money for any hostage. >> admiral john kirby, a former spokesman for the pentagon and the state department, and you heard what the president said there. >> right? >> mike pompeo, the secretary of state said it is still the policy to not pay ransom. >> right. >> so what is your interpretation of what happened here then? >> well, they certainly agreed to pay aranceoff. you can't call it anything other than that. they will say they didn't change policy because they never paid it but they certainly agreed to it. it's exportion and not atypical for the north korean regime to demand eximportanttant payments for these sorts of things. john clapper was saying he had to pay a high fee at the airport and the policy is important because you don't to encourage
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other nation states to hold americans hostage in their country, that then they just encourage the hostage-taking regime all the more. >> so then what does it mean if it's not paid, that there's this agreement to pay it? now does the administration hang its hat on oh, we agreed to but then we didn't actually pay it? >> look, they are damned if they do and damned if they don't and now if they don't pay, and i don't think that they should obviously, and if they don't they have to factor that into the credibility of their negotiating tactics to get future americans out of north america should pyongyang, you know, take anymore or other terrorist groups for that matter. >> we heard yun saying that he understood -- he didn't ask the president himself, but his understanding was that the president signed off on this and said theoretically that te diree
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was to do everything they could to get otto warmbier out and i gave them credit for getting otto home and it's ridiculous that the north koreans would want to charge us medical bills for killing that kind of young man. this kind of decision, yes works go all the way to the white house hand i have no trouble believing that. >> joe biden landing a politically coveted endorsement from a firefighters' union. we'll talk to the president of the group who the president criticized personally and the nra in turmoil. does the internal drama prompt an investigation, and after yet another hate attack in america, what is the trump administration doing to fight the rise of white nationalism?
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1 a r a funeral services are being held today for 60-year-old lori kaye who died in the shooting at the chabad synagogue in san diego. kaye's husband performed cpr on her unaware it was his own wife he was trying to help. a 19-year-old man was charged with one country of first-degree murder and three counts of first-degree attempted murder and the tragedy at this synagogue is part of a much larger problem. hate crimes are on the rise for the third year in a row according to the fbi so what is the trump administration doing to address it? jessica schneider is here looking into this. what did you find? >> in addition to hate crimes being on the rise the fbi
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director christopher wray said netflix terrorism related to white supremacists is also on the rise saying there were for domestic terrorism arrests versus international terrorist arrests and the most recent report by the anti-defamation league which has long tracked extremist activity showed that 39 of the 50 extremists related murders tracked by the group in 2018 were committed by white creme sifts. that was up from 2017 when white creme sichts were responsible for 18 out of the 34 extremist-related murders. so the question is what is being down to count they are kind of crime in the department of homeland security actually recently announced its newest office earlier this month, the office for targeted violence and terrorism prevention. it will be focused on preventing both international and domestic terrorism and any other racially motivated violence.
10:19 am
now, the announcement does come after dhs received some criticism in the past for its handling of domestic extremism prevention since it has cut some grand money to organizations that work to counter violent extremism and has not renewed that grant money. now dhs is setting this up new office perhaps to battle some of that bad press that they got but also to really focus in on the fact that hate crimes have increased as well as these instances of domestic terrorism propelled by these white supremacists group. >> that was just stunning, the number that you showed for 2018 so 39 out of 50 white supremacy and the year before 18 out of 34 so you're seeing this proportion is huge, and then you're seeing the number of these extremist-related murders are huge. is there any sense -- they may not have been able to do this research, but have they been able to determine any causality here? >> no, and one thing that the fbi says, is look, hate crimes,
10:20 am
our numbers, our statistics are on the rise, but one thing they caution is sometimes these things aren't necessarily reported. sometimes the local agencies don't report that they are hate crimes, so there's a little bit of caution there saying, okay, the numbers we have maybe on the rise here, is it the result of increased reporting which, of course, is a good thing which allowed to us track better, but there's nothing really pointing to what exactly is seems to be a rise here and a spike. >> very interesting. jessica schneider, thank you so much for that. investigators are looking into a note the synagogue shooting suspect posted online in the attack. it mentioned other hate crimes including one at a nearby mosque which was set on fire and vandalized last month this. included graffiti that referenced the mass shootings at two mosques in new zealand. we have jusuf miller, a member of that mosque that was vandalized in escondido, and he's also a board member of the islamic society of north county in san diego. jusuf, thank you so much for
10:21 am
joining us from poway, california, and you're aware, law enforcement thinks that there's a link here. have you been injured at all about this? >> no. they haven't said anything directly about the connection, but, you know, from reading the manifesto and things like that, we all have our suspicions. >> what are the conversations that you are having right now with your friends, with your family, with people in your community there? >> well, there's -- well, first of all, there's the tragedy and the sorrow for what happened at synagogue. that's primary to what we're talking about, the loss of life, sister kaye and the other people who were injured. the rabbi lost his finger, so we're mostly talking about that in giving our solidarity and -- and our love and support. on the other hand, we're relieved that this person has been caught and apprehended and that it may point to his he was
10:22 am
the same one that vandalized our mosque. that way we -- we feel less of a need to look over our shoulder every day. what's going to happen next? we're already hypervigilant and iffy with want to go in further than that we increased our security and things of that nature. it doesn't make the community feel too much seaver, but we are vigilant and we'll never let this type of hate deter us from our worship or from what we are, but the conversation that we're having in the community is one of vigilance, still, but a little bit of relief that this may have been the person who did the vandalizing of the mosque. >> when you look at this rise in hate crimes, we've been talking about this, on the rise for the third year in a row, and especially when you look at the reporting of white nationalist hate crimes, that's significant. do you think there's a reason for that? >> well, i -- i tie into the
10:23 am
rhetoric that comes from the administration. i think we -- we're in a period -- an administration of xenophobia and -- and a lot of rhetoric that people find themselves ememboldened when they think -- when they live in this kind of bubble, and i think it's the emboldening of these people that is making it appear to have the spike and rise. they have always been here, but they have been in the shelf, and none of us believe that because the administration exists. we don't believe that. we believe they have been here and are ememboldened by the current administration. >> you said you're not going to be deterred from worshiping and you and other members of your mosque, if you look at this, it's become a long list of the houses of worship, the churches in sri lanka and mosque in new zealand and the synagogue in pittsburgh. how can people in your mosque,
10:24 am
how can people, worshippers in general, any religion, feel like they can do this safely, can they? >> well, we're a tradition of resilience, and -- and we may have our fears about what may happen day to day, but we can't let the people push us into a bubble out of fear. we have a belief in a supreme creator who has chosen our defendantity and no matter if we have a home our choose a mosque our mosque is a matter of our destination and. the rest we put into the hands of our creator. >> we appreciate you speaking with us today. >> thank you so much. >> as we hear more revelations from whistleblower after whistleblower. boeing ceos are now suggesting the pilot was to blame in the deadly ethiopian crash and
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former vice president joe biden winning a high-profile endorsement from the firefighters union. president trump isn't too happy about that. the firefighter union president is going to join me live to discuss next. lution. introducing... smartdogs. the first dogs trained to train humans. stopping drivers from: liking. selfie-ing. and whatever this is. available to the public... never. smartdogs are not the answer. but geico has a simple tip. turn on "do not disturb while driving" mode. brought to you by geico. got it.r pickup order? ran out of ink and i have a big meeting today. and 2 boxes of twizzlers... yeah, uh... for the team... the team? gooo team.... order online pickup in an hour. hurry and get an extra 20% off with coupon. at office depot officemax.
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in the ethiopian airlines crash last month that killed all 157 people on board. he says anti-stall software known at mcas was a common link but pilot error may have played a part in the tragedy in ethiopia. drew griffin juice us now so fit this into what we're hearing from boeing. >> reporter: some a remarkable position from boeing. you have a company trying to get its max flight up in the air, grounded aircraft, working on a software system to fix something that was identified in both of these christian, in lion air and ethiopian air, and yet the ceo today, dennis munlberger, really refusing to take any responsibility in terms of anything that went wrong with its airplane, just saying pilots were involved. it's somewhat nuances, but i want you to listen to what he said in a very short news conference just about an hour or two ago.
10:31 am
>> we've gone back and looked at both accidents. we've done deep assessments of the airplane and design and we've confirmed that the mcas system as originally designed did meet our safety and analysis criteria and our certification criteria. those are standard processes that have worked for decades and will continue to work. now, that said when we design a system, understand that these airplanes are flown in the hands of pilots and our safety analysis includes the engineering design and also the actions that pilots would take as part of a failure scenario all baked into a system end-to-end analysis that. all said going forward, we've identified a way to improve this as to make it a dual sensor feed. that's the change we're making with the sensor update. >> reporter: that change, brianna, is in the design of the system that was built not on
10:32 am
redauntsir redundancies and as you heard bothering say nothing wrong with our design and they are looking at pilot action or inaction, somewhat stung. the questioning got a little rough and the ceo left after a couple of questions. >> nothing wrong with the design of something that they are fixing the design of. >> reporter: they have to do something because the final investigations won't be done for a year, months ahead. they have got to get this plane back up now, so they are trying to convince the world that the software fix would, in my words, make this a dummy-proof cockpit. >> drew griffin, thank you for that report from chicago. joe biden just won a highly coveted endorsement ahead of his campaign rally. the international association of firefighters, one of the country's largest trade unions, says they are going to back the former vice president in his quest for the white house, and this endorsement is especially
10:33 am
notable this election because this union chose not to endorse hillary clinton nor donald trump in 2016, and the president is not happy about this. this is what he tweeted. i'll never get the support of dues-crazy union leadership. those people who rip off their membership with ridiculously high dues, medical and other expenses while being paid a fortune, but the members love trump. they look at our record economy, tax and regulation cuts, military, et cetera, exclamation point. biden is winning the president and scolding the president for his tweets. i want to bring in the president of the 316,000-member union. sir, thanks for being with us. >> it's a pleasure to be with you, brianna. >> you are obviously at the biden rally which we're waiting in pittsburgh, and your union sat out of the 2016 race in the primaries, in the general. why endorse now? >> well, it's pretty simple.
10:34 am
joe biden has stood with firefighters, workers, working families, with our union members throughout his entire 40-year career. every step of the way joe biden has fought for fair wages, guaranteed overtime, protect our retirement plans, guaranteed the collective bargaining rights of workers and make sure that right to work does not become a national law so it's just very simple for us. he's had our back and now we're going so have his. he'll stand with us and now we'll stand with him. >> why is this race different than 2016? why did you stay out of 2016 but wade into this one? >> well, in 2016 we didn't feel that we had a democratic nominee that was actually speaking to the workers that work for a life, particularly the workers right here in pennsylvania, the workers that are in ohio and michigan and wisconsin, and
10:35 am
iowa, workers that didn't feel that they were being connected to nor cared for nor liesened to. it was a big difference, and now we have a candidate that over his entire career has listened and is connected and will support workers in every way, shape or form. he's a proven track record for doing just that. >> you -- you poll internally after elections which is very interesting to see how members of your union come down on who they say they voted for, some abstaining from saying. president trump claims that your endorsement is going against the wishes of your membership when you look at some of these internal numbers because after 2016 it actually showed, as you said that, there wasn't a democratic candidate who could really speak to union members. your numbers show that 27% only had voted for hillary clinton, nearly twice that number, 50% reported voting for donald trump and a large chunk didn't reply. do you have some concerns, and
10:36 am
in the past you endorsed president obama and then senator obama, so do you have concerns in this case looking at these numbers that you're going to face some backlash from your members who support president trump? >> well, let me make a couple of points here, brianna. first of all in, 2016 joe biden wasn't on that poll, so that's a major difference. second point is our membership isn't monliolithic and we never claimed that it is. i have republican members and democratic members and conservatives and independents. so we're not a union that follows one particular ideology or philosophy, but what we do is we're a union that's loyal and loyal to those that have really stood with us and that has support us and our profession and our members' lives and livelihoods throughout an entire
10:37 am
career. that's the difference, so i am very confident, with the polling that we did do this this short time ago, with zogby strategies, a pollster that i know you're very familiar, and we polled our members, our democratic, independent and members that did not choose to identify with the party and joe biden overwhelmingly prevailed in that poll and more importantly those that had a different first choice, joe biden overwhelmingly was their second choice so we're going to stand on our principles of delivering for those that delivered for us, and it's just simply that he has an extraordinary track record of supporting workers and working families and that's why we're going to stand and support him, and i believe the majority of isf members will do so. >> after president trump won in 2016 you said in an interview at the time -- what you just said now, that the democratic party didn't focus on union mess.
10:38 am
you said they focused on identity issues, that they were courting minority voters rather than blue collar middle class workers. we certainly saw in the vote that appeared to be true in some of these key industrial states. do you worry that president trump, as you endorse former vice president joe biden, do you worry that president trump may have made a change in some of these union states that democrats may struggle to bring back? >> well, i think really, brianna, that you made the statement and that is in 2016 a lot of union members, a lot of middle class workers, a lot of those that simply work hard for a living coming up through middle america felt like that they were disenfranchised. they weren't listened to. they didn't hear a voice from the democratic side of the aisle that was reaching out or
10:39 am
connecting with them. that's different today. today isn't 2016. we have a candidate now that's consistently been a voice for workers, for fairness, for job security, for a living wage and for bargaining rights and union rights. it's a record that is unquestionable, and i believe that that will prevail with a lot of union members that felt like they just could not get there in the last election for the democratic nominee. >> harold, thank you for talking with us. we really appreciate it. >> well, i appreciate you having me. >> harold with the international association of firefighters, and we do have more on our breaking news. for the first time in five years leader of isis has appeared in a video. o listen to mom. when it comes to reducing the sugar in your family's diet, coke, dr pepper and pepsi hear you. we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar
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attorney general william barr is threatening to pull a no show thursday when he is scheduled to testify before the house judiciary committee. democrats plan to have committee lawyers interview barr as well as members of congress and barr is staunchly opposed to that view, but he is expected to show up wednesday for a senate hearing. nevertheless senate judiciary committee chairman, however, says his testimony is a waste of time. >> from my point of view, i've heard all i need to really know. >> no democrats have criticized barr for drawing his own conclusion about whether or not the president obstructed justice
10:45 am
and though robert mueller left that decision up to congress, graham reiterated he doesn't care to interview one of the key players of mueller's report white house counsel don mcgahn. >> i don't care what happened between him and don mcgahn. here's what i care about. was mueller allowed to do his job, and the answer is yes. name one thing that they did to stop mueller from doing his job, and if you can't, then there's no obstruction. >> will you call mcgahn to testify? >> me, no. i'm done. >> my next guest penned an op-ed for "the washington post" simply titled "lindsey graham's shamelessness" and james downey is joining us to talk about it. james what, prompted you to write this? >> well, i think it was looking at his appearance on cbs yesterday that you were just showing the clip of, he had such a different approach this time from the lindsey graham of the 1990s when he was an impeachment
10:46 am
manager, when he was one of the prosecutors for the republicans in the senate trial of bill clinton, and -- and he has a completely different view now of what is sufficient -- where he would cut off investigating the president and where he would cut off following up a clear report such as the special counsel. >> and let's take a listen to that. we actually have this, lindsey graham back in the late '90s talking about bill clinton. >> the point i'm trying to make is you don't even have to be convicted of a crime to lose your job in this constitutional republic. if this body determines that your conduct as a public official is clearly out of bounds in your role, thank god you did that because impeachment is not about punishment. impeachment is about cleansing the office.
10:47 am
impeachment is about restoring honor and integrity to the office. >> clearly there is a double standard, james. you point that out in your column, but if i may challenge you on this. it's not unusual for a member of one party to be much easier on their own party than on the opposition, so why does this stand out to you so much when it comes to lindsey graham? >> absolutely. as you said, so many politicians have completely different standards and graham has often prided himself to be someone who tells the truth, who doesn't sugar coat his opinions. we saw during the presidential -- the last presidential campaign how unvarnished he was with respect to president trump himself, calling him repeatedly a disaster for the country, and yet now he's completely changed his view, and furthermore he has -- he has much more experience than your typical member of congress in the legal system.
10:48 am
he was an adjujant general in the air force and has plenty of legal experience and all of a sudden has a different view of the legal system and principles when the support a republican. >> all right. james, thank you for being on talking about your column. james downy. >> thank for having me. president trump touting the economy as his biggest 2020 selling point, but are most americans feeling the benefits of a booming economy? and why anti-vaxxers are using a 1969 episode of "the brady bunch" in terms of why they are saying measles are harmless.
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president trump is heading into the 2020 election touting a surging economy. but is that enough for the president's prospects for reelection? patrick murray the direction of the monmouth university polling institution is here to explain. >> it's really interesting that we have this economy that all metrics say is recovering, doing really well, and yet we have only 12% of americans who say they feel a great deal of pen fit from the economy. a majority at 54% say i'm not getting these benefits. this economy is growing but it's not for me. >> yeah. i mean, it's pretty stunning when you have more than half. because this is always the question as we look at the economic indicators, how do people actually feel. and the poll also finds that health care costs continue to be the top concern for american families. what other issues are top of
10:54 am
their list? >> well, we have taxes after the tax reform. we found a lot of people felt they didn't get the benefit from that. health care they feel is still really unstable. everyday bills, job security, these are the things that keep people up at night. what they're telling us, particularly the middle class is saying, you know, i haven't seen any real benefit from the trump administration. i think that's why you were talking with the firefighters and their endorsement of joe biden. that's where the opening for somebody like joe biden comes is that these people are looking for somebody who has their back and can express that to them. >> 5 % saying immigration top of the list. patrick murray, thank you. >> my pleasure. michael avenatti former attorney for porn star stormy daniels needing not to a number of charges. ahead of today's court hearing
10:55 am
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i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. joe biden will take to the stage in pennsylvania in his first official event of his 2020 campaign. live pictures from pittsburgh biden is set to make his pitch to the middle class as the international association of firefighters throws its support behind the former vice president. and that endorsement isn't sitting well this president trump. president trump is lashing out at biden and also at unions as a war of words erupts on twitter. cnn's arlette is on the ground. we know the president kicked things off. the vice president isn't packbag down. what's going on? >> reporter: joe biden won't take the stage for a few more hours. you've already seen this back and forth playing out on twitter between president trump and the


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