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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 29, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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joe biden. kaitlan collins at the white house for me this afternoon, thank you very much. and thank you for being with me on this monday afternoon. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. gird your loins! joe biden's first 2020 rally is just minutes away. "the lead" starts right now. an innocent woman turned hero was buried today, after a white supremacist terrorist opened fire inside a synagogue. poway, california, new zealand, pittsburgh, why our leaders are not talking about this dangerous ideology the way they talk about isis terrorists? live this hour, joe biden's first campaign rally since jumping into the 2020 race. will he punch trump again after president trump's biden-bashing tweet storm today? plus, kim's ransom. did president trump secretly agree to pay north korea $2 million for the american hostage, otto warmbier, whom they tortured.
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what a former envoy toeld cnn that may shock you. welcome to the lead, i'm jake tapper. any moment, joe biden will take the stage in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, for his first campaign rally. biden has pointed the 2020 race as a battle for the soul of the united states of america, and he's taken direct aim at president trump's declaration in 2017 that there were very fine people an both sides of the charlottesville, virginia, protest and melee. biden's criticism prompting the president to insist once again that his response to charlottesville was perfect, despite, of course, widespread condemnation, including from members of his own administration and loyal senate republicans, including lindsey graham. and as all of this was being relitigated, the soul of this nation was again tested by another shocking act of domestic terrorism, committed in the name of bigotry, with an apparent anti-semitic white supremacist
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opening fire on worshippers in a synagogue on poway, california, killing 60-year-old laurie kay wounding four others, including an 8-year-old girl. this marked the second fatal synagogue shooting in the united states in just the last six months. president trump on that day, saturday, unequivocally condemning anti-semitism, speaking over the weekend to the rabbi. but the president's critics, including joe biden, say with so many examples of the president in the past refraining from condemning white supremacists and kodownplaying the threat of white supremacist violence, he has not gone far enough. that is biden's argument and has emerged as a major point of conflict between the former vice president and the president he seeks to replace. here's cnn's abby phillip. >> reporter: in the wake of a deadly attack on a california synagogue, the white house facing new questions today about president trump's reluctance to call out white nationalism as a rising threat. >> i think one of the most important things we can do is
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use the bully pulpit of the president and call out this hatred by name. >> reporter: but president trump hasn't always done that, starting on the campaign trail. >> would you repudiate david duke? >> sure, i would do that if it made you feel better. i don't know anything about it. >> reporter: then after charlottesville -- >> you also have people, that were very fine people, on both sides sclp. >> reporter: and recently after an attack on muslims in new zealand. >> white nationalism is a rising threat around the world. >> i don't really. i think it's a small group of people that have very, very serious problems, i guess. >> reporter: according to the antidefamation league, there is evidence of white nationalism becoming a growing problem. they say, of the 50 extremist-related murders committed in 2018, 39 were carried out by white nationalists, compared to 18 in 2017. the issue is becoming a growing theme on the 2020 campaign trial.
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>> very fine people on both sides? >> reporter: after democratic rival joe biden criticized the president for his rhetoric, trump not backing down, saying he stands by what he said about the people involved in the charlottesville attack. >> if you look at what i said, you will see that that question was answered perfectly. >> reporter: counselor to the president, kellyanne conway, on "state of the union" with jake tapper says trump's comments about charlottesville were taken out of context. >> he was talking about the debate over removing statues and renaming -- >> so he wasn't talking about the weekend at all? he was talking about the theoretical discussion -- >> -- that he condemned them in no uncertain terms, unequivocally. >> reporter: conway refusing to to give a direct answer on whether was his response was perfect. >> was his response perfect? >> i think it was twisted. >> he knows, intent matters -- >> it's a very simple question, yes or no -- >> it's not a simple question. >> reporter: even as president
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trump faces criticism for his willing to lead on this issue of combatting white nationalism, more broadly, he is receiving praise from rabbi goldstein, whose synagogue was attacked over the weekend. the white house confirmed this morning that the two spoke for about 50 minutes on the phone over the weekend and the rabbi described that call and described president trump as being exceedingly generous and comforting to him and his community, jake. >> all right, abby phillip at the white house, thanks so much. let's chew over all of this. jeremy, i know the biden people are delighted and actually kind of can't believe that donald trump, president trump took the bait and started trying to relitigate charlottesville two years after the fact, because biden brought it up. what do white house officials feel? >> that's right. and white house officials are a little bit dismayed that the president did, indeed, take the bait. i spoke with several advisers who in recent weeks have been warning the president, not to take the bait, whether it's joe biden or any other top democratic contender. any of these would love to get
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evaluated by going mano e mano with donald trump. and he seems to be delivering that so far. but again, this is the president's campaign. he's ultimately going to drive the strategy. so as much as any advisers can tell him, you know, you shouldn't be tweeting about these democratic candidates, it helps them, it evaluates them, the president is going to do what he wants. >> to go back to august 2017, the president first gave a response the day that heather heyer was killed, in which he blamed both sides for violence. people in his administration say, you have to give another statement. he gave another statement, read it from a teleprompter, people praised him. he went on a third response to the violence in charlottesville, in which he did the very fine people on both sides. take a listen to kellyanne conway when i asked her if the president's response was perfect as he described it on friday. >> do you think -- it's a very simple question. >> it's not a simple question. >> yes or no, was president
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trump's response perfect. >> when president trump condemned racism, evil, bigotry, violence and took it many steps further and called out neo-nazi, white supremacists, kkk -- >> was his response perfect? >> -- that is darned near perfection. >> darned near perfection. >> and that is the position the president is taking. and when he came back that third time, he knew what the issues were, he knew what the concerns were from people that they didn't want that and that he had faced this criticism for saying it was on both sides. but, even knowing that, he kind of went back to saying, look, i think there were good people on the other side. i think that they were just, you know, fighting because they don't -- they want to keep this statue. so he knew what the issues were. he was given the opportunity to kind of walk it back, and he just couldn't stick with that. and this was a low point for his administration, as far as the criticism he faced, you know, gary cohn at the time, supposedly typed up his resignation letter. >> top economic adviser at the time. >> yeah, top economic adviser at the time. so this was a low point and this
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is a point where people who may give president trump the benefit of the doubt on other issues, where he even had those people kind of coming out against him at that point. so to want to re-litigate that, is questioning, but for president trump, he always wants to say that he was right and he did the right thing. >> david urban, you have a new op-ed in the philadelphia enquirer. trump tax cuts are helping pennsylvanians. >> there's a key pivot. i'm pivoting right here. >> do you think he should be talking about tax cuts and jobs and that sort of thing and relitigating perhaps the worst moment of his presidency? not a good idea. >> i think it's a bad idea. i think the president today should be talking about how in pennsylvania, in the city of pittsburgh, where the vice president is soon to be speaking, during the obama/biden administration, 51,000 blue collar jobs were lost during that time frame. and this president has added 5,000 jobs in that city. unemployment in pennsylvania is at an historic low since they kept records in the commonwealth of pennsylvania, it is the lowest, 3.6%.
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unemployment among hispanics, among african-americans, among women, all across pennsylvania, very, very, very low. economic opportunities resurging under the president's plan. tax cuts providing more money to the people instead of re-regulating the past. >> and how much do you think that -- and this is a serious question. obviously, i think it's kens, including among a former trump campaign aide that talking about charlottesville is not helpful to president trump. but do you think democrats should be talking about it or making an economic case? >> both. i think that democrats have to be addressing charlottesville and the issues of race, because, one, there is a view among many minority communities in the democratic party that this is just a relied upon vote. and that it is not a vote that is given the time and care and effort and listening that it warrants and deserves. >> the african-american vote, you're talking about? >> the african-american vote, exactly. and democrats need to do a better job of making clear that's not the case.
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and i think what jed jooe biden trying to do here was to make that point, but run for the general election from the very beginning. that's part of why he's going to pennsylvania as well today. it's a state that no democrat has ever won the presidency without winning pennsylvania since 1948. so joe biden knows he needs to win it, democrats need to win pit. he's making the case he's the guy to win it. on the economic front, yes, if the economy continues to grow, as it did quite a great deal during the obama administration, then that's obviously good for the incumbent president. there's no question about that. but if it becomes a debate about the economy, what democrats should be talking about is donald trump's biggest economic accomplishment is the tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. that is a big talking point for democrats. and i expect that's where they would go. >> and jeremy, take it back to white nationalism for one second. i do wonder, do you think that president trump gets it and he just refuses -- i know he thinks apologizing or backing down looks weak and that's very important to him.
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do you think he understands why so many people, including at the time, paul ryan, lindsey graham, tim scott, cory gardner, gary cohn, people who love and respect him, thought that his equivocating, suggesting that there was some kind of moral equivalence, was really troublesome? >> i think he truly believes that he is right on this shall a this issue and talking about it in the appropriate manner. and when he was asked, as far as his opinion on the rise of white nationalism, the president was asked recently, do you see this as a rising threat and he said, no, he doesn't see it as a rising threat. i think that's what he believes and it's what informs his broader perception of this issue. again, as you said, there's also that component of donald trump always, you know, retrenching himself, always trying to dig in and never wanting to give an inch. that is certainly part of it, as well. >> everyone, stick around. any moment, joe biden will take that stage in pittsburgh,
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pennsylvania, at his first major campaign rally. we'll bring that to you live. stay with us.
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ any moment, former vice president joe biden will kick off his presidential campaign with a rally in the crucial swing state, the commonwealth of pennsylvania. we're going to bring that to you live the second joe biden begins. but first, the national lead. an fbi official now tells cnn it received a tip about an
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anonymous threat posted online just minutes before california's attack at that california synagogue. but with no specifics mentioned in that tip, there was no way to stop about what was about to happen at the congregation in poway, california, just north of san diego, california. with this attack and the tree of life massacre in pittsburgh and the attack in new zealand, sara sidner reports on the growing threat of this hate-filled terrorist ideology. >> five minutes, that's the heads up the fbi received about a threatening post on social media before police say 19-year-old nursing student opened fire at a crowded synagogue on saturday. according to an fbi official, the post didn't include a location and agents were trying to figure out who wrote it when the shooting occurred. 60-year-old laurie kay was killed. the community laying her to rest today. three others were wounded in the attack. investigators say the gunman acted alone. his motive, pure and simple hate.
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his open letter posted on social media spelled out his white supremacist ideals. the rabbi, whose finger was shot off in a hail of bullets, while trying to protect his congregation, is still in disbelief. >> i think to myself, this is not supposed to happen. this isn't nazi germany, this is the pogram. >> it is no longer this 8-year-old no longer feels safe anywhere. she was hit by shrapnel in the face and love. >> the world isn't supposed to be like this. it's supposed to be peaceful and quiet and not like wars and bad stuff. >> reporter: her father says he's at a loss for how to protect his family. his daughter and brother-in-law were both injured in saturday's shooting. >> we're afraid where we are now because of anti-semitism, you show up here and what do you see in this synagogue? >> a war.
1:18 pm
it's looking, it sounds like a war. >> this is clearly a form of terrorism, because it's being done to advance an agenda and that agenda is maybe nebulous, but it has to do with evicting jews from society, evicting muslims from society. >> reporter: since 2014, hate crimes have risen dramatically to more than 7,000 incidents a year in the united states alone, according to the fbi. this latest hate-filled attack following deadly incidents in sri lanka last week, new zealand last month, and of course, a synagogue in pittsburgh in october. >> we know that he hated jews. but we also know that he was incited to act. >> reporter: this time, hate spread to poway, california. a community forced to say their final good-byes to congregant lori kay. she was shot to death while she worshiped >> a big loss to the community in poway. she was an amazing woman. >> reporter: and that sentiment shared by so many people who are all now showing up for funeral
1:19 pm
services that are going to happen in about 45 minutes here. i do want to read you something we just got in from the family of john earnest. he is, of course, a suspect in this deadly attack here at the synagogue. they say in part, that he has killed and injured the faithful who were gathered in a sacred place on a sacred day. to our great shame, he is now part of the history of evil that has been perpetrated on jewish people for centuries. our son's actions were informed by people we do not know and ideas we do not hold. those are the strong, stark words from the man who was accused of this deadly act. jake. >> all right, sara sidner, thank you so much. the former vice president, joe biden, is about to speak at his first campaign rally. we'll squeeze in a quick break and come back with that live. stay with us.
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he'd be proud of us. a family business should stay in the family. see how lincoln's insurance solutions can help protect your family, your business and everyone who counts on you, at welcome back. former vice president joe biden is about to deliver his first campaign rally speech of the 2020 campaign. let's listen in as he's introduced by a local pittsburgh, pennsylvania, teacher, who will then introduce the vice president. >> we must come together and build each other up and not tear each other down. no longer creating division with hatred and fear.
1:25 pm
i believe that joe biden is that person. joe biden is from pennsylvania and comes from a working class family. he was the vice president of the first african-american president. he is history. he still has work to do. and build on the work that he and president obama began. it is my honor and pleasure to introduce vice president joe biden, the next president of the united states of america! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
1:26 pm
[ chanting: we want joe ] >> hello, folks! my name -- [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. my name is joe biden and i am joe biden's husband. that's how i'm known back home. that's how i'm known most places. thank you, bernice. before i begin, i want to take a moment, quite frankly, to reflect on something that happened here in the state not long ago. as a matter of fact, very recently. and reflect on the anti-semitic attack that took place this weekend in a poway synagogue in california. one dead, three injured. but folks, we saw hate in
1:27 pm
charlottesville. swe saw it again in pittsburgh at the tree of luf synagogue, the attack was the deadliest in american history on a jewish community. and we're reminded again that we are in a battle. we are in a battle for america's soul. i really believe that. and we have to restore it. so, folks, i want to thank rich fitzgerald, the county executive, the allegheny county executive for being here and mayor, mayor nezby, city of duquesne, is here as well. you're here somewhere, mayor. i got to see it. and international firefighters' general president and my friend for a long, long time, one of the guys that in the unions along with the teachers as they say, brung me to the dance when i started. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] and thank you for your
1:28 pm
endorsement. and kevin schmidt, president of teamsters local here. thanks for the use of the house. i appreciate it. and president of the firefighters, dave, where are you? pennsylvania firefighters. there you are! i passed right by you. dave, thank you very much. and also, a real -- a union that helped me in the very, very beginning in my career and i've had great respect for, the united steel workers. bobby mac and the building trades, frank. frank's here, too. you got it, pal. the pennsylvania federation of teachers. the pennsylvania state education association, american federation of government employees, afge, united brotherhood of carpenters
1:29 pm
service employee union, sciu, united fruit and commercial workers. by the way, i make no apologies. i am a union man. period. let me tell you -- [ chanting: we want joe ] >> thank you. [ chanting: we want joe ] >> thank you. let me tell you why i chose pittsburgh to begin this effort. i believe that pittsburgh and my native town of scranton and my hometown of wilmington and claymont, they represent the cities and towns that make up hard-working middle class americans, who are the backbone of this nation. that's not hyperbole. the backbone of this nation. i also came here because quite
1:30 pm
frankly, folks, if i'm going to be able to beat donald trump in 2020, it's going to happen here. it's going to happen here in western pennsylvania. with your help. [ chanting: we want joe ] >> thank you. well, with your hope, i think we're going to be able to do that. we're going to be able to do it in pennsylvania and bernnorthea pennsylvania and places where lately we've had a little bit of a struggle. but the truth of the matter is, i think we're coming back. so please, please go to joe and sign the campaign. we need your help. we need your help. >> and folks, there are three basic reasons why i'm running for president of the united states. the first is to restore the soul
1:31 pm
of the nation and the second is to rebuild the backbone of this nation. and the third is to unify this nation. we always do better when we act as one america. today, today i want to speak about the second of these three, and that's rebuilding the backbone of america. all the time i've been in public life i've been referred to as middle class joe. let me say this simply and clearly, and i mean this, the country wasn't built by wall street bankers, ceos, and hedge funds managers. it was built by you! it was built by the great american middle class! and the american middle class is built by unions, by you! look, folks, that's the story of america.
1:32 pm
when ordinary people from neighborho neighborhoods like yours and mine go out and do extraordinary things, that's how it's happened. when i look out on this grab, i see the folks in my neighborhood and i'm not being solicitous, i mean it. i see people with physical courage and brains. i see people who have busted their backs their whole lives to care for their families. i see people like the millions of people across this nation who get up every single day, go out, work like the devil to raise their families, pay their taxes, volunteer in their communities. to make this country work. i see people understand that being middle class is not a numb number. it's a value set. it's being able to send your kid to a park where you know they'll be safe, being able to own your home and not have to rent. being able to send your kid to a good school and if they do well,
1:33 pm
they can go to beyond. it's about being able to take care of your jerenginee geriatr your dad passes and hope your kids never have to take care of you. that's not asking a lot. [ chanting: we want joe ] everybody knows it. the middle class is hurting now. 53% of the folks in america don't think their children will have the same standard of living they had. to the best of my knowledge, that's the first time that's happened in a long, long, long time. the stock market is roaring. but you don't feel it. there was a $2 trillion tax cut last year? did you feel it? did you get anything from it? of course not! of course not! all of it went to folks at the top and corporations that pay no
1:34 pm
taxes. the number of corporations that pay no taxes now has doubled since that. look, guys, this is not good. what's happened here has happened for a lot of different reasons. but for me, one of them stands out. the basic bargain used to exist that democrats and republicans used to agree to has been broken and that is you contribute to the welfare of the enterprise you work for. you got to share in the benefits of the profits. if the enterprise hits hard times, everybody took a hit. up and down the line, from the secretary to the ceo, but that bargain has been broken. now the only people who benefit when a company does well are the ceos and the shareholders and the people at the top. and the only people who get hurt when a company gets hit by hard times are workers. it's a one-way street these days. just look around! gm. i worked like the devil to see to it that gm stayed alive in the white house. union workers, turks aw took
1:35 pm
incredible cuts in their futures and their pensions to get gm working and keep it alive. the taxpayers bailed them out. they paid it back and paid it back with interest. but what happened? were the ceos and the kpesexecus did quite well. and the second they hit hard time, what'd they do? they closed plants. they announced they would layoff or transfer 14,000 workers and got that last year over $192 million in tax breaks. they could have given everyone they laid off severance pay, if they had to. they could are given everyone. they did nothing. they bought back their stock, raised their benefits, raised their salaries, and announced they're going to build their new truck in mexico. folks, i just did a rally for
1:36 pm
the united food and commercial workers in boston. 31,000 workers went on strike to protect their wages, health care benefits, and retirement benefits. with stop & shop in trouble? no, their parent company had made $2 billion the year before. $2 billion. so what'd they do? they were going to decide, notwithstanding, that they're going to buy back their stock and try to cut rages or freeze rages for their people. it's not right. now here, upmc, one of the largest employers of the state. no, i think people have to understand this. you understand it. the sciu is engaged in one of the most important organizing fights in this country. folks, what was true a hundred years ago ain steel mills and coal mines is true today. right today, the same is happening in big hospital
1:37 pm
systems. and it's going to take a strong union to get justice for health care workers. so umpc, stop the union busting. stop! >> i want you to know, umpc workers, i'm with you, i have your back, and if i'm president, i will fight like the devil to make sure you are not blocked, unions are not blocked unfairly by this. it's economically wrong and morally wrong. so what do we do? folks, i think we have to -- i think we have to rethink how we define what constitutes a successful economy. it's not enough for the stock market to rise. that's not a bad thing, but it's just not enough. workers feel powerless and too often humiliated. i call it an abuse of power. and i can't stand it. never have been able to.
1:38 pm
and when i think about work, i think about dignity. i think about a lot about my dad, a proud gentlemen. my dad had an expression. he said, joey, a job is about a lot more than a paycheck. it's about your dignity. it's about respect. it's about your place in the community. it's about being able to look at your kid and say, honey, it's going to be okay, and mean it. but folks, too many people, they can't look at their kids today and say it's going to be okay and mean it. and that's what we've got to change. i think about so many people across this country today who are just not getting respect, not treated with respect. how do you get to a place, how do we ever get here? where people who teach our kids take care of our sick, transport our goods, build our bridges and repair our roofs, keep our water systems safe, people who race into burning buildings, people
1:39 pm
who race into danger to protect us, people who pick up our garbage off our streets, iron workers, steel workers, boiler makers, plumbers, electrical workers, salespeople, how do we get to this place where they don't think we see them or hear them or know them? and maybe most importantly, respect them. respect. and folks, so i think the question of the day is, how do we get here, how'd it happen? what are we going to do about it? all across america, communities are hurting, with too many people left out or left behind. our political system is broken. we're tearing america apart instead of lifting it up. and the major moral obligation of our time is to restore, rebuild, and respect the backbone of america, the middle
1:40 pm
class. as we rebuild it, we need this rebuilding to be all-inclusive. opening the doors to opportunity to all americans. no matter their race, their gender, who they love. no matter who or where they're from. no matter whether or not they have a disability, all america has to be includeded a we rebuild. all america. and i guarantee you, this is, remains, and will be my measure of what constitutes economic success. the dignity of work is my measure. which is about being able to provide security and share the joys with your families. how can a person's dignity be maintained if they can't afford to care for their sick child or family member because of a pre-existing condition. or because they've reached a point where their health care has run out and the insurance company says, no more.
1:41 pm
? jill and i, my family, like many of you, went through a year knowing our son was terminally ill. i could not image what it would be like if we were told that he'd run out of the amount of money in his insurance policy and they're going to cut him off of the palliative care he was getting. my lord, think about it. how can a parent maintain the dignity, their dignity, if their talent and qualified child wants to go beyond high school, trade school, community college, or college and checkn't afford it. how do you get them there? folks, it's not just that that child is not going to have an opportunity to grow and to be better, but think about it. think about it. i'll never forget the day my senior year in high school, going down to my dad's office to borrow a car for the prom, driving down an old car to pick up a car for the senior prom.
1:42 pm
i asked the secretary where he was, she said, he's out there in the alley behind the office. and i walked out and my dad, who was a gentle, decent man was pacing back and forth -- this is absolutely, i guarantee you, a true story. i walked in and he said, joey, i'm sorry, i'm so sorry, i thought, my god, what happened? did something happen to my mom or brothers or sisters -- before cell phones. i said, what's the matter, dad. he said, i went to the bank, honey, today to try to borrow the money to help you get to school but they won't lend it to me. i'm so ashamed. how many people in america today are in that situation, hard-working, decent people, because the cost of education has skyrocketed so badly and access is so difficult? folks, dignity. the philosopher said the definition of dignity is that people should never be treated as a means to an end, but an end
1:43 pm
in themselves. that's how today's corporate culture works. ceos in this administration see it a different way. they see workers as just a means to an end. not the end in and of -- and in themselves. look at the record. they treat their employees in a way that it's only about how can they maximize their profit. not how can they maximize the circumstance for the employees that will held them build the operation. they're squeezing the life out of workers. when you look under the hood of the labor market, you see how tough it is for workers to negotiate. i don't have to tell you union folks that. you see how companies have become so adept at squeezing every last penny out of their payroll, how good they've become at tilting the scales in their favor. but it's not only making it harder and harder to meet our basic needs, they're doing it across the board! not only stripping away union's rights to negotiate, but your
1:44 pm
personal. just take a look. not only going after labor and unions, to try to take away and diminish the right to bargain, they're going after individuals. all to suppress their wages. do you realize why on earth would an hourly worker making sandwiches have to sign a non-compete clause? promise, i will not compete with this -- and i know we laugh about it, but here's the deal, guys. they can't go across town to another sandwich place and get a 15 cent raise, if they could. they can't even advertise themselves. they can't move. because, why? all to suppress wages. all to presuppress wages. i've seen these agreements at least once during for career. 40% of them. it's wrong. it's immoral and it should be made illegal in the states where they try to do it. [ cheers and applause ]
1:45 pm
but they do the same thing with occupational licenses. why should someone who braids hair have to get 600 hours of training? it makes no sense. it's designed to keep the competition down. look, folks, you can't just transfer your license across one state to another. they're making it harder and harder, in a whole range of professions, all to keep competition down. why should we get rid of these unnecessary hoops out there? because we have to restore america's ability and individual's ability to be able to fight for their own dignity. we should stop companies for classifying low-wage workers as managers. we see it all the time. we tried it in our administration and and why do they have to do that? so they don't have to pay overtime. it cost workers $1.2 billion in
1:46 pm
lost overtime pay. reclassification. by the way, speaking of overtime, it's well past time that the minimum wage nationally be a minimum of $15. it's well past time! it's time to start rewarding work over wealth! the first step is to reverse president trump's tax cut for the wealthy and corporation. and we need to eliminate these special tax breaks in the tax code. warren buffett said it best. he should not pay a lower tax rate than a secretary has. that's because of capital gains. it's wrong! and i'm going to change that so millionaires and billionaires pay lower taxes than firefighters and teachers. we need to reward wealth in this country, not just wealth.
1:47 pm
and look, there's much more we need. there's much more we need to do to build a middle class. and in the coming weeks, i'm going to go into a great deal more detail about this. but you've been standing long. look, it starts with access to affordable education so everyone can get the skills they need. 12 years of education in the 21st century is not enough. simple! but it's got to be affordable. 61 out of every 100 jobs today require training beyond high school. but what, we have to make it post-secondary education, make training affordable. make sure an employee and the economy works, not just for the wealthy, folks. not just for people who get four-year college degrees, but those who compete for job training and trades and programs. look, guys, we can do all of this. it means being able to have a quality health care, care for all americans. affordable health care was a
1:48 pm
huge step forward, the aca in our country. we made historic progress. >> by extending health care to 22 million people. americans who didn't have it before now have something. we have to stop this administration's effort to gut it first and then we have to move on and finish the job and make health care a right. health care is a right, not a privilege! we have to give everybody some peace of mind they deserve! whether you're covering it through your employer or on your own or not, you all should have a choice to be able to buy into a public option plan for medicare. your choice. and if the insurance company isn't doing the right thing, you should have another choice. it means rebuilding america with clean, renewable energy, cleaner, safer, faster transportation, which will not only make us safer and make tour commitment to our children, but provide millions of good-paying
1:49 pm
middle class jobs. it means investing much more in medical research to conquer devastating diseases like addiction and alzheimer's. we have the ability to do it. invest in it. look, folks. we can do all of this without punishing anybody. when reagan was president, there was $800 billion in tax expenditures, meaning tax loopholes. notice today, it's over $1 $1,600, $1,600,00 $1,600,00 $1,600,000, $1,600,000,000. it's a fancy way, if you get a capital gain, you're about to go cash it in, god forbid you get hit by a truck, they pay no tax.
1:50 pm
it's $17 billion five minutes earlier. eliminate that one, you can cut every college cost in half. and you could, in fact, have $11 billion left to reduce the deficit. so, folks. quite frankly, the only thing that stands in our way is our broken system that's continually being undermined by our president. donald trump is the only president who's decided not to represent the whole country. the president has his base. we need a president that works for all americans. and we can afford this. we can do this! and i'm optimistic for two reasons. one, i know the history of the journey of this country. when ordinary americans like my family are given an even chance, just an even chance, they too extraordinary things.
1:51 pm
they have never, ever, ever let the country down. and the second reason i'm optimistic, i know we are in a better position that any nation in the world to own the 21st century. we not only have the strongest military in the world, we have the most productive workers in the world. north american energy makes us independe independent. the u.s. has more great research than all the rest of the world combined. no other nation in the world can match us. we can bring and be a spoz force for everyone. folks, nothing is beyond our capacity. the only thing that can tear america apart is america itself. but folks, everybody knows who donald trump is. and i believe in hope, they know who we are. we have to let them know who we ar are. we democrats and we independents who have the same view have to
1:52 pm
choose hope over fear, unity over division, and maybe most importantly, truth over lies. [ chanting: we want joe ] >> it's time to pick up our heads. remember who we are! this is the united states of america. there is not a single thing beyond our capacity! not a single thing. so god bless you all and may god protect our troops! thank you, thank you, thank you! thank you! >> former vice president joe biden, a relatively concise 26, 27-minute speech, his first campaign speech. he was speaking at a teamsters union banquet hall in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. let's chew over this. jen psaki, he was a little rusty
1:53 pm
at times, but overall, what'd you think of his message? >> it's definitely a throwback. he could have given that speech or a democratic candidate could have given that speech probably 15 years ago. and i think that reflects his message or his strategy, which he is trying nostalgia. to, you heard him talk about decency and respect. you heard him use a lot of language about labor unions and standing up for workers. he's clearly trying to tap into the faction of the democratic party that democrats lost in the 2016 election. they've kind of made that strategy clear. and i think that was reflected in this speech. i think he's got some kinks to work out. he got to some of the best parts in the speech towards the end, where he talked about millionaires and billionaires and touched on health care. i think as you see his speech coming together or his stump speech coming together, those pieces will probably be front lo loaded or they should be. but he seemed happy to be out there. he seemed to be well received. and we'll see if his strategy pays off.
1:54 pm
>> david urban, you helped run the trump campaign in pennsylvania or did run the trump campaign in pennsylvania. you have said for a year now on this show that you thought joe biden was the biggest threat to president trump. he didn't go after trump as much as i thought he might have. it was an economic address, but even on that, he didn't go into the message i've heard from bernie sanders, who says to voter like this, union white working class individuals, mainly, saying things like president donald trump made a promise to you and he's a fraud. he didn't keep his promise. you didn't really hear that. >> and you heard the vice president say, why am i in pittsburgh? i need you guys here in this city and in this state to win. i can't win without you, so i need you. i think the vice president is looking at it and saying, what do i do not to alienate these focus. i've got to run through the raindrops. he's got to win all the folks and democrats who voted for trump, one those folks back. that's the tough part for the
1:55 pm
vice president here. the purity versus pragmatism. are democrats, are they going to want to hear a message on green new jobs and a very progressive message or a pragmatic message like he tried to deliver here about unions and kind of old school. we talked about, that's what we heard growing up as a kid, blue collar, blue dog democrat. not by a progressive democrat. >> and this is what i heard. i'm from philadelphia, and this is the message that i would hear from democrats growing up. it's different from what a lot of people in the democratic base talk about and want to hear about when they talk about the green new deal, medicare for all, things that vice president vice president did not talking about today. >> and there's this question of, what is electability and will he, going back to this kind of old school style, is that what people want. do they want to hear their politicians talking about those bread and butter issues, and not all of the more out there, or more bolder ideas, i guess. >> no felons voting on this one. >> i don't know that that was an
1:56 pm
on message point that democrats were talking about a couple of weeks ago. is president trump the most threatened by joe biden? >> you know, privately, that's what we're told. that the president has asked his advisers about biden's strengths. he has biden on his mind all the time. and we saw just this morning when he took to twitter to hit biden -- >> four times. four tweets. >> clearly, he is unnerved by biden's candidacy and it's for the reason that dave talked about many times. joe biden's appeal in the industrial midwest. and with those voters that flipped, many of them from obama to trump in the 2016 election, and so we're hearing joe biden make that appeal, but i do think as far as him being a blue dog democrat, he is making a progressive case. we heard him talking about health care being a right. so joe biden is going to try to play both sides of that. and we saw this week when he talked about both scl charlottesville and got the support of unions and talked about manufacturing, those are two messages that are going to
1:57 pm
be very important to his chances of not only winning the democratic dominican republprim general election. >> let's go to arlette sine is standing by. the arlette, the former vice president really just touched on policy in terms of what he wants to bring to the table. he didn't go into any deep proposals, of course, this being his first kickoff speech. >> reporter: no, jake. he really didn't get too deep into policy, but did offer a bit of a preview of what some of the main tenants of his platform could look like. talking about a $15 minimum wage. saying that they need to build on the affordable care act and saying that people should be able to buy into a public option. he said that in the coming weeks, he's going to be speaking about all of those platform ideas in more depth. we'll see him in iowa tomorrow and wednesday and south carolina later this week.
1:58 pm
but here in pennsylvania, biden quuz making it very clear this was about an electability argument. but he was just making it clear this is about beating donald trump and this is a state where he thinks he can do it if he makes it to the general election. jake? >> arlette, for joe biden, this was a relatively short speech, just about 26, 27 minutes. i've heard him talk for at least twice that, just for a speech in which he's talking about some sort of subcommittee measure. were you surprised? >> reporter: i was a little surprised. i've been out with joe biden basically at every single stop he's been at since september and this was one of the more short speeches. he can sometimes go on for an hour. but it's very clear they've been working on the messaging for this campaign. they've had a few months to get all their ducks in a row, as he's considered whether or not he's going to run. we'll see if that sticks going
1:59 pm
forward. we do know he often does like to talk a little bit longer. >> keep up the great work. jen psaki, something you were talking about earlier, the firefighters union is behind joe biden. they've been with him for a long time, very supportive. the head of the firefighter's union was on cnn earlier and was very critical of hillary clinton. >> it was pretty harsh, actually. they department endorse in 2016. the first time they haven't endorsed in quite some time. but there are many hillary clinton supporters and advocates and enthusiasts in the democratic party. they are clearly very behind joe biden. part of the case he's making and why he was in pennsylvania is that he is the one candidate who can appeal to blue collar workers. we'll see if that's the case, but that's what the firefighters were making. >> and one of the arguments being made right now within the democratic party, is the focus, should it be on winning back
2:00 pm
these blue collar white working class voters in pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, wisconsin, or should the party be focused on generating bigger turnout among minority voters and young voters. our coverage on cnn continues right now. thanks so much for watching. happening now, breaking news. terror plot thwarted. we're just learning of a major terror plot in southern california alledgedly targeting jews, police, the military, and crowds in public places. chilling new details are emerging wemerge i ing, including how investigators stopped it. all about joe. democratic presidential candidate comes out swinging in his first campaign rally as president trump launches multiple attacks against his newest challenger. is it it a sign that the president fears biden the most. barr fight. house democrats and the attorney general william barr battle over how he's going to testify before the house