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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  April 29, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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infrastructure policy. and just this year alone, wolf, they have already given out $90 billion in loans, money that potentially could be used for manipulation. >> arawa damon, excellent reporting as usual. thanks very much. erin burnett out front starts right now. out front next, the president takes the bate. donald trump going after joe biden even as his own aides warn him stop. plus breaking news this hour. terror attacks thwarted in los angeles. the suspect officials say was bent on max murder, mass casualty plans. what's the hot issue he says he does not trust any of them on. let's go out front. good evening. i'm erin burnett. out front tonight trump takes biden's bait.
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lashing out in his first 2020 rally in the must win state of pennsylvania. >> if i'm going to be able to beat donald trump in 2020 it's going to happen here. donald trump is the only president who's decided not to represent the one 'n only country. we're reminded again we're in a battle. we are in a battle for america's soul. have to choose hope over fear, unity over division. most most importantly truth over lies. >> biden's decision to take the fight straight to trump is clearly getting under trump's skin. the president firing off four tweets today directed at biden. and biden obviously has been on trump's mind. look at what we've heard from trump. >> i don't know what the hell happened to biden. i don't know. it just doesn't look like the same biden. i said is that really joe biden?
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he doesn't look the same to me. i know joe over the years. he's not the brightest light bulb in the group. so, you know, as they say, it is a fight, though, that aides would prefer president trump sit out. sources tell cnn tonight that the president's political advisers have warned him don't do it, you could be elevating a potentially formidable rival. abbey philip is out front live outside the white house tonight. and abbey, are the president's advisers really expecting him to layoff joe biden? leerily he want to light into him and he gets great pleasure in doing so. >> some of them are advising him not to go after biden in this way, but others are acknowledging what you just said which is trump is going to be trump. he's going to attack who he wants to attack and they are going to have to follow his
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lead. but i think what some of the advisers are seeing when president trump attacks joe biden is the president revealing something about biden that he is worried about biden as a potential general election competitor, and he also seems to be giving biden a little bit of a boost in a crowded democratic primary. if joe biden has to prove he has what it takes to go up against trump, well trump seems to be telling everyone he thinks biden has what it takes to go up against him in 2020. so some of his advisers are just advising the president to layoff of him, let the democratic primary carry itself out. they want to be able to make a case that all of these candidates, every single one of them is a socialist, that they are too far to the left. and as the president starts picking his favorites now, then he's going to start to put his finger on that kale. and one of the things biden has also successfully done so far is force the president into an unforced era. he's forced him into
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relitigating his comments on charlottesville, something not helpful to the president especially in a state like pennsylvania he and his aisds know is critically important. the president has been quidsing about biden's strength in recent weeks. and the current comments on charlottesville only make it more difficult for him on issues. so there you have it, president trump and biden already face-to-face. i think his aides are worried that the president is going to go a little too far a little too soon with joe biden. >> and i want to go now to former senator, the first african-american female u.s. senator. she's endorsed joe biden for 2020. david, what about this point abbey's making? the president's advisors are saying don't do it. and in particular joe biden, they don't want to elevate him. but clearly he's not listening, right? four tweets today, today four
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tweets. and you heard some of his comments. is trump trying to elevate biden because he thinks biden is weak so he wants to elevate the weak person or he's most afraid of biden? >> i'm not sure he's most afraid of biden but he does know the only polls have trump down by 8 points by joe biden. so biden definitely represents a threat to his presidency. i think the president has been itching to get a ring with anybody who got out ahead and he decided to go in. but i must tell you, erin, it's almost a year and a half before we vote in november. it's awfully early to start throwing punches right now. you would think he would let it go and go after the left, and the socialism represented by the new progressives and all the rest and try to tie biden into that. >> but of course he's not doing that. not the brightest light bulb in the group. he also, of course, has given joe biden nicknames, sleepy joe
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biden being that nickname. and, you know, you could chuckle at that or roll your eyes at that, but nonetheless those silly nicknames were powerful in the 2016 primary. do you remember these? >> little marco, very, very low energy jeb bush. >> but senator, what do you make of this? sleepy joe, could this actually be problematic for joe biden? he and the president are close to the same age but the president is obviously trying to brand him as tired. >> well, at the outset we have to remember this conversation takes place in the heels of all of these murders of synagogues and other places of worship around the country and around the world. and so i think we have to pause for a moment and put it in context. this is an internal battle that we're facing for our time and i just hope that it doesn't
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deteriorate into name-calling and mud sliging and the hate filled rhetoric it could easily do. and the president showed himself -- >> i want to talk about the comment you referred to, senator. also the comment today, sleepy joe biden having his first rally in the state of pennsylvania. he obviously doesn't know pennsylvania is having one of its best economic years in its history with the lowest unemployment rate ever, and biden meantime eager to fight back on that. here he is today. >> the stock market is roaring, but you don't feel it. there's $2 trillion tax cuts last year. did you feel it? did you get anything from it? of course not. >> now, david, look, of course most americans did benefit from
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the tax cut but they don't believe they did. in fact a new poll today shows up and only 12% -- >> i think he's wrong to split -- do a split screen and go after biden. you know, he's not the brightest bulb and sleepy joe biden, i don't think either of those things really has much connection. they don't work and trump was actually more inventive back in the original 2016 in giving names to people. i don't think these nicknames work. and instead they really ought to be going forward on and he's not getting much credit for it. when you're down 8 points against your potential contender before you even start 3% growth there's a disconnect between those two isn't there, eren?
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>> the polls show people don't perceive it that way. senator, look, in pennsylvania obviously the economy is crucial. this is biden's original home state. the president keeps asking about pennsylvania and how he's doing and here's what joe biden said today about that. >> quite frankly, folks if i'm going to be able to beat donald trump in 2020 it's going to happen here. >> one of the reasons african-american turnout which was down 130,000 votes from 2012 when president obama was on the ticket. will black voters turn out for joe biden? >> i think voters -- joe biden is appealing to voters of all stripes across the board without regard to race, sexual orientation or geography even. he wants the middle class to
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understand he stood for and stood with them and will continue to do so, and he will. and that i think is the point whether it's in pennsylvania or wisconsin, here in middle america that campaign, biden's campaign i think is going to make a real full-court press so that people know this candidate is willing to go to bat for them and continue to work for them. the economy is growing by leaps and bounds, but it's not touching the pocketbooks of working americans. middle america hasn't felt it. middle america has not gotten the growth or gotten the -- >> they don't feel they got. they did get one and that's the reality. >> the reality is middle america knows very well whether or not they're better off. remember the ronald reagan question, are you better off now? they know they're not better off, and they know this hate filled environment really cuts against their interests and their ability to raise a family, send their kids off to school,
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to build this country. and that's the american dream that joe biden is fighting for. to make sure that the next generation has a chance to do as well as the last generation did, and that's the crux of the issue we're looking at. david, you know, on the issue of obviously the attack on the synagogue, the issue of anti-semitism and racism came up today at biden's rally. he h he said this. >> we are reminded again we are in a battle for america's soul. donald trump is the only president, the only president who's decided not to represent the whole country. we democrats and we nmts who have the same view have to choose hope over fear, unity over division and maybe most importantly truth over lies. >> david, does that motivate people to turn out for biden?
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>> i think that when he stresses hope over fear and unity it may not be people rushing over to his side but it gives people reassurance biden will run as a healer, someone who does want to change where we are as a people and wants to bring us back together. and i think that's appealing to people. i don't think it necessarily brings them rushing over. we'll have to see. erin, i'm really looking forward to the first polls, you know, out of pennsylvania and michigan and wisconsin and ohio. we're going to nail a lot more when that starts happening. >> of course we know stat by state it will matter. senator, i would imagine joe biden is thrilled the president is seeking him out. he wants this. >> well, the point is that the president's a bully. i just said it right there.
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he's a bully. and the only way you can confront bullies is to get in their face and to push back. and joe biden has the chops to do it. he knows he is not going to be intimidated by donald trump. he's not going to be imtimidated by this name-calling, all this foolishness, all the bile we're getting out of the white house right now. and that being said i think that joe biden can go toe to toe with this president and make the case to the american people and can win in 2020. >> thank you both very much. i appreciate it. >> and next breaking news a terror suspect allegedly planning mass murder right here in the united states. officials say the plot to kill was in the work for months. who were the targets? plus radio host shar lumain out front and he's got favorites. >> i think he's handling it with grace and class. like he looks built for the
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the doers. the 'hit that confirmation button and let's go!'- ers! because bookers know that the perfect place to stay... is right there for the booking. be a booker at the world's #1 choice for booking accommodations. casualty, terror plot. a former u.s. army soldier has been charged with plotting terror attacks in los angeles. the justice department says mark steven domingo wanted to cause, quote, mass casualties using ieds with nails long enough to penetrate the human body. what more can you tell us about
4:18 pm
the plot? >> just really a picture of hate here from officials. we learned today regarding this arrest last friday a subject taken into custody. authorities tell us this is someone who wanted to attack jews, churches and police officers, ultimately landing on a political rally here in the los angeles here in long beach. just to take us inside the mind of this person we read in the complaint authorities described this one conversation between the subject and fbi inform want where the subject ezsez quote an i ed blows up on a freeway hundreds maybe thousands injured. and the agent says then what? and the suspect says then the fun begins. talking about that attack that occurred at christchurch at two mosques and no muslim should have to experience this, a message needs to be sent, really a picture of hate here. now law enforcement officers tell us at no time were they an
4:19 pm
actual threat to the community. what they actually end up doing is taking a device what they believe to be a bomb to this place where a rally was going to occur in long beach. it's also worth noting this is one of three incident of hate taking place in california in the span of a week. we know there was a subject who was trying to run-down -- >> all right, josh, thank you very much. and with all that also breaking tonight we have this news, the man accused of killing a person and injuring three others at that shooting at the southern california synagogue josh was just referring to now has been formally charged. nick watt out front. >> reporter: just five minutes before this shooting the fbi tells cnn they received tips regarding an anonymous threatening post on a social media site.
4:20 pm
fbi employees immediately took action to determine the post's author. the shooting occurred before the suspect could be identified. that post on the anonymous message board detailed the shooter's hatred of jews, his plan to kill but did not give a location. the rabbi izgoldstein was among them. >> more shots came ringing out at me. i lost my index finger on this hand. >> reporter: shot in the leg as he carried children to safety. >> an unarmed combat veteran rushed the attacker. >> he immediately took off running and i was chasing him. >> an armed officer managed to fire off shots as the tawic with his rifle fled. >> you work for the border patrol, please arm yourself when
4:21 pm
you are here, we'll never know when we need it. >> reporter: her family moved her from israel now asking her dad should we move again. >> i don't think there's any other place that is going to be safer. >> reporter: and to other faiths, black churches burned this month in the u.s., 50 people killed in two mosques in new zealand last month, live streamed by the attacker. >> we can transition in a house of worship of not being a soft target. >> reporter: many houses of worship now have armed guards but staunching the ideology that spawns such attacks is getting harder. >> law enforcement cannot simply troll through the communications of private citizens looking for a crime. they're somewhat constrained based on free speech limitations they have here. >> reporter: today the suspect's family releasing a statement that reads in part our son's actions were informed by people we do not know and ideas woo do not hold. >> you have lone wolf individuals who are inspired to
4:22 pm
violence based on the vitriol they're seeing online. >> reporter: just 19 years old, perhaps radicalized online in secret in a suburban bedroom. >> in many cases we're not going to know about that credible threat until he or she is walk up to a house of worship. >> reporter: many remember 16-year-old cay today. she was killed after stepping between the rabbi and the gunman. and that suspect will make an appearance in court tomorrow. the charges, one count of first degree murder and three counts of attempted murder and also arson of a house of worship, and that is because in that open letter posted online the suspect also claimed responsibility for setting fire to a mosque near here just about a month ago. erin? nick, thank you. and now former assistant
4:23 pm
secretary for the department of homeland security under president obama, juliette kayen. why so many attacks on places of worship? >> so the target can be christian, mosques or a synagogue but what animates it is a sense that we've been reporting on this sense of community that a lot of these men, that all of these men were actually finding online this is an acceptable behavior to have. so the challenge of course for these religious communities is that they want to be open, that's who they are, a synagogue, welcoming, a mosque welcoming. but they need to also be secure. and that's the balance of security that is so difficult as we see this rise of hate in the homeland. >> and, you know, look you also have a man planning mass casualties with ieds. how concerning is that? i mean it just feels like it's
4:24 pm
happening one after the other. at some point do they miss one? >> yeah, and they will. i hate to say this but since the days of al-qaeda, so you had 9/11 carefully constructed over years as a core group of men planning a massive terrorist attack over this 15 or 17 years and then you have the rise of a lone wolf which means the radicalization process is much, much shorter. therefore more difficult to find and to execute against. this los angeles case it appears his postings were so nauseous and violent at the beginning the law enforcement -- it is exacerbated by online platforms because thee guys want a community. they want to be told their hatred has means and it's okay.
4:25 pm
>> and hate crimes up 20% last year, up three years in a row. it's something president trump point-blank denied when he was asked about a rise in white nationalism after the neoattacks. does this denial on the facts matter? >> yes, absolutely. and the course of my lifetime i have seen every president starting with ronald reagan unequivocally condemn hatred. whether it's a republican or george w. bush after 9/11 or barack obama after thet shooing in the church, i know what unequivocal condemnation of hatred looks like for the president of the united states. we have spent 72 hours parsing donald trump's words. that does not mean it's unequivocal. that does not mean his language caused this but the men who believed his hatred are okay, are not shamed, they do not feel embarrassed. they are not mortified by their
4:26 pm
hatred and ideology and they stand out in the open as we've seen in any number of these cases. they speak publicly. they're on chat rooms. we've got to bring shame back into hatred. we're not going to get rid of hatred in my lifetime but we will at least put it back in the darkness where it belongs. >> all right, juliette, thank you. and next radio host charlamagne tha god's show is on stop for democrats. what does he feel tonight with al sharpton meeting with pete buttigieg? >> every single politician is telling the american people what it is they want to hear. >> what they want to hear or what they'll actually do? and is trump's pick for the fed going to happen or not? more senate republicans raising concerns about steve moore. ♪ don't get mad,
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tonight mayor pete buttigieg hunching with reverend al sharpton. it's an important day for buttigieg because he's acknowledged he needs more diversity among his supporters. among the topics that came up, his new competitor. >> in a way, in one way we've got a lot in common. in another way the contrast couldn't be more different. we're talking about generational change, we're talking about how there's no going back, how we've got to come up with something that will work for the next 40 years. >> out front now charlamagne tha god is of the breakfast club and
4:31 pm
joins me now. the last time we were together you were talking about your impression of the various candidates and you said buttigieg was the most comfortable and authentic, those were the words you used, person you had interviewed thus far. lynn smith today tweeted a picture of him and reverend al sharpton. so what do you make of this? is this authentic or is this just i need to go kiss the ring? what is this the. >> i think it's authentic and a combination of both. you know, going to sit with reverend al is a rite of passage for most candidates. i think it's a little bit of both. he was at the national action convention with reverend al as well so he's reaching out to the black community as he should so why not reach out? >> so when buttigieg was on your show you talked about a lot of things. obviously race issue was on the list. you talked about chick fill a,
4:32 pm
and here are some the headlines you got. >> did barack obama set the table for someone like you? >> i think in a way. not just because he was our first black president but also because he was unafraid to be smart. >> what about chick-fil-a? do you like chick-fil-a? >> i do not approve of their pulltics but i do approve of their chicken. >> you're my kind of guy. >> i know he's a young man but diabetes can catch us all. >> so do you think that the glare of the spotlight, so this is all new to him but is there a risk do you think of that changing? >> no, i think he's handling it with grace and class. like he looks built for the spotlight. even though he's from a small
4:33 pm
place he's ready for the big stage. he might have a bright future in politics in some way, shape or form. >> obviously buttigieg is talking about joe biden changing the race with reverend al sharpton. he, though, is talking about their age difference. joe biden is a different generation. let's just be frank. joe biden is 7 -- >> i question why even barack obama picked him as vice president. you know, just because of things like tonight. and he didn't just vote on the 94 crime bill but he wrote the 94 crime bill, especially in passages that were a big push for mass incarceration and
4:34 pm
things he said like barack obama is the first mainstream black person who was clean and articulate. like just that wording, you know, disturbs me in a lot of ways. so and just wonder if somebody that's joe biden's age, can you really teach an old dog new tri tricks. >> and when he came out and announced h announc announced his candidacy he makes it all about race. i'll pray a brief clip so we can hear it together. >> very kind people on both sides, with those words the president of the united states assigned a moral equivalence between those spreading hate and those with the courage to stand against it. and in that moment i knew the threat to this nation was unlike any i'd ever seen in my lifetime. >> what do you make of that choice given your concern? >> that's not enough for me. you know, not being racist
4:35 pm
should be the basics of our president. you know what i'm saying, what are your policies, your new initiatives. what are you putting on the table? that's why i prefer mayor pete over a joe biden. he does have actual ideas. i haven't heard any new policies from joe biden thus far. >> as you point out people have identified the black boom. so crucial, so essential. so this reparations issue comes right in the heart of that. you've asked candidate after candidate about it and let me play some of their answers. >> now, why does it seem this week you've been kind of dodging the reparations question? >> to my mind it means we have to deal with the fact that there is enormous disparity between the black community and the white community and that issue has to be addressed. >> the idea of reparations is the idea when something is broken we fix it. where it goes off the rails like
4:36 pm
you're saying is people are picturing a kind of check in the mail. and when it's framed that way there's a lot of people who can't picture how that could be done in a way that's fair. >> a lot of those socioeconomic gaps were created because of slavery. like they're still affecting us to this day. >> and i'm not convinced we're ever going to fully come together as one nation and heal until we address that original sin. >> that's it. i mean that's what it's about. like people think this repation thing is about handing out checks. it's just about america acknowledging the fact that systemically they did something to put black people in very bad positions so now they need to do something systemically to get us out of those positions. it's not rocket science. >> do you trust the democratic candidates on their answers? they're all going to try to say something positive about reparations. doesn't mean any of them are
4:37 pm
going to do it. >> every single politician are telling the american people what it is they want to hear. and if reparations are the thing you want to hear and all you have to do is simply say, yes, i agree with it, i'm for it, i'll be down to fix it, you would be a full to mess that question up, you would be a fool to flub it. thank you for having me again. and next the attorney general threatening that he won't show up to congress. and just moments ago democrats upping the ante and trump's pick for the fed in posture marks about women. the white house today making a surprising admission. >> certainly we're reviewing those comments and when we have an update on that front we'll let you know. dad, we need to talk about something important.
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the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. breaking news at this hour. congressman jerry nadler just announcing his house jutishiary committee. of course he's the chair. he'll hold a hearing this thursday. nadler saying there's no middle ground for negotiation. dems in the doj at odds over the ground rules for barr's testimony. they want to question him and they're insisting staff members get to question him, too, staff members who are lawyers. barr and the doj say forget it. if you do it, we're not going to
4:42 pm
show up. out front now democratic congressman from california ted lou who's on that committee. congressman, attorney general says forget about it, he'll take questions from you, your colleagues but not take them your your staff, lawyers and if you insist on this he'll not show up. chairman nadler says there's no middle ground. so what are you going to do? >> if attorney general barr doesn't show up this thursday to congress then the american people should ask two questions. what is he afraid of and what is trying to hide? last terms when republicans controlled the committee we had numerous members of the department of justice come in and get interviewed by staff council. if it was good enough for republica republicans last term it's good enough for republicans this term. >> what does that mean and obviously nadler saying, quote,
4:43 pm
we'll take whatever action we'll have to take. >> sure, happy to go through the process. so, look, bill barr can be a partisan hack and a trump stooge if he wants to, but he can't disregard the law. no one is above the law. and under the way laws are written if he fails to comply with the congressional subpoena, then the house judiciary committee will take a vote. we're going to hold him in contempt, when the house floor votes him in contempt then we can litigate this and also litigate this without imposing fines on bill barr. we have an inherent power to enforce subpoenas and we will do so. >> he says i'm willing to talk to you guys and take questions from you, congress, but not from lawyers. why do you think that is? >> i don't know why because our request not unreasonable. including last year when
4:44 pm
numerous members of the department were interviewed by staff lawyers, there's nothing strange about this request and for bill barr to draw this line it's really odd to me and seems like he has information he wants to hide. so today the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein submitted his resignation letter and so he's leaving may 11th is the effective date. back in may you tweeted thank you rosenstein for appointing mueller and for holing onto your job until those not in the president's party gained control of congressional subpoena power. history will remember you well. rosenstein tried to assure trump he was on his team saying the mueller probe, quote, i can land the plane. >> do you still believe what you said? >> i do. i standby my statement. i believe rod rosenstein is a
4:45 pm
complicated man. i think he did the right thing in making sure special counsel mueller's investigation was as protected as it could by a president trying to disrupt it. that has ripped children away from their parents and it's part of the same effort to mislead us on the mueller report before any of us could even read it. >> and congressman, a final question. we understand chairman nadler is saying the unredacted mueller report is going to be made available to congress. does that include grand jury testimony? >> it absolutely needs to. and there is precedent for this in watergate. juwarsky did a report that had grand jury information in it. the white house tried to suppress it. it went up to the d.c. circuit court of appeals and they held for congress that members can get the grand jury information.
4:46 pm
>> obviously there's impeachment proceedings for that. would you be willing to go that far? >> if that's the only way we can get it, then absolutely. and if donald trump wants to push us into impeachment proceedings he's doing a good job of trying to push us to go there. >> congressman eli, i appreciate your time tonight. and next another republican tonight with concerns about trump's pick for the fed even as steven moore tryings to do damage control on past comments about women. >> they were humor columns but some of them weren't funny and so i am apologetic. and hold the phone. how to cut off the man who loves to talk. >> mr. president, don't you have to run -- mr. president i know you have to go but -- cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions
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4:51 pm
those comments and when we have an update on that front we will let you know. >> reporter: white house review of moore's past writings happening as publicly the white house is still standing behind him. >> we are still behind him and he is going through the process of vetting and we'll see what happens through that process, and hopefully it will go up to the senate banking committee, no change in our position. >> reporter: moore is launching a full-scale campaign to save his nomination. >> these articles you are talking about were 17, 18 years ago. frankly, i didn't even remember writing some of these they were so long ago. >> reporter: apologizing for the first time for his disparaging comments in the past about women, pay equity and female athletes. >> they were humor columns but some of them weren't funny, so ial apologetic. i'm embarrassed by some of the things i wrote. >> reporter: in a tweer 2000 column moore complained about his wife voting for democrats writing, women are so malleable, no wonder there's a gender gap. in another column that same year he criticized female athletes
4:52 pm
advocating for pay equity, writing they wanted equal pay for inferior work. he penned criticism for female referees in sports, female beer vendors and women in the military. is there no area in life where men can take vacation from women? what is next? women invited to bachelor parties, women in combat? oh, yeah, they've done that already. moore also wrote in year 2000, but even as moore apologizes he is lawyering up and hitting back, too. >> you know, they're pulling a kavanaugh against me. >> reporter: following a playbook laid out by president trump, no stranger to aggressively pushing back when in hot water over his own statements about women and sexual misconduct and who has stood by nominees facing similar controversies in the past. >> this kind of smear campaign, this character assassination. >> reporter: if formally nominated, moore's fate will rest in the hands of the u.s. senate where already a few republican women senators in particular have expressed concern. >> i'm not very enthused right
4:53 pm
now, senator joni ernst said last week. senator susan collins calling it an unconventional nomination, saying among her reservations is moore urged trump to fire fed chairman powell for raising interest rates. from what i have read, he always wants to return to a gold standard. i'm not sure what the implications are of that. adding to the concern coming from the group of republican women senators just in the last hour up here on capitol hill, senator lisa murkowski admitted she does, indeed, have reservations about stephen moore. she acknowledged he has written an awful lot. in her words, erin, she says there's a lot in there. of course, this particular group of republican women and senators, their voices carry so much weight because they will give the white house an early indication of how difficult or impossible it will be to get him through if he is, of course, formally nominated at all.
4:54 pm
>> all right. thank you. next, hanging up on the president of the united states. >> my final -- >> they have no common sense. >> final question, mr. president -- >> unless -- ♪ introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger, it's the right gear. with a terrain management system for... this. a bash plate for... that. an electronic locking rear differential for... yeah... this. heading to the supermarket? get any truck. heading out here? get the ford ranger. the only adventure gear built ford tough. ♪ e*trade core portfolios is an easy, automated way to get invested. we'll save you time by building, monitoring and managing a portfolio for you
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now that's simple, easy, awesome. experience the entertainment you love on x1. access netflix, prime video, youtube and more, all with the sound of your voice. click, call or visit a store today. tonight when the president of the united states wants to hear himself talk, how do you say goodbye? here is jeannie. >> you know when you're dying to get someone off the phone? well, imagine that someone is the president. >> i know you have to run, but -- >> reporter: it is that old employ, you don't have time to keep talking to me. >> i don't know where these pump come from, maria. >> mr. president, you have to go. >> it wasn't my neighbor -- >> final -- >> they have no common sense. >> final president, mr. president. >> honestly unless they hate the country. >> it can make an anchor look like a fish gasping for breath. >> before you go, real quick,
4:59 pm
william barr testified -- >> they say, hey, learning -- >> reporter: this was maria bartiromo on trump-friendly "fox business." she finally asked. >> mr. president, don't you have to run? the exact same thing happened a year ago. >> mr. president. >> i think we're doing very well. let's see what happens. >> okay. we are running out of time. >> reporter: the clock was running but so what the president's mouth until finally -- >> we would talk to you all day but looks like you have a million things to do. >> he got the president off the phone like an annoying relative. listen, i'm going to let you go. >> reporter: sort of like the guest who over stayed on "snl." >> . >> that wouldn't leave. >> reporter: it leaves the tv host with only one escape. >> mr. president, thank you so much. >> hillary clinton loses -- >> reporter: why does that seem familiar? who is it that is always saying thank you to try to get others to shut up and leave? >> thank you very much. >> are you taking the money away now? >> are you taking -- >> thank you very much,
5:00 pm
everybody. >> to recap, the way to say get out is -- >> thank you all very much. >> thanks, everybody. >> and the way to say, get off the phone is? >> i know you have to run. >> talk about a busy signal. mr. president, you're too busy. >> mr. president, don't you have to run. >> not to hang up. >> i know you have to go. >> maria -- >> jeanne moos, cnn, new york all right. thank you so much for watching. as always, "anderson" starts now. it is hard to say good evening when the passage of days is marked by one mass killing after the next. however, the man you will hear from tonight in just a moment makes it easier, which is remarkable. even more so is the fact he can speak and inspire. tonight, of all nights, after what he has seen, after what he has lived there and survived and after what was done to the congregation he loves. his name is rabbi yisroel goldstein. on saturday his