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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  April 30, 2019 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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day of april. 6:00 here in new york. we begin with breaking news. a brand-new cnn poll releasing this second, and it shows a huge opening weekend for former vice president joe biden. think "avengers: endgame" here. >> that huge? >> that big. in a crowded field of 20 candidates, joe biden has broken away from the pack. he's at 39%. of potential democratic voters, they say he's the top choice for the nomination. bernie sanders in second with 15%. >> biden getting a bigger bounce than expected after entering the race last week. today, biden begins campaigning in iowa, where he is already doing much better this time around than during his previous runs. the iowa caucuses are 279 days away. joining us now is cnn political director david chalion to break down the numbers. this is a bigger bounce than expected. >> it is a big bounce indeed. we should note, this is the first poll that we've seen conducted entirely after joe
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biden rolled out that video last thursday, alisyn. there is the horse race, as you said. joe biden way out in front, 39% of democrats are backing him. 15% for sanders. warren, buttigieg, o'rourke, harris, all grouped together in the next tier. let's look at where they were last month in our poll compared to now. look at that biden movement. that is 11 points higher than he was just a month ago. this clearly is a bounce out of his rollout, out of his annou e announceme announcement. the only other candidate to make a big jump, buttigieg went to 1% to 7%. o'rourke and harris go from double digits to single digits. sanders went down even to biden and a bit to buttigieg. here is something i want to caveat, so folks are aware, where the support is coming from, look at this. among white democrats versus non-white democrats, joe biden's commanding lead is fueled by
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this lead among non-white voters. 50% compared to sanders at 14%. he's still leading white voters, but not by that huge margin that he is among non-white voters. here's the thing, nobody is locked in yet here. nearly two-thirds of democrats might change their mind, according to the poll. 36% say they definitely are going to support the candidate they are with right now. we also asked about the kinds of qualities of a candidate that people are looking for. there it is, guys. electability, the chance to beat donald trump, is the most important candidate quality, 46% call it extremely important. that's followed by the right experience. will work across party lines. looks like the future of the party. far less important credentials for candidates, how about the issues? take a look at this number. climate change, 82% of democrats call it extremely important. this is an animating issue inside the democratic primary,
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followed by medicare for all, then guns. some of the topics debated, free public college, impeaching the president, voting rights for felons, that's far below. climate change and medicare for all, those are the animating issues inside the democratic nomination race. >> david, do not go anywhere. we need to talk much more about this poll, the breaking news in a moment. first, this morning, joe biden makes his first trip to iowa as an official 2020 candidate for president. this comes the day after the former vice president took on president trump at his first official campaign rally in pittsburgh. cnn's jeff zeleny on the ground in iowa with cedar rapids. what can we expect today? >> reporter: good morning. joe biden has come to iowa so many times as a presidential candidate, but never like this, as a front runner. of course, his dreams to be president were twice extinguished here in iowa by the iowa caucus us in 1998 and 2008. he argues this is a different time and a different moment, as
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he presents himself as the best democrat to beat donald trump. joe biden is coming back to iowa, hoping the third time is a charm in his quest to win the presidency. >> the major moral obligation of our time is to restore, rebuild, and respect the backbone of america. >> reporter: he's opening a two-day visit to iowa after firing up supporters in pittsburgh on monday with a message to middle class workers. at the first rally of his new campaign. >> if i'm going to be able to beat donald trump in 2020, it is going to happen here. it is going to happen here. >> reporter: the battle lines are quickly coming into focus, with bernie sanders urging voters to take a closer look at biden's record, by firing off one of the sharpest exchanges yet to a democratic rival. >> i helped lead the fight against nafta. he voted for nafta. i helped lead the fight against pncr with china. he voted for it. i strongly oppose the transpacific partnership. he supported it. >> reporter: those stark policy
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disagreements will be litigated first in iowa, the opening stop of the democratic nominating contest next year. biden collected the first entorre endorsement of a major union, the international association of firefighters, whose leader warned the party from choosing a liberal nominee. >> this may not be popular in parts of the democratic party, but we have to have a nominee and can't have a nominee that is too far left. it is just that simple. >> reporter: this isn't sit well with president trump, who blasted union leaders, vowing their members, vote, love trump. love labeled a front runner before entering the race, biden is trying to justify it, by keeping his sights trained on trump as long as he can. >> donald trump is only president -- is the only president who has decided not to represent the whole country. the president has his base. we need a president who works for all americans. >> reporter: yet, biden is also still trying to strike the right chord in reconciling his long
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record in the senate. while declining to directly apologize last week to anita hill for her treatment during the 1991 clearance thomas confirmation hearings. >> i am sorry she was treated the way she was treated. >> reporter: taking a different tone on monday with robin robbins and his wife jill by his side. >> i take responsibility that she did not get treated well. i take responsibility for that. >> reporter: biden is saying for the first time, he takes responsibility. notice that change in language there from just a couple days ago. john and alisyn, it is part of his record he is bringing to iowa. notice the contrast bernie sanders was drawing directly with joe biden's voting record. that is what voters here, of course, will have to decide between joe biden, bernie sanders, or all of the other candidates. john and alisyn? >> jeff, stick with us. we want to bring back david to talk about all of this. sounds like we can put the anita hill stuff to rest. took a couple decades, but he got it right there, and it doesn't sound as if that's what
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voters are focused on. what you're seeing in the new polls that are out six minutes ago is that it is electability, who can beat president trump. >> of all the candidate qualities we tested, that's top of mind. most democrats say it is most important to them, alisyn. it is interesting, hearing in jeff's piece there, highlighting sanders going after biden on his record and where they differ. one of the things we see in this poll is that there's a whole swath of democrats who are not familiar with joe biden's record way back then in the senate. there is a potential opportunity for his opponents, like sanders was doing on anderson last night, to try and educate a newer part of the democratic electorate about joe biden's record. >> i will say that joe biden is getting some help from an unlikely source over the last two day, and i think it is president trump. joe biden is basing his candidacy on, i'm the guy who can beat trump. he is taking on the president directly.
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what's the president doing? he's responding and egging him on. i'm not going to read the tweets, but the president tweeting repeatedly here. to an extent, jeff, it seems he is making this a two-man contest, which is exactly what joe biden wants. >> reporter: no question about it. that is what some of the president's adviser hoped he would not do, to try to elevate someone. it is difficult to elevate joe biden because, of course, he is the front runner, the former vice president, but this is exactly what the biden team was hoping would happen. in fact, it has happened. it is one of the rare times that a democrat has been able to draw president trump into something. usually, it's the other way around. president trump is drawing other people in. this is a fascinating dynamic to watch. we know the president is watching all of this unfold. we also know he is a little bit concerned about the attention he's not getting. of course, every time joe biden is on television, others are on television, the president not getting that air time and oxygen, if you will. by talking directly about the union members yesterday, for example, the president going
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after the union members themselves, the union leaders, saying their dues are too high, it is clear biden is in the president's head. he's treated him differently han the other democratic candidates. we'll see how that keeps playing out here. there's no question, joe biden benefits from all of this. it goes directly at his argument, that he is the best democrat to take on president trump. >> yeah. david, joe biden is seizing upon this. i mean, you know, in his campaign launch video, he talked about the difference that he sees in america than what the vision that president trump has had. yesterday, again, in pittsburgh, he talked about the difference. listen to this. >> everybody knows who donald trump is. i believe in hope, they know who we are. we have to let them know who we are. we democrats, we independents, who have the same view have to choose hope over fear, unity
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over division, maybe most importantly, truth over lies. truth over lielies. >> that, of course, is the same day the fact checkers determined that president trump hit the 10,000 untruths, if that is a word, mark of his administration, when they count these things. what do you hear biden doing there? >> i'd note, also, remember, the american public did not find donald trump honest and trust worthy when they elected him president either. i don't know if that'll be the most resonant message to win back voters, or if it'll be more on an economic appeal, which joe biden spent much of the speech yesterday doing, alisyn. i mean, this was sort of a piece, a pillar of his campaign, about his vision for how to rebuild the middle class. when he said that if a democrat is going to win back the white house, it is going to be right here, i mean, this is why i
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think he is getting under the president's skin. i think the president is keenly aware that joe biden may have a unique appeal in this field of 20 democrats to actually win back some of the very voters that delivered the oval office to donald trump in pennsylvania, in michigan, in wisconsin, that he may have a unique appeal to bring some of the people back into the democratic fold. >> let's let people see the numbers once again. joe biden at 39% in a field of 20 candidates, it is a big number. you can see the movement. p-108, we asked an interesting question, which candidate do you want to hear more about? in leading that is senator kamala harris from california, whose overall number dropped, yet voters are still curious about her, which is interesting to me, jeff. >> reporter: it is, john. i think that is a sign that we should say again and again, as david has, these numbers are a snapshot in time. candidates do want to know --
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voters, excuse me, want to know more about the candidates. the number for senator harris, that says to me that she has caught the attention of a lot of voters. people want to hear more from her. they're familiar with her. so the question for joe biden is, as voters become more familiar with his old record, how does that change things? that's exactly why bernie sanders is trying, as david said, to educate voters about joe biden's record. joe biden wants to talk about the last eight years of his public record, when he was the vice president to barack obama. of course, the first 36 years of his time in the senate is also coming into play. that number there for senator harris, certainly interesting. it'll be fascinating to see, as joe biden spends the next two days here in iowa, where it is so important to his chances. if he does not do well here in the iowa caucuses next year, it is hard to see him going forward. voters are looking for new things but, again, electability is the central part of that. that's why this trip for biden
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is not an ordinary trip to iowa. it is a critical trip, as he begins reintroducing himself to a new generation of voters. >> there are no ordinary trips to iowa. >> kamala harris, one last thing, we have seen that in the town halls. she is the person who gets the more viewers. >> right. >> clearly, there's a lot of interest. these are early days. we'll see how that plays out. >> all right. david and jeff, a lot more to discuss on this news. we'll get to it again in a little bit. also breaking overnight, president trump with major new moves on immigration, taking aim at asylum seekers with sweeping changes. joe johns live at the white house with the details. joe, tell what you say the president is doing. >> reporter: john, the significance of this is that the president has essentially opened up a whole new front in his push to put hard line immigration policies in place. it comes right as the presidential election year starts ramping up. this memo requires the attorney general, as well as the homeland
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security secretary, to put together new rules. now, there are a lot of things in there. among those things is the president trying to speed up the process on asylum. right now, it takes just about a year, two, maybe more, to get an asylum application through. the president wants to trim that back to 180 days. there are also some roadblocks in there, including charging fees for applications, including work permits. also, if you try to sneak into the country, then you can't get a work permit. of course, the president has been railing on the campaign trail about the idea of credible fear. this is something that asylum seekers have to declare in order to get the application process started in the first place. the president has said he thinks that's a scam. listen. >> the asylum program is a scam. some of the roughest people
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you've ever seen, people that look like they should be fighting for the ufc. they read a little page given by lawyers that are all over the place. they tell them what to say. >> reporter: they've been focusing on the credible fear idea. the government says those claims on credible fear have increased, something like 2,000% over the last five years. alisyn, back to you. >> joe, thank you very much. also breaking overnight, president trump and his adult children and his businesses are all suing two banks to block them from turning over the financial records to house democrats who have subpoenaed them. cnn's christina alessi is here with the details. >> trump has vowed to fight any efforts to get at his financial records, especially from congress, and he's making good on that promise. what's happening here is the house official financial
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services committee say they want to know whether the president is compromised by a foreign entity, and whether his business was involved in illegal activity. they subpoenaed his banks, deutsche bank and capital one. trump's attorneys sued the banks, trying to stop them from releasing those records. they're arguing that that information is protected by bank privacy laws. they're also arguing that congress has no legislative purpose for this information, that it is all presideolitical presidential harassment. this mess is trump's own making payoff what because of what i call the original sin. when he took office, he flouted ethical norms by keeping control of his -- not on a day to day basis, but essentially not divesting in a way that ethics officials wanted to see. all of that -- and on top of
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that, he is not releasing his tax returns. all of that is creating this demand for investigations. >> so didn't they subpoena the records a while ago? the banks haven't turned them over yet. in other words, the lawsuit could work to block it. >> the lawsuit could work. what i'm hearing, if congress wants information like this, they usually get it. what the trump attorneys are probably trying to do is limit the scope of the subpoena. that's probably the best outcome for them. >> cristina, thank you for the update on that. new overnight, a judge in charlottesville, virginia, ruled that statues of confederate generals, robert e. lee, and stonewall jackson, he ruled they're war monuments, and based on state code, the city of charlottesville cannot remove the statues. this comes after violence at a rally killed heather heyer. the city council voted to have the statues removed. the judge, again, says state lw
3:18 am
prohibited that, and still has to decide whether the question will go to trial. the judge says the state law is clear. now, we'll wait to see if legislators will try to change the law. >> it is a teachable moment for kids and everybody who sees the stat statues, of what the full history is. >> one way of looking at it yes. other people say they look at that and they see it as a symbol of oppression. >> sure. >> this judge says no matter how you look at it, the law protects the statues. >> got it. thank you. meanwhile, our new cnn national poll shows vice president joe biden getting a big bounce after getting in the race. how can the other candidates catch up? we discuss all that next. meet sergio. and his daughter, maria. sergio's coffee tastes spectacular. because costa rica is spectacular. so we support farmers who use natural compost. to help keep the soil healthy. and the coffee delicious. for future generations. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee roasters.
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kayak searches hundreds of travel sites - even our competitors - so you can be confident you're getting the right flight at the best price. kayak. search one and done. breaking news this morning, this new cnn poll which shows former vice president joe biden opening up a sizable lead in the democratic race for president. he's at 39%. you can see an 11 point bounce since march. what's happened since then? joe biden made it official he is running for president. bernie sanders in second place at 15%. you can see where the other candidates are, as well. joining us now, david gregory, cnn political analyst, and laura lopez, national political reporter for "politico." polls are a snapshot in time. i understand we're a long way from the election. this isn't to say that covering the horse race is as important as covering the issues, but what this poll does tell us -- >> yes. >> -- is what democratic voters are hungry for, at least today.
3:23 am
they say that they want to beat donald trump. at least today, they see joe biden as the best way to do that. >> i think that's right. i think it does expose today and tomorrow what's going to be a big dividing line in this race, which is, are you focused on the practical, just who can beat donald trump, or do you want to remake the democratic party, think about the future of leadership in the party, think about the problems in the country that young people want to see addressed that are generational issues, things mayor pete is talking about and other candidates, as well. the dividing line becomes important. we have to remember a lot of the energy in the party among younger voters doesn't necessarily capture who is most likely to vote. i think our poll picks that up in terms of biden's strength among older voters. that's important. i think it does underline -- look, biden is well-known. the media is giving him a great deal of attention. there's been so much
3:24 am
anticipation over the months that have been leading up to this. he is going to get a pop. it also underscores that it is biden and everyone else. in a big field, biden, if he stays above 30%, running against 19 other candidates, at that level, can prevail. the more he keeps his attention squarely on donald trump and not his opponents, perhaps even the better for him. >> i think what's interesting, laura, one of the things, is it has all been hypothetical until now. the poll numbers about the enthusiasm for biden, it was people crossing their fingers, thinking he won't get in, whatever. now that he is in, i mean, these are the first polls that we have since he has been in the race. when you contrast it to a month ago, you see that he is actually, it looks like, stealing some of the enthusiasm from beto o'rourke and kamala harris. >> that's right. i mean, before piedbiden jumped we wondered if his numbers would dip when he announced because of
3:25 am
the fact that his history, his record, is going to be scrutinized more heavily than it has in the past, and that could help in the future. so far, the first poll from cnn shows that he's actually getting a boost right out of the gate. the other numbers that stood out to me were the fact that voters want to know more about two candidates specifically. they want to know more about heart race. they want to know more about warren. those are the two they say they'd like to learn the most about. that's a place where maybe we could see one of those two female senators emerge, if biden and sanders end up focusing on each other in the primary and attacking each other. we could maybe see harris and warren emerge in states like nevada or south carolina. >> elizabeth warren and kamala harris coming forward with policy issues, giving voters something to listen to. we woke up to the news that president trump is making
3:26 am
proposals on immigration, making it tougher for asylum seekers to find their way to the united states. charging them to seek asylum. speeding up the process overall. since we're talking about polls, abc news did a poll about the president's immigration policy, asking if it'd make you more or less likely to vote for the president. most people oppose the president on immigration policy, 44%. it is interesting. >> it is interesting. this is an easier issue to discuss, just in terms of the pure politics, to understand the president is targeting his political base and probably does more poorly among political independents, who look at the images at the border, or hear about having a fee to apply for asylum, making it difficult for those fleeing desperate circumstances to try to get to the united states. what's more difficult is to look at this as a policy area, which is an area that the obama administration struggled with, as well, where there has been a change in the patterns of those
3:27 am
seeking asylum, not just coming from mexico but coming from central american countries, where circumstances are very difficult, providing a backlog of cases, providing difficulty in terms of work permits, who gets them and when, how you adjudicate. these are really hard problems. the way they've been boiled down by this administration doesn't make them more solvable. they've been reduced to sloganeering and fear. if anything, one hopes this attempt to change the rules will invite a more thoughtful approach by congress to dealing with the asylum problem, than just having it be fodder for the campaign. >> speeding up the process is not a bad goal. it is an average of two years, waiting time right now. there are 800,000 cases of asylum pending. we've all seen the pictures. we all know what's happening at the border. this is a problem that needs to be addressed. the idea that the administration isn't doing it in a comprehensive fashion, that they
3:28 am
appear to be doing punitive things for asylum seekers, you can be in favor of that or not, but they have to do something. >> right. i will just say though, when republicans controlled all of government, and they tried repeatedly to push something through on immigration, they failed. they weren't able to come to a consensus amongst themselves. these new measures trump is trying to push on asylum, democrats are not going to be on board with that. they control the house. they'll push back against him. when they try to work with him when republicans controlled all of government, it didn't go well. the president repeatedly changed his mind on a number of issues. so what we can see from democrats is a vote that could put republicans on the record, one they think may actually hurt them as 2020 approaches. they had some ideas about that when trump was first talking about shutting down the border completely. they had started drafting up a resolution that would have condemned that action. it also was supposed to include some language pushing back
3:29 am
against trump's asylum proposal. we could see that come forward. >> laura, david, thank you vesi back. for the first time in years, a video. here in the united states, police stop a man plottinga terror attack in los angeles. details next.
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major new dwmt development suspected terror case in los angeles. a veteran in recent convert to islam has been charged with plotting terror attacks. he wanted retribution for attacks against muslims. former special agent josh campbell joins us live from los angeles to explain how this man was caught. josh? >> good morning, john. the fbi's joint terrorism task force in los angeles being
3:34 am
credited with arresting a suspect that authorities believe could have caused mass loss of life had he not come on the radar after federal officials. 26-year-old former army infantryman, a recent convert to islam, who just last month began posting in an online forum, describing his desire to conduct a vegas style attack in the united states, as well as his desire to secre seek retributio victims at christchurch this year. after making contact with the suspect, they established a relationship with him, during which the suspect talked about wanting to attack jews and churches, as well as police officers here in california. ultimately deciding to stage an attack on a white nationalist rally that was scheduled in long beach, california. as part of the effort, the suspect sought to require an improvised explosive device, going so far as to gather material. a device was provided to him by the fbi and an ie d. as he attempted to place that in
3:35 am
a location where a crowd was to gather, he was taken into custody by authorities. authorities tell us at no point was the public in danger. the device was inoperable. they don't believe he had any associates. back to you. >> these tit for tat attacks have to stop. thank god for good law enforcement sources. thank you very much, josh. for the first time in five years, isis has released a new video message that it says is from its leader, al-baghdadi. in the video, the report who is reportedly al-baghdadi praises the easter sunday bombings in sri lanka, which killed 250 people. clarissa ward is live in london with more. what do you see in this video? >> reporter: well, this is significant. it's been nearly five years since we have seen that now notorious image of al-baghdadi, when he gave a sermon, declaring essentially that isis declared
3:36 am
its caliphate. fast forward five years, and a lot has changed. abubakar al-baghdadi says the caliphate has been destroyed with the battle, but he also says this is a war of attrition. this is a long battle. you haven't seen the last of isis yet. he calls for more revenge attacks. he praises attacks that have already taken place. he mentions, as you said, sri lanka specifically, which i think gives us a good sense that this video was made within the last ten or 11 days. what he's essentially doing here is trying to say that you haven't heard the last of isis yet. the physical caliphate may have crumbled, but i'm still here. i'm still alive. notwithstanding that $25 million bounty that is on my head. the other interesting thing to note is the difference in al-baghdadi's physical appearance. he is significantly heavier in this video. his beard has changed color. before, it was black.
3:37 am
now, it appears to be white or gray with henna at the tips of the beard. clearly, some toll has been taken, but no sign, clearly, that there was any injury. you may remember, john, there had been multiple reports that al-baghdadi had been injured and even killed in it baabattle. he's telling his supporters around the world he is still in control. >> for people who watch isis closely, like you do, significant marker. thank you so much for being with us this morning. appreciate it. actress lori loughlin among 17 parents in the college admissions scandal who have now pleaded not guilty. why a legal expert says the parents are on a collision course with disaster. that's next.
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new this morning, actress lori loughlin and her husband have formally pleaded not guilty in the college admissions scandal. they're charged with money laundering for getting their daughters in college, paying $500,000 to a false charity and falsely claiming they were cru recruits. joey, not to put too fine a
3:42 am
point on this, but you say loughlin and the others who pleaded not guilty are on a collision course with disaster. why? >> i said it. i own it. look, we have a system, john, good morning, that is very equipped and highly designed to deal with people who want to go to trial. part of that system, i practice in the system. you give opening statements. you ask the jury to support the narrative. prosecutor, defense attorney, you do the same thing. we cross-examine witnesses and get to the truth at the end of the day. prior to do, we exklocl excludee in a courtroom. people are innocent until deemed to be guilty. however, at the end of the day, i think there is, from what we know and see, a bevy of evidence here that is going to be presented to the jury. three things. the first thing is, these are an egregious set of facts as laid out. they have a timeline in terms of payments made, in terms of knowledge that the couple had, of what they were doing.
3:43 am
that's problematic. you have that. you have the emails. you have the phone calls. in addition to that, you look at step two, john, and what that would be is you are grouped into a variety of other people who have troubling facts like you. in the absence of getting out from under the other people who are there, you're grouped into this. then the final thing is, it is a relatable narrative. we have people around this country who have worked very hard to instill values in their children, to do the right thing. to say, you know what? you're not going out today, son. you're not going out today, daughter. there's time to work. you're going to do that. you're not going to the party. you're going to write the essay. you're going to do this. parents fight every day in terms of making their sons and daughters wanting to do the right things, get on the debate teams, do things the right way. i think after all is said and done, in the presentation of the evidence, it is a high bar to climb, to see yourself as being found not guilty by a jury in a court of law. >> people close to lori loughlin and her husband say they feel if
3:44 am
they sign the plea deal, they were definitely going to jail. the only chance they have not to go is to fight it. you know, based on your years as a defense attorney, that make sense? >> well, it's misinformed. let's understand that we're a far ways from this being over. oftentimes, what prosecutors will do is a reverse proffer. what it means in english is they invite you to their office and invite your client to the office and say, look, we have a, b, c, and d. let us show you the emails, the timeline, the cooperating witness information we have. don't show you all of it, but they show you just enough so you know and understand that this is the compelling evidence that's going to be presenting to the jury. you want to fight it? welcome to do it. that's what our system is about. we're warning you and telling you, that's not going to happen. now, the way the system works is not, hey, if i don't plead guilty, you know what, i'm definitely going to jail. the way the system works is you negotiate a resolution to the case that is favorable. it doesn't give prosecutors all they want. doesn't give you all you want.
3:45 am
it does what we call justice. if you could do that, i think you're in a good position of resolving a case in a very amicable way. >> joey jackson, this is not the last time we'll talk about this case. every day, there is a new twist. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, john. john, it is a record-breaking year for measles in the u.s. why doctors say there is no sign of the outbreak slowing down. next. pardon the interruption but this is big! now at t-mobile buy any samsung galaxy s10 and get a galaxy s10e free! ♪ book now and enjoy free unlimited open bar and more. norwegian cruise line. feel free. it's our best sale of the season semi-annual sale... featuring 20% off select diamonds.
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number of measles cases in the u.s. hit a 25 year high. centers for disease control says there are 704 cases nationwide, and 71% of those affected were not vaccinated. cnn's chief medical correspondent, dr. sanjay gupta, joins us from atlanta. any sign this is slowing down? >> well, the numbers are still going up, as you know, alisyn. you may make the argument that, in fact, the rate at which the numbers are going up may be slowing down or plateauing a bit. a little good news out in washington. remember clark county, alisyn, we talked about that outbreak quite a bit? that outbreak has been declared over. there's some good news. as you know, there's still many places around the country, many separate outbreaks that are happening. one thing i want to point out, we're getting a better idea, alisyn, who is actually getting the measles in terms of their vaccination status. if we could take a look, we know
3:50 am
out of 700 cases, 71% unvaccinated. that's no surprise, right? 18% unknown vaccination status. 11% probably received one vaccination instead of the standard two shots. you know, people are asking, you know, all the time, what does that mean for me? am i protected? let me show you quickly here. we put this together last night to give you an idea. if you're born before 1957, you likely had the measles, therefore, you're protected. 1963 to 1989, it is this gray area here. you likely had one shot only, and you may not be as protected. after 1989, you should be protected if you got the measles vaccine because you had two shots. something to keep in mind as you think about your own immunization status. >> if you were born in the one shot zone, should you go get another shot? does it matter where you live? >> the answer to both those questions is yes. it matters where you live.
3:51 am
i don't think everybody in the country needs to be running out and getting a second shot if they fall in the middle zone between 1963 and 1989. but if you live in an area where measles is circulating, and maybe we can show the map quickly, about where we're seeing the outbreaks, if you live in one of these areas and measles is circulating specifically where you live, you might want to consider going out and getting another shot. now, this isn't an official recommendation. i want to make that clear. the official recommendations probably won't come out until later this summer. if you are living in one of those areas and you're not sure, getting another booster can't hurt. >> talk to your doctor. sanjay, thank you for bringing that to our attention. brand-new cnn national poll shows former vice president joe biden with this new, big lead in the democratic race. now, he really is getting the president's full attention. that's next. i had no symptoms of hepatitis c.
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a large part of the central united states could see severe storms, heavy rain, and flooding. cnn meteorologist chad myers has that in the forecast. >> big day today, john. big, severe weather possible, even tornadoes in big cities today. we'll have to watch that. the storm is now still out in the parts of the midwest, right over kansas, oklahoma, and that's where the storms will develop again this afternoon. this weather is brought to you by allegra d. 24-hour relief of your worst allergy and congestion symptoms. if you're in the yellow or know someone that is, there will be severe weather. if you're in the orange, there will be tornadoes there. this is how the day is going to shape up.
3:57 am
we're going to be calm in the morning hours, then the sun is going to come out. that's bad because it heats the atmosphere. then the storms are beginning to be intense, and there's going to be wind damage and hail, as well. we move you through the overnight hours, where it rains down to arkansas. because of this area of sunshine tomorrow morning, we're going to redevelop in the same area. now, storm after storm going to put down between 2 to 5 inches of rainfall in these spots. if you don't get severe weather, you can get flooding with this. warmer in the northeast. thursday could be a golf day. we'll see, john. >> thank you. we'll take off. >> if only i golfed. >> that's right. i'm not letting that stop me. >> i like the shirts. >> okay. good to know. >> just saying. comicsmocking president trump's trouble with the truth. late-night laughs. >> trump has passed 10,000 lies. man, i've got to tell you, if trump had a dollar for every lie he's told, he would say he had
3:58 am
$1 billion. >> president trump just told his 10,000th lie since taking office. yeah. that is a lot of lies. especially since that doesn't include any of the times he told eric and donald junior that he's proud of them. >> the first 24 hours of his campaign, joe biden raised $6.3 million. he did it in an interesting way. he stood outside a movie theater and said, give me $1,000 or i'll ruin the "avengers" for you. >> i have seen it, by the way, and i'm willing to ruin it for you. >> don't do that. i really am going to go, as soon as possible. >> thank you to our international viewers. "cnn talk" is next. u.s. viewers, big headline for joe biden in our cnn national poll. "new day" continues right now. >> our political system is broken. the moral obligation of our time is to restore the backbone of america. >> the former vice president will be headed to iowa.
3:59 am
>> biden way out in front. this is about his rollout. president trump and his family suing two banks to prevent them from complying with congressional subpoenas. >> democrats will take anything out of context to embarrass this president. the american public has a right to know whether the president is acting on his behalf or their behalf. the asylum program is a scam. >> president trump taking aim at migrants seeking asylum with a new plan to overhaul the nation's immigration system. >> the president has opened up a whole new front, trying to speed up the process on asylum. >> announcer: this is "new day," with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> hi. >> hi. how are you? i didn't know you were going to be here. >> i guess it is my cue. good morning, everyone. welcome to your new day. you're so polite. >> apparently, you didn't know you were going to be here either. >> that's right. we begin with breaking news. a new cnn national poll shows former vp joe biden with a
4:00 am
commanding lead in the race for the democratic nomination. 39% of potential democratic voters say biden is, today, their top choice. >> senator bernie sanders, he is in second place right now. a full 24 points behind joe biden. he's at 15%. all this as the former vice president begins his first official campaign swing to iowa. want to bring in cnn political director david challion with new poll numbers and a bounce for the former vice president. >> big bounce indeed. this is the first national poll taken entirely after joe biden entered the race. clearly seeing some effect of a positive rollout for him. the rors rahorse race numbers, as you noted, biden out front with 39%. 15% for bernie sanders. the next four, warren, buttigieg, o'rourke, harris, all down in single digits. i want to compare this to how they performed last month in our poll. take a look at the growth for joe biden


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