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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  May 6, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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united states and all around the world. this is "new day." it's monday, may 6th, 6:00 here in new york. hope you had a terrific weekend. >> yes, i did. i didn't do a 26-mile run, like you did. >> i did a 26-mile run. >> it was impressive. you department look happy, but it was impressive. >> well, chafing tends to make you unmahappy. the >> tmi. major stories overnight. president trump moving his position on the mueller investigation. we've learned overnight that the u.s. is deploying an aircraft carrier strike group and air force bombers to the persian gulf. national security adviser john bolton says it's designed to send a, quote, clear and unmistakable message to iran after the regime made what he calls troubling threats against u.s. forces in the middle east. we should be clear, there's no indication that any action by iran is imminent. meanwhile, stock futures are plunging this morning as president trump is ratcheting up
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pressure on china, threatening a new, more severe round of tariffs if there is no breakthrough in the year-long trade war. "the wall street journal" reports that china is considering pulling out of trade talks that were set for this week. president trump is also changing course on whether he thinks special counsel robert mueller should testify before congress. on friday, the president told reporters that the attorney general is the person who should make that call. but now he says that mueller should not testify, period. there's a lot of ground to cover around the world. we begin with barbara starr live at the pentagon with the u.s. military action on iran. what's happening, barbara? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn, an extraordinary statement by the administration on sunday night. and now this morning, a u.s. aircraft carrier task force and air force bombers are heading to that region in the middle east, where there are thousands of u.s. forces. they are deployed up and down the persian gulf. there are u.s. forces in iraq, in syria, and in afghanistan. the forces that are on the way,
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we are told, is because there is intelligence that iran and iranian-backed forces in the region may be preparing for an attack on u.s. forces. in that sunday night statement, the national security adviser, john bolton said, and let's show it to everybody, his exact words. he said the united states is deploying the "uss abraham lincoln" carrier strike group and a bomber task force, those air force bombers, to send a clear and unmistakable message to the iranian regime that any attack on united states interests or those of our allies will be met with unrelenting force. the united states is not seeking war with the iranian regime, but we are fully prepared to respond to any attack. so bottom line, we are told there's no imminent action planned by the u.s., because they see no imminent threat from the iranian forces that they are worried about. but this is about deterrence. this is about making a very
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public show of force, sending a message to iran, don't even try it. john? >> it is interesting to me, we hear, no imminent threat, but this is clearly in response, so say u.s. military officials to something. it's just unclear to me what exactly that something is. also, barbara, you know, up until this point, the pentagon has been very much focused on russia and china. now they're having to really widen that scope. what do you make of that? >> this is extremely interesting. acting defense secretary, patrick shanahan, has said for months now, it's all about in his words, china, china, china, and russia. this is what the pentagon has really shifted to and what we find literally on a sunday night, they are back, focused on the persian gulf. this has been a flash point for years. and of course, tensions rising with iran, the u.s. trying to limit their oil exports. the president obviously worried about their nuclear program. and now the u.s. making this show of force to deter iran,
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because of what they believe they have, which is intelligence, that an attack possibly is being prepared. possibly. john, alisyn? >> all right. barbara starr for us. barbara, thank you very much for that report. we'll stay on this all morning. alisyn? all right, john, another big international story, president trump rattling financial markets, threatening new u.s. tariffs on some $200 billion worth of chinese goods. this comes ahead of a critical week of trade negotiations between the u.s. and china. so let's bring in cnn chief business correspondent and "early start" anchor, christine romans. so christine, what exactly is the president threatening here? >> look, he's the tariff man, right? he bragged about that, saying that tariffs are the way to deal with the chinese in a very strong way. and the president saying he wants to raise tariffs on $200 billion worth of chinese imports from 10% to 25% on friday, this week. and he wants to add potentially new tariffs very shortly, he said, on another $325 billion worth of chinese imports.
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essentially putting taxes, as he calls them, on everything that the u.s. imports from china. this is a sharpening of his tone as we're here after ten rounds of negotiations in a year-long trade war, he has really sharpened his tone here. >> so how are the markets reacting this morning? >> nobody likes it. they don't like it at all. "the wall street journal" is reporting that the chinese are considering pulling out of an important meeting this we cek. top negotiators were going to come into washington. they thought we were wrapping this up. around the world, you can see stock markets down sharply in asia. also down in europe. japan and london are closed, so those numbers are misleading there, but around the world, you know, 2 to up to 5% losses. in the u.s., you're looking at a 1 or 2% decline on the opening bell. now 5 hurricane poi00 points is recent dow futures number. stocks are up over the past few years, and baked into this is the assumption that there's going to be a meaningful trade
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de deal. if the u.s. walks away and puts more tariffs on to u.s. goods, that's seen as destabilizing to the stock market. >> so the president says that china is paying the bill. is that true? >> in this series of tweets, he says that china has been paying tariffs on this $200 billion worth of goods coming in, and even higher tariffs on high tech stuff coming in. china is not paying those tariffs. it's very clear here, customs -- u.s. customs, that bill goes to whoever imported it. so that is, for example, american furniture companies, american retailers, american apparel suppliers. and so far, the president is right in his tweets that so far that those prices haven't been passed in a big degree to the american consumer, but there's a concern that if you put tariffs on everything that the u.s. brings in here, that's going to start to filter down to the consumer. i will say that trade allies of the president says that the u.s. economy is so strong right here, alisyn, this is the perfect time to be threatening the chinese, right? because the u.s. economy is
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strong and can withstand any further trade war. markets don't think so. >> okay, kristine, thanks very much for explaining all of that. a major reversal from president trump on the special counsel. the president now says that robert mueller should not testify before congress, which really does beg the question, what exactly is the president afraid of? cnn's joe johns live at the white house with the latest. and joe, this is a shift. >> that's for sure, john. and since friday, we've seen quite a bit of positioning on both sides of pennsylvania avenue on this issue with house democrats trying to appear more accommodating, which they hope sets them up for a court case, if it comes to that. the president appearing to double down, which is pretty much a negotiating position he's favored over the years. president trump flipping his stance on special counsel robert muell mueller's potential testimony on capitol hill, tweeting, bob mueller should not testify nop
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re-dos for the dems. but on friday, trump saying, it's not up to him whether mueller testifies. >> that's up to our attorney general, who i think has done a fantastic job. >> reporter: last week, attorney general william barr telling senators he would allow the special counsel to take the stand. >> what about bob mueller? should he be allowed to testify? >> i have already said publicly, i have no objection. >> reporter: the president's reversal comes as house democrats wait to hear from mueller about a tentative may 15th invitation. democrats want mueller to further explain the ten incidents of potential obstruction by president trump, as well as the special counsel's decision not to make a determination about whether trump obstructed justice. >> given the fact that barr does not seem to be a neutral observer here, mueller's testimony is all the more important. >> reporter: as the clock quickly ticks for mueller, house democrats are demanding the attorney general hand over the full unredacted mueller report. >> congress, our job is oversight. the american people need to know the truth. that's why we need the full
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mueller report. >> reporter: house judiciary chairman jerry nadler threatening to hold barr in contempt of congress if he doesn't respond to the request by 9:00 this morning, sending the ag a letter friday, offering to negotiate pa reasonable accommodation with the justice department. one person the president is willing to talk about the mueller report with, russian president vladimir putin, in their first call since the conclusion of the investigation. >> he actually sort of smiled when he said something to the effect of, it started off as a mountain and it ended up being a mouse, but he knew that, because he knew there was no collusion. >> reporter: missing from the conversation, a warning from trump to putin to stop russian interference in the 2020 election. >> we didn't discuss that. really, we didn't discuss it. >> reporter: the mueller report confirming the russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping and systemic fashion. secretary of state mike pompeo on defense over that lack of warning. >> you're looking at the
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administration that has been tougher on russia than any of its predecessors, and yet you continue to be fixated on something that robert mueller wrote down. >> so what's the bottom line here on the mueller report? well, so far. the white house, the president, and the attorney general have been able to control the narrative over that issue. but if the special counsel himself speaks publicly, those words are going to carry a lot of weight. alisyn? >> okay, joe, thank you very much. now to more international news. russia is launching a criminal investigation into what may have caused that deadly plane fire on that moscow runway. here's the video. 41 people were killed, including at least two children, when the plane burst into a ball of flames while trying to make an emergency landing. cnn's nathan hodge is live in moscow with the very latest. what do they think happened? >> reporter: alisyn, russian authorities have cast a very wide net here in investigating the causes of this crash on sunday. russia's investigative committee, which is its top law
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enforcement body says that it's looking at a whole range of possible causes for this, everything from the qualifications of the pilots and the maintainers to the air traffic controllers to a problem with the aircraft itself to adverse weather conditions. so right now, they're just trying to get some sense of what was the cause of this. and what forced this plane to turn back. it was in the air for only about 30 minutes. it was flying on a route from moscow to muransk. that's about a two-hour flight to a city in russia's north. and just under half an hour in the air, turned back and made this hard landing on the ground, first bouncing on the ground and then making another landing and the undercarriage of the plane and the engines catching on fire after it skidded to a halt at the end of the runway, the emergency chutes were deployed and we were seeing this quite arresting footage of the passengers of the plane trying to make an escape, coming down those ramps. and as you had said, many people
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were killed. 41 people were killed in this incident. 78 people were onboard this aircraft. so russian authorities are really still trying to get to the bottom of what caused this. alisyn? >> nathan, thank you very much. obviously, the video is horrifying, just hearing what was happening inside the cabin is horrifying. >> they've had a lot of issues with air travel in russia for decades. they were hoping they had corrected it, but clearly, issues were made. >> we'll have miles o'brien to talk about it later in the program. president trump's former lawyer and fixer michael cohen heads to prison in just hours. we understand he might want to speak to cameras before making the journey behind bars. what is it exactly he wants to say this time? that's next. alright, i brought in ensure max protein... give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't (grunti)g i'll take that. (cheering)
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3:18 am
morning, alisyn. but do i want to mention that michael cohen actually asked to be here in otusville. this prison was dubbed club fed. "forbes" magazine listed it as one of the cushiest prisons in america back in 2009. he'll share the halls with some notable prisoners, as well. the situation from jersey shore. there's more than 800 inmates in otusville on two different campuses, a minimum security campus, a medium security campus, and it's unclear right now where michael cohen is going to be housed. the bureau of prison doesn't give that information he actually checks in. but certainly, what's also unclear, as you guys said, is if he is going to say anything. he's hinted that he might, we shall see. but we know he's been on this truth-telling crusade ever since he pleaded guilty to tax fraud, campaign finance violations and lying to congress, sort of
3:19 am
talking about the president publicly in front of congress, also behind closed doors. we know 53 years old, he's going to spend three years here at otusville, and he had to report here by 2:00 p.m. today. so john and alisyn, we'll see if he says anything outside his home in park avenue. very different from where he'll be living for the next three years. >> we are watching his home very closely to wait and see if he does say something. thanks so much, brynn. president trump is reversing himself now on robert mueller, saying the special counsel should not testify before lawmakers. but on friday, the president said this about whether mueller should speak to congress. >> mr. president, should mueller testify? would you like to see him testify? >> i don't know. that's up to our attorney general, who i think has done a fantastic job. >> i want to bring in abby phillips, cnn white house correspondent, who's here with us in new york. joe lockhart, former clinton press secretary who's always here with us in new york, and l
3:20 am
elly honig. bill barr has made it clear he's okay with robert mueller testifying, so what happened? >> well, the president wants to put an end to this. he's wanted that for a long time, but he's been trying to be a little bit more zen about it, trying to leave to it barr, hoping that this will all end up well for him. but in some ways, we have to make a distinction between trump's behavior as it relates to the special counsel and what actually the impact of mueller's testimony might be. even though he seems to be extremely worried about it, saying that he doesn't think that mueller should testify, that's just the president, i think, just based on how he's behaved throughout this probe and how he interprets all of this congressional oversight. that's him just saying to congress, i don't want to give you even an inch, but i don't think we should read that as a sign that he thinks that there is some kind of, you know, smoking gun that mueller could reveal that is extremely damaging to him. he tends to be on the side of
3:21 am
wanting to push back against congress. and he's just expressing his true views on this. and the shift is really just a shift in him, you know, he's no longer willing to leave it to bill barr, but that should be no surprise. he rarely wants to leave these things up to other people. >> but what skin is it off the president's nose, joe? what white house resources will be taxed by robert mueller going to talk to congress? >> well, i don't think -- there won't be any. i think the difference between friday and sunday was, friday he was in front of cameras. and i think he didn't want to get into a discussion about why mueller shouldn't testify. sunday was a tweet. and that's not a debate, that's a proclamation. i think he's -- i agree with abby that they want to stonewall as a strategy. and i think they're trying to bait the democrats into going to impeachment, thinking that they won't. that it's all a big bluff and democrats will give up. but i do think they're worried and should be worried about
3:22 am
mueller's testimony. there was a poll out this weekend that 3% of americans had read the mueller report. what bob mueller does is he animates that. it's, you know, it's like bringing -- it's like a book to a movie. this will be dramatic. mueller, you know, won't be theatric, but it will be dramatic to go through piece by piece what's in the mueller report and the president definitely doesn't want that to happen. >> i do want to know that this book, "a man who wakes up," has been optioned, right? >> i wondered why you were laughing at me. >> a book to a movie. >> it has been optioned. >> elly honig, abby phillip says the president isn't scared about something specific from mueller, it's just obstructionist. if you were going to make news by asking robert mueller a question with or another way of saying this is what questions do you think the president should worry about that could go to robert mueller? >> so a couple of questions might really be keeping the president up at night if robert
3:23 am
mueller has to answer them in person. first of all, if not for the infamous doj policy against indicting a sitting president, would you have indicted donald trump for obstruction of justice? it's a very direct question. >> that's a good one. >> thanks! your book is good, too. i read it. >> optioned. >> he has taken a lot of slack for this, robert mueller, including from bill barr last week, right? bill barr attacked him and in the letter we saw, he did not make a thumbs up or thumbs down decision, he's taken a lot of heat for it. he could say, you want a thumbs up or a thumbs down? i'm not so sure bill barr and donald trump want to hear that answer. that's a question i would have to him. who did you intend to decide obstruction? you didn't decide it, you must have intended someone. did you want bill barr to come in and do what he did or did you have congress in mind? and the third one, i would want to ask him at all the different points where he and bill barr are at odds.
3:24 am
bill barr threw down the gauntlet and picked a fight with him last week and i would want mueller to have a chance to straighten things out about the letter. when you sent that letter to bill barr, in what ways specifically did bill barr misrepresent your findings? >> the good news, abby, is that president trump and vladimir putin agree on the outcome of this. this is strange. to hear from the president about the phone call, the very c congenial phone call that he had with vladimir putin. it's a little bit like talking to the burglar that broke into your neighbor's home and being congratulatory with each other about the outcome of that. it's strange once again to hear the president side with vladimir putin over robert mueller, et cetera, et cetera. >> i think we can safely say that the president is not particularly concerned about the burglary. he didn't bring it up. he really rarely brings it up in public or with vladimir putin. but this is one of those cases of the president really getting in his own way. on friday morning, the job
3:25 am
numbers came out, they were great for him. the mueller probe is over. he was feeling really good. and so what does he do? he calls vladimir putin. and the first thing that he does is say to putin, essentially, we can start over. we can restart this relationship. and this is what he's wanted to do all along. and so it is strange, because i think given all the information that's in the mueller report, you would think that the president would bring up the issue of russian interference, say to putin, don't do this again, but it's not strange, because it falls with president trump's very clear pattern. he wants to normalize relations with putin. he's been waiting for this to all be over to do that. and he took the very first opportunity he could to try to do that, by basically having like a jovial moment with putin on the phone. the president was basically describing putin as smiling, but it wasn't even a video conference, it was a telephone call. they were clearly in a good mood in this conversation, joking with each other about the
3:26 am
mueller investigation. it was just really extraordinary. >> such a good mood, he could see him smile, even though there was no actual picture to show it. i think it's a fair question to ask whether the president is concerned about russian meddling in the next election. >> i mean, mike pompeo bristled at that question. >> but it's a fair question. >> and acting as though, we've done more than anybody! but again, it is very confusing when you hear the president calling the culprit. >> and our reporting shows that the president -- this is not something that aides believe the president wants to talk about. there have been very few meetings on election interference in this white house compared to other things, like the border crisis, which he believes is a national security emergency. white house aides are clear, this is something that president trump only deals with intermittently. he does not want to talk about it as often as a lot of other things. >> all right, facebook kicked some people off over the last several days. awful -- >> oh, horrible. conspiracy -- just the most disgusting conspiracy theorists, the ones that don't think, for instance, sandy hook in newtown happened. >> infowars, paul neil, an
3:27 am
anti-semite, who has said anti-semitic things in wisconsin. this is what the president has said about this move. he stuck. for these people. "i'm continuing to monitor the censorship of americans on social media platforms. this is the united states of america and we have shown what's known as freedom of speech. we are monitoring and watching closely." joe, what message does that send when the president is protecting infowars? >> well, remember, one of the first interviews that the president did upon being elected in the transition was with alex jones. and he has praised infowars, infowars being the people who said that sandy hook didn't happen and was a hoax. you know, that 20 kids, you know, killed -- this is part of the president's political strategy to keep his base whipped up, to re-tweet white nationalists. to play in this conspiracy game. and we don't need anymore evidence that, you know, for instance, he doesn't care about russian meddling, because he
3:28 am
thinks it helped him. he knows it helped him. and he'll continue to do these things. what it does is it debases the presidency. when you have someone who is willing to amplify using the largest bully pulpit in the world, you know, crazy conspiracytheorists, bigots, you know, anti-semites, he degrades the office by doing this. and he's going to continue this fight. >> oliver darcy said over the weekend, i think it was oliver, that infowars doesn't need to be on facebook, because they have the president to make their case for them. >> yeah, they have a great megaphone. thank you all. all right. just an unreal development over the weekend at the kentucky derby. the first horse to cross the finish line disqualified or pushed back. the horse's owner wants to repeal the ruling, but can he? we have the latest in a live report, next.
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breaking news. a cease-fire between israel and militants in gaza appears to be holding at this hour. it comes after three days of the worst violence in the region in years. with 23 palestinians and 4 israelis killed in air raids and rocket attacks. oren liebermann has the latest. he is live from the israel/gaza border. what's the situation there. >> reporter: alisyn, the skies above gaza have been quiet for the first time in some 48 hours since the first fighting we've seen since the end of the war. palestinian jihad announced that the cease-fire took effect at 4:30 in the morning and since then the skies have been quiet. israel hasn't acknowledged or confirmed the existence of a cease-fire, but it rarely does. the clearest indication from the israeli side that civilian restrictions were lifted and life is beginning to get back to normal. until that point, militants in gaza had fired nearly 700
3:34 am
rockets into israel. some shorter ranger, but some more powerful rockets that targeted the larger cities in southern israel, as well as an anti-tank missile guideded a an israeli car. meanwhile, israel carried out a wave of strikes against gaza, hitting more than 350 targets, beginning with smaller hamas military posts on the border and escalating to larger multi-story buildings that israel says are terror infrastructure. and israel carried out the first targeted killing against a gaza official in years. the fighting ended late sunday night into monday. that cease-fire appears to be holding at this point. both sides have scaled back on what seemed like a very sharp escalation. ever since saturday morning, john, the question now, how long does this hold and do they get back the long-term agreements to try to find some sort of cease-fire that will hold than more than a few weeks at this point. >> the cease-fire holding for now. oren liebermann at the israel gaza border, please let us know if there are any developments. thanks, oren. so what a weekend at the kentucky derby and it might not
3:35 am
be over yet. the horse that crossed the line first disqualified from victory. this morning, the owner of maximum security says he wants to appeal that ruling. our martin savidge is live in louisville with the very latest. martin. >> reporter: good morning to you, john. you know what, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. in the case of the kentucky derby, it happened in the very same race. history in the making here, in the 145th running, as the lead horse was disqualified. that has never happened for the purposes of a foul. let me take you back to the very sloppy saturday afternoon, where it's range cats aining cats and, you have 19 horses in the running, in the final turn, getting ready to come into the home stretch, maximum security, depending on who you talk to, either is jumping a pulled or startled by the noise of the crowd, but veers, moves, drifts out of its lane and somehow interferes with the other potential horses. so that even though maximum security comes across the finish
3:36 am
line first, well, there is a review. hold on a minute. you've got two objections filed by other jockeys. the referees in this case which are known as horse racing parlance as stewards review the video, talk to the jockeys and 20 minutes later come out with a very different depiction of events. let me just read you the formal statement. we had a lengthy review of the race. we interviewed affected riders, we determined that the seven authors drifted out and impacted the progress of number 1, in turn, interfering with 18 and 21. therefore, we unanimously determine to disqualify number 7 and place him behind the 18th. there you have it. clear as mud. in other words, that is how maximum security went from being the winner to disqualified and country house will go down in the history books as the winner with a great big fat asterisk next to his name. now what happens next, no one really knows. the refs have ruled. officially, there's no appeal. but with all the money at stake, you can bet it's going to run
3:37 am
right towards some kind of courtroom. alisyn? >> what a nail biter that continues to go on. martin, thank you very much for that update. >> it continues to bite, you might say. >> yes. and a big asterisk, he said. >> he did say. it wasn't that close of a call. the rules were very clear about what should happen and that horse broke the rules. meanwhile, russia is now investigating that deadly plane crash, that crash landing, as you can see on that screen here. what went wrong? miles o'brien on that, next. ♪ ♪ this mother's day, get mom the one gift she's always wanted... ♪ get engaged... ...with our diamond price match guarantee, there is no better time.
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a criminal investigation is underway after 41 people were killed when that russian passenger jet made an emergency landing at a moscow airport on sunday. video shows the aircraft made a hard landing, it bounced down on to the runway, and then it caught on fire. another dramatic video shot from inside the plane shows the aircraft catching on fire while skidding along the runway and you can hear how terrified passengers are. joining us now is cnn aviation
3:42 am
analyst, miles o'brien, miles, this is just horrible to see what they were experiencing inside the cabin. what do you see when you look at the video of that crash landing? >> well, aside from that horrifying scene, which you saw and everybody else would see, it's tough to watch, what you see is an aircraft that landed hard and long on the runway, bounced three times, and in the process of bouncing, it apparently collapsed the main landing gear, that ruptured the fuel tanks, sparks flew and the fire ensued. you have to remember, this is an aircraft that had taken off about a half hour earlier on a flight to muransk, it had a fair amount of fuel still onboard. we don't know what sort of emergency was going on. it was declared about five minutes after departure. but that landing, either there was a heroic landing by the crew, overcoming some difficulty with the aircraft or it was a really botched landing. >> well, i mean, in terms of the botched landing, let's look at
3:43 am
that scenario first. i've read one of the things that pilots often have to do is dump fuel so you don't have a hard landing like that, but it appears that they landed with a full engine of fuel. so would that be pilot error? >> well, this is an aircraft that doesn't have the capability of dumping fuel. so if they had an emergency which required them to get on the ground, the decision to land heavy is a good decision. if you have the luxury of flying around to burn off the fuel, you would. in this case, it appears the aircraft tried to land once before and did a go around and then came back in. so whatever was happening on that aircraft, there's reports of an electrical failure, perhaps. whatever it was clearly put the crew in a situation where it wanted to get on the ground quickly and what you see is horrific. i should note, alisyn, that there were people sliding down that emergency slide with their carry-on baggage. which is just mind blowing to me, to think that people would
3:44 am
bother to pull their bag off the overhead and carry it with them on their way. >> yeah, you're not supposed to do that, obviously. they tell you that. but in terms of the mechanical failure, let's talk about this airplane, since we're now so conscious of possible things that can go wrong with different models of airplane. this was a 100-seater, superjet 100, a relatively new aircraft. what do we know about it? >> it's produced by squoi, a russian firm. it's a commuter-sized aircraft, similar to an embraer or a crj that we might be familiar with here in the united states. this is the fourth accident involving one of these aircraft over the past eight years it's been in service. but in each case, those crashes, one way or another, had pilot error as part of the accident. so it's hard to say that there's a pattern here or a fundamental problem with this aircraft. >> one of the horrifying things is just knowing that 41 people died, and i guess it depends on
3:45 am
what side of the plane you were sitting on, because as you point out, there is all of that video of people getting out really quickly, going down the slides, as you say, they had time to grab their carry-ons, but from that video inside the cabin, you can see that if you were seated i guess on the right side of the plane that a lot of people were trapped. >> well, yeah, unfortunately, these things -- a lot of this is left to chance, of course. one other thing to point out, too, there seemed to be a very slow response by the crash and recovery trucks. it was fully, at least 90 seconds before they even arrived at the aircraft. they knew they had an aircraft landing with an emergency. i have landed in many cases in an aircraft with much less of an emergency, including people with a heart attack onboard, and you see crash trucks all down the runway. in this case, they weren't there. >> all right. miles o'brien, thank you very much for giving us your analysis of what you see on that video. >> you're welcome, alisyn.
3:46 am
>> john? >> flood-ravaged iowa faced with a threat of still more rain. we are live on the ground. look at those pictures. that's next. oh milk. am i willing to pay the price for loving you? you'll make my morning, but ruin my day. complicated relationship with milk? pour on the lactaid, 100% real milk, just without that annoying lactose. mmm, that's good.
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new concerns this morning for residents in iowa. on top of the severe floods hitting the region, there's a new threat of torrential rain this week. the forecast has now warned the historic flooding along the mississippi river could extend into june. i want to bring in cnn's dan simon live in davenport. look at the scene behind you, dan. >> hey, good morning, john. it is a mess here in downtown davenport. this is the heart of where you had all of this water come in. really, the only way you can get around is by boat. we had a couple of guys taking us around this morning. you can see these cars have been submerged. a lot of businesses around here underwater. we don't know how many businesses have been destroyed or took on heavy damage, but it is pretty significant.
3:51 am
now, despite the fact that you had all of this water come in, i have to tell you, john, this was not supposed to happen. davenport, they put up a temporary barrier. anytime the mississippi river gets above flood stage, and for whatever reason, this time, it just didn't hold. and they're investigating to see what exactly happened. the good news is the locals tell me that the water has receded by several feet, so things are looking better, if you can believe that. but the bad news is more rain is expected in the forecast, so that could delay the water from receding or perhaps push the water up a bit. and you have all of these communities up and down the mississippi river, all the way from iowa to missouri, anxiousinganxious i ly awaiting to see what happens. >> oh, my gosh, dan, your pictures there are just incredible. thank you very much for reporting from iowa. but iowa is not the only state dealing with severe weather. powerful thunderstorms are set to slam the south central u.s. this week. cnn meteorologist chad myers has the latest forecast.
3:52 am
what's going to happen, chad? >> alisyn, over a number of days. all the way through the end of the week, severe weather today through the plains. this weather is brought to you by green mountain coffee roasters, packed with goodness. let's get right to it. where's the weather today? it's in kansas, it's in oklahoma, and it's in texas. but i want to show you how this is going to spread out over the next few days. by later on tonight, big storms across the texas panhandle, oklahoma panhandle will be tornadoes on the ground. yesterday, 19 tornadoes were on the ground. we won't see that many today, but we will see many more tomorrow. another big day from amarillo down to lubbock tomorrow afternoon. but this is the graphic that is key. this is seven days worth of rainfall. everywhere that's orange is 4 or more inches of red. all of the rain, six or more. and this graphic here, 40 river gauges are either at major or higher flood stage throughout the country. and the water is here where dan was. guess where that has to go.
3:53 am
all the way down to the gulf coast. flooding throughout most of this spring. >> it's going to be a long spring, indeed. chad myers, thanks very much for that. adam sandler returning to "saturday night live" after 24 years. he paid a touching tribute to his friend, the late chris farley. what an episode this was. that's next. but first, a look at a cnn special close to our hearts, champions for change. this time, anchors and correspondents will introduce you to people making a difference that have left a lasting impression on us. >> some people -- >> some stories. >> are so powerful -- >> they leave their mark. >> nobody has ever affected me the way your son did. >> their work creates real impact. >> on their communities. >> on their country. >> on us all. >> meet the changemakers we have never forgotten. >> what a difference seven years makes. >> this is the place where we
3:54 am
jumped. >> yeah, this is the place where i live. >> this is bill from cnn. >> this is my first time, today. >> these are the champions for change. >> it is amazing. >> i just get to tell you a story. >> champions for change. a week-long cnn special event, all next week. what if other kinds of plants captured it too? if these industrial plants had technology that captured carbon like trees we could help lower emissions. carbon capture is important technology - and experts agree. that's why we're working on ways to improve it. so plants... can be a little more... like plants. ♪
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okay. "saturday night live" was great. adam sandler returned to "snl" after 24 years and he brought back many of his iconic characters, one of them, opera man. here's your late-night laughs. ♪ kentucky derby, very fasto ♪ one in firsto and one in lasto ♪ ♪ winning horse is magnifioso ♪ losing horse is delicioso ♪ klobuchar, warren ♪ they have slim chanceo
3:59 am
♪ they no wear pants-o ♪ cory, pete, and beto will have to wait-o ♪ ♪ here we go again ♪ 70-year-old men >> all right, that was great. but the betts and the most moving thing i've seen on tv in a long time, the moment that adam sandler paid tribute to his friend and former "saturday night live" co-star, the late chris farley. ♪ on saturday night, my man would always deliver ♪ ♪ whether he was the bumblebee girl or living in a band out by the river ♪ ♪ he loved the bears and chippendales with swayze ♪ ♪ when you replace his coffee with folgers, he went crazy ♪ ♪ without him, there'd be no lunch lady in lunch lady land ♪ ♪ you know i'm thinking about,
4:00 am
thinking about my boy, chris farley ♪ >> do yourself a favor. go watch the whole thing, because it really is moving. >> what a loss. it just reminded me again last night, it was so devastating when chris farley died. and then for adam sandler, that was just a great choice that he made, because he knows that we all still feel that loss. >> thanks for our international viewers for watching. for you, "cnn talk" is next. for our u.s. viewers, "new day" continues right now. the u.s. deploying an aircraft carrier strike group and air force bombers to the persian gulf. >> my first thought was, here we go again. this is the time of escalation at this point. >> president trump saying, flat-out, mueller should not testify. he didn't express those concerns on friday. >> that's up to our attorney general. >> the president is realizing it might not look so good for him, despite his claims to have been fully exonerated. >> this is "new day," with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning and welcome to your "new day."


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