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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  May 7, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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he's allowed to keep. >> still bitter? >> he's allowed to keep it. no one said he had to get rid of the beard. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day." it is tuesday, may 7th, 6:00 in new york. there is a new fight between the trump white house and democrats. steve mnuchin refusing the request from the house ways and means committee to turn over the president's tax returns, saying it, quote, lacks a legitimate ledgislative purpose. today, nadler and his staff will try to reach an agreement on the mueller report. if not, they plan to hold attorney general william barr in contempt of congress. >> all in all, it seems one might think it is a contemptible week. don mcgahn could face a citation by 10:00 eastern time this morning if he doesn't turn over documents to congress connected to the mueller investigation. we should get the clock going.
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countdown to contempt. then the big question, will robert mueller himself testify? the attorney general or the president, they could try to block an appearance before congress. the house has set aside may 15th, one week from tomorrow, for the special counsel to testify. meantime, hundreds of former prosecutors so s signed a lette saying president trump would have been charged with obstruction if he were anyone other than the president. we have a lot to cover this morning. let's get right to capitol hill. cnn's lauren fox is live there with the very latest. decision time over the next several hours for democrats. >> reporter: that's right. democrats are plotting ahead, trying to find a way around the white house's untrprecedented obstruction. the latest blow coming, like you said, from treasury secretary steve mnuchin. the trump administration raising a new roadblock in house democrats' efforts to investigate the president. treasury secretary mnuchin
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refusing to hand over president trump's personal and business tax returns to the house ways and means committee. in a letter to the chairman, mnuchin saying he determined that the committee's request lacks a legitimate legislative purpose. the chairman saying the committee will consult with counsel and determine their response. the tax return battle could make its way to the supreme court, as the trump administration's contempt for congress becomes more apparent. house judiciary chair jerry nadler considering contempt of congress for attorney general william barr, scheduling a vote for tomorrow after barr declined to provide the full, unredacted mueller report by monday. justice department officials will try to diffuse the situation in a meeting with committee staff today. nadler says the plans to consider holding attorney general barr accountable for his failure to apply with our subpoena still stand. democrats saying barr's refusal
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to release the report gives them no choice. >> we have to fight fire with fire and have all options on the table. one of them is contempt. i hope we don't have to use it this wednesday, but we will if we must. >> reporter: while the attorney general skipped a hearing last week, the house judiciary committee is pressing forward with another request, to host special counsel robert mueller at a hearing next week, t tentatively may 15th. mueller is still a justice department employee, which means officials could block him from testifying. president trump tweeting sunday, bob mueller should not testify, after weeks of saying it was up to attorney general barr. >> what about mueller, should he be allowed to testify? >> i have no objection to him. >> reporter: a trump administration official telling cnn, the president's tweet was misinterpreted, saying, the president was expressing his opinion, that the investigation is over and it's time to move on. and house democrats could move
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to hold former white house counsel mcgahn in contempt of congress if he doesn't turn over subpoena documents by 10:00 a.m. this morning. they could exert executive privilege over his testimony before the house judiciary committee. >> lauren, thank you very much for all of that. let's bring in the congressional reporter for the "washington post," also a cnn political analyst. rachel, you have reporting on all the stuff that's happening today. don mcgahn, let's start there. the feeling was that he might be willing to come to congress and talk, and willingly turn over things that related to the president pressing him to get rid of robert mueller. why, now, has it become more contentious? >> the talks about contempt for don mcgahn, they're early. to be clear, the committee is still hopeful he does cooperate. they are holding out hope that he will. i guess mcgahn and his attorney are expecting the white house, at some point here, is going to exert executive privilege to
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keep him from turning over these documents he needs to do by 10:00 a.m. ultimately, i'm told it is up to mcgahn. if he doesn't think that they have a legitimate reason for asserting executive privilege, he can ignore the white house and choose to cooperate with congress. the reason he might choose to do that is because, apparently, a lot of lawyers are saying asserting executive privilege after you've waived it so he could testify before mueller probably won't stand up in court. he would be held in contempt and, ultimately, forced to testify, potentially, with this black mark on his record anyway. >> rachel, i guess my question is the bigger picture here, which is, at what point do the democrats actually take action? they risk seeming like the boy who cried contempt, as it were here. they've been talking about it for over a week now. when does the rubber meet the road here? steve mnuchin saying no to the taxes. will they take him to court this week, or start the process? the contempt stuff, will they vote on it now, or will they
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sus succumb to the delay tactics the white house is inching towards? >> you'll see them in court. i don't know if it'll be this week. democratic lawyers made this point again and again, they have to make it look like they're trying to work with the white house, work with the administration. that means giving them extension after extension after extension, then going to court, which apparently bolsters their legal argument. for instance, in the case of don mcgahn, this is the first deadline at 10:00 a.m., i don't expect us to hear anything about contempt today. if they -- with barr, they asked for the mueller raeport. they gave barr two extensions. they don't exactly have a good relationship with barr. they are hopeful on mcgahn, so i do think it is going to drag out a little bit. i'm not sure exactly when they go, but i would expect that, at some point, this is all going to head to the courts and, ultimately, if democrats do not do impeachment of the president, judges will decide the issues. it is tbd, for what point in
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time. >> democrats want to see the unredacted, the entire unredacted mueller report, and bill barr is saying that, legally, i mean, he seems to be claiming that he cannot show them grand jury testimony. they're negotiating today. are they at an impasse, or what might they -- might democrats settle for something less than the full, unredacted report? >> yeah, barr has been arguing he can't turn over grand jury information, and he's right on that. they would need to go to a judge to do that. democrats have asked him over and over again, go to a judge to get the information. previous special counsel, special prosecutors did that so they could turn over grand jury information to congress in the case of watergate, in the case of ken starr's report on clinton and monica lewinsky. barr has refused to do that. this mieeting, we might see a contempt if they come up with an agreement. there is a fundamental clashing
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that i don't know if they'll be able to fix. ultimately, the justice department is saying congress doesn't needs to relitigate the mueller report, and congress is saying, yes, we do. mueller wanted us to. i don't know that they're going to get past that difference. >> rachel, thank you very much for your reporting on this. we do have breaking news we want to tell you about this morning. secretary of state mike pompeo, he is on a trip overseas, and we are learning this morning it is taking an unexpected turn. he just cancelled a trip to berlin. he was due there, set to meet with the german chancellor angela merkel. we got word from the state department that trip was cancelled at the last minute. while this is going on, the press pool traveling with the secretary of state, they're not being told where they are going next. they have been told they may not be able to report from the country they're going to until after they leave. now, we do know that pompeo will meet with the russian foreign minister, sergey lavrov, a week from today in sochi, russia. one of the reasons this is of
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note is because, obviously, the united states has ratcheted up the pressure on iran over the last several days. mike pompeo has been talking about that. there are warships moving to the persian gulf. this meeting with merkel was cancelled for pressing herb s i. is there a crisis situation the secretary is dealing with? >> obviously, we'll follow that for you. meanwhile, china's vice premier is traveling to washington on thursday to try to get trade talks with the u.s. back on track. president trump has been rattling global markets by threatening to impose new tar f tariffs on $200 billion worth of chinese goods on friday. cnn's matt rivers has the latest, live from beijing. what is the situation there, matt? >> reporter: alisyn, china announced the vice premier would be going to washington this week after there was speculation he'd cancel the trip. given what the president tweeted on sunday, given the harsh words out of d.c., there was some talk
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that the trip would be cancelled. it is going forward as planned. it is an attempt by the chinese to get the trade talks back on track. in this game of last-minute brinksmanship between the u.s. and china, this is china blinking. had they not sent a delegation, it would have meant a deal was off for a long time. it shows china wants a deal to happen. they don't want tariffs to go up. i think they're taking the president and his advisers at their word, that tariffs would go up on friday. i think there was some thought here in beijing -- they were surprised by what the president said. they weren't expecting it, but they want to get a deal done. sending their top negotiator means they're serious about that. >> matt rivers for us. thank you very much for that. u.s./china trade talks and the president's tweets are taking stocks on a roller coaster ride.
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u.s. futures are pointing lower. let's get to christine romans for what the mark it es sets se of this. >> so much of the market's advance was predicated on the idea you'd get a trade deal this summer, with a signing ceremony maybe in june. the president, you know, throwing that up in the air here. the u.s. says it is going to keep to those tariffs, raising tariffs on friday, it is going to happen. that's going to be a significant move. 25% tariff on $200 billion in goods, that is going to be disruptive for the retail industry. the retail trade group said so. all of this royaling markets. dow down 400 some points. then it came back to close down 66. there is a feeling that maybe the president talking tough here, john, could get the chinese to give the concessions that the u.s. wants. i mean, word here is that american negotiators say the chinese were reneging on some of the progress that had been made,
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and that's why hay hthey put th tariff threat on. futures are down but not hard. i think it'll be volatile the next couple days as we find out whether there's progress in washington this week with the trade talks, and when the tariffs really go into effect on friday. >> i think the fact the chinese are sending the top negotiator is something that might soothe the market worries, at least for the next few days. christine, great to yhave you with us from the new set. breaking overnight, long overdue and very welcome, two reuters journalists who have been jailed in myanmar for 500 days are free this morning. they have been reunited with their loved ones. the pair who received this year's pulitzer prize for international reporting, they've been locked up since 2017. they were charged under myanmar's colonial era official secrets act for their report on a massacre of rohingya civilians. the two men were released as part of an amnesty of nearly
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6,300 prisoners by the country's president. very welcome. long overdue. speaking of overdue, prince harry and meghan markle, the duchess of sussex, now proud parents to a healthy baby boy. they have not released the baby's name, but we are expecting to get a peek at the newest little royal tomorrow. cnn's max foster has been following this story very closely. he is live at win sdsor castle. have they chosen a name and not released it, or not decided on a name yet? >> reporter: suggestion yesterday was they couldn't agree on a name. perhaps there is debate there. i can tell you, alisyn, the latest betting, because that's the best thing we have to go on, utter speculation. the names people are betting on, alexander, arthur, james. twitter is full of rumors about the name. we'll expect confirmation in the next couple of days. what the we do know is we'll have a reveal hopefully during the show tomorrow, where we'll see the baby for the first time. also, the new mother for the first time, as well. all following this announcement,
3:14 am
initially sent out by a traditional press release, then the new tradition of the instagram post, then confirmed by an elated new father. >> it's been the most amazing experience i could ever have possibly imagined. we're both absolutely thrilled. so grateful to all the love and support for everybody out there -- from everybody out there. it's been amazing. >> reporter: one mystery, alisyn, still remaining, where was this baby born? we know the duchess was hoping to have a home birth at the cottage just beside us, which is where they live now. british media reporting that, actually, she was where i siske a hospital in london, which is where she had the baby. the palace won't confirm or deny that report, saying it is a private matter. >> max, stay on it. we are obviously fascinated by all of the developments there. we will check back for the big
3:15 am
reveal tomorrow. thank you very much. >> apparently during our show, they're making the announcement on our show? >> i think for our sake, yes. >> good booking. >> 7 pounds, 3 ounces. >> healthy size. my choice for a baby name is gronk, after rob gronkowski. >> wow. i hope they don't do that. >> gronk markle windsor. >> we'll see if they're listening. listen to this, more than 400 former federal prosecutors have written a letter, saying that president trump would be charged with obstruction if he were anyone else. we will talk with one of those prosecutors next. is your floor's best friend. only roomba uses 2 multi-surface rubber brushes to grab and remove pet hair. and the roomba filter captures 99% of dog
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as they say on "seinfeld," no tax returns for you. >> that's not what they said. >> almost. >> treasury secretary steve mnuchin officially rejected the request to turn over the president's tax returns. for what it is worth, there is a law, a law, that says the irs -- well, what does the law say? >> go to dramatic reading. upon written request from the chairman of ways and means and of the house of representatives, the secretary of the treasury shall furnish. >> shall furnish. >> such committee with any return or return official specified in the request. accept any return associated with directly or indirectly. in a closed executive session, even that return can be turned over. >> shall furnish. shall furnish.
3:21 am
joining us now, ann, former attorney general and legalage l legal analyst. ellie and john, political analysts. shall furnish. i didn't go to law school, but shall furnish seems definitive. >> shall means must. >> good. b, what happens next? the chairman of the house ways and means committee has a rejection from treasury. what can he do about it? >> i think we'll see them litiga litigate. there is a clear law that says congress gets this information if they request it. their only option now is to go to the courts. we follow prosecutors, for the last few years. now we're start following courts. >> treasury secretary mnuchin says he believes this lacks a legitimate legislative purpose. does he have any standing legally? >> i don't think so. he's saying, i don't believe you, congress.
3:22 am
you say this is your purpose, but i don't think it is. how is he going to prove that? look, congress needs to stand up for itself here. they have been getting rolled since they took office in january. they've gotten nothing. we're four, five months into this term of congress, and the white house has said, and the administration said across the board, you get nothing and like it. so far, they still have not gotten really a single piece of paper that matters. there comes a time when they have to say, enough of this. enough of getting strung along. we're going to the courts and litigating. by the way, this is the perfect issue to litigate because the law is clear. >> how quickly could they litigate? talking weeks or years? >> that's the catch. >> years. >> why? >> i mean, courts run slow, and i think the argument congress has to make here, that the house has to make, is that this has to be done expeditiously and really push. if they take too long, then it really eliminates any congressional power, right? if it takes two or three years. >> john, i actually think though this is now -- even though there is a legal side to this and it will go to the courts, this is all in the realm of politics here.
3:23 am
the political conundrum the democrats are in, i think, is they've been saying, we're going to hold you in contempt and take you to court, and they haven't done it yet. is the time up for them? >> yeah. i think the taxes are probably a very good fight. you're going to see the barr situation escalate. to me, that's a little less strong ground politically. the taxes scream out because there is a total heisman. there's not even the kabuki of an outreach, as there is with the unredacted version of the mueller report. the president clearly has something to hide in his taxes. he really does not want to release those. mnuchin's statement made it sound like it was his judgment. no. this is clearly coming from the top. the law says, shall furnish. the reason it matters in politics and law is we are careening toward the constitutional crisis people feared, where the presidency, the executive branch, is saying
3:24 am
it is not required, does not need to, and will obstruct any checks and balances and oversight from congress. it is resolved in courts, but that's where the politics come in. if they the roll it until after election, it is effectively meaningless. >> they're considering holding don mcgahn in contempt if he doesn't appear. that's being decided, sounds like, today. bill barr, they're negotiating whether or not barr will give the unredacted mueller report. that's also being negotiated today. do you think -- i mean, this is a political question, but do you think -- >> while we're chatting. >> while we're talking, do you think they care about being held in contempt? legacy speaking, legacy, is that a big deal? >> i think they care about losing quickly and being held in contempt. here's why. the law requires, and the court cases require, what is called accommodation. they have to walk in and talk to congress and have a negotiation about what they turn over. they're now doing that negotiation today. it is the first time we've heard them doing it.
3:25 am
if they don't don't, it, i thine court would rule with the house of representatives quickly. i don't know if they care about being held in contempt and having a three-year fight. i think they see it as a win. >> there is a precedent that could impact the court's decisions, too. attorney general holder being held in contempt over fast and furious. conservative commentators hailing the fact that 17 democrats voted with republicans, and democrats opposed. situational ethics here, but i don't think we'll see a bipartisan -- >> the administration ultimately lost, but it took three years. >> right. >> three years. that's the issue here. ellie, you have signed on to this letter that has been signed off to by some 450, and the number goes up. >> 566 was my last count. >> wow. i can't sleep at all. >> i was one of the original signers. >> the argument here is if donald trump were not president of the united states, he'd be charged with obstruction.
3:26 am
one of the quotes, each of us believes the conduct of president trump described in robert mueller's report would, in the case of any other person not covered by the office of legal counsel policy, against incii indicting a sitting president, result in multiple felony charges for obstruction of justice. >> i think donald trump obstructed justice. i don't think it is close. the first time i read the mueller report, it jumped out at me. i said, wow, this is not just obstruction of justice, this is a whole campaign to not just side track an investigation but to take the whole thing down. it is important that people understand, i think, what obstruction of justice normally looks like when you're a prosecutor. i've done obstruction of justice cases for somebody trying to make one witness change one aspect of their story. i've done obstruction of justice cases for someone trying to make a witness get out of town for a week or two during trial. you look at that compared to what donald trump did here, and there is no comparison. one thing i've not heard from anybody, including the attorney general, is any sort of
3:27 am
coherent, convincing explanation as to why this is okay. we know bill barr swept it all away and said, no obstruction. he was given a chance to explain that conclusion in front of the senate last week, and he had nothing. he said, well, normally, you need an underlying offense. guess what? yesterday, bill barr's department of justice indicted somebody in virginia for obstruction of justice with no underlying offense. you do not need that as a matter of law. he said the president was frustration in angry. that's silly. that's a reason people do obstruct, not don't obstruct. he also said to me, pe beyobeyo realm of silly, i believe the president has the right, constitutionally, to stop and take down any investigation he believes is unjust, even one impacting him. that goes beyond silly and to the dangerous to me. i think it is important this stand be taken, at least for the historical record, and also to put additional pressure on congress and potentially robert mueller. >> are all 566 of you federal prosecutors complete liberal
3:28 am
lefties? >> sure. no, we're prosecutors. prosecutors are not known for being liberal lefties. look, the group crosses partisan lines. i served half my time in doj under the bush administration, half my time in doj with the obama administration. i served with chris christie, head of criminal justice in new jersey. it has nothing to do with partisanship. there are people on all levels of doj, from virtually every state. it has everything to do with the law. >> do you think bill barr cares about the letter of 500 and growing lawyers? >> i don't, but i think it raises issues for the people in the u.s. attorney's offices right now. you're sitting there and you're looking at the head prosecutor in the country basically doing something where he says there is not evidence, which is contrary to the facts we've seen. you have the assistant u.s. attorneys and other folks in the office looking at the alumni of the office saying, it's not right. >> thank you, all, very much. the owner of maximum security, the horse that crossed
3:29 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ olly. this morning, racing officials in kentucky are denying an appeal from the owners of maximum security, the horse that was disqualified for interference after crossing the line first at the kentucky derby. the owner, not giving up the fight. our martin savage is live in louisville with the very latest. where does he go now, martin? >> reporter: it looks like we're headed to a court of law. in fact, i would say we're racing in that direction. gary west is the owner of maximum security, and even though his appeal was rejected about the very second it landed on the desk of the kentucky racing horse commission, he is
3:34 am
undaunted, saying he'll push forward. by the way, in the appeal, here's some of the things he listed. he said the ruling by the stewards on saturday to disqualify his horse from the kentucky derby were arbitrary and capricious and not supported by substantial evidence. actually, the referees on the race would say there was a lot of evidence. visual evidence video as well as the testimony from other jockeys in the race. meanwhile, gary west was on fox tv last night, and he was basically blaming another horse in the race for all the problems. take a listen. >> the 1 horse actually caused the infraction, not our horse. i believe it will eventually show that if the 1 horse would have finished ahead of our horse, we would have had every right in the world to claim an objection against the 1 horse. >> if you're wondering, who is the number 1 horse, it is war of will. again, the referees in the race said, no, it was maximum
3:35 am
security that actually interfered with war of will. it was not the other way around. it looks like this is definitely going to be going to a court of law. as for the preakness, gary west ruled out that his horse is not going to be running. that's the second leg of the triple crown. many are saying, you should. what's better than a classic rematch between country house and maximum security? we'll have to see how this all plays out. >> martin savage for us in a beautiful louisville. looks like a fake set behind you right there. the track is just gorgeous behind you this morning. next hour, we'll speak with the trainer of the horse that won the kentucky derby, country house. that training will join us and tell us about this very difficult few days. alisyn? all right. there are severe storms, including the possibility of tornadoes threatening parts of the plains, the midwest, and the south, all in the coming days. heavy rain is also expected to make already bad flooding worse in some spots. cnn meteorologist chad myers has the forecast. how does it look, chad? >> alisyn, already, 36 river
3:36 am
gauges out of the major flood category right now and much more rain to come. also, of course, the severe weather, as well. this weather is brought to you by allegra-d. 24 hour relief of your worst allergy and congestion symptoms. use as directed. the next five days, 6 inches of rainfall where there is already flooding, making everything worse. in this orange and yellow zone, potential for tornadoes today. yesterday, there were only a couple. today, there could be ten or more. one of those spring type days. even for tomorrow. working to 6:00 tonight, the severe weather in the panhandle op texas, oklahoma, kansas. tomorrow, the radar is still going. by the time we wake up tomorrow, this is what the radar will look like, through dallas, texas, into oklahoma city and tulsa. the storm finally moves off to the east and the midwest dries out. there will be more flooding. we had pictures yesterday from davenport. that water has to run downhill.
3:37 am
downhill is down the mississippi. all of those towns down the mississippi will see some more flooding as the week goes on. even the month goes on, alisyn. >> keep everyone posted, please, for those dangerous conditions. thank you very much, chad. prince harry and meghan markle bucking tradition when it comes to their new baby. how they're making their own rules, next. >> announcer: your "new day" weather brought by allegra. 24 hour relief of your worst allergy symptoms. use as directed.
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it's a boy for the duke and duchess of sussex. prince harry and meghan markle welcomed their first child and seventh in line to the british throne yesterday. they're expected to introduce him to the world tomorrow. for the significance, let's bring in max foster, cnn royal correspondent, and victoria
3:42 am
arbiter, royal expert and commentator. great to have you both. you and i were there almost a year ago for their wedding. they've had a busy year. >> very busy. i think we're about two weeks shy of their first wedding anniversary. not a bad way to ring in that first year. >> are you surprised by the new rules that they seem to be setting in terms of they've not announced a name, there have been no baby photos, we don't even know where the baby was born in. >> actually, when it comes to names, some royals, i think the queen waited as long as three weeks to announce prince charles' name. the name is nothing new. i think for a couple reasons. first of all, they need to live for the name a couple days. once you announce a name, there is no reinreining it back in. out of respect to the queen, i think they'll want to run things by her. no doubt the queen will pop down to visit harry and meghan today or first thing tomorrow. i'm not surprised on the name. pictures we've been used to
3:43 am
having, simply because we've seen the royals leaving the hospital. since 1970, the duchess of kent was the first to do a photo upon leaving the hospital. i think everyone is anticipating pictures tomorrow. >> max, tell us the cig candida significance of this baby in britain. the fact it is a baby of mixed race. the fact that, you know, meghan markle is american. just what it means in terms of the mood of the country right now. >> reporter: i think what meghan has managed to do is engage a whole new audience with the british royal family. you know, the queen is a master of this. none of us have anything, pretty much, in common with her, but she managed to connect with the public in a quite extraordinary way. it is very important for the monarchy to be supported by the public and parliament. otherwise, they no longer exist. what meghan does is allow people to relate to the british monarchy. she is good news for the british royal family. we're hearing there from victoria about the name possibly coming soon. we'll see them tomorrow.
3:44 am
also, we're going to be discussing titles, as well. currently, this young boy won't be a prince. actually, when charles becomes king, it will be a prince. that's the way the system works. we're expecting to hear from the queen. perhaps she'll decree this boy will be a prince, in the way she's termed the cambridge children. >> max was reporting once the betting public at least considering names. he mentioned spencer, which would be an interesting choice because of harry's mom. that seems to hold some point yans. >> i think spencer is the sentimental favorite. it is unusual to use surnames as first names in the uk. we don't know about titles yet. if the baby doesn't have a title, they're going to try to find a name that works with a long surname, as well. in terms of names, we'll see a name that is very strong.
3:45 am
that's who the couple are. something that works on both sides of the pond. harry has been keen, no matter what they've done during meghan's tenure in the royal family, he wants to honor her american heritage, as well. alexander we talked a lot about. that works. why? it is the masculine form of alexandria, the queen's middle name. alexander hamilton was one of the american founding fathers. i think we'll see a name that works for both parents moving forward. >> in terms of when we get our eyes on the newest royal, are they going to put a picture out on instagram, walk out? what is the plan for when we can see the baby? >> reporter: well, they've told us that they are going to have this opportunity, this photo call tomorrow. it will be very controlled. very much like the one that we saw yesterday. there will be a tv camera. there will be an agency reporter. there will be a photographer. they'll capture the family within the castle walls behind
3:46 am
me. it'll be a big moment. i'm expecting the pictures to come in, possibly live during our show tomorrow. big moment for john to look forward to in particular, i think. that'll be a big moment. then they'll sort of disappear, i think. they keep emphasizing this privacy point. they want to be able to celebrate privately. they haven't confirmed to us where they had the baby, where the duchess had the baby, despite the media reports that she was whisked away to a london hospital overnight. >> john berman is giddy with excitement, i can tell you, max. he is excited this could happen on our watch. victoria, max, thank you both very much. we will look forward to that tomorrow. right, john? >> i'm not going to be able to sleep tonight, honestly. there is an irony that we're going from the royal segment to a u.s. elections segment. democracy. >> yeah, i know. you seem to be a fan of democracy. i get it. they could be part of the secret sauce to a democratic electoral victory.
3:47 am
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so it could be one of the key voting blocks in the democratic presidential primary, and there is one candidate doing particularly well with them. which block? what candidate? we're joined by prince harry,
3:51 am
the duke of polls, for the forecast. >> i salute. i do not wear a crown. i salute both of you. >> excellent. >> what do you have here? we're talking about non-college whites, correct? >> that is exactly what we're talking about. let's take a look right here. what essentially it is, if we look how similar these two sort of coalitions have been, biden doing well among older voters. same as clinton. idealogically, both do better with moderate conservatives. race, better with non-whites than white democrats. the key, the dissimilarity is on education. take a look at what happened back in 2016. what we see is that bernie sanders actually won those whites without a college degree by about 7 points in the median state with an entrance or exit poll. hillary clinton did better with whites with a college degree. in the from the latest cnn polling. whites without a college degree,
3:52 am
joe biden with 36%. whites with a college degree, 21%. he's doing 15 points better with whites s without a college degr. it is a reversal from clhillary clint clinton, who was better with this block than this block. >> interest. do we know how president trump is doing with whites without a college degree? >> this is donald trump's bread and butter, his group. we saw a lot of whites with a college degree leafing the democratic party. joe biden, middle class joe, working class joe. this poll represents it well. >> this is interesting in the democratic primary politics. this shows joe biden is cutting into the bernie sanders coalition. >> that's exactly -- >> he crosses a line there between hillary and bernie from 2016. >> exactly right. what we have seen so far in the polling, right, is joe biden has gained over the last week and a half since entering the race, and sanders has fallen. part is name recognition and joe biden being the news, and also part of it is joe biden is
3:53 am
eating into bernie sanders' coalition. yes, there are dissimilarities, but there is a real similarity with joe biden and bernie sanders, tending to do better with whites without a college degree. we see this in the poll from monmouth university, the iowa poll. we don't have a breakdown of whites with a college degree versus without one, but iowa democrats are almost virtually white. joe biden at 20%. bernie sanders slightly better among the iowa democrats without a college degree than those with a college degree. different with pete buttigieg, elizabeth warren, and a difference with warren and sanders. warren is better with those with a college degree than those without. the key number, those without a college degree, joe biden doing significantly better than those with a college degree. >> interesting to see kamala harris doing as well as to expand her coalition.
3:54 am
she has to do better among those without a college degree. that might be part of the reason she's struggling with african-american voters. they overwhelmingly tend not to have a college degree. on this point, ethink it i thin key, in a democratic primary, these groups make up 30% of vote. in a general election, if you're looking for someone who might be able to cut into the trump coalition, whites without a college degree make up a significantly larger chunk of the lelectorate. >> how do you feel about thecur >> i like the royal baby. >> speaking baby. >> prince harry, meghan, duchess of sussex, very popular among uk. we don't like politicians here. in uk, they don't either. harry and meghan, doing well. >> no one voted for prince
3:55 am
harry. there are no elections for the royal family. >> he is a stickler about the voting thing in britain. >> didn't vote for him, but they love him. >> thank you. his horse won the kentucky derby under a cloud of controversy. the trainer of country house joins us live with the derby drama. first, a look at the cnn special "champions for change." this time, anchors and correspondents will introduce you to people who left a lasting impression on us. >> some people. >> some stories. >> are so powerful they leave their mark. >> nobody has ever affected me the way your son did. >> their work creates real impact. >> on their communities. >> on their coun all. >> meet the change makers we have never forgotten. >> what a difference seven years makes. >> this is the place where you jumped. >> yeah, this is the place where
3:56 am
i lived. ♪ i will rise >> wow. >> from cnn. >> it was my first time. >> these are the champions for change. >> it is amazing. >> i just get to tell your story. >> announcer: "champions for change," a week-long cnn special event, all next week. this is not just a fever. this is not just the flu. it's meningitis b... and you're not there to help. while meningitis b is uncommon... once symptoms appear, they can progress quickly and can be fatal... sometimes within 24 hours. before you send your teen to college... make sure you help protect them. talk to your teen's doctor... about meningitis b vaccination. ♪ ♪
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