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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  May 8, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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to save 30% on all the medications we carry. so go directly to now. this is cnn tonight and i'm don lemon. top houses democrats saying tonight this nation is in the middle off a constitutional crisis and jerry nadler says it's because president trump is disobeying the law by refusing to turn over the information that congress is requesting. information it has a kaungsitutional right to ask for in its oversight role. so is the president of the united states trying to goad democrats into impeaching him? house speaker, nancy pelosi. >> every day he's obstructing justice. so he's making a case but he's
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just try tag goad us into impeachment. he knows it would be divisive in the country but he doesn't really care. just wants to solidify his base. >> late this afternoon the house judiciary committee voted to hold attorney general william barr in contempt of congress because he ignored a subpoena to turn over the unredacted report after president trump asserted can executive privilege over the entire report, a move he made at barr's request. latest example of the trump administration stone walling congress at every turn. what's happening and what it means for the the country in the days and months to come can. a lot to answer. a lot to get to. a trump -- a former trump transition official who is now calling for impeachment.
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thank you so much. mueller report, all the trump administration's actions rounding it. forcing democrat's hand on impeachment? >> they still have discancretion. but every single day we're getting closer and we're getting very close. i think everything nancy pelosi said was dead on true. i find myself wondering why she isn't running for president because she's so on the mark. the president's trying to goad them into impeaching him. and if that were a political point in his favor, no matter what damage to the country, he would be fine with it. a lot of them are saying on principally with must impeach him because he doesn't have american interests first, all the reasons. but if it's that donald trump must not get a second term. and impeachment might help him stay in office another term,
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then is there any higher principal than resisting impeachment? i wouldn't want to be nancy pelosi. >> i hate to pat myself on the back. it appears that this is -- i don't know if you were on the show. the ball is rolling towards impeachment the democrats would have no other choice. either they ignore rule of law because they too look like they're allowing the president to run rough shot over them and the constitution. i spoke with jerry nadler tonight who says we are in this constitutional crisis. but impeachment not the answer right now. liste listen to this and i'll let you respond. >> and by the way one of the things that is really a predicate for impeachment is you have to have the support of the american people to do that the
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american people have to have the facts to make judgment and they're hiding the facts. so our first job is to get out the facts. the american people should know what crimes if any have been committed and the what story is. >> how can he -- how can democrats like nadler say this is a constitutional crisis but not use a tool more than to stop the crisis? >> i think nadler's plan from the beginning has been to have a full airing of mule -- the results of mueller's investigation before the judiciary committee. bring in witnesses with faces and video and frankly draums its the findings of the mueller repo report. can which the way it was presented to the american people was confusing because of the way that barr spun it. and spun it in a highly
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preferential way to the president. and there was a second whav the actual report came out. i think nadler's job is present it in a way that can move public opinion because he's looking at the same poll as everyone else and public opinion has not moved since the mueller report came out. there's not bipartisan support for impeachment. his case has been if you make a public argument, maybe that will change. go out o, make the argument e told the hearings. the administration is throwing all this sand in the gears of his committee and this his frustration. but i don't thiit's to the poin they can't do their job and lay out the full breadth of the case against trump that's been presented in the mueller report.
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i don't totally agree with you that we're on the road to impeachment. but nancy pelosi has been bearish on impeachment. she's very deliberate when she speaks and there's a ereason she said that tonight. >> whether it happens or not, i feel like it's heading that way. i don't know if you saw j.w. on earlier. he is a constitutional law professor, scholar and he said this is a moment of truth for the supreme court. that folks, pretty much all of them are originalests. will play out oin the courts but if their reasoning is to buy time, he thinks it's going to go fast. >> a lot of people are talking
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about the fast and furious confrontation between goem department of justice. that is still ongoing. i don't think this is anything like that. i think the supreme court, d.c. circuit are more likely to hear very rapidly expedited hearing given the constitutional moment we're in. but i think this is a lot like the the nixonian era. next item is do they impeach barr? i think that's an arrow in the quiver of the speaker and nadler that hasn't been discussed enough. >> speaking of impeachment, senator elizabeth warren had strange comments on impeachment
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yesterday. >> this is not about politic. this se about the constitution of the united states of america. we took an oath not to try protect donald trump. we took an oath to protect and sivr the constitution of the united states. and it the way we dee that is begin impeachment proceedings now against the president >> most democrats people running against her think this is a polarizing and risky play. are they putting politics before their oath of office? >> if they all believe and i think they dee that donald trump is a danger to the country and disgrace to the presidency, then
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the most important thing in the world -- impeachment is not going to lead to conviction. if impeachment might allow him to portray himself as a political martyr and it if it redounded to his advantage and gave him a second term, then what have e-elizabeth warren's ideals served? there's also a need to do what's best for the country going forward. impeachment is political. if the people are not behind it or more think they shouldn't, then i don't think this strict fedilt to the constitution that she's cog talking about. i think that's not the real one in which decisions need be made. >> just quick from both of you. yes erono. nancy nancy pelosi says the president
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is trying to goad democrats into impeachment. >> nobody knows. >> i rarely think trump has a master plan. i think that's the effect though. >> do you think if they impeach that it will help him politically, ryan? >> boy, i don't think so. i don't think impeaching a president president helps you. people point to bill clinton. but ask bill can clinton if he thinks being impeached helped him politically e. no, it will not help him. >> he was a lot better at can co can comebacks than reshaping public opinion. >> appreciate all of you. thank you so much. president trump is takinge wrecg ball to the constitution. going to ask her.
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the house judiciary committee voting to hold attorney general william barr in contempt of congress for refusing to turn over the. >> tire redacted mueller report. here to discuss democratic congresswoman sheila jackson lee of texas. bay the way she sits on the judiciary committee. thank you very much. busy time, we know. you voted to hold the attorney general in contempt. now what? what happens next? >> well, you're right, don. the country is in a very serious state of disarray the rule of law is in jeopardy and as i
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indicated earlier today my fear is the president is attempting to take a wrecking ball to the constitution. for that reason, not for any targeting reason or dislike for thes's administration or the president we thought it was imperative we follow up on a contempt citation which will now go to the house of representatives and ultimately voted on by the house, approved by the house and litigated in the federal courts fwha house counsel and other counsel. this move is imperative because the president in the early morning hours issued a directive that caused the department of justice to break down the negotiations we were in and a letter issue by the attorney general to encourage him to issue a blanket can executive privilege. that means for every single
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request that the congress would ask for this president now for the first time in the history of the united states would choose to block every request that we would make. that is not acceptable. >> i'll talk to you a little bit more about the blanket executive privilege. by holding this vote you have terminated negotiations for the unredacted mueller report. have you undermined your owne effort to get that information? >> no that was writtenb prob fraebl a public narrative that has been incorrectly. we started even before the mueller report came out and we've been responding to the justice department with counter offers. something constitution required called a accommodation. negotiations broke down last
8:18 pm
night and this letter was sent just for the public expression that justice department was innocent in all of this. they stopped the negotiation. we were willing to continue and our requests were simple. let the report be seen. let's go into court to discern what grand jury materials we could see and let's prioritize the documents we want to look at. the justices department rejected that in the midst, as i said, of our negotiations and they orchestrated the two letters this morning. the may 8th letter that indicated our actions would terminate the negotiations. all we tried to do was get attorney general barr to fill his responsibility and provide us with documents as of may 1st. >> you're outraged.
8:19 pm
i can tell. say the presidents is trying to take a wrecking ball to the constitution. he also says impeachment may not be the answer. why not? >> i think what the answer is for us to get the truth and for it to be presented to the american people. i'd like the have director mueller presented in prime time. we have no narrative that we want to give other than the truth the question of impeachment is one where you have all of your facts, all of your witnesses. impeachment is never too late. we're not running away from it or rushing towards it. presenting the truth to the american people. >> america's wondering what news can break tomorrow or in the next five minutes. thank you for your time.
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president trump is dancing arounc around the report in the "new york times" that analyzed his tax documents from 1985 to 1994 which showed his businesses lost more than $1 billion in that period. he was entitled to write offs claims the report was
8:25 pm
inaccurate. let's discuss now. former "apprentice" contestant. author of "black faces in white places." let's get down to it. first off were you surprised to hear that president trump is not exactly the huge self-made success that he portrayed himself to be? >> you know, don, i didn't go for the con back then and didn't go for it now. if you don't know trump is a conman by now, that's because you're the mark. if you think about what we've been going through overall. when i was on "the apprentice." i knew the masters of the universe considered him a joke and knew there was smoke but we didn't quite know where the fire was. now we're figuring out there's a
8:26 pm
raging fire and doesn't surprise me that the people saying he has a gold plated sink or jet are figuring out all of that was a farce. >> i've heard people say he is a poor person's idea of what a rich person is. so i don't know if that's true but that's what they say. the profile from last december quotes someone who worked for "the apprentice." most of us knew hey was a fake. he gist gone through i don't know how many bankruptcies but you have to be the most important person in the world. does this sound about right to you. do most people know trump's wealth is inflated? >> i think more and more is coming out as more investigations are coming out. the more i've learned from "the apprentice" days is it looks like a shifting paunzy scheme.
8:27 pm
buy shares before. borrowing money to buy into casinos. paying vendors. those are now gone. 2004, jackson, and 2005 pinkett. he's now putting money into real estate deals where people aren't getting their money. $32.5 million. trump stakes, trump institute, trump magazine. they're all gone. >> he's a very rich man. so what's new in all of this? >> the goal of business is to make money. to take loss after loss after loss over a decade. where is the success of business
8:28 pm
in that story. not lose 1.17 billion over ten years. the goal was to it stay in business. >> this was a clip from april 6th, 1991en ohowden don and the darling of the 80s and in the '90s. >> when you borrow as much moneys as donald trump did, nearly $2 bill yen and the economy geinize to a tail spin, the bankers move in. here's what's in the works. donald's hundred million dollar lot goes to bankers trust. his interest in alexander's
8:29 pm
department store goes to city core. his trump shuttle ges to northwest airlines. what donald trump gets is a chance to start over pep he probably won't have to declare bank raems. >> sehe created the whole new persona from his failure under scrutiny of his presidency. is his house of cards starting again? >>s there's definitely a made off feeling to what he's done and now that big reveal is happening is donald trump was untouchable by american banks from 1985 to 19 -- you lend him money. where is the financing coming from with the growths in the '90s and 2000? that had to come from foreign investors. and that leads him open to russian influence, chinese influence, saudi influence.
8:30 pm
all the folks we think he may be under thumb of right now and that's why the dangerous ploy to make sure we don't have our presidents being co opted. >> and nothing illegal has been confirmed here. people are wondering where some of the money came from if there is a possibility of illegality. going off what he said, you worked for the trump company and close. spectacular empire that he had so many loss. do you can know ewhere this money is coming from? to put a name and money into ventures that would eventually fail but if he has the privilegeffbying able to continue to go to the capitol
8:31 pm
mae markets and lose money -- whether that's because of his father or because somehow people never quite caught the scheme that he's not making the money that he's claiming to make. and so the house of cards is slowly beginning to uncrumble but i don't thing investor community and deal after deal after deal. >> interesting. if you don't realize you're being coned, you're the maerk. i appreciate your time. new details on a hero student who died trying to stop a school shooter in colorado can. he rr the second student in a week while adults still haven't come up with a solution to save our kids. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla.
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well, i need to talk to you tonight about 18-year-old shot and killed yesterday when he rushed a shooter. they were in english class, watching a movie. then gunman walked in and started to fire. kendrick's class mates say he lunged at the shooter e which gave them enough time to mide. now he's a hero. i want you to listen to kendrick's father recounting the moments he lost his son. frers. >> i kind of knew when he wasn't answering. you expect your died pick up the phone and tell you. i thought maybe this is the wrong thing. maybe i'm putting his life in
8:37 pm
jeopardy by having the phone ring. i tried to facetime him. my anxiety and lump in my chest is growing. i couldn't believe this waw happening to my son. one of the kids told me that like a flash he jumped out. she said he's a hero. he jumped up and ran. you couldn't see how fast he was running. out the door and after this person. to tackle. >> a hero. a dead child. frers kendrick is not the only one. just last week we talked about how he was a hero in another school shooting, riley ran directly at the shooter. then he was shot point blank and killed. police say he took the shooter off his feet and by doing so saved countless lives. this is what his mother told us
8:38 pm
about this week's school shooting. >> it's just terrible that more families are going through this. and while i'm angry and feel embattled, yeb think at the same time we have to galvanize and figure out how to come up with constructive dialogue takeep this from happening. >> she's right. we need do something. we think about this. we're now asking our children to be heroic enough to lay our lives on the line when people with guns start shooting in the classrooms. we're asking them to be impossibly brave and strange and have heart and courage and selflessness. what are we doing for them? 12-year-old. sixth grader at stem school
8:39 pm
highland branch. >> when the shooter got closer, she moved us into the closet. i was hiding in the koerner and they were right outside the door. i had my hand on the metal baseball bat just in case because i was going to go down fighting it i was going to go down. >> did you hear that? our kids in their classrooms are mentally and physically prepared to go down fighting. our kindergartners our preschoolers are having drills where they learn how to hide from shooters. so the littlest can kids, they sometimes tell them they're practicing in case a bear or animal gets in the school. it's not the can kids that can't handle the truth, the truth that it's a gunman they need hide from. it's the adults. within one week we've seen two
8:40 pm
examples of the best our kids have to offer. so why can't we give our best to? because at this point we're all just playing the odds. frers just hours after the massacre, i talked about those odds and they're odds that haven't changed one bit. every single one of ous is just playing the odds at this point. the odds of in a country of a 135 million souls that we won'tby the ones that get hilt by the next bullet. we went be the one that gets that phone call about someone you love who did. your son, your daughter, your brother, your sister. your spouse or your parent, even a friend. anyone you know. the phone call that changes your life but with every deadly shooting in iscountry the odds get worse and worse and worse. are you really willing to keep
8:41 pm
playing those odds? your life is too prelgss for that. the lives of our lovered oneses are too precious. the lives of our cities and towns are too precious. have we forgotten that life is a gift? today i saw a tweet from senator chris murphy. calling our kids members off the mass shooting generation. what a horrible concept. but can we really say that they aren't? we are letting them down. i'll say it again. we are letting them down every day. kendrick and riley are heros. i honor them. i send my condolences to their families, their families and their communities. they are heros. what does that make us?
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therjts two suspects accused in the coo coko can coschool is in court today. thank you so much. you're a columbine survivor. how did going through that school shooting impact you and how do you think it will impact those kids? >> well, for me, it was definitely a tough day. to be honest my life was going down a bad path. it changed my life around and it's a big reason i'm doing what
8:47 pm
i'm doing now. other kids kind of have that same thought with them. and turn something that's really, really negative. it does. >> as a school shooting survivor yourself, what kind of support was the most helpful to you? what can the community do? >> for me just having good parents that can kept a can close eye on me. being a 15-year-old kid at the time, i really didn't want to go through the pain and suffering. losing the parents that lost their loved oneses and my parents made me do that. and i'm glad i did that because it gave me a sense of closure.
8:48 pm
>> kendrick castillo who lost his life save those kids, is there anything you would like the say to his family? >> i think what he did hearing the reports is amazing. he's a total heroo. i know that doesn't bring their son back and that's very sad but i think we learned a lot of lessen os after columbine. just hearing the stories is very, very amazing what he did that day. >> what is your message not own 3 these parents but to all the parents who have lost their children to gun violence in schools? again you're a survivor. what's your message? >> i think when you take a close look at this and make a priority and fix it and actually solve problems in ariesinab
8:49 pm
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. a prosecutor saying tonight that previously unseen video taken from sandra bland's cell phone is not enough to reopen the criminal case stemming from her death in police custody back in 2015, days after she was arrested for failing to use her turn signal. sandra bland's death was ruled a homicide. let's talk about this. w. kamau bell is here with us. thank you for coming on. i spoke to sandra bland's sister sharon last night who is pushing for this case to be reopened. it took four years, kamau, for this video to come to light. do you have any questions? does this raise questions to you about the investigation and how the case was handled? >> you know, so many times with black people in this country that involves law enforcement we don't get the benefit of the doubt and i think every black person who saw this from the very beginning seeing the whole thing allegedly broke down over
8:55 pm
her attitude knew there were a lot of fishy things going on here and we didn't need the cell phone video to know what the cops were saying was not true. i hope for her family they can get the investigation reopened. but black don't need this investigation reopened to know what happened there. >> cell phone, social media, brought a lot of attention. we've discussed this. a lot of attention to incidents like this that we otherwise never may have seen. but this took four years to come out. how many other cases like this, do you think there could be? >> i mean, you know, this goes back to the dawn of this country. you know, the emmett till, whistled at her just said a couple years ago it didn't actually happen that way. this is what this country's built on. we've had plenty of cell phone footage or facebook live of black people being killed on camera by cops for doing nothing. we have oscar grant in oakland,
8:56 pm
more information came out about that, and that was ten years ago. there's no end of these cases and right now in this country as we know there's not a lot of political will for justice. you've been spending the whole program tonight talking about all the ways in which this country is not standing up for kids in schools who could be shot in school shootings, not a political will for impeachment, not a lot of political will for justice in this country, there's political will for getting reelected. >> this is what united shades of america covers, the fbi covering they are investigating 350 people across the u.s. as possible domestic terrorists, a number of cases targeting white supremacists and white nationalists, jumping in the past six months. what is behind that? >> we have the same conversation all the time, don, the president of the united states of america plays footsies with white supremacists regularly, he encourages them through his rhetoric, hate crimes are up
8:57 pm
because of that. the call is coming from inside the white house. we know it's happening. it's coming from the white house. we did an episode last week called not all white people. white people have to stand up in their own communities against white supremacy because they don't feel like help is coming from local authorities or the president or elected officials. there are people in this country like the john brown gun club patrolling their own neighborhoods and showing up to protect their own people because they see the stuff happening in their neighborhoods. >> the homeland security committee chair agrees with you. watch this. >> from charleston to oak cree to charlottesville, to garden city, we've seen these ideologies reel their ugly heads. president trump has tried to play both sides with domestic terrorism. >> why does the president continue to downplay the threat of white supremacists? >> that's his base, don, we've had this conversation many times. that's the base of who will push
8:58 pm
him into office. because we use the electoral college there's a thumb on the scale of the will of american people when it comes to electing american presidents. he doesn't have to play to all of us, just to his base. i'm happy to see we're connecting these acts of white violence as an overall movement. any time a muslim does this, they're instantly put in isis or al qaeda. >> on this week's episode you travel to minnesota to talk to the mung community. watch this. >> was there any experience of, you know, of racism or -- >> you know, back then when we came here people were accusing us of eating their dogs and cats. i've been pushed down the stairs, been called all kinds of names, been spit on, been told to go back home and all that. i don't know whether that's racism or whether that's just lack of understanding about who we are. >> i think, yeah, it's a lack of understanding. but there's different ways to have a lack of understanding.
8:59 pm
i don't know who you are. i should find out. versus i don't know who you are, get him, you know. >> what do you expect people to learn from this? >> you know a lot of the season of united shades we have to keep reminding america to expand the idea of what an american is. the mung people of st. paul, minnesota have a proud history with this country before they even showed up here when they fought for america in the secret war run by the cia. that's a history i didn't know. my favorite episodes of the show are episodes where i sit the whole time with my mouth open having my mind blown because i know there's people in the audience who feel the same way. we have to expand the idea of what an american is in this country. >> well -- easier said than done. do you disagree? >> easier said than done. doesn't mean i'm going to stop doing the work. >> that's not what i mean. that's what i want you to talk about that it's tough work that you have to continue to do, and continue to say it even when people yell against it, and say, oh, what are you doing, why is
9:00 pm
w. kamau bell bringing this up, he's a racist? >> if i could do other things, i would, but this is the only work i know how to do, don. i'm not as cute and funny as kevin hart, so i'm doing this. >> thank you, united shades of america, sunday night, 10:00 p.m. here on cnn. thanks for watching. our coverage continues. good evening. we're in washington on what has turned into quite a night. >> we've talked for a long time about approaching a constitutional crisis. we are now in it. we are now in a constitutional crisis. >> a constitutional crisis, says congressman jerry nadler, the democratic chairman of the house judiciary committee. that message from nadler just moments after his committee voted along party lines to hold attorney general william barr in contempt for not complying with their subpoena for robert mueller's full unredacted russia report and its underlying evidence.


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