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tv   CNN Right Now With Brianna Keilar  CNN  May 13, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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she thought that bill barr was playing loose with the facts and talked about the high standard it is for an american citizen to be surveilled in that way so she made pretty strong remarks pushing back on the attorney general. >> likes the new world of politics. brianna keilar starts right now. have a great day. >> i'm brianna keilar live from cnn's washington headquarters. under way right now, the president warned them don't do it, but the chinese just did it. how beijing's retaliation for u.s.-imposed tariffs is sending shock waves through the markets and the midwest. he's a former lawyer, the head of the senate judiciary committee and the man who once said ignoring a subpoena was impeachable. yet senator lindsey graham tells donald trump jr. ignore the subpoena from my fellow republican. plus, iphone users can now sue apple over apps. hear what the supreme court just ruled. and the actress who is
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admitting guilt in the massive college admissions scandal is about to appear in court to make her plea. the trade war is on. today china retaliated against the u.s. by announcing plans to slap tariffs on $60 billion of u.s. goods. this is rocking the markets. right now the dow is down nearly 700 points, and despite the market's negative reaction, president trump continued to insist in a series of tweets that tariffs are actually helping the economy, but it's not. look at all of the products that might be affected, even the president's own economic adviser acknowledged u.s. companies would likely pay a tax increase which would ultimately be passed on to the consumer. >> the tariff on goods coming into the country, the chinese aren't paying. >> no, but the chinese will suffer gdp losses and so forth with respect to a diminishing export market. >> it's u.s. businesses and u.s. consumers who pay, correct? >> to some extent.
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i don't disagree with that. again, both sides, both sides will suffer on this. >> cnn international business anchor julia chatterley is joining me now. julia, what do you make about the president's assertions about how tariffs work? >> reporter: you know, there is a lot of head-scratching going on right now, i have to say, brianna, and that's part of the pressure you're seeing on markets. look, innocent mistake or otherwise, there's definite will a misunderstanding going on here, and i think this is a critical part. let me keep it really simple and explain what's going on as far as tariffs are concerned. when the u.s. government slaps a 25% tariff tax on some chinese item, a company based here in the united states pays that additional cash in order to bring that good here into the united states. now some of that extra cost could be absorbed by the company itself, but probably not all of it. some of that is going to be passed on to consumers, so things like bicycles, furniture, tires, car seats, they are all going to get more expensive. now, eventually u.s. firms will buy those goods from elsewhere.
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they won't buy them from china anymore, so, you know, in that case what kudlow was saying, larry kudlow is saying is right. it does hurt the chinese economy, too. both sides ultimately get hurt. there is a sharing of the pain, but, you know, i think that's what markets are grappling with today. how big is that pain for u.s. companies like apple who have big interests in china here in the short term, but long term, too, what does this mean for the u.s. economy, the u.s. jobs and for the global economy? now, president trump did tweet among many over the weekend that china broke this deal, and he has that right where he wants them. i think the chinese were pretty restrained in the tariff rises that they have put on in response. i'm sure they would prefer a deal, but when you look at what's going on from both sides and the rhetoric, neither side is giving any ground to make a deal. fine, playing hardball so we can expect lots of rhetoric
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here. his tweets with fierce, aggressive and not always accurate, and we have to remember that. >> very good point. thanks for explaining them for us, julia chatterley with us. the total trade between the u.s. and trn equalled $737 billion. china exported $558 billion of goods while the u.s. exported about $179 billion, and one of the biggest exports to china was u.s. soybeans, and those farmers are really feeling the pinch. john wesley boyd jr. is from baskerville, gentleman gentleman, the president and founder of the national black farmers association. thanks for being with us. as china is implementing tariffs on u.s. goods, last year's trade war took a toll on you. how is this latest round of tariffs going to impact you, do you think? >> well, i think it's even worse because right now farmers are trying to get into their fields to actually plant soybeans, and i checked the market this morning and prices are beginning
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to plummet since the president's announcement, and the president of the united states owes farmers like myself some type of plan of action, and we hear that they are trying to sell some soybeans overseas, but at what price? you know, does that help american farmers? so right now today i was in the fields this morning getting my fields ready to plant some soybeans, and we don't know the outcome of what's going to be in store for us as american farmers and producers in this country, and the president of the united states needs to take that into consideration. farmers were his base. they helped elect this president and make him president of the united states, and now he's turning his backs on america's farmers when we need him the most. >> the tariffs helped send down grain futures with soybeans slipping to a new contract low. what kind of price are you looking at now for a bushel do you think compared -- and just put that in perspective for us,
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compared to what it would have been? >> well, in a few years ago i was selling soybeans at $16.80 a bushel and as i checked to come on your show today, soybeans have dropped just below $8 a bushel. that is a 50% reduction for those people who go to work every day and draw a salary. if you make $100,000 a year, you're now make 50, and you can't make it like that and the president doesn't give clear answers on their future of what farmers can expect, you know, so we're out here right now paying for diesel fuel and paying for these seeds at $60 a bag. where's the tariffs for that to help farmers reduce prices so that we can afford all the nice things that we need to get into the fields? the president is not giving clear direction for america's farmers, and for their future of american farmers in this country. in fact, he's helping us run -- run us out of business right now
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with these kinds of decisions. >> when you're dropping from $16 a bush toll $8 a bushel, how do you survive? i mean, your margin is not that much? >> well, i'm not, and right now i'm seeking a farm operating loan from the top ten banks. they haven't been receptive to help me and, you know, we need some help, and we need it right now, and the president is playing footsie with china while america's farmers are on the losing end of the stick, and quite frankly i don't know why more midwestern farmers are not outraged and speaking out against this administration for its poor decision on helping america's farmers when we need them right now. >> john wesley boyd jr., thanks so much for your perspective from virginia. appreciate it. >> and as we go, for people who want to watch more of my story, they can watch it on the history channel this thursday night at 10:00 p.m. it's going to show my sboen harvest and the difficulties that i have as as soybean producer. >> john, thank you. really appreciate you being with us. >> thank you. we'll also keep an eye on
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the dow as it is continuing to fall. now the trade war with china was just one of the topics that president trump railed about in an epic twitter tirade. the president fired off 118 tweets and re-tweets since saturday. this is a breakdown of the most frequent topics, china trade, the senate intelligence committee speen avrks his son don jr. and claims that his campaign was spied on as well as the democrats' investigations. our jim acosta is at the white house. jim, the president even attacked his own fbi director. who prompted his re-tweet that criticized christopher wray? >> that's right, brianna. we're seeing a bumper crop of outrage from the president on twitter, a harvest of outrage from the president on twitter over the last 48 hours. he was just yesterday attacking his own hand-picked fbi director chris wray. we can put this tweet up on screen as he continues to attack the mueller investigation, the same mueller investigation that the president claims cleared him, and here's what the president tweeted about the fbi director. the fbi has no leadership.
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the director is protecting the same gang that tried to overthroat president through an illegal coup. now the president is quote tweeting there, something he's been doing there lately, a conservative activist here in washington, but the president again parroting this language that he was somehow the victim of an attempted coup through the mueller investigation and the president has been talking about that a great deal. one reason why chris wray may be finding himself in the president's not so good graces is because, as we know in the last week or so, he has essentially disagreed with the opinion of the attorney general william barr when william barr said that there was spying going on of the trump campaign by the federal law enforcement community. ies were wray when he was asked about this during recent testimony up on capitol hill said that that was not the assessment that he had and he felt there was legitimate surveillance and investigative activity going on with respect to the mueller investigation. at the same time, brianna, we should also point out that he's been attacking -- the president has been attacking his former white house counsel don mcgahn
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saying in a tweet on saturday that said it was mcgahn who had a better chance of being fired, not the special counsel robert mueller, there's that tweet right there. lawyer don mcgahn had a better chance of being fired. never a big fan. again, we should point out "new york times," "the wall street journal" and cnn we were all reporting late friday evening that the president wanted don mcgahn to, and this was through the white house attorney emmelt flood, wanted don mcgahn to state pubically that he felt that the president did not obstruct justice. don mcgahn did not do that, and according to sources i talked to friday evening the president was upset by that, that he did not get that kind of public statement from don mcgahn, that the former white house counsel felt that the president did not obstruct justice in the middle of the mueller investigation and that obviously hey floyd the president and that's why we saw all the tweets over the weekend. while the president is the tweeting about trade, he's also welcoming the hungarian prime minister viktor orban over here at the white house this afternoon. we'll be watching to see what
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the president has to say, not only about the russia investigation, the mueller investigation because obviously he has a lot to say about that, but, i mean, as we're seeing with the dow jones falling right now, brianna, the president may elect to also weigh in on these tariff disagreements that he has with china, this trade war that he has going on with china and obviously any kind of statement that the president makes this afternoon could have a major impact on what happens with the markets this afternoon. brianna? >> all right. we'll be watching with you. jim acosta at the white house. senator lindsey graham is one of the president's most fervent defenders saying this about the subpoena issued for donald trump jr. >> as i understand it, this subpoena that relates to what michael cohen said about some meetings and about the trump tower in russia, and if i was donald trump jr.'s lawyer i would tell him you don't need to go back into this environment anymore. you've been there for hours and hours and hours and nothing being alleged here changes the outcome of the mueller investments i would call it a day.
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>> that's the republican chairman of the senate judiciary committee telling the president's son to ignore a subpoena issued by the republican chairman of the senate intelligence committee. it's pretty stuffing, and even lindsey graham disagrees with lindsey graham on this one. here's what he said about serafina power back in 1998. >> article iii of impeachment against richard nixon, the article was based on the idea that richard nixon as president failed to comply with subpoenas of congress. congress was going through its oversight function to provide oversight of the president. when asked for information richard nixon chose not to comply, and the congress back in that time said you're taking impeachment away from us. you're becoming the judge and jury. it is not your job to tell us what we need. it is your job to comply with the things we need to provide oversight over you. the day richard nixon failed to answer that subpoena is the day that he was subject to impeachment because he took the power from congress.
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>> we have carrie cordero here with us to sort out all the legal implications of this. it's not the first time, carrie, that lindsey graham has contradicted himself as he tries to defend president trump, right, but why is it so significant that he's telling donald trump jr. to ignore a subpoena? >> well, first of all, because the subpoena that's being issued is from the republican chairman of the senate intelligence committee which has done a really serious investigation of the entire russian influence effort. they haven't issued their public report. they have tried to conduct their investigation in as bipartisan a way as they possibly could. they have really been the chairman and the vice chairman warner have really been a model of bipartisanship. i'm sure there's a lot going on behind the scenes that perhaps they haven't agreed about everything, but in terms of their public facing work, they have tried to conduct this investigation seriously. they are just about done with their work, it's my understanding, and so really they are inviting and
10:14 am
subpoenaing don jr. to come back i think probably to be able to correct the record of maybe things that he provided to them previously, so this is really at the tail end of their investigation, and so it's really astounding to see senator graham not adhering to the principle of congress being able to conduct oversight. >> not adhering to his own principle. when you look at those two sound bites. he's talking about richard nixon answering a subpoena but talking generally about subpoena power and the will of congress. what do you -- what do you think of those two different opinions? >> well, look, we are in an environment where conservatives and republicans are having to come to terms with whether they are going to be intellectually consistent with the way that they were in the '90s during the clinton impeachment proceedings, and so that is what i assumed the lindsey graham clip is from, from the '90s, and he is changing his position based on
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his current political decisions related to his support of the trump presidency. the fact of the matter is that this is a legitimate subpoena. this is a legitimate investigation, and it's a legitimate exercise of the senate intelligence oversight responsibilities, and for him to tell a witness not to come comply really is not consistent with his prior positions on this topic. >> especially with someone who spent so much time being a lawyer, we should mention, not you, lindsey graham. thank you so much for joining us. just in, iphone users can now sue apple over their apps. this is a new supreme court ruling. plus, a month before the first debate, hear how beto o'rouke is pushing the reset button on his campaign, and moments from now the president hosts a far right leader too extreme for presidents bush and obama. what many republicans are warning president trump about. at panera, our salads are uniquely crafted. with peak season berries, creamy avocado.
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a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! a major supreme court ruling against apple today. a the court is allowing iphone owners to continue their class action lawsuit against the tech giant over its high app prices. this lawsuit claims apple's app
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store is violating antitrust laws and operating as an illegal monopoly by encouraging app developers to raise their prices so that it can take a 30% cut. how did the supreme court reach this decision and what coined of implications could this have? >> the supreme court said it didn't agree with apple's argument it's simply an intermediary. the court said when iphone users buy an app they have a direct purchasing relationship with apple and that means that the iphone owners at the center of this lawsuit can sue apple for allegedly monopolistic behavior. it's important to point out that the supreme court didn't hold that apple as a monopolist. it just says that the suit is allowed to go forward. >> what is the next step? what are we going to see? >> i think we'll see a lot of back and forth over the courts over whether or not what the iphone owners have alleged is actually correct that apple is
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allegedly, you know, keeping its prices artificially high because it has look on the ios app store. >> brian, thank you so much. we'll keep watching this. it seems like it will continue to be an issue and they really have a shot here. brian, thank you. beto o'rouke hitting the reset button after lagging in the polls and joe biden heading to new hampshire and hear which rival is winning the hearts and minds of many voters in that key state. hottest new bistro. wait...and the hottest taqueria? and the hottest...what are those? oh, pierogis? and this is the averys wondering if eating out is eating into saving for their first home. this is jc... (team member) welcome to wells fargo, how may i help? (vo) who's here to help with a free financial health conversation, no strings attached. this is the averys with the support they needed to get back on track. well done guys. (team member) this is wells fargo. wearing powerful sunscreen? yes!
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democratic presidential hopeful beto o'rouke is hitting the reset button on his campaign. o'rourke started out with a bang but then his campaign fizzled a little bit and his reboot is including a town hall this week and appearance on "the view." he's hoping to turn around his sagging poll numbers. a new monmouth poll of likely primary voters has former vice president joe biden leading the pack with a whopping 36% and you can see that o'rourke is tied for sixth place with 2%. we have. a b. stad-yard, associate editor and columnist for real clear politics and when you were first looking at this the o'rourke has come out with promise and appears to have gone nowhere there. what happens? we all attribute this to the explosive rise of mayor pete buttigieg. he stole the new and different
10:28 am
white guy from a red state thunder from beto o'rouke, and he's now driving ahead of him in that lane and beto o'rouke found himself kind of rocked by that, so i do not count him out at all. i think if he has some good debates and people end up falling off he still could be a top four or five contender in the long run, but he's going to do a reboot because he has to -- he has it overcome the perception that he's not interesting enough, that he's not reddy with a bunch of policy prescriptions, that he's not in the game and that he's hiding from the tv interviews. mayor pete is like president trump. he'll take every interview and will answer every question. >> takes all the meetings. >> and beto o'rouke has learned from that, that that's something you have to do. you have to seem like you're ready to take any comer and any question. >> even if mayor pete buttigieg continues to have success, you think this, as you said, what
10:29 am
did you call it, the -- the guy from the red state? >> the new and different white guy from -- from the red state. >> he's a white guy, too. can they both occupy that lane or will mayor pete have to stumble? >> mai pete, unless there's a big scandal or something that we can't foresee, i think he'll be one of the final four or five contenders in the long slog, but he is facing a real problem with black voters, really bad numbers with black voters. if he has an appeal with black voters that he can take on buttigieg down the lane, that could be a coalition but i'm sure that's an opening that he would like to take advantage of. >> if he can hang on there. let's talk with joe biden who is campaigning today in new hampshire and he's taking questions from voters. later today he'll hold his first
10:30 am
town hall style event since he began his campaign. do you think that format is good or bad for him? >> both. i think that biden is a gaffer, and he's going to probably luis alicea something that people could jump on, and because he has such a show of force so far in the race in all the poll across the board, everybody is waiting for him to stumble but i do think he's tremendously good for people and a town hall setting where he'sing in that way of his to take every last question and share himself is also a good place for him. we all have our strengths or our worst weaknesses and with biden it's that way honesty that gets him in trouble. >> high risk, high reward. we'll have to see which it is. a.b. stoddard, thank you. >> thank you. we're watching the dow and
10:31 am
coping an eye on it. it's down about, almost 700 points still, since china announced that its own retaliatory tariffs are going into place against u.s. goods. we'll see how the president responds when he speaks soon. plus, could the president's lawyer be the newest target of house investigators after announcing and promptly cancelling a trip to ukraine to get dirt on trump's 2020 rival joe biden. ry purchase, plus we'll match your miles at the end of your first year. you'll match my miles? yeah! mile for mile! and no blackout dates or annual fee. nice! i was thinking about taking a scuba diving trip! i love that. or maybe go surfing... or not. ok. maybe somewhere else. maybe a petting zoo. can't go wrong. can't get eaten. earn miles. we'll match 'em at the end of your first year. plus no annual fee or blackouts. the discover it® miles card. i felt i couldn't be at my best wifor my family. c, in only 8 weeks with mavyret, i was cured and left those doubts behind.
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president trump again pushing the bound rivers his presidency now saying it would be just fine for him to talk to the attorney general about launching an investigation into one of his political rivals. this follows trump lawyer rudy giuliani's planned trip to the ukraine to try to urge officials there to investigate biden. giuliani has since cancelled that trip but said he won't back off on efforts to criticize biden. there's a big difference between the president's attorney and the chief law enforcement officer of the united states being instructed to do the same thing. let's bring in jerry connolly, a democrat on the house oversight government and reform committee and when you look at what rudy giuliani is doing, is this something that you think congress should investigate him for. do you plan to? >> yes. i think it needs to be discouraged. it cannot be a new normal that anybody affiliated with the president would be instructed to go to a foreign country to talk
10:37 am
to foreign leaders to get opposition research or dirt on your prospective opponent in a presidential election or any other election. that's not proper. >> the president talking about this idea of it's perfectly okay for him to direct the attorney general to investigate, you know, joe biden, a political rival. is that legal? >> well, it may be technically legal. it is completely inappropriate in a democracy and it's not something that can be tolerated and hopefully although i'm not sure with this attorney general, the attorney general turned him down. that's not the role of the department of justice to be investigating your political opponents. >> so you have some confidence in bill barr. i've heard of you be very critical of him and you pointed out that he rebuffed that. >> my open is that even bill
10:38 am
barr understands there are boundaries in a democracy and that this is one of them. senator lindsey graham is telling the president's son donald trump jr. that he should ignore a subpoena coming from the republican chairman of the senate intelligence committee. i'm struck by the expression if you've going to be a phony at least be real about it. you were showing video of that same gentleman when he was managing the impeachment of bill clinton in the senate on the senate flor and he sure sounded a very different tone about the issue of compliance with subpoenas, so i -- i mean, you know, lindsey graham is a thoughtful and smart guy. it's really tragic how he has kind of soul his sold to donald trump and is now encouraging a
10:39 am
member of his family to ignore a legally issued subpoena and putting a member of that family in legal jeopardy. >> you're saying lindsey graham is a phony? >> i'm saying be careful and if you're going to practice that true to do it sincerely. >> you have talked about invoking what's called inherent contempt. congress right now using the courts in a very slow fashion to enforce some of the issues that it's having in trying to get information from the administration. the sergeant-at-arms has power to arrest, and we've heard some of your fellow democrats talk about using this, and i wonder where are you on that in terms of it being a very real possibility because even as we've heard democrats talk about this, including on this show, it's clear -- it's clear they are not actually prepared to do it. >> i was the first member of congress to call for revoking and re-establishing inherent could be tem-- inherent contempn
10:40 am
this very network and we're facing an unprecedented assault on the legislative branch, unprecedented defiance of legally issued subpoena, blocking our ability to perform our functions as enumerated in our call one of the constitution. we're the preeminent branch of government, and so if the president decides he has to do that or wants to do that he needs to be met with real strong force by the legislative branch and, therefore, inherent contempt has to be revived. >> if that was your personal call to make at this moment in time who would be the first person you would want to make inherit contempt with? >> i guess maybe i'd start with mr. mcgahn, the former white house council, because he's now back in private practice, and i believe that there's no question exsieve privilege does not pertain to mr. mcgahn, and i think that's easily dismissed
10:41 am
and i believe we need to compel his testimony. >> when it comes to an administration brianna, it's awfully hard for me to give you just one, but i think we need to pick one to make it very clear we're quite serious and that there are real consequences for somebody if they continue to defy a legitimately issued subpoena by the united states congress. >> but i hear you're not picking someone in the administration. you're saying there's so many, but you're not actually picking one. >> there's so many. >> we need to pick one. so william barr. >> well, i don't know that i would start with the attorney general. i mean, for example, our committee is looking at mr. gore and mr. klein, mr. klein on security clearances and mr. gore on the security questions on the census. they would be two candidates for our committee we would start with. >> if you do that, let's talk about mr. klein in doing the security clearances. have you thought about how the
10:42 am
trump administration responds then? obviously they would escalate. i wonder what you think about where you might be then in that situation. well, awfully difficult to, you know, sort that through, but, i mean, i think the legislative branch has to get really tough in response to mr. trump's defiance, and if we're not we might as well go home because we're not going to do our jobs. i got elected among other purposes to provide adult supervision of this president, and by god i'm going to do it. >> congressman connolly, thank you so much for coming into the studio. >> thank you, brianna. my pleasure. >> president trump's pardon of a u.s. soldier is not sitting well with a war veteran who will join us next to explain. and actress felicity huffman arriving in boston where she
10:43 am
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. an iraq veteran is lashing out at president trump's
10:48 am
decision to grant a full pardon to michael behen ark, a former army officer convicted of murdering an iraqi prisoner in 2009. behenna was sentenced to 25 years in prison for shooting and killing ali monsour, a terrorist who behenna thought played a role in an ied attack on his unit. behenna violated orders. behenna shot mansour twice and left his body in the culvert without reporting it. behenna maintained he acted in self-defense. an iraq combat veteran is here to discuss this with us. thanks for coming on. >> that's having for me. you wrote this op-ed in "the washington post" saying i led a platoon in iraq and trump is wrong to pardon war criminals. specifically looking at the behepa case, and you do talk about other ones, tell us why you think so. why is he wrong for doing this?
10:49 am
>> well, i think there's a couple of reasons. first of all, it's something that i touch about a lot in the piece is the message that it sends to audiences, to our military and to the countries who are partners that we're working with in various conflicts around the world, and secondly this is not a legal sort of loophole that he's found here and the reason he's pardoning behenna is to cater to his bay and i don't see any gray area in what he did. both disturbing to me as an historian and veteran that he would do this. >> you see him as catering to his base. there are people who support this pardon. they will see that the victim was a suspected militant who may have been involved in an ied on behepa's unit and part of that
10:50 am
ignores what it is to be in the military and the protocol and the chain of command. what do you say to to those people? >> in certain situations in a combat environment things are fluid. things are difficult to interpret. but in this case none of those things are at play. essentially based on the information that i have found that's readily available, he killed someone in cold blood in apparent revenge for attacks on his soldiers that happened earlier. and that to me is a pretty open and shut case for the president to declare an improper prosecution. i think it sends a dangerous message. and that message is essentially that bad things happen in war and that anyone who is prosecuted for a war crime is a hero who is essentially the
10:51 am
target of some political correct lobby. i think that's incorrect. i think many people would agree with that. >> the president as you note in your op ed has also expressed support for ed wward gallagher o was turned in by fellow zeals. they allege he would pick off civilians with a sniper rifle including a old man. he allegedly killed and stabbed a 15-year-old prisoner of war. the president says he should be held in better conditions. what message does that send to members of the military unlike in the case of behenna, he's been turned in, gallagher, by
10:52 am
other zeals. >> for the navy zeals to take the efforts they took to bring his case to light really shows the kind of a dangerous person that gallagher is. and for trump to push this counternarrative that he's a hero, trump said something to the effect of in light of his honorable service which i don't think is -- there's nothing honorable about it. it sends a message that trump sides with those who trieied to silence those reporting gallagher and also that this kind of behavior, this kind of no holds barred, no surrender, no prisoners taken is acceptable. that's not the way that our military operates or should operate, and it's not consistent with our values as a country and as a military. >> thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. i appreciate it.
10:53 am
and today in my column home front where we try to bridge the civilian military divide and bring you stories of military families, i interviewed karen pence. we're talking about her campaign to elevate military spouses by addressing jobs. she's raising awareness about the high military spouse unemployment rate. it's six times the overall rate of unemployment in the u.s. and there's legislation that's supposed to help spouses maintain their careers as they move. mrs. pence is one of the most high profile military family members. the second lady has her pilot's license. she discussed the surprising thing that mrs. pence has learned from her daughter-in-law, sara, who has embraced her role as a supportive but very independent military spouse. you can find that at
10:54 am just in, former deputy attorney general rod rosenstein who just left the job days ago is giving a commencement speech right now. live pictures coming to us in which he invokes robert mueller. plus alyssa milano calling for a sex strike in protest of certain laws. >> tech: you think this chip is nothing to worry about? well sooner or later... every chip will crack. >> mom: hi. >> tech: so bring it to safelite. we can repair it the same day... guaranteed. plus with most insurance, it's no cost to you. >> mom: really? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, ♪ safelite replace. about medicare and 65, ysupplemental insurance. medicare is great, but it doesn't cover everything -
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actress felicity huffman arriving to federal courts. she's expected to plead guilty for the role she took in the massive college admissions scandal. huffman admits she paid $15,000 to have someone correct her daughter's s.a.t. answers. federal prosecutors are expected to recommend a lighter sentence in exchange for her plea. that would be four to ten months in jail along with a 20$,000 fine and 12 months of parol. in a recent statement huffman apologized and expressed regret for her actions saying that she accepts full responsibility. that is it for me. news room with brooke baldwin starts right now. thank you. hi, i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. thank you for being with me. a check on the market, the dow is plunging in response to the
11:00 am
u.s. trade war with china. about the time president trump tweeted, quote, china should not retaliate, guess what, the chinese government did precisely that. it announced a raise in tariff on $60 billion worth of u.s. goods. items like cotton, machinery and grains taxed as high as 25%. the move is three days after president trump increased tariffs on many chinese goods by that same percentage. he's also started the process to impose tariffs on another $300 billion worth of chinese goods like iphones and toys. and president trump continues to wage this campaign to convince americans that tariffs are a good thing for the u.s. economy. let me read you one of his many tweets over the weekend on trade, quote, there is no reason for the u.s. consumer to pay the tariffs which take effect on chiny.


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