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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  May 18, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> reporter: that's right. ed was the first baseman for those miracle mets so long ago. local hero. >> yankee fans. philly. >> nothing is going to change that. >> reporter: but then they were all heroes this day, hitting the grand slam of giving. >> look at this transplant. i'll be able to see my children. i'll be able to see them graduate. i'll be able to go to their weddings. i'll be able to see my grandchildren, and that's very special to me. [ applause ] >> reporter: cnn, new york. top of the hour, you're live in the "cnn newsroom." i'm ana cabrera in new york. joe biden pulling no punches. the former v.p. wrapped up his campaign launch this afternoon with a rally. it was in the heart of pennsylvania, the state where biden was born. also a state democrats must win
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if they want to take control of the white house, and that's exactly what biden plans to do. in fact, he explicitly said during his rally that beating trump is the single most important thing for the country. listen. >> he was the president now for three years. look at what he's doing, instilling fear. i mean not joking. instilling fare, sowing division, stroking racial division, undercutting every institution that was designed to check the abuse of power by the president or anyone else. let me ask you. are we a nation that believes there is a moral equivalence between white splupremacists, neonazis and the klu klux klan and those with the courage to stand against them? no, we don't. trump does. moral said there is a moral equivalence. are we a nation that believes ripping children from the arms of their parents at the border? no, we don't, but trump does. are we a nation that embraces
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dictators and tyrants like putin and kim jong-un? no, we don't, but trump does. >> cnn political reporter, arlette saenz was there. this rally was supposed to happen. overarching message of unity, but based on what we just played, was that the case? >> reporter: well, ana, joe biden did want to hammer away at the unity saying that the country needs to come together, but he also did paint president trump as a divisive figure. biden also pushed back on the notion that he might be naive in thinking that democrats can work with republicans to achieve consensus. biden said that they knows when to go toe to toe with republicans, but he also knows that there is a time to come together, saying that we need to stop fighting and start fixing, and i want to play for you a piece of sound where he talked about president trump and warned that the issues voters care about, whether it's a woman's right to choose or combatting
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climate change, that nothing will -- progress will not be made if donald trump is still president. take a listen to what he had to say. >> the country is sick of the division. [ cheers ] it's sick of the fight. it's sick of the childish behavior. there isn't a single person among you or anyone in this country that can get away in their jobs while he's lashing out at political opponents, obsessing over grievances. the rest of the world isn't waiting. it isn't waiting. china isn't waiting. they're building 5g, mastering a.i., rewriting the rules of the internet, and moving areas that shouldn't be abandoned by us. the rest of the world hasn't given up on the paris climate accord. they're pushing it. they know it's essential to human existence.
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[ applause ] raise challenges we face in the future. whether it be over technology, slel electual properly. there isn't a single thing that building a wall can address on any of these issues. as long as donald trump is in the white house, none of these critical things are going to get done. >> reporter: now biden held back official kickoff rally here in philadelphia, pennsylvania, where he is also basing his campaign headquarters, and it's where biden sees a possible opening. this is a state that president trump won back in 2016. they wanted to bring over to the blue column in 2020. there is a recent poll that showed what a possible head to ho head matchup between joe biden and donald trump would look like with biden beating donald trump 53% to 42%. while biden was here in philadelphia, president trump is coming to the state on monday to
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hold a campaign rally of his own. i'm sure pushing back on what vice president biden had to say here today in philly. ana? >> we will wait. we'll see. arlette saenz, thanks for that reporting. cnn political analyst patrick healy is here with me now. first, your reaction to biden's big rally today? >> yeah. biden is coming out pretty strong and saying that democrats have to at least be offering a message that can pull in some independents, some republicans and some democrats who decided to vote for president trump over hillary clinton in 2016. he wasn't giving the kind of red meat far left progressive speech with specifics on liberal policy the way that bernie sanders and elizabeth warren is. he is making a case for national unity. now the challenges arlette was getting at is that he's also going hard after trump. >> yeah.
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it almost seems crickontradicto that he's calling for unity, and going full throttle on the attack side against donald trump. in some ways he's channeling the theory that's out there, and finding the passion that's in the base? >> he's thread a needle and the needle is this. it's around that childish behavior idea. it's around the idea that there are republicans, independents, democrats who may like trump on the economy, who may like the tougher stands on china, but they are sick and tired of the endless tweeting and name calling, you know, frankly dog whistling, racist behavior that can come out of this white house and this president. they are tired of that. the impact is interesting that we have showed. biden is up 11 points on trump in pennsylvania, but a majority of the voters in that poll said that they thought that the economy was excellent or good. the majority of those voters -- those are the kind of numbers that usually benefit an incumbent president like
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president trump. basically you have pennsylvania voters who are saying we think the economy is excellent and good, but we're ready to vote for joe biden by 11 points. >> it was so interesting because biden did not shy away from talking about the economy today. >> right. >> he almost acted like this was one of his selling points because he talked about how the recovery started and has since continued from the obama administration which he was part of, right? >> right. that's right, and that is the case that he can make. what's a ig little hard times and democrats and republicans have found this, and trying to remind people, well, the last guy deserves more credit than this guy, and what biden is counting on is president trump still making these, you know, cases against, you know, for tariffs on china that can send the stock market gyrating, that basically that president trump will look like an uneven steward of the economy so that biden can say it was much more stable and calm. growth was happening under president obama and i. that's the kind of sort of
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traditional normalcy that we can go back to on the economy, and not scaring people like some democrats fear about the kind of warren/sanders approach to really remaking the economy. >> mm-hmm. >> and overhauling it. >> you are back with me in just a minute. it's not just biden hitting the trail today. ten of the democratic presidential hopefuls are holding events. iowa is a key focus with their message across the hawkeye state. amy klobuchar is hitting new hampshire today. also in new hampshire, senator elizabeth warren. julian castro making his case to voters in arizona, and senator bernie sanders and mayor bill de blasio who threw his hat into the ring, are both targeting voters in the south. south carolina is just one stop, and sanders has a four-state southern swing. he is rolling out several new
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policies including a massive investment in education. cnn's ryan nobles is covering that in orangeburg, south carolina. ryan? >> reporter: yeah. that's right, ana. bernie sanders spending time today in south carolina. of course, a key early voting primary state. the first primary in the south, and a heavy influence of african-american voters in the primary. he's rolling out a plan for black voters in south carolina. this is called the thurgood marshall education plan in homage to the supreme court justice who was sitting during the landmark v. board of education 65 years ago, and what sanders talks about in his plan is using the federal government to enforce that standard that public schools across the country should be desegregated and this is something african-american leaders have called for for some time, and this is something sanders said he will push for when he becomes president. that's not the only thing that he talked about today.
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this was a ten-point plan. one of the big headlines, a call to end for profit charter schools and call for accountability for schothose scs that exist. he wants to institute a $60,000 a year floor for teachers' salaries and leaphe wants to in in free universal meals for students across the country and invest $5 billion in after school and summer school activities. these are all parts of this plan that he unveiled here today. this is a lot, and it will likely be expensive, but one of the things sanders did not talk about today is just how much this entire plan would cost, and how he would pay for its. sanders did though allude to the fact sthat some of that money could come back from rolling tax cuts that were eliminated during the trump administration. he's going to make another stop in south carolina. he's going to be in georgia and end this tour on monday in alabama. the states he'll visit were won
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by donald trump in 2016. ana? >> okay, ryan nobles. thanks for that. the state of missouri, the latest in the nation to take up a restrictive abortion bill sending it now to the governor's next. up next, reaction to the growing number of restrictive abortion laws now on the books. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." >> what was sex education class like when you were growing you up here? >> as far as it goes, if you kiss somebody, you get pregnant. if you get pregnant, i ain't raising it, like -- >> the wonder of human sexuality in two sentences. >> exactly. so, you know, there was this not so cool thing where you take home the baby or the sack of -- i don't know what y'all do. >> we had sugar. a five-pound bag of sugar. >> i thought that only happened on tv shows. like sitcoms and movies. >> we had a sugar baby. mississippi is a sitcom from the
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years for even attempting it. even televangelist pat robertson thinks this is a bridge too far. >> i think alabama has gone too far. there is no exception for rape or incest. it's an extreme law, and they want to challenge roe v. wade, but my humble view is that this is not the case we want to bring to the supreme court because i think this one will lose. >> so far this year, at least seven states have voted to restrict their existing abortion laws, and at least seven more have considered restrictions. a florida congresswoman calls it the all out war on women's bodies and we will fight back. you're a law student at georgetown when roe v. wade was decided at the supreme court. what is it like to see such sustained effort right now to not only chip away at abortion rights, but to completely overturn roe?
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>> well, good afternoon. it's great to be with you, ana. thank you for having me on your show today. we are in a war against women, and we are not going to take it because we're going to fight back and not go back. i'll tell you a story because i -- i lived in the days before roe v. wade, and i remember as a teenager actually finding a friend. she was in bed with -- there was blood all over the bed sheets. she was in excruciating pain. we rushed her to the hospital and i later learned that she had a back alley abortion, and those were the days when girls or women could not get legal abortions. they were forced to drink poison or have a coat hanger used to abort their baby. so we're not going to go back to those days, but i want to add something, you know, this fight is more than just about the
1:18 pm
morbidity and more death that will be caused by making abortion illegal. it's more than say, isn't it horrific that a 12-year-old who is raped is forced to have a baby, and that is horrific. we are talking about a movement across this entire country, mostly be republican men, to keep -- to take control away from women. to take our health care away, to have important decisions about when to have a child or where to have a child, to have those decisions made by politicians. >> now the fact that the alabama law, there is no consideration for rape or incest, that has angered more than a new conservatives. alabama is not alone in that. missouri is another one this week, but the political calculation is clear here. anti-abortion activists won a case that goes to the supreme court, so that roe v. wade can
1:19 pm
be reconsidered. how likely do you think that really is in the next few years? >> what i think is important for everyone to realize is that probably in the last ten years or so, there have been over 400 bills and state legislatures all over this country putting obstacles and roadblocks in front of women getting legal abortions. so these few that have just come to light, alabama and georgia and so forth which were much more extreme, this is nothing new, and this is really -- it's a plan to somehow get more and more of these cases to the supreme court not necessarily to completely overturn roe v. wade, but to put more and more obstacles in front of women, especially poor and working women who can't afford to fly or go to another state to have a legal abortion. >> do you believe that now with justice brett kavanaugh, with neil gorsuch both on the bench, how the supreme court has been
1:20 pm
remade since this president took office -- do you believe a conservative majority will overturn roe? >> i certainly think it's possible. the president of the united states, that was one of his campaign promises, and i think that's the only reason he probably got into office, was because conservatives saw what he would do to the courts. that's why if you look at the united states senate, the only movement they have on anything is to put more conservatives on the court. so do i think they're going to overturn -- completely overturn roe v. wade? i hope not, but i tell you we're in a war. t it's a call to arms. women better fight back, get to the polls. they better vote and support these organizations that are going to the courts whether it's aclu or planned parenthood. we cannot depend on hope that maybe justice roberts will see his way not to overturn roe v.
1:21 pm
wade. this is a call to arms. >> what is your thought about democratic governor of louisiana bel edwards saying that he supports the restrictive abortion bill that's up in his state? >> let's say i don't agree with it. i don't think it matters whether you're a democrat or a republican. it is mostly republican lawmakers across the country that are passing these restrictions, but listen. i'll call him out too. women, if we are going to have productive lives, if we are going to be able to take care of our families. if we're going to be able to take care of selves, and have more economically successful communities, then women have to be in charge of our own bodies, and so what i would say to him the change your mind. veto any bill that comes your way that restricts any woman's right to choose. >> let me ask you about an issue that affects your state,
1:22 pm
florida, your state, an area you represent, palm beach county. immigration officials have talked about transportsing up to 1,000 migrants a month. they say they will go to palm beach county where they will be processed and released. you said the trump administration is using human beings as political pawns here. tell us about his plan is your reaction to it. >> first, let me say when the president or the administration first announced it, i think it caused some commotion here. there was a lot of pushback from folks on both sides of the aisle. i think they have back off for now, but with that said, you know, this whole thing about building a wall -- everybody, let's remember. that's a campaign slogan, and now using human beings as political pawns trying -- saying we're going to ship these refugees to the areas of the country that seem to be more sympathetic to them, that's just
1:23 pm
wrong, and two things i think have to happen immediately aside from the long-term, having immigration reform, comprehensive immigration reform. two things have to happen right away. number one, the trump administration has to start putting -- putting back resources and aid to the central american countries that they cut off because that's where the problems are. there is a lot of violence. there is tremendous poverty, and we need to be using resources to change the conditions in those countries that are causing so many people to flee. number two, there needs to be immediately humanitarian crisis package that comes out of the congress. i'm talking about billions of dollars that will go to deal with the thousands and thousands of people who are on the border, whether it's health care, shelter -- >> right. >> judicial processing. all that needs to happen now. >> okay, congresswoman lois
1:24 pm
frankel. we appreciate your time very much. >> thank you. mayor pete buttigieg using his service on the campaign trail. how his time in uniform is helping 4ihel helping him stand out from the crowded pack. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." it's either testing an array of advanced safety systems. or it isn't. it's either the peace of mind of a standard 5-year unlimited mileage warranty. or it isn't. for those who never settle, it's either mercedes-benz certified pre-owned. or it isn't. the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event. now through may 31st. only at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. there's brushing...and there's oral-b power brushing. oral-b just cleans better. even my hygienist said going electric could lead to way cleaner teeth. and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the ada.
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have any idea that the credential that you would get from this would, in fact, help you one day as you ran for office? >> i'm not one who thinks you have to serve in the military to serve in public office, but it's one way of demonstrating what you care about. that being said, there have been times in history when being in the military was popular. there have been times when it's been unpopular, and you never really know when you sign up what it's going to be like over the years. i think right now america's doing a pretty good job of supporting servicemembers, even as people are skeptical of some of the policies around war and peace in this country. there have been other times in our history, notably the vietnam generation, when often general public anti-war sentiment wound upturning into anti-military sentiment, and you have to be ready to serve whether it's popular or not. >> that was cnn's jeff zeleny speaking with mayor pete buttigieg. mayor pete is invoking his service in afghanistan to defend his age and experience to go
1:29 pm
after president trump. back with us now, cnn political analyst and "new york times" editor, patrick healy, and senior editor at "the atlantic." at times it seems pete buttigieg is talking up his military experience more than his mayoral experience. is that a smart play to stand out from the pack and take on trump? >> i think the breadth of his experience at his young age is kind of the combination that has made him attractive in the first instance to so many democrats. all the things that he has done don't seem possible, you know, given the limited number of years in which he has done them, and he has followed through on that initial kind of interest with very good performances whenever people have been watching. so he's really come a long way. he has filled an awful lot of the space that beto o'rourke thought he was going to take. he's the fresh face generation democrat, and he has a long way to go in terms of getting beyond what we can call kind of in the
1:30 pm
pass the whole foods ghetto of the upscale liberal democrats that are interested in these kinds of candidates. you have to go way beyond that and show that you can get the african-american voters. he hasn't done that yet, but no one should underestimate the amount of ground he has covered and the extent to which he has moved past someone who was thought to be a much stronger candidate, beto o'rourke. >> another mayor joined the race this week, bill de blasio of new york. he did not get a warm welcome from his hometown. here's what protesters shouted as he sat down for his first interview after announcing his candidacy. [ chanting "liar" ] >> you know who is loving this. president trump. take a listen. >> i just heard that the worst mayor in the history of new york city, and without question, the worst mayor in the united states, is now running for president. it will never happen. you would be better off if you
1:31 pm
got back to new york city and did your job for the little time you have left. >> patrick, does de blasio have any path to victory? >> he has got a tough path. he has got -- he's in a very liberal lane with bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, and it's unclear what kind of case he can make for why he would be better than sand iers or warren in ter of these issues. in terms of his record in new york city, he did start prekind prekindpr prekindergarten in the city, but he spent time nightifighting wi fellow democrats like andrew cuomo and dealing with issues that in terms of public housing and development in new york city, that he really can't go to iowa and south carolina and describe himself as the mayor who got things done in the city of new york or has this sort of record of achievement. why he is running, what he has to offer, you know, we're going
1:32 pm
to see in the next several weeks, but he does think there is some space in the race. with 23 candidates running now, ana, as you know, it's very tough. >> let's talk about another candidate because i want to get through as many as possible because there have been a number of developments this week. kamala harris did come up with an answer to the talk about her perhaps becoming a running mate to the front runner, biden, and here she is. >> i think joe biden would be a great running mate. as vice president, he has proven he knows how to do the job, and there are other candidates that would make a very viable and interesting vice president. >> she's saying, sure. he might be a great number two on her ticket. what doi you think of that? >> it was a strong and snappy and witty answer, but, in fact, if joe biden is the nominee, there are an awful lot of democrats who are going to want kamala harris to be his running mate if, in fact, he holds his lead. i mean, her performance so far has been impressive in some ways
1:33 pm
and shaky in others. you know, she did make a bet i think initially that the left would be ascendant in the democratic primary. she identified with bernie sanders on medicare for all, the version that would end private health insurance and that is an idea that stalled out for democrats. the bill in the house, the sponsorship, fewer than the last congress. there is a lot of interest in what biden, the alternative to biden and beto o'rourke. it's allowing them to buy into it, and also keep their private insurance if they want, and she ultimately has to decide, is they going to run to a tribune of the left or a tough-minded prosecutor? she is still i think someone who can emerge at the very top of this field. she can be strong with both african-american women and college-educated white women which is about 40% of all democratic primary voters, but i think she ultimately has to make that core decision. especially with biden at this
1:34 pm
point dominating so overwhelmingly among older voters who are often overlooked, but are really the core of his formidable strength in his early polls. >> i have to leave it there today. patrick healy, and ron brownstein, i appreciate it. thank you. the iranian foreign minister trolling president trump this week as tensions continue to escalate between the two countries. what are you saying about the mixed messages coming from the u.s.? you're live in the "cnn newsroom." revealed parts of me i didn't even know. i find out i'm 19% native american, specifically from the chihuahua people. what?! that's... i find that crazy. it traces their journey in the mid-1800s from central mexico to texas. learning about the risks they took for a better life... gives me so much respect and gratitude. it just shed so much light in my past that i never even would've known was there. 20 million members have connected to a deeper family story. order your kit at
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iran's from is declaring there will be no war with the u.s. the foreign minister added that no one else is under the illusion of being able to fight iran. this coming amid heightened tensions between the u.s. and iran. we're getting a new warning now from the federal aviation administration for airliners flying over the persian gulf. the faa says they are facing, quote, possible risk of miscalculation or misidentification by the iranian military. i want to bring in michelle cokc kosinski, and they were trolling the president, and there are other times that show they might be able to de-escalate the situation. what's going on? >> reporter: the threat that the u.s. has been so concerned about among other threats coming from iran in the region was that it had imagery and intel of iran moving short range missiles around on boats, including boats from the irgc, iran's elite
1:39 pm
revolutionary guard in the persian gulf. seeing that as a threat to u.s. assets as well as allies, so now in addition to having that and more u.s. assets moved to the region, you have the rhetoric still there, and the war of words. the war of words between the u.s. and iran is something we see quite often, but when you couple that with actual threats and people openly talking about the possibility of war with iran, it's quite extraordinary. so you had trump tweeting last week with all of the fake and made up news out there, iran can have no idea what is actually going on. so he is blaming the press for iran being confused and now you have iran's foreign minister calling trump's aides including national security adviser john bolton, the b-team and saying that the b-team is saying one thing and trump is saying another, claiming that it is the u.s. that doesn't know what's going on, and is the confused one here.
1:40 pm
but you are hearing people on both sides saying that war is not an option, that it's not possible, that it's absolutely undesirable on both sides, coupled with the possibility that iran may be moving some of these missiles, that it was -- it had on boats away. there does seem to be at least a sense here of physical de-escalati de-escalation, despite this back and forth of tweets and whatnot. >> now what are you hearing about these commercial flight warnings? just how common are they? >> reporter: yeah. well, they happen on occasion, but it's usually in areas of war, and sometimes the faa will prohibit u.s. commercial aircraft from flying over places. we saw that in southern ukraine just a couple of years ago. other war zones like syria and iraq, north korea where there is a risk of weapons hitting a u.s. plane, so it's unusual to see this over the persian gulf, and the faa i might add was careful to say that it's likely iran has
1:41 pm
no intention of hitting a u.s. aircraft, but with weapons being moved around, the tensions increased, there was a risk as they put it, of miscalculation, misidentification of aircraft, and this did happen back in the late '80s on the part of the u.s. during another time of great tension when the u.s. shot down an iranian passenger plane by accident. misidentifying it, was how the u.s. described that situation back then. so these things can extremely rarely happen. so the faa wanted to put out that warning, and it is extraordinary too when you think about the amount of traffic in that area. dubai's airport being the busiest in the world in terms of international passenger traffic, even businesser than london's heathrow. ana? >> michelle kosinski, thank you. we'll be right back. ♪
1:42 pm
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1:46 pm
royal baby has been solved. the son reveals he was born at a private london hospital and not at home as was believed to be meghan's preference. prince harry and meghan made clear during the pregnancy they wanted to keep details surrounding the birth of their first child private, and it was only after a news agency obtained the birth certificate that buckingham palace offered a comment on this issue. joining us now is our expert on all things, victoria arbitter. why do you think she gave you plans for a home birth? >> reporter: it was the advice of the doctors. we never heard her say that she want that, but she was a california girl, and all about natural living. wanted to have as natural a experience as possible when it came to childbirth, but she is 37. this is her first pregnancy, and given that archie was a little bit late making his debut into the world, doctors advised her that the most sensible option
1:47 pm
would be a hospital birth. >> this was pretty swanky and has been a place where other famous mothers have given birth? >> reporter: yell, well portland hospital is very well know. it has got american connections and it's an american owned hospital. prince princess eugenie was born there, and victoria beckham had her children there. that hospital of course, has those luxurious benefits that celebrities gravitate towards, and more particularly is the discretion and loyalty. it's amazing that harry and meghan managed to get to a hospital, have a baby and back to frogmore cottage before the world knew she had been in labor. that hospital is good when it comes to keeping secrets. >> baby archie has a ton of pressure on him. explain. >> reporter: archie has a lot of pressure on his little shoulders and we're seeing harry and meghan and they have drawn a line in the sand moving forward because he is although a member of the royal family, he is
1:48 pm
essentially a private citizen, but archie is the first baby of mixed race heritage to be born into the royal family. for historians this is very exciting. this is an amazing time in terms of the turn in the chapter i suppose for the royal family. members of the commonwealth will have a baby they can identify with. that picture of doria with the queen, prince philip and harry, that was symbol nick so maic in ways, and archie's only just almost two weeks ago. so thinking of that sort of burden i suppose, that historical burden carrying forward sets quite immense for those little shoulders and harry and meghan will do everything they can to protect him. >> such a precious little guy. when we talk about privacy, we have learned that harry has accepted damages and an apology of splash news of photos over his home. what happened there? >> reporter: this was so out of line, and it's good that harry took a stand. back in january, splash news,
1:49 pm
they hired a helicopter and they flew so low over the couple's rented estate in oxfordshire that they were able to get pictures of the couple's living room and dining room and also their bedroom. they were renting this estate, but they had chosen because it is surrounded by farmland. it's somewhere they can go and decompress and be private, which of course, is very important. but splash news getting those photographs and they were published in "the times" in the uk and online. it compromised their privacy and their security. imagine if that camera was a gun. imagine people that suddenly valetout have a layout of this couple's home. that's valuable information, and they said, we can't live here anymore. they were bulldozed out of their home because of paparazzi photographs and harry did file a lawsuit. they did win the lawsuit. splash has apologized and they said they will not be selling any further images of their home. >> wow. victoria arbiter, thank you very much. >> thank you. he was the cat that helped us all release our inner
1:50 pm
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grumpy cat, the frowning feline who took the internet by storm and launched a thousand memes has died at the age of 7. cnn's zain asher looks back at her grumpiest moments. >> reporter: grumpy cat the pet with the perpetual pout that made the internet smile has died at age 7. she died at home from complications of a urinary tract
1:54 pm
infection this week according to her owners. her signature look, a mix of scorn, and it spelled out in big block letters into a laugh out loud. >> she's, like, an emotional expre expression of everybody's bad day. >> reporter: she pounced on the internet six years ago, and since then, her bad mood has become a big business. she has appeared on tv commercials, and even starred in a lifetime movie called "grumpy cat's worst christmas ever". >> are you serious? >> of course, aisle serioui'm s. look at my face. >> reporter: she was just a sweet cat that loved to be cuddled, and her famous frown came from a condition called feline dwarfism. she won the heartes of many a man, even one known to be a dog lover. >> they're, like, grumpy cat.
1:55 pm
>> reporter: fans are posting tributes online of how the spirit animal touched their lives, whether it was dressing up like her for hall lean or having a grumpy cat-themed birthday party. r.i.p., grumpy cat. it's our turn now for the sad face. >> she was thrilled as you can see. she's still thrilled. >> reporter: zain asher, cnn, new york. >> just into cnn, we have images of the aftermath of a confirmed, ef-2 tornado. we'll tell you who is in the bull's-eye. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." s... s...u... s...u...v... these letters used to mean something. letters earned in backwoods, high hills, and steep dunes. but somewhere along the way, suvs became pretenders, not pioneers. but you never forgot the difference, and neither did we. there are many suvs,
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made with ingredients you can trust. for a smile that's a true force of nature. new burt's bees® toothpaste. to save 30% on all the medications we carry. so go directly to now. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." i'm ana cabrera in new york. you might think joe biden officially launched his campaign months ago. you would be wrong. we begin this hour with the official campaign rally just this afternoon, in his home state of pennsylvania. that's where he was born. the former vice president wearing his trademark aviator sunglasses, giving a quick hug to his wife, jill, before he stepped up to the mic. biden today devoted a lot of time today to emphasizing unity for the nation he hopes to lead.
2:00 pm
>> we choose hope over fear. truth over lies. and yes, unity over division. so vote. it's time for us to lift our heads up, open our hearts and remember who we are. we are the united states of america. i mean this. there is not a single thing we cannot do if we do it together. we lead by the power of our example, not by the example of our power. the only thing that can tear america apart is america itself, and we cannot let that happen. will we be the ones? to perish on the face of the earth? dare we let that happen? absolutely not. we will not. i will not. you will not. [ applause ] >> biden a


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