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tv   New Day Weekend With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  May 19, 2019 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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not finding a signal. make the best wifi even better,with xfi advantage. simple, easy, awesome. a gop lawmaker said president trump has engage in impeachable conduct. >> i think this gives democrats more ammunition to go after trump. >> the beginning of the withdrawing of one republican coming up publicly and saying this man, this president has committed this that is a big start. >> i don't think any of this stuff is going to shake the ground. >> joe biden held his office kickoff rally here in philadelphia. >> the single most important thing we have to accomplish is defeat donald trump. beat trump. trump.
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beat trump. >> i saw him grab on to the door. >> i saw a funnel cloud halfway to the ground. >> all of a sudden, the roof is gone and you're looking up at the sky. >> announcer: this is "new day weekend" with victor blackwell and christi paul. >> good morning. so good to have to have you here. it is said and a gop congressman has said president donald trump has, quote, engaged in impeachable contract. >> amash said after reading the mueller report. let's read it here. it does not say whether congress should walk through that door. he laid out his reasoning very carefully in a series of tweets and we are going to read for you
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every one of them right now. he starts with his principle conclusions. one, attorney general barr has deliberately misrepresented mueller's report. two, president trump has engaged in impeachable conduct. he goes on to say, i offer these conclusions only after having read mueller's redacted report completely having read and watched pertinent statements and testimony and having discussed this matter with my staff who thoroughly reviewed materials and provided me with further analysis. it is clear that barr intended to mislead the public about special counsel robert muruler' analysis and findings
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contrary to barr's portrayal is a pattern of behavior that meet the threshold for impeachment. mueller's report identifies multiple examples of conduct satisfying all of the elements of obstruction of justice and undoubtedly any person who is not the president of the united states would be indicted based on such evidence. impeachment is a special form of indictment does not require a probable cause that a crime, obstruction of justice has been admitted. it simply requires a finding that an official has engaged in careless, abusive, corrupt, or otherwise dishonorable conduct.
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while impeachment should be undertaken only in extraordinary circumstances, the risks we face in an environment of extreme par shinship. our system of checks and balances relies on each branch's jealously guarding its powers and upholding its duties under our constitution. when loyalty to a political party or to an individually, the foundation of liberty crumbles. we have witnessed members of congress from both parties shift their views 180 degrees on the importance of character, on the principals of obstruction of justice gepgdepending on whethe they are discussing bill clinton or donald trump.
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america's institutions depend on officials to uphold both the rules and spirit of our constitutional system even when to do so is personal inves or yields a political unfavorable outcome. our constitution is brilliant and awesome. it deserves a government to match it. for reaction to those tweets let's bring in sarah westwood, white house reporter. what have we heard from the party, from the president, from the white house? >> reporter: congressman amash comments drew swift condemnation from the chairwoman of the republican national committee and wrote in a series of tweets, yesterd yesterday, voters in amash's district strongly support this president and would rather their congressman work to support the
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president's policy that has brought jobs and made lives better for americans. keep in mind that congressman amash is a long time critic of president trump. he is a lawmaker who seems to open the door for the path for republicans if they choose to go that way. there has been tension among democrats in the house where impeachment proceedings would start because there's some members of democratic leadership who want to hold off on impeachment until more information comes to light. they don't want to rush to that judgment for fears that could help president trump get re-elected in 2020 and progressive wing of the democratic party that sort of been agitating for impeachment because they think they have seen plenty of evidence in mueller's 448-page report to support beginning impeachment proceedings. congressman is one of those lawmakers who has supported
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impeachment in the past and she wrote to congressman amash, come find me in 1638 longworth. a house office. i've got an impeachment investigation resolution you're going to want to cosponsor. some are siding on the democrats with the seriousness of the allegations in mueller's report that that could give democrats more fire power as they push to open impeachment proceedings to continue investigating russia as the white house stonewalls subpoenas and request for testimony on all fronts. >> sarah westwood, we appreciate it so much. thank you. with us is cnn political analyst julian zeleny and professor at princeton university and also with us is siraj hasmi of "the washington examiner." the president's critics have wondered when republicans would potentially break in any significant way from the
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president's characterization of the mueller report, the full exoneration. one has done it. what is the significance of one and this one? >> justin amash is not really the most significant republican to come out against president trump and sort of suggesting it and opening the door about impeachment. if you want to say it was senator lindsey graham or senate majority leader mitchell mcconnell then president trump has a crisis on his hand. amash has always been critical of president trump and floated the idea of running for president in 2020 on the libertarian ticket. with respect to this particular thread, there are two possibilities at play. one, it could be he is running for president. the second one is that he could be signaling that if a house floor vote was brought up by house speaker nancy pelosi to hold attorney general william barr in contempt, that he would
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support it and this is probably the case that he is laying out in which he would support it. >> let's talk about 2020 in a moment. julian, i just read everything that congressman amash tweeted. what he did not write was that president trump should be impeached. he lays out what the responsibility and role of congress is but did not write that congress should begin impeachment proceedings. the significance of stopping short of that, from your perspective, and does he now have to make that clear? >> that is the most significant point and in some ways he sounds like the democrats who have been saying the president engaged in impeachable behavior but, at the same time we are saying we are not moving forward with impeachment proceedings and amash's tweet which is very pointed, it's very direct but it stops short of calling for the process. so unless anyone calls for the process, this is a lot of rhetoric, it could be damaging to the the president politically but we are not moving closer
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toward impeachment proceedings. >> sirrage, you mentioned 2020 and chair of the rnc tweeted out in response that amash's conclusions are being fixated on russian collusion or anybody tweeting this, they are fixating on russian collusion or anybody hoping to defeat him in 2020. the president's job approval is at 88% amongst republicans according to the new fox poll. is this something he is considering? when he was on cnn a few months ago, he said he had not ruled it out. >> i don't think he would be running as a republican. if anything, he would be running as a libertarian. if that case probably siphoning off president trump's support along trump's support and liberty tarians supporting trum. him and states like states where amash is from or other states he
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won in pennsylvania and wisconsin in 2016. 2020 may be about helping democrats more than helping president trump, but at this moment, amash is probably -- you know, he is one of those people who have been outspoken about president trump and could be a possibility he is speaking his mind and nothing more to it but this is washington and one of those things is he running for president? we have no idea. >> he released it on twitter so at some point he has to come out and speak about his position here. julian, amash writes he believes the attorney general misled the public in a statement and congressional testimony but here again, he doesn't explicitly call for a consequence for the attorney general. does this bolster the democrats case there should be one? any residue relevant to the president's choice? >> it helps to make the argument. this is not simply a partisan
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witchhunt as the president says. you have conservatives whether amash or george conway who are openly talking about impeachable offenses but doesn't change the basic dynamics. the basic republican leadership said case code and not moving on the process. it requires for the president and the a.g. but it leaves us exactly where we were two days ago. >> siraj, we saw the tweet from michigan representative talib saying come on over to my office, i've gone at impeachment resolution you might want to sign on to. what does this mean for those democrats who have said we are not going to move forward on impeachment because there is no degree of bipart shaunshisansb
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>> they are pushing for fund-raising. amash' snals he amas amash's signal is saying donate to us and be in control of more power in the government. amash definitely helping democrats more than republicans at the moment. >> we will talk more about this tweet this morning. siraj hasmi and julian zeleny, good to have you. >> thank you. breaking overnight. an 8-year-old girl has been found safe after she was kidnapped while she was walking with her mother. police in texas say a suspect is in custody and salem sobotka was taken last night when a man drove by and grabbed the young girl. cnn affiliate say the mother tried to jump into the car but
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the car sped out. it has been tweeted salem has been found safe and suspect is in custody. we will speak with an officer from the ft. worth police department and get more information on this and what happens from this point on. police in portland, oregon, have identified the teen attempting to carry out a school shooting. they say angel diaz walked into the classroom and pulled out a gun. the school's football coach tackled that suspect and the coach has been identified as keenan lowe, a former wide receiver at the university of oregon. yesterday, lowe tweeted when confronted with the test the universe presented me with, i didn't see any other choice but to act. thank god. still ahead, stacy abrams and others are joining forces to take on antiabortion legislation. >> right now across the south and around the country, a woman's right to control her body and a doctor's ability to
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give the health care we deserve is under attack. plus, severe weather continues today and it's about to get even worse. allison, what are you expecting? >> the system from the last few days continues today and then we see a brand-new stronger system develop for monday. we will have those details coming up. eight seasons of fire and blood are coming to an end. the series finale of "game of thrones." it's on tonight. not all of the fans are happy with the way it's wrapping up. what they are doing and how far they are getting in their protest. anyone can go fast. the question is... is fast enough? ♪ or, do you want speed and style? power and attraction? exhilaration and distinction? ♪ introducing performance, born of refinement. ♪ the lexus rc line.
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leaders of the democratic party. for over two years, this president has broken the law... and nothing happened. you told us to wait for the mueller investigation. and when he showed obstruction of justice... nothing happened. when this president took money from foreign governments and blocked the release of his tax returns... nothing happened. and when his administration illegally refused to testify nothing happened. now you tell us to wait for the next election? really? really? really? this is why we volunteered, raised money, went door to door and voted in the last election. our founding fathers expected you - congress - to hold a lawless president accountable. and you're doing nothing. nothing. nothing. he broke his oath of office. he's defying you. he's laughing at you. and he's getting away with it. this is our democracy. but congress is part of the system and the system is broken. we have to fix it.
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18 minutes past the hour right now. former vice president jo biden walked the line between calling for unity and calling out the president at this major rally in philadelphia. here is political reporter arlette signs. >> reporter: joe biden held it's official kickoff rally here in philadelphia a message of unity and emphasizing the need to defeat president trump in w689. biden argued that the policies that are important to voters and to democrats and civil liberties and a woman's right to choose, bold climate change plan none of that will happen in president trump is still in office. biden really portrayed the president as a divisive figure. take a listen to what had he to say. >> folks, let me tell you something. the single most important thing
3:20 am
we have to accomplish to get this done, the single most important thing we have to accomplish is defeat donald trump. as long as donald trump is in the white house, as long as donald trump is in the white house, none of these things, these critical things are going to get done. >> reporter: biden pushed back on the idea that he might be naive for thinking that democrats and republicans could work together to achieve consensus. biden pointing back to his own time in government saying that this is a time for people to stop fighting and to start fixing things. now, this event was held in pennsylvania which is a state that donald trump won in 2016 but it's a state where biden sees a possible opening going forward in 2020. it's clear that biden is trying to frame this election as a showdown between himself and the president. president trump will be here in the states on monday holding a campaign rally of his own but, of course, before biden gets to a general election matchup, if he gets to a general election matchup between himself and the president, he still has to make
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it through that crowded and diverse democratic primary field. arlette saenz, philadelphia. millions of people are under a threat of severe weather today. at least 35 tornadoes have been reported since friday. we will tell you where the threat is today next. woman: (on phone) discover. hi. do you have a travel card? yep. our miles card. earn unlimited 1.5 miles and we'll match it at the end of your first year. nice! i'm thinking about a scuba diving trip. woman: ooh! (gasp) or not. you okay? yeah, no, i'm good. earn miles. we'll match 'em at the end of your first year.
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the latest inisn't just a store.ty it's a save more with a new kind of wireless network store. it's a look what your wifi can do now store. a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. the storm prediction center
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says more than 50 million of you are under a threat of severe weather today and we are talking about hail, heavy rain, strong winds, isolated tornadoes pushing through the northeast and the number of tornadoes we have already seen is pretty disturbing. >> 35 since friday, slamming kansas, nebraska, texas. the storms are expected to get worse. cnn meteorologist allison chin car is following the latest if for us. this section of the country has seen enough already. what is on tap for today? >> a little bit more of severe weather. that is the unfortunate part. it's going to last a couple of days. two separate systems. one that initially started friday continued yesterday and will continue yet again today. we have a tornado watch in effect right now until 10:00 a.m. central time for portions of mississippi and you can see louisiana as well as these strong storms continue to push their way through. then the threat for today extends from louisiana up to michigan over into canada and back down into virginia. it's an odd shape but this is where we expect the mantle of
3:26 am
the severe weather to be. the threats themselves will be a few isolated tornadoes and damaging winds and potential for hail as well. here can you see those storms begin to fire up in the afternoon and evening. we have some ongoing this morning so you can't rule that out. but especially for more areas in the midwest and the northeast it's really going to see the majority of their intense storms in the second half of the day. but here is the thing. that first system begins to exit out and a new system from the west begins to push in tomorrow. that is what is going to bring us our additional threat on monday. then that system begins to push further east on tuesday yet again bringing a threat to a lot of these same areas that have already seen some weather. but here is the main concern and that is going to be tomorrow. because we are looking at strong tornadoes, damaging winds and, again very large hail that could exceed baseball size. the main reason you have this significant risk on monday is for the threat for strong, large, very long-lived tornadoes. we are talking ef-3 or larger.
3:27 am
what does that mean when you her that number ef-3? in this context basically you're talking about entire forests uprooted by the trees. now, we are also talking about cars, big heavy cars being picked up, lifted, tossed several feet. then an ef-4 which is even strong now well-built homes leveled to the foundation. >> it is frightening. allison chinchar, thank you for the heads-up. three production companies are planning to stop filming in georgia to protest the new anti-abortion law but a film production in atlanta says it's not the best way to help. we will talk to her live next. watch an you will-new episode of the redemption project with van jones. >> this is the first victim of this dialogue ever in alaska for adults behind bars. why was it so important for you to push forward and be the first one to do this? >> i've been really aggressive with this issue.
3:28 am
i basically have gone in and said, look, i've experienced a horrible tragedy in my life and an individual caused that tragedy. now i want to have this conversation because there is things that i wanted to say to him that i didn't get to say. when i went sentencing, he was not fully accountable. he said, miss walters, i'm really sorry for what happened to your son, you shouldn't have had to bury your son. he didn't own it. >> do you think that he is accountable now? >> i don't know if he is accountable yet. >> "the redemption project" airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. ♪
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3:33 am
challenge this in court and a lot of people in the entertainment industry are threatening toup stop working on projects that are created in georgia. others are saying, listen, that might not be the best strategy. molly coffey, a film production designer in atlanta is one of those people and joined a group of female workers who wrote a petition on the petition said what we need most is allies. do you feel you're finding allies in georgia and hollywood? >> we are. one of the big points we wanted to make is let's ask the women of georgia what they need because we were not a part of the conversation because it's very easy when voters still very disfranchi disenfranchised and we don't know where to put our statements but we wanted the women of georgia to weigh in and have an opportunity to talk and people have been excited to do that.
3:34 am
it's helping people with their energy. >> yes. i know that hollywood argues, look. if we pull our films, this is going to make a difference and help women. actually, are saying it hurts us? >> the women here vr fighting up leading up to this so it's been something we have been aware of for a whileship its it's in the headlines for everyone else but something we have been fighting and putting the efforts forth an this is how we pay our bills and we own houses and we have kids in the school systems here. we are making a difference. so abandoning those women to the state, a lot of people don't have the privilege to chase the industry to the next incentive, like we were born and raised here and we live here and probably stay working here and have to find new industries. >> and you actually wrote about that. you said many of us made career choices that allowed us to stay here where we had built a community, a family, a home where women of all faiths and colors from all kinds of backgrounds were the backbone of this industry and we do not take what is happening here or around the country or around the world
3:35 am
lightly and giving up and moving would equate to giving up. we are not quitters. is it hard to draw that definitive line between, listen, we don't agree with that is happening but we don't to abandon our state and we don't want you to abandon the state just to make a point? >> there are is a larger health care in georgia that needs to be addressed and people are working on addressing and this might be a distraction from that, i think. we have the highest immortality rate in the united states. women are dying from childbirth in georgia and insane that in many time something like that could still be happening. we have so many counties that don't even have gynecologists or general practitioners. a larger fight to be had here. again, the ability to chase it comes from a privilege that not everyone has. >> so surely people in hollywood have to understand this to some
3:36 am
degree because everybody has been in those, especially those moments of just beginning your career and you're trying so hard and you can't afford not to work. have you heard from anybody in hollywood who might be rethinking this protest? yeah. there are a lot of shows that are here now that are trying to figure out how to navigate it. we know we have seen stacey abrams and others will give statements and the ones we are worried about the ones not making a choice to come to georgia and those are weighing what other states do we have to explore and what do they offer. we are one state of many. this is less a georgia fight than it is like a larger bipartisan one. 67% of the people in georgia don't believe in overturning roe versus wade. this isn't just a georgia fight. we have to look at the bigger picture. >> help people understand how if
3:37 am
the film industry pulled out, it would hurt you and your friends and your colleagues? >> you're talking about a 9.6 billion dollar economic impact in georgia in 2018. it has made a difference politically, economically. you know? it's revived towns. the town of sanoa had a return after "the walking dead" was intermediate there. it will not only have the economic impact but as those people leave, we came so close last year to turning the state purple. we will actually reduce the number of voters in the state which, you know, they are kind of counting on. sonny perdue went on fox news saying he is comfortable with the film industry leaving georgia because they need to take it back from the impact that the film industry has had. >> interesting. all right. thank you so much molly coffee. good luck with everything. >> yeah. thank you for having me. >> we appreciate you being here. stacey abrams who won for
3:38 am
georgia governor last year and four democratic female presidential candidates are asking people to take action against wave of anti-abortion laws. a video released on social media. this comes as georgia, alabama, and missouri are putting into place strict anti-abortion laws. >> women deserve the right to make decisions about their own bodies. but in state after state, those rights are under attack so we need your help. >> please support organizations that protect the right to safe legal abortions. >> join us in this fight for women's rights in the courts and at the ballot box. >> thank you for your support. now let's get it done. also game over. after eight years, game of thrones all comes to an end tonight. ♪
3:39 am
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♪ (buzzer) ♪ olly.
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. where you belong is home. tonight one of tv's most popular shows comes to an and for millions of fans around the world, there is only one question -- who will sit on the iron throne? did you like that? i really tried to sell it! >> you've got the voice to do it, too. through eight years of epic battles, there have been brutal deaths and twists. fans have stuck with this show and its creators. the question is are they going to get the payoff? kelly is joining us for more. thank you for being here. so i heard you say there is this magical element that enticed people into this show and they have lost some of that this last season. what do you think it's missing? >> i think the biggest problem with the last season is it's
3:44 am
focused so much on shock value and spectacle value and it's lost the character development i think people fell in love with the show in the first place. you know, in the beginning seasons, there wasn't a huge budget, there weren't like huge dragon fights and white walkers and all of this massive spectacle which is great and they are doing a great job of doing that, but what really was the reason people fell in love with it, in my opinion is the character development in the way that they spun these stories that made a lot of sense for each character and they all faced clear consequences for their actions. now i think a lot of the plot points are just they feel rushed and sudden to a lot of fans and they are not taking the time to lay the ground ball for those characters that people have fallen in love with so many years. >> you have this self-confessed titled fan that had a change boring page asking hbo to remake the eighth season. probably not going anywhere but here is what the fan wrote.
3:45 am
you talked about, you know, how this season feels rushed and people have been spoiled by this really textured nuanced well-produced season over or series over the other seasons. are they a victim of their own success? >> yeah. i think that is a really good point. i think we know that hbo offered the chill runners to more money to do more episodes and they turned it down. they felt they could complete the story and do justice of the story with this amount of episodes and this amount of time which is fine. i think a lot of fans feel a little cheated because they feel like the show could have gone on longer and selfishly. we all want it to but if the show runners have a clear vision that they have been working towards for years and a finee and these endings for these characters, you know, i don't think a petition is going to do much to change it but i think a
3:46 am
lot of people are signing it because they are mad and want people to know they are mad. >> let's talk about the end here. how, in your opinion, should it end? >> if you had asked me this a couple of weeks ago i would have said something totally different. the last episode, the most recent one rather definitely changed a lot for me in the way that it took some of the characters. i don't know if we are spoiler-free segment right now. >> that would probably be a spoiler-free segment. >> do your best. >> yeah, do your best. maybe your thoughts on what you think will happen. >> okay, yeah. so i think now going forward, going off of what i've seen from this last season, i don't think anyone should set on the iron throne. i think theron responsible with monarchy and with -- just often leads to tierney. i often think is the thesis of this show is trying to put forward this last season is that someone who seeks power isn't
3:47 am
necessarily fit to hold that power. >> hum. >> wow. that's pretty profound, isn't it? >> it is. >> someone who seeks power doesn't mean they are fit for power. >> grapples with these huge existential questions that apply to our life and transcends this fit that they have chosen to put these huge stories in to. >> good point. >> sounds like callie moved in our political segments! >> she did. >> have fun tonight! >> thank you. >> everybody is going to have fun. >> yes. coming up, how this horse ended up running the preakness stakes without his jockey. "snl" is going out with a bang this season with a trump oval office sing-along led by alec baldwin and also taking jabs at key trump policies.
3:48 am
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war of will now the preakness stakes won the race in baltimore yesterday but not the horse serve talking about this morning. >> look at the screen. check out the middle of the screen. bode express there. >> right there! >> he threw his joique out of the gate but that doesn't stop him from finishing the race. he even took a second lap around the track before stopping. look. i got this attention i'm going to take a tour here and thankfully the joique velazquez and the other horses were not hurt because that could have been really ugly. crazy moment. i feel bad -- >> i've never seen anything like that before. >> i feel bad for the jockey and trainer and the farm because to get to the preakness stakes, to get to that race. >> i know. >> and that is how it ends up.
3:53 am
>> all right. >> final cold open of the season of "saturday night live" aired last night and featured alec baldwin as president trump swinging a quinn hit in the oval office. >> the lyrics included jabs at the president's tax returns and tariffs on china and new ant anti-abortion laws. take a look. a million machine take a look at his tax return. he'll hide high ♪ ♪ no showing you i'm burning every bridge ♪ picking every fight ♪ ♪ why they call him mr. bad advice ♪ >> cnn chief media correspondent brian stelter is with us now. brian, what was your take from last night? >> this is the season finale and we don't see alec baldwin playing trump all that often any more. they have really pulled back. used to be every week we would see a trump impersonation. baldwin and the show seems
3:54 am
tired. it so they don't do this very often any more so i thought it was interesting. if nothing else, this definitely wakes you up when you see it the next morning. here a little bit more of their queen performance as a group. ♪ free court. ready for a fight. on abortion we got the votes now women are screwed ♪ you got the results 50 years ago but no no no i'm still in control ♪ >> you can watch the whole song melania saying women are skitil in control. here is a couple of jokes from "weekend update." one is about the tensions with iran and about these abortion bills. >> amid rising tensions with iran, there were rumors that the white house is now going to send 120,000 more troops to the
3:55 am
middle east. but don't worry. president trump set the record straight with this firm reassuring message. >> mr. president, are we going to war with iran? >> i hope not. >> you know it's up to you, right, man? a plan backed by the trump administration nasa has announced it will send the first woman to the moon by 2024. unfortunately, it's against her will! >> on from there leslie jones one of the best performers on "snl" came out and had a rant about the recent laws in alabama and elsewhere saying you cannot tell me what to do with my body. a woman's choice means freedom for women and did it in her usually comedic style but a strong message. you were talking this hour about the women in georgia who work in the film industry and wondering
3:56 am
what hollywood companies are going to go to protest the anti-abortion bills whether it's the right thing or not. we see "snl" taking the liberal position on these issues but it's an ongoing point of tension in the hollywood -- in the entertainment industry about what the right way, what the wrong way is to speak out about these anti-abortion bills. >> yeah. it's such a good point when you think about people got to feed their families, they got to take care of themselves, and do you yank that from them to try to make a political point? it's dicey for all around, no doubt. >> an ongoing debate and i think it's really interesting. >> the. stelter, always good to have you here. >> thanks. good to see you. >> watch brian on "reliable sources" at 11:00 a.m. eastern here on cnn. we will be right back.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
a gop lawmaker said president trump has, in fact, engaged in impeachable conduct. >> i think this gives democrats more ammunition to go after trump. >> the beginning of the withdrawing of one republican coming up publicly and saying this man, this president has committed these offenses, that is a big start. >> i don't think any of this stuff is going to shake the ground. joe biden held his official kickoff rally here in philadelphia. >> the single most important thing we have to accomplish is defeat donald trump. beat trump. beat trump. beat trump.


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