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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  May 23, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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but even that one was derailed. wild business about you wouldn't trade it for anything. democrats but in particular the that april 29th one, derailed i know that. democrats have done absolutely because that is the week that we i know that 100%. we're grateful to joined by nothing about this. heard bob mueller had sent a secretary of agriculture sonny from the year 2001 when china letter to bill barr saying he purdue. thank you very much. was not happy with the four-page joined the world trade organization which was by the sonny. great job. way a disaster. topline summary barr had sent to until the year 2016 the united congress because he didn't think thanks also to representatives it fully represented the states lost more than 60,000 obstruction -- i don't want to g.t. thompson. thank you very much. factories and millions and say charges but the obstruction lloyd smucker and mike conaway, millions of jobs. reports. all of which brings us to this thank you, fellas. week. may 20th through 24th. appreciate it very much. been very helpful. china imposed massive barriers to american farm products, you people know that very well, along with missouri agriculture we're not through the 24th yet right, very well. but you know what happened -- director chris chin. and engaged in theft of trade circle this day right here, the thank you, chris. great job. 22nd, donald trump comes out also with us today, are several after a five-minute meeting on of the nation's greatest secrets from american agra infrastructure with nancy pelosi business. we racked up nearly $4 trillion farmers. including american farm bureau and chuck schumer and said we in trade deficits in goods with can't do this, happy president zippy duval. china during those years. infrastructure week for mally zippy has been so good to me. and the numbers are absolutely shanna. thank you, zippy. i appreciate it very much. it is become something of legend. along with members of the farm atowning wh groups representing producers of atown -- astounding what is urban dickary has-- dictionary. happening over the last ten corn, soybeans and wheat and years in particular but you go back 30 years and you wouldn't even believe it. pork. for years our politicians have allowed other countries to steal this is a massive transfer of
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wealth from the united states to >> no it didn't. our jobs, punish our is just th >> and now you node it made it. china. financing china's >> if it is in the urban infrastructure, commerce, dictionary. stamp it. technology and military and thank you my friend. you've heard me say it many, let's continue on. many times before, we helped you're watching cnn and i'm brooke baldwin. first the most powerful democrat rebuild china. you've heard me say i don't in congress said the president blame the chinese, i blame the of the united states was engaged people that were standing right here before me and they're in a cover-up. and now house speaker nancy representatives to allow that to pelosi says president trump is happen, to allow china to get in need of a family along and be able to do that. intervention. and, quote, not up to the task and they did it like noe-- like when it comes to making tough choices for the nation. speaker pelosi taking direct aim nope vp nobody else has ever at president trump on two things that matter most, his money and his manhood. as a feud between them enter a done it mr. and the united states has become taken advantage of it but no one second day. here now is the speaker in her like china. to aid this, my administration took necessary and very lawful own words. >> he said it is because of action to protect america's cover-up and i know that that economy, security and farms. strikes a cord with him. he knew the lower court decision we're taking swift action to was getting into a territory remedy all of the injustice that that he did not want touched and they did not allow the mueller has been done over the years, in report -- the mueller particular you could say with investigation to go into, the
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our farmers, they're patriots. president's personal finances. the president and the white they stood up and with me. house has a bag of tricks they they didn't say oh, you shouldn't do this because we'll save for certain occasions. they don't apply to the occasion have a bad year. because they've had 20 bad years but they're a distraction, which if you look. you take a look at those charts. is his master of distraction. way back. longer than that. he tried to say it is because i it has just been a steady spiral said cover-up. we've been saying cover-up for a down. so we will ensure that our while. the president again stormed out, farmers get the relief they need and very, very quickly. i think -- what, like this -- it is good time to be a farmer. pound the table and walk out the we'll make sure of that. so today i'm announcing that i door. next time have a tv cameras in have directed secretary purdue there while i have my say. to provide $16 billion in that didn't work for him either. assistance to america's farmers and now this time another temper and ranchers and it all comes from china. we'll be taking in over a period tantrum again. i pray for the president of the united states. i wish that his family or his of time hundreds of billions of administration or his staff would have an intervention for dollars in tariffs and charges to china and our farmers will be the good of the country. >> and that is just what she said in front of the cameras. greatly helped. cnn has learned that in a we want to get back to the point meeting with democratic where they would have had if they had a good year. leadership speaker pelosi this support for farmers will be distractioned trump's action as paid for by the billions of
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villainous to its constitution dollars our treasury takes in. of the united states. we'll talk about pelosi versus we'll be taking in, depending on trump in a second. but also today the president's what period of time we're fight to keep his finances out talking, many billions of of democrats' hands and now out dollars. far more than the $16 billion of the view of americans is running into a road block. that we're talking about. actually, make that three r-- but the $16 billion of funds will help keep our cherished road blocks. the first two compliment of the court and in one case the court farms thriving and make sure no rejected the request to block country has veto on the economic and national security. subpoenas of his banking records can't let that happen ever. and now deutsche bank and and if you remember, not so long capital one could be forced to give them up a couple of days after another federal judge ago, during the time of our ruled an accounting firm must negotiation and china broke the deal with us and that is okay. turn over accounting records from before trump entered the that is fine. but during that time of white house. and there is the president's home state of new york which negotiation, if everyone passed a bill that will allow congress to see the president's remembers, we had periods where china would target our farms, state -- tax returns if lawmakers ask. right. they would target and they took but despite the set backs, the an ad in a newspaper from iowa, president had nothing but kind words for the judiciary. a big ad, saying lots of bad >> do you view congress as a things about the administration, co-equal branch of government and do you respect their power about the fact that we're of oversight? negotiating too tough, we're not
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going to make a deal. >> i respect the courts, i respect congress. but they steal intd elect you'll i respect right here where we're property by the billions. standing. but what they've done is abuse. somebody estimated it as $300 billion. nobody knows how you estimate but somebody does and they say >> jennifer rogers is a former federal prosecutors and a cnn $300 billion a year in theft, legal analyst. intellectual property theft so so we know of the different we can't let that happen. cases. one appeal is in the works. our economy is booming, our what is the likelihood any of these appeals go the president's nation is prospering. and now is the time to insist on way? >> i don't think they will go the president's way. fair and reciprocal trade for the problem is they're going to take time. so even though when you have a our workers and for our farmers. dispute between the two branches i remain hopeful that at some of government and the third branch of the judiciary has to point we'll probably get solve that and they should move together with china, if it swiftly for that reason when you happens great, if it doesn't are in the appellate courts you get a three-judge panel and get happen that is fine. that is absolutely fine. three judges to handle it and i look forward to see you -- swiftly and it takes more time. so i do think that ultimately on see president xi at the g-20 the law that congress will very shortly and many of you prevail. the question is how long is have there -- many media present that -- >> okay. to read you something that and you'll be at the meeting. preetba hara said. but in the meantime for maybe
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nor a long time, i increase the before trump fired him. bipartisan support that my the courts are not just ruling administration has had on trade against trump, courts are mocking his lawyers' argument as and trade policy. they should. is preet right? >> mocking may be a little especially at it pertains to strong. i think that the court's opinion placing very massive tariffs on from the district court judges china and just so you have been very strong opinions. understand, these tariffs are they have been clear opinions. paid for largely by china. they have not given any credence a lot of people like to say by to the president's arguments. us. in fact larry kudlow was quoted so i think a little liberty but they didn't have the sect pard of the quote which was a there with the word mocking but very good quote. there is no question the judges china subsidized a lot of are saying the president doesn't have a legal right to stand on businesses. and china came out and in here. >> jennifer rogers, thank you so much. and now with me john subsidizing the business they kennedy, a member of the senate pay for a big portion of that judiciary committee. welcome back, how are you? >> i'm well, brooke, thanks for having me. >> thank you. so congress is at a standstill tax. so it is a bad thing for china. we don't want that. but that is the way it works and colleague john thune feels like your hands are tied. out. but we're taking in tremendous do you think that the president amounts of tariffs and you don't is making a mistake by shutting have to pay tariffs for a the door on working with company when they move into the united states. you move to the united states, democrats? >> um, yes. it is very simple business. there are to tariffs to pay. and i don't think he needs it. and many companies are already
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planned and planning to move i think that the president is back to the united states or to very frustrated. move to the united states for the first time. i heard that was listening to so they don't have to pay the your show a while -- while i was waiting, brooke, i heard the 25% tariff. but they're moving to vietnam, comments from speaker pelosi. they're moving to other places. i don't think those will help. but we'll get plenty of them. our country must maintain a united front to achieve maximum now, speaker pelosi is entitled to her opinion and i respect her results for our people. opinion. i try to cut her some slack very simple. for years farm income has because she's in a tough spot. declined. and we're talking about many i think her democratic majority would like to impeach the years. this year, however, and i was a little surprised to see this president. i think the speaker is against because i know that there has it because she knows it wouldn't been really a trade attack on be very popular with the our great farmers, net farm american people. income because our economy is and the other problem of the doing so well, is forecast to be speaker has to be frank, she nearly $8 billion higher than in kind of has a shadow speaker in congresswoman alexandria 2016. did you know that? ocasio-cortez. you're doing better than you so she's in a tough spot. were doing in 2016. but having said all of that, the nobody told me that. but that is because our economy right course of action is not for each side to go to the has been so strong and our corner and respective corners economy is about as good as it and as i said yesterday, not for has ever been.
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maybe better than its ever been both sides to act like and the agricultural experts are 8-year-olds hiding in the back expected to be $10 billion more of a minivan. but sit down and work it out. and here is why. than in 2016. not bad. you've done a good job. if this ends up in court, as it we both have. looks like it will and becomes a we all have. the farmers have. so we're fixing broken trade deals to open up markets for zero sum gabe -- gain. american exports. if trump wins the oversight authority of congress is including with the brand-new undermined. if the house leadership wins, then in my opinion, anybody with u.s./mexico/canada agreement that democrats in congress are a brain above a single cell many supporting and they have told us they're supporting it us organism wouldn't want to run regardless of leadership. for president because congress could take a look at everything. i don't think nancy pelosi understands, the deal is too even the most intimate details complicated, it is not a about your life. even before you were president. complicated deal. it is not a complicated deal. >> in the meantime, because of it is a deal that is many, many both the president and the times better than nafta. i consider nafta one of the democrats and this fact that worst deals ever made in the nothing is moving right now, history of our country. according to the leader of your think the world trade party, the truth is none of organization, larry kudlow, may this -- we have a whole list of things on the docket, pieces of be worse because of what it has legislation and none of it is done with respect to trade and
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getting done now. >> well that is on -- >> this feud is having a international trade and trade with china and how much money real-world impact. >> it is not on us. our country is losing to china >> it is on you. every year. so world trade organization has been really bad, but the nafta >> and i said on the floor of the senate and some of my colleagues are a little miffed has been one of the worst deals ever made in trade. just last week we reached an at me but i spoke the truth. we don't have to wait in agreement with canada and mexico congress for the president's to lift major tariffs on permission to legislative. there are plenty of issues in american agriculture and we the senate on which the opened up the beef exports with democrats and the republicans japan. did you know that? right. have more in common than they that is a big deal. so we opened it up with japan. don't. prescription drugs costs, first time ever. so beef is now going to be reforming the national emergency starting to flow to japan and act, a net neutrality. now since i gave that speech our folks that do beef, they are yesterday, today we already had very much happier. they were shocked to see that one vote. i talked yesterday about the one. but it is happening. need for us to vote on spam it is happening fast. and i think things probably are going to happen with china fast. robocalls. well they did it this morning. because i can't imagine that and guess what? they can be thrilled with we only had one no vote. thousands of companies leaving one no vote. their shores for other places. and i am proud of my colleagues. this afternoon we're going to we're saving our farmers and ranchers from ridiculous vote on a disaster recovery bill. and i think it is going to pass. regulations also and we're -- as
12:09 pm
we don't have to wait on the of next we're we're signing president. senate needs -- we need to be additional voiding of some senators. we need to debate and decide, really dumb regulations, sonny, not stall and restall and i'm proud of my colleagues today. that will make farmers a lot >> you are saying precisely what easier and a lot better and one americans want to hear. that -- of the regulations, waters of >> yeah. >> that there is a reason to do the united states rule and it the job. sounds beautiful and once you but let me take you back, senator kennedy, and you open the document and it is a mentions speaker pelosi and cat as fae. there is a pattern speaker and you know that better than anyone. i eliminated it. pelosi sure can push the president's buttons and what do it is a beautiful title but everything inside is a disaster you think it is about nancy for our farmers and for our pelosi and this president, why country. we're ensuring that ethanol is a is she so get under his skin, do you think? >> i don't -- i really don't vital part of the american energy future and we increased think that it's speaker pelosi it to e-15 and that is tremendous for a particular -- in particular. >> you don't? for the most part our corn >> i don't. i really don't. farmers. for corn and the people in iowa i think the president is just very frustrated. i think he feels like the house and lots of other places are very happy. i just did it recently and i leadership is in bad faith. and i'll give you an example. made a promise during the campaign that i was going to do the house ways and means it and i don't know if it had an chairman said i need to see impact but i won iowa by a lot. trump's tax returns. and perhaps it did, perhaps it the press doing its job said didn't. i don't really care.
12:10 pm
why? he said well it will help me it is the right thing to do. so you'll be at e-15 which is something i think you've been evaluate how well the -- the irs waiting for for a long time. is auditing people. now nobody believes that. and we're going to also make there is no american that that available year round. believes that. that is very disingenuous and i they had it for a period of think the president feels like the house is in bad faith. eight months and now year round. that was a rird rule. the house feels like they're in good faith and just doing their we're fighting for rural job. the answer is not to hold broadband, impropering rural health care and bringing new everybody in the western prosperity to distressed rural hemisphere in contempt and go to communities through opportunity court. the answer is to do what bill zones and opportunity zones and tim scott and i and others have barr did with the house judiciary committee, sit down worked so hard on opportunity and try to work it out. zones and they're really working. far greater than anybody this is not a new circumstance we find ourselves in. thought, including me. people are coming in and investing large amounts of money in places they would have nerve at this time is that both sides seem to be a little too close invested before. inner city locations and others and it is gotten a little too and it is incredible. it is one of the reasons our personal and everybody needs to calm down and take their meds and try to work it out. >> okay. african-american unemployment is lowest ever and hispanic, asian, the lowest ever. senator kennedy, let me say i we have the lowest unemployment haven't -- i haven't heard those remarks but most democrats say rates ever and we have today that they do want to see the tax literally today, i just saw returns. bhak on your point about house another report, it is this way for a while, the most people
12:11 pm
working in the history of our ways and means they do want to see the tax returns to see if country working today. the president is compromised. so that is really great. mike, you look at that and senator john kennedy, thank you that's good news, right? very much. >> thank you. minutes from now president trump is expected to announce so our nation will always be $16 billion in aid to farmers proud of the unmatched grid and who have been hurt by the trade faith and skill of the american war with china. we'll take you there live. farmer. in fact we'll check his claims it's my honor to do what we did. about who is paying for the rise in tariffs. i want to thank sonny purdue and plus the man known as the american taliban walk the out of all of the people that work so a federal prison today despite hard. >> president trump flarnged by concerns he may still be his agriculture secretary and radicalized so are the the farmers announcing conditions of his parole enough? $16 billion in aid to and president trump lashing out against former secretary of state rex tillerson after new reports surfaced this week that tillerson told congress that trump was unprepared for his meeting with vladimir putin. you're watching cnn, we'll be right back. for years i've trained dogs for the marines like me, some of these dogs have seen many tours of duty. and for the past 15 years i've been a navy federal member. thanks to their fast approval process, when it came time to buy a new car, we got everything we needed to transport my wife's little bundle of joy...
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nothing happened. and when his administratlegaly nothreally?pened.rely? really? this is why we volunteered, raised money, went door to door and voted in the last election. our founding fathers expected you - congress - to hold a lawless president accountable. and you're doing nothing. nothing. nothing. he broke his oath of office. he's defying you. he's laughing at you. and he's getting away with it. this is our democracy. but congress is part of the system and the system is broken. we have to fix it. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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[ technical difficulties ] >> thank you so much. another day, another feud we're going to end with you. for president trump and the latest person in his cross hairs chris, a soybean farmer in ohio is former secretary of state rex and appreciate, and thank you so tillerson. we now know that rex tillerson had a secretive meeting with much. house democrats this past i'm brooke baldwin and you're tuesday, one thing he told watching cnn. "the lead" starts right now. atlantics that russian president vladimir putin was more prepared than president trump for the 2017 meeting in germany. >> president trump just said the president reported on that house speaker nancy pelosi,
12:17 pm
a legislator for decades does twitter calling rex tillerson dumb as a rock and saying he not understand a bill. didn't think putin would agree "the lead" starts right now. and the current secretary of point of no return. the vicious feud between president trump and speaker state mike pompeo showed up to pelosi hitting another low as second his boss's criticism. >> he, meaning rex tillerson, was guided by, quote, american pelosi said president trump is values, such as democracy and practically big -- begging to be freedom, but that he could not offer the same assessment for impeached as many in her party the president. might note. she's not old enough to be who do you make of that comment? president but she could be the >> it is pretty outrageous and probably explains why rex most important enforcement in tillerson is no longer the secretary of state. the democratic race. how 2020 democrats are now fighting to get the aoc seal of >> meantime frequent trump critic george canway lobbed his approval. plus the president's trade war own twitter missile asking the with chi president, you could find crimea on an unmarked map. and the first reporter to report on the meeting. gray to have you on. and back to the american values question, secretary tillerson is questioned trump's
12:18 pm
[ technical difficulties ] [ technical difficulties ] >> trump and his individuality and what he was like and a little bit of that part focused on russia. but in a broader sense, this seven-hour meeting had much more than russia but in terms of how tillerson reacted to trump while he was in office, that was something he spoke about during the meeting and in regard to the comments he made about trump being prepared or not being prepared for that tripp in 2017 to hamburg, germany, tillerson that putin was sort of -- out-maneuvered trump and that comment was put in the general context of the trump administration in general not being prepared and not taking the advice of experts on critical foreign policy issues. >> let's jump to that since
12:19 pm
we're talking russia and trump insists he was prepared with that meeting in hamburg with vladimir putin. but this is what he said ahead of the first meeting and the extraordinary summit between him and kim jong-un. listen to this. >> i think i'm very well prepared. i don't think i have to prepare very much. it is about attitude, it is about willingness to get things done but i think i've been preparing for this summit for a long time. as has the other side. i think they've been preparing for a long time also. so this isn't a question of preparation, it is a question of whether or not people want it to happen and we'll know that very quickly. >> does that sound like a man who does his homework? did the former secretary address that at all? >> yes, so i think this touches to a couple of different comments that tillerson made during this seven-hour meeting which was that in general when he came into office, he said he really tried to follow the old guard. tried to set up an interagency
12:20 pm
process whereby the president could be briefed and be prepared for these kinds of meetings via state department experts and officials and what happened during his time in the -- in the administration is that process sort of broke down. and so it manifested itself in a way in 2017 where ultimately trump wasn't as prepared as he should have been. and so part of this breakdown happened with jared kushner, his son-in-law, sort of interceding -- >> had friction with him. >> yes. and tillerson said during the meeting, listen, i tried to do my best to have a professional working relationship with the president. i tried to have a smooth interagency process but that was really difficult because jared kushner was sort of in the president's ear and undermining that process a little bit. and i think that -- and he didn't just talk about russia. the seven-hour meeting was about foreign affairs writ at large and about the middle east and about china and about a lot of different issues and in general i think what the committee was
12:21 pm
after is looking at where is the state department at today and how are they dealing with the foreign policy issues and are they sort of circumventing that interagency process that is supposed to happen. >> of which there are many foreign policy issues currently facing this president. erin banga with the scoop with the former secretary of state. thank you so much for coming up. up next, president trump trying to mitigate the damage of the traid war by announcing $16 billion going to aid to farmers in this country and details on where that money is coming from. ly. and let you decide for yourself. they're offering a new 100% total satisfaction guarantee. try it out and see the savings. if you don't love it, get your money back. see? simple. now sprint's unlimited plan comes with one of the newest phones included for just $35 a month. so switch now. for people with hearing loss, visit
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they say a rising tide lifts aup boats and if so some of the 2020 democrats must see congress woman alexandria ocasio-cortez as a potential political tsunami. in the past couple of weeks two presidential candidates have taken time to post videos, first bernie sanders who teamed up to talk about a plan that would cap credit card interest rates and then you had senator elizabeth warren posting a video where she and the congresswoman gripped about the finale of "game of thrones" and why hbo should hire some feminists to help with scripting. today warren and alexandery aoc to take aim at steve mnuchin.
12:27 pm
and what do you think senator ander and warren are trying to get out of showing up with aoc. >> i have to say. i think aoc has a long history with senator anders but with elizabeth warren, this is what she does. the more serious message with aoc was about the treasury secretary questionable relationship with the form of sears but elizabeth warren i wrote about her teaming up with congress woman to talk about how the justice system is easy on billionaires and teamed up to talk about students and debt and so this is her deal. she has a plan for everything. it is not necessarily her courting aoc. elizabeth warren drops plans like rappers drop mixed tapes so he's out there in front of policy. i'm not sure she's courting her but aoc has a political super star and has 4 million twitter followers. >> do you think that is what they are trying to tap into.
12:28 pm
>> but twitter followers don't necessarily translate to votes. and i put more faith in the american voter that just because aoc endorses somebody, that doesn't mean that 4 million people follow. i think the voters are more focused on policy and speak about something that will make my life better tomorrow -- >> am i getting a re-tweet. >> exactly, how about the issues. i want to talk about the fact that criminal justice and childcare and reproductive rights and you have democratic candidates talking about the big iss -- issues dealing with people. kamala harris and kirsten gillibrand covering paid paternal leave and then just today cory booker announcing a huginish fif focusedond reproductive issues including protecting abortion rights and all of these directly aimed at
12:29 pm
women and at minorities, tiffany. is that what candidates feel they have to do right now to win that nomination? >> well i think women and people of color are impacted by all policies. not just policy that speaks specifically to them but the changing demographics of the country that people know the path of the white house will cross through the huge swath of communities of color and they should talk about. and some of the candidates, they are fighting to get screen time because you do have this kind of chorus of media promoting three or four white men at the same time so when the policy is good we're talking about and you have julian castro who has been the only person to put out a comprehensive education plan. and i think the policies don't necessarily -- they're not specifically designed just for people of color. i think everybody benefits from them and for anybody who is a serious candidate they'll have to make sure all of the policies are inclusive.
12:30 pm
andrew yang, has over 100 detailed policy proposals on his website. that deserves attention and also discussion as well. so i think we'll see more of this on the campaign trail and i think all americans benefit from that when you see 23 candidates in the crowded field put forth the policy proposals. >> tiffany grass, great to see you. >> thanks. just a reminder to you, any moment now president trump is expected to announce the $16 billion in aid to farmers in this country who have been just devastated by this trade war with china. we will take you there live and listen into the president and fact check his claims about who is really paying for the rising tariffs. last year, the department of veteran's affairs partnered with t-mobile for business, to help care for veterans everywhere. with va video connect, powered by t-mobile, men and women who serve can speak to their doctors
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. i think harriet tubman is fantastic. i would love to leave andrew jackson and see if we could come up with another denomination. maybe we do the $2 bill or another bill. i don't like seeing it. yes, i think it is pure political correctness. >> that was then-candidate trump after the treasury announcedal ol issist harriet tubman will be the new face of the $20 billion but the redesigned currency will not debut next year as planned. here is what steve mnuchin told congress. >> the primary reason we've looked at redesigning the currency is for counterfeiting issues. based upon this, the $20 bill
12:36 pm
will not come out until 2018. >> to you support harriet tubman being on the $20 bill. >> i've made no decision as it relates to that and that decision won't be made -- >> but there was a community process. there was a national -- a community process. >> again, it is a decision of the secretary of the treasury, right now my decision is focused on security features. >> when the redesign was announced officials wanted the new bill to come out in 2020. it is the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment which gave women the right to vote and my next guest has a very personal connection to this story and she's the great, great, great, great niece of harriet tubman. and she is ernestine martin wyatt. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> tina, do you think secretary mnuchin explanation for the delay, waiting until 2028 is
12:37 pm
legit. >> no. i think to me it is -- it smacks of racist rhetoric. that is what it smacks of. >> tell me why. >> i think it is a nice way of trying to say we don't want this. we're not going to have this. under any circumstances will we have this. it is just another delay and a diversion for what is going on because he's had time for this to happen in the very beginning. he said that was not his priority. so now it comes out when all the other things that are happening right now and i'm wondering, well why is that happening right now at this time? so i just think it is a diversion and also again it is smacks of racism. >> let me get this in. this is from the spokesperson for the bureau of engraving and printing telling "the daily beast" that this is a long process, they say the redesigns have not been finalized and for example the next note to be set
12:38 pm
to be released is the $10 bill which won't enter circulation for another seven years. so that is what they're saying. >> well, in the beginning, the treasury liu expedited things. and to my knowledge pretty much it was -- it was set. the design was set. now as an artist, i know that you have rough drafts and things like that. but what they said was that in 2020 it would have the final, i guess, redesign. and that was supposed to do debut in 2020. now after not hearing of anything for many -- for many years, now we're hearing that, oh, no, it will be delayed. it's going to take too long. we have to take care of security for counterfeit and -- >> i hear you. you're not buying it.
12:39 pm
i hear you. >> no. >> i hear you. now when this announcement was made back in 2016 much was being said about how having harriet tubman on american currency would ensure every american knew her story, beyond the underground railroad and contribution to ending slavery. what do you wish more people knew about her? >> i wish more people now about her civil war effort. because she was a patriot. a patriot when she doesn't have to by. be. when america's foot was on her neck and a bounty on her head and yet she came at the -- at the behest of govern andrew -- from -- i'm sorry governor andrew -- i think it was johnson from massachusetts. and because of her skills because of her ability to be able to be unrecognized, to be able to move in and out through different areas without
12:40 pm
recognition, being able to change how she looked, being able to know about the waterways that were similar to the ones that she was raised in in south carolina, knew that she would be valuable to winning the war, to preverving the union and that is why -- she did many things. she was a spy. she was not just a nurse and a cook or a launderes or a scout but she was a spy. she was sent there to be a spy.and then he told her if you are not doing that, do what else is necessary. but she did a lot in terms of -- she knew medicine and she helped heal a doctor that was there and also the soldiers. he gave her carte blanche to do whatever she told them to do in order to heal the soldiers that were dying of malaria. this lady was -- she was gifted.
12:41 pm
she was gifted, she was knowledgeable. she couldn't read or write but she was smart and intelligent and articulate and most of all, she was blessed by god to do what she was doing. >> history is grateful for her and hopefully in the future we will see her on that bill as promised. tina wyatt, i appreciate you. thank you very much for coming on. >> thank you. >> thank you. and as we've been talking i have seen now here he is the president of the united states, he's arrived, live -- pictures at the white house as we await the remarks to farmers expected to announce this big chunk of change to farmers in need. here we go. >> some of the most incredible people in the country people with me from the beginning and i've been with them from the absolute beginning in a relationship has been very good. so we're hee with a vital action
12:42 pm
support for the american farmers. people that we love, people it
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