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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  May 24, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. thanks so much for joining me. if wednesday was a coverup and i don't do coverups and thursday was then he needs an intervention and she's crazy, remember this? >> the president has a bag of tricks and the white house has a bag of tricks that they save for certain occasions. >> crazy nannancy. i'll tell you what. i've been watching her an watching her for a long time. she's not the same person. she is lost it. >> another temper tantrum.
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i pray for the president of the united states. i would wish his family or administration or staff would have an intervention for the good of the country. >> i'm an extremely stable genius. >> wednesday and thursday. so what in the world then could friday bring? we will soon find out. president trump is leaving the white house at this hour to head off for a very big trip to japan, but make no mistake. giving way and giving each other space is not likely to smooth things over with the speaker of the house. much more on that in a second. but also this this morning. an unprecedent move, yes, another one by the president. granting attorney jegeneral bil barr with sweeping authority to investigate. what are these new powers? lay it out? >> well, kate, the attorney general now has carte blanche to be able to ask the cia and all the other intelligence agencies to provide information for this review he's doing of the origins of this investigation. keep in mind we've heard plenty
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from the attorney general that he has some skepticism about whether or not this was done properly, whether there was legitimacy to this investigation. he says the president was falsely accused. and so that's where all of the -- i think a lot of the concern is now coming from. the attorney general and the president seems to believe there needs to be a thorough investigation of the investigation, which i don't think anybody objects to necessarily to see whether or not government powers were abused, but it's the skepticism with which they're approaching this with. let me read a piece of the presidential order that was issued last night by the white house. quote, the attorney general may classify the downgrade or direct the classification or downgrading of information or intelligence that relates to the attorney general's review. at this point the attorney general has not done any of these things, but keep in mind, a little step back, kate, some
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of this has been pushed by the president and his allies. they've been asking for a lot of this information to be declassified and released. rod rosenstein, deputy attorney general when he was in charge refused to do this. now bill barr singing a tune that's much more aligned with what the president wants. that's why he's getting all of these extraordinary powers. you can see the reaction from adam schiff, the chairman of the intelligence committee. he says, quote, while president trump is stonewalling, trump and barr look to declassify information against they're political enemies. kate? >> thank you so much. joining me now is jack quinn and anna palmer, senior washington correspondent for politico. jack, what do these new powers really mean that trump is giving to the attorney general? is it more about the fear, or is there a real problem, do you
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think? >> well, look. this is really krng, and it's also very tricky territory for the democrats as a political matter. but it's important, i think, to start with the understanding that we have an established way of conducting investigations of people's conduct within the department of justice. ordinarily these things are delegated to the inspector general of the department. that's a relatively independent office within the department of justice, one that has a reputation for integrity and thoroughness and competentness, and here that has essentially been taken away from the i.g. if you will and given to the attorney general. traditionally we have a longstanding director of power of national intelligence to declassify information that had previously been deemed sensitive that might reveal source and methods and the like. again, the question is why take
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that person out of the line here. now, i hate to sound terribly political here, but i think the answer is because with attorney general barr, the president can count on getting the answer he wants. from the moment he applied for this job as attorney general by writing this 19-page memo that was waving his arms saying look over here, look over here, i'll do whatever you need to do to help you get out of these legal problems to when he issued this four-page highly misleading some might say borderline untruthful memorandum supposedly undermining the mueller report, barr has proven himself in my opinion as the traineded seal willing to come to any conclusion the president needs. >> it's also -- >> it's really disturbing -- i'm sorry? >> this also means any
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disclosure that comes out after this, barr would declassify. it's going to need additional scrutiny with the power given over by the president. i want to ask about this. while it's happening, the chair of the committee is giving some indication how things might be going when it's gets to the man at the center of it all, robert mueller. let me play what radler is saying. >> he needs to answer questions about the court. >> are folks going to go along with that? is that going to be enough? what do you think of that, anna? >> it's a first step. this is the first nod we're
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going to see where robert mueller is going to come to capitol hill. i doubt it will be enough but it's a first step to assuage democrats and others, the fbi and do skr don't want him to testify. >> can i also ask you, anna, it was laying out on top how things are going between the president and nancy pelosi. it's safe to say things haven't blown over between the president and speaker yet, or will they. the speaker has maintained he's not going to work with anything with congress because it would be with the democratic house until they stop investigating him. what are democrats saying about this? what are republicans saying about this? >> i think there are two poirmt points. one, it oengt strengstrengthens. they're backing her after this kind of hollywood dramatic
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blowup between the two of them over infrastructure. i think that's one important point. the second point is the republicans will lean into this. congress needs to be able to do two things. one, oversight. two, there are things that have to get done that the president is going to have to come part meantalize which he's been bad at doing so far. he's going to have to raise the debt ceiling and have funding bill. if you want active positions on trade and infrastructure, democrats aren't going to stop investigating him so they can get other things done. >> and just the fact of the matter is, it's going to be out of necessity, if you want to get things done. democrats plus republicans are going to be forced to call the president's bluff on this if this is what he maintains. let's wait to see. let's not get ahead of ourselves. we have breaking news to get to out of the pentagon. president trump is now deploying more troops and firepower to the
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middle east. cnn's barbara starr has more on this. what are you hearing here? >> we do expect some kind of briefing from the pentagon in the. going hours about all of this, president trump giving a thumbs-up to a military proposal to beef up the deterrence capability in the persian gulf in the wake of it. military officials are adamant that the iranian officials are positioning themselves in a very assertive aggressive manner. what's on the table now, it's now likely the pentagon will send additional patriot missile batteries to the region. these will be missiles capable of shooting down incoming iranian missiles and aircraft if it were to come to that, if they were to attack against the united states and also intelligence and reconnaissance aircraft that can fly
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continuously and keep a close eye on the movement of iranian forces. right now we don't know how many troops that will add up to, and we're told it's a phase. it's a first phase. they hope to add to the deterrent capability, convince iran not to do anything that would cause the u.s. military response, the pentagon adamant it's not looking to that. but if it comes to that, they're looking at additional forces. >> we'll keep our eye own that. thank you for reporting. we have breaking news from capitol hill. i have to get back over there. they're voting on how to move to the disaster relief bill. this is an important thing. it means they've left town. it's clear it's not going to be passed. it's been caught up in some controversy. they thought they had gotten past it and it was going to pass through the senate last night. now today it's hit nothing snag.
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let me get over to phil mattingly. phil, i came to set thinking this was going to pass. what happened? >> you framed it properly by saying it's been an inner disaster as they try to fix out a way to thread the needle with lawmakers to question how much was going to be spent, the president concerned about the amount of aid going to puerto rico. over the last couple of weeks they requested more money for the humanitarian crisis on the southern border. that got rapped for it. they came up with a deal, 19 prcht 1. no money for the border and passed it by a wide margin. 85-8, the house voted against it. the only way for the house to pass the bill and clear it for the president's silg nature hnld he said on twitter and in a news
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conference, he said he would semifinalbiep. they didn't show up to object or agree with the bill itself. one conservative republican from texas did show up and he did on jechlkt his rationale according to reports on the floor, he didn't like that the report wasn't paid for and it didn't address the immigration issue. that's something republicans have been very concerned about. it's something they're going to have to address in the weeks ahead. they're running out of money when it comes to dealing with the massive increase in undocumented migrants that showed up at the border, particularly family units. particularly the south, the flooding in the midwest. >> california. >> california as well with the wildfires. again, jeff to underscore the point here, this has been a months-long process. you know the bills are not liked
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by fiscal conservatives but generally bipartisan, they move through in a quick manner because they need quick aid. to be completely clear, they will pass the bill and it will be signed into law by the preside president, but it will be at least another week over the cost. >> it's fascinating that there's an on jukz by the president when he signed on borchlt we know fiscal restraint is not something he dugs. you know this is something more of a dysfunction on capitol hill. >> the president got on board because the state senator of georgia would be hit hard and another were on the phone convincing him this was the way
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they needed to do it. members were in the room. >> thanks, phil. coming up, videos are going viral. the president's twitter account is partly to blame. it's called trash. the statement this makes about the state of american politics right now is an important mark we must mark and not let pass. we'll stalk about that. plus british prime minister theresa may steps down amid a heated divide over how to lead the european union. what happens now. what happens to brexit now, what this means as president trump is about to be heading over to the uk. we'll be right back. at panera, our salads are uniquely crafted.
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♪ thank you so much. battery charging. ♪ to save 30% on all the medications we carry. so go directly to now. even in the era of everything gossypol ticks, this is jarring. a doctored video that makes attempt to make it look like nancy pelosi is slurring her speech and it goes viral. it's not just that. it with us shared bun one of the president's closest advisers,
8:20 am
attorney rudy giuliani. let me show you the real video and then the fake so you can see it for yourself. >> then he had a press conference in the rose garden with all of this sore of visuals that obviously were planned long before. and then you had a press conference in the rose garden with all this sort of visuals that obviously were planned long before. >> youtube removed the video, but it's still out there and has been viewed millions of teams. a spokesman for pelosi said the speaker is not going to comment on, quote, sex icht trash. but there is more. president trump has jumped into all of this, and tweeing out a video, here's a picture of his twitter feed, she was basically falling all over her words in her press conference yesterday. it aired yesterday, that montage on fox business and he said in
8:21 am
his tweet pelosi stammers through news conference. first, the actual manipulated video and then that video on fox business that the president's been pushing auround, david. i don't know what other word to say. this is so stupid that someone would try to push it around but it's also super darjs that this isn't on some far reaches of the dark internet, this is the president of the united states says this about any american especially the speaker of the house. i mean can you just declare that politics -- american politics are broken and go home at this point. >> i do think that what we see across social media platforms is indeed breaking american politics as we know i. it's something that every american candidate is going to have to grapple with. it's going to be more prev lenl ads we go into politics. obviously, we have a job to do
8:22 am
to call out this crap when we see it and hopefully inform the public. but that's not going to stop. as you said, 1.4 million views already. so this is a really dangerous practice and having it amplified by a rudy giuliani or president trump, that just puts it, you know, on turbo charge. so i do think that this is going to be a major component of this upcoming election season. >> i fear for what's coming up in 2020. rudy giuliani, he pushed around the manipulated video. he eventually deleted it. this morning he set out a response. the first one was completely unintelligible with a strange gift that i dome know what it was.
8:23 am
then she should withdraw her charge when she says the president needs an intervention. so he's saying it's fine to send out because she criticized the president. if that's what it looks like, we're not even close to the general election, e i'm scared when we get there. >> this isn't even a childhood playground where one says, oh, he started it. he's jeffying a completely doctored video to create a false impression that nancy pelosi said about a roomful at a press conference where she was taking questions. the things are not comparable and this is part of -- you can see what's happening here, right? you saw yesterday the president started calling her crazy nancy,
8:24 am
saying she's lost a step. they're trying to build a narrati narrative, negative frame around nancy pelosi because he sees her now as the most fierce political opponent he's facing. >> you mentioned i. media needs to do a good job, better job by calling things out when they need to call things out, but also this is a very stark reminder that voters need to be smart. they need to take it upon themselves to look at what they're watching, what they're reading, question where it's coming fr. it's not easy when the news coming at you at light speed. that's what's going to be required especially when it comes to this divisive campaign. >> and they're going to have to jaucht to this reality. >> and do it fast. it will be interesting to see who's nimble to do that and how they do. good to see you. thanks, david. >> thanks, kate. coming up, new this morning,
8:25 am
president trump tray say has acknowledge she's stepping down. the prime minister in making her announcement became emotional when she talked bd her decision. take a listen. >> i will shortly leave the job that's been the honor of my life to hole. the second female prime minister but certainly not the last. i do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love. >> another wrinkle here. president trump is set to be making a state visit to the uk early next month. cnn's phil black is outside 10 downing street watching all of this. i feel like everyone has asked this question so many times throughout the brexit saga, but it's especially necessary now, like what is next?
8:26 am
>> reporter: yeah. it's a key question now, kate. what's next is a bit of an uncertainty as they open a contest to determine who will become its next leader and who ultimately becomes the next prime minister. crucially that process will not begin until after president trump visits in early june. prime minister may will still be the prime minister in function when the queen hosts the president and his family in a couple of weeks. it will be interesting to see if president trump expresses a view on any of the political turmoil that's taken place in the past. he hasn't been shy and has referenced admiration for boris johnson, the former british secretary saying he thinks he'd be a good prime minister. johnson favored to take theresa may's place after this election process by the conservative party members. but the fact is whoever becomes
8:27 am
the next prime minister, they will inherit the same one. they'll be the same with no obvious solution to solving this enormous political problem. >> thanks so much. we truly appreciate it. coming up, did ben carson lie as wing congresswoman calls for him to resign. what was it all about? she joins me neck.
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this has been quite a week for housing and urban development secretary ben carson. first he sits in a congressional hearing and wonders aloud if a congressional member was asking him about oreo cookies when she was asking him about a housing term he should know. and in the same series he was asked about housing and transgender people. listen to this. >> can you assure that hud does not have any plans to eliminate the access rule in rule making? >> i'm not going to say what we will do in the future about anything. we don't know what we're going to do in the future. >> are you currently anticipa anticipating doing that? >> i'm not currently anticipating changing the rule. >> but the very next day
8:33 am
carson's department proposed a rule that would allow federally funded shelters the turn away transgender based on religious preferences. she says he lied basically to her face. she's saying, quote, he's proven himself to be deceitful and inept ads secretary. congresswoman wexton joins me now. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> why was this an important question for you? did you have a clue or inkling that changes were in the works? >> we suspected he might be making changes to the rule. the equal access rule protects the lgbtq community in the hud housing and i suspected given the hostility to the lgbtq community there could be changes taking place. that's why i asked the question. he lied to my face and said they do not anticipate changing it.
8:34 am
the next day he changed. >> after the hearing i think it was also the next day he called you to clarify. he says that he didn't fully understand your question. do you think he intentionally lied to you or drnlt understand the question or, third, he double know the policies of his own agency? >> it's pretty clear he intentionally lied to me. the question was clear, you showed the clip. he volunteer thad he did not anticipate making changes to the rule and made changes the next day. let me tell you why this matters. one third of the transgender community will suffer hom loss in their lifetime and we know when the rule was promulgated, one in five homeless shelters turned transgender away. this is going to impact the community and cost people their lives. >> you're proposing legislation
8:35 am
to correct this. you're calling for him to resign. it's clear he has no intention. >> right. >> how far do you propose taking this fight? >> i anticipate that will be moving in the coming weeks, but we've got to do what we can as congress to stop these abuses by the executive branch. >> i also want to ask you about this feud between the pretty and the house speaker. it's really fueled up. they say it's time at now to begin impeachment proceedings. the speaker made haver clear that the house democrats are not on that path right now. where are you on this, congresswoman? >> i believe all options are on the table. i'm not there for impeachment just yet. we heard from the committee chairs about the investigative processes that they're engaged in, and i'm denl that they're
8:36 am
doing a great job of looking into all the facts and we've had two court cases in the past week that have backed up exactly what they're doing, so that information is going to need to be turned over. we'll need to see that information that the president has been trying very, very hard to hide. >> you're in a unique position. you're one of the democrats who helped win back the democratic majority back in the house by turning a red district blue. how does that fact factor into your decision? what are you hearing from constituents? >> well, constituents want us to hold the president accountable but they want us to deliver on the promises we made to get here. that's what we've been doing as a caucus. we have na r passed over a hundred bills. we've done universal background checks for firearms, hr-1, the good government act. we've been doing important legislation, helping to bring down health care costs and
8:37 am
prescription drug prices. you know, we're eager to work on inf infrastructure with the president, but he didn't want to do anything but rant. >> that's on pause right now. if the president is involved in a coverup as nancy pelosi says and he's involved in impeachable offenses, i wonder why not move toward impeachment processes and homeland the president accountable? >> we have other work to do. we haven't received all information we need to vchl we haven't seen the full unredacted mueller report. we haven't heard from robert mueller. we haven't heard from don mcgahn. >> are you okay if he doesn't testify publicly, robert mueller? >> i don't know that he has to testify publicly. that's a decision to be made with the house judiciary and all those parties but we need to hear from don mcgahn and the others involved in the matters before us. >> look forward to hearing,
8:38 am
seeing if there's any more response coming from the hud secretary to what we've been talking about here today. congresswoman, thank you for coming. >> thank you for having me. coming up at any moment we expect the president to walk out of the white house as he departs to japan. will he have any parting words, more specifically parting shots for nancy pelosi. stay with us.
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coming up, a special presentation starring the one and only come medial colin quinn. he takes on the current state of politics, the divisiveness and tribalism and taket it all head on and it's somehow funny. here ooh is a preview. john adams said the two-party system is the greatest political evil under the constitution. george washington cautioned in his farewell address against excessive political party spirits and geographical distinction. wise words. do they tell us what to do about it? they did not. they just said it and they died. now they left us to figure it out. real geniuses.
8:44 am
america, two parties still all these years later, two parties. there's 350 million people and there's two parties. there's 15 genders and there's two parties. there's four bathrooms and there's two parties. >> and we still only have access to one of them. joining us now, colin quinn. great to have you here. >> thanks, kate. >> so happy to be here. >> i'm smiling now. >> we debated during the break why do you never smile. >> i never smile because i didn't want to be schmoozing the crowd. i'm a real purist. >> i can tell. this started as an off-broadway show. >> yes. >> i'm kind of fascinated by it only in the sense it's making me wonder what is it like to go from nightly standup comedy to then a tv special? are they divlg muscles? is there a learning curve? >> no.
8:45 am
i mean i've been doing this for a long time. i'm sure there was a learning curve a long time ago. >> you're so old, you forget. >> it's ingrained at this point. >> what do you get out of this? >> if we keep going where we're going, there will be -- something very bad is going to happen, do you know what i mean? >> are the jokes about politicians now, are they the same over time? the jokes are funny -- >> it's not about politicians. it's about us a, the nation. we're all politicians. we're all writers, critics because of the social media. it's about the mentality of all of us and how it's leading us. >> how is it funny? everything you say is so sad. >> it is sad. >> a realistic portrait of
8:46 am
america but a sad statement of affairs. >> a lot of people come up to me after the show and say, i feel like crying. i think, oh, boy, i should get out of the business. it is sad. >> it's like an addiction. you have to acknowledge you have a problem before you can heal? >> what's funny is the truth. if you pretend it's not happy, it's not funny. a lot of people are calling it. >> red state blue state is the first ever comedy on cnn. >> right. >> you do not seem to be under any pressure that you could be the first and only. >> i know. but i have delusions like, of course, i is. you can't do stand upwithout a little bit of confidence. >> thank you. eibel sure to tune in. be sure to see the special edition of colin quinn "red
8:47 am
state blue state. it premieres on memorial day, 9:00 p.m. eastern standard time and pasting. coming up, president trump helping the farmers hit by the trade war. there's jeff one problem. that's not true. next, who actually pays and what farmers are saying about it. but first, losing a loved one can be hard at any age. for children it can be especially devastating. mayor robinson is making sure other children don't lose years of their lives for unresolved grief. watch. >> kids in grief are kids at risk. time does not heal all wounds. time helps, but it's what you do with that time and what you need to do is mourned. >> when you hear other people's stories, it kind of brings comfort. >> that's why a place like imagine exists to give children
8:48 am
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farmers hit hard by the
8:53 am
trade war with china are now speaking out about the president's new aid package. he announced a $16 billion bailout plan to help farmers across the country that have been hit by the trade war, but who is actually going to be footing the bill for that? well, here is the case that the president is trying to make. >> i have directed secretary purdue to provide $16 billion in assistance to america's farmers and ranchers. it all comes from china. we'll be taking in over a period of time hundreds of billions of dollars in tariffs and charges to china. >> to be clear, china is not going to be paying for the aid to farmers, just like mexico is not paying for donald trump's border wall. tariffs are paid by the people who import the goods and by the consumers who buy the goods once again. let's go to farm country though. cnn's miguel marques is there talking to farmers. miguel, what are you hearing from them?
8:54 am
>> reporter: yeah. other thing that the president says is the trade tariffs are unjustified and the chinese put them in effect after he increased tariffs on them. he's talking about $14.5 billion going to farmers in terms of direct payments for their crops. $1.4 billion to buy up excess crops if it comes to that. and $100 million to develop other markets other than china, of course. now, farmers across iowa, we've spoken to many of them, but whether they are democrat or republican they kind of have the same thing. they say thank you, very much, mr. president, but at the end of the day we would really like to get back to free market principles. >> farm efforts have been put right at the front lines of an unnecessary trade war, and it's impacting farmers more than anybody else in our economy. we've been producing corn and soybeans below the cost of production for years now, and this on top of that means the farmers are losing even more money. they are looking to find ways to stay afloat.
8:55 am
>> now farmers here say they need more than anything is certainty in the market, and the ongoing tariff trade war makes only uncertainty greater as time goes on. even if they got back to normal today, it would still take months if not years to get those markets back and get back to a normal trading relationship. kate? >> that's exactly right. miguel, thank you very much. coming up, president trump is about to depart the white house for japan leaving behind an escalating feud with nancy pelosi in washington. well, that's among a lot of things. will he try to have the last word on his way out the door today? stay with us. orlando isn't just the theme park capital of the world, it also has the highest growth in manufacturing jobs in the us. it's a competition for the talent. employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source
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