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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  May 27, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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who's a good boy? it's me. me, me, me. hey guys! you're gonna want to get in on this. i know how to those guys in here. let's pause the internet on their devices. wohhh? huhhhh? [ grumbling ] all: sausages! mmm, mmmm. bon appetite. make time for what matters. pause your wifi with xfinity xfi and see the secret life of pets 2 in theaters. hi there. i'm brooke baldwin. welcome to a special holiday edition of cnn news room. ♪ >> today on memorial day the nation pauses to remember those who gave the best of themselves during some of the most challenging times in u.s. history. the nation is paying tribute to more than 1.2 million americans
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who are v made the ultimate sacrifice and died in service since the civil war. with president trump overseas the president layed the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier over watch by voluntary se sentals every single day. >> present. >> present. we will take you back to the hallowed ground, our lincoln national cemetery in a moment
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with barbara starr. thousands of miles in japan president trump is showing praise for a dictator and dismissing the views of not only his top aids but u.s. allies. at the center of the latest controversy, kim jong-un. remember how last fall trump claimed the two men, his words, fell in love after the korean leader sent him letters. today the president signalled the bond is better than ever with a meeting with shinzo abe, trump doubled doin and said he was confident kim would keep his promise not to test ballistic missiles despite two test launches. >> my people think it could have been a violation. i view it as a man. perhaps he wants to get attention. and perhaps not. who knows? i am very happy with the way it's going.
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and intelligent people agree with me. >> you're not bothered at all by the small missiles? >> i am personally not. >> and the president wasn't finished. he dug in on his claim that kim jong-un insulted joe biden's intelligence. >> kim jong-un made a statement that joe biden is a low i.q. individual. he probably is based on his record. i think i agree with him on that. >> cnn white house correspondent kaitlyn collins is there for us in tokyo. on the biden insult, i mean, do we even know where that conversation would have taken place? they were in hanoi together months before biden jumped in. >> reporter: right. and that's something that's come out of the north korean media recently. where essentially they were echoing criticisms that the president himself has made about joe biden. a potential 2020 democratic rival that we've reported at length is someone who is certainly taking up the most of the president's head space. and the president was given an opportunity to back off his
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endorsement of that criticism from the north korean dictator of joe biden. instead he said he agrees with his assessment and he doubled down on what he said on twitter a day before. a comment that sparked controversy and rebuke from not only democrats and critics of the president but also some republicans as well who said the president should not be criticizing a former vice president while overseas and especially not in this situation where he's siding with the north korean dictator over that. but instead, when the president was asked today about that appearance of siding with this brutal dictator over someone who has been the vice president and is potentially his 2020 rival, the president did not back off of it. instead doubled down and said he did agree with what kim jong-un said about joe biden. >> all right. kaitlyn collins, thank you. in tokyo, joseph is a former u.s. special representative for barack obama and a cnn global affairs analyst. joe, nice to have you on.
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it's two days after his national security adviser bolton says that there is -- his words -- no doubt north korea violated the north korean resolution. president trump says he sees it differently and perhaps kim wants attention and he talks about believing kim will keep his promises. do you think for president trump this is more about this personal connection with this north korean dictator and not policy? >> well, i think president trump regards north korea, of course, as his signature issue. and he's not going to admit that the fundamental cause of this problem with north korea is their nuclear weapons, so he's not going to admit that there has been no progress toward getting rid of north korean weapons. brooke, we must remember that the electoral cycle is now with us in the united states. i do believe president trump
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wants to keep this going at least until november despite the lack of progress in north korea. >> because to your point about politics being injected in all of this, what would happen, do you think, if president trump acknowledged that what chairman kim did was wrong and in violation? what would be the fallout from that? >> the followup would be that clearly north korea has violated a number of u.n. security counsel resolutions that ban ballistic missile tests. and john bolton is completely right. these were ballistic missile tests but president trump wants to say it really doesn't matter to him because what north korea or what kim jong-un has promised to president trump is that there will be no long range ballistic missile tests. now, you know, this is now we're
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getting into an arcane area, because what north korea did with their missile tests and ballistic missiles tests was a clear violation of the resolutions as pointed out by prime minister abe at the same press conference that we just saw. >> and what did you make of that? standing there in the region? >> yeah. yeah. i mean, this is devastating for president abe that because even with short range missile tests, they are very big threat to japan. and for president trump to go into tokyo to say that he's not bothered with our allies, perhaps the closest ally we have in all of the -- all over the world has to say about their own security. i believe is at best insensitive
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and it is a bit tone deaf. >> so that's prime minister abe. what about if you are ambassador bolton or even his foreign counterpart? how do you take him seriously when his boss is publicly undermining him? >> this is tremendous problem. not only for bolton but for the u.s. foreign policy administration. whether you are mike pompeo or my successor in state department. this is a huge problem. you have your big boss undermining you every step of the way. and i think this really speaks to the management of foreign policy issues in our own government. and we've seen this time and again. >> we have. >> the dispute between john bolton and president trump, whether it be iran, venezuela, north korea, that whatever bolton says, the next day the
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president weighs in and bolton has no choice but to back down as if nothing has happened. and therein lies credibility issues of our foreign policy. >> and we've seen time and time again what happens when someone speaks up and disagrees with the president even if he's on the side of right. joseph eun, you are excellent. thank you very much for your perspective, of course. president trump's latest display of affection for a strong man isn't going over well with two republicans who are also military veterans, iowa senator joanmierness who commanded the state's national guard in iraq said she wouldn't trust kim jong-un. there is also illinois congressman adam kensinger who did tours both in iraq and afghanistan. he tweeted the following in response to trump's confidence in kim jong-un and his jab at joe biden. quote, it's memorial day weekend and you're taking a shot at
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biden while praising a dictator. this is just plain wrong. may reston is with me. when you see that, just plain wrong, i wouldn't trust kim jong-un. you know, we hear a lot of words from republican lawmakers, but do we expect any concrete action? >> well, that's always the open question. right? certainly when you have someone like joni ernst who president trump considered as his v.p., calling him out on this, that is -- should be sort of a wakeup call for him. it's so counter to everything, every tradition in american foreign policy that you don't go overseas, first of all, and say critical things of your potential opponents. but also it's -- it gets into this psychology that's so confounding about president trump that he's constantly praising these strong men and dictators. it brings to mind obviously the
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fact that he said that he believed vladimir putin about election interference. you know, over our own people here in america, our own intelligence officials. and i think that what these republican lawmakers are trying to say is this is not the way that you lead and bring the world along on these issues. and it also underscores the point that the thing that's most important to president trump is his personal relationships with people like chairman kim and the fact that that's more important to him than the potential threats against japan or the united states in some cases. >> so some republicans are speaking out about it on the other side of the aisle. you had hopeful and senator amy klobuchar weighing in on invoking words spoken by the late senator john mccain. listen to what she said. >> john mccain kept reciting to me names of dictators during that speech. because he knew more than any of us what we were facing as a
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nation. he understood it. he knew because he knew this man more than any of us did. >> this is what she was saying as they were all sitting there for the trump inauguration. in my question when i first heard her say this was how did senator mccain know? >> he -- i mean obviously i covered his campaigns, and his foreign policy was so die met c metrically different than president trump. he had gone all over the world and met with different people who were concerned about trump's approach toward foreign policy and kind of not knowing how he was going to act. and the fact that amy klobuchar is telling this story is really telling about what her campaign is premised on. which is there is another way to lead this sort of centrist, the centrist path that she and joe biden and others will take. you know, saying that this is
11:13 am
not appropriate behavior for a commander in chief, and that americans have a choice in this upcoming election. and it was just so interesting that she would invoke mccain in that moment. a kind of fascinating thing he was doing during the inauguration. but he just had an eye for those things. he knew where this was going. >> apparently he did. maeve, thank you so much. >> thank you. breaking news now. we are getting word that another person has died on everest, an american climber is getting stuck in the traffic jams on the top of the mountain as this window of weather is closing. we're going to talk to someone who has been on everest several times about what's going on. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. we'll be right back. if you've got student debt, hi. welcome. our generation has 3 times the student debt our parents did. it's just not right. but you can get your student loans right
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ applebee's new loaded fajitas. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. welcome back. you're watching cnn. just in, we are learning of two more deaths on mt. everest including another american. just this morning bringing the total to 11 deaths this climbing season. now there's a renewed focus on a manmade problem climbers say is exacerbating the danger of everest, overcrowding.
11:19 am
this photo was taken estimating 2300 people in line to reach the summit. a british climber posted this prior to his death from altitude sickness. he said with a single route to the summit, delays caused by overcrowding could prove fatal. i am hopeful my decision to go for the 25th will mean fewer people. unless, of course, everyone else plays the same waiting game. all allen arnette has climbed everest. a pleasure to speak with you. i mean, all these deaths. why do you think this is happening? is it too many people and too few windows of weather? >> yeah. well, good to be with you. thanks for having me. it's a complicated situation. there's really three factors going on. one is the limited number of suitable summit days. the second is a record number of people on the nepal side. the third has to do with the experience of both the guides as well as the climbers. >> i mean, there's been a log
11:20 am
jam up there for a long, long time. but what do you think? is it the fact that it's more inexperienced people try tofg a go at it? what's the overriding reason this is happening and how can it change? >> so so far this year in the basically today and tomorrow are the last days of the spring season. there's been 11 people that have died. of the 11, my estimation is that 4 of the 11 were somehow or another impacted by the crowds. this year was not an unheard of you been unusual year. the high winds above 120 miles per hour and the atmosphere, they usually sit on top of everest all yearlong, but they move away due to typhoons and low pressure systems building up around the middle of may. and last year there was a record of 11 days of consecutive summits and that allowed for to date a record number of people to summit with five deaths.
11:21 am
that's about the normal we've seen over the last 20 years on everest. this year there were only five days that were available for summiting where the winds were under 30 miles per hour. what you had was nepal issuing a record 281 permits to foreigners and they require each foreigner hire a sherpa. you have almost 800 people in a limited period of time. >> i want to ask what it's like, but let me play sound from the british climber who died. >> here we are. the background. going tight on the camera to drop in here. it's kind of a long way. it's basically blue ice here. >> you can hear his labored breathing. he was an experienced mount
11:22 am
near. i've only been to the top of kilimanjaro, and that was five or six days to get up there and you're up for maybe two minutes and then it's back down. can you talk about how thin the air is and how it's not only difficult in the log jam getting up but also getting back down? >> yeah. it's like breathing through a straw. you have a third of the available oxygen in the summit of everest than at sea level. even though you're using oxygen, that's only a difference at about 3,000 feet. you take one step, you stop. you take maybe five, ten breaths and another step. it's a slow motion ballet going up and down the mountain. if you have people in front of you that slows you up like they did on may 23rd in that picture that you showed, then you may be waiting two or three hours while you're doing that, you're using your precious oxygen. it's called the death zone because your body is slowly degrading. the longer you stay above
11:23 am
26,000 feet, the more your body gives out and you can hear it in his voice. you can hear it in his breathing. he's just at the edge of exhaustion. and if you do this for a 20-hour day, sometimes the consequences are deadly. >> quickly, allen, because of your point of inexperienced climbers, do you think there should be a qualification? like people have to qualify to run the boston marathon? should people have to qualify to climb everest? >> 100% absolutely. i believe there should be a requirement to reached 8,000 meters before you're issued a permit to climb everest. >> allen, thank you so much for coming on. nice to see you. >> thanks, brooke. ahead here a man who just celebrated retirement killed by a shark in one of hawaii's most popular beaches. plus moths and berries and water falls. the amazing survival story of a missing hiker who officials had stopped looking for. we'll be right back.
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11:29 am
gave his formal remarks, his speech, vice president pence was here in the blistering sun for over an hour walking up and down, talking to families, talking to people who had come here to pay their respects, listening to their stories. earlier in the day we got a chance to talk to two gold star mothers. women with an extraordinary bond. lisa lost her son, lawrence, on may 8th, 2005. beth lost her son nicholas, may 8, 2005. they're laid to rest next to each other and their mothers forming an extraordinary relationship. >> when i see the pictures of larry's burial, i see the flowers that were left the day before when we buried our son. so we reached out to each other and got to know each other right away. >> right away. yeah. >> and we're soul sisters,
11:30 am
that's what we've said about each other. we dearly love each other. >> that is larry's arlington mother, because we live from afar, and when she comes, she always gives him a hug for me. >> and what you're hearing in the background just off camera, um, a marine is bag piping i believe it's the battle him of the republic. this young marine has been out here bag piping for all the families since early morning. again, in this blistering heat, he's walking up and down the aisles and playing for the families who are here. every year, 14 years for beth and lisa, and they say they absolutely like other families, they just want their loved ones to be remembered on memorial day, 2019. >> as they should be and as they are. soul sisters as they describe themselves. barbara, thank you. he is one of the world's
11:31 am
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11:36 am
nearly four years. it happened saturday. the victim, a 65-year-old man identified as tom smiley, a repaired optometrist. he went for his last swim before he was set to return home to california when a shark suddenly mauled him. he was just 60 yards from the shore. first responders got him out of the water, gave him cpr, tried to save him but they couldn't. horrified beach goers saw it all unfold. >> they pulled the man up. he looked unconscious when they transferred him to the other aga gerny. as we got closer i saw blood on his some mac and i looked more, and his wrist, it looked like the skin on his wrist was just torn off. then i got looking closer, and his entire left leg from his knee down was missing. >> oh. josh moyer is a shark biologist.
11:37 am
josh, to think this happened to close to shore, 60 yards. how unusual is this? >> well, unfortunately it's not as unusual as we'd like to think. shark attacks in general are pretty unusual. there are only on average about six fatal shark attacks globally a year. of the ones that do occur, that surprising number happened close to shore, which makes sense if you think about it, because that's where we're spending most of our time. so it stands to reason that if a shark and the human were to come into contact, it would probably be where the humans are spending most of their time which is about waist deep water. >> i think of the movies and sharks in the deep part of the ocean, but alas, they are coming in closer and closer. i know the hawaii department of land and natural resources says this was the sixth shark attack in hawaii already this year.
11:38 am
that is double the number of attacks there last year. what do you think is spurring the increase? >> i think that whenever you look at the number of shark attacks either locally or globally you need to understand that it's not a single factor that's responsible for those numbers. everything from the number of people in the water to things like the physical environment, what the weather is, is it highlight, low light. that effects visibility. the presence or absence of other animals, bait officials, things like that. so when it comes to asking the question why are attacks happening in a given area, there is one single answer rarely. >> josh moyer, thank you for coming on and sharing a little bit of your shark expertise. i appreciate it. >> absolutely. how about a little bit more
11:39 am
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overly political and comedic genius, they collide in a cnn special presentation red state blue state. quinn tackles the absurdities on
11:44 am
both side of the political divide. >> i understand it's sad breaking up the united states, but we're already broken up. this would be acknowledging it. we're already broken in tribes. liberal, conservative, white, black, latino, asian, wall street, main street j the forgotten middle class, feminists, soccer moms, man tits, mom jeans, muffin tops. pa paleo, cardio, vegan. admit it. >> he's good. he's got some laughs. here he is, colin quinn with me. nice to have you on the show. >> thanks. >> the colin quinn. >> thanks. >> in terms of comedy, this must be fun for you guys in a time that is insane.
11:45 am
first, just if you're writing jokes about let's say start with democrats. >> right. >> what's your go-to funny line? what are the stereo types of democrats you jump on? >> they're the ones that are intolerant of speech and they're the ones that are just very -- >> politically correct. >> yeah. that's their angle. >> the republicans? >> the republicans are nuts for -- they refuse to move on anything. guns. they're just like they refuse to go anywhere. and they're more -- they're more uptight and democrats are -- i mean, it's different styles of being uptight. >> you're taking both on in the special. >> yes. >> do you -- i mean, politics can be so personal and -- >> it is, yeah. >> and do you like making people squirm? >> i don't like it. maybe i do, but i don't realize it, but i do hate extreme -- i hate people that somehow have decided they have all the answers. that's everybody on social media. and nobody ever says in my
11:46 am
opinion anymore. first off people say my opinion, now people are like this. >> fact? >> yeah. and it's just a collin, this, and i'm like, it makes me sick. >> and to your point about tribalism, what do you hear from people when you're poking fun of democrats and republicans, like, it's all fair in the game of comedy. >> right. >> and because it is so divisive, what do you get after a show? what was the feedback you get? >> well, i mean, i've always been -- i've always gotten pretty good feedback. you're supposed to make it funny. if you're lecturing people as a comedian, i feel like you don't want to be scolding other adults that have families and lives. you know? >> what do you want people to get out of it? >> i want them to laugh. i want people to involuntarily laugh, and then they're going to go all right, that was a good point about my group. you know what i mean? >> so we're about a month away from the beginning. so the first presidential debate
11:47 am
all 23 spread over two days. when you're watching, what will you be looking for for material? >> just whose got -- you try to look for what everybody else isn't looking for. you're like oh, the gold is going to be -- every late night show is going to get it. >> the obvious stuff. >> yeah. by the time you get there, you've got to go for something, you look for another angle with a third tier candidate. >> and then you find that little thing. >> yeah. and something more human and backstage stuff. you try to look for moments like that. >> okay. saturday night live, i remember meeting you in the halls of 30 rock way back in your weekend update days. there was this whole opinion piece in the daily beast about how making the case that saturday night live should get rid of the donald trump alec baldwin impersonation. one of the quotes is to wit, if saturday night live wants to be great again, it has to start ignoring trump. do you agree? >> it's impossible to ignore trump.
11:48 am
i mean, come on. i mean, they don't have to -- maybe they don't have to have everything built around this thing, but you can't ignore trump. how could you? i can't conceive of that. >> yeah. can we have a little fun on memorial day and play word association? >> sure. >> okay. just because -- i'm going to rattle off words and you tell me the first thing on your mind. you're sitting up straight. >> i want to tell you up front, every time i see somebody do this, i think i hate this. >> colin quinn, just kim jong-un. >> kim jong-un? stable genius. >> fox news. >> fox news, i'm not -- i'm not going to be at cnn. >> 20 20. >> 2020? >> when we elect the next president? >> i was thinking of the show. >> barbara walters.
11:49 am
2020. >> break up. >> joe biden. >> affectionate. touchy feely. >> elizabeth warren. >> scold. >> game of thrones. >> "game of thrones"? preshient. >> beyonce. >> i'm not going to -- what am i going to say about -- i don't even think about things like that. >> queen b. >> i know. i was going to say queen, but then i'm like yeah. i mean, jesus. >> i don't want to get you in trouble. because congrats, you're engaged. >> oh, yes. >> so marriage. >> beyonce? oh, marriage? a dream come true. >> is she watching right now? >> thanks. i came up on one year. >> if she's not, one of her friends is. >> colin quinn, good luck. >> thanks, brooke. >> thank you.
11:50 am
colin quinn, make sure you watch the comedy special that's bigger than both sides. red state blue state premiers tonight 9:00 some on cnn. during his trip abroad the president is siding with a murderous dictator over his advisers, america's allies and he's also agreed with kim jong-un's insults against joe biden. we'll talk about it. also more on our breaking news. we're getting word another person has died trying to summit mt. everest. climbers are getting stuck on the mountain. we'll talk about that as well. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. last year, the department of veteran's affairs partnered with t-mobile for business. with va video connect, powered by t-mobile, vets can speak to their doctors from virtually anywhere, and get the care they deserve, without it counting against their data, so they can return to their most important post. soulmate, best friend, or just dad. the va provides the care,
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11:55 am
a story with just a spectacular outcome. the woman who went missing for 17 days has been found alive. amanda eller credits her survival to a will to leave. she survived an berries and river water. >> the last 17 days of my life have been the toughest days of my life. and it's been really significant spiritual journey that i was guided on. >> eller has been released from the hospital. her doctors shocked she suffered only minor injuries following her rescue on friday. she was air lifted out of this heavy tree canopy in a forest in m maui. >> no, my god. >> eller said she set out her shoes to dry when we were swept away by a flash flood. she broke a shinbone.
11:56 am
her ankles and feet were so sunburn -- those photos -- infected. her doctor holding back tears as she praised eller's survival skills. >> she was able to manage to stay hydrated with the river water and eating fresh fruits from the trees trying to keep her nutrition up. he was well educated in that, and she knew exactly what to take and managed to stay well hydrated. >> eller's mother says on may 8th her daughter went for a three mile walk and took a short nap and woke up. she couldn't figure out where she was or how to get back to her car. her mother says her family never gave up hope. >> i had those moments of despair. it was hard going out there every day high on hope that we were going to find her. that today was the day to come back without finding her. i'm only human like anyone else,
11:57 am
but i felt in my heart that my daughter was alive. >> amanda eller sending a powerful message about her will to live. >> there were times of total fear and loss and wanting to give up, and it did come down to live and death, and i had to choose, and i chose life. >> bill schindler is the host of national geographic series the great human race. bill, thank you for being here. i mean, 17 days. put yourself in her situation. you wake up. somehow she didn't realize where she was and must have gone deeper in and totally got lost. what is the first thing you want to do? >> that's an incredibly long period of time. and it really speaks to her will and her character more than
11:58 am
anything else. and the first thing you need to do is make sure you stay calm, conserve resources, stay safe. hydrate yourself, hydrate yourself which are all things she certainly did. but i think what is again really speaks to is her will. she's incredibly strong mentally to be able to survive this. and if we look into our past in a role that even evolution played, we are one of the weakest species on the planet. we require technologies to feed ourselves and to protect ourselves in the elements. if you look at what she was facing, she had none of those things from shoes to a cell phone, she had no technologies whatsoever. >> on the cell phone point, and i can understand as someone who has to be constantly connected, it is the best day in the world when you're out in the middle of nowhere and you're on a hike and you say i'm going to leave my phone behind. i'll be fine. what is your advice for people who want to disconnect and don't want to bring their phone with
11:59 am
them? >> my suggestion is to bring the phone and turn it off. you at least have the option to turn it on. and in absence of that, it's difficult to communicate over long distances in the wilderness. things like climbing metal, those sounds will carry far, but just screaming is exhausting, and it doesn't do much good. >> what do you think in that -- in her situation for those 17 days was the biggest challenge? was it not knowing if certain water was clean? is it the sun? you saw her feet. what was the hardest part for her? >> it had to be mental. and that, again, speaks to how incredibly strong she really is. water is certainly important. and she overcame that. but again, just speaking to that role, the technology plays and the way we interact with the environment. after all, we're animals. we love the stories of survival because we can't survive without technologies. we can see how that played a very large role in her losing 15
12:00 pm
pounds. even though she ate -- the only food we can access with just our hands and our bodies are ib sects and plants. and she did that. and that was fantastic. she still lost 15 pounds. and her exposure to the elements, her legs and the sunburn, and her absence of the shoes. all of that was incredibly difficult, but i think the most difficult part must have been the mental piece. >> you hear this mother, and she's like just to your point, she's like i knew my daughter had the will to survive. she never doubted. bill schindler, thank you. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> top of the hour. we want to pause to recognize the national moment of remembrance and ask all americans wherever you are to spend one minute just remembering the fallen soldiers and troops who have fought for our freedom.