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tv   CNN Right Now With Brianna Keilar  CNN  May 30, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> i'll say no. >> or it has an expiration on it. thanks for joining us on "inside politics." if you come back this time tomorrow, don't go anywhere. brianna keilar in the share. she starts right now. have a great day. >> i'm brianna keilar live from cnn's washington headquarters. under way right now, we begin with a litany of lies from the president of the united states. just one day after special counsel robert mueller again but this time on camera explained he did not clear the president of a crime, and signaled to congress the president's fate is up to them. president trump stood before reporters ranting about mueller, shouting insults, falsehoods and outside lies over the din of an awaitingp marine one. >> i think he's totally conflicted because as you know he wanted tonight fbi director
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and i said no. he said essentially you're innocent, i'm innocent of all charges, and you note thing that nobody brings up, there was no crime. they are saying he's obstructing and there was no crime, and nobody brings it up. i believe that russia would rather have hillary clinton as president of the united states than donald trump. the word impeach, a dirt, filthy disgusting word and it had nothing to do with me so i don't think so because there was no crime. you know, high crimes and -- not with or objection it's high crimes and misdemeanors. there was no high crime and there was no it is demeanor. >> none that have is true and we're going to fact check all of it here today. first let's get to the white house and our white house correspondent abby philip. abby, were one of the reporters questioning the president, and the president had what seemed to be a measured response to the mueller report yesterday. he wrote a short tweet. he said the case was closed, even signed off thank you, but
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this is very different what we saw today. what happened? >> no question about it. the president apparently slept on it last night and woke up this morning feeling very differently about what robert mule her to say yesterday. he was reviving a whole long list of attacks that he's been throwing at mueller for two years now, including a country club dues dispute between the trump club and robert mueller that even trump's own aides called pet and did not think was an actual conflict that would have prevented mueller from being at the helm of the special counsel probe, but it does seem that the president is on edge about the one thing that robert mueller did that i think the white house is paying attention to. he made it very clear that he wanted congress to take up this issue of where to go next with obstruction of justice. mueller believed that he could not do anything with it constitutionly, and so, therefore, the only remedy was for congress to either do something or not, and so the president became fixated on this idea of impeenchlgts and as you
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heard him say there, he said i'm not sure the courts would let the democrats impeach him. well, brianna, we know that that's not true as well, but it just gives you a window into where president trump is on this issue, that he believes that it's unfair if democrats were to impeach him, yet, at the same time sources are telling us he's in some ways eager to have this as a political fight, eager to use this in a way to kind of gin up his base but in the meantime he's not letting up on attacking robert mueller even though the white house continues to insist that the case it is closed. the case is clearly not closeded when it comes to president trump and robert mueller who he even accused today of being part of the never trump movement. robert mueller being, of course, a lifelong republican. >> we'll be fact checking that. abby philip at the white house. thank you. president trump claimed the courts would not allow him to be impeached. there's a problem there, has nothing do with t.imspeech. a congressional process, a
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process that a growing number of democrats want to pursue after special counsel robert mueller's public statement. let's get to cnn congress a.m. correspondent phil mattingly on capitol hill covering this angle. robert mueller made it clear, phil, he doesn't want to talk about this anymore, but that doesn't mean the conversation is over? yeah. that's exactly right. one of the big questions is will democrats at this point subpoena robert mueller given the fact that he said it was his hope he would not have to testify, that the report would speak for itself. jerry nadler said if he had to subpoena robert mueller he would subpoena robert mueller but jerry nadler after robert mueller's comments yesterday did not weigh in on that specifically. we do know that democrats want him to come still. the speaker nnandi pelosi said it yesterday and adam schiff, stenny heuer, the majority leader said it yesterday and the reason it was put into context by pelosi herself saying it
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would be useful. i was texting back and forth with a member of the house democratic caucus says the power of these images, even if it's just robert mueller reading verbatim from the report carries so much more weight in the democrat's views than just the 440-page report in and of itself. democrats want that. they want that testimony. they want it to be public. that's what they are going form. the question is how far are they willing to go to get there? we don't know the teens that just yet. brianna? >> phil mattingly on the hill. thank you so much. >> the host of "the lead kwnd "and "state of the union" is here to discuss. first of all, let's talk broadly about what we saw this morning. i'm very curious about your impression of we know the president is a norm buster, but this was beyond that. was it? >> you felt like it was the same to you? >> well, i mean, this is how he behampts sometimes he's restrained and sometimes he just lets it all hang out and says whatever is on his mind, whether it's true or not. he insults people.
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this is who he is. it's certainly not what we're accustomed to when it comes to behavior in politics, but this will be one of his legacies. i don't know if this is going to be carried on and other presidents are going to bemay have this way but acting this way is part and parcel who have he is. >> you obviously have covered the presidency so up close and personally previously, president obama. when you -- when you look at how president trump throws out one thing after another that is untrue, what is the -- what's the effect of that, and also the difficulty of the fact checking of it when it's so many things are thrown out in quick succession? >> well, i mean, one of the effects of it is that there are tens of millions of americans who now believe things that are not true because he says them and they like him and they like what he stands for and they want to believe in him and so tens of millions of people think things such as, for example, you know, what he said about how the courts aren't going to let the
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democrats impeach him. that's not the case, as you point out. according to the powers of impeachment, but there -- that's one of the things it means and it means there's an erosion more broadly in what facts are and what truth is and that's, you know, empirically bad for the country. >> the president earlier today posted and he retracted a tweet that read hi nothing to do with russia helping me to get elected. >> i think there was a typo in there, and that's why re-retract it had and ultimately he reposted the same thing. i believe it's still up there. hi nothing to do with russia helping me to get elected, but the larger point, that's a profound admission by the president though he tried to walk it back. >> i got me elected is what he said in person. >> but he said rush -- russia -- russia helped me. >> what do you think about that as being a slip of the tongue?
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>> well, he's basically just confirming what every national security and intelligence official of both his administration and the obama administration have said which is russia tried to help him get elected, and he admitted it in this tweet, and now he's going to try to pretend he didn't admit it. it's a freudian slip. he accidentally admitted the truth. >> in the mueller awareness, not a conspiracy, an awareness on the part of the trump campaign that this was being done in a way that would aid the trump campaign which isn't enough to be a conspiracy. just the expectation that it would help. >> right. but the fact is that the russians, according to all national security and intelligence officials of both the obama and trump administrations, the russians packed into or spear fished into democratic accounts and got e-mails that were release that had were damaging to hillary clinton and also did this disinformation campaign on social media, so while there's
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no way to compute and figure out how many votes it affected, if any, clearly the russians tried to help president trump and hurt hillary clinton, and, you know, what's remarkable is that it took any president this long to admit it. for this president i'm surprised he did admit it. >> litigating what happened is obviously important, but robert mueller made this point yesterday at the beginning and the end of his remarks that russian interference in the election is serious. we know it's ongoing. >> right. >> without the president, you having covered the presidency the way you have, without the president taking the lead on an issue like that, what is the effect of -- we know there are many people and agencies who are trying to do this. the intel committee is trying to counter this. what happens when the president doesn't provide leadership on this issue? >> there's a national security
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apparatus and they are doing the best job they can do in countering this, and i've spoken to some of the people running these didn't, and they say regardless what have president trump admit or says publicly or doesn't say to vladimir putin or whatever, they are doing their jobs and they are trying to protect the country from these kind of intrusions, not just from russia, but also from china and north korea, iran, others. the one thing they say is, yes, it would be incredibly helpful in president trump ulgsed tsed pulley pulpit to educate the public, don't believe everything you see on social media, don't believe that people on facebook are saying we'll have a rally to do there are necessarily real. there's a certain awareness that the public does not yet have and the president could help with that if he wanted to. he chooses not to, and that's really where they fault him. it's not that they are not doing their jobs at the national counterterrorism center. they are. they are doing everything that
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they can, but the question of could the president be educating the public more? that's something that they all wish he would do. >> as an educator in chief? >> the reason it's a bully pulpit is because when he says anything people listen, and he could use the time to be educating people about ptsd for veterans, or he could be using the time to talk about cyber security and election interference, what the public needs to know, or he could be using the time attacking a senator who has been dead for a year and besmirching a vietnam war hero like robert mueller. he chooses to use his time hand his bully pulpit the way he does. >> jake tapper, thank you so much, and we'll see you, of course, at 4:00 p.m. on "the lead. "thanks for joining us. because the president's statements were extraordinary this morning, we're going to play each lie and claim and we're going fact check. it also, who from the white house worked with the navy to hide the "uss mccain" warship, the name on the warship from the
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this morning the president did what he's frequently done but at a more rapid pace, he lied. for the next 30ish minutes we're going to fact check all of his claims and this is first up. >> i think he's totally conflicted because, as you know, he wanted to be the fbi director, and i said no. as you know, i had a business dispute with him after he left the fbi. we had a business dispute. not a nice one. he wasn't -- he wasn't happy with what i did, and i don't blame him but i had to do it because that was the right thing to do, but i had a business dispurkts and he loved comey. you look at the relationship of those two. whether it's love or deep like, but he was conflicted. look, robert mueller should have never been chosen because he wanted the fbi job and he didn't get it and the next day he was picked as special counsel. so you tell somebody i'm sorry,
10:18 am
you can't have the job and then after you say that he's going to make a ruling own. it doesn't work that way, plus we had a business dispute, plus his relationship with comey was extraordinary. >> there are many things to discuss here. with us now to do so editor and chief writer for "the washington post" fact checker glen kessler. the mueller report actually addresses this supposed conflict of interest and the president's claim that mueller wanted to be fbi director. this is from volume two, page 82, quote. bannon, steve bannon recalled telling the president that the purported conflicts were ridiculous and that none of them was real or come close to justify precluding mueller from serving as special counsel. as for the interview for fbi director, the white house had been invited to offer a perspective on the institution of the fbi. though the white house thought
10:19 am
about seeking mueller to be fbi director he did not come in looking for the job. this is a top aide, right, saying under the threat of perjury that this is what happened. so that -- that dispels any sort of truth in what the president has said. what's he talking about? >> well, he's trying to say that there's -- he's trying to say there are all sorts of conflicts with robert mueller, and the mueller report actually goes through the -- the fbi situation us a describe. apparently there was a bit of a conversation where they talked about, well, you know, they would have to pass a law to let him be fbi director again, nothing seriously discussed. in the case of a business conflict, again that's -- business dispute. it's addressed in the mueller report. all it was was he asked for a refund of his golf membership fees which he didn't get. the report is he never even got an answer back from the trump
10:20 am
organization, and he never followed up. >> not really a business dispute. >> what is this claim where he said deep like or love between comey and mueller? >> as far as i know and as far as anyone has been able to tell they were business colleagues. they were ten years overlapped but they are not personal friends. in fact, mueller has more of a friendship with trump's attorney general william barr than he would have with comey. >> so they had an opportunity to have a friendship obviously with their association at work, but they didn't have one, just to be clear. >> right, yes. >> so before speaking to reporters the president made a stunning admission. haddy tweeted this. i had nothing to do with russia helping me to get elected. it seems like he realized what he admitted there because he came outside and said this bit of revisionism. >> no, russia did not get me elected. you know who got me elected?
10:21 am
i got me elected. russia did not help me at all. >> intelligence officials, lawmakers and mueller say this. >> i am confident that the russians meddled in this election as is the entire intelligence community. >> is there any dissent within the intelligence community on the question of whether the russians indfeared with the american election? >> there's no dissent and i've stated that publicly, and i've stated that to the president. >> no doubt at all and i stand behind the intelligence community assessment. >> did russia interfere in the u.s. elections? >> yes, i believe they did. i think as to the question with the interference with the election, that's fairly well-established. >> the fact that russia hacked u.s. databases comes as no shock to this committee. >> there were multiple systematic attempts to interfere in our elections. >> you hear the agreement that
10:22 am
russia interfered in our elections and the intelligence community is also in agreement that they did so in an attempt to benefit president trump, not hillary clinton, right? >> yes, correct. and the mueller report documents in great detail that it was on behalf of trump and the trump campaign was a willing recipient of that help. >> that they understood that they were getting help? >> yes. >> so when you look at the president's tweet, is that just in line with what the report says that they understood that this was something that would benefit them even if they weren't conspiring to get the benefit. >> the that's why it's significant that he tweet that had because he seemed to be accepting the central premise of the mueller report. >> and the president made another claim about interference saying vladimir putin actually wanted hillary clinton to win. let's listen. >> i believe that russia would rather have hillary clinton as president of the united states than donald trump. the reason is nobody has been tougher on russia than me, whether it's our energy policy, which was not hers, whether it's
10:23 am
the pipeline as you know in europe going all over the place, that i've been bitterly complaining about, whether it's ukraine, whether it's a whole host of thing, there has nobody ever been more tough or difficult for russia than donald trump. >> i do want to quickly point that vladimir putin himself admitted that he preferred trump for president. >> did you direct any of your officials to help him do that? p. >> yes, i did. yes, did i, because he talked about bringing the u.s./russia relationship back to normal. >> all right. so let's get to the bottom of this, because it's actually more complex dhan the president's rhetoric, rhetoric versus actions. has the president been tough on russia, tougher on russia than anyone else? >> no, he hasn't, and -- and, you know, he gave us somewhat cherry picked descriptions of his policies, but broadly speaking he is a president that
10:24 am
vladimir putin has dreamed of. he's done his best to try to weaken the alliance in nato. he has done his best to encourage splits within the european union with with the brexit situation in the uk. he has given free reign in syria. these are things that have been beneficial for russia in policy interests and began geopolitical aspirations, and i was just going to say there have been some sanctions that have been imposed under his presidency, but that was generally imposed by congress over trump's objections. >> that's right. >> his rhetoric hasn't matched sort of the imposition of those sanctions. we have a lot still to talk about. you're going to stand by with us, glen kesler from "the washington post." the claim from the president that the courts would never allowed impeachment. ♪
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we've been fact checking trump's lie-riddled spiel to reporters this morning on the white house lawn and among his lie included that russia didn't help him get elected, that putin actually wanted clinton to win, that robert mueller was conflicted and that he actually hates trump because he wasn't appointed fbi director and he also said this. so he said essentially you're
10:30 am
inn seventh i'm innocent of all charges, and you note thing that nobody brings up, there was no crime. they are saying he was obstructing something and there's no crime. nobody brings it up. also some day you ought to read a thing called article ii. read article ii which gives the president powers that you wouldn't believe, but i don't even have to rely on article ii. there was no crime. there was no obstruction. there was no collusion. there was no nothing, and this is from a group of people that hate me. if they only found anything, they would have had it, and he knows that better than anybody. >> he didn't say you were innocent. >> there was no crime and there was no charge because he had no information. >> i want to correct one of the things i said, whether russia
10:31 am
helped him win the election. there was no proof that russia helped him win the election, but it was clear that russia wanted him to. listen to what mueller said, just the on sift what the president said. >> if he had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. under long-standing department policy, a president cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office. the opinion says the constitution requires a process other than the poll justice system to formally accuse a sitting president of wrongdoing. >> can you help break this down for us, because if robert mueller is saying if we had confidence he hadn't committed a crime, is that him saying we don't have confidence that the president didn't commit a crime because some of this is such legalese, right? >> right. there's several parts to that section there, but he was saying we can't clear the president.
10:32 am
there's evidence that suggests there was behavior that would be considered criminal, but at the same time we under justice department guidelines cannot charge him with a crime because that's -- we don't believe that can be done to a president, so, therefore, it's up to congress to decide whether or not they want to launch impeachment proceedings, but the -- but he's saying if he hadn't committed a crime we would have said so but we're not going to say so but he did not clear the president. >> let's talk about his last claim that all of this was one big scam and that he cannot be impeached. >> i don't see how. they can because they are possibly allowed though i can't imagine the courts allowing it. i've never gotten into it. i wouldn't think that it would be possible to be using that word to. me it's a dirty word, impeach. it's a dirty, filthy, disgusting word and it had nothing to do with me so i don't think so
10:33 am
because there was no crime. high crimes and, not wither or, it's high crimes and misdemeanors. there was no high crime and there was no misdemeanor so how do you impeach based on that, and it came out that there was nothing to do with russia. the whole thing is a scam. it's a giant presidential harassment, and honestly i hope it goes down as one of my greatest achievements. >> what do you make of that claim, also considering you have a database of how many disproven claims? >> 10,000. >> and he's talked about the courts before. >> right, right. >> he's suggested that somehow the courts would prevent an wo. he was talking about article ii before. he needs to study that more carefully. imspeech. a proses by which congress removes the president. they can define high crimes and misdemeanors however they want.
10:34 am
in the case of nixon the art calves impeachment that were passed had nothing to do with the underlying crime of the break-in. it had to do with nixon's efforts to cover up the -- the crime, to obstruct justice it, you know, prevent the investigation from going forward. one of the articles actually had to do with the fact that he wasn't answering subpoenas from corporation and, you know, right now the president's administration is not answering dozen of subpoenas, so if congress wanted, to they coast guard for the whole russia thing and simply focus on that. >> very interesting. glen kesler, thanks so much for coming in and spending so much time with us as we fact check with this. when president trump has to say about a report that the u.s. asked the "uss mccain" to be out of view during a trip to japan and the calls for impeachment. growing. a number of democrats, the number is growing. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family
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president trump says he knew nothing about efforts to keep the "uss john mccain" out of sight during his visit to japan but he says whoever was behind the decision to hide the destroyer bearing the mccain family name probably meant well. >> i don't know what happened. i wasn't involved. i would not have done that. i was very angry with john mccain because he killed he can apartment. i was not a big fan of mccain in any way, shape or forges wasn't a fan, but i would never do a
10:40 am
thing like that. the now, somebody did it because they thought i didn't like him, okay, and they were well meaning, i will say. i didn't know anything about it. i would never have done that. >> two navy officials confirmed to cnn that the white house military office communicated with lower level navy officials about moving or obscuring the ship during the president's visit. there were actually communications about it. a tarp was placed over the name because it couldn't be moved because it was undergoing repairs. but the tarp was removed before its arrival and the ship and its name were viewable during the president's visit. when navy higherups heard about the plan. acting secretary patrick shanahan says he was not aware of the controversies surrounding "the uss john mccain." >> i never authorized or approved any movement around the movement or activity regarding
10:41 am
that ship. furthermore, i would never dishonor the memory of a great american patriot like senator mccain. i also think it's important that i'd never disrespect the young men and women that crew that ship. >> this is just the latest example of the politicization of the military by the president or in his interests. during the president's trip to japan some sailors wore patches on the image with the patches and slogan make air crews great again and over christmas the president visited iraq and instead of just thanking the troops he held a campaign rally railing against democrats. the trump administration has seventh troops to the u.s. border with mexico to enforce had a highly partisan immigration policy, and it issued a memo that allows them to use some force, even though
10:42 am
the law is clear. the military is not to engage in domestic law enforcement. so why are these things a problem? just ask experts on civil military relations. sure, these actions win appropriate. they will also tell you they are dangerous. the navy which is stretched so thin on resources and deployments that many experts think that's to blame for recent fate al accidents like on "the mccain fc" is dedicating manpower to deal with this "uss john mccain" controversial. as a whole the president's politicization of the military actually undermines how other countries view u.s. military action abroad, u.s. involvement in conflicts looks like the policy of a minority faction of the u.s. navy instead of the whole. the simultaneous supposed to serve america, the constitution. they are yours, not the president's. if the military is seen as supporting a particular president then americans who don't support that president may not want to serve of, and then it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. then the military is the riff to
10:43 am
become weaponized by one party and that's not supposed to happen in america. that's what happens in venezuela, iran, china, russia, north korea, and back to the "uss john mccain," the fact that the president never authorized this move to obscure the name of the ship is actually worse than if he did because it means that some officials in the navy are catering to the president's political vendetta against john mccain. it means that not only is the president politicizing the military, the military is politicizing itself. special counsel robert mueller suggesting only congress can hold the president accountable in a crime. my next guest is a member of the house judiciary committee and she says she is ready to act. also, actor ashton kutcher is taking the stand testifying in the hollywood runner serial killer trial. what he says about the day he discovered his girlfriend was murdered. ♪
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how will members of congress respond now that special counsel robert mueller tossed the ball back in their court, and was this mueller's last word on the russia investigation, or will he be subpoenaed to testify before congress? we have congresswoman mad line
10:49 am
dean of pennsylvania, a member of the house judiciary committee joining us now from philadelphia. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. it's a pleasure to be with you, brianna. what was your reaction when you heard robert mueller speak, and what was the thing that stood out to you the most? >> i was pleased that he spoke, and what stood out to me was that he chose to speak. we know the behavior of robert mueller. he's been very careful to do his duty and to not speak beyond the report. i believe that if he did not see any attorney general barr and all the people around this president including this president covering up what actually happened and lying about the contents of this report, he would have gone quietly into his private life but that he chose to me speaks volumes, i'll play on that word, speaks to the two volumes that he prepared with 19 other dedicated public servants that
10:50 am
president and lying to the benefit of trump. the trump campaign welcomed it and wallowed in it. and then when we investigated that, there is ample evidence that the president obstructed justice. now congress, it is up to you. i thought it was powerful that this man of few public words chose to speak. >> and so when he was saying what he was saying very straightforward, in a sort of a legalese kind of way and part of what he didn't say is what was so important. it is very interesting to hear your translation of that in the message that you were taking. so i just want to make that clear. but i also want to talk about how you had reserved judgment on impeachment. and now you said enough is enough. tell us how you got to that point? >> well, as you pointed out, i'm
10:51 am
a member of the judiciary committee and i prize that duty and that role to do both substantive legislation but also the important duties of oversight. and so you saw the stonewalling and the obstructing of our oversight capacity by this administration directly by this president and his attorney general and personal counsel. so when lawful subpoenas to attorney general barr for documentation and his presence and testimony were stonewalled and ignored, when lawful subpoenas for mcgahn's documents and testimony before our committee were again stonewalled and obstructed, enough is enough. i don't think that we, as the front line in the work of oversight in the judiciary committee could just sit idly by and allow lawful subpoena after lawful subpoena ignored and we do have to uphold the rule of law. apd -- i believe we should open an impeachment inquiry.
10:52 am
that is a more robust version or robust name and direct name to the oversight that we were already involved in. >> your chairman had previously said he would subpoena mueller to testify. he has been reticent to -- after hearing from robert mueller yesterday, he's been rit -- reticent or saying he will move forward. we don't know exactly where he is on this. do you want to see the committee subpoena mueller to testify. >> i would like to hear the testimony of robert mueller, whether by way of subpoena, i believe he will honor our subpoena and come forward but i also take him at his word. he's not going to elaborate or speculate beyond the contents of the report. that is what he said to the american people. read this report, it speaks for itself. in terms of the criminality and the evidence of criminality by trump world. it speaks to the welcoming of russia's inter -- interference in our election. the at the end of the testimony
10:53 am
yesterday or statement yesterday he reminded the american people of the serious problem of russia interference in our elections. so i certainly home he comes before the committee. they're still in conversation, the chairman and mr. mueller's team as he pivots to private life. american people -- and i had a town hall last night toe share with you the reaction there. it was a terrific town hall at our local montgomery county community college. and terrible weather, more than 100 people came. and very quickly, among the questions was, a., what are you doing substantively about legislation around health care, prescription drug pricing, social security, infrastructure, those kinds of things but very quickly came up the question, what are you doing about this president and when i said to the audience, this is the most indecent president of my lifetime if not the history of our country, the entire room applauded. they agreed. we have to do address the indecency. >> if robert mueller isn't going
10:54 am
to share anything beyond what is in his report, why, then, do you think it is important to hear from him in person testifying before congress. >> well, i think americans have busy lives. i don't think everybody is going to have the chance to sit down and read a 448-page dense report with damning information it that is important to the american public. so who better to hear from than -- as i said, the report are his words. it is his testimony. i think it will help the american people understand exactly what happened here and the extraordinary lengths to which this president went -- there is evidence of serious lengths of obstruction of justice by this president. i think the american people need to have the story painted for them in some ways so that they understand the bad acts that were going on, both on the campaign side, and then in the obstruction side. the american people are busy. and they need to hear from this public servant who so faithfully upheld his duty to investigate
10:55 am
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you are watching cnn on this thursday. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for about -- for being with me. the case is closed. president trump's words and telling the country to move on. does this sound like a man who has moved on. >> i think he's totally conflicted because as you know he wanted to be the fbi director and i said no. as you know, i had a business dispute with him after he left the fbi. we had a business dispute. i think he's a total conflicted person. i think mueller is a true never-trumper and somebody that disliked donald trump and that didn't get a job that he wanted very badly and then he was appointed. and despite that, and despite


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