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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  May 31, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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back off of that and have these same open discussions. >> dealing with people and relationships, it is about communication. you know what i'm saying? straight up. >> the conversation is raw and realistic to what some experience when stopped by police. >> you say you saw this when? >> last year. >> last year. >> last month. >> was this after we saw kids get gunned down? >> that is why i started it. >> but what i'm saying was, how long did it take? it was last year. >> i'm going to cut you off. >> it was last year. >> the whole goal of this is trying to do something different. i want to change policing as we know it. >> detective hopes to take his community policing tactic of clippers and cops nationwide. >> i want to take this model from atlanta but across the country and basically implement it for all police departments. >> nick valencia, cnn, atlanta. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being here. wall street is taking a nosedive after president trump issued his
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latest tariff threat on mexico and it is all part of the president's battle over the border. he said if mexico doesn't help, that country will be hit with a 5% tariff on everything from cars to food to beer starting in june. and he said that number will increase 5% every month until it hits a maximum tariff of 25% in october. and that move sparked concern from some congressional republicans and outrage from top mexican officials. in an open letter to president trump, mexico's president wrote in part, quote, social problems are not resolved with tariffs or coercive measures. the statute of liberty is not an empty symbol with all due respect and while you have this sovereign right to express it, your slogan america first is a fallacy. but sarah sanders is saying she's defending the decision. >> congress should actually fix the laws and we wouldn't have this problem. mexico should engage with us and we wouldn't have to take any additional steps. but at the same time, the number one duty that the president of
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the united states has is national security and to protect americans. it is a humanitarian and national security crisis and it has to be dealt with. unfortunately the president is the only one that is actually stepping up and putting forward things to stop it. >> let me sthoe -- show you some concrete examples. this is the break down of billion dollars of goods. you see cars and vegetables and fruit and $93 million worth of vehicles and what does this mean for you? it could raise the cost of purchasing a car by $1,300 and fewer cars being produced and vanessa cabich is at a auto dealership in new jersey and what are folks there telling you? >> reporter: hi, brooke. they are definitely concerned about the new tariffs and we've heard this from the top u.s. auto manufacturers weighing in today on this today saying that this could be a substantial
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impact on the u.s. auto industry. we know that every american car manufacturer imports parts from mexico and some import fully assembled vehicles. today we're at frank's gmc in lyndhurst, new jersey and the owner tells me his best-selling vehicle is from mexico. so he's really concerned about these tariffs and what it will mean for his business, his employees and customers. >> well if your a consumer looking to buy one of these nice suvs, how would you feel about a 5% increase in price? i mean, it is going to be tough. 25% increase would probably be a disasterment i don't know how we would deal with that. we have 115 employees that depend on us and depend on us selling these vehicles. so i am concerned and i don't want to see them affected in a bad way. >> reporter: this is coming after a really tough year for u.s. auto manufacturers who have
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had to deal with record layoffs, dropping auto prices and tariffs on steel and aluminum, and brooke, you mentioned, at the end of the day this gets passed down to the consumers who are buying cars. about $1,300 is what cars are estimated to go up by if these tariffs take effect and for the average american, brooke, that is no small amount of money. brooke. >> that is a lot of money. $1,300, vanessa, thank you. let's talk about all of this. catherine ran pele from "the washington post" and a political commentator and kaitlan flts and first to you on the macro. why is mexico so important to the u.s. auto industry? >> because so much of the -- of u.s. auto production includes parts imported from mexico. and when i talk about u.s. auto
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production i mean both cars that are produced and sold to american consumers as well as cars that are exported. if you look at the data, something like a third of the value added of cars that we export to other countries, that we sell to canada or to europe or to china or wherever, comes from parts from mexico. >> and you can't just go to some other country and get them? >> no. you have complicated supply chains in place for many years. relationships that have developed over many years. contracts that you can't just switch on a dime. so this is really going to hurt not only consumers, but it will hurt all of the workers that have their jobs on the line because they work in some part of that supply chain. >> so when it comes to immigration, the bigger issue, the white house said mexico isn't doing enough. mexico said this isn't going to fix this and we have reports today that this processing facility in el paso where 900 migrants are at a facility that is supposed to house a maximum of 125 and people are getting on
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top of toilets and cells to breathe. how is that a solution? >> we continue to see, like you say, conditions along the border get worse and worse and we've seen this administration introduce deterrent measure after deterrent measure to almost no effect at all. so president trump's latest idea to introduce this tariff, it's questionable for a few different reasons. i think, let's start from the beginning. he justifies it because he would like mexico to stop the flow of the illegal immigration into the country into the united states and there are thousands waiting on the border to enter legally but because of new processes and new policies introduced by the administration, they can't. so they go around. just this week there was a group of over a thousand migrants who were apprehended trying to enter. the largest group so far. >> which sarah sanders talked a lot about. and i wonder if this is part of the reason why they're doing what they're doing. do you know? >> i'm sure it is related.
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i don't think -- we can't read the president's mind but that is a compelling number to anybody. that is a compelling number to me. it is a lot of people. and the conditions that you just talked about, those are in a facility at the u.s. border. when you think about what the mexican government will do to try to stop that number of people, all we have to do is look to last -- summer when large group of people were teargas and wrote an oebityuary that was shot by police and when you see a country are a military police force try to on the drop of a time stop thousands of people from crossing the border and it doesn't seem like mexico wants to resource to those measures but the president isn't leaving them a whole lot of options here. >> if this doesn't work for the white house, what is the next stunt on the border? >> that is an excellent question. and i don't see how this possibly could work for the white house. because as kaitlan alluded to, part of what the united states, what trump is asking mexico to
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do would violate international law. if the goal is to keep people who are waiting on the border who are trying to request asylum, which they under under international law are legally entitled to do, that is not something that mexico has the authority to give in and make concessions on. you could imagine that a different kind of strategy would involve something like working together with mexico, working together with central american countries. providing more aid to countries that are the source of many of the migrants. that would be more of a carrot kind of approach than a stick kind of approach. i don't know if that counts as a stunt but that is a very different kind of strategy. something that is much more conciliatory and might have potential to work not only on that level to avoid alienating our friends and allies. >> and a priority of the president is replacing nafta and just given this -- you wonder how mexico will respond to that. i wanted to ask you about weaponizing tariffs.
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this is the latest example. we'll throw it up on the screen. multiple countries and multiple products, various places where he's using tariffs as weapons. you see the countries there. do you think this will make other countries rethink how they do business with the united states? >> oh, if they haven't already. which they should have, absolutely. there are a number of reasons why i would argue that this strategy of using tariffs as a cudgel to try to get mexico to stop the flow of illegal immigration is wrong-headed. but one of them is that it gives us much less large with china or with the e.u. or with japan, three entities which we're simultaneously trying to negotiate trade deals because if you look at what trump has done here where he signed a deal with mexico, mexico negotiated that deal, the usmca in good faith and then turned around and add add new tariffs. why would any other country decide to make any kind of concessions, right, given that track record. >> catherine and kaitlan, thank you very much.
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breaking news in cnn, a judge just issued a ruling that will keep missouri last abortion clinic for closing for now. it was hours away from renewal of license and let's go straight to st. louis and alexander field with more about the decision. >> reporter: hey there, brooke, this is considered a temporary victory for planned parenthood but the court battle will continue. judge said that he understood planned parenthood, and there would be harm if the clinic was forced to stop performing abortion as of the end of the day when the license is set to expe -- expire. so they will continue to operate in entirety until there is a ruling following another hearing which has now been set for next week. what is going on here? well the state had said that it wasn't going to renew planned
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parenthood license and that m n mean -- means abortions would come to an end the end of the day. and they say this is a way to regulate abortion out of existence and a war on abortion in this state and the health department said the reason they didn't renew the license is because of certain violations and ongoing investigation. all of that will still be debated in court. but for now at least the judge has said that this clinic can continue to operate in 2018 it performed some 3,000 abortions. again the only clinic in the state that offers abortion. that will now continue, brooke. >> we'll have this conversation then in a couple of weeks. alexander field in st. louis, thank you. coming up next on cnn, the u.s. secretary of state said the u.s. is looking into reports that kim jong-un has exec -- executed his top negotiator and sentenced another official to hard labor. this is also the same mand who hand delivered letters from north korea to president trump. also, attorney general bill barr said he's seen no evidence of president trump undermining
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we're back, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. a north korean who played a role in the failed north korea summit was reportedly executed and another person sent to hard labor in a prison camp. mike pompeo said the u.s. is looking into the reports from the south korean newspaper that the officials were punished because kim jong-un left the february summit empty handed. now to be clear, cnn has not independently verified this report. but the negotiators sentenced to forced labor is the same man who hand-delivered the letter from kim jong-un to president trump last year. >> do you have any confirmation of comment about that? are you concerned about those reports? >> we've seen the reporting to which you're referring. we're doing our best to check it out. i don't have anything else to
12:18 pm
add to that today. >> cnn brian todd is following this for us. and the notion of executing a top official because of that failed summit, is that even in the realm of possibility, brian? >> broork, it is in the realm of possibility. kim jong-un is a man believed to have executed his own uncle with an anti-aircraft gun and intelligence said he ordered the assassination of his own half brother using a banned chemical in a airport and it is possible that he ordered the execution of that top diplomat. and we have a point of qualification and that is in the past south korea media reports of north korean executions including reports from the newspaper reporting this situation chosun ilbo has been inaccurate but a diplomatic
12:19 pm
source tell cnn that the two officials, kim hyok chol and kim yong chol have certainly disappeared. so that is really in the realm of possibility right now. >> yikes. there is also, brian, reporting out of south korea that kim's own sister could feel the fallout from the failed summit. >> his younger sister was the face of a lot of the diplomatic break-throughs. she went to the winter olympics and started this ball rolling in the diplomatic break-throughs with south korea and the united states and cho shun ill bow reported she's been removed from the public scene since the failed summit in february and told to lie low. one analyst who studied the situation closely just told me she might have been told to lie low by her own brother. >> brian todd, thank you very much. vice president mike pence is weighing in on the calls to impeach president trump. >> are you expecting impeachment proceedings? >> well, i wouldn't know why
12:20 pm
there would be. i really wouldn't. >> but zozs do -- dozens of house democrats say there is mounting evidence to start an impeachment inquiry. two men who are not fans of trump and one makes a case for and against it. so let's hash this out. comes toe sugar in your family's diet, coke, dr pepper and pepsi hear you. we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar.
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after robert mueller appeared in front of cameras this week to make his first public comments about his nearly two-year russian investigation, he reiterated he did not exonerate president trump. so now house speaker nancy pelosi is facing pressure from more than 40 members of the caucus, yes, everyone is counting, 40 members to start impeachment proceedings against the president. this is a debate that has been in the washington bloodstream all week long. and so let's hash it out. i have two staffers of the atlanta magazine. david from and johnis apele balm, you are on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to impeachment, so gentlemen, nice to have you on. and david, you first. you argue not to impeach. give me your opening argument, 45 seconds, go. >> no question. president trump is an authoritarian and corrupt leader and collusion or not, he was helped into office by russia.
12:26 pm
beginning an impeachment ends in one way, with an acquittal by the senate. and trump will be more authoritarian and more corrupt after acquittal than before. there are other approaches to use including the range of investigations of all of his activities that is happening across congress to answer many questions culminating with this, why did russia want him so badly? why did russia help him? and i think the answer to that will be in his income tax returns and in his deutsche bank temperatures. >> and your argument to impeach. >> i think it is a question best examined to the prism of constitutional duty and not partisan politics. we're in a nightmare scenario where a number of very serious charges against the president and his own personal attorney has confessed to finance crime and all but accused of obstruction of justice and house democrats have the em olu amendment charges and those deserve a hearing. the house ought to launch a
12:27 pm
formal inquiry and then decide whether there is sufficient evidence to move forward with impeachment or whether to dismiss the charges but we can't stay here with the charges unresolved. >> so there is the thesis of both arguments. david, bag ov-- back over to yo in reading the piece, do you see any scenario where if you -- they were to go forward, were new evidence come out, ala nixon tapes during a house investigation and/or republican senators might switch allegiances based on what comes out. >> i could imagine things external to the impeachment process, changing minds and astonishing facts and outrage use abuse of behavior but i can't imagine anything internal to the process to change minds and it is possible that president trump will be re-elected in 2020. the economy slowing remains strong. if this remedy is used now when there aren't votes in the senate it will not be available in a second term when things are worse and there may be votes in
12:28 pm
the senate. >> and you say an acquitted trump would still be a politically damaged trump but david argues trump would be his word, immunized. >> i think no matter what happens, president trump will step out there before the american people if the house decides not to move forward with impeachment charges he'll claim vindication on that basis and the special counsel all but accused him of obstruction of justice and the questions the house has to grapple with the basic responsibility and there it is different. the house launched three separate impeachment inquiries against andrew johnson before pulling the triggerment it is not a one-shot deal. the first thing the house did was start considering new charges. if the charges are there and they're justified, the house doesn't have a choice. you don't fail to charge somebody because you're afraid you may get a bias jury that failed to convict and the house has an obligation to consider the evidence. >> and school everyone in
12:29 pm
american history because in your piece you make the comparison between trump and andrew johnson. explain that. >> well, you've got a populous figure who has the support of large rural stretches of the country is despised by urban elite and liberals but who makes a racially-based appeal for solidarity. johnson said he wanted to be a white man's government and who got into a basic power showdown with congress. and congress tried repeatedly to bring the president into compliance. and the president repeatedly resisted. ultimately that moved the house of representatives to impeach andrew johnson. he went to trial and not convicted by a single vote. just one vote away from getting the required two-thirds majority but it so damaged him politically by turning the entire national conversation away from his constant provocations and toward his debillibility and the things
12:30 pm
they believed he was doing wrong and that changed the politics of the country in a fund. al way and show it doesn't result in the removal of a president, did result in -- in the term ing vpin -- termination of his political aspirations. >> so there is your parallel scenario. david back over to you. we heard speaker pelosi saying she thinks trump is goading democrats to impeach him. do you think he wants to be impeached? >> no. he's -- he doesn't play the game with such complex moves. nancy pelosi may be doing reverse psychology of her own on the democrats. he's just a naked mall of need. and so i -- >> a naked ma of need. >> i take him completely literally when he finds it obscene and disgusting because he can't bear any kind of criticism let alone an impeachment. but it doesn't matter what he wants. the question is what will be the strategic outcome at the end of this process.
12:31 pm
this is a very dangerous president. and i think you need to take that danger seriously when deciding how are you going to protect the country from him. one last point about -- andrew johnson, during those years, was a president who was hated by the army. at a time when much of the country was occupied by the army. the generals were republicans, johnson was a democrat at the time. when politics ran strong in the army and they replaced him with one of his own, ulysses grant. and we need to be very clear-eyed about the road we may be going down. >> did david change your mind? >> not yet. there is a matter of basic duty here and i think that we have to keep our eye on the ball there. >> david, did you yoni changes your mind. >> he should change everybody's mind. we learned, whether or not we have to agree because he wrote the imaginest earal piece on
12:32 pm
this, but i could imagine such bad out comes that i want to be carol about what i do next. >> welcome to the next year and a half. thank you both so much. coming up next here on cnn, a case of very strange bed fellows in washington. here where liberal congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and ted cruz may be teaming up. plus the democratic party is now insisting that every debate include a female moderator. how that might change the dynamic. if you have moderate to thsevere rheumatoid arthritis, month after month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage. ongoing pain and stiffness are signs of joint erosion.
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in a new interview bill barr attacks president trump's critics saying they are the ones shredding institutions. his word, not trump. >> i think one of the ironies today is that people are saying that it's president trump that is shredding our institutions and i see no evidence of that. from my perspective, the idea of resisting a democratically elected president and basically throwing everything at him and really changing the norms on the grounds that we have to stop this president, that is where the shredding of our norms and our institutions is occurring. gloria borger is the cnn chief political analyst. i know, because we've seen him go after the fbi, the cia, the national security team. how can bill barr say this with a straight face?
12:38 pm
>> i think there is a technical term for this, brooke and it is call called hud spa. and i made myself a list. let's talk about shredding the institution of the presidency. of the department of justice which he treats as his own attorneys. of the judicial branch, by attacking judges. on foreign policy, criticizing allies, threatening to leave nato, calling for troop removal from syria without consulting people who work for him, his cabinet or our allies, defending a dictator, over a former vice president, i could go on and take up the rest of your show, but i won't. so i understand what barr is saying, which is that he believes that there is resistance, that just wants to get rid of trump because they don't like him. but the list i gave you showed that there is a serious constitutional debate going on in this country which i think he was belittling.
12:39 pm
>> how about the next one, this also under record scratch. republican senator ted cruz and alexandria ocasio-cortez, they just became a match made on twitter. when they said they would work together on the bill to ban former lawmakers from taking paid lobbying positions and ocasio-cortez said she would spearhead the effort with him and his reply is all caps, you're on. cruz and aoc are opposed on everything from the green new deal to raising minimum wage, my question to you is, is this like a pigs flying moment? is this going to happen? what is the deal. >> no, it is not going to happen. it is very nice that they agree on something. and it is clear that they want to reform congress and make sure that it is not a revolving -- door and people don't punch a ticket to syri-- to earn money until the vote comes and we've seen congress become more of a revolving door. people don't want to become career politicians any more.
12:40 pm
so they punch in and then they go outside and they make some money. there are some lobbying rules regarding the executive branch. but i think congress needs some rules. i doubt this is going to happen. >> lastly, gloria borger, refinery 29 is reporting that the dnc will require all 12 presidential primary debates include at least one female moderator. there are a record six women running for president. and past debates have featured women as moderators but this would make it a requirement. can we say together, amen. >> yeah. i'm sort of wondering, though, brooke and i don't know about you, i'm kind of wondering why this has to be a publicly-stated rule. >> a requirement. >> i know. >> and say we have to have a woman. >> totally. >> one would assume women would be on the list. they've been on the list before and that in private discussions women's names are being raised. but it is interesting to me that now this becomes a point of public discussion. >> maybe this will make it so.
12:41 pm
gloria borger, thank you. come up next, a new state of charges against r&b singer r. kelly. details alleged of sexual abuse against a girl who was under 18. we'll have reaction from him lawyer and details on what he's been doing in the three months since he was first indicted. new tattoo studio brow pomade from maybelline new york. ♪ for up to 24-hour sculpted brows. new, from the tattoo studio brow family. only from maybelline new york.
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graduates at wellesley college on leading their own me-too movement and while giving the key note address she spoke about sexual misconduct and the urgent need for women to keep speaking out and raising voices. >> i'm hear because in 1991 under the glare of intense political scrutiny and media scrutiny, i shared more of the whole of what it is like to be a woman, to be black and to be a black woman facing sexual harassment than anyone has done before. and yet there are those who would have us believe that the stories and statistics showing the prevalence of sexual
12:47 pm
misconduct are a hoax. they prefer to believe in their own myths, often misogynist, about the behavior. and despite the evidence, sexual misconduct deniers have friends in high places. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> but not just that place. >> she also challenged the grads to work toward closing the gender and race wealth gap. the criminal case against embattled r&b singer r. kelly has been hit with a new round of sexual assault charges to land him in prison for up to 30 years and some more serious than the ten-count diamond in february. the the state as attorney filed an 11 count indictment to include sexual assault and
12:48 pm
criminal sexual abuse charges. that is the most serious charge you can get in the state of illinois. and at least three of them involved an alleged underage victim. kelly, as you well know, denying any misconduct and he remains free on bail from the earlier charges. his attorney said this new indictment, quote, changes nothing. jim miller, chicago native who appeared in surviving r. kelly and with me and a writer and communication strategist and former editor at ebony magazine. nice to see you. when you saw this new round of charges you thought what? >> i thought finally. just as i did in february, i'm somebody who is incredibly critical, if not distrustful of the criminal justice system. i am still heartened to know under the guidance of state's attorney kim foxx the allegations against robert kelly are finally being taken seriously and i think we're
12:49 pm
closer than ever to getting justice for the many, many victims who are out there that have been taken advantage of it by this predator. >> you spoke before about how you think the reason why this took so long to gain any traction is because it involved young black girls and people weren't paying attention but now more and more women are coming forward. why do you think that is? >> i think the doors have been opened. the me-too movement under the leadership of tara burk made it i think easier for people to talk about these things. and there have been women coming forward with stories about r. kelly for years and they weren't being heard or believed or taken seriously. when you have a volume of accused like this, it is like with the situation with bill cosby, it is -- he said, she said when there is one or two or three but now we're talking about accusers in the dozens.about there are so many stories out there that have been documented by buzzfeed, by the lifetime
12:50 pm
documentary, by folks coming forward and saying, i'm going to file a civil suit against robert. i'm going to come forward and talk to a journalist about my story. that's empowering other people to come forward and say, you know what? this happened to me, too. and the shame doesn't belong to the victim. it belongs to the person who is responsible for it. and for all of the enablers, the handlers, the executives with tb people in the music industry who protected him. >> r. kelly was dropped from his label. he isn't making any money performing. he has tried to get court approval to travel abroad to perform. that hasn't happened yet. what does justice look like in this case for these girls? >> i think it seems to be the consensus of many of the victims that they want to see r. kelly behind bars. you know? there are some victims that have talked about wanting him to heal, to get counseling, to get services that will help him become a better person. and i'm certainly in favor of that, too, but i think that he represents a very distinct danger to society. i think that there are women and
12:51 pm
girls that are in danger, as long as he's able to have access to them. and while this is an outcome that i very rarely believe in endorsing, i think the best place for r. kelly to be is behind bars. >> jamilla lamiele, good to see you. thank you. we are moments from the closing bell. nine minutes to go. the dow is down just over 300 points. this is after the president announced he is adding tariffs on all imports from mexico. details on how that could impact your budget. with priceline, bundling our lowest prices on flights, hotels and rental cars means you spend less time planning and more time travelling. we like that! by the way, these chairs are ours. everyone is already sitting.
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i want to take a moment on this friday afternoon to honor this week's cnn hero. stacy alonzo created a full-service animal shelter to care for pets of domestic violence, domestic abuse victims. only 3% of shelters will actually accept these animals, so she is stepping in to fill that void. >> noah's animal house is built right on the campus of the women's shelters. >> good boy. >> so that women fleeing an abusive relationship don't have to choose between leaving and leaving their pets behind. we have had clients from 21 states. they're driving thousands of miles. that tells you the need and that tells you the power of the relationship between the woman and the pet. when you watch the woman come through the door and then they see their pet.
12:57 pm
>> i missed you. >> and everything's right in the world for a little while. >> good on her. you can see how stacy is saving lives. or if you would like to nominate your own hero, which we would love for you to do, go to and we are in the season of commencement speeches and caps and gowns, so let's end this week with a big bravo to some special graduates. they had to overcome so much on the long road to their degrees. and it comes at a time when we have been outraged by all the illegal shortcuts taken in that college admissions scam. recently for the first time, a guilty parent spoke out publicly. >> i'm deeply ashamed. i'm terribly sorry. >> so, while some healthy parents cheated the system, here's one grad for you. tupac mosely played by all the rules and beat it in a big way. the new hampshire high school valedictorian earned $3
12:58 pm
million -- $3 million -- in scholarships and did most of it while homeless. he's headingt ining tennessee s study electrical engineering. and when asked about achieving his 4.3 gpa with so much against him, he tried to turn the spotlight away from himself. >> a lot of people say the strength came from within myself, but i honestly would like to give more credit to all of those around me, all the people at school, my family members, my friends. they all have been a great support to me. >> tupac has never met l.b. seibert, but they have a lot in common. seibert also top of his class, made history as the first-ever student at his idaho high school to attend an ivy league university. he will be going to brown on a full ride from four scholarships. but seibert missed giving his valedictorian speech at
12:59 pm
graduation because his dad, a janit janitor, passed away from bladder cancer. seibert helped care for him in his final months and his mom suffers from cerebral palacy. but he said, quote, i never saw my circumstances as forms of a adversity. instead, seibert thanks his parents for shaping him into the man he is today. and thanks is what erica gave to her parents through this photo. the daughter of immigrant field workers, a teen mom, and domestic abuse survivor, she just earned her masters degree in education from san diego state. it took her a couple of extra years, but she says what drove her forward is a conversation with her mom. >> and that memory was very powerful. because the day that i went to work with my mom, when i told her that i was tired, she said, this is our life. the only people that have a good life are the ones that have a good education. >> so a massive heartfelt congratulations on this friday to erica and lb and tupac.
1:00 pm
there are so, so many others we wanted to profile. these are exceptional students giving us all a refresher course on what perseverance can achieve. i'm brooke baldwin. have wonderful weekends. let's go to washington. "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. now gauc is really going to be extra. "the lead" starts right now. casualties of the trade war. the dow tanking and everything from your next car to your next beer could feel the costs of president trump's newest trade move against mexico to protest that government's inaction on stopping migrants coming from central america. a kim killing spree? a new report says that kim jong-un is executing and imprisoning top diplomatic officials after the hanoi summit went bust. but if kim shoots someone in the middle of pyongyang, will anyone from president trump's base care?