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tv   S.E. Cupp Unfiltered  CNN  June 1, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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here's tonight's headline. it happened again. 12 people are dead, 4 injured, three of whom are in intensive care after a man opened fire at virginia beach municipal center on friday. it marks the worst mass shooting this year in america and the breaking details are horrifying. employees heard loud banging, yelling, screaming, muffled gunshots. they pushed desks against the doors in their office, hid while hug and holding each other as gunshots continued. one employee told reporters it felt like hours. virginia beach vice mayor james woods said the shooting is, quote, without a doubt the most horrific thing our city has experienced. today president trump made first comments on the tragedy on twitter. he said, spoke to virginia governor northam last night and mayor and vice mayor of virginia beach this morning to offer condolences to that great community. the federal government is there
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and will be for whatever they need. god bless the families and all. including today most are calling for action. cory booker said we can and will pass gun safety laws to end these tragedies. kamala harris, we cannot continue to stand idly by. bernie sanders, the days of the nra controlling congress and writing our gun laws must end. congress must listen to the american people and pass gun safety legislation. pete buttigieg, it is unacceptable for america to remain the only developed country where this is routine. we must act. and elizabeth warren, how many lies will it take before congress acts to end this crisis. now, without a doubt, we have a problem in this country. there's a moral rot, a breakdown of civil society, a sickness that we have not figured out how to address. something is eating us alive from the inside. i don't pretend to have the
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answers. politicians, by the way, they don't either. you may they think do. you may they fewer guns, more mental health research or funding or combination of all of that. i don't know. but what i do know is politics is not going to solve this problem. so tonight politics will have to wait. other folks can go there. tonight we focus on the victims, the survivors in the hospital, the investigation, the unanswered questions, the community that's been torn apart. and this is what local law enforcement has asked us to do. take a listen to the police chief, who i will be speaking with shortly, in the emotional press conference this morning. >> the suspect, this will be the only time we will announce his name, is dewayne craddock. we must keep the dignity and respect of the victims fint and foremost. all of the questions i received up to this point i particularly want to thank the members of the
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media for understanding that and keeping their dig matee and respect first and foremost in everything you have been talking about. >> we will honor that request. here are the names we should remember. laquita c. brown, tara welch gallagher, mary louise gayle, ryan keith cox, robert bobby williams, michelle missy langer,th katherine a nixon, joshua owe heardy, christopher kelly rapp, alexander mikhail gusev. i start by going to erica hill with the latest. there was a presser this afternoon. what was revealed in the latest press conference? >> exactly what we learned this afternoon we learned about the weapons. from the atf we learned there were two .45 caliber guns recovered inside the crime scene behind me in a search of the suspect's home two more guns were found as well. of the four we know that three are still continuing to investigate
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investigate, but three appeared to have been purchased legally. the two that were found on the scene were purchased in 2016 and 2018. we don't know about a motive and that could be difficult, of course, because the shooter was killed yesterday after he gaging in what was referred to as a very long gun battle with the responding officers. the other thing i want to point out is all of the officials here have really talked about the fact these four officers who arrived on scene, they credit with keeping the death toll down actually, that it did not go higher. so there's been a lot of appreciation, a lot of praise for those four officers. we can tell you there was talk about whether the shooter was a disgruntled employee, whether he's been fired, the police chief making it clear he had not been fired. in fact he had a conversation with a co-worker earlier in the day and described as a good person and wished each other to have a happy weekend. we should get a timeline from the police department when the shots rang out. of course, it's an ongoing investigation. the fbi taking over the evidence recovery at this point.
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and you talked about the focus on the victims. that's much of what we heard as well. the mayor, who i spoke with earlier today, said in the press conference he wants the city to be known as a community of love and support, they are all about resilience and they will recover from this and that love and support and caring for one another is not something that they see happening for just the next few days, but they will define themselves by that as a community, not by the horror and tragedy that happened behind me. s.e.? >> that's powerful. erica, thank you so much for your reporting. appreciate it. now i would like to bring in virginia beach police chief james cervera. first, our condolences go out to your community. we are mourning with you, not for you. i do want to keep our focus tight as you requested. so what can you tell us about the victims who are still recovering in the hospital? >> the victims are in fact recovering in the hospital. one is listed in fair to stable condition. the other three are still listed in serious condition. so our thoughts are with the
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families. as far as the other victims, the deceased victims, we have honor guard officers from both the police and the fire department assigned to each family to make sure that we have direct liaison for those families. >> chief, we learned one police officer was wounded but reportedly saved by his bulletproof vest. how is he doing? >> he's doing well. i just came from his house. we had a great conversation. our lead cops are doing great. we expect him an ul of the officers that responded to the scene, it will affect him for the rest of their life. we have to remember that. but they ran to the gunfire because that's what they do. >> speak a little bit more if you can about the first responders, not just the cops, but first responders from hospitals, emts, et cetera. >> our fire department and our emt department work very close with the police department. we train very close together in
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situations such as this. as a matter of fact, we had training event on march 30th. it was a large-scale event so they know when they respond to the scene there's a warm zone, cold zone. our officers know where to bring casualties into one repository area. and i just have to say over and over again that the first cops in that building did a fantastic job in locating the suspect, and in neutralizing the suspects. then all of the responding first responders, be it emts, were all there to give the care to the wounded and as well as the police officers. again, they trained together, we work together, we're a seamless emergency response system in our city. >> in that press conference that we played, you were very clear you were only going to mention the shooter's name once. i won't repeat it and i appreciate your emphasis on that. but i do want to hear from you why you made that decision so it's clear to our viewers and also colleagues in the media.
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>> well, for a couple of reasons. first and noefrforemost, i don' think he deserves to have his name read any more than one specific time so we could identify him. secondly, i want to make sure our city and the rest of the country understands we have 12 victims who did not make it to the next day, did not make it out of the building. i want people to know we have other victims who are seriously injured. we have a complete wch orkforce our city that's traumatized by this, first responders who went into harm's way immediately to take care of that situation. i don't think this individual deserves to have his name read any more than once to identify who he is. >> i appreciate you explaining that, chief. something else that struck me while listening to you earlier was you stressing that this was a prolonged shootout. you said it was not a traditional police officer shootout. what did you mean by that, just so i'm clear? >> usually when an officer is
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involved in a shooting, what is commonly known as ois, there's a minimal number of shots fired. that's just the way it happens. it's also just a short period of time, seconds. in this particular case, it was not a minimal number of shots fired. this individual immediately had to, quote, had to jump on one of our officers and open fire on that officer. that officer was able to take a tactical position. the other officers came and too tactical positions and that gunfight lasted for a much longer period of time, multiple, multiple rounds were fired by the suspect and by our police officers. remember this individual had extended magazines with extended rounds. so when i say it was a long-term firefight is really the word, that's what it was. it was not a bang, bang and it's over. it continued to go on. there was movement by the suspect, movement by the officers to get that tactical advantage to be able to
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neutralize him. >> i imagine whether you're law enforcement or sanitation worker or public schoolteacher, this attack on these city employees must feel like an attack on the city itself. i don't want to put words in your mouth, but i'm wondering how you're sort of approaching this. >> you know, for a police agency, first and foremost, we believe in the sanctity of life. all lives in our city. all of the people who visit our city. we truly believe that's why we are in this business. there's something to it when it happens within your community let's say, within your family. folks that you see every day, you may not know them, you may not know their names but somewhere along the name you kroes crossed paths with each other. there's something like this happening in a city building. remember these officers are only 10 0 yards aware from the building so they literally responded to it. i do want to stress we believe in the sanctity of life.
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we believe no one should be in a situation where their life is taken by another individual such as this. >> chief cervera, thank you very much for making 250i78 for us tonight and sharing everything that you did. i appreciate it. >> and i appreciate the fact that all media has really risen to the occasion for these victims. thank you so much. >> good, that makes me happy. for one official in virginia beach, this tragedy is all too familiar. ly speak to him next. not this john smith. or this john smith. or any of the other hundreds of john smiths that are humana medicare advantage members. no, it's this john smith. who we paired with a humana team member to help address his own specific health needs. at humana, we take a personal approach to your health, to provide care that's just as unique as you are. no matter what your name is. ♪ thanks for coming. no matter what your name is. no problem. -you're welcome.
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this is a large-scale crime scene. it's a horrific crime scene, and please understand it takes not only physical, emotional and psy psychological toll on everyone who spent the night inside that building. >> we will turn our attention to the remainder of today to assign family liaison officers to support those families that have been stricken by this horrible event. we are going to wrap our arms around those that serve with us here in virginia beach. >> that was the police chief and city manager respectively on the
3:16 pm
psychological toll of the tragedy out of virginia beach. 12 people killed after a longtime city employer opened fire in a municipal building on fire. joining me now is virginia beach city councilman member be aaron raus. first, councilman, our condolences to you. i want to first give you an opportunity to share your thoughts on this tragedy and its impact on your community. >> well, miss cupp, thank you for having this interview. our minds and our hearts are with the families, and the victims' families of this tragedy, this horrible ordeal. the worst day in virginia beach's history. we want to make sure we surround those who need us most. and as a community, we are there for them and we come together. i would also like to thank our first responders in the way our brave men and women courageously went into that building and mitigated some of the loss we had here today, or the other
3:17 pm
day. >> yes. you're a recently elected city councilman, just elected last november. but i imagine this city is your family. talk good how close you are to this community. >> you know, miss cupp, i grew up here. this is home to me. this is home for many of us. i can tell you right now, i would not be standing here and i would not be the man today if it wasn't for our community, if it wasn't for the teachers, the first responders, if it wasn't for those special people in our communities, angels, that made sure a young man like me growing up in poverty had the things i needed to be successful. our community is very close. this is our home. >> people might not know this but you were a safety with multiple teams in the nfl and played football at virginia tech, the scene of another tragic shooting back in 2007. i heard you say to someone else, i can't believe this happened again. it really must have brought back
3:18 pm
some strong emotions for you. >> it has, and it's brought back different emotions as well. the first emotions i felt brought me back to that day at virginia tech in blacksburg feeling helpless and not really, trying to understand how can this happen. and today as a councilman, a leader for our city, i felt a drive to do something to have the opportunity and will to do something about this. and that's what we will do. whether he have a call to action that i believe starts with recognizing our humanity. we don't want to politicize this any more than what has been. our focus is for our community, and our focus is to understand our humanity comes first before any structures be placed on society. here at virginia beach we are a
3:19 pm
close community. we're a unique community. we have an agriculture section of our city, to our tourist injury, to our military that we're so proud of. so we have people from all over the world, a great, diverse community. we're going to come together from this. we will, in our time, in our finest hour, we will stand tall and we will define ourselves. rewill define what this means for virginia beach going forward. >> i believe that. how are you hoping to help your community heal through the aftermath of this devastating tragedy? what's your next -- what's your next phoningofocus today, tomor the weeks and months to come? >> you know, like many other virginia hokies and virginians understand and know very well since that tragic day in 2007 is through our times of mourning and grieving that we found strength in each other every single day. this is going to be a long process of healing for us. and it doesn't start with
3:20 pm
looking ten years or a year down the road or months down the road. it starts with what we can do today. it starts with a simple smile to your neighbor, a hug, a handshake, making friends, understanding we're all in this thing called life together. it matters how we treat one another. so our motto at virginia tech so i may serve and that's what we have do, serve each other. that's what we're going to do here at virginia beach. >> that's an important message. i thank you for sharing it with me councilman aaron rouse. i'm so sorry your community is dealing with this tragedy. thanks for spending some time with me tonight. >> thank you. the suspect in this unspeakable tragedy was a city employee, as were 11 of the 12 victims. ly talk about workplace violence next. and a little later it's back to washington. the president had an interest week. i'll talk about its impact on policy and on your wallet. r bus.
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3:25 pm
illinois, killing five workers. in september less than a year ago in bakersfield, california, a man went on a killing spree at a trucking company shooting his ex-wife and other co-workers in a targeted attack. there are intrinsic characteristics of these shootings and security challenges that come with keeping employees safe. so joining me now to discuss is workplace violence prevention expert kathleen bondsic. kathleen, what's your initial reaction to this shooting based on the little information that we have? >> as always, the lack of respect for the dignity of human life that was exhibited yesterday continues to take one's breath away. chilling, absolutely chilling. >> so we learned that, at least according to police, this employee was not fired but clearly that he was disgruntled. what do you make of this latest
3:26 pm
bit of information? >> the fact he was a long-term employee, 15 years of duration in his position, and he was disgruntled, also the acquisition of the firearms and the multiple, the large number of ammunition, magazines, bullets. these are all potential red flags that we must look at and evaluate to help to prevent the next attack from occurring. we have an epidemic right now in the united states. the occupational health and safety administration, osha reports that homicide is currently the third leading cause of occupational death in our country. and osha also reports that 2 million americans at least fall victim to workplace violence each and every year. staggering number.
3:27 pm
what's more disconcerting is osha says that's a severely underreported figure, that not some, not a few, but many other cases of workplace violence go unreported each and every year. prespren presprengs vengs is the only solution to this national ongoing tragedy. >> we don't want people to be scare of their co-workers but what does the fbi think they can look out for? >> the fbi put out very careful studies that i believe can be used in the prevention of workplace violence. in 2018 after the horrific workplace and school attacks at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida, and santa fe high school in texas,
3:28 pm
where both faculty, staff as well as students were woundsed and murdered, the fbi put out a study which looked at the preattack behavior of suspects in shootings in 2013, some of the red flags the fbi encourages us to look for is changes in behavior. is this employee now who perhaps in the past took great pride in his or her work, now not getting along with other people, being sloppy, increased alcohol abuse, drug abuse, domestic violence, other acts of workplace violence, bullying. failure to get along with other people. these infatuation with prior attacks, an overinterest in prior workplace and school attacks are all red flags. and things that should be reported. because the other problem that
3:29 pm
we have is there's leakage of violence intent per the fbi and people don't know what they're looking for or where to take that information so management could potentially investigate and stop an incident from potentially manifesting. >> kathleen, thank you very much for your insight. i appreciate it. up next -- the president often governors by emotion but to what effect? another wireless ad. so many of them are full of this complicated, tricky language about their network and offers and blah blah blah. look. sprint's going to do things differently. and let you decide for yourself. they're offering a new 100% total satisfaction guarantee. try it out and see the savings. if you don't love it, get your money back. see? simple. now sprint's unlimited plan comes with one of the newest phones included for just $35 a month. so switch now. for people with hearing loss, visit with priceline,
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nancy pelosi, john mccain, russia, ireland, even meghan markle all have managed to get under president trump's skin in the past week or so, and as you might have noticed, that skin is decidedly thin. of course, you remember his attacks on pelosi tweeting out manipulated video to make her look drunk after she hurt his feelings before a meeting. then news at the white house wanted the uss john mccain, a destroyer docked in japan, out of sight for trump's safe visit there because the late senator apparently still gets trump all kinds of hot and bothered. here was the president on thursday. >> we'll probably be able to find without did it. they thought they were doing me a favor because they know i'm not a fan of john mccain. so i wasn't a fan of john mccain, i never will be.
3:34 pm
but certainly i couldn't care less whether or not there's a boat named after his father. >> on the same day after admitting russia helped to get him elected, trump back peddled when confronted with his own words 24 hours later with the great man series for his win. >> russia did not help me get elected. you know who got me elected? you know who got me elected? i got me elected. >> trump is also butting heads with the irish government after the prime minister declined to meet trump at his golf course there. they will meet at the airport instead. what did meghan markle do? when trump was asked about her past criticism of him in 2016, he called her nasty. this bhehavior is not new, but it's not normal either. i didn't know men this pathologically insecure existed outside of cartoons. but here we are a president whose fragile ego guides his every impulse. worse so, it often guides his
3:35 pm
policy. he likes to side with kim jong-un two dictators because they lap phrase on him. he wields tariffs on mexico and china as weapons, weapons that would mostly hurt u.s. consumers. this isn't just silly or sad, it's dangerous. governing by emotion and ego won't solve any of our very real problems. they just make trump feel better. here to discuss our former communications director from ted cruz's 2016 campaign ax stewart and former white house communication director under president trump. i learned when they were trying to keep the uss john mccain out of trump's eyeline in japan and thought wow, a person this fragile deserves our pity. what did you think? >> similar.
3:36 pm
i totally believe without a doubt he had no knowledge of this on the front end. i can totally see a low-level staffer thought he might see something, but once he knew about it, the response could have been much better. instead of attacking john mccain, he could have said he was a war hero, we owe him a great duty for his service to the country but that's not how he did it. the problem is when you have a situation like this when you have advance staffers for the white house having to use their valuable time childproofing a room so the child doesn't stick their finger in the light socket, you have a problem. >> that's exactly where i was going to go with you, jen, i think it's safe to say trump's advisers have figured out the best way to stay in the white house and also keep trump from -- from getting in his own way, is to get him to the desk, keep only positive news in front of him, keep the boogieman away and soothe him with compliments when he needs them.
3:37 pm
i don't do that with my toddler. >> me neither. me neither. they're treating him like an infant. that's obviously not how you treat the president of the united states but there are a lot of dangers to that as well. this is the white house i think the president has wanted for some time, that he built up every time somebody is fired, he kicked them out because he disagreed with them. there's pattern after pattern. what happens then is he creates a white house where everybody agrees with him as you said and it helps people rise who are appealing through his worst instincts. i would say someone like stephen miller, who members of the republican party far and wide are concerned about where he's taking immigration and other policies and the trade debate. but those are the type of people, people who appeal to the president's ego who are not going to second guess him and are going to tell him, this is going to make you look better. that's what we are seeing. >> alice, i want to be fair. this administration got some stuff done, for me where i sit on tax reform and deregulation, it's possible. but it just blows my mind how
3:38 pm
much more trump could be getting done if he would just check his ego to the side. as a republican strategist, that must frustrate you. >> yes. and i will also add to the list of things he has successfully accomplished that i was hoping to get done, supreme court and filling the judicial positions we have with people who are strict -- people who adhere to the judicial constitution. that being said, there are different governing styles and we all worked for different people. there's the governing style where you surround yourself with people who will give you good advice, surround you with good advice, tell you to stop when you need stopping and give you information you don't know. what person i used to work for used to say i don't know what i don't know so please tell me. and then there are those who surround themselves in an echo chamber where everyone is saying yes. no one is willing to step forward and give you valuable information you need.
3:39 pm
unfortunately that type of governing style or leadership style is where we are right now and that's the way he prefer it's because it helps his ego. unfortunately, it doesn't necessarily help get things done. >> jen, it seems particularly problematic when it comes to ar allies and partners abroad. trump tweeting, for example, those north korean missile threats weren't a big deal -- while he's in japan. you work for the state department, how much more difficult does that make life for our diplomats when, you know, they're constantly lurching from one presidential insecurity outburst to the next? >> incredibly difficult and i think for a couple reasons. one is many of our allies and certainly foes, they're sitting around thinking, okay, we can survive this maybe 18 more months. they're not sure if they can survive it five more years because they don't know that the united states is a reliable partner. if you're a diplomatic and ambassador and sitting in a capital, that's really hard. you lose your power.
3:40 pm
you use the power of the united states to have a seat at the table. but i can tell you from talking to people who are still serving overseas, the best thing that can happen for them is for donald trump not to go about their issue. then they can go about their issue and quietly pursue the united states' business. if it's not on the front of the newspaper, they continue to serve on behalf of the united states. nobody wants him to get -- >> get too involved. that's terrible. alice and jen, thank you very much. i appreciate it. here's what i know, running on this guy's nuts didn't work for anybody in 2016. but what about this guy is being impeached, what does history tell us about that? let's find out next. i was driving home through torrential rain when my car was swept into a flash flood. i scrambled up this really big tree and i knew my wife wouldn't know what was gonna happen to me so i video chat her and i said, "yeah, yeah, i'm up in a tree." after about five hours, and a lot of phone calls with emergency services, they sent a helicopter, picked me up to safety. this network, that giant tree, saved my life. (vo) the network more people rely on, gives you more.
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this week in impeachment watch, at least 51 house democrats by our count are calling for congress to begin impeachment proceedings. speaker nancy pelosi earlier today got an earful from democrats at the california democratic convention. listen. >> in the united states of america no one is above the law. not even the president of the
3:45 pm
united states. >> she didn't use the word but the crowd was very clear chanting impeached during her remarks. but by all accounts, the speaker is standing firm, maintaining impeachment will only play into president trump's hand. how judiciary chairman jerry nadler, a frequent impeachment floater, is also pumping the brakes saying just yesterday, you cannot impeach a president if the american people will not support it. so if pundits and politicians in washington grapple with should we or shouldn't we impeach, i want to go to the history books. what does history say about impeachment proceedings and should that matter? i've got the perfect people to discuss this with me. alan lichtman is a professor at american university who has correctly predicts nine straight presidential winners back to 1984. also with me is cnn presidential historian doug brinkley. let me start with you, alan, you predicted trump would win in 2016. many did not. and you said the same thing might happen in 2020 if democrats don't start taking on trump where it matters.
3:46 pm
how does impeachment fit into that? >> real simple, let me say i don't believe impeachment should be decided on political expediency. but this is a case where an impeachment inquiry is right morally and constitutionally and politically. the democrats are making the same mistake they made in 2016, and that is they're reading the polls, they're listening to the conventional wisdom and saying oh, we can beat this guy. wrong. my keys to the white house, as you indicated, have successfully predicted elections since 1984 indicate that elections are referenda on the strength and performance of the party holding the white house, and it takes six keys to count down trump. right now he's down only three but an impeachment inquiry would nail down a fourth key, scandal key. it doesn't depend on what the republicans do, it's the public revelations from the inquiry, the accusations, and then the public trial. it was the public revelations
3:47 pm
that drove richard nixon down from 67% to 25% in his approval. >> yeah. before i go to nixon, i want to go to more recent history, doug republicans did suffer in the midterms during the clinton impeachment but more importantly impeachment made clinton pore mop lar. his approval ratings spiked to the highest of his entire presidency, 76%. do you worry democrats risk making trump a martyr or hero going into 2020. >> that is clearly the worry of speaker pelosi. if we go back to 1998, ken starr gave up 11 reasons, just served them up on a plate to congress of possible reasons to impeach. mueller's been cageyer, a little bit more down the middle. but i think this past week when you spoke you had to read the tea leaves and it was a bit cryptic but he was really telling congress do your job and start moving impeachment forward. you see the impeachment movement
3:48 pm
gaining sponsors in the democratic party, but if you don't have nancy pelosi on board, it could run out of gas soon and you might have people talking about censure. the senate censured joe mccarthy in 1954 but a president has not been censored since 1834 with andrew jackson and a censor doesn't have the definitive tamp of disapproval that impeachment does. so i think it's gaining momentum now but in pelosi refuses, she's so powerful, it may end up being the democrats' punt on that idea. >> what do you think about censuring as sort of the middle ground? >> all trump cares about is consequences, censoring, subpoenas, court decisions will make no difference. i have a message for nancy pelosi, history celebrated katherine the great. it would not have celebrated
3:49 pm
katherine the cautious. and pelosi and the democrats are completely misreading the clinton example. first of all, most critically, the charges against donald trump are infinitely more serious than covering up a private consensual affair. they cut to the heart of our democracy. as mueller said, they cut to the integrity of our judicial system and national security. moreover, sure, republicans loss a few suits in the house but they kept the house, and guess what they won? the biggest prize in america, the presidency, about 537 votes in florida when a quarter of the voters said the scandal was very important in their decision making. >> doug, only 19% of americans thought nixon should be removed from office. a month after the senate watergate hearings, even after the saturday night mess car support from impeachment and removing nixon from office only ever rose to 38%. should democrats, i don't know, bolster their optimism for
3:50 pm
impeachment if our public polling approaches similar numbers? >> yeah, i think polling's going to matter a lot but, remember, it's really all about television. and as much as we do on cnn to cover things, it's one thing if it's everybody's covering nobody expected john dean to come forward. nobody realized that the white house was even -- nixon was having a taping system. so the -- by impeaching trump you would find a lot of new information that could be very damnable in the end. but remember, bill clinton may have rose and surprised people after being impeached. but in 2000 al gore didn't want to be seen in a photo frame with bill clinton. he ran as president distancing himself. we see that as a mistake but there is a cost you pay. >> al, doug was, this was a great conversation thanks for joining me. >> we'll be right back. -♪ just like any other family ♪ the house, kids, they're living the dream ♪ ♪ and here comes the wacky new maid ♪
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well, i hate to be the bearer of bad news but for all you never trumpers out there your savior isn't coming. larry hogan told the "washington post" in afternoon he will not be a candidate for president in 2020. the popular republican governor had been mulling a run visiting early states like new hampshire and meeting key players. proponents of bid like to point to the fact that larry senior was the first member of the house judiciary to kpaul for nixon's impeachment. it's a pipe dream though. hogan said he made a commitment to maryland and his family. and he beat cancer a second time. never trumpers hoping for
3:55 pm
someone to take on trump got another blow yesterday when governor john kasich whose impressive show in the 2016 republican primary proved he could easily become president of ohio announced he does not see a path for him in 2020. well, what about dissent chanted republicans new saver justin amash. remember he fired off the punishing series of tweets admonishing republican colleagues for failing to hold trump accountable in the wake of the mueller report. he gets asked about running in 2020. he says that's not something he thought about. he is just, quote, focused on defending the constitution. hey, you're in luck that's literally the job. maybe dallas maverick peace owner and shark tank bo boss mark cuban will save the day. he told the new york daily news he was is seriously considering a third party run. wouldn't be the first time i flirted with the notion back in 2016 mitt romney and another
3:56 pm
tried to draft cuban to take op trump. there is always bill weld former massachusetts governor and one time presidential candidates on the liberty anne ticket. in case you didn't notice, he is running as a republican against donald trump. so never trumpers, there is still no chance president trump will be primaried out of office. okay before i go, a quick programming note. we have a big line jup of 2020 presidential townhalls tomorrow night. massachusetts congressman seth mouthen. ohio congressman tim ryan at 7:00 and eric swalwell at acre. live from cnn center in atlanta. tomorrow on sunday night. the van jones cmo is next. stick around.
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good evening. i'm van jones. welcome to the van jones show. what a week a bunch of craziness going on. ramping up the tariff stuff, trade wars. we got concerned about the safety of the elections. we'll get to the crazy stuff. but first i want to tell you i'm so glad you tuned in today, tonight one of the show's missions is to keep you attuned to the heartbeat of the country. under all the chaos and non-sense. what do every day americans want? and tonight you get answers. for starters you hear directly from a family of trump voters in ohio who may


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