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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  June 3, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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it's all on your schedule. awesome. now all you have to do is move...that thing. [ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. down in london after a breaking diplomatic etiquette that risks ins insulting his royal host. there's no basis whatsoever for impeachment. none. plus, the president defiant as congress returns to washington today. two 2020 democrats booed at
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their own convention. what each candidate said to set the progressive crowd off. alarming moments caught on camera. you see people running for their lives as a cruise ship slams into a smaller boat and the dock. good morning, welcome to "early start," i'm boris sanchez in for dave briggs. >> i'm christine romans, monday, june 3rd, it's 4:00 a.m. in the east. the president touching down in england for a three-day visit moments ago, and he has taken a sledge hammer to diplomatic etiquette, not only with remarks that risked insulting his royal host but plunging headline into the uk's messy, tweeting about the mayor of london, insulting
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his heights. earlier he made remarks about bor boris johnson the front runner for foreign minister. >> he's been a friend of mine. he's been very nice. i have a very good relationship with him. i have a very good relationship with nigel farage, with many people over there. we'll see what happens. >> president trump in this spat with the london mayor after kahn, after kahn called him a global threat. >> i don't think much of him. i think that he's the twin of de blasio, except shorter. >> and then just moments ago reiterating that insult via twitter. oh, now i'm landing, so he's obviously on the twitter. the doors are open on air force one. we expect him to be coming down any moment. let's go to buckingham palace, let's bring in cnn's nic
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robertson. >> reporter: the president really is opening gambut, pushing back criticism in that op-ed in one of the sunday newspaper's, by all accounts he's done a terrible job. this does seem to be the way president trump is going to tackle his critics in the uk. there are plenty of other critics as well. there are protests expected around london principally tomorrow. the leader of the labor party, leader of the opposition here, has declined to attend this state banquet tonight that president trump will attend. before all that begins, it really will be the red carpet state visit for president trump, he'll arrive here at about three
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our four hours or so at buckingham palace. he'll have lunch with the queen and get a tour of some of the gifts the queen has been given. and he'll go to westminster abby where he'll lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown warrior. then with prince charles having tea with him in the late afternoon, and then returning to buckingham palace late in the evening for the state banquet, the circumstance we know president trump so much enjoys or looks forward to. very clear on his agenda here, hitting back at any critics he may find here in the uk. >> there are plenty of them, nic. sorry to interrupt. i wanted to ask about the timing of this. obviously the president visiting the uk in the middle of the brexit battle and the potential new prime minister making these comments about boris johnson, how is that being received there in. >> reporter: negatively is by and large he is interfering in
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british politics but president trump did precisely this same year and criticized theresa neimay saying she should have been tougher, that boris johnson, the former foreign secretary would make a good prime minister. well, theresa may's last day on the job is friday this week. the real race for the leadership begins monday next week. boris johnson is the bookie's favorite at the moment. he may not win but will take the top line with the european union, negotiating the brexit deal, and for president trump that's something that he applauds it certainly seems. president trump wants britain out of the european union. boris johnson, he seems to favor him as the man who may be able to deliver that as prime minister. >> just taking a step back in a historical perspective, it strikes me that we're at a moment that the two
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architectures of the post world war ii, architecture, if you will, the united states and great britain are in these moments, turning inward and rejecting the alliances that they actually formed. isn't that sort of interesting? >> reporter: i think it's hugely interesting and for many people, it's more than interesting, but it's a worry that we might be entering into sort of a world that's polarized over those in favor of doing business with china and those who are not. boris johnson in particular who in many ways sees himself in the winston churchill mode, and of course churchill was part of the leadership at the time after world war ii that helped construct the current framework the diplomatic framework around the world and the global institutions it protects, and the world order we have become used to. so for him to see himself as
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somebody who might bring about a change in what winston churchill helped construct would be strange but nevertheless, this is where we seem to find ourselves. >> as we await president trump to come down air force one, i want to bring up the tweets about sadid kahn, by far the most important ally of the united kingdom. the president goes on to call him a stone called loser who should focus more on crime in london, not me. reminds me of our dumb and incompetent may of new york, who has done a terrible job but looks forward to being a great friend o. united kingdom and he's looking forward to the visit. the two leaders, both kahn, and president trump, the spat goes back quite a while.
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give us some background on that, n nic. >> reporter: it does absolutely. the mayor should focus on crime in london. this came to a head following one of the terror attacks on london where president trump made comments about that attack. kahn pushed back at the time, president trump doubled down on his criticism of kahn following that. the two do have form on their differences here, but again, arriving into the uk with that tweet, taking on the mayor of london, it does divert away from some of the criticism that has been labeled and directed at president trump for wading into the brexit debate here, the leadership debate here, and of course it takes away from other issues that are going to sort of dot their relationship albeit, you know, with the prime
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minister theresa may leaving at the end of the week. obviously the issue of huawei the 5g network, not to use any of that network in the uk, and differences over iran. these are other issues, substantiative issues. >> reporter: nic, we're seeing the president and first lady arrive right now. it is 9:10 there local time as you see on the top right of the screen. they will get on a helicopter and go to winfield house, i believe, which is the residence of the u.s. ambassador to the uk, and then there's obviously a big slate of events throughout the afternoon. you say you think there are protests scheduled. will the president see any of those protests? probably not. at least not in the early part of today, so he takes that helicopter ride to winfield house, obviously won't see anything on that journey. when he comes here to buckingham
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palace, he'll come by helicopters. crowds on the streets won't be able to see them. he will make ground moves after that, westminster abby, to meet with prince charles later in the afternoon, and there's quite a possibility during those roads that he will see those crowds. there's a lot of security as you would imagine, road closures, but the bigger protests are expected on tuesday, and those will be more in proximity to the president's arrival at 10 downing street or at least as close as those protesters will be able to get. >> we were talking about huawei, here's there with the treasury secretary. there will be discussions on the table about the kinds of demands the united states is making in terms of the uk and huawei and china. >> reporter: slabsolutely. when secretary of state mike pompeo was here, that was big on
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his agenda. he met with the prime minister at the time. what was said behind closed doors isn't really known. this issue got put on the front burner in the uk when discussions about the possible use of some huawei network equipment, sort of some of the physical infrastructure rather than some of the switching infrastructure was leaked from a cabinet meeting which led to the prime minister actually sacking a minister of defense because she felt the leak had come from her office. that's not proven yet but that is the level of sensitivity that issue has reached here. it's a hot political potato. we have heard other possible leaders who are in contention in our leadership race indicating perhaps they might be backing away from the huawei idea undoubtedly britain feels that pressure. but it's also, you know, britain has been really reaching out in
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recent years in particular to have stronger trade relationships with china once britain leaves the european union. it wants to be able to establish it own trading relationships, not any with the united states, but also with china and britain has seen itself, positioning itself to have that positive relationship been called here a golden era of business with china. this puts a serious crimp. the huawei issue puts a serious crimp in that, it will necessarily send which way is britain going to go, follow the united states or more independent light. huge pressure under this issue right now. >> still to be determined and as we're watching the president depart, we have to ask about his comments regarding the duchess of sussex, meghan markle. the president denying that he called her nasty even though he's on a recording that she's
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nasty. how is that being received, especially considering the president is set to meet the queen and prince charles and all of this pomp and circumstance is set to take place. >> reporter: and is going to meet harry as well. of course meghan markle, the duche duchess's husband. that could be a little bit awkward. the president's statement came about in a question from the interviewer, tom newton dunn who was interviewing the president in the white house late last week. he asked if the president was aware of the comments that she had made that if he became president, this was back in 2016, she would leave to go to canada. he said he wasn't aware, that she was nasty, and subsequently said he didn't make those comments and it is seen here as something of a faux pas that is awkward. this is president trump and this is what people have come to expect from him.
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they don't like it, but it's him and that just falls into the category that so many people would protest against him because they don't like the way that he does business. they don't like the way he wades into the affairs of the uk and the royal family is an issue people wouldn't want to see an outside leader of any stature criticizing. a potential awkward moment when he meets harry at lunchtime. >> and meghan markle is on maternity leave, a much deserved maternity leave. the denying what is said on tape after lobbing the insult, that becomes worrisome because now you're denying reality, your own words. it's less the insult and more the denial of the insult that's getting headlines. nic robertson, i'm sure we'll talk to you again this morning as these events unfold. plenty more ahead. stay with "early start," we'll
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be right back after a quick break.
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in on the virginia beach massacre. the president was asked if he would support restrictions to gun silencers or suppressers like the one used by the gunman in friday's deadly shooting. >> i don't like them at all. >> we now know the gunman dewayne craddock resigned from his job assen an engineer. according to a coworker, the suspect was brushing his teeth in the men's room and explaining pleasantries with him moments before opening fire. miguel has the latest. >> reporter: what may be most disturbing about this situation is nothing seemed to push this individual over the edge into this. we know that he e-mailed his resignation the morning before all of this took place. but the city manager saying that
1:21 am
he had not been fired, that there was no process for him to be fired underway. there were no disciplinary issues that the department was dealing with, that he was in good standing with the department. this is the memorial, the official memorial. there's a couple of them around town that is now starting to grow here at the police station, not far from where all of this took place. this is sort of a massive complex, government complex. police departments here, two detectives were sitting at the police department when they heard that this was going on. one had the presence of mind to dawn a protective vest, or protective gear as they rushed out the door. they engaged the suspect, the chief of police gives us a few more details. >> as the suspect was firing, he was moving. they were returning fire and at one point the suspect was firing through the door and through the wall at the officers and then the firing stopped. they eventually breached the door. >> this memorial has been growing now for some time.
1:22 am
there are now 12 crosses, the names of each of the victims, their pictures, and people are signing the crosses, people coming here for a little bit of connection essentially, dropping off flowers, taking a knee, saying a prayer, and hoping that this community can get beyond this. virginia beach, virginia. now on the grim list of u.s. cities that have suffered this sort of violence. christine, boris. >> tragically, a list that keeps getting longer and longer. miguel marquez, thank you. a shark attack at a north carolina beach. details next. this is why we no longer have to worry about flushing too much toilet paper. wait, so you don't flush your toilet paper at home? no yuck because that man is afraid. afraid too much toilet paper will back up our system. but dad, rid-x contains billions of enzymes proven to break down even paper to help keep your whole septic system healthy.
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welcome back, a north carolina teenager is recovering in the hospital this morning after she was bitten by a shark. authorities say 17-year-old page winter was swimming off atlantic beach sunday when she was attacked by a shark. she was air lifted to a hospital in greenville, north carolina. she was treated for deep lacerations to her legs, pelvis and hands. the teen is now listed in good condition. >> always uncomfortable hearing those stories, especially summer time, more people on the beach and more shark attacks. president trump fighting controversy as he visits the uk, hear what he said about the mayor of london and a member of the royal family when we come back.
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etiquette with remarks that risk insulting some of his royal hosts. >> there is no basis whatsoever for impeachment. none. >> and the president defiant as congress returns to washington today. and boos for two 2020 democrats at their own convention. what each candidate said to set off the crowd. and these alarming moments caught on camera right before a cruise ship slams into a smaller boat and the dock. welcome back to "early start" this monday morning, i'm christine romans. >> great to be with you. i'm boris sanchez in for dave briggs. we are 32 minutes past the hour. we start with president trump, emerging from air force one a few moments ago with the first lady. the president has trampled on
1:33 am
diplomatic etiquette, not only with remarks that risk insulting his royal host but by diving into the uk's messy political landscape. before president trump left washington he made these remarks about brexiter boris johnson, the fronter -- front runner to become prime minister. >> he's very nice. i have a very good relationship with him. i have a very good relationship with nigel farage, with many people over there, we'll see what happens. >> president trump also getting into a spat with london mayor sadiq khan, this is after khan called the president a global threat. the president compared khan to the mayor of new york. >> i don't think much of him. i think that he's the twin of de blasio, except shorter. >> shortly before arriving in london, the president sending
1:34 am
out two tweets saying khan should focus on crime in london. let's bring in cnn's nic robertson. we understand the president may hear protesters on his way to buckingham palace. >> reporter: he may. there's definitely going to be a protest outside buckingham palace later this evening when he comes for the state dinner, in essence, to try to disrupt the state dinner. he takes marine one, the ambassador's residence and he will from that location take the helicopter to buckingham palace. probably little chance of him running into protesters there but as the afternoon wears on, he goes to westminster abby, he'll go to meet with prince charles and the duchess of cambridge there. so this move will likely possibly bring him into contact with crowds there, not clear how close they'll be able to get to
1:35 am
him. but there's a big protest also planned for tuesday, which is not so far from where he'll be meeting the prime minister at 10 downing street. today, absolutely, there's quite a possibility that some of those protesters will get near enough to be heard or seen at least when president trump moves by vehicle from buckingham palace. >> certainly a lot of people unhappy with the president breaking decorum. ri nic robertson, thank you. >> president trump denying he ever called meghan markle nasty. here's what he told reporters before departing for the uk. >> are you going to apologize for the royal family for your comments about duchess meghan markle. >> i made no comments, thank you. >> let's rewind to what the president said to the sun on
1:36 am
saturday. >> turned out she moved to britain. >> there are a lot of people moving here, what can i say, i didn't know. she was nasty. back in the states this morning, congress is back in session as impeachment talks ramp up before leaving for his state visit to the uk, president trump had this to say about the possibility of impeachment. >> there is no basis whatsoever for impeachment. none. there was no collusion. there was tno obstruction. there was no crime. the crime was by the democrats. the crime was by the democrats. there is no legal basis for impeachment. it's a big witch hunt. everybody knows it including the democrats. >> for more on the impeachment push, here's sarah westwood at the white house.
1:37 am
boris and christine, as talk about impeachment among democrats grows louder, a cnn poll shows the support for impeachment could be on the rise. 41% of people support removing the president, up from 37%, but the majority of people still pose removing president trump. 54% of people say they are opposed to impeachment. democratic house speaker, nancy pelosi has been resisting calls in her caucus to start impeachment proceedings. she said on saturday the democrats should continue their oversight, and they should build an ironclad case against president trump. take a listen. >> in the united states of america, no one is above the law. not even the president of the united states. >> and house majority whip james clyburn told cnn's jake tapper, he believes the president will be impeached but thinks there first should be a shift in public opinion. take a listen to what he had to say on state of the union. >> we think that we have to
1:38 am
bring the public along. we aren't particularly interested in the senate. we do believe that if we sufficiently, effectively educate the public, then we will have done our job, and we can move on an impeachment vote and it will stand. >> special counsel robert mueller's emergence to emphasize that the obstruction part of his report does not exonerate president trump and to announce his resignation from the justice department has fueled talk among democrats of impeachment. a growing number of democratic lawmake lawmakers and 2020 presidential candidates and one lone republican, congressman justin amash have expressed support for proceeding with experiment but other democrats fear that moving too quickly while the majority oppose removing president trump could backfire on democrats and perhaps even help president trump. boris and christine. >> thank you so much for that.
1:39 am
you know, wall street really bracing here for fallout from a worsening global trade situation. china's retaliatory tariffs on about $60 billion worth of u.s. exports, those went into effect friday. we're talking cotton machinery, grains and aircraft parts. and investors figuring trump's threat of tariffs on mexican goods will hurt american businesses and the economy, so you've got mexico, you've got china, and these unexpected expansion of tariff threats all rattling wall street. you can see dow futures are down just about 1/2 a percent. global stock markets have been down around the world. hong kong had a little bit of a recovery late to close flat. everything else is leaning lower here. london stocks down almost 1%. here's what the president said about tariffs sunday. >> everyone's coming through mexico, including drugs, including human trafficking.
1:40 am
we're going to stop it but we're not going to do business and that's going to be it. it's very simple. they're sending a big delegation right here to the white house on wednesday, sias i understand it and we'll see what can be done. if it's not done, you know what we're going to be done, and i'm really okay with that. >> now, of course tariffs mean higher prices eventually for consumers, but the white house position is normal economic rules don't apply in trump's economy. the president's acting chief of staff mick mulvaney explains. >> we put tariffs on china. we're putting tariffs on mexico. and inflation is still under control. american consumers have gone to products that are knead in the united states, for example, that -- made in the united states, for example, and american consumers will not pay for the burden of these tariffs. >> all of the new fronts in the trade wars that are concerning investors, tensions with mexico,
1:41 am
and china and also have on friday, the president announced the u.s. would remove india from a trade program. india is america's 9th largest trading partner, its population crucial for american businesses. on the front page of the "new york times," the trump administration had considered tariffs on australian aluminum. reporting that it was under fierce opposition from state department and defense department officials in the united states so the president dropped that plan, but all of these different fronts, and trade fights with our allies, that's what has wall street so concerned. >> confounding that you have a potential downturn in the economy because of so much protectionism coming right as there is an election in 2020, and speaking of 2020, what does this say about the state of democratic politics. two 2020 candidates booed by fellow democrats. we'll take you to california next. inside all of us are two people.
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14 democrats making their case for becoming the next if the at a party convention in california this weekend. the common theme was change. messages on gun control, immigration reform, and income inequality warmly received by california's democratic delegates. one of the candidates, former maryland congressman john delaney was booed when he criticized medicare for all. and there was a lot of attention focussed on one democrat who decided to skip the event, the front runner, joe biden. here's kyung law. >> at the california's convention, it was progressives that led the floor. they believe the way forward will be to attack left.
1:47 am
senator bernie sanders not using the former vice president's name pointed out his absence. >> as you all know, there is a debate among presidential candidates who have spoken to you here in this room and those who have chosen, for whatever reason, not to be in this room about the best way forward. so let me be as clear as i can be, in my view, we will not defeat donald trump unless we bring excitement and energy into the campaign and unless we give millions of working people and young people a reason to vote. >> if you're a moderate, and you decided to show up and address this crowd, you certainly heard it when the crowd disagreed with
1:48 am
you. listen to what happened to former representative john delaney. >> medicare for all may sound good, but it's actually not good policy, nor is it good politics. i'm telling you. i'm telling you. we should have universal health care, but it shouldn't be a kind of health care that kicks 150 million americans off their health care. that's not smart policy. >> this is the spring convention, the state party will reconvene again in the fall in november, and at that point, this state party will decide who endorse, kyung lah, cnn.
1:49 am
>> john hickenlooper heard boos at that same location. listen. >> if we want to beat donald trump and achieve big progressive goals, socialism is not the answer. i was reelected -- i was reelected in a purple state in 2014, one of the worst years for democrats in a quarter century. >> hickenlooper who's polling near the bottom of the democratic field says republicans could use claims of socialism to paint the entire party as outside the political mainstream. >> it resembles a scene right out of a disaster movie. watch this.
1:50 am
>> an out of control cruise ship crashing into a tourist boat in venice, sending people on the dock running for their lives. it happened sunday in one of venice's busiest canals. the operator of the cruise ship said in a statement, the vessel experienced a technical issue while heading toward the terminal. four people suffered minor injuries. yikes. >> wow. boeing has another issue with its 737 max planes. those details next. these folks, they don't have time to go to the post office they have businesses to grow customers to care for lives to get home to they use print discounted postage for any letter any package any time right from your computer all the amazing services of the post office only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again!
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we're following severe
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weather and relentless flooding in the heartland. at levee breached. the river is expected to crest by wednesday. this flooding costing the state an estimated $23 million a day. we get more now from cnn's natasha chen in darnell park, arkansas. >> reporter: christine and boris, we are standing at the flooded highway 7. right now, you can see there's a speed limit sign that says 55 miles per hour, but you can't even tell where this road is. the only living things we can see are spiders, snakes, worms, frogs right now. this over here is an example of the crops that are flooded out and ruined. a lot of farmers grow korncorn, soybeans and rice. he tells us he's going to be out of a job here. a lot of farmers are going to be financially impacted for quite
1:56 am
some time. the governor of arkansas visited this area yesterday. he toured the area affected by the flooding. this is the beginning of damage assessment which is going to be quite a long process because it's not until all of this water has receded that we can actually tell the extent of the damage and what kind of assistance is needed in each of these counties. now, 350 plus homes in this county could be threatened by either flooding or inaccessible because of road closures like this. and it's still a voluntary evacuation here but the good news is that officials feel even with the levee breach on friday, they have stabilized the flooding situation for you. christine and boris, back to you. boeing has yet another issue with its grounded 737 max airplanes. the faa says a joint investigation with boeing found more than 300 737 jets, including the max and next generation aircraft may have
1:57 am
faulty wing parts that don't meet strength and durability standards. the faa says a part failure would not bring down a plane but could damage it in flight. boeing has sent out a service bulletin, and the faa will issue an air directive requiring that airlin airlines inspect and repair assemblies within ten days. we get more now from cnn's rich art quest. >> reporter: christine and boris, the issue with slat tracks, the slats are a very important part of the wing. they help control the aircraft and give it lift at slower speeds on landing. but it is by no means a disaster they have had to announce this problem, and it will be quickly rectified. in fact, airplane manufacturers are quite often having to tell airlines this needs to be fixed. we found a problem with this or that. after all, they're exceptionally complicated instruments. now, what's really going on here, christine and boris is the issue boeing is facing with its
1:58 am
airline customers and with the traveling public on the 737 max. we will be wanting to know here with the slat tracks what did they know, when did they know it. what's the regulator, have we been told the whole story. is there more to come out. is it part of a wider picture. these you wouldn't normally have asked, but the issues of the way the max has been handled naturally leads to conclusions that we need to know more details fast. as for the airlines, well, those that have got grounded 737 maxes will not be pleased. they could have further grounded 737s as the repairs are done and all of this happens as the traveling summer season moves into peak gear. the good news is perhaps the repair won't take that long, but for boeing, the issue remains one of trust, christine, boris.
1:59 am
>> richard quest, thank you so much for that. let's get a check on cnn business this monday morning. global stock markets are done after beijing says it will not back down in the trade war with the u.s. china squarely blames the u.s. for the break down in talks. on wall street you have futures leading lower again this morning, a triple digit decline for the dow on deck. the dow fell 355 points on friday on president trump's threat to punish mexico with tariffs. it was the dow's 6th straight losing streak, the longest since june 2011. the s&p lost 1.3%. the nasdaq fell 1.5%. the dow and the s&p 500 down 6% each in may. that is the worst month since december's awful route. the nasdaq in may fell a terrible 7%. it's worst may since 2010. despite rising trade war tensions, stocks are about 21% higher since trump's inauguration day, well off the best gains that we have seen.
2:00 am
high fuse foouel prices, tre tensions, add up to a terrible year for the airline industry. expect the aviation industry will earn $28 billion in profit this years ago the lowest forecast for the industry since 2014. the trade group expects airlines costs to grow 7.4% this year, mainly because of higher oil prices. while the group didn't mention the boeing 737 groundings in the forecast, the plane is still one of the most important. airlines continue to deal with cancelled flights because of the crisis, which is hurting prices. there's a new king at the box office! long live the king. >> yep, godzilla took the number one spot over the weekend, bringing in just over $49 million. the film beat out did i ssney's


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