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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  June 3, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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meet with the queen. this is the beginning of his state visit. you are looking at live pictures. however, the president has announced his arrival already in the united kingdom in predictable fashion. one might say norm-busting fashion. forgive us, welcoilliam barr. he slammed mayor khan as a stone cold loser and called meghan markle nasty and denied it though there is audio of him saying it. and he weighed in on politics which previous presidents have been careful not to do. >> there will be a luncheon. prince harry will be there. meghan markle will not. that will be interesting to watch. we'll have the key moments live. this visit comes as theresa may is about to step down as leader of her party. beginning the process of resigning as prime minister. in washington, as congress comes back to work for a few days there is a new cnn poll that shows support for impeachment is
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rising. slowly, but rising. joining us now to talk about this, abby phillips, cnn white house correspondent, jeffrey toobin, former federal prosecutor and cnn chief legal analyst. great to have you. we'll break away for the live event as the pomp and circumstance begins. jeffrey, the idea that right before he lands he sends out this tweet of the mayor of london insulting him. now, by the way, no love lost between them. this was in response to the day before, mayor khan saying it is so un-british to be rolling out the red carpet for a formal state visit for a president whose divisive behavior flies in the face of the ideals that america was founded on. that was in response to calling meghan markle nasty. already there is a very public, unpleasant tiff between leaders and some of the royal family.
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>> that's true. i would like to focus on the nasty issue, not because it is terribly important what the president said about meghan markle, but the idea that the president would deny saying something that he's on audiotape saying is kind of a surreal 1984-like scenario which even for president trump is especially surreal and bizarre. >> let's play him saying the word nasty out loud. listen. >> she said she'd move to canada if you got elected. turned out she moved to britain. >> well, a lot of people are moving here. so what can i say? no. i didn't know that she was nasty. >> i didn't know that she was nasty. he just said nasty out loud. the president then later wrote, i never called meghan markle nasty. >> made up by fake news media. it's so interesting. fake news with the president has
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become a tell. like when he says "believe me." that's almost always a lie. fake news is now becoming kind of a tell for things that are true. that's a classic example. >> "the sun" is owned by rupert murdock. he's now calling his friend rupert murdoch's publication fake news. >> and he's talking about cnn's global reach and is riveted by "new day." >> good morning, mr. president. >> he said he couldn't find anything else because cnn has so much global reach that's all he can find in london. he's talking -- well, not how grateful he is, but he's riveted by it. >> also, if attorney general william barr is watching, almost bar sa -- william barr doesn't do norm busting. another institution is you
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don't -- >> weigh in? >> i'm trying to think of a word the fcc wouldn't have a problem with. as you are landing in a foreign country, abby, you don't typically levy harsh criticism on the mayor of the host city, you know, criticizing or degrading the leaders you're about to meet with in that country. that's an institution. >> absolutely. we should be clear about what the president did versus what sadiq khan did. this ongoing feud has been going on for quite some time. khan was criticizing president trump's politics. president trump upon landing in london was criticizing sadiq khan's height. these are different. president trump sent the tweet seconds before air force one touched down at the airport knowing it would cause a firestorm and taking the debate to a different place. going from whether or not
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president trump and sadiq khan agree on politics to whether or not khan is a stone cold loser who is as short or shorter than new york mayor bill de blasio. this is the kind of thing we are very much used to. i was listening to commentary on british television this morning. even here, i think, people have settled in to the fact that president trump is likely to do this when he comes onto foreign soil. this is not just president trump reacting. he clearly did this with a great deal of intention, intending to set this kind of tone as he comes to london knowing he's facing a lot of blowback, protests and turmoil around the fact that he's going to be here this week. >> it's not just the lack of diplomacy. the norm-busting is also that he's weighing in on british politics. he's saying how supportive he is of nigel farage and forrest
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johnson. just as they were looking for someone to lead the way through brexit, usually a president of the united states stays away from interfering in internal politics. >> especially when there is a political crisis going on in britain that's been playing out for two years. this is now the second time the president weighed in prior to meeting with the prime minister. now this prime minister is obviously a lame duck. friday is her last day in office. last year when he met with her, he gave an interview with another british publication and endorsed boris johnson. he's following suit with a pattern we have seen before. this is the president weighing in on brexit, supporting brexit. this is something he supported from the get-go. he believes plays into what he supports here domestically as well in terms of politics. >> max foster said something in the last hour. max is at buckingham palace. the thing that may upset the president is max says the crowds are small compared to past events he's been in.
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it might be because of a lot of things. one reason might be the sense of weariness. the british public maybe just has had it with the controversy. >> if the crowds are small he can always lie that they're big. that's his approach to inconvenient facts. the question i always have about the president's statements these days is how much do we discount them for saying, oh, well, that's just the president. now people around the world are discounting him that way. the question is what does it mean when the president's word means so little? i don't know the answer to that. >> it's happening on foreign soil with a country having an existential crisis. great britain could change over the next couple of years. has drastic effects on the u.s. this is our closest, most personal relationship in terms of foreign countries. that could seemingly change as
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we know it over the next year or so, if not sooner. for the president to be weighing in we could see drastic impacts and changes on the relationship. >> one more thing on the nasty comment, abby, that i think is important. the brazenness of saying never happened, this is all made up. he knew there was audio. the audio has been released. just wondering, often the president does an about-face, saying something that is not true. but this time it does feel as though that was a different sort of further category in the past because the audio is right there and so plain. any thoughts on what's going on behind the scenes with that? >> yeah. i think for the public view this is unusual. this is sort of a step further. something is an tape. the president says it didn't
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happen. we should go back a little bit. "the new york times'" maggie haberman has reported in the past after the access hollywood tape was released in which his voice was recorded saying what he said on the tape, the president privately to his advisers questioned whether the tape was real. he has a history of doing this in private. the fact that he's doing it in public now makes it so extraordinary. but it's part of a pattern of this administration trying to get the public to doubt the things they are seeing and hearing with their own eyes. president trump months ago tweeted out to his supporters, don't believe what you see and hear. believe what i say. thaegs his approach to dealing with the public. that makes this so dangerous. when it comes to norm-busting, that's not just about the things that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. it's whether facts are facts.
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that makes this a lot different than a lot of the other things people have their hair on fire about in washington and around the world. >> jeffrey toobin quoted "1984." i have been looking for the quote. the party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. that's george orwell in "1984." there is something similar to what's happening now where the president is saying he didn't say something he clearly did. abby, one thing on this visit. given that theresa may is on her way out over the summer, given everything else that's happening, will any actual business get conducted or really is there only the opportunity for trouble in the next few days as the president is there? >> it does seem very much that there is ample opportunity for president trump to make waves here. not much opportunity for him to actually do anything of substance with the government as it is currently constituted. he's still having a meeting with theresa may tomorrow. they are still expected to have
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a joint press conference. the expectation is that the president will try to ingratiate himself with people running to be her successor, with some of the pro breast cancbrexiters. john bolton has been in town for days now. this is a united states government that's clearly working to put pressure on the british government to get some major agenda items. this administration has not been shy about how much they support brexit, about how they want, for example, the british government to step away from huawei, that chinese company. they are working behind the scenes to make it very difficult for whoever becomes theresa may's successor to really not fall in line with major agenda items. it could make the last several days for her more difficult and i know my colleagues at cnn and i have seen reporting that 10
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downing street has been trying to stop the meetings from happening. seems unlikely they'll be able to do that if president trump wants them. >> we are looking at a split screen of you all and marine one landing to pick up the president from winfield house -- and the first lady, of course. that's where they have been staying at the u.s. ambassador's residence. buckingham palace, i think, is under renovation. they are about to land and chopper him over to buckingham palace. let's bring in clarissa ward who is there as well as max foster. clarissa, give us a sense of the timing of this state visit. i know it's been in development since right after the president won the election. the timing does feel awkward given everything that's happening and all the tumultuous nature of british politics now. >> i think, alisyn, let's be
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clear about this. the brits tried to put this off as long as they could. when prime minister theresa may first brought up the idea of honoring president trump with a state visit, there was a huge amount of anger and a lot of people who felt it was inappropriate both from within the political community and also just ordinary britons. we have seen mayor khan come out in an editorial for the london observer on sunday saying essentially he doesn't think president trump's values embody the same values that multicultural britons do. notwithstanding that, there is a sense of growing realization that with britain leaving the e.u. and in this sort of desperate political confusion that it's been thrown into, it needs allies, friends and perhaps most importantly, alisyn, it needs trade deals. there is a sense of pragmatism
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that the pageantry which president trump laps up will appeal to him. there is an understanding as well that notwithstanding the barbs, tweets and flouting of diplomatic protocol we'll see over the next few days that there is at least a hope that some kind of outline of a trade deal could happen. prime minister theresa may is a lame duck, only here for a few more days. there are all sorts of opportunities for the visit to be derailed essentially with the president talking potentially about meeting with boris johnson or nigel farage and 10 downing street trying to prevent that from happening. >> allow me to update our itinerary. we thought we were going to get pictures of the president being choppered over from winfield
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house, but this is marine one and the president and the first lady arriving at buckingham palace already. we expect them to get out of the chopper. there will be a gun salute greeting them. >> max, give us a sense of the ceremony that will play out. i lost count of how many guns will go you have a. they are coming from a garden nearby and the tower of london. who do we expect? where will the queen greet the president? >> you'll see prince of wales and duchess of cornwall receive the president and first lady. that's him stepping up, moving toward the role himself one day. we are seeing a lot of transition at royal events. prince charles alongside the queen as she steps back, he steps forward. that's what that moment will be about. as we see the president and first lady step off the chopper, you will hear the gunfire erupt around london. as you say there will be a gun
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salute near where i am and the tower of london. there will be more rounds. 184 in total. 185 actually in total. that shouldn't be seen necessarily as a compliment to donald trump. it rolls in the fact that we are at the anniversary of the queen's coronation as well. it's the state visit combined with her coronation which explains why there will be so many gun salutes. the prince of wales is headed toward the helicopter. >> and the duchess. >> they'll greet the first lady -- yes, indeed. you're right. the duchess of cornwall and prince of wales will receive them off the helicopter. >> we're just going to watch this unfold right now and wait for the gun salute. abby, obviously president trump likes pomp and ceremony, likes big state visits. what's he hoping for out of the trip beyond that? >> i do think this finally happening is pretty important.
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>> hold on one second. let's watch as he and the first lady exit. she looks lovely in a white ensemble as we saw the duchess of cornwall as well. they are now greeting each other warmly, shaking hands. i cannot lipread, however it looks like a warm and formal meeting. >> there's been a lot of speculation about what will happen behind closed doors between the prince of wales and the president. the prince of wales has taken on climate change as the main issue of his public life, i would say. there are those wondering if that will come up when the two meet privately. not now. it's not happening now. this is ceremonial to be sure. >> people feel prince charles would be remiss if he -- >> we're getting reverb in the studio. >> a strange audio moment. thank you. prince charles would be remiss if he omitted the cause that has
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become so important to him when he meets with the leader of the united states. again, you see the first lady and the duchess of cornwall. i have begun to think that the women coordinate their outfits. it looks so lovely when they wear the same color. i have seen it several times. i think there is an advance team that goes to work here. >> i will say the men did also. they are both wearing business suits. there she is, the queen. queen elizabeth. walk us through the ceremony wall greeting here. the dos and don'ts of what you say and don't say. >> that handshake represents the official opening of the state visit. also greeting the first lady there. next we'll have the national anthems. i believe the american national anthem will play out first. then the british national anthem. they are going inside for a brief moment. that hasn't been fully explained to me yet. they'll go inside and then we'll have the official guard as well. the guard of honor and we'll
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have the moment where the president will be invited to inspect the guard. remember last year, guys, when it was slightly awkward when he walked in front of the queen. seen as a faux pas. to be fair, prince philip normally would have carried out the role. the queen wasn't completely aware of what to do either. we'll see the guard of honor soon and the national anthems as well. >> there's the gun salute. >> or it could have been a bang. >> could have been slamming the door. >> guns. let's listen for a second. two 41-gun salutes and other salutes from around the city. max, the president -- president
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trump will be the third u.s. president, i understand, to get this type of ceremonial pomp and circumstance. george bush and barack obama did. but president trump won't stay at buckingham palace. the official reason given is renovations, correct? >> yes. but there are hundreds of rooms in the palace. some people suggest perhaps the queen doesn't want him to stay. i don't think that's true. the whole of the front facade is closed at the moment because it is being renovated. asbestos in the basement. the wiring and pipe work is in a terrible state. he'll be much more comfortable in the british ambassador's residence. i think he's convinced that's okay. it's not seen as a slight. lots of people talking about how it is the most controversial state visit by a u.s. president. president bush was and is still a controversial figure in this country as well because of the iraq war.
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there were demonstrations at that time. i wouldn't say this is the most controversial visit, but more controversial than president obama who is a popular figure in the uk. >> abby, i interrupted you as we watched the president and first lady arrive at buckingham palace. as we were talking the president likes the pomp and circumstance of the 41-gun salute. what does he hope to get out of the visit? >> this is partly about solidifying his place as an american president. there has been a sense that his feuds with all these various people have diminished his relationship with the uk. that special relationship. i think this allows him to re-establish that. he's also setting the foundation for establishing the relationship with whoever succeeds theresa may. this administration is really trying to make sure they are holding the hand of whoever that individual ends up being. i think this is partly also about making it clear the united states wants to remain close to
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britain. they want to remain close to britain under certain conditions in which there is a trade deal as clarissa pointed out. they are having meetings with british and u.s. business leaders this week during the visit. the president's been talking about doing a bilateral trade deal with the uk. he's been criticizing theresa may's handling of brexit, not with any kind of specificity or saying what she should do but saying she hasn't done it the right way and telling her she should have listened to him about it. now president trump is in a position where he can cultivate her successor. you are seeing some of the people who are running for the position trying to cultivate president trump, praising him publicly, defending him against critics in the uk. that's part of the objective here, just as president trump tries to solidify what comes next politically for britain and as he's trying to make it clear that the special relationship
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will continue, but it is going to continue in a different way than it has been for past u.s. presidents. that's exactly what he wants. >> again, i believe we are waiting for them to come back outside again after a brief sojourn inside. we did see the tape replay of queen elizabeth from greeting president trump. she was wearing a lime green -- >> i call it mint. >> all the women wearing hats. in the president's first visit with the queen last year the private discussion went on longer than scheduled for which would not have happened. it's been indicated to me, unless she was enjoying the conversation to some point. this might be a meeting she's been looking forward to. it certainly is one the president has been looking forward to. as everyone has noted, it is the pomp, the ceremony that the president is so drawn to. >> i can tell you one thing, john. if queen elizabeth does enjoy the private conversation, we'll never hear about it.
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perhaps her greatest attribute is the fact she remains a complete enigma. she is apolitical. never gives her own views on various situations. there was no official comment from the palace after the awkward moment where president trump appeared to be walking in front of her last year. her job or how she sees her role as the monarch is to serve her country. in this case she's serving her country by laying on a banquet, state banquet, a huge lavish ceremony for the president of the united states. at a moment where, john, the uk actually really does need the united states. the special relationship as it's come to be known is facing challenge. there are real disagreements about the iran agreement, about president trump putting pressure on the uk not to cooperate with the chinese company huawei in building up their 5-g network.
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the future of brexit, what the negotiations should look like. what he'll see today and tomorrow and into this visit is an attempt on both sides to try to highlight areas of commonality. principally probably focused on security agreements between the two countries. underscoring that is the real and palpable tension that there are more areas of friction and difference than there are of commonality at this stage. >> let's talk about what's on the screen. we saw the first family. >> jared kushner. >> is that tiffany? >> no. >> i'm not sure who that is, to be honest. that's a sight the president will relish. he indicated he wanted a next generation meeting between his children and some of the heirs to the british throne. max was reporting before that will not happen at this point. we don't expect a next generation meeting. i did recognize the u.s.
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treasury secretary steve mnuchin taking photos with his phone. or maybe they're selfies. >> woody johnson as well. >> the u.s. ambassador. >> he was close to the president as well. >> no next generation meeting, max? >> reporter: it was made clear to me that's not happening, certainly in a formal sense. you will see harry and william who came in at different events. after this ceremonial welcome, harry will be at this private lunch within the palace. ivanka and jared are there as well. tonight, prince william will be at the state banquet. president trump will be asked and invited to inspect the guard. we'll see how he copes this time. didn't go well last time. before that we'll hear the national anthems of the united states and also the united kingdom as well. in the past, president obama has spoken through the british
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national anthem, another faux pas. literally these events, even for british people, are littered with traps -- social traps. there is so much etiquette involved. it's a simple way to look at it that the queen takes precedence. she walks first, starts the conversation, she holds her hand out to shake hands. president trump isn't committed to following any of the etiquette rules. he's not a british subject. actually on this event he's on par with the queen. they are both heads of state. this is a joint event as far as the british establishment is concerned. >> clarissa, we know president trump often doesn't follow with convention, orthodoxy or history. that makes this so interesting to watch. we expect them to come out of the double doors momentarily to watch this ceremony.
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and then in about 45 minutes they'll have a private lunch with some of the royal family. as we wait to watch them come out, you know, this is awkward for a few reasons. because of the turmoil obviously in british politics and because this weekend, president trump insulted duchess meghan markle. now at lunch he'll have to sit with prince harry and that will possibly be uncomfortable. max reported that prince harry will probably be a dutiful grandson and not bring it up. >> it would be fascinating to be a fly on the wall, alisyn. you're right. it is awkward. at the same time in the uk there is a palpable sense of outrage fatigue. people here no longer expect anything other than the sort of behavior and tweets and flouting of traditional protocol we have seen over the past few days.
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they have heard already president trump say theresa may is not doing a good job negotiating brexit. they have heard him say he favors boris johnson as the next prime minister. now they have heard him say he didn't know meghan markle could be so nasty. nothing at this stage surprises people anymore. coming back to what max was saying in the royal lunch, you will not hear a word said about these issues. there will not be an awkward moment. there will be the polite patter of polite conversation. there will not be any meaningful, in depth exchange of views. this is all about smoothing things over, about lightness, formality, and about showing the president what the uk is capable of in terms of pomp and making him feel honored which appeals to president trump. i think we can expect to see him
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throughout the course of the day where the events are centered on buckingham palace really behaving politely deferentially and reverentially. he takes these institutions and pomp and circumstance quite seriously. if i wouldn't anticipate major obstacles or stumbling points during the lunch. of course it is still early to say and as we know anything can happen. >> you're looking at jared kushner and ivanka trump. steve mnuchin and white house adviser steven miller. i saw john bolton before. they are enjoying this as they should. these are the fun trips for white house staffers and u.s. officials compared to some of the did i have result foreign trips. it will be a highlight for all
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the u.s. officials there. >> you can see the president's family decided to come along for the trip. not just ivanka and jared. almost all of the adult children will be here as well. it's one of those once in a lifetime moments when the president met the pope. it was a similar kind of group of senior aides all reveling in the moment that they may not have again forever or at least for a long time. we shouldn't discount how much this puts the president in a good mood. that can make a difference between a president who's constantly lashing out on a trip like this and one who is in a more jovial mood. he came off another similar sort of state visit in japan where the red carpet was rolled out for him. it can be easier for his staff when he's being treated with this kind of respect and
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adulation. it puts him in a better frame of mind. that said he started by picking a few fights. we are in the ceremonial part of this. a lot of aides hope side disputes or arguing what's on his television. they are hoping he'll just focus on this part of the trip chls just about experiencing a moment very few will have again in their lives. >> max, we are watching the double doors closely where the president, the first lady and the queen are about to come through. in fact, we see one of the guards reaching for the handle there. tell us what we are going to see of this ceremonial moment when this happens. >> this is a well regarded battalion in the uk.
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>> the doors are opening. >> they'll come out and national anthems will be played. president trump will be invited to inspect the guard there. this is a formal moment celebrating ties between the two countries. it is particularly about military ties showing the joint security and joint military away from the horrible politics and comments about meghan markle as well. this is about two countries coming together shoulder to shoulder, two heads of state.
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♪ you have been watching president trump and the prince of wales review the guard outside buckingham palace.
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we have been listening to military songs. this is really about the military bonds between the two nations. number one, people will remember a year ago in july of 2018 when they reviewed the troops it was president trump with queen elizabeth. this time he's doing it with the prince of wales. is there significance in that? >> i suspect the queen might have gotten a little bit involved here on behalf of president trump. by allowing prince charles to take the president forward there is a clear seniority line there. the president would be clearly superior to the prince of wales. there wouldn't be confusion. i suppose the queen would have been involved in the decision to let the prince of wales host him. also quite unusual perhaps that the president would speak to members of the guard. you can see the senior member of the guard introducing him to members of the guard.
4:41 am
they are trying to celebrate u.s. ties. there are several individuals within this troop who have u.s. ties. so the tour on parade is someone called joshua young hastings. he went to an american university on a football scholarship. we have robert spilling who was born in st. louis, missouri. he served in the american military and also the british military. they are accentuating ties between the uk and the u.s. avoiding the divisiveness you were hearing about. >> you have been our fly on the wall to not lipread but tell us the context for that exchange of pleasantries. it is unusual for the guard to speak back. the idea that president trump is asking them questions, they are probably not accustomed to. >> i have to give them 10 of 10
4:42 am
for the performance. this is part of ceremony. these are pictures that last forever. he did it with enthusiasm. he did it correctly. the prince of wales is good in these situations to try to help people through. by separating him from the queen they actually made it easy. do not be mistaken. the queen is behind the decisions and is in utter control of the schedule. now the british national anthem. ♪
4:43 am
one person we are not seeing today is prince philip and there is a reason, correct? >> he's retired from official duties. he's 97. he's stepped back completely. these are the moments where she probably misses him most. he's an expert in military protocol and military history. he would normally have taken the president along. so he's greatly missed in these moments. gradually, as time moves on, she's getting used to the role and prince charles is stepping in as her primary consort in these situations. these part of what they call in the palace reign change. all about getting ready for the next stage of british royalty and bringing in prince charles so it won't be as much of a shock when he becomes king. >> abby, the optics of this are
4:44 am
powerful. watching these two countries stand together shoulder to shoulder for all of the ceremony. as you have pointed out to us, the president comes alive and enjoys the ceremony. as we saw two weeks ago when he met the emperor of japan. >> he also really values the military symbolism, too. president trump speaks a lot about his support of the u.s. military. i think he also likes the ceremony of it. the formality of it. he's standing tall and being solemn when he needs to be. to add a little bit of color when people experience president trump in these environments, they come away surprised by how funny he is and how light-hearted he can be at certain moments. it should not come as a surprie that even as president trump can
4:45 am
be abring sieve in mome brinbra he can be jov yal in moments like this. the soldiers, having the conversations, they were laughing, talking, smiling. that's not uncommon. he comes alive in moments like this and enjoys the military aspects of this. it's about him being celebrated as a u.s. leader as well. he's taking it in. you can see it on his face. he's standing here, watching. this is obviously not something he's used to. he's taking his cues from the people he needs to take cues from. first lady melania trump in moments like this really studies the role she's supposed to play. my colleague kate bennett has been writing about how melania worked hard to figure out the protocol behind the things she's supposed to do here. even her outfit, everything top
4:46 am
to bottom is designed for her to fit in really nicely in something that's otherwise quite unfamiliar to them. >> i have a little bit of a fashion update. melania trump is wearing a custom white crepe dress with navy details by dolce & gabbana. >> thank you. >> the hat is from her personal wardrobe designer verbe paver who also designed her hat for the visit from the macrons. and when you have the first lady and the duchess of cornwall camilla in white, ivanka trump is also in white. >> the queen is branching out on her own with a mint number. >> it's wild when you think about it. >> as you know, the queen has been known lately to wear bold, bright pastels. that's her signature.
4:47 am
the queen and president trump and the first lady and the duchess are going in for a private lunch which will start in half an hour. >> max, you gave the president high grades for hitting the marks he needed to hit. i always wonder how an american knows what to do. >> it's a nightmare for brits. it's difficult indeed. he followed direction. you see the senior guardsmen making sure he knew what he was doing all the way through while allowing him to look stately at the same time. it was cleverly done by the queen and by president trump as well. in the next half hour he'll be presented with a range of artifacts from the royal collection. some extraordinary things there. you will see portraits of previous presidents. we'll tell you more about what
4:48 am
they'll see later on. they have a copy of the declaration of independence. that's again showing these are two key allies. they'll exchange gifts. the queen thinks carefully about gifts she presents to foreign heads of state. i think, you know, winston churchill was her first prime minister all those years ago. a clever gift would be something relating to winston churchill, something original from him. the first prime minister she looked up to and i know president trump looks up to, too. >> she's met with 11 u.s. presidents. she's gotten good at this. as you have told us, if they had their druthers they would not be doing this because of the turmoil in british politics. the wheels were set in motion for the visit more than two years ago. so now it is happening obviously
4:49 am
around d-day, et cetera. so what do you think the issues -- do you think, as we have talked about that prince charles when he has a private moment with president trump will bring up the pressing issues of britain? >> well, president trump said himself he's going to bring up the issue of climate change when he sits down with prince charles. one can assume they'll have a conversation about that topic obviously coming at it from different viewpoints. i don't expect prince charles to be overly candid or certainly at least he won't be trying to create any sense of conflict because really the role of the royals here is for this set piece part of the visit to go incredibly smoothly. they want to show they can execute this on a level few others can.
4:50 am
they want to ingratiate themselves to the u.s. president. this is an important time for the so-called special relationship. it's facing a lot of challenges. the uk is in political turmoil, facing an uncertain future. it needs to look ahead to the relationships in a an interesting thing max brought up, the giving of the gifts which is a traditional ceremony. when president obama had his state visit in 2011, he gave the queen an ipod. it had been thought amongst his staff that this would be cool, young, hip, that it should show he was a young type of leader. actually apparently it didn't go down that well. it will be very interesting to see what president trump decides to give the queen, whether he goes with something more conventional, more formal. certainly from what we have seen as he has comported himself during the ceremony is that he is keen to strike a tone of
4:51 am
reverence, of respect and to show in this type of event he can absolutely come across as presidential. >> his mother of course was scottish and a big fan of the royal family. you mentioned the president -- the queen has met with 11 of 12 u.s. presidents. she did not meet with lyndon johnson. he was pregnant during the funeral of john f. kennedy and was not able to attend. we'll take a quick break. much more of the president's visit to buckingham palace right after this. discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go.
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it also has the highest growth in manufacturing jobs in the us. it's a competition for the talent. employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source for personal savings and protection solutions. the workplace should be a source of financial security. keeping your people happy is what keeps your people. that's financial wellness. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential. time for cnn business now. wall street bracing for another volatile day amid global trade fears. chief business correspondent christine romans joins us with more. how is it looking? >> the realization is thinking
4:56 am
that the white house is waging trade wars, alisyn on multiple fronts. dow futures down a little more here. it had been a month of the dow down 6% on the month. that's a big decline here, by virtually every serious analysis, tariffs on china will be paid for by american companies and consumers and hurt the u.s. economy. the president's tariff threat on mexico would also be borne by consumers. before leaving for the uk, president trump said he's okay with tariffs on mexico. the white house position is economic rules don't apply in trump's economy. the president's acting chief of staff, nick mulvaney. >> we put tariffs on china. we're putting tariffs on mexico, and inflation is still under control. american consumers have gone to products made in the united states, for example, that don't carry those tariffs. we think the same thing will happen here and american consumers will not pay for the burden of these tariffs. >> meantime, the damage mounts. china retaliated on $60 billion
4:57 am
worth of u.s. exports. those tariffs started friday on american cotton, machinery, grains and aircraft parts. also on friday, trump revoked india's special trade staff which exempted them from import tariffs last year. this morning "the new york times" is reporting the administration is considering tariffs on aluminum from australia. as trade tensions rise, the president's chief economist, by the way, is stepping down. kevin hassett is the chairman of the president's council of economic advisers. has set said no one asked him to leave and it's normal for the chairman to step down after a couple of years. not clear when he will officially leave the role and who will replace him. >> tariff happy at the white house. there's a really interesting new story about the trump administration's motivations for putting a citizenship question in the census. that story just out. the thing is, that these new details were discovered weeks
4:58 am
after the supreme court heard a case on this. john avlon with the reality check. >> so it's the first monday of june. you know what that means? no, not the first day of summer vacation. it's the first day the supreme court opinions could come down. on the document this year are cases that could have major implications for the direction of our democracy. from whether the population will be accurately counted in the upcoming census, to whether the rigged system of redistricting will finally be reined. we've told you about commerce secretary ross' cringe worthy testimony where he tried to explain just why the trump administration wanted to add a question about citizenship. the problem is he appeared to be caught in a lie. ross said the new question was a request from the justice department. documents show that he was really responding to immigration hardliners. experts at the census department were against the idea from jump, it could lead to millions of
4:59 am
people being undercounted. the census's purpose is to count every one in our country, but congressional representation, over $800 billion in funding allocations. the trump administration argued it's motivated solely by the concern of the proper enforcement of the voting rights act. wait until you see the new information that dropped last week by the daughter of a recently deceased conservative strategist named thomas hoffler. the north carolina map declared unconstitutional because it was a blatant racial gerrymandering i. turns out that he had done a study showing that counting only adult citizens for redistricting purposes would be, quote, add van taj yous to republicans and non-hispanic whites. it was unworkable without a citizenship question being added to the census a. trump official said that's exactly what hoffler
5:00 am
advised them to do. the supreme court made the decision without this crucial question showing that the white house argument was essentially a lie. keep in mind they'll be overturning the opinion of lower court judges one of whom said, quote, it threatens the very foundations of our democratic system. also the hope that a conservative majority will provide a green light, even on false pretexts, that the ends justifies the means. the case is so high stake because of the impact on partisan redistricting. the supreme court called a halt on two court ordered redrawing of drilkts in ohio and michigan without explanation. it may indicate the results of a major redistricting decision that's also due to come down this month. these two cases could lead to more polarization and deepen the trust of institutions and our democracy. >> john avlon, thank you very much for bringing us up to speed on that. president trump mee


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