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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  June 3, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> of shooting -- shooting civilians purposefully. >> correct. >> a young woman, an old man. someone in his custody. >> the legal process needs to play itself out. now, granted, we could take this to the far end and say the president has great flexibility and discretion in order to pardon someone, but we are not at that point at all. the congressman should have remained quiet. >> general, thank you so much. that is it. news room with brooke baldwin starts right now. >> hi, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for joining me. in london today a reception fit for a king. only the guest of honor was the president of the united states. president trump, the first lady, and his four adult children all in london for his first official state visit to the uk. the british royal family rolling out the red carpet from prince charles to queen elizabeth who gave the trumps a tour of the
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royal collection while offering the president a first edition book by winston churchill. of course, no foreign visit for president trump would be complete without a lot of pomp and circumstance including an honor guard at buckingham palace. ♪ >> and in true trump fashion and before he even touched down the president took jabs at everyone from the london mayor to meghan markle, the former american actress to married prince harry last year during the 2016 presidential campaign the duchess vowed to move to canada if trump were elected. and in response trump told a british paper over the weekend quoting him here, i didn't know she was nasty. we'll get to that and the man on the other side of the interview in a moment. and then the london mayor in a sharply critical opinion piece wrote that it was, quote, unquote, unbritish to give trump such a big welcome because of
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divisive behavior that he says flies in the face of ideals america was founded upon. and that prompted the president to call the mayor a stone cold loser. trump did, however, have some kinder words inserting himself in british politics in a way most american presidents would avoid. let's begin with pamela brown there live in london and pamela, where do we even begin? >> that is a fabulous question, brooke. you had the state visit. president trump is only the third u.s. president to be afforded the honor of a state visit. this is an invitation extend bid the queen a couple years ago. it's finally playing out here in london. so far it's been this mix of pomp, pageantry and a spot of controversy as you pointed out with president trump tweeting as he was about to land here in london about the london mayor. in response to the mayor's
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comments that it was unbritish to roll out the red carpet and trump is a global threat. trump called him foolish and nasty. he used nasty to describe meghan markle when he was asked about her comments in 2016. despite this the royal family hasn't shown they've been bothered by the president's comments or his breaking of protocol. it's been a lavish affair with a grand opening ceremony with the british royal troops. there was a lunch inside buckingham palace and president trump seemed to really relish all of this, particularly when the queen showed him the royal artifac artifacts. following that they went to westminster abbey where the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. then there was tea and this evening is the state banquet which the president will be attending with his family. it's an interesting note. we've seen the president interact with the royals.
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queen elizabeth, prince charles. we have not seen any interaction between him and prince harry. of course in the wake of the comments the president has made, meghan markle also not attending the events. she is on maternity. it's with this backdrop of the president's comments on brexit. he weighed in and said that the united kingdom should basically lead the eu without a deal if they don't get the deal they want. a no deal brexit could have a ripple effect for businesses and have a big impact on trade. president trump also weighing in on potentially who could replace the prime minister who will be stepping aside in a few days. the president didn't outright say she should be replaced by boris johnson, but he's a fan of him. he's called him his friend. he also tweeted today saying that he hasn't seen protests here in london. we know they're there. he used a helicopter to get around. the streets were cleared for him. there's a lot going on during
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this state visit in london. the president will meet with the prime minister tomorrow. and there's a lot on the agenda to does. of course, there's brexit where the president has made clear his opinions but also there's some key differences on iran on climate change, on china. we expect all of this to be brought up tomorrow as well. >> pamela brown, thank you. pamela mentioned the opulent affair that is the state banquet. next hour the president heads back to bucking ham palace for the dinner and for more time with the royal family. and a few days after insulting the former american actress, meghan markle. >> she wasn't so nice about you during the campaign. >> i didn't know that, no. >> she said she'd move to canada if you got elected. turned out she moved to britain. >> a lot of people moving here. so what can i say? i didn't know she was nasty. >> is it good having an american princess? >> i think it's nice. i think it's nice, and i'm sure
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she'll do excellently. >> we have the political editor for the sun who conducted the editor. thank you. >> thank you. >> the president, the white house, his allies, all denying that he ever referred to meghan markle as nasty. you were there. you heard it. the transcript shows it. what is your response today to the white house denying that he said it? >> well, i think this is all a bit of semantics. he clearly said the words i didn't know she was nasty. that's on tape. we played the tape. we've had it on our website since we published the interview. i don't think that's in dispute. perhaps what he meant by it is in dispute. if he finished the sentence, i didn't know she was nasty about me, or to me, then clearly he would have been referring to the fact that she was disparaging about the president during his 2016 election campaign. therefore, it leaves it open he might have been saying that she was being nasty, per se, a nasty
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person. it feels like it's a little bit of a row. perhaps a bit overblown. it's not a huge play here. prince harry has just been to lunch with the president. some suggestions he might have been a bit grumpy over lunch. we haven't confirmed that. but -- >> who he? harry or the president? >> prince harry, apparently. he was holding back that the queen then took the president around a buckingham palace to show him various gifts from former presidents including one from himself which he seemed to have forgotten about giving last year. but prince harry came into the room late. he was with the lunch, but held back. didn't mingle with the lunch party. which i think raised a few eyebrows but that just may be us horrible journalist's speculation.
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>> back to the nasty comment in your interview with the president. we know that the duchess made the comments years ago. it was during the 2016 campaign as you bring up. so tom, i mean, you brought those comments up. were you nudging president trump just a little bit? >> nudging the president? what gentleman would do such a thing? >> nudging the president. >> we were trying to get his reaction to a manner of different things. it was a massive big deal for us. put yourself in the shoes of a brit. we obsess about special relationship. we obsess about how much we matter to you whether he matter to you more than the french or the germans. it's a perennial psychological problem. we had a lot to put to him. what did he think about who would be theresa may's successor. what he thought of brexit? and of course, what it was like to be members of the royal family. one in particular had outspoken views with him. now, she's not part of this visit at all. technically she's on maternity
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leave. she's about 15 miles down the road in windsor looking after her newborn baby son archie. we were pretty interested to hear the president's views. i think nudging is strong. i've interviewed the president once before. you basically to use a cricket, bowl him a full toss and he takes a whack every time. you don't need to push him too far, as you know, you've seen in press conferences, you don't need to press him too far to get a strong opinion. >> continuing your analogy of taking a whack, let's talk about the mayor of london. this is moments before he landed. the mayor was provoking president trump first, but to read the response from the president of the united states calling him a stone cold loser. tom, what is the reaction among brits today? >> well, there we were waiting for his arrival and waiting for air force to touch down at the airport, and literally as the wheels hit the ground, as the puff of smoke emerges, this
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tweet emerges. clearly he got some reception and it was literally the first thing he wanted to do. so i think we're all expecting him to land with a bang. the tweet bang was something extra. it clearly dominated a lot of the conversation today. i would say, though, that this is precisely what the mayor loves. the mayor is on the left of british politics. there's nothing he enjoys more than being singled out by the president of the united states as a bad boy. it plays brilliantly to his base, as much as it might do to president trump's base. this is a grudge that's been going for some three years. i expect it will continue longer to both men's mutual satisfaction. >> in your interview you also got president trump to endorse boris johnson as prime minister. you got the world exclusive there. do you think that will help boris johnson or might it hinder him as one of a dozen candidates now for leader of the conservative party? >> do you know, i think it's one of those remarks that will
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neither help nor hinder him. it confirms stereo types. if you like boris johnson, you probably like the fact the u.s. president, trump, is tweeting or saying nice things about him. if you don't like boris johnson, it will make you less likely to want to vote for him. it's a mar mite politician. marmite is a spread you put on bread. you either love it or hate it. you either love boris johnson or hate him. he's a bit like donald trump where you are, i suppose. it probably won't change the barometer much. it won't alter the race. >> now, given that said, it's our understanding there are no firm plans for these two to meet, boris johnson and president trump on this trip, but if he does, how will theresa may feel about that? >> well, the outgoing prime minister -- there's a wonderful carefree attitude about this visit.
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almost like it doesn't matter how it goes tomorrow when the prime minister meets the president for talks. they're talking about bold things, china, iran, brexit, big clash areas. it will irritate here, i think, but nowhere near as much if she was in the job and trying to keep in a job because boris johnson is the nearest challenger and has been without a doubt her biggest bug bite over the last year as she's tried to deliver brexit. it will bother her but not as much as it could have. >> thank you. good to see you. >> thank you. you too. victoria, how fascinating first with tom and off the top talking about how he's hearing reports that through this lunch that prince harry was grumpy. his word. because the president called his wife nasty. how awkward would today have been with everyone? >> it would have been incredibly awkward. this is where the royal family does what they do the best.
11:13 am
the queen is the master when it comes to diplomacy. some suggest harry could have been given an out because of the comments. it doesn't work that way. the purpose of a state visit is to make the guest feel as welcome as possible. this is about reaffirming the special relationship between our two nations and so today harry will have shown up. i'm sure he would have loved to have had a few choice words for the president. he was there to support his grandmother. he's been raised in terms of how to behave. he will have done the job handed to him. >> the queen would never let on how she may feel about this president, but would she act offish at all? >> not at all. and the royal family, they find characters like donald trump fascinating, i think. it was interesting last year when he was on his working visit last july and he had tea with the queen. royal timing is of precision. and that tea ran over by 15 minutes nature suggests heefssh enjoying him. his tea with charles and camilla ran over today.
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i think for a day like today, the royals would have just been standing on ceremony trying to make him feel as welcome as possible. >> there are renovations going on at buckingham palace which would traditionally be with a u.s. president would be staying. is that truly -- that's the reason they're not there? >> yes. much have been made of this. what does it mean? does it mean the queen doesn't like donald trump? there really are ongoing renovations. and i think when we talk about figures that perhaps the queen didn't like, in 1978 the romanian dictator was visiting. the queen had been warned in advance he was tricky. she had the valuables removed from his room because she was told they would want to take them. she saw him in the garden walking her dog. she hid behind the bushes so she wouldn't have to interact with him. whether she likes the visitor or not, they stay at the palace. >> tricky.
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thank you very much. >> thank you. in a new jaw dropping interview the president's son-in-law jared kushner struggles to say whether birtherism is racist or if he would tell the fbi if russians contacted him in the future. also mexican and u.s. officials are meeting today trying to avoid a trade war after the president threat to hit tariffs. now a survey shows there is new worry a recession is on the horizon. stay right here. when i book at i get to select my room from the floor plan... free wi-fi... ...and the price match guarantee. so with hilton there is no catch. yeah the only catch is i'm never leaving. no i'm serious, i live here now. book at and get the hilton price match guarantee.
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biotene definitely works. [heartbeat] we are back. you're watching cnn. his father-in-law is known for the art of the deal and now jared kushner is showing his skill at the art of the dodge. the president's son-in-law gave a wide ranging interview to axios and he was put on the spot about president trump's past birtherism claims that barack obama was not born in the united states. >> was birtherism racist? >> look, i wasn't really involved in that. >> i know you weren't. was it racist? >> like i said, i wasn't
11:21 am
involved in that. >> i know you weren't. was it racist? >> look, i know who the president is. and i have not seen anything in him that is racist. so again, i was not involved in that. >> did you wish he didn't do that? >> like i said, i was not involved in that. that was a long time ago. >> the other issue often brought up in this conversation is that he campaigned on banning muslims. would you describe that as religiously bigoted? >> i think the president did his campaign the way he did. >> but do you wish he didn't make that speech? >> i think he's here today doing a lot of great things for the country and that's what i'm proud of. >> hbo is owned by warner media, the same parent company as cnn. dana bash is with me. my question is to you is did kushner think he was going into a friendly interview and he obviously couldn't answer the question? >> friendly interview, i think that anybody in the administration thinks they're not going to get asked tough
11:22 am
questions that they're living under the rock. and jared kushner is not living under a rock. my understanding in doing reporting is kushner felt like and feels like he has a good story to tell on a lot of issues. criminal justice reform is maybe the one bipartisan piece of legislation that the president and congress worked on. and he pushed the president to do that? he felt good about the middle east plan he at least started to propose. the immigration plan he started to propose. this was done before the president announced he was going to increase tariffs against mexico which i would imagine our reporting is kushner was not happy about this. but this is -- this interview is a case study in the perils of never mind being the president's son-in-law but trying to do good things from your perspective, criminal justice reform, let's just from that perspective. but having all of this other baggage that of course you're
11:23 am
going to be asked about if you don't do a lot of interviews, and he chose not to answer the questions, and that is the reality of working for this president, and it's a reality that ivanka trump has run into a lot where she's trying to do important policy initiatives on a bipartisan way. >> but she's got to be prepared to answer tough questions. let me play one more clip. >> i show up at the meeting. i stay for 15 minutes. it's a clown show. let me finish this. i text and say can you give me a call and get me out of here. this is a waste of time. i leave. i never would have thought about that meeting again. >> does it not set off some alarm bell when you see an email saying the russian government wants to help? >> like i said the email i got on my iphone at the time said show up at 4:00. i didn't scroll down. -- >> it had russia in the subject line. >> i get about 250 emails a day.
11:24 am
i saw show up at 4:00. i did. >> would you call the fbi if it happened again? >> i don't know. it's hard to do hypotheticals. >> this is in reference to the trump tower meeting in june of 2016. so he describes it as a clown show. and if he's asked about russia, he ignores it. russia intervening which is a wow. >> yeah. i mean, listen, he has given a version of that answer before. to me what i thought was surprising was the followup question which i took as if you -- if and when you're part a presidential campaign, not as anned a vie or the to the campaign, but in a plit kal setting, if you get the same kind of email, would you report it to the fbi. he didn't answer that. that's -- >> concerning? >> that's a give me, especially what he's learned about the protocols and you already see people like mike warner, the vice chair of the intelligence committee in the senate saying
11:25 am
come on. this is something that you now should know. and you should automatically raise a flag. and so look, again, this is a case in point of how hard it is to try to put your head down, do work on your issues, whether it's the middle east, immigration, trade, or, of course, criminal justice reform when you have so much else swirling around you that you have to answer for. no matter what you're working for, if you are a senior adviser to the president of the united states. >> dana bash, thank you very much. thank you. high level talks between the u.s. and mexico are underway this hour. speaking of, and this is happening after president trump vowed to hit mexico with tariffs unless it does more to stop illegal immigration. i'll talk to a trump ally who says tariffs will hurt his auto industry next. with all that usaa offers
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use a little, pay a little. use a lot, just switch to unlimited. it's a new kind of network. call, visit or go to now to 20/20. not the race for president but the recession many economists fear is going to hit that year. that's according to responses in a report released by the national association for business economics. it's a barometer on where they think the u.s. economy is headed. the report found what they called a surge in recession fears among the economists and they also said the risk of recession is 60% by the end of 2020. the prime reason for the predicted downturn? protectionist trade policy. speaking of tariffs, a high level delegation from mexico is
11:31 am
going full court press today holding a news conference in hopes of stopping president trump from hitting mexico with tariffs as he has threatened to do. the president says he will impose a 5% tariff starting june 10th with increases monthly up to 25% unless mexico does more to stop illegal immigration. mexican officials believe there is a chance the tariffs won't happen. but the president's acting chief of staff says he, quote unquote, fully expects the mexico tariff to hit on june 10th saying the president is, quote, absolutely deadly serious. commerce secretary wilbur ross is set to meet with the mexican secretary of economy and just in, president trump just tweeted that mexico should immediately stop the flow of people and drugs as a sign of good faith. and tom mayoli, he is a friend of president trump's serving on his finance committee during the campaign and on the transition team. tom, a pleasure.
11:32 am
thanks for coming to cnn. >> thanks for having me on. you're buddies with president trump. you're in contact with him often. we have talked a lot since the news broke on friday about how important mexico is for the u.s. auto industry. >> it is so important. >> you're a car guy. how much is this going to affect you? >> it's going to -- it's going to affect me, but it's going to affect the consumers. the consumers are the ones that will pay the price for this. and it's interesting, because you're talking about 70 % of the wiring harnesses produced for an automobile are produced in mexico. we're talking about shutting down assembly lines and putting people out of work. the interesting part is it's going to drive the price of a u.s. car of a domestic car up -- >> $1300. >> yeah. up to 3$,000 when the reality is he's going to drive people to buy foreign cars because it's going to be less costly. their products are not produced ma in mexico. >> your friend the president is making a mistake? >> i don't think he's making a mistake. i think this is a negotiating tactic.
11:33 am
i think he's done his job. he's getting them to the table. >> i read the quote, that the white house is saying he is deadly serious on this. do you think they're just bluffing? >> no. he's deadly serious, but he already has them to the table. i think he can implement 5% to get them to shut down the borders. i think when it goes further, he'll start damaging the economy. i think he's smart. he's not going to damage the economy. he knows what he's doing. it's a balance. he's already done his job. he's got them to the table and listen, national security is number one. i have two daughters. i will bet my business over -- i'll take security over my business. >> what does the tariffs have to do with immigration in. >> well, one has nothing to do with the other but he needs a lever. >> he's trying to tie them. >> yes. he needs a lever. when you drive 100 down the highway, there's a financial penalty in a ticket. he's doing that to get them to do something. he has them to the table, i think he's going to succeed. >> you see it as a threat?
11:34 am
i see it as a threat. i think he'll implement if he has to, but i think he'll get them to the table. they're going to react. there's no way they'll want to lose this kind of business. we have too much power over the country. >> you said you're in touch with the president. have you talked to him, tried talking him out of this? >> i have not discussed the tariff issue with him at all. >> are you using television as a way to communicate with the president? >> no. i'm sure he's watching. several news stations i was having the same conversation. he knows i'm behind him and believe in what he's doing. i think national security is number one. i think he has the right direction. although the tariffs -- he's walking a tight rope. it's very dangerous to our economy. you know, 30% of all car parts are produced in mexico. you shut that down, you're talking about assembly lines and employment shutdown. car dealerships. transportation. it's major. >> yeah. and you can't just go somewhere
11:35 am
else for the car parts. we've had that conversation. >> and when people aren't buying cars, they're fixing them, but they need parts to fix them. >> tom, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thanks for coming in. appreciate it. despite some of the nba's biggest stars like steph curry and kauai leonard, the chance of mvp in toronto was reserved for this man, former president barack obama. more on the presidential welcome ahead, and speaking of president trump, live pictures from london. buckingham palace where president trump is expected to arrive for this incredibly opulent banquet at the palace. we'll take you love. 7:35 live london time on monday. we'll be right back. struggling . we had a lot of leftovers...[chuckles] i couldn't have asked for better parents, but like most people they didn't have anyone to teach them the best financial habits. so we changed that.
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it's all the ones after that. a big welcome for an american president from our neighbors to the north. former president obama attended game two in toronto. he gave a handshake and hug to drake prior to tipoff. but when he sat court side for the game with the nba commissioner and other celebrities, the toronto crowd made it clear former president barack obama is a fan favorite. >> let's give a big toronto welcome to the 44th president of the united states, it's mr.
11:41 am
barack obama. [ chanting mvp ] >> cnn policy reporter chris is with me now. now, that's a welcome. >> yeah. look, brooke, i was just watching that. i watched it live and then rewatching it, it remind me i need an announcer to announce me at everything. >> ladies and gentlemen. >> it really gets the crowd going. people get into it. look, okay, a couple things. one, we should not be surprised that a canadian crowd likes barack obama particularly in light of the current president of the united states. barack obama always much more popular than donald trump is. first, in polling in the united states, i would say. remember, donald trump has never got an 50% approval rating in his presidency.
11:42 am
barack obama was over that for a large chunk of his presidency and finished on an up swing. donald trump would look at this, and i'm surprised hasn't tweeted about it and said good, candidates cheering barack obama because barack obama gave canada everything they ever wanted. i'm being tough and looking out for america. we should not be surprised by any of this, but it does speak to i think what i was struck by, how political everything is. when i was growing up, i remember michael jordan saying republicans buy my sneakers too, not wanting to take a political stance. now prominent players in basketball and other places with kneeling during the national anthem. politics is infused in everything. donald trump has super charged that conversation even more so. >> people are engaged. we had a look at a class half
11:43 am
full. >> people are paying attention. chris, thank you very much. >> thank you. stay with me. we are moments away from the arrival of president trump and first lady melania trump to the state banquet over buckingham palace in london. we'll take you there live. we'll be right back. sure you do. that's why it's on us. 2. unlimited data. use as much as you want, when you want. 3. no surprises on your bill. taxes and fees included. still think you have a better deal? bring in your discount, and we'll match it. that's right. t-mobile will match your discount. thanks to priceline working with top airlines to turn their unsold seats into amazing deals, family reunion attendance is up. we're all related! yeah, i see it. and because priceline offers great deals
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all right. well, we had eyes on the bird. marine one took off from where the president and first lady have been staying for the massive first visit in london. they've been making their way to
11:48 am
buck buckingham palace. the flag up means the queen is in. the dinner has been in the planning for six months. the queen we're told has been personally inspecting every last detail. from flower arrangements to how the table cloths are folded. around 170 people are invited. all dressed to the nines, of course. we'll see white tie, tiaras, gowns. it begins with a toast by the queen and president trump is expected to say a few words as well. guests will know when the dinner is over. 12 pipers will walk around the room playing their various instruments. cnn white house reporter kate bennett is live at buckingham palace. and clarissa ward is at the residence of the u.s. ambassador to the uk where the president and first lady are staying. let's get into this. kate, first to you.
11:49 am
the royal family just posted a picture from inside the banquet hall. we're looking at it. you tell me who will be at the state dinner tonight and equally important, who will not. >> well, actually we've been watching all the cars pull up in front of buckingham palace for about the past half hour. obviously we just saw marine one land. the guests of honor are here. it's going to be everybody from dignitaries and vips and members of the royal family and of course, the adult children of donald trump. eric trump tweeted a picture of himself and his wife, laura, she's pregnant with the second child. we'll see don junior and tiffany. we're not going to see all the royal family, though. we're not going to see the duchess of sussex. she is not attending the dinner. she will be home with the new baby, archie. so obviously she's a new mom. that's expected, but there's also the tension there with the president and his comments that might have made for an awkward dinner party.
11:50 am
>> and so given the tension, cla ra ris have a -- clarissa, is it -- we know the queen would never dare let on how she may feel about the president's comments about her grand daughter-in-law. would she act offish at all? >> there's absolutely no way she would act offish. she will be unflappable and stoic. she sees her duty as serving her country in a strictly apolitical function. that's the secret of the longevity of the monarchy and the love those have for her. she's seen as being selfless. being able to put the needs and wants of the country ahead of whatever her own personal %-p.
11:51 am
i'm sure the evening will proceed much as she wants it to proceed in a sort of uniform and pleasant fashion. >> and, kate, over to you on the precision. i was talking to victoria earlier who had lived at kensington and given what her father as press secretary for the queen was talking about how they measure from the chairs to the tables with a tape measurer. i mean the precision is like nothing we have ever seen. can you just take us inside the room? >> i mean, it really is true. and i think that's why this is such a big deal. this is something that the queen did for george w. bush and laura busch. it's something she did for barack and michelle obama. this is a rare occasion to have a state banquet, and i think it's what makes most first ladies and probably most presidents a little bit nervous about meeting the queen. there's a long-standing
11:52 am
tradition here of these sorts of events. and everything must be detailed. there are hundreds of staff, hundreds of people serving the dinner tonight and taking care of the guests. this is -- we think our state dinners are a big deal at the white house. they are, but this is a much more traditional affair. this is a white tie event. tomorrow's event the trumps are hosting in reciprocation for tonight's dinner is black tie. it's a different level of formal. you'll see women in opera length white gloves. we might see some tiaras and gowns. we'll see what melania trump is going to wear. she often says more with her clothes than what she does verbally. today's outfit with white dress and the hat, some were saying it was a nod to the late princess and how she liked to wear navy and white and similar styled
11:53 am
hats. tonight is a special event and something i'm sure the president and first lady and his adult children will remember for some time. >> stand by. we'll get a quick commercial break in as we wait to see the president of the united states and the first lady. they have just reached buckingham palace ahead of this lavish oh care that -- occasion. you're watching cnn. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ applebee's new loaded fajitas. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. applebee's new loaded fajitas. openturning 50 opens theuard. door to a lot of new things... like now your doctor may be talking to you
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welcome back. you are watching cnn. live pictures of buckingham palace. president trump and the first lady just arrived for the lavish
11:58 am
state banquet hosted by the queen. we are waiting to get our first view of them. we know that marine one has just landed there. this is perhaps the biggest event of what can only be called an unusual stayed visit. unusual in terms of the u.s. president because before he set foot in the united kingdom, president trump had insulted the london lay your along with the american member of the royal family, meghan markle, the duchess of sussex. the royals stayed above the fray. they put on a spectacular show filled with pageantry and tradition. ♪ after the honor guard there, it was onto westminster abbey where the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown warrior before joining prince charles and his wife for tea.
11:59 am
all of it leading up to tonight's banquet with additional members of the royal family and other guests. kate and clarissa are with us, and max foster. max, let me begin with you. we know the president is expected to make a toast tonight. this is, of course, after -- as we mentioned landing -- taking aim at mayor khan, meghan markle while expressing support for boris johnson and nigel farage. >> reporter: i think it will be awkward. what donald trump has done is interesting. there are royal protocols and political protocols. he's blown the political protocols out of the window. he's very much respecting the royal protocols. this is the ultimate royal moment. it's the standout moment for this whole tour. it's a state banquet. hugely lavish.
12:00 pm
extraordinary moment, really, in british celebration and british pomp and pageantry. he's going to step up to that. it does throw heads of state famously, you remember barack obama, famously speaking through the national anthem when he had his state banquet here. and british etiquette is unforgiving. no one helps you out. they let you dig a hole and they let you dig yourself out. the queen will always do her best to try to make her guest feel comfortable. >> maybe, clarissa, this is for you. the queen of england is the one person who the president seems entirely deferential to, on his best behavior with. what do you attribute that to? is it because of his own mother's love for the queen? >>