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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  June 4, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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1989. when the secretary of state talks about things like western china and what's happening to muslims out there, human rights abuses are still happening right now in this country. >> china has sought to erase history. with the massacre in tiananmen square, and they had a lot of success with people who were born since then. >> millennials in china who have never seen coverage or read about it. >> thanks very much. top of the hour here. i'm jim sciutto in new york. >> i'm poppy harlow. the business portion of the president's state visit to britain is now behind him. he and the first lady are right now visiting winston churchill's underground command center, the so-called war rooms after a morning spent with u.s. and uk business leaders and the soon-to-be former british prime minister, theresa may. the president and ms. may just wrapped up a news conference reaffirming what the president called the greatest alliance the
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world has ever known. they talked a lot about brexit and a future potential trade deal. and future potential prime ministers. and the u.s./mexico border. on britain's fitful separation from the european union, the president is decidedly bullish. listen. >> i think it will happen. and i believe the prime minister's brought it to a very good point where something will take place in the not too distance future. i think she's done a very good job. i believe it would be good for the country, yes. >> not only is the president lavishing praise on a lame duck leader, he's bluntly criticized in the past. he wept on to pay her perhaps the ultimate compliment while joking he may have taken a different tack regarding negotiations with the eu. >> i would have sued, but that's okay. i would have sued and settled maybe, but you never know. she's probably a better negotiator than i am.
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but you know what, she has got it in a sense, john, that deal was teed up. i think it really teed up. i think they have to do something, and perhaps you won't be given the credit that you deserve if they do something, but i think you deserve a lot of credit. i really do. i think you deserve a lot of credit. >> with us now is david gergen, former presidential adviser to four u.s. presidents. daniel dale, washington bureau chief of the toronto star, and abby phillip, cnn white house correspondent. david gergen, with your experience in particular, this was a trip that i don't want to say rife with landmines, but difficulty, tremendous political division in the uk over the brexit question. an outgoing prime minister here, but you could pronounce it something of a success, at least in terms of highlighting the closeness of the relationship between the u.s. and the uk, at least a willingness to try to get over spl of the real differences. >> i would think this white house would be pleased with the results so far. this is one of the warmest
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receptions the president has received anywhere in the world. the issues that they discussed, they seem to be in harmony with the may government and that sort of thing. at the same time, of course, there was also a surreal feeling about this press conference. after all, we have a prime minister now he's lavishing praise on someone who is widely seen as having badly failed in trying to get a deal before leaving. the european union. and a president who is being mocked on the streets of london, one of the most unpopular presidents in britain, in my memory. so it is weird. it's on the surface, i think it's a very positive trip, and the president obviously loved, loved, loved the time with the royals. he did very well with that. on the surface, this is all light, but underneath, there are really serious political problems. >> she also is on the way out. i mean, abby phillip, theresa may literally at the end of this
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week will step down as leader of the conservative party. she doesn't have a political price to pay for showing a warmth to president trump as she did when she made that visit to the u.s. shortly after his election and there was a moment of an embrace in the rose garden that she took heat for back home. she doesn't have that price to pay, but she did not hesitate to note where there were significant policy differences, mainly on iran, staying in the nuclear agreement as the u.s. has yanked itself out, and on the paris climate accord as well. >> right, and i think theresa may has been careful to just make the point that even while she wants to work with president trump, even while she tries to have a good relationship with him, they do have differences. and the united kingdom remains a sovereign country, where they have their own views on some of these foreign policy issues. president trump often in these settings can seem as if he will only take his answer as the answer that he gets from other countries, and i think that she
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just reiterated that she stood her ground in this relationship. and even president trump, i think, acknowledged that little bit, too. to your point, poppy, this visit was a lot less perilous for her than even the last visit that he did last year when he frankly threw her under the bus. he gave an interview during that visit and criticized her sharply for her handling of brexit. you know, so much so that he actually apologized to her, which is not something president trump does very often. so they have had some serious ups and downs in this relationship. i think president trump at the end here seems to be trying to do as little damage as he could to her and to her party in these final days, trying to downplay, you know, he did talk about boris johnson. he did talk about the other contenders for her role, but he didn't speak about it as declaratively as he might have in the past. he spoke to boris johnson by phone, not in person.
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so there have been some small gestures that seem to indicate that president trump is trying not to do too much damage by delving too deeply into her domestic politics. >> yeah. >> daniel dale, you covered this president for some time. and noted the many times when he has said things that aren't backed up by the facts, and of course, he did that in this press conference again, claiming protests that are taking place as we speak in london against this president, fairly well attended protests, that they're fake news. just i want to play that comment for you and get your reaction. >> i don't see any protests. i did see a small protest today when i came. very small. so a lot of it is fake news, i hate to say, but you saw people waving the american flag, waving your flag. it was tremendous spirit and love. there was great love. it was an alliance. and i didn't see the protesters until just a little while ago, and it was a very, very small group of people put in for political reasons. >> well, in fact, that's not true. but our nic robertson has been
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said on purpose uk police have kept those protests at bay to some degree so the president did not see them. >> yes, so it is true that he hasn't spent much time observing these protests personally. so that's not false. but the suggestion that this is fake news is yet more evidence that the president uses the phrase fake news to mean news he doesn't like. these protests existed, period. i think another notable part of that statement was something he slipped in at the end which is that these protesters were, quote, put in for political purposes. this is sort of a casual conspiracy theorizing we have come to know from trump and a staple of his rhetoric, almost always baseless. the diversity immigrant visa lottery, foreign countries are putting in their bad apples to dump them on the united states. mexico and china are sending us drugs. so he's constantly making these suggestions of a hidden hand behind various phenomena, and there very rarely is a hidden
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hand. these are authentic protests. people in the united kingdom, many don't like trump. there's no basis for the claim these people were put there for some nefarious political purpose. >> he also didn't hesitate to lambaste the mayor of london, saadiq kaul. he called him negative and hurting the people of london and also called jeremy corbyn, the opposite party leader, negative as well. let's go to nick paton walsh on the ground. what are they saying? >> i have to tell you the numbers have really far down from what they were about three hours ago. and even then at their peak, they were nothing compared to what we saw a year ago. it's fair to say they were kept reasonably far away from president donald trump, but certainly, he could have heard some of the chants. to be straight with you here, we're not seeing numbers we saw a year ago. we have in the last half an hour aso seen a couple pro-trump
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supporters who have periodically been morphing into the substantial crowd of anti-trump protesters and shouting i love trump, i love trump. seemingly trying to ferment some sort of situation. we don't know what sparked it but the police moved in and on two separate occasions moved those individuals out. they seem to have some sort of milky substance on their rear. i don't know what that was, maybe something was thrown at them. they were moved fast away. that's all we have seen so far in terms of confrontation, but no doubt, there were thousands, possibly 10,000. it's always hard to tell. protesters out on the streets. nothing like a year ago, but certainly clear in their message, and repeating many of the themes we sought last year, the trump baby blimp up behind me for a brief period of time. that was up last year. they personally offended donald trump. he said so himself. actually strangely now, it's become a historical relic. the museum of europe asking for it, and supporters of sadiq khan dressed in a bikini will also be
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in the museum here. but the message, as it always has been, against what those who dislike donald trump here say is his message of islamophobia, xenophobia, against certain minorities. the protests will continue in the background. numbers done because of the rain, frankly. always kills the numbers on the streets. >> before we go, david gergen, where does this relationship go from here? because it was a positive moment, but fact is theresa may is leaving, and fact is there are very serious issues of negotiation and disagreement between these two allies. what happens next? >> well, there are very serious issues of governance in the uk, and they have to overcome those before they can engage in broadscale trade negotiations. i think the interesting question now, jim, going forward, the uk is coming out of the european union. we know that's going to happen in october. and it may be a very, very bumpy ride then. and the question is, whether the
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united states is then going to serve as a mediator between the uk and the eu to keep the overall alliance in good shape, or whether the u.s. will take sides with the uk and become further alienated from germany and france. that would be an extremely unhappy. i don't think we know yet. there are big choices to be made, big decisions to be made. we'll have to see how it unfolds. but do know this. sweetness and light today was very encouraging, but beneath this, there are serious questions about democratic governance in the uk and indeed within the u.s. >> absolutely. and abby, quickly, before we go, he was asked to weigh in on those who could possibly succeed theresa may. boris johnson, jeremy hunt. he said he likes both of them and really sort of stayed away from showing any preference there. >> he did. he could have, i think, said more. but he didn't. he threw in michael groves, another contender, saying he doesn't know him. that's one of the other
7:12 am
individuals who we believe that he might seek to meet with. so he's trying to say that he likes them all. and he's not using -- he's not using the word endorsement to describe how he feels about this. and in a small way, i think sometimes our bar on these things can be quite low, but in a small way, i think that is him heeding what is a pretty clear, which is that it would not be helpful, i think, really to any of them for the president to get too deep into this. and to put his thumb on the scale in a way. i think particularly when it comes to boris johnson, who is a controversial figure here, i think it would be very controversial if president trump had said more than he said today and has said over the last several days. he's been very effusive in his praise. >> you're right. he has. maybe not on that, in front of that lectern, but he has. thank you so much. david gergen, we appreciate it, and daniel dale.
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president trump while in london sending what sounded like a warning to republicans back home. do not dare to go against him and his plans to slap mexico with tariffs. >> what do you think of republicans who say they may take action to block you imposing those tariffs? >> i don't think they will do that. if they do, it's foolish. there's nothing more important than borders. i had tremendous republican support. >> joining us now on capitol hill, lauren fox. this is really interesting because, you know, our reporting is some republicans are talking about this. are they going to step in here and say the president, the executive branch, overreached? then you have a bunch of other republicans who say no, he has to do what he has to do to stop this flow of undocumented immigrants. the president thinks it's foolish for any republican to think of countering him on this. >> that's exactly right.
7:19 am
part of the died is republicans are waiting to see exactly how far reaching any executive order or proclamation from the president would be. they don't have that information yet, but like you said, republicans are divided on this. some republicans like lindsey graham, who is a republican from south carolina, who has been closely aligned with the president, told my colleague alex rogers just a few minutes ago, i support exactly what president trump is doing. mexico needs to change. they are letting about a million people walk through their door. then you have people like pat roberts, who is on the head of the agriculture committee in the senate. he basically is arguing this is useless, that this tactic from the president is counterproductive. but republicans really divided here. they say they understand the president's frustration with mexico. but perhaps this isn't the best way to go about it. there's a big meeting today on capitol hill where senate republicans will meet with officials from the white house and the justice department, where the white house is hoping at least that they'll be able to, you know, quell any concerns
7:20 am
from republicans on this issue. meanwhile, senate leaders are telling members if they have concerns, they should go directly to president trump, call him on the phone. that's what they have done in the past, but you know, a lot still to be worked out today. >> yeah. >> and we're just getting in that senator lindsey graham, who you mentioned, said the following regarding president trump's tariff plans. i support exactly what president trump is doing. mexico needs to change. they're letting about a million people walk through their country. it's interesting, lauren, if we fact check that, graham using the term a million. the president in his press conference said millions, plural. do we know where they're getting that high a figure? we know there are record numbers per month, but millions? >> well, obviously, there's a discrepancy there between what the senator is saying and what the president is saying. republicans largely on capitol hill have been longtime saying that what needs to happen on capitol hill is they need to come up with some kind of immigration plan. of course, we have seen over the past year and a half that any time they get close, the white
7:21 am
house scuttles any kind of bipartisan deal on that issue. a lot still up on the table on what's doing to happen on tariffs and the bigger question of what they can do on the immigration front. >> lauren fox, thank you. i also want to note something that could be very big from the fed chair, jerome powell. he was just making comments, and he talked about the impact of tariffs, trade, et cetera, on the economy. listen to this. >> i would first like to say a word about recent developments involving trade negotiations and other matters. we do not know how or when these issues will be resolved. we are closely monitoring the implications of these developments for the u.s. economic outlook. and as always, we will act as appropriate to sustain the expansion with a strong labor market and inflation near our symmetric 2% objective. >> that's wonky. let me tell you why it matters. it matters because he is essentially saying if we have a
7:22 am
big trade war with mexico, that's going to hurt global growth. and the fed may have to cut rates. >> it's interesting because the president has been publicly pressuring him to cut rates. >> that's exactly what i was thinking. jpmorgan just out with a note this week saying if the administration follows through on tariffs on mexico, it's going to be a headwind to global growth, and they believe that the fed will cut rates by at least 25 basis points. >> kevin hassett from the white house told you that just yesterday. he told you there would be, in more mild terms, but the implications were dangerous to the economy. >> wouldn't that be interesting? so one week from today, the house will vote on holding attorney general bill barr and former white house counsel don mcgahn in contempt of congress. >> meanwhile, sources are telling cnn house speaker nancy pelosi is holding firm in her position not to begin impeachment proceedings against the president yet. let's begin with that contempt vote. manu raju is joining us from capitol hill with the latest. >> that's right.
7:23 am
next week, both the former white house counsel don mcgahn and bill barr will be held in contempt of the house after they refused to comply with the democrats' subpoena led by the house judiciary committee to turn over documents, provide testimony related to the obstruction of justice investigation. and from barr's case, he did not provide the unredacted mueller report the underlying evidence as democrats have demanded. mcgahn under instruction from the white house, did not comply either. at the same time, other committees are moving forward with their own efforts to hold individuals in contempt. the house oversight committee plans to vote to hold barr in contempt as well, as well as wilbur ross, the commerce secretary, over their failure to comply with subpoenas dealing with their probe into the citizenship question added to the 2020 census. you're seeing all these issues starting to get packaged together. we can see the full house vote on a number of people who are not complying with subpoenas to hold them in contempt. >> manu, give us a sense of what speaker pelosi is telling
7:24 am
democratic leadership about why she is still really maintaining e even after mueller spoke last week, the same position on not moving forward right now on impeachment proceedings. how is she explaining that to the caucus? >> i was told by sources who were in leadership meeting with her last night that she made it clear she's not moving off her opposition to moving forward with an impeachment inquiry. largely because she thinks it's going to fail in the senate. she told her members, look, a lot of the people who believe that the house will impeach think that the president will automatically be removed from office even though the senate controlled by republicans would have to convict by a two thirds majority to remove the president. she said people don't seem to realize that, and she even name checked tom steyer, who is a billionaire donor, someone who has been pressuring democrats to go the impeachment route. but i can tell you this morning in talking to democrats, they are deeply divided, some want to move forward with impeachment inquiry. others agreeing with pelosi. >> yeah. they say, you know, they're
7:25 am
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still has a substantial lead there, 32% to 18% over the rest of the democratic field. but the size of that lead has shrunk a bit. it was 14% in april. it's now -- well, 14% now, was 24% in april. get my math right there. >> a lot of little yellow numbers. >> yes. >> let's get to our political director, the big boss, david chalian, to go over some of this. you know what i think makes those numbers even more interesting with the little bit of a decline there for biden, chalian, is the facthat the voters who are supporting biden or sanders told us that their mind is made up. like, they're locked in on these guys. >> i totally agree with you. that makes sense. they're the most known factors in the race. folks that are familiar with them are comfortable with their choice. and that biden decline we're seeing sort of from young voters, from non-white voters, but as you noted, he's still the clear and solo front-runner in the race. to that number you're saying, 44% of democratic primary voters
7:31 am
in this poll tell us that they're definitely going to support the candidate that they're with. that leaves 55%, just over half the electorate, who are sort of up for grabs and they may move around. we haven't had a single debate yet. that's a big chunk of the field, and that's up eight points from where they were last month that say they're locked in to their choice. take a look at this. this mace be why we don't hear a lot of donald trump's name invoked by democratic candidates on the trail. democratic primary voters say that 81% of them, huge majority, they want to unify the party around the policy positions. that's what they're looking for in a candidate. only 15% of democrats say they want their candidate to unify the party around dissatisfaction with trump. and then, of course, we have this notion, which is the 23-person crowded field in this primary. is that a good thing or bad thing? democrats say a bit more, a majority, 53% say it's a good thing, versus the 45% that say it's a bad thing. we also looked at enthusiasm in this election. and take a look alt this.
7:32 am
we saw in april that republicans had a bit of an enthusiasm edge. 53% to 47%. they still have a similar edge, although both republican and democratic enthusiasm is down a tick in this poll. obviously, democrats want to make sure they're going to get that number up, but they have a whole nomination season to go through first. and donald trump is running alone with no primary challenge. that allows republicans to be very enthusiastic about his re-election effort without a distraction of a primary, guys. >> big numbers showing that folks are more focused on policy than the president informed nancy pelosi's position. i want to ask you a question, the numbers on biden versus the others. biden's lead down a bit, but sanders moving up to 18%. warren coming down a bit. and i wonder if that means to you, david chalian, that he's solidifying his position as the preferred candidate of left-leaning or left-wing perhaps i should say, democratic
7:33 am
voters. >> i wouldn't say solidified. just look a month before that, he was at 19%. you're seeing a pretty consistent, and we shouldn't overread too much, movement. you're dueling with a margin of error of plus or minus 6% in this poll, but he's ticked up a bit, sanders has, as biden has ticked down a bit. remarkable consistency here. you see buttigieg and o'rourke down a point or two. warren about even. three points up for harris here. this is all within the margin of error movement. so i think it's important to note that, but i would not say yet that sander has solidified that spot. he has a hold on it, a base, but warren and buttigieg are going to make a run for that sanders vote. >> for sure. david, thank you very much. let's talk to our political reporter, arlette saenz in new hampshire following the former vice president joe biden. he's out with a new plan this morning, a climate change plan. clearly a response to his fellow democrats running for president who are backing the green new
7:34 am
deal. >> that's right, poppy. and joe biden has faced a lot of criticism from some of his fellow democratic opponents as well as progressives in his party who have warned his climate change proposal may not go far enough. and today, he is unveiling a 22-page plan on how he's going to combat climate change, and i'll note that in that release, biden's team notes that he believes that the green new deal is a critical framework to combatting climate issues in the u.s. then they go on to lay out some of those details of what his plan would look like. so one of those things is that he wants to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. he's also pushing for congress to enact legislation to create an enforce mentd mechanism to make sure those goals are reached. he wants to get that bill in his first year in office. biden will also, he says, re-enter the paris climate agreement. something that was struck under the obama administration, which president trump withdrew from, and biden wants to re-enter that
7:35 am
on his first day in office, as well as rolling out some other executive actions on day one of his presidency. now, what is this all going to cost? the biden campaign puts a $1.7 trillion price tag on this, and federal investments, and they're hoping to also get private sector, state and local governments to invest. taking it up to about $5 trillion over the next ten years. but biden has faced a lot of criticism. there was a report that suggested he would take a middle ground approach on climate change. we'll see if the proposal he's unveiling today is going to satisfy its critics. we'll hear from biden in a short while here in new hampshire. >> if $1.7 trillion sounds like a lot of money, it is, but until a couple weeks ago, democrats and republicans were talking about a $2 trillion infrastructure plan. these kinds of figures have been thrown around. arlette saenz, great to have you on. stay with us, we have breaking news into cnn. we'll bring it to you right after this short break. everyone's got to listen to mom.
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(cheering) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar ensure. for strength and energy. breaking news just in to cnn, and it's important. the white house has directed former white house officials hope hicks and annie donaldson not to turn over any documents to the house judiciary committee relating to their time at the white house. >> manu raju is on capitol hill with more. this is more of the same from the white house. totally stonewalling here. >> indeed, this comes after they have already directed other officials, including don mcgahn, the white house counsel, not to comply with the subpoena or turn over documents. this latest direction coming
7:41 am
from the white house chief of staff, mick mulvaney, directing these former officials, the former white house communications director hope hicks, as well as annie donaldson who was the chief of staff to don mcgahn in the white house counsel's office not to turn over documents as required by a subpoena from the house judiciary committee today. now, one catch, though, hope hicks could still presumably testify, we're told, before the committee about -- turn over documents about her time on the campaign. this direction from the white house has to deal with her time at the white house, so there is potential they could get information for the first time from a key official, but not necessarily about everything the democrats have been asking for, which has to do with the obstruction of justice investigation, things that hope hicks and annie donaldson may have witnessed, the president's actions, to try to undermine the mueller probe. things this committee wants to investigate. those items will not be turned over to the committee as the
7:42 am
democrats have been demanding. but presumably, they could still probe, if hicks cooperates, bubt her time, her knowledge about things that happened on the campaign. nevertheless, more resistance by the white house over these demands and intensifying pressure on some democrats who say it's time to open up an impeachment inquiry because of what they're seeing, all this resistance to their demands. >> for folks at home who might not know how potentially important these witnesses could be, hope hicks had a very close relationship with this president. present in a lot of key meetings. annie donaldson, who might not be a household name, she kept meticulous notes, correct? these are two potentially key witnesses to any house investigation. >> no question about it. hope hicks has been a longtime confidante of this president, someone who has been of interest in numerous investigations on capitol hill. as well as cooperated with the mueller probe. annie donaldson also cooperated with the mueller probe, as you mentioned, jim, took notes. copious notes about what she witnessed in the white house. those notes of high interest on
7:43 am
capitol hill. but as we are learning this morning, the white house telling capitol hill, telling these former officials not to turn over these documents the democrats have been demanding. >> manu raju, always good to have you on the hill. >> we'll follow it. >> meantime, to the trade war, wars, importers urging the president not to follow through on his latest tariff threat on mexico, but clearly he's going to. those business owners in the u.s. say they could lose millions. we'll bring you their story next. on a john deere x300 series mower. because seasons change but true character doesn't. wow, you've outdone yourself this time. hey, what're neighbors for? it's beautiful. run with us. search "john deere x300" for more. if you have moderate to little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable.
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7:48 am
this morning, the president doubled down on his threat to impose tariffs on mexico if the country does not do more to stem the tide of mig grnts coming into the u.s. >> he's made it clear those tariffs are going to take effect next week. meantime, tomorrow, secretary of state mike pompeo will meet with his counterpart in mexico, hoping to stave off those tariffs. that meeting will be in washington. let's go to nogales, near the mexican border. you're speaking to american citizens, i'm assuming some who voted for the president, who say
7:49 am
this will hurt our business. what can you tell us? >> that's right. good morning, poppy and jim. today, business leaders here in nogales, arizona, will be meeting to discuss how they're going to prepare for what they're calling unprecedented tariffs. many of them rely exclusively on trade with mexico through the port just behind me. and they say that these tariffs could cost each of their businesses millions of dollars. this month, the chamberlain is expecting truckloads of grapes from mexico, but he wasn't expecting to pay tariffs. >> so 5% for now is absolutely horrible. going to 10%, 15%, 20%, i can't even imagine. >> chamberlain imports 100% of his fruits and vegetables from mexico, to his warehouse in nogales, arizona. if the president's tariffs take effect next week -- >> we have red peppers coming
7:50 am
out of sinaloa. >> he'll pay more to bring his produce across the border. >> these are not good ideas. this is not the way i would do things. but this is the way the president is choosing to do things because of the congress that we have. you know, i'm not always going to be on the side of the president. >> the u.s. imports $26 billion of agricultural products from mexico each year. and manufacturing dwarfs that. >> we're shipping $450 million annually across the border. for my customers to pay an extra $100 million, i'm not sure they're going to stick around. >> richard rubin owns 26 factories in mexico, importing materials for american companies which he says provides millions of u.s. jobs. >> mexico's our friend. right? mexico deserves the respect and the dignity. it's not a business. it's a country. and this should be solved through diplomacy. >> guillermo brokers trade deals
7:51 am
between u.s. and mexican companies. >> we're throwing punches in the dark because we don't know what to expect. we know we have to take this president serious. some people are saying he's just threatening. but we can't just assume he's just threatening. >> as the broker, valencia insures tariffs are paid. his company imports and exports products to mexico. >> this is a component for a major u.s. manufacturer that's producing electric cars. >> so this could be in someone's back seat one day. >> it will be in someone's back seat. if you haven't bought this car yet, there's going to be an increased cost. >> because of the tariffs? >> right. and it could be up to 25%. and it could be more because if this product went back and through a couple times. depending on the amount of times, it could be 50%, 70%. tariff upon tariff upon tariff, upon tariff. >> everyone we have spoken to here says one thing is for sure. the added cost will ultimately
7:52 am
be passed down to the american consumer. so you think about things like refrigerators, beer, and cars. those prices are expected to go up. jim and poppy. >> and hits everyone. and there's no getting around it. let's talk quickly about just how unprecedented this is. >> exactly. a lot of these businesses i have spoken to, these owners have been in business for 100 years, 50 years, and they have never seen these kinds of tariffs. they're really worried that their u.s.-based companies, the companies they import from mexico to the u.s., that they won't be able to survive. thus, american jobs will go away, and that will create a huge economic loss, not only in mexico, but here in the united states as well. jim and poppy. >> really interesting. the supply chains move those products back and forth across the border multiple times. that means multiple tariffs. the numbers are incredible. vanessa, great to have you there on the story.
7:53 am
>> did you watch "jeopardy"? did you? >> i didn't. >> read about it. the champ, james holzhauer, his winning streak is over. we'll show you how he got tripped up next. etsy is the place to find new favorites. the things we hold on to. sold by real people and made for all of life's moments. our belongings don't just show what we care about. they show who we are. shop
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7:57 am
james holzhauer's 32-game winning streak on jeopardy has come to a win. he's leaving just shy of a record. >> two bests him. our stephanie elam reports. >> what is too small of a wager, alex? >> closest it's been in a while.
7:58 am
>> if you're james holzhauer, the answer is $1,399. >> a modest one for the first time. >> yep. holzhauer, jeopardy's king of the masage wager. >> all of the chips please. >> put up only a fraction of his $23,400 pot when he entered final jeopardy in second place. >> so emma, it's up to you. if you came up with the correct response, you're going to be the new "jeopardy" champion. >> all three contestants got the answer right, but chicago librarian, emma boettcher, who was in the lead, took a play out of holzhauer's playbook and placed a hefty bet. his only hope of winning hinged on her getting it wrong. >> what did you wager? gl 20,000. what a pay day. >> holzhauer took the loss like a champ, immediately giving the new champ a high five. since early april, jeopardy fans watched to see if holzhauer would break the nontournament earnings record of thereover $2
7:59 am
million in 2004. >> what is new york? >> right. that's the state. >> chatter of holzhauer's loss hit the internet sunday night as video of the end of the game was leaked online. then he seems to confirm the loss, in response to cnn's brian stelter about jeopardy reruns playing at a bar, holzhauer tweeted, if it's a rerun, i probably got this. >> we're going to say good-bye to james too. >> it's not like holzhauer is leaving empty handed. he solidified his place in the jeopardy hall of fame with a string of single game earnings records and raked in a total of $2.4 million. about his loss, holzhauer told the naperville sun, quote, i know i played my best and did everything i could, so i will hold my head up high. >> but if any holzhauer is happy about his loss, it might be the champ's daughter. he tweeted, my kid cried about the possibility of her dad losing, so i told her we could
8:00 am
have a party the day after it inevitably happens. now she cries when i win. time to party, holzhauers. stephanie elam, cnn, los angeles. >> i mean, what's better than partying with your kid? with $2 million. >> that could soften the blow. >> to throw a great party. thanks for being with us. i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm jim sciutto. "at this hour" with kate bolduan starts right now. >> pretty cute. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. thank you so much for joining me. donald trump and the outgoing prime minister of britain. it was all smiles and hand shakes and good will on display during donald trump's second day of his uk visit. the president really had nothing but compliments for theresa may during their press conference this morning. the prime minister in return highlighting the importance of these strong and special relationship between the two nations. despite all the kind words, there were real differences also on display on some of the most important issues right now, from iran to climate chang


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