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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  June 5, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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him. that's a great story. okay. so president trump is wrapping up his state visit to britain and heading to ireland later today so our coverage picks up right now. it's wednesday, a very good morning to you, i'm jim sciutto. >> and i'm poppy harlow. president trump is wrapping up his state visit to britain this hour with d-day observances that will carry over tomorrow. the actual 75th anniversary in france. in the presence again of the queen and several other world leaders the president read the prayer that fdr read to americans the light that allied troops descended on normandy. a dignified end to a visit steeped in ceremony and stage craft and almost devoid of outbursts, festering, judges and name calling. almost. >> not if you were checking his twitter feed. overnight the president indulged in a memorable long social media tirade, half a dozen pent up
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attacks on sleepy joe biden, crying chuck schumer and this one, washed up psycho bette midler, the actress. after that britain woke up to the president's climate change skepticism reframed by the president as a branding issue. here is a snippet from his interview on "good morning britain." >> i believe that there is a change in weather and i think it changes both ways. don't forget it used to be called global warming, that wasn't working, then it was called climate change now it's actually called extreme weather. >> it's not really changing both ways, the data is there through the years, the decades. abby phillip joins us from portsmouth, england. where does the president go from there, abby, next stop here on his visit, but also politically? >> reporter: well, jim, next stop is ireland for president trump before he heads to -- to france for another d-day commemoration, but as you were just pointing out, it has been a
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bit of a whiplash week for president trump going from, you know, social media insults to an incredible amount of ceremony and glitz and glamour here as he has been vetted by the british royals and by theresa may on his vis visit, his first official state visit. the president has been spending his down time between these major events, going after a whole host of people, bette midler, chuck schumer, joe biden. i think it's just a window into his mood as he has been kind of on both ends of the time zone here, staying up pretty late into the morning and waking up early and on both sides of the time zone tweeting the night and the morning away. so it's been interesting, but i think for the president this day has been an important commemoration of that important 75th anniversary of the d-day battle. >> he made a lot of news in this interview with piers morgan on "good morning britain" including
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on iran, talking about military options still in place. what did you hear that was most newsworthy? >> reporter: well, this interview is yet another sit down that he has done with the british outlet while he has been here just before he got here and he had a discussion with piers morgan about iran. now, there has been a lot of talk about whether the administration is spoiling for a fight with this regime, even after they pulled out of the iranian nuclear deal, but listen to president trump talking about the possibility of military action. >> do you think you will need to take military action? >> there's always a chance. do i want to, no, i'd rather not, but there's always a chance. >> reporter: so he also went on to say that he would like to sit down with iran's president rouhani which he said before, but he's saying this again really to emphasize that he would like this all to send with a sit down with another
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negotiation face-to-face. the iranians have made it clear they are not particularly interested in that, but this is the president really trying to pull back it seems a little on that rhetoric, saying that everything is possible, but that is not his first priority. a bit of a push back also on his national security adviser john bolton who has been with him this week in the united kingdom. >> yeah, that's a good point, abby. thank you so much for being there. you've done a great job covering this official state visit of the president. let's talk about all of this and the headlines back here at home. errol louis is with us, kimberly dozier and matt visor. errol, things have gone pretty well for the president over there, the warm press conference in theresa may yesterday, et cetera. back here at home, though, he is facing a major potential revolt from the republican party and if enough of the republicans actually act on what they're saying and going against the president on these tariffs that are supposed to be imposed in mexico on monday, it will be a first. what is he coming home to?
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>> he's coming home to a bit of a revolt, although you never know with the republican leadership the number of times they have kowtowed and rolled over for the president is an indication that they may not stand firm on this, but this is a little bit different, poppy, i think you're exactly right. when you are talking about imposing tariffs on mexico as we now know that's really a tax on the end user meaning the american consumer and so much of american automobiles, parts, all kinds of stuff that we all rely on comes out of mexico that boosting the price throughout that supply chain is going to result in a higher cost here at home. the manufacturers, the parts distributors, they are all going to howell, they are all going to complain to their often republican representatives in congress. they're going to feed those complaints and concerns directly back to the white house. so he's going to have to fight really hard, i think, to sort of impose the kind of tariffs that he's talking about on mexico.
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>> kimberly dozier, you spent a lot of time in the middle east, recently returned from a trip to iraq tracking isis. the president saying military options are still on the table for iran even while he has publicly said he doesn't want to go to war with iran. is that a substantive threat or is it a classic all options on the table comment which you often hear from presidents that, you know, in the case of president trump would contradict his other public statements? >> i think it is the classic category. he understands from conversations with ambassador bolton and hr mcmaster that in order to get iran to the negotiating table you have to use the threat of force. the preference that they use the continuing sanctions to -- like a wrestler in a choke hold to starve iran out and get them to the negotiating table from trump's point of view pulling off a better deal than jcpoa
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would be the crowning glory of his presidency. what advisers have convinced him that he can do if they do this two-pronged tough strategy. but advisers do tell me that he understands that he's got to threaten force and threaten a large use of force, like massive troops, to get iran to take them seriously. >> except here is the thing, matt, i mean, to get a better deal than jcpoa he's going to need to convince all the other signatories, our allies like the uk, for example, with theresa may pointed out that they are still a party to this, that he's not just going to walk away from it again. how can they trust him if he were to somehow be able to get iran on board with something different, how does he get everybody one else on board? >> that fact alone i think gives the iranians leverage in these discussions. i think president trump seems to be handling iran similarly to how he has handled south korea
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where you will remember sort of the fire and fury, you know, arguments that then led to some sort of discussions which i think president trump views as successful, that he's built a relationship with kim jong-un, but we should point out that that has not led to anything. i think he seems to have a similar obsession with developing some sort of dialogue with president rouhani, even earlier this month sort of criticizing john kerry for being the one to not allow him to talk to the iranians. john kerry is somehow involved, which kerry has denied. as you point out, i mean, i think that he is also sort of set on changing the terms of the iran nuclear deal and after leaving it and sort of moving past something that obama did and trying to do something different, even if it ends up looking like the same thing. >> i mean, it's a strategy with
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mexico, a strategy with china, north korea, but as you say, matt, what you haven't seen are hard results from that strategy. i want errol louis to talk about climate change. we've heard this before and we have a tendency to get numbed to these kinds of statements. here is a sitting american president denying climate science, claiming somehow that the data is going back and forth when it is not. it's consistent, global temperatures are rising, we have for decades. >> and it's not weather, by the way. >> it's not weather. it's just different, you know, kids in grade school know that. they're taught that, the difference between climate change and weather. the significance of a u.s. president denying the science once again. >> it would be even more significant, jim, if he at least sort of in a coherent way said, i've looked at the data and i simply don't believe it. waugt instead is this kind of muddle, this kind of incoherent almost babble from the president about, well, it could be this, it could be this, it used to be this, it used to be that. the only point of that, which is
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what the fossil fuel industry has relied on for a long time is to just kind of create a muddle, create confusion in the minds of the public. most of the public as you suggest is no longer confused about this. bev' seen enough hurricanes, super storms, tornadoes and other devastating floods that we know that this has got to get dealt with. the president simply in my opinion abdicated leadership on this very important global issue. others will step in and fulfill that leadership roam, but the president seems for domestic political reasons unwilling to accept. >> kimberly dozier, how would you assess how the president did on this trip overseas when it comes to such a critical ally in europe in the midst of this brexit fight, how would you rate his trip overall? >> i've got to say i think from the british official standpoint there were far fewer gaffs than they feared there might be and
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they had a chance to cement this relationship at a time when they really need an ally. so the chance to convince president trump that he is part of this larger history, to show him through pageantry that he is part of a line of leaders that have been taking the center on the global stage, hopefully for them when things get stuff and they are trying to negotiate that trade deal down the line they will have this foundation, but in terms of substance, this was never going to produce a lot of substance. in terms of decorum, they always knew -- british officials we spoke to beforehand knew he might reach out to some of the brexiteers. they won't be surprised that he snubbed jeremy corbin. all in all this was a win. >> all right. >> kimberly dozier, errol louis, matt visor thanks to all of you.
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2. unlimited data. use as much as you want, when you want. 3. no surprises on your bill. taxes and fees included. still think you have a better deal? bring in your discount, and we'll match it. that's right. t-mobile will match your discount. two crucial meetings today between u.s. and mexican officials. this as the president's new tariffs on all goods imported from mexico are set to kick in on monday. vice president pence and secretary of state mike pompeo will host separate meetings at both try to hammer out an
6:17 am
immigration deal last minute here. the push back is coming from members of the president's own party, republicans are now signaling an all out tariff revolt could be in the works. let's go to lauren fox on capitol hill. i mean, lauren, you name it, ted cruz, ron jongsen, john thune, rob portman, are they going to act on their words of warning here. >> reporter: you can add mitch mcconnell the majority leader to that list, pop gee. >> sure. >> reporter: the list was very long and republican members and aides that i spoke to out of that meeting were furious about the president's tariffs and also the fact that those white house and justice officials who they sent yesterday couldn't answer basic questions about how the president's tariff policy would actually be implemented about i monday, whether or not the president would issue a new national emergency on the border to create those tariffs, what exactly their path was. that makes it hard for republican senators to decide how and whether they are going to act. at this point republican senators' message to the white
6:18 am
house is just don't do it. their message yesterday in that lunch was hold on until we have a chance to actually be briefed by the president of the united states. he's over seas right now, a lot of members will be going to europe for the d-day anniversary. there is a lot of fear thattes in not being fully thought out before the president moves forward on monday. if republicans are forced to have a vote on this and they may be if the president issues a national emergency, there could then be a vote on a resolution of disapproval, it would likely start in the house of representatives, it would be privileged, move over to the senate where then republican senators would have to decide whether they're going to stand with the president or whether or not they are going to vote their conscience on an issue that really matters to constituents back home. you are talking about a lot of mention who have farmers back home, who have industry workers back home and there is a lot fear that these tariffs could have a big effect on their reelections. poppy? >> i will watch. lauren fox, keep us posted. i'd like to discuss now with peter navarro, a senior trump
6:19 am
policy adviser, focusing on trade. peter, thanks for taking the time this morning. >> good to see you, jim. >> let's begin there on capitol hill, you heard our colleague talking about republican senators furious at the tariff plan to be implemented on monday by the president. i wonder should americans expect the president to relent on this or will he go forward? >> jim, i think the starting point for the conversation has to be the conveyor about elt that we now have in mexico running from the southern border with guatemala up to el paso and san diego. we've got over 100,000 illegal immigrants at any given day now moving up on that conveyor belt. in april we apprehended 109,000 illegal entries coming across the border. now, this illegal immigration
6:20 am
i imposes billions of dollars of costs on the american economy and society, these immigrants come up across the border and those costs are -- and our schools and our hospitals, they take away jobs. >> okay. >> so this is -- every -- i think every american understands that this is an emergency and a surge. the question is what do we do about it? congress has not acted and mexico has not acted, so the president is now acting. the question is will the american people support him and let's talk about what we want. >> to be fair not every american because of course a majority of the senate even with many republicans rejected the national emergency declaration. i want to get to the costs here because i get that there is an issue a major issue at the border, but let's talk about the cost. ted cruz who supported the president on the wall according to "new york times" he called the proposal proposed tariffs a $30 billion tax increase on texans. the koch brothers conservative group they are calling the
6:21 am
tariffs the largest tax hike in modern history. as you know the president often claims that mexico will be paying these tariffs when you and i know and republicans know that, in fact, american consumers and businesses pay those. >> let me stop you right there. when you say -- >> does the president know who pays the tariffs? >> when you say you and i know, i don't know that at all. here is what i know -- >> ted cruz and the koch brothers say it's a tax on americans businesses. >> the koch brothers? come on now. let's talk about this discussion and who bears the burden of these tariffs. we had the same discussion with the china tariffs. everybody is trying to claim that somehow american consumers bear that burden. that's exactly wrong. china -- >> how is that wrong? american companies have to pay the tariffs on the goods they import and they pass those costs on to consumers. knots a discussion. >> do you want to let me explain this? >> absolutely. >> give me a minute here without interrupting me, jim. okay? here is the way this works, china bears most of the burden
6:22 am
of the tariffs. what happens when we put the tariffs on is china is forced to lower their prices, they have fewer exports, lower profits. the chinese government itself experiences lower tax revenues, slower rate of growth, higher unemployment right and foreign and direct investment flows out of china. now, we have seen virtually zero impact on price inflation after putting $250 billion worth of tariffs on china. so this whole idea that somehow the american consumer is bearing that is nonsense. what the american -- >> i've let you make your point. i let you make your point. i have to challenge you calling it nonsense because, yes -- >> it is nonsense. >> it has costs on china because of course china doesn't like having tariffs, mix their product more expensive, they have to adjust if they want to keep sales at the same level. >> exactly. >> but it's not nonsense to say that importers pay tariffs. we've been interviewing them every day, they say they're
6:23 am
paying them. we had an importing from texas yesterday talking about 50%, 60% increases on his prices because the products move back and forth across the border multiple times and you have to pay tariffs multiple times. it may be true that producers have not yet passed no he is costs on to consumers but it is american producers who are paying the tariffs and at some point you have to do it. >> you're blustering here. you said american consumers are bearing the burden, it's just wrong. china has born the vast majority of this burden. look, if they could just pass the tariffs on to america they wouldn't protest. if mexico could just pass the tariffs on they wouldn't protest them. here is the reality, america is really bearing the costs of both the china economic aggression that is stealing our intellectual property to the tune of several hundred billion dollars a year and in the mexican case, look, jim, we have a crisis here, national emergency of unprecedented proportions.
6:24 am
you cannot have 100,000 people on any given day moving on a conveyor belt driven by narco traffickers and human traffickers making billions of dollars off the american public, they come across the border, they crowd our schools, this he crowd our hospitals, the crime rate goes up, they drive the wages down of people in our cities and they tend to be african-american and his pan particulars the lower end of the income stream. it's simply not fair. what this president is doing is taking a stand on this. he wants the mexican government to respond. we should talk about what we want from the mexicans. do you want to know that? >> the president is clearly taking a stand here. i have to ask you because it's not nonsense. we've had -- >> it is nonsense. it's a simple problem -- it's a simple problem -- >> -- when they say they're paying for the tariffs. >> it's a simple problem in tax instance analysis and economics. the question of who bears the burden of a tariff or a tax.
6:25 am
>> are these american producers in texas lying when they say they're paying the tariffs? >> -- for example, we're seeing -- look, we had this same conversation a year ago when everybody's hair was on fire saying that consumer prices were going to go up because we were putting a tariff on china. didn't happen. china bore the burden of that. >> you're relying on american companies -- >> -- pardon me? >> you're relying on american companies not to pass the costs on to consumers. american companies are paying the tariffs or their profit margins are smaller >> it's determined by market conditions. if you want to get technical it's the elasticity of supply and demand. >> it's not technical. it's pretty straightforward. >> this is not an argument we should be having. the real argument should be about the costs that illegal immigration impresses upon the united states of america and the fact that neither congress or the mexican government lifted a finger to do anything about it and that the president has a very few options because congress refuses to act.
6:26 am
in my judgment this is a brilliant strategic move to get the mexicans to internalize some of the costs. right now the mexican government makes money off illegal immigration. after the tariffs are put in place the mexican government will bear a cost of that. we believe that these tariffs may not have to go into effect precisely because we have the mexicans' attention, vice president pence will be meeting with them today, secretary of state pompeo and ambassador robert lighthizer. i think let's stay calm and look at the chess board here. we have to solve this crisis, do we agree on that, jim? is this a crisis? >> well, you have -- >> if we can't agree on that then it's difficult -- >> is it an issue no question. i've interviewed the chief of border and customs control who describes it as a crisis. >> but do you believe that this is a crisis? do you believe that there are 100,000 illegal immigrants
6:27 am
trying to get into the united states? >> the numbers speak for themselves. >> okay. >> if we can -- >> that's unacceptable. i don't care whether you are in the left, right or middle that's not acceptable to the american people and this president will do something about it. >> we report the increasing numbers of illegal undocumented -- >> it's out of control. last week on a wednesday 1,000 people walked over from juarez, mexico, to el paso. >> -- will you grant that fact? will you grant that it's a fact -- >> jim, i'm astonished that cnn would quote the koch brothers as a reliable source for -- >> a dozen -- >> -- and they've fought this president on trade every since -- >> economists, importers, importers -- >> the koch brothers? is this cnn source? come on, jim. >> you watched cnn, peter. >> i'm just saying --
6:28 am
>> -- pay the tariffs. >> let's not bring the koch brothers into this. >> listen, your meeting -- the white house is meeting with mexican officials today. is there something that mexico could do between now and monday that will prevent the president for imposing 5% tariffs. >> absolutely. they can commit to taking all the asylum seekers and applying mexican laws which are much stronger than ours. look, here is the thing, if the people who are moving up with scripts to claim asylum from their narco traffickers, human trafficker handlers simply understood that that script ain't going to work anymore getting into america, they will be in mexico instead, that 100,000 will go to a trickle in the 21 days it takes for that message to get back. >> there is a concession mexico can take to prevent tariffs on monday? >> absolutely. that's the number one on my list. the other two things are we have a 2,000 mile plus border with mexico. very hard to police. the southern border, however,
6:29 am
mexico has with guatemala is 150 miles and better yet it has natural and artificial choke points where it is easy to police. so a strong commitment from the mexican government to put resources down there and i'm sure this government will help them in any way possible, that's number two. number three, look, there's a bunch of check points that go from the southern to the northern border. those check points are designed to stop the flood, but instead it's the corruption, the government officials who make money off this human trafficking. that has to stop. so the point here is prior to president trump announcing the possible imposition of these tariffs, mexico profited from illegal immigration both in the private sector and in the public. >> so those three things if you see progress on that today -- >> that's what we're looking for, jim. that's what we're looking for.
6:30 am
the acting department of homeland security secretary made that very, very clear the first day these were announced. this is not unreasonable, jim. we're asking mexico to put an end to this. they have tough laws, they need to enforce the laws and they need to take the asylum seekers. it will put an end to it. so let's do it. >> peter, let's keep up the conversation. thanks for coming on. >> yes, sir. okay. that's news that he just laid out the three things that the administration wants. >> it's a lot for mexico -- well, it depends on what will qualify as meeting those three standards, right, between now and monday. >> it's the first time we have heard it laid out, i think, which republicans didn't even get in that meeting yesterday. >> that's true. we will let the many manufacturers we have had on the air who talk about paying the tariffs speak for themselves. >> and kevin hassett, i said american people pay for the tariffs, he said you're right.
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6:36 am
my lines it's you. >> there is an interesting development on capitol hill. >> no question. this morning the head of the house judiciary committee is refusing to call off a floor vote expected next week to hold the attorney general bill barr in contempt of congress. >> this was the condition set yesterday by the department of justice for resuming negotiations over the mueller report and the underlying evidence. that's what they've been fighting so much about. of course, the panel has subpoenaed all of that underlying evidence in its entirety. this he did that back in april. let's go to the justice department, laura jarrett is there. this is interesting how these negotiations have developed, right? what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, you know, the negotiations have been filled with mistrust for months now, both sides are finger pointing, but we're learning that late last month house judiciary chairman jerry nadler quietly reached out to the justice department and came to them with an offer to substantial limit his subpoena. remember his panel is the one that had voted to hold the attorney general in contempt of congress for failing to turn
6:37 am
over the fully unredacted mueller report. nadler said late last month in a letter to the justice department, look, i'm willing to work with you to substantially limit it and all i'm asking for is for the fbi interviews of half a dozen witnesses and their notes and some other white house documents related to obstruction of justice. so not material related to the grand jury issue that the justice department said was the reason they couldn't turn everything over, poppy. >> what is really interesting to me that i was reading about this morning, laura is why nadler to the public it looks like he's been saying all or nothing. >> reporter: yes. >> when we look at some of the letters is conceding and saying, all right, give me half, give knee some. >> reporter: that's exactly right. i think what you're seeing here is the behind of scenes -- both sides realize they are going to have to give a little because everyone knows this is going to court. while the house judiciary chairman has been publicly defending everything, behind the
6:38 am
scenes he's trying to show a little bit of accommodation, he knows he's going to have to show the court that he made that effort, especially since not a single democrat has come over here to look at the less redacted version of the mueller report that the justice department had originally offered. the real worry is that doj is dragging its feet, but doj says you are just been unreasonable. so it continues to be finger pointing on both sides here. >> imagine that, finger pointing in washington. never happens. laura jarrett, thanks very much. senator bernie sanders taking his fight for higher wages right to walmart. how will the retail giant, and it is giant, respond? etsy is the place to find new favorites. the things we hold on to. sold by real people and made for all of life's moments. our belongings don't just show what we care about. they show who we are. shop ♪ when you have nausea, heartburn, ♪ ♪ indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea ♪ try new pepto liquicaps for fast relief and ultra-coating.
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6:43 am
candidate senator bernie sanders is taking his wage fight directly to the top leaders at walmart. he right now is at the annual shareholder meeting, it's just a few minutes from their headquarters in bentonville, arkansas, he is pushing the company to raise their minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> he's also proposing to put hourly workers on the company's board of directors, that would put a potential first in the company's history. walmart one of the country's biggest employers. cnn correspondent ryan nobles is outside that meeting in rodgers, arkansas. this is going to be quite a moment here. >> reporter: yeah, no doubt about that, jim and poppy. we've regularly heard bernie sanders go after the walton family, jeff bezos from amazon, from the campaign trail, but what is different today is that he's actually going to be physically be inside this shareholder meeting, be able to look doug mcmillen the ceo of walmart face-to-face and tell him about his grievances with the walmart corporation. a former associate will offer up a proposal on the floor of the shareholders meeting to actually put an employee on their board
6:44 am
of directors and then she's going to hand over her time to speak on that issue to bernie sanders and we expect sanders to talk about allowing employee representation on the board of directors but also talk about in a fulsome way about how he thinks walmart should be treating their employees including raising their base salary to at least $15 an hour. sanders speak to my colleague about what he hopes to accomplish here. it's really about giving control to workers within their work environment. this is what he said, quote, they cannot simply be cogs in a machine. to be a human means you have some ability to control your life and that includes your work life. this is of course one of the central tenets of the sanders campaign, he's often talking about economic inequality and how individuals need that ability to kind of guide their lives and having a good salary that they can live on is a big part of that. now, for walmart's part they argue that they treat their associates very well, including they've just rolled out a tuition incentive plan to help get their employees through
6:45 am
college. this is expected to be a big showdown here today, jim and poppy, and i think what bernie sanders is hoping to show democratic primary voters is these are the kind of challenges he would take on if he were ultimately elected president. >> it's going to be tough for them now because amazon just raised their wages to $15 an hour, right? so there's that increasing pressure in the marketplace, too. >> there's a public relations aspect to it, too. no question. ryan nobles, great to have you there. this just into cnn. a group of bipartisan senators has announced 22 joint resolutions to block armed sales to saudi arabia without congressional approval. this is a big deal. it comes after last month when president trump, the trump administration declared an emergency to go around congress and expedite billions of dollars in arms sales to various countries, one of them being saudi arabia, the other uae. it matters. >> it does. senator lindsey graham who has been in lockstep with this president on so many things, on this he's supporting these resolutions. it's been eight months since
6:46 am
jamal khashoggi was murdered. this administration has missed a deadline required by law to determine responsibility for his murder. >> that's right. so now republicans and democrats in the senate trying to hold them to account. okay. how responsible for keeping students safe is the police officer, resource officer essentially who was outside of the school in parkland? that is the question now in a criminal case against the parkland resource officer for how he responded to that massacre that left 17 people dead. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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the school resource officer arrested and charged for his response in the parkland shooting will appear before a judge, scott peterson. child neglect, negligence and perjury. he could spend the rest of his life in prison. >> these resource officers are basically security guards. the gunman fired approximately 75 shots after peterson arrived at the scene. they also say that peterson lied to investigators when he said he only heard two or three shots. cnn correspondent nick valencia joins us live. the families have been very vocal on this. do they support the charges, by and large? >> we'll get to that in a second. some are saying they finally feel some accountability. his bond hearing just wrapped up in the last hour and his defense attorney tried to argue that there was no probable cause for the child negligence charge he's facing because he's not
6:52 am
technically a care giver. ultimately, the judge ruled there is probable cause and has been given $102,000 bond. after the shooting, immediately after the shooting, he faced widespread criticism, called a coward by president trump, by also some of the family members of those victims. in fact, as i mentioned, some of those family members of the victims are speaking out and saying that yesterday's arrest was a good thing. >> he needs to go to jail and he needs to serve a lifetime in prison for not going in that day and taking down the threat, and that led to the death of our loved ones. >> he deserves to rot. he is responsible, in large part, to why my daughter is gone and i have no sympathy for him. i'm glad he has been arrested. >> this is a dramatic turn in the investigation of the parkland shooting. authorities will finally showing that he had some responsibility.
6:53 am
he willfully, according to fdle, did not engage nikola cruz. he was outside, as this surveillance video showed, for 45 minutes while that shooting rampage carried on. his defense attorney is saying that the charges he's facing are baseless in fact and in law and this is a statement he released to the public that said in part, quote, the individuals who have made this charging decision have taken the easy way out and blamed mr. peterson for the actions on february 14th, 2018, when there has only been ever one person to blame, nikolas cruz. seven felonies and four misdemeanors, facing up to 97 years in prison. >> looking at those videos there, and i think people forget, is that the shooter actually, after all this, was able to leave and get away. he was, i believe -- right, nick -- only detained off campus later. so all those shots, all those minutes and he was even able to get away, at least for a time.
6:54 am
>> yeah. very dramatic video to see that he's there. the 1200 building off to the left of the camera, the pavement there, showing scott peterson knew where the shots were coming from, according to florida department law enforcement and still did nothing to engage the gunman. >> whenever i see those parent myself heartbreaks. >> can't imagine. >> i can't imagine their heartbreak and anger. thank you very much. confusion after trump administration cracks down on americans' trips to cuba. why the travel industry is scrambling today. ou have a trav? yep. our miles card. earn unlimited 1.5 miles and we'll match it at the end of your first year. nice! i'm thinking about a scuba diving trip. woman: ooh! (gasp) or not. you okay? yeah, no, i'm good. earn miles. we'll match 'em at the end of your first year. yeah, no, i'm good. you should be mad that this is your daily commute. you should be mad at people who forget they're in public.
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simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. >> u.s. airlines and cruise lines scrambling to change course in the wake of the trump administration's new travel restrictions against cuba. one of two remaining u.s. cruise ships docked there was seen leaving the havana harbor. >> the restrictions include forms of educational and recreational travel, including what's known as people-to-people travel. that's interesting, because that's what a lot of folks do to get to cuba. delta airlines, one of the biggest carriers in this country, says they will stop accepting those bookings. several u.s. airlines are reviewing the policy change. royal caribbean, u.s. cruise line, rerouted all ships traveling to cuba today and
7:00 am
tomorrow. very good morning to you. i'm jim sciutto. >> and i'm poppy harlow. we're minutes away from the president's departure from the south of england to the west of ireland. he is leading d-day to the trump international golf club surrounded by, well, golfers. long-awaited state visit to the uk is history now unlike apparently his grievances against his political opponents and the media. believe it or not, bette midler. >> the vice president and secretary of state are meeting with the foreign.


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