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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  June 6, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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i had the honor to talk with many of those veterans when i traveled to omaha beach to cover the 50th and the 60th anniversaries of d-day. sadly, fewer of them are still with us. but they are all in our hearts. and to them, we thank you for your service. erin burnett outfront starts right now. outfront next breaking news a new pu push for impeachment. the chairman of the house judiciary committee splitting with pelosi. privately urging impeach. hearings. plus vice president biden under attack about to speak any moment. will he take on critics and double down? and american dies in a caribbean resort. days later two more americans day, same resort. and tonight we have preliminary autopsy results. what happened? let's combo grout on-the-glow outfront tonight, the breaking news. a break at the very top of the democratic party. the two people who will decide whether there are impeachment hearings now at odds. the chairman of the powerful
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house judiciary committee jerry nadler wants to launch the impeach. hearings. but the pekar tells him no. tonight new details about what the two said to each other behind closed doors. new details that make this pregnant pause by nadler in response to wolf blitzer speak a thousand words. >> are you on the same page with the speaker, nancy pelosi when it comes to impeachment? >> as i said, we are launching an inquiry now. and whether we launch an impeachment inquiry -- it may come to that. it may come to that. >> a painful pause coming after nadler failed to convince pelosi to move ahead with impeachment proceedings. but what she did say about president trump behind the closed doors was shocking in this context. she said, we understand, i don't want to see him impeached. i want to see him in prison. prison.
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okay. to say, frequent impeachment i want prison. she clearly feels the heat from 59 democrats and nadler calling for impeachment. but think of this if the person second in line to the presidency believes the president of the united states should be in prison but not willing to launch impeachment proceedings, just to be clear with, i mean a person who is president should be in prison that's a tough problem. she is in a tough pot at this hour. and there is one person trying to kpapize on it. >> nancy pelosi, i call her nervous nancy. nancy pelosi doesn't talk about it. nancy pelosi is a disaster. okay. she is a disaster. and let her do what she wants. you know what, i think they're in big trouble. >> manu raju outfront live on a capitol hill. manu, what more are you learning about what happened in in meeting, this crucial meeting with the house judiciary chairman and nancy pelosi. >> well nadler tried to make his case, erin, that there should be an impeachment inquiry opened and raised several reasons why.
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one he believes that the legal case of the democrats are making in court is part of the fight with the trump administration over the defiance of a number of subpoenas. he believes it would be strengthened with an impeachment proceeding. also procedurally easier in the house as all the committees are now investigating various aspects of the trump administration. he said there should be one central committee launching the investigation into potential criminal conduct of in president and that -- that committee being his, the house judiciary committee. now i'm told there was pushback. nancy pelosi for one made it clear she does not support impeaching the president. she of course now said that the president should go to jail not be impeached. pu also the intelligence committee chairman adam schiff made it clear that he too does not support moving forward in the way that jerry nadler wants to move forward. schiff himself has a piece of the investigation as well. now, behind the scenes jerry
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nadler is getting some pressure from his members on the house judiciary committee, a growing number of them have urged him and -- to open up a probe. . he is sympathetic to the concerns with and raised the concerns directly to the speaker. the speaker now on multiple occasions has rejected the calls. and he has conveyed that back to his members. but i'm told, erin, he has been supportive of the members who have voiced public support of an impeachment inquiry. of course that shows the divisions in the caucus that pelosi wants to tamp down, erin. >> all right. and of course she is trying. and we'll see if there is a point where that is no longer tenable. obviously this is a huge break. outfront john dean, a scottgenics serving as special assistant to george w. bush appear adviser to mitch mcconnell and lewis gutierrez. nadler and pelosi are not on the same page. these are the two most important democrats on this issue.
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and they are not in agreement. what do you take away from this, that pregnant pause from nadler when asked by wolf about the situation in how much of a problem is this for the speaker? >> i don't think it is a huge problem for the speaker for the house of representatives. i think that in the end, erin, decisions like whether or not you are going to proceed with impeachment of the president of the united states rests with the majority of the members of the democratic caucus. and not solely within the jurisdiction of the judiciary committee. while the judiciary committee according to the constitution of the united states is that the one that can impeach the president of the zbluns that's where the power lies. >> that's where the power lies. but let's remember from a purely political point of view it's really a decision that rests with the majority, becauses in something so impactful that it will rest with the majority of
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the members of the house of representatives, at least with the majority of the members of the democratic caucus. i will say something -- i want to make one thing absolutely clear. i believe the president of the united states should be impeached by the house of representatives. i believe there is sufficient evidence to impeach the president of the united states. and i stand wholeheartedly with mr. nadler and his pursuit of that goal. >> right. >> and fulfilling his constitutional responsibilities. >> all right. let me just play, scott, again, though this pregnant pause with -- when wolf asked nadler about this. and by the way, this was before, you know, we had the reporting about what happened in the room. so wolf is just asking. and this is, again, the moment. >> are you on the same page with the speaker nancy pelosi when it comes to impeachment? >> as i said, we are launching
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an inquiry now. and whether we launch an impeachment inquiry -- it may come to that. it may come to that. >> scott, is nancy pelosi in a tenable position at this point? is she going to be able to hold this dam back? sorry, scott, let me just go to scott, yeah, go ahead. >> sure there is an old gandhi quote there goes my people i must follow them for i am their leader. smes like the lack person in the conference that wants to do this. and everybody else wants to do it. i think if you put it on the floor there is not a exact that would vote against it. the energy in her party is behind it. if you look at all the polling. cnn's latest apology they want to do it. and by the way, if you go behind closed doors and say i want to see the president of the united states go to prison, and then go out in public and say, i'm against the impeachment, i think it hurts your own credibility. i think it's disingenuous. people are like who are you really? what do you really believe?
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and so i think she's got internal issues but i think public credibility issues are forming for her because she says thing closed doors and another publicly. >> onthe to pot that point behind closed doors she wants him in prison. but -- fvly that's what she perceived from the mueller report. she thinks he deserves that from the facts. but public mri about why she is not there and wants to take this slow, john, here she is. >> we want to follow the facts to get the truth to the american people. getting the facts to the american people. getting the truth for the american people. where they will lead us we shall see. >> john, if she is saying he belongs in prison then they have led her somewhere. they have led her to believe that the president of the united states belongs in prison and yet she is not publicly willing to go for impeachment. is scott right that's just hypocritical and credibility killing for her. >> i don't see any difference
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between her private position and her public action and her position with her caucus. >> why not? >> she knows -- she knows if sme proceeds with impeachment that it will go to graveyard in the senate. i think that she realizes also that this issue could well be taken up to the election and not resolved before the election. and then when -- if he is re-elected they take one course of action. if he is defeated of course another course of action. so i think she is being very wise. and it's not to me any kind of conflict between nadler and the speaker. >> what do you say, scott, is this actually wise of her. >> no -- well, i mean to say we're either going to beat him or impeachment. i don't know that's a message the democratic party wants to take. we're either going to beat him at the polls if he wins we're going to impeachment, by the way if we beat him we might throw
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him in prison. it sfounds like a banana republic to me. if you are telling your your people behind closed doors i believe he is a criminal, engaged in a cover-up and should be in prison, then, yeah, you should -- you should do what they want you to do already which is impeach him him. i think the american people won't like it. i grew he with mr. dean, the senate probably won't convict the president. but it strikes me this is what people hate about people in washington, d.c., the willingness to say these kinds of crazy things put him in jail behind closed doors and not follow through on the actions when given a cans by their own conference that wants to do it. >> i'm sorry. >> congressman -- okay, go ahead. >> i'm sorry i have to laugh. because i just heard scott say put him in jail. remember lock her up? let me see who went to jail, the campaign manager is in jail. we don't know what flin -- what time flin is going to -- his lawyer is in jail. lock her up. spo republicans feel that nancy
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pelosi saying that he should go to jail is somehow crazy but they support a president of the united states whose campaign was lock her up. so number one, there is that going on. but look, let's be clear. what nancy pelosi and democrats want is for the president to be held accountable for his actions. and nef read the mueller report. and it's clearly established in the mueller report that he says we are going to preserve the evidence because once a president is no longer president of the united states he can be prosecuted and i believe this president once he leaves office and is defeated at the polls will be prosecuted in the court and will be sentenced to jail. >> so, john, you just heard the president obviously likes this, right? you know he is saying all the things are just so terrible for nancy, what a disaster. and today he is trying yet another nickname which of course, you know, people can make light of but obviously have
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often been incredible powerful when he used them. so he's had trouble finding a nickname here he is but he found one today. >> nancy pelosi, or nancy as i call her, the ms-13 lover nancy pelosi. we've got to stop crying chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. >> i don't want to say crazy nanciy because if i say that that's a copy of crazy bernie and that's no good. >> nancy pelosi i call her nervous nancy. >> nervous nancy, john, will it work? >> i aside from the childishness of his nicknames, this is not a nervous woman, anyone who knows her knows she is very much in control, very calm, very collected. and she -- her gestures it seems he is mocking. she uses hand gestures
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occasionally. she speaks with a -- a raspy voice at times. so i just think he is just mocking her. and it's not going anywhere, has no meaning what so far. >> scott, final word. >> yeah, look, i think the only nickname that's going to matter is the nickname he gives to the person he is going to be running against and we don't know that yet. if i might i'd like to say something back to my friend cochems gutierrez. i have never believed in this lock her up chant. i didn't like it when they crimized politics in the white house i worktd if it. i didn't like it when republicans did it to hillary clinton and i don't like it now you have nancy pelosi saying we are throwing the president inall. we can't have endless cycling of reactions where the the reaction is i want to throw somebody in jail. it's destructive to the republic and we have to stop criminalizing. >> obstructed justice. obstructed justice. >> pardon. >> he was engaged in criminal activity. >> all right thank you all. >> that's where criminals go to jail. >> and next joe biden on the
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defense about to speak after getting hit by just about every 2020 contender over his support for a law blocking federal funds for abortion. biden is sticking to his guns. why? plus breaking tonight negotiators racing against the clock. the white house forward with plans to slap mexico with new tariffs. a republican against that move is outfront. and internal new documents reveal who stays at trump's hoe nele tell in washington among the vip guests, an arab sheik with a powerful agenda. (gasps and screams)
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. ton, the fight for 2020, all eyes on former vice president joe biden who is moments away from speaking in atlanta. biden on defense over his support for the hyde amendment. now, the hyde amendment prohibits federal money from being used for abortion, except in the case of rape, incest or when the life of the mother is at stake. senator bernie sanders running second to biden in almost every poll is jumping on this today, saying quote if we believe the woman has a right to constitutional right to the control ore her own body that right must apply to all women including low income women. that's why i consistently voted against the hyde amendment and i would eliminate if. asset joan walsh narcotic correspondent for the nation and. joan how big of a problem is
4:19 pm
this for bide 199the primary. >> in the primary it's a huge problem. we saw one after another candidate come out today and rebuke him, state their own support for repealing the hyde amendment. you know this is something that became an issue in 2016. representative barbara lee introduced legislative and hillary clinton jumped outfront and supported the legislation. bernie sanders joined her. this became the mainstream position. then finally in 2016 it was -- it became part of the democratic platform that we stand for removing the hyde amendment, those restrictions. so he is completely out of step with his party. he may think this will serve him well in the general. but, again, he's got a lot to show women. you know, we've got the anita hill issue. we have the issue of possibly not respecting women's personal space. this -- it's bad time for him. but it's a choices making. he decided he is going to stay with this. >> east been clear.
4:20 pm
jb jenn, biden is a dwout catholic. he has publicly spoken about how he struggled with the issue of abortion. are we just seeing that essentially play out? he had an opportunity here to say i'm actually now against this. but he didn't. i mean he is sticking with his point of view. >> the matter. and i agree with everything that joan said. i think this is boyden's personal point of view. as you mentioned's dwout catholic. he has hadator you ared point of view for a long time which wasn't out of the mainstream maybe 20 years ago which is that he is personally opposed to abortion but doesn't think government should intervene. the problem is that the democratic party and the electorate moved forward on this issue and has moved in a much more progressive dressing. and it's not just a wing of the party that believes the hyde amendment should be eliminated. it's a mainstream position, as joan said, in the democratic platform. you saw all the candidates today. so i don't think this is a political calculation on his
4:21 pm
part on this particular issue. if i were his campaign advisers i'd be wanting him to flip on this because it's going to be brults for him in the first debate. this is his personal view which clearly is playing out publicly. but it's a definite issue for him in the primary. >> certainly the primary obviously looking at the general and from a point of view it might be different at that point, joan. here is the thing almost every other exact come out and seized this issue, right he is on the wrong side of it. >> right. >> but politico did point out the hyde amendment is often tucked into bigger bills. if you are bernie sanders and just take a stand on it you're voting against the entire budget or spending bill because of the hyde amendment. if you are cory booker kamala harris, amy cloeb kbhar. eric swalwell, you actually every one of them voted for this amendment just like joe biden. now they're out and hot and bothered about it but with are they hypocritical. >> i don't think so erin. it's tough to know what you should do should you kill the
4:22 pm
budget bill because of the hyde amendment? maybe yes. >> they voted for the overall spending bill attached to that they voted for the bill. >> and it's been happening that way since the 70s. barack obama, you know, the president said he opposed the hyde amendment. he wished that we could repeal it but his budgets included the hyde amendment. this has been done. this is just not -- this has been the dodge for going on more than -- roughly 40 years, right? and sure, you can say it's somewhat hypocritical but nobody was asking them to make it an issue. phobia asked them to kill the budget. >> suddenly it's an issue it's interesting how these things happen. and to be fair, these -- it's part of the nastiness of our system. you throw the amendments into the bill what do you do vote against frgt? bernie sanders can do that rand paul can do that but wouldn't get a lot of governing done. it's part of the system. but biden has mot been apologyic about his for the for this he has stood by other controversial decisions. . support for the crime bill among them process.
4:23 pm
but that stands in contrast to how he handles allegations about invading personal space of women. his tone different when he decides to apologize or not. here is some of the difference in tone. >> i worked my whole life to empower women. i've worked my whole life to prevent abuse. i've written -- and so the idea that i can't adjust to the fact that personal space is important -- more important than it's ever been is -- is just fallout thinkable. i will. i will. >> folks let's get something straight. 92 out of every 100 prisoners end up behind bars or in a state prison, not a federal prison. this idea that the crime bill generated mass incarceration, it did not generate mass incarceration. >> saying he is sorry what or okay, or being defiant and explaining and defending his decision, which does better for joe biden, jenn.
4:24 pm
>> well i think he recognized as his campaign team did that if the accusations piled up that it's disqualifying and he couldn't run for preponderate and he needed to address it and acknowledge and change his behavior and to change his behavior. on the crime bill i think he mass a long road to go here. yes he can't run away from it but he needs to be more forward looking about where he is today and his views on criminal justice reform on today. i have no doubt they are thinking about that and contemplating that. but he is not running away from it because i think he was a part of it. but i don't think that's exactly the right strategy. injury they have more work to do there. >> i agree. bill clinton i think did a better job in 2016 having to be -- stand there as a president who signed it and say, yes it's not the only thing behind mass incarceration but it did increase it and i'm sorry. so. >> but biden is not putting it in the context which the reporting is doing a better job than he is of the time and the fact that the cbc and mayors supported this. but times changed and it had implications and impacts that weren't intended.
4:25 pm
i wish he would say that and put out something more forward look bag criminal justice reform. i'm sure they will but we are wait zblag thank you both and next the white house moving forward with plans to slap mexico with tariffs after failing to stop the flood of migrants. so is the crisis at the border he will self-inflicted? plus a shocking leak. new documents revealed, photo the foreign officials spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to stay at trump's hotel in washington. what do they want for that
4:26 pm
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say "get pets tickets" into your x1 voice remote to see it in theaters. new ton, team trump doubling down on tariffs. sarah sanders saying, quote, we are moving forward with tariffs at this time. this after another day of meetings. and trump says he is not bluffing. >> we have told mexico the tariffs go on. and i mean it, too. >> trump of course saying the tariffs go on until mexico stops all illegal immigration into the united states over the southern border. tom foreman is outfront. >> the numbers are huge.
4:30 pm
144,000 mierpgts arriving in the u.s. via the southern border in may alone. including more than 11,000 unaccompanied children. that's more than 30% higher than the previous month and the highest total in 13 years. we are in a full-blown emergency. the acting head of customs and border protection says, the system is broken. >> all of last year, 400,000 people came in the country illegally, right? this is how staggering the current -- the current crisis really is. >> for the president it is another reason to hammer on mexico. saying that country should stop migrants before they reach the u.s. >> they have to step up to the plate and perhaps they will. we're going to see. >> to be sure many point out migrants are driven out of home countries south of mexico by economic hardship and violence. and the prom of a better life in the states if they can make it to the border to make an asylum
4:31 pm
claim. the white house says congress must help fix that part too. >> we know that needs to happen is that true congressional action which is that of closing the legal loopholes stopping the magnet of illegal immigrants coming to the united states. >> but some critics say the president is also to blame. they argue his singular focus on building a wall has allowed an administrative log jam to develop and many immigrant families know the rules limiting how long children can be detained mean they will likely be released while cases make their way through the immigration courts. >> now, the administration has begun beefing up the immigration courts. but it's really just far too little. lacking at about 40 oh judges today. maybe next year 500 judges processing over a million cases. >> they basically stay in the united states for almost five years before any go through the complete immigration court case. and they're all being treated as an asylum seeker.
4:32 pm
>> the nature of the asylum seekers has also change. in decades past they were largely single men looking for work. now many families and children are coming seeking asylum. and that is raising a whole different set of political and practical challenges in dealing with them, erin. >> tom, certainly many challenges. asylum hearings can take years, they do take years. all of a sudden the problem doesn't go away. thank you. outfront republican congressman from illinois rodney davis. congressman let me start with the basic question. what do you think is the driving the surge which we certainly see in the numbers of people coming illegally to the u.s. over the southern border? >> well, i think it's a desire for prosperity that america offers every single person who gets into this country. we have seen and heard that migrants wouldn't come cross the border because people were scared of president trump and scared of his policies. that's clearly not the case. and the biggest irony in the
4:33 pm
don't. and we have to have politicians on both sides of the aisle get their head out of the sand. realize a criticizes at the southern border and do basing it. >> all right. let me get to the point obviously -- you have a real problem down there right now. but you heard will herd just say the gop colleague that the surge is due to a complaining in how trump's dhs interprets the law basically treating people coming asylum seekers instead of deporting them. in other words, they're making the numbers big are and big are. they are making a crisis big are and big are. is that -- what's happening? >> well, will is a great guy, a patriot, a former cia analyst and good friend of mine. and i trust his knowledge on a lot of border issues bus his district borders the country of mexico. but what will knows and what i know is that we have to have leadership on both sides of the aisle and the white house to get a bill across the house floor and senate law and signed in law process we had a chance to do that with a couple of bills i
4:34 pm
supported that would have built the president's security fence, the the border wall and structure. would have reformed the broken immigration system that we have right now. that cost too much and takes too long for people going through the legal system. we would have had a path to legal status for daca kids and dremers and stopped kids from being separated from parents. but it got caught up in politics. no democrat voted for it. not enough republicans voted for it. and it's a clear lack of leadership on both sides. >> okay. and despite this, though, the tariffs on mexico which is the president's response. so you know, we can move aside from the moment of the blame on why we are suddenly having the crisis, right now. to the issue of a solution. his solution now is i'm going to go around congress and put on tariffs. they're going on i'm not blufrg process starting at 5%. going up to 25%. you don't agree with that, why? >> no, i don't agree with that approach. i certainly hope that the president and the administration
4:35 pm
and vice president pence, secretary pompeo have some success with this. you know, i have seen a "washington post" article today that came out a few hours aigt talking about how mexico may be doing something to fix the crisis that we clearly see at oh sour southern border. >> national guard troops. >> i don't like the threat of tariffs. >> yeah with, i don't like the tariffs. i think that it takes our eye off what is important which is making mexico more prospersous. make canada more prospersous and keeping the united states prospersous and gives democrats an excuse not to put the usmca on the floor of the house to make sure we have the trade agreement that will protect mexican workers, provide them labor standards and also provide a great economy for our farmers, manufacturers. >> so congressman davis, let me ask you because obviously you -- you disagree on tariffs. but you have not been afraid in the past to call out this president when you think something has happened that should not, foreclosures, the access hollywood tape you called
4:36 pm
the comments abhorrent rescinded support for him one of many republicans at the time who said he should withdraw from the race. but right now only one republican colleagues publicly believes that the president should be impeached. justin amash. he does say there are more of you who grow with him privately. here is how he put it. >> my colleagues tell me all the time. in fact you wouldn't believe how many phone conversations i had or conversations in personal with colleagues, justin -- by the way a lot of them think i'm right about the mueller report and won't say it. a lot of the republicans. >> are you one of those republicans congressman? >> absolutely not. i have never had a conversation with justin amash about that. i don't think the president should be impeached. i think the democrats are going to be pressured by the far left and not be able to avoid impeachment proceedings against this president. and i think they'll be punished at the ballot box for that. the mueller report came out. 35 million taxpayer dollars. instant access to grand juries,
4:37 pm
subpoenas, law enforcement agents, lawyers, whatever they needed. and the investigation clearly showed not a single american kohl you'ded with russia to affect the 2016 election. the american people want us to move on. the democrats are insistent upon impeachment. i'm standing will making sure that they are held accountable for these axe actions that are not warranted. >> to his point on obstruction. >> the president was duly elected by the american people. >> absolutely true. but to his point on the obstruction and the ten thing lid laid out in the mueller report and the mueller saying he couldn't exonerate the president of a criminal. and more than 1,000 former prosecutors say they would indict somebody with what was in that report none of that bothers you? >> that's not how we work the justice system you're innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. this is an investigation. and this is something that has turned 100% political. the democrats, erin are doing everything they can to create a
4:38 pm
narrative the president should be impeached. and if they go ahead appear impeach this president in the house of represent he was i would say that he is going to be re-elected by a landslide in 2020. >> all right. well congressman cavis i appreciate your time. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and next, internal new documents reportedly revealing the vip guests staying at trump' hotel in washington. who are they. >> arjts three americans found dead at a ndamukong republic resort over the last five days. new details on what may have killed them
4:39 pm
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trump's hotel in washington. the "washington post" getting its hands on private internal documents from the hotel. they've got the list of vip guests staying at the trump international last year many oft. one things from the trump administration. and the one staying the lo long-term staying 26 nights process. the estimated cost an estimated couple thousand a night. pushing mike pompeo and john bolton to overthrow the iranian government. one of the reporters breaking the story. josh partlo pch it's incredible with the details. what else do you know about the sheik a what he wanted from
4:43 pm
trump. >> the sheik has an interesting and long history dealing with american officials. he is from northern iraq, kurdistan, a cia paid informant in the run up to the 2003 invasion of iraq. he started private security companies. he now lives in exile in jordan. and he showed up at the trump hotel in late november of last year. and he does have a long, long agenda that he openly talks about. he -- the main issue for him right now is iran. he wants -- he is angry about iranian influence in iraq. he wants the iranian government overthrown. he has written letters to like you mentioned to the top officials expressing that. he also wants himself to be a more prominent or a prominent political figure in iraq. he said he thinks he should be president of iraq. and he is also recently opened several companies registered several companies in the united
4:44 pm
states and is looking for contracts with the trump administration. he's got a -- apparently has a full plate of demands >> it's incredible. and when you look at what the administration is now saying about iran, certainly it fits with that point of view now in the shift we have seen there. you know, you've also reported a lot on strong saudi connections to the hotel, right, the lobbyists for the saudis paying $300,000. now you are talking about 500 nights at the hotel three months after trump won. this is saudi-related. why does this raise such red flag sns. >> well, i mean, primarily because the president still owns this hotel as he owns his other properties around the country and some of the projects around the world. so, you know, this is money that's going into the trump family. and we're trying to -- we're trying to track like a lot of the reporters you know who is spending the money and are they trying to influence the trump administration in some way?
4:45 pm
the -- you know, the government -- this sheik says this was a personal visit to the trump hotel for nearly a month and getting dmeld treatment in baltimore. but he admits he spent time with state state department officials on this trip and in the past, and has things he wants from the government obviously. >> all right. thank you very much, josh. some great reporting there thank you. >> thank you. >> and next, three americans found dead at a caribbean resort over the span of of five days. tonight we have the preliminary autopsy results and what happened. plus jeanne moos on president trump going it alone and leaving his signature mark far above every other world leader. sfx: record scratch music (plays throughout): [ 'watch me walk' by spencer ludwig ] yo dj, can i put in a request? ♪ don't have no sass about this ♪ ♪ i'm on my way i'm on my way ♪ ♪ can't take no class about this ♪ ♪ i'm on my way i'm on my
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4:50 pm
toxicology reports which the fbi is now assisting with. "outfront" now, stephen bullock, the attorney for cynthia day and holmes. this is a horrific story, a terrifying story and so tragic for these families. and i know you're desperately trying to get answers and find out what happened here, because this does not add up. what do you make of the autopsy results that we have now? >> well, i find it to be very difficult to understand when you have literally three people dying in a similar fashion. that causes anyone to pause and say something is fundamentally wrong here and needs to be investigated thoroughly. >> certainly. and now we found out about a colorado couple who says the same thing almost happened to them. i'm going get to that in a moment. when you look at these, the fbi is involved now in the toxicology reports. when you look at the autopsy reports as they're coming out, they're saying fluid, internal
4:51 pm
bleeding, fluid in the lungs and the brain. do the families know of either mr. holmes or ms. day having prior health issues? >> not to my knowledge. there was no health issues from what i understand. and we cannot really rely on what's coming out of the dominican republic at this time. we will wait for the fbi to complete their investigation and proceed from there. >> so the dr is putting out some information, you know. again, coming from the dr, not the fbi. they're saying dr police, there were three medications found in their room. they say an anti-inflammatory was one of them and an opioid was another. do you know anything about that? were those prescriptions or do you know anything? >> from what i understand from the family, the young lady, ms. day was taking some drugs for -- some prescription drugs for hypertension that was the extent
4:52 pm
of that. i cannot opine on mr. holmes, but i can say from talking to the families that they both were in relatively good health, and if you had an opportunity to see the video, these folks were in love. they were celebrating their engagement, and they were trying to move forward with life. >> and, you know, this horrific story happens. and as i mentioned, they were not alone in this terrible fate. we also know miranda schaup-werner passed away five days before at the same resort. a colorado couple who says they stayed there last year; say they became extremely sick. our drew griffin went out and talked to them and it sounds eerily similar. they are lucky to be alive. what are you going to do now? the bodies of my clients will be coming back to the united states. from what i understand, mr. holmes will be coming back on sunday, and ms. day should be
4:53 pm
coming back on monday. that's our hope and expectation. once they are here, we're going to have an autopsy done to try and get some results. >> all right. stephen, i appreciate your time. thank you very much. we all hope you can get some answers and get them very quickly. thank you. >> and erin, may i just say that the family really does want to thank the community for all of their support and.s, and they really appreciate everything they're trying to do to help in this situation. thank you. >> thank you so much. and next, jeanne on president trump's signature. that is, well, stands alone. ♪ ♪ ♪ with advil liqui-gels, what stiff joints? what bad back? advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts.
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4:58 pm
signed by 16 world leaders. their signatures clustered down below, except for one. name that signature towering above all others on a d-day proclamation, president trump's name landed alone at the top. note worthy restraint that it wasn't signed in a thick permanent marker, read one tweet. we all know how boldly the president scrawls his name, but here? it's like when a car gets sent round to be signed at work for someone and you desperately try to find a spot where yours will stand out. president trump's signature always stands out. >> the size of the signature correlates with narcissism, with ego, with a grandiose sense of self-importance. >> someone suggested that the placement on top was the signature equivalent of this, the time president trump gave montenegro's prime minister a little shove to get to the front of the photo op. to be fair, someone noted, if he signed last, then he wasn't
4:59 pm
given much choice unless he wrote over the proclamation, or, i don't know, signed smaller, countered someone else. like in the space on the bottom left i marked out. our handwriting expert says the narcissism of a big signature isn't all bad. which which i think is a success trait. >> ditto for on top. always like it when someone likes to be the shepherd and not the sheep. my kind of guy. the proclamation commits signers to ensure the horror of the second world war is never repeated. since the united states is the only reason that letter wasn't written in german, it's appropriate that trump sign on top. when it comes to the president's signature -- >> the size alone equals i'm so important, i don't need to obey margins. >> reporter: and if you jump to the top, it's even harder to be marginalized.
5:00 pm
jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> thank you for joining us. you can watch "outfront" any time, anywhere. just go to cnn go. and right now anderson starts "ac 360." the woman second in line to the president now says that the president belongs behind bars, and we've got breaking news tonight on why she said it. good evening. i'm jim sciutto here sitting in tonight for anderson. house speaker nancy pelosi said what she said behind closed doors, but it signals a dispute among top house democrats that tonight is spilling into the open. at issue, how or even weather to proceed on hearings that could lead to impeachment. and as we're learning tonight, that disagreement is now coming to a head. cnn's manu raju joins us with breaking news. what are we learning, manu? >> the two democrats are at odd, jerry nadler and nancy pelosi. nancy pelosi


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