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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  June 9, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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we are live in the cnn newsroom. we still have 239 days until the iowa caucuses. but if you were there in iowa tonight, you might think this first test of the 2020 election season is right around the corner. because 19 democratic candidates descended on the state to ditch thems to donors at the annual hall of fame dinner. while most of the candidates talked in generalities, the cold hard numbers show just how hard it is to rise above the the pack in this crowded democratic field. only five candidates were able to get above 3% in this poll. joe biden, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, beat buttigieg and kamela harris, another nine polled at 2%.
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these nine candidates aren't statistically registering in the poll. lela, how are voters receiving these candidates and who stood out most? >> reporter: well, you know, a lot of voters aren't telling me it made it easier, it made it more difficult in narrowing down the short list. they got to hear from 23 democratic candidates. they made that pitch to each individual voter, spoke to three after the fact, all three mentioned two names, that's amy klobuchar as well as yeelizabet warren, every single one saying it's early, we haven't decided. we have a short list to get through so they want to hear from these candidates more. i had one person from iowa say if i've only seen one candidate once, that's off my short list. i want to see multiple times to be able make up my mind.
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remember, this is iowa. this is the first caucus state here. a lot of these candidates see potential not just support but delegates in that audience. they've sold out here for the hall of fame dinner, 1,400 tickets. so a lot of these voters are wanting to hear how these candidates stand out in such a crowded field and how they can relate to them as well as the strength in their campaigns. we saw before the candidates arrived. a lot of the campaigns out on the street with street signs as well as different chants that they had to show the enthusiasm and the strength of their campaign here in iowa. now, who did we not see here? again it was 19 of the 23 candidates. in speaking to the voters. several of them took offense to the front runner joe biden was fought here. now his campaign says that he
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was at a family commitment that was scheduled a while ago. he will be here on tuesday. president trump will also be here on tuesday and then i'd like to take note of the timing of this. we are just a few weeks away from the big first debate. >> that will be in miami so i will see these candidates once again pushing what is their priority to stand out in such a crowded field on the debate stage. >> all right, lela santiago in cedar rapids, i, what thank you. as i noted earlier two, candidates in that new iowa polling got zero percent support, meaning not a single iowa caucus-goer mentioned them when asked if who they would vote for, new york city bill de blasio is one of those candidates. he joined me earlier. i asked him about that poll and whether he can relate, considering he is the mayor of america's biggest city. here's part of our conversation. >> reporter: how do you process this information that not one
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single iowa voter named you as a first or second choice in this new polling? >> anna, it's a poll of 600 iowans, eight months before the caucuses. this is just the beginning of a very long process. and i'll tell you something, iowaens have consistently surprised the pundits and come out many, many times with a choice that was not expected. a lot of times that choice emerged in the final weeks before the caucuses. so we got eight months ahead, i'm going all over iowa, talking about putting working people first. its resonating. >> i wonder if being new york city may look at you skeptically life in the big apple is a lot different than life in a rural mid-west community. >> reporter: an. >> anna, it's a fair concern. when hearing from the same issues i hear from my
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constituents in new york. i think the democratic party for decades formed a coalition. that's what franklin delano roosevelt. it worked for democrats. it was about working people, farmers, factory workers, every day people. when i sa toy folks, we need to put working people first. i talk about pre-k for all kids in this country. paid sick leave for working people. paid time off guaranteed two weeks paid vacation. which we are doing now in new york city as a law. these are the kind of things that working people care about and they want to hear. >> now, former colorado governor john hickenlooper is swinging through the hawkeye state this weekend. he spoke earlier in a second time in little over a week, he slammed socialism. >> we must be progressive, but also pragmatic. we need a dreamer but also a
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doer. we must present a bold vision for the future. but we must also acknowledge that the most effective attack the republicans can level against us is one of socialism. now, that doesn't mean the democrats should shy away from big progressive goals. far from it. >> former colorado governor john hickenlooper, 2020 candidate, joins us. governor, thanks for being here. >> great. thanks for having me on. >> i want to ask you about your statement on socialism. first, i got to ask about these new pochlts you've campaigned in iowa quite a bit. 34 events, in 13 days. cnn's poll of iowa caucus goers shows you have less than 1% support. why aren't you breaking through? >> well, i think we haven't done advertising at all.
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people aren't making up their minds, they aren't paying attention. most of the people narrowed it do unto five or ten people. during a poll, they'll pick somebody. that's not necessarily who they will support. >> if what you are doing, though, isn't rising to that level where are you top of mind. are you planning to make any changes in your campaign? >> well, i think when i'm in a house party or in a small town hall and i have 20 people or 60 or 80 people and i explain that i am the one person who has done the big aggressive things that people have said wasn't done, i'm the one person who has done what everybody else is talking about. i yield, i get people sayingly come caucus for you. i think we got. we're selling something people want to buy and figure out how to put it into sound bytes. that's the challenge. >> last week. speaking of sound bytes. you were at the california democratic national convention and your comments on socialism
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saying, that wasn't the answer to meeting president trump. you also mention that today. you mentioned that. that got a lot of reaction there. that was very different. i want to play this moment for our viewers. >> socialism is not the answer. i -- >> you can hear the booing there. were you surprised be they reaction? >> yeah i was surprised. not too surprised. we anticipated in that room. it was one of the most liberal parts of america, we know the republicans are trying to label us as socialists. i think as democrats we got to recognize and draw a sharp line who will and who are not. we have to speak loudly we're not socialists. >> but those are democrats you were talking to. those weren't republicans being critical of you. that's part of your party. >> no but i think they're the
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people that have to or i think they should be considering stepping back and say i want this big program. i want to make sure we get universal healthcare coverage. maybe when i think about it we don't have to take healthcare, private insurance away from 160 million americans. i think that's the challenge is sometimes medicare for all sounds great until you think it's going to be this massive government expansion. you will take away private insurance from 100 million people. when people hear that they're not so enamored. >> are you concerned that by continuing to label some of your fellow democrats socialists you are helping bolster trump's architect that your party wants a socialist government. >> no, absolutely not. certainly i have not labeled any of my democrats socialists. i'm trying to point out the republicans willer have and will continue to attack us for these massive government expansions and when you look at what
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happened in the mid-terms, one after another, you know, moderate candidate in swing states, they won because they did separate themselves from those attacks of your socialists. they were very clear that here's what i stand for. they're pragmatic. but being pragmatic doesn't necessarily mean you don't go after big ideals. it means you figure out how to do those big ideas. >> bernie sanders proudly calls himself a socialist. he explain what is he means on that on cnn's state of the union this morning. let's listen. >> what i mean by democratic socialism is creating government that works for everybody. not controlled either legislatively or politically by a handful of wealthy people. that's number one. number two. it means in america, we have certain economic rights that are human rights. healthcare to my mind is not a privilege. as the human right. that's what democratic socialism
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means to me. it means if you work 40 hours a week in this country. you dhoushould not be living in poverty. >> governor, what part of bernie sander's statement do you not agree with. >> i said healthcare should be a right not a privilege. i believe that. i don't think we can you know take away private insurance from over 100 million people that want to keep it. what we've offered is a public option that allows people that can't get insurance or the people and there are many that are unhappy with their private insurance, it allows them a way to migrate into something that's medicare or medicare advantage, but it's a voluntary migration that you know over ten years or 15 years, you would end up quite possibly with medicare for all. but it would be an evolution, not a revolution. it wouldn't be big government coming in, taking something away from you know again over 100 million people that are
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perfectly happy with their private insurance. i think we got a certain responsibility to make sure that we do, we don't enact ledges racing or policies that a large number of people are going to resist and actually prevent from happening. >> okay. last question. because of both of our connections to colorado. this weekend, wear orange for violence awareness, the superintendent in colorado is proposing tearing down columbine high school because of the history there and because he says there is a morbid fascination with it for all the wrong reasons. what is your take on that? should it be torn down? >> well, i had that discussion briefly a few months ago. and, you know, the connections between these shootings and the places where they occur is very, very difficult. and i can certainly understand where he's coming from. if he's doing the right thing, he's out talking to the entire school community. the graduates, the families, you
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know, the survivors of the shooting, itself. and really trying to assess whether the connection is too bleak and too destructive to the school continuing to be you know one of the best public schools in metropolitan denver. my guess is there is probably a lot of pressure on him, too, to tear it down. >> i grew up in littleton, colorado, so i will push you on this, what's your opinion? should it be torn down? >> you know, again, i wouldn't make that decision until i have assessed the sense of the community. i think again he's doing the right thing. >> you know that community well. you know that community well. you were the governor of colorado for eight years. >> i was the governor, i don't know that community in terms of what they feel about this school. i don't. trust me, i wouldn't hesitate to give you my opinion if i thought i could bring together an honest assessment of people really felt and what mattered to them i don't think what the former
5:14 pm
governor of colorado, what my emotional opinion is, should have as much weight as the people directly affected. >> governor djohn hickenlooper,i appreciate you taking the time. >> you bet. always a pleasure. we are getting new updates about a massive crane collapse in dallas. plus, in cities across the country celebrate the start of pride month, we are learning of another violent crime inspired by hate and big ougotrbigotry. details live ahead in the newsroom.
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our breaking news tonight. a huge crane collapsing and crushing parts of an apartment building in dallas. one woman was killed, six others, two critically. right now we do not know if anyone is trapped in the rubble. we are hearing from eyewitnesses inside the apartment complex when that crane collapsed. >> we notice it got really dark really quickly so we walked outside on to our patio and the wind picked up incredibly quickly. all the pool furniture went into the pool. i happened to say what if the cranes fall, are they going to fall on this building? and almost immediately after that we saw one fall and it sliced through the building. not to be cliche it went from the fifth through to what i can tell the third floor.
5:19 pm
i believe the second floor fell on the parking garage. we walked out to check our vehicles and we saw cars everywhere. i don't know how to describe it. there were cars vertical, cars from maybe the 8th floor to where we park and we saw where you get the pictures from. >> i spoke with another resident, who described the chaos inside that apartment complex. >> we don't know if they've accounted for everybody. we know they are going from to check for people still, animals still. so we're watching people come out with animals all the riehm time right now. we don't know if a tornado hit or not. we don't know if it was wind, tornado. we know there was the thunderstorm that had hit. it was raining like crazy and so that was what happened. it's lightened up right now. there is no rain and blue skies on one side and cloud on the
5:20 pm
other. >> as she referenced, severe storms and wind whipped through that area. but officials aren't saying that's what caused the crane to fall. i understand you are hearing about other recent crane incidents that may shed some light on to what happened here? >> yeah. essentially we don't know whether it was weather related or human error or both. we seen other crane incidents. one in just earlier in april where four people were killed in seattle and experts say human error played a role. they're investigating that. that will likely go on for several more months. now, in 2017, hurricane irma took down three cranes that were supposed to be able to withstand 95-mile-an-hour winds so it goes to show you, you can run the gamut here. what's going on in dallas right now, it appears that authorities were using rescue dogs to find
5:21 pm
missing people. it's unclear if the actual first responders were able to get access to the entire building. we're still trying to figure that out. we've called the crane company. we haven't heard back from it yet. look. it will be really difficult to determine the cause of this over the next couple of days. it's likely a long investigation. it's likely going to involve multiple different parties, for example in the seattle incident, they're talking to five different companies involved. so there are a lot of hands on this crane. what's really scary is the fact it was so close to a residential building. it happened with a parking lot in front. that's what's jarring people. it's not like there was a big construction site. this was a construction site and a residential building. >> do you know houmt how many people are trapped inside that build sfg. >> that's what we're trying to figure out. we hope not. we don't have a clear answer on that yet. >> we know one person dead,
5:22 pm
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5:26 pm
robinson, he is accused of shooting and killing the victims inside a home on memorial day weekend. the teen targeted them, robinson is being held without bail in detroit. he is scheduled to appear for a probable cause hearing june 21st. we learn of this along the backdrop of june being pride month. to recognize the impact lbgtq people have in the world. a woman was attacked with her partner chris as they were headed home. >> in other situations that i have been when people maybe i feel like i have friends like some kind of harassment or something i have always tried to avoid the situation or maybe i wasn't completely aware of the situation. the thing that happened, i believe it's great for us, because they were really saying stuff that we shouldn't have to
5:27 pm
be okay with. so i mean i know that that behavior can be usual but it shouldn't be. >> i want to bring in "new york times" op-ed columnist and political operator, charles, detroit, london, is there a bigger issue here? >> we see hate crimes rising above the board. the lbgt crimes are a part of that. it is interesting the detroit story which is it allows you to be happening in big cities and they're liberal cities and also people don't recognize that the number one place that hate crimes against lbgtq is actually in the home. second is on the street and it is rare at bars. it used to be that people would
5:28 pm
target places that lbgt people congregated. so there will be bars in their safe places. there will be harassment there. >> that is less to issue now. it's more to issue of people refusing to be segregated. refusing to hide their identities, refusing to live in a gay ghetto and presenting themselves as they are and being opened in the street. people are responding in ways that are incredibly harmful and sometimes criminal. >> and yet we have this new pugh research that found support for same sex marriage has drastically grown in the past 15 years at the same time acceptance of same-sex marriage. for example, people in boston are saying they want to put on a straight pride parade. do you see this as backlash to this acceptance? >> backlash mae be one way of saying it.
5:29 pm
i would phrase it more differently. which is the more people come out into the opened, insist on being able to have to share the same displays of affection that every other human being shows, insists on being able to dress and present theirselves in their truest sense of how they see themselves, the more they will come no contact that hate that, feel threatened by that or have a fear of that and that rub will sometimes result in this sort of violence. >> let me ask you about the trump administration to fly rainbow pride flags, 18 though we have been told this is routine for years. i spoke with a former u.s. ambassador to mexico for both democratic and republican presidential administrations. i asked him if this made sense to him. watch this. >> no, not at all. i don't know who made that
5:30 pm
decision. i think part of the problem is that what's happened in the state department in washington is that through the actions of the trump administration, a lot of the very most confident people have left and so you are getting decisions from the state department. from the national security council that just don't make any sense. >> now, evangelical christian leader franklin graham had a different take. let me read you his post. the only flag that should fly over our embassy is the flag of the united states of america. the gay flag is offensive to christian people and people around the world, the u.s. flag represents our nation, everyone, regardless of race, religion, jelks wal orientation. what is your reaction? >> get over it. the idea that people say it is offensive to you that someone else wants to live their life the way that they want to use it has no impact on you whatsoever. if you don't like same sex sex,
5:31 pm
then don't have any. if you don't want to be married to a person of the same sex, don't marry that person. it has literally nothing to do with you or your religion. say whatever religion you want. you cannot impose that on another person's life, if they choose to do something that violates your religion, then go to the bad place why your relationship exists. let them choose to do that. that has nothing to do with this. i take real offense when people say, oh, i'm offended by that ore, i don't like it. i don't find it natural. what does it have to do with you? literally what does it have to do you with? absolutely nothing. >> the issue of the gay pride flag bother you? >> absolutely not. most times when we fly a symbolic flag, you fly along with the u.s. flag. it's not like we are hoisting the isis flag over the u.s. embassy. this is not an attack on the u.s. by saying we celebrate a
5:32 pm
day. it's just a part of kind of recognizing humanity denied for a very long time. i don't care what franklin graham says about this. i don't care if religious people are upset over it. get over it. do your thing. get over it, live your life by that text. whatever text it is, i'm happy for you, stop trying to impose it on other people and saying those people's lives whoever they are living offends you. >> that is offensive to the rest of us. >> thank you, sir. i appreciate your perspective. house democrats want the courts to give their subpoenas more clout. even as the internal struggle over impeachment drags on, where do things stand right now? you are live in the cnn "newsroom". zplmplts
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5:37 pm
>> president trump continues the assault he launched on house speaker nancy pelosi. with the graves of u.s. soldiers behind him on the solemn 75th anniversary of the d-day invasion. calling pelosi a disgrace to herself and her family. >> i think she's a disgrahams. i actually don't think she is a talented person. she's a nasty, vindictive horrible person. >> reporter: the insults did nott stop there. >> i call her nervous nancy. nancy pelosi is a disaster. she's a disaster. >> reporter: trump responding to pelosi's private comments in a meeting in the capital this week, where according to politico, she said she doesn't want to see trump impeached. she wants him in prison. >> and she made a statement. it was a horrible, vicious statement. >> when you were overseas. >> while i'm overseas. >> reporter: while he was in normandy, pelosi actually avoided criticizing the president publicly. >> i don't talk about the president while he's out of the country. >> reporter: behind the scenes,
5:38 pm
the debate to impeach him has taken a new turn. jerry nadler is pressing pelosi, arguing it would bolster the democrat's battle with the trump administration in court. in the same meeting where pelosi said she wanted turn rump in pr, he said his committee should play the main role in investigating the president's conduct, freeing up other house panels to push forward on legislation ved. sources said he met resistance from pelosi and house tell jens chairman schiff. nadler would not say if he and pelosi are on the same page of mounting an inquiry. >> when that decision is made, it will be made by the committee. >> reporter: the 2020 candidates, the white house defiance of their subpoena. >> there is a growing sentiment it's an intolerable situation.
5:39 pm
>> and i go believe the just tish area committee in the house should go forward with an impeachment inquiry. >> reporter: in the coming weeks, the house will take its first real steps to enforce a subpoena that have not been complied with. they will go to court to enforce a subpoena issued to bill barr, the attorney general, to turn over the unredacted report and underlying evidence to that committee and also for don mcgahn to comply and turn over the record. the white house counsel so far has not complied under the instruction of the white house. >> that same resolution will be approved by the full house will authorize all committees to go to court directly bypassing the full house in order to pursue any subpoenas that have not been complied with by this administration. democrats say this is necessary. republicans say this is overreach. but it can lead to more court fights than we've seen so far. now, former trump campaign manager paul manafort is in
5:40 pm
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van jones has dedicated his life to work world trade center criminal justice system. now in his new show, the redemption project, van brings together victims and their offenders to talk, heel, maybe even forgive. here's a preview of tonight's episode. >> being the victim of a violent crime, i went down a real dark path. >> i wanted to go there to murder someone. >> he pointed a pistol at me and shot me twice. >> no one can go through that without being scarred. >> i wanted that badge. it was like i wanted the people to fear me. >> you are going to be siting a i kros from the guy that tried to take your life that killed your friend. >> if you expect me to forgive you. you have to come to your place in your life where are you honest about what you did. >> i'm not asking for his
5:45 pm
forgiveness. >> van jones host of the redemption project here with us. now, van, in this episode we meet gunnar and christian who were friends 20 years ago until one robbed and shot the other and killed one of his friends, tell us a little more about these two men and how they are violent meeting, that night that sent their life spiraling. >> i mean, these were two guys who had already taken a bad turn. they were both involved in the drug trade. one turned on each other in the most vicious way, now 20 years later both their lives have been impacted. people say why do i want to watch this? why do i care? this is the basic human condition. everybody has done something awful. they feel bad about. everybody's fought somebody in their life they find it hard to forgive. in our show, the stakes are a lot higher. because we're dealing with serious incidents, serious crimes. the reason this show is 99% positive on twitter is because
5:46 pm
it go etc. to that universal human thing. can people grow? can people change? can people truly atone? can people accept other policies if it's offered? that's what this show gets to this show also gets, to this whole question around addiction and drug recovery. a lot of this stuff we need to talk a lot more about in this country. >> i want to ask you a bigger picture question about this episode, it showcases how a vicious cycle of crime and violence begets more crime and violence. how do restorative justice conversations like this help break that cycle? >> listen in all of these shows, there has been the normal justticijust process. in this case the person is still doing time. yet there is this unhealed hurt. just because you get a verdict doesn't mean as a crime victim you feel complete. you understand what happened. your healing may be stuck back 20 years.
5:47 pm
these restore kif conversations. it has been incredibly helpful to so many people. it's never been caught on film before. cnn is the first news organization to catch this process on film and bring it to a prime time audience, people say the sponsor should be kleenex. bring your tissues. because it's so emotional. we need people to finally sit down and talk to each other. this show is not exceptional. >> we know how passionate you are about the issue of criminal justice. let me ask you about this scenario playing out with paul manafort, the former chain chairman. they want to put him in rikers island in consoltary confinement. i want to bring you this response from alexandria ocasio-cortez. she tweeted this, sorry, but if people aren't willing to apply principles evenly, no matter the person, then they aren't fighting for criminal justice
5:48 pm
reform. people acting as though is summer afternoon. it's rikers, widely known for abuse. how do you respond? >> i applaud alexandria ocasio-cortez what she is theying. listen, solitary confinement is considered a psychological torture and abuse. people have committed suicide. it's not, this is not a joke. this is not a game. if we're going to be the country we're supposed to be, when people have done wrong, we should punish them appropriately, we shouldn't be torturing people. the u.n. say solitary confinement is torture. i applaud her. she is no fan of the trump administration and paul manafort. but she's applying her principles consistently. i wish more people on both side would do that. >> van jones, good to see you. thank you. be sure to tune into with van at the top of the hour right here on cnn. the 2020 race is heating up
5:49 pm
with 19 democrats visiting the crucial state of iowa. they're all there in that hawkeye state, coming up next, how the abortion issue is set to shape the 2020 race in the white house. we are live in the newsroom. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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a new cnn poll out this week show s three in ten americans would vote for a candidate for major office who shares their views on abortion. a big jump from 15 years ag and
5:53 pm
the highest number in our poll in more than two decades. this week, we saw the democratic front-runner do a 180 on his stand on a key abortion law. cnn's natasha chen shows us how those are just some of the signs abortion will dominate the race for the white house. natasha? >> well, ana, especially when you look at the female respo respondents of this poll, women who identify as independent of any political party and nonwhite women are much more likely than men to say that abortion is a critical issue for their vote in 2020. with several states banning abortions and much earlier stages of pregnancy than established by roe v. wade, 2020 democratic candidates are coming forward in defense of abortion rights. >> people who are frightened are the ones who don't get access. and that's just not right. >> reporter: elizabeth warren, amy klobuchar, and kirsten gillibrand called for roe v. wade to be codified into federal law. >> i think kamala harris had a good idea the other day. >> reporter: harris is proposing the departicipament of justice
5:54 pm
dangerous abortion restrictions in states pushing unconstitutional anti-choice legislation before they go into effect f effect. harris is among a host of democratic candidates who tweeted in support of repealing the hyde amendment which bans federal dollars from being used in abortions except in cases of rape, incest or the mother's life is in danger. 15 states offer their own funding for a wider range of abortion services to medicaid recipients. the kaiser family foundation reports more than half of the women of childbearing age on medicaid do not qualify for most abortion services. >> this assault on women's reproductive rights is an assault on women, but it's a particularly assault on african-american women. >> reporter: joe biden was the only candidate in the democratic field who supported the hyde amendment until he changed his mind this week. >> if i believe health care is a right as i do, i can no longer support an amendment that makes that right dependent on someone's zip code. >> reporter: on the republican side of the race president donald trump was for abortion rights in the '90s but is now against them.
5:55 pm
his administration imposed new restrictions wednesday on the use of fetal tissue in scientific research. his only primary challenger, former massachusetts governor bill weld, penned an op-ped last week defending a woman's right to choose. and that leaves president trump as the only candidate in 2020 who is against abortion rights. a few weeks ago trump tweeted that he is, quote, strongly pro-life, but with three exceptions for abortion, rape, incest, and protecting the life of the mother. ana, back to you. >> natasha chen, thank you. up next, amanda knox back in the headlines. why she's going back to italy. you're live in the cnn newsroom. (burke) at farmers insurance, we've seen almost everything,
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ensure, for strength and energy. amanda knox is going back to, of all places, italy. that is where she spent nearly four years in prison, accused of and put on trial for murder in the gruesome death of her roommate, that was back in 2007. ultimately she was acquitted and knox said afterward she would never willingly go back to italy, but she is returning in just a few days to speak at a criminal justice conference on the subject of trials that received a lot of media coverage. a short time ago, i spoke to anne bremner, an attorney and friend of the knox family. she says amanda feels duty bound to share her experience. >> amanda has dedicated herself to innocence projects all the over this country including in seattle and she's not out on the talk show circuit, she's not out trying to capitalize on this. she's very focused on these innocence projects and i think it's like mark twain said,
6:00 pm
"always do right, it will gratify some and extonish the rest." >> the director of the innocence project invited knox personally. the conference she'll attend runs from thursday through saturday. thanks for spendi inin ining par weekend with me. ais i'm ana cabrera in new york. "the redemption project" with van jones starts now. being the victim of a violent crime, i went down a real dark path. >> i wanted to go there to murder someone. >> he pointed a pistol at me and shot me twice. no one can go through that without being scarred. >> i wanted that badge. it was like -- i wanted people to fear me. >> you're going to be sitting across from the guy who tried to take your life, who killed


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