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tv   CNN Right Now With Brianna Keilar  CNN  June 11, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪ i'm brianna keilar, and we just heard from president trump speaking at length. we're actually turning that tape around. he was departing on the south lawn and so that's something that is on tape. we're going to get that to you. however, i want to bring in our kaitlan collins. kaitlan, you have been following everything that the president said. what are the headlines here? >> reporter: well, the president is essentially unloading on joe biden on the south lawn as he's headed here to iowa where, of course, he's going to be sharing the state with the former vice president. people close to the president,
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brianna, say this isn't surprising because all day he's been watching a coverage of a speech that joe biden hasn't given yet and his campaign went ahead and released the text of that speech where he mentioned the president dozens of times and going after him not only for his trade policies, his climate change policies but also just his character and his policy issues overall, and now were seeing the president retaliate and fire back at joe biden saying that he believes that he's mentally weak. he thinks that this is a candidate he'll be able to beat easily and he talks about how joe biden does mention him so many times in the speech and someone that has those mention him that many times, that means he's in trouble. of course, brianna, this is setting us up for the showdown once president trump does get here to iowa, but as we reported earlier they are not even going to come within 100 miles of each other at the most. that's what we've been pointing out so far. there's essentially an invisible line drawn down the state. the president will be on the western side and joe biden will
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be campaigning on the eastern side of the state while they are both here in iowa. of course, it's going to be this feud that's bubbled up between them and escalated in recent weeks that will be looming over both of their visits. >> while he was speaking, kaitlan, he also went after the house speaker, he went after nancy pelosi. >> reporter: after nancy pelosi sat down with an interview with our colleague manu raju earlier where they talked about that comment that had been report by politico and cnn and others that nancy pelosi privately told some of her chairmen she would rather see president trump in prison than impeached. the president was asked about the comments that pelosi made earlier today where she said essentially that she didn't want to talk about president trump anymore and he took that time to criticize nancy pelosi, to go after her once again as we've seen him do. pretty recently a new thing for the president to go after nancy pelosi, but something he hasn't held his criticism back in recent days. another thing that i do want to point out that the president said. he said he recently received another letter from the north korean dictator kim jong-un.
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he said it was a beautiful letter but didn't go into what exactly the details of that letter are going to be, but, of course, we know that the president has left the door open to having a third summit with kim jong-un in recent weeks. >> we don't know when he received that left, so a lot of questions around that. kaitlan collins, thank you so much. so full transparency, the way this works we bring in jeff zeleny from iowa where the president will be headed. the president spoke on the south lawn of the white house. this is something that is taped. it is not live so it's actually being physically run into the white house so that we can turn around it and bring it to you. he talked about so many things, jeff, and he's really setting the stage for heading to iowa where the former vice president joe biden is really -- has been stealing some of the spotlight, and clearly the president wants it back. >> reporter: brianna, no question about that. as kaitlan was just reporting, we do know that president trump has had joe biden in his head
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for quite some time. he called him a liars, which he's called him before. he also said that i would rather run against biden than anyone else. he's the weakest mentally, so those are, i guess, setting the groundworks here for what is a competition potentially to come. joe biden, of course, is trying to prove he's actually a front-runner. he's trying to convince iowa democrats and others that he's the strongest democrat to stake on president trump. he's ignoring all of his democratic rivals, and he's focusing on president trump. he's going to be giving a series of speeches and events here, including where i'm standing right now, and he has described the president as an existential threat to the u.s. saying he's not capable and up to the task. he's hitting him on trade and tariffs and saying what he is doing to farmers here and others is certainly hurting him. now president trump said he believes he's going to win iowa. of course, in the general election, next year 2020, iowa always a bald ground state. the president says he expects to
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win iowa because he said of the farmers. he calls them my farmers. republican voters, he believes, will support him, but brianna, no question, six electoral votes here next year as we look beyond the iowa caucuses will be important. hard to imagine a path for the president winning a second term without winning again here in iowa. >> it's interesting that he says that he thinks that joe biden is the weakest mentally. i wonder, jeff, in your reporting, does he really think that joe biden is the weakest, or does he think that especially looking at poll numbers that he's the strongest, and he wants to target him early? >> reporter: brianna, from what we're told by talking with the president's advisers, he does believe that he would be a strong candidate largely because of states like pennsylvania and michigan and wisconsin and even here in iowa. they believe that joe biden is the kind of more of a middle of the road democrat who can win back some of those voters who supported president trump in 2016. i'm in one of the counties in iowa, one of the 32 counties that flipped, that obama and biden won in 2012 and trump won
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in 2016. there's 32 of them here, more than any other state in the country. joe biden believes he can win those. of course, president trump says he can as well, but it's unclear exactly what the president, how he views joe biden. if he would run against him but every bit of reporting that our team has he does not view him as the weakest candidate. brianna, we've seen this before. >> jeff, if you can stand by, let's listen to president trump. this is the tape from the south lawn. >> this is like the academy awards used to be before they went political. now nobody cares. but great honor to be with you. we're doing very well. mexico is doing a great job at the border, really helping us. we want the democrats to help us as much as mexico, and we'll have absolutely no problem at the border. we'll clean it up very quickly, but the agreement with mexico has been great. they have been working very hard. we're doing very well together. good relationship.
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yes? [ inaudible question ] >> well, i heard biden who is a loser. look, joe never got more than 1% except obama took him off the trash heap and now it looks like he's failing. it looks like his friends from the left are going to overtake him pretty soon, but i heard, you know, his whole campaign is to hit trump. you look at what the obama administration did in terms of the military and in terms of security, in terms of other nations, in terms of almost everything, much of it now fortunately for everybody here has been overturned, but, look, when had a man has to mention my name 76 times in a speech that means he's in trouble. now, i have to tell you. he's a different guy. he looks different than he used to. he acts different than he used to. he's even slower than he used to be, so i don't know, but when he mentioned my name that many
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times i guess i should be complimented. [ inaudible question ] >> who, who? i never do. my poll numbers are great. by the way, we've gotten fantastic numbers. i guess rasmussen just came out with a 50%, and the amazing thing is all i do is get hit by this phony witch hunt, although they don't mention russia anymore because there was no collusion, so now they want to try and say did he obstruct a no collusion? so there was no crime. the crime was by the democrats, folks. they have committed, in my opinion, many crimes, and time will tell what happens there, but the crime was by the democrats. my poll numbers have been very, very good. we're starting really next week. it's going to be something i think very special. we're starting in orlando, florida. [ inaudible question ]
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no, i would rather against i think biden than anybody. i think he's the weakest mentally, and i like running against people that are weak mentally. i think joe is the weakest up here. the other ones have much more energy. i don't agree with their policies, but i think joe is a man who -- i call him 1% joe because until obama came along he didn't do very well. burks look, look, but i don't bring him up. [ inaudible question ] >> the best thing that ever happened to the farmers is me. we gave-16 billi $16 billion to for the deficits. we gave them ethanol at 15 which nobody was ever going to do which biden didn't do in eight years as, you know, vice president. the farmers are my best friend. nobody has treated the farmers better than donald trump. >> mr. president.
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mr. president! [ inaudible question ] >> can you show us. >> that's the agreement that everybody says i don't have. no, i'm going to let mexico do the announcement at the right time. >> what's in it? >> here's the agreement. it's a very simple agreement. this is one page. this is one page of a very long and very good agreement for both mexico and the united states. without the tariffs, we would have had nothing. we had nothing two weeks ago. mexico told us absolutely, i don't know where "the times" got the story. i think they probably got it the probably from somebody who worked here and said how well they were doing. for a long time, for many years, people tried to get what we got in a period of a couple of days, and they couldn't get it. that's the difference. they couldn't get it. so mexico, we're getting along with them great. marcelo and the president and all of them, we're getting along
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great. they have started a very strong action. they are moving right now. 6,000 soldiers to their southern border. whoever heard of that. you think we had that two weeks ago? two weeks ago, i'll tell you what we had. we had nothing, and the reason we had nothing is because mexico felt they didn't have to give us anything. i don't blame them, but this is actually ultimately going to be good for mexico, too, and it's good for the relationship of mexico with us, so here's your thing. you know, they all say he doesn't -- i just give you my word. inside here, and i would love to do it, but you will freeze action it. you will stop it and analyze it. every single letter you'll see, but in here is my -- is the agreement. >> and what's in the agreement, sir? >> speaker pelosi said today that every time you attack her her stock goes up. >> now, look, nancy is a mess. the democratic party is a mess. they are doing everything they can to to win the election in 2020. they are guilty of many crimes,
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many, many crimes, what they have done. they are guilty of many, many crimes, and hopefully in a short period of time that will be seen. they should never have done what they have done, and all they do is waste time on these investigations where there's no obstruction, no collusion, no nothing, and in the meantime they can't get a border deal done. they can't do anything. we need in addition to the great deal with mexico, we need them to work on illegal immigration, on lower drug prices, on infrastructure, and they are not doing anything. they are -- they have come to a halt. >> mr. president! they say you can't be trusted, sir? how do you react to the fact that the democrats say you can't be trusted? that you cannot be trusted? [ inaudible question ] >> i don't want to say, but you can just figure it out yourself, right here. and -- and the reason is mexico wants to handle that.
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that would have to go through their -- their legislative body. >> i heard a lot of people agreed to that. >> a lot of people heard that. good luck. being off. i'm not going to say one way or the other, but i will tell you right here is the story. you know, i don't like it when newspapers write fake news or when reporters, like you, do fake news. i don't like that. so right here is the agreement. it's very simple. it's right here. and in here is everything you want to talk about. it's done. it's done. it's all done. >> mr. president! emeril. [ inaudible question ] >> joe biden thought that china was not a competitor of ours. joe biden is a dummy. joe biden thought china was not a competitor.
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china made $500 billion over a short period of time against obama, biden and for many, many years in all fairness to them. china is a major competitor, and right now china wants to make a deal very badly. it's me right now that's holding up the deal. >> mr. president! >> and we're going to do a great deal with china or we're not doing a deal at all. right now china is paying us billions and bill yongs of dollars. they never gave us ten cents and china ate our country alive during obama and biden. they ate us alive, and then biden has some kind of relationship financially or his son with china. tell me about that, because china ate the united states alive economically and it's a shame. >> so mr. president, how do you respond to the democrats -- >> no, no. pelosi attacked me. she was here. she made a horrible statement
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that i'm sure she wished she didn't make. she made a horrible statement while i was with the queen of england, while i was -- while i was with the president of france, and you're not supposed to do that, okay? but the ones that committed the crimes are the democrats and others! [ inaudible question ] >> we're looking at that the and we're very much involved with the venezuela crisis. it's a horrible thing, a horrible situation. it's been brewing for many years. it really started in the worst form during the biden/obama administration, but it's been brewing for a long time. so we're looking at that very strongly. we're looking at it. [ inaudible question ] >> my relationship with president xi of china is a very good one, one of the people i really like. i get along with him right.
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he's representing china. i'm representing the united states of america. we're doing very well. we're taking in billions and bill yongs of dollars. companies are leaving china right now, and they are coming here because they don't want to pay the tariffs, and they are going to other country, but i think that china, i can tell you, china would like to make a deal very badly. they are getting hurt very badly by the tariffs because companies can't pay the tariffs so they are leaving china. and the other thing you have to remember about china is that china will subsidize companies so our taxpayer have not paying for very much of it. a report came out that they are paying for very little of it, but what it's doing is creating a fair playing field which we've never had with china since the wto, the world trade organization. >> mr. president, how do you respond to the democrats who say you're lying? >> we expect to meet with president xi very shortly. we think we'll meet with him at
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the g20. we have a very good relationship. we had a deal with china, and then they went pack on the deal. they said we don't want to have four major points, five major points so we changed it, so we had a deal with china, and unless they go back to that deal i have no interest. right now we're taking in billions and billions of dollars. i've created something, what we've done in the last two and a half years, we've picked up $14 trillion in net worth of the united states, and china's gone down probably by 20 trillion. there's a tremendous gap. when i came in, that gap was getting very close. [ inaudible question ] >> well, i love iowa. i've gotten along great. i won iowa by a lot the last time. usually a republican would not win it by that much, but i won iowa, as you know, by a lot. i have a great relationship with the farmers. i have a great relationship with
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everybody. i mean, iowa i think is going to be something that we win very easily. i think we're going to win. i saw a fake poll, a suppression poll in pennsylvania and even saw one in texas. they are fake polls, just like the fake media which there are many here, they are fake polls. we're going to win texas by a lot. we're going to win iowa by a lot. we're going to win i would say every -- pennsylvania, i think we're going to do very well. we have steel companies opening up that for 40 years they didn't open up steel companies and now they are opening up. no, i think we're doing very well. [ inaudib [ inaudible question ] >> so, i see, that and i just received a beautiful letter from kim jong-un, and i think the relationship is very well, but i appreciated the letter. i saw the information about the cia with respect to his brother or half-brother, and i would tell him that would not happen under my -- under my auspices. that's for sure.
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i wouldn't let that happen under my auspices, but i just received a beautiful letter from kim jong-un. i can't show you the left obviously, but it was a very personal, very warm, very nice letter. i appreciate it, and i'll say it again. i think that north korea has tremendous potential, and he'll be there. i think that north korea under his leadership, but north korea, because of what it represents, the people are great, the land is great, the location is incredible between russia, china and south korea. i think north korea has tremendous potential, and the one that feels that more than anybody is kim jong-un. he gets it. he totally gets it. well, i don't know, i've not heard about that, but we'll see. i would, but i want to get it further advanced, and in the meantime, no nuclear testing. no major missile testing, nothing like when i first got here. when i first got here, it was a bad mess. we have a very good relationship
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together. now i can confirm it because of the left i got yesterday, and i think, you know, i think that something will happen that's going to be very positive, but in the meantime, we have our hostages back. the remains keep coming back. we have a relationship. [ inaudible question ] >> say it? i don't know anything about that. i know that the relationship is such that that wouldn't happen under my auspices, but i don't know about that. nobody knows. >> so mr. president, did you address the -- >> quiet. quiet. quiet. go ahead. [ inaudible question ] >> up a little higher. [ inaudible question ]
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>> so congress has to get their act together. they have to pass immigration laws. they have to get rid of -- i mean, as far as i'm concerned, the most important thing is to get rid of the loopholes because you have loopholes and asylum problems that they could do in 15 minutes if they wanted to. the democrats in congress are causing this country tremendous drug problems, tremendous security problems, and they have to get together and they have to work out asylum and the loopholes. it would take literally 15 minutes. it's so simple. [ inaudible question ] >> what we're going to do is we're going to sit down at some point with the democrats. we're going to work it all out. it is a quick negotiation, and they know i'm right. they just don't want to do it politically. they want to have open borders and open borders mean crime. it really means crime. it means drugs. so we get 90% of our drugs coming in through the southern border which i think everyone pretty much agrees to. hundreds of billions of dollars
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we can close it up so easy. now we took a big step with mexico over the last three days. this is an even bigger step, but we took a big step with mexico. the democrats have to sit down with us, and we have to work something out very easily on asylum and on loopholes. [ inaudible question ] >> democrats say they don't want open borders. >> any plan, any thought about another meeting with kim jong-un? >> well, it could happen, but i want to bring it further down the line. look, in the meantime, he's kept his word there. he's no nuclear testing. there's no large, you know, long-range missiles going up. the only thing he sent up were very short-term, short range. that was just a test of short range. it's a whole different deal, but he's kept his word to me. that's very important, and, again, the letter he sent was a beautiful left. it was a very warm letter. that's a very nice thing, and i don't say that out of naivety.
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i say that was a very nice left. [ inaudible question ] >> that agreement in your pocket, when is that going into effect? >> this will go into effect, and it's my option. it's not mexico's, but it will go into effect when mexico tells me it's okay to release it. if they bring the numbers way down, we won't have to use it. okay? if they bring the numbers way down, we won't have to, but this is my option. it goes into effect when i want it to, but i have a lot of respect for the president of mexico. i have a lot of respect for the people we dealt with, so i don't want to do that, and they have to go back to congress to get that approved, but it goes down -- listen, it -- it goes down. it goes into effect at my option, but i wouldn't do that. i want to deal with them. okay. [ inaudible question ] >> say it.
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>> why haven't you nominated a defense secretary? >> i have. i have. i put it out. it's done from the standpoint of the nomination. wait, wait, wait. pat shanahan was nominated two weeks ago. no, i put it out. i put it out officially. no, now he has to go through the process. >> okay. >> he's now going through. that will make a determination. i think kevin is doing a very good job right now, but we'll make a determination in the not too distance -- we have acting. we'll make a determination, but i think kevin is doing a very good job. >> mr. president! [ inaudible question ] >> i hope that everything works out with iran. iran is a country that now because of all of the sanctions and other things is a much different country than when i came here. when i came here, they were all over the place causing terror, causing problems. they are not doing that right now, and i think they respect the united states right now much more than they ever have, so
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iran's got a lot of problems, and i would like to help them with those problems so we'll see what happens. they have tremendous inflation. their money is worthless. you can't buy a loaf of bread. it's a lot of problems in iran. that's a lot different than it was two and a half years ago, and big things are sanctions, and i think the biggest thing is when -- and the most important is when i terminated the iran nuclear deal which was an incompetent deal. thank you all. i'll see you in iowa. >> mr. president, would you way in about -- >> thank you. >> president trump there on tape. this is what he's currently on his way to iowa, and those are the remarks that he gave at length on the south lawn before departing. i want to bring in abby philip from the white house. you know, one of the big things that we noticed here was obviously that he was going after the former vice president joe biden in a major way. both of them will be in iowa today battling for the spotlight there. tell us what stood out to you about his criticisms of the former vice president. >> reporter: well, he really
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test drove a couple of different critiques of joe biden, and one of them is this idea that joe biden is not going to survive the democratic primary. he called him 1% joe, said that president obama picked joe biden up off of the trash heap and chose im as his vice president, so the president is trying to set expectations about what will happen to joe biden in the course of a democratic primary. he criticized joe biden's intelligence and says that biden is not the way that he once was, not as intelligent as he once was, and he also said in response to some questions about whether or not he's actually concerned about running against biden that he believes that he would actually do well against joe biden. pushing back on this narrative that biden might be the strongest contender that he -- that he might face in a democratic field given biden's ability, potentially to connect with working class voters that president trump got support from in the last election, so i -- you know, to me it seemed that
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president trump was trying trying to really flip the narrative around this whole biden versus trump dynamic after hitting him and discounted wholesale polls says they are all fake polls in texas and pennsylvania and other places. he says all the polls that he's seen recently are all wrong and he calls them fake, but i think he's calling them fake, brianna, because they are probably not showing him what he wants to see which is showing a tougher competition than he would probably like and he says they are all wrong and he's going to do a lot better than people expect him to come next november. >> and jeff zeleny who is awaiting the arrival of president trump in iowa. what stood out to you as he's giving you a test drive if you will, to borrow a phrase from abe, these criticisms of joe biden. >> well, brianna, i think abby put it pretty well there. we've seen president trump do this again and again with his
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republican challengers just four years ago in iowa and other states. y will was also questioning joe biden's, you know, his mental capacity and his energy level, so he's certainly trying to brand him as a strong candidate, but one thing is clear. he says he could easily beat him. he's occupying -- joe biden is occupying a lot of head space for this president. we've seen it several times before so it really is battle and it's a battle i guess that joe biden started it earlier this morning when his campaign released some pre-advanced excerpts of a speech he intends to give here and he's calling the president out on policy and substance saying that american taxpayers and farmers and others are paying a penalty for trump policies on tariffs, on other matters. he says the support an extension threat to the united states, so this back and forth, you know, has been going on for a while and it's going to happen at a
10:29 am
little -- just across the state here real as the president flies here. joe biden already on the ground here in iowa. this makes a mistake. this is a fight that joe biden wants to have because he's trying to prove that he's the front-runner in this race showing democrats he can defeat and take on president trump, but it's hard to see -- it's hard to know where any of this is going to end actually but the president is trying to clearly as abe said test drive some messages and brand joe biden. >> i want to bring in elliana johnson and david chalian. let's talk about this argument that he's making, joe biden is low energy and this is like the weakest mentally. he's sort of recycling attacking his health as we saw with hillary clinton in 2016, and does it also strike you that he seems to be lashing out in areas where he has his own weakness? family ties to foreign countries when it comes to business and
10:30 am
creating this whole -- just throwing up these things and both of these candidates are up in here's and trump himself has some vulnerabilities when it comes to health. elevated cholesterol levels, issues, looking at his heart health where it could be a lot better. what do you think when you hear him making this argument? >> well, the first thing -- the first thing i hear is despite what he's saying about his concern about joe biden's challenge to his re-election effort, you don't do this about someone that you don't think has a legitimate shot at being a true competitor. i mean, this is -- it's -- it's a giveaway. it's a total tell, right? he can say until he's blue in the face that he thinks he could beat joe biden easily, but all evidence to the contrary from the president himself, you do this against somebody that you're trying to frame because you see them as a real formidable foe. >> yeah. thou dot protest too much. >> exactly.
10:31 am
>> that he's saying he isn't worried about him. >> there's clearly project going on from the president talking about things he's worried about himself. we know he's told campaign aides that he's tired. he doesn't want to be dragged across the country to do lots and lots of rallies which is something he said four years ago. the president has said this, so when he says biden is weak. he doesn't have the mental capacity to do this. trump himself is flagging after three years almost as president, but also when he says biden is the weakest of these 23, 24 candidates, that is not true. you don't hear the president talking about marianne williamson and john delaney the way he's talking about joe biden because he's concerned about joe biden. he considers him a real competitor. you don't hear him talking about elizabeth warren and pete buttigieg the way he's taking about biden. that's the person the president is most concerned about right now because of his strength in
10:32 am
the rustbelt and some of the midwest states that president trump won unexpectedly in 2016, but the one for democrats in the mid-term elections. >> we saw in 2016 this approach by president trump which i think you could -- you could describe as below the belt, labeling candidates, racing questions kind of out of thin air and when he says it over and over it's something to take hold and you see it in dark spots of the internet and bleeds into sort of mainstream areas. with what we're seeing him talk about, david and with joe biden having to figure out a strategy to combat this, how -- how does biden do that? >> see, i think you raise -- i think you raise such a fundamental question that all of these democrats are grappling with right now which is how do you best effectively counter donald trump? what we see from the remarks that joe biden's campaign released today he's planning on calling back and saying that he's an existential threat to the country.
10:33 am
that he employs childish tactics that the cashier at target knows more about the economics in the country than does joe biden. that's an approach that hillary clinton tried as well. maybe joe biden will have more success with it, i don't know, but it's one approach. i'm curious to see how other democrats sort of take their moment against trump and size them up because it's it's not entirely clear that joe biden's approach will be the best approach. what we saw in 2018 when they won back the house is not to enter the trump vortex too much, to try to avoid talking about trump because he's everywhere in a constant presence in voters eminds and instead hone in on some issues that were really important to voters, healthcare and what have you, and is joe biden falling into a tlamp by going so hard after trump. i don't know the answer to that. that's a really good point. that will be the question. if it isn't working, does he change it quickly?
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>> he's ready to get into the mud and wrestle with the president. nancy pelosi is taking a different strategy saying the president isn't worth her time and attention. he doesn't want to waste the time on the guy. that's a pretty effective strategy. you saw when manu raju was press her to talk about trump. she sawed i'm done talking about this. that's not the approach that joe biden is taking, and i think it will be interesting to see if his approach works on the presidential campaign trail, but you saw what happened to republicans who tried to do that in 2016. marco rubio and ted cruz. some of the early candidates who called him a cancer on the republican party. it's hard to -- it's hard to be dirtier than trump in this kind of back and forth and so it tends to be a losing game for
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those who play it, but it will be interesting to see if biden can beat trump at that game. >> can you outtrump trump? that's a very good question. trump did go after the house speaker. he went after nancy pelosi. let's listen to that. >> pelosi attacked me. she was here and she made a horrible statement that i'm sure she didn't make. she made a horrible statement while i was with the queen of england. while i was with -- while i was with the president of france, and you're not supposed to do that, okay. but the ones that committed the crimes are the democrats and others. >> all right, manu. manus, raju just to lay out the double standard for an important fact check. we saw the president before the graves in normandy attacking the house speaker during an interview so certainly this is some advise that he's giving the house speaker that he's knots taken himself but what did you think about what he shade? >> yeah, that's right. he launched that broadside on
10:36 am
national television sitting at the american cemetery in normandy during a very solemn occasion. the 75th anniversary of the d-day invasion. nancy pelosi when she was overseas she side-stepped questions about the president. the comments about her saying that she would rather see the president in prison rather than being impeached, those were made in a private meeting on capitol hill with leadership staff and first reported out there. the first time i've had a chance to directly ask her about those reported comments. she made very clear she did not want to say that publicly. she side stepped the comment. >> you actually say that the president, you would rare see them in prison. >> when we have conversations in our caucus they stay in our caucus. do people think there's an impeachable offense that the president committed, yes. how serious are they, are they criminal, and people think they
10:37 am
are? >> do you think they are. i'm here to talk about. i promise you that. >> i'm not going to that place of what happens within our caucus. >> so she didn't want to talk about whether the president committed crimes, whether or not she believes that the president is in jail and she pushed back at the notion of opening up an impeachment inquiry saying that instead there's a current round of investigations and fight things in court. that's the best way to go forward. she did say every time the president attacks her she said, quote, my stock goes up every time he attacks me and called him the diverter in chief trying to distract from the issues and as you heard from the president that set him off again and attacked pelosi for those comments saying he's, quote, a mess, and he is still ready to go after pelosi even as she tries to side step a lot of criticism and keep it behind closed doors and tamp down talk of impeachment. >> trying to project unity.
10:38 am
manu raju on capitol hill. thank you so much. it's really interesting of listening to that having watched the president on the south lawn. he's criticizing her. nancy pelosi said she would rather see the president in prison than impeached. she's dealing with these competing pressures for sure within her kkd. when did you make of it, elliana, that she did not want to talk about it and president trump said i think she regrets. i bet she wishes she hadn't said that. >> it seems to me that pelosi, she's walking a difficult line trying to fend off the left wing of her connection and let him know that she sympathize with her feelings and i don't think it's an accident that that comment that pelosi made to her chairman leaked publicly but she also wanted to be able to say
10:39 am
she didn't make this comment publicly. made it behind closed doors and didn't want to expound on it to the news media and otherwise and that's what you saw her hide behind because the president was behind and the president oversees her publicly and she was able to say what he did was really inappropriate and she sort of got caught off guard and i think she was able to protect herself. >> let's take a quick break. so much going on today as we saw president trump speaking for many minutes, about 20 minutes on the south lawn. we'll be back in just a moment.
10:40 am
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the cia is not commenting on a report that kim jong-un's brother was a informant. according to a "washington post" journalist, they claim hotel footage shows kim meeting with a u.s. intelligence agent shortly before kim's death in 2017. cnn has not independently verified those reports, however.
10:45 am
jim's murd kim's murder was caught on camera. two women smeared his face with a nerve agent in a malaysian airport. pyongyang has repeatedly denied any involvement. president trump weighed in on the report just moments ago. >> i saw the information about the cia with respect to his brother or half brother, and -- and i would tell him that would not happen under my -- under my auspices. that's for sure. i -- i wouldn't let that happen under my auspices. >> let's bring in former cia operative bob bayer to discuss all of this. when he's saying that he would assure the dictator of north korea that he wouldn't have done what i'm sure from your perspective would be very important necessary intelligence gathering from an american perspective, what does that signal? >> well, first of all, he would
10:46 am
have to deny it, you know. admitting that we met the half brother would be a compromise, so he's obligated to just lie about it, and that's what happens in the intelligence business, but if the cia didn't meet the half brother, it would be completely negleijent. remember, brianna, that country is a black hole. anybody coming out, the cia or our allies would want to sit down and talk with him. it's standard. >> so he was a defector, but there's an issue with that, right, because he had fallen out of favor with the regime and this was several years ago and this happened two decades before his death. what would the cia have to gain from meeting with someone who is so far removed at that point in time from north korea's inner
10:47 am
circle? >> remember, brianna, that the cia officer or case officers cannot go to north korea. i mean, very basic things. for you and a lot of people it seems like is this really worth it, and it is in the names that communications equipment, who his brother is close to, what -- it's -- getting inside that family, the kim family is virtually impossible, so this guy coming out, basic details by very important and even though they are dated there's -- they are still filling a lot of gaps and for analysts to predict what kim jong-un is going to do next, the half brother would be absolutely key. he would be a very useful source. >> do you think it's possible that north korea knew about those meetings? >> that's the problem is did they kill him for that reason? did sub-in singapore or kuala lumpur pace on that information, did north korean intelligence? that's always a possibility.
10:48 am
their intelligence service is very active and very aggressive, and -- and, you know, if kim jong-un thought that he had defected or was talking to the cia, that would be enough to get him killed. >> you saw the president say that he had gotten a letter from kim jong-un. we don't know when that was. we know that this relationship has been strained. we know that there's not been progress at this point in time between the two nations -- between these two nations. the revelations about his half brother talking to the cia, is that going to affect things here between the u.s. and north korea and future attempts for more talks? >> oh, it's going to be hugely damaging. kim jong-un is paranoid. he may jump to the conclusion that there are other people in the regime, his relatives that are talking to the cia. you know, i wouldn't be surprised there's some sort of crackdown, you know. yeah, this will make relations very much worse, this
10:49 am
revelation. >> bob, thank you so much for your expertise. we appreciate it. and moments away from a news conference at this point in time by national transportation safety officials about that deadly helicopter crash in new york city. we're going to have that live. moving is hard. no kidding. but moving your internet and tv? that's easy. easy?! easy? easy. because now xfinity lets you transfer
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[ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] again. and to him, america workers in my view are just a pawn. they're pawns in his game. and let's talk about china. because china poses real challenges to the united states. and some ways a real threat to the united states. but donald trump is only exacerbating the threat and the danger. but the reason i find myself
10:54 am
optimistic is -- >> you're listening there to the former vice president joe biden who is in ott umma, iowa and this is the battle between joe biden and president trump today. i want to bring in brianne chal and from the des moines register and it is interesting to watch this dialogue going on. we just heard from president trump on the south lawn and he hit joe biden so many times and you hear joe biden firing back from iowa, but he's also, brianne, making this appeal to farmers there, to growers there when it comes to tariffs. and this was a similar appeal that president trump made to farmers in iowa saying, we gave them this money, which was really a way to make sure they weren't hit by tariffs. what is your assessment watching this appeal that both of them are making? >> well, i think he's trying to tap into this discontent that
10:55 am
iowa farmers are feeling right now. certainly the tariffs have been difficult for them. but on top of that, there has been flooding across the state. it is just been one thing after another for iowa farmers and so for joe biden to speak to them and say, look the president is using you as a pawn is something that could be resonating here. farmers told us over and over again, we're republicans and we support the president and we hope this works out in the end. but we don't know how much longer we can keep this up. it is really hurting our bottom line and so now joe biden, to be here physically present making this appeal to them could resonate. >> and i want to play as well a moment, there was a moment where there was a heckler, i believe it was an anti-abortion rights heckler at joe biden's event. let's listen to this moment. [ yelling ]
10:56 am
>> that's okay. this is not a trump rally. let them go. >> this is interesting to see him. he's trying to draw this contrast between president trump who eggs on his supporters at rallies. we've seen even some hecklers be injured at rallies. what is -- is he appealing to iowa nice here? what is this? >> iowa nice is definitely a thing. and i think we saw this from the very beginning. his first speech here in iowa, after declaring his candidacy, he said, look, we're better than this and we can rise above and restore the moral clarity of this country and that is a message that we'll be seeing throughout his campaign and this is an opportunity for him to demonstrate that here and contrast it with president trump. >> and obviously the president's trade war with china has been hitting iowa because this is one of the top producers of soybeans, a big exporter to china. you talked about the farmers and how -- actually hold on just a moment. let's listen to the former vice
10:57 am
president. >> that is how we got to where we are. [ applause ] >> so, folks, we got to build an economy that rewards work, not just wealth. we have to return the dignity of work. you know, i think that -- look, i believe that the president is literally an existential threat for america for three reasons. one, he is a genuine threat to our core values. and if you wondered about that, remember what happened in charlottesville. i never thought i would see that happen in my lifetime again. you had people climbing out of the fields and from under rocks carrying torches, con torted facing, changing the same anti-semitic bile chanted in europe and germany in the '30s, the same exact language. carrying nazi flags accompanied
10:58 am
by white supremacist and ku klux klan and when he was asked to comme comment, he said there were very fine people in both groups. no democrat of the united states, democrat, or republican, has ever said something like that. never. and it was a response heard around the world. around the world. but most importantly, it is a response heard by our children. our children are listening. the idea that we give credit -- look, folks, america was built in the way with basic core values. decency, honor, leave the known behind and realizing there are things bigger than you in america and we have to get together and we have to cooperate. but this is a guy who does everything to separate and frighten people. and it is about fear and loathing. and it is about what he calls people the names them.
10:59 am
no president has done something like that for god's sake. i mean, it is bizarre and it's damaging. and so i think he's genuinely a threat to our core values and he's a threat to our standing in the world. on the d-day ceremonies, the d-d d-day ceremonies it was astounding to me that he was tweeting a tax on everybody, from the mayor of london to bette midler. he found time to go after bette midler, for god's sake, in the middle of the d-day ceremony. for real. not a joke. and instead of repairing the relationships with our allies, he's continued to damage them. since the end of world war ii, think about it. never threatened to leave nato, never got after our allies and embracing dictators and thugs from putin to kim jong-un,
11:00 am
calling them my friends, sent -- sending while he's poking the finger in the eye of our allies. what is going on here. this is really dangerous stuff. and it is not easy. he's a threat in my view, a threat to our core values and, folks, the fact of the matter is that four years of donald trump will be viewed as an -- an aberration in america and eight years will change our views as a nation and how we're viewed around the world. we're not only the most powerful nation in the world, we led the world not by the example of our power alone, but by the power of our example. that is why the rest of the world is followed us. because of our values. who we are and who we say we are. decency, honor. and it is being absolutely thrashed around the world. and, look, the ide


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