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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  June 12, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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berman. >> we will be talking about those protests. the use of teargas, everything in hong kong. >> we have pictures of what's been going on in hong kong. thousands of people on the streets demanding that the parliament there not pass the laws. you can see there's teargas, water cannons, all kinds of arrests and demonstrations going on. we'll speak to ivan watson who's out there collecting information at this moment to get an update from the streets. >> meanwhile we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world to "new day." wednesday, june 12, 6:00 in new york. >> if you wonder why i'm soaked i spilled water on myself coming into the studio which was locked. >> that was a message to you. >> it might have been. >> it's not important that i get here by 6:00. >> we were testing your tenacity. you won. >> or i failed because i water all over myself. in the meantime, joe biden
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is waking up in iowa and iowa is making up to the fact that the whole thing has escalated in a hurry. the former vice president and current president donald trump hurling insults. the kildds call them sick burns but these aren't kids. why are they doing it? who got the best of it so far? the analysts have their take. a source tells dana bash trump advisers are frustrated with how much the president talks about biden, concerned he's elevating the front-runner. it is seemingly deliberate that in the president's final speech overnight he avoided any mention of biden. >> mr. trump and biden are ignoring other contenders in the race hoping their match-up will be the ones voters ultimately decide on. biden's democratic rivals are focused on policy. bernie sanders will deliver a
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speech of democratic socialism and beto o'rourke has a new policy. let's begin with mj lee on the trump/biden clash. >> reporter: good morning. we are eight months out from the iowa caucuses. yesterday felt like the general election already. president trump and joe biden in the same state on the same day. the two men going after one another as though it were calendar year 2020. a today of insults and jabs in iowa by president trump and former vice president joe biden. >> i believe that the president is literally an existential threat to america. >> he makes his stance in iowa once every two weeks and mentions my name 74 times in one speech. i don't know. that reminds me of crooked hillary. she did the same thing. >> reporter: the democratic front-runner mentioning trump by name about three dozen times during several campaign stops in the battleground state. >> trump from donald trump, i have absolute power. no, you don't, donald trump.
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or only i can fix it. fix yourself first, donald trump. >> reporter: a source tells cnn trump's closest advisers are growing frustrated with how much the president talks about biden. >> he's really fascinated with me. i find it fascinating. >> reporter: after a day of relentless attacks, trump concluding his visit with a marked change, not mentioning biden once in his final speech. instead, focusing his attention on the economy. >> jobs and wealth are now pouring back into our country at the heart of our economic revival is the largest package of tax cuts and reforms in american history. >> reporter: lashing out at progressive democrats. >> the democratic party is now the socialist party. nothing is free. you're paying for it. other people are paying for it. nothing is free. they'll destroy the country. we'll be another venezuela. >> reporter: biden attacking
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trump repeatedly on policy. >> the tax cut he passed for multimillionaires and billionaires. guess what. when i'm president, it's gone. he saw how well trying to take away people's health care worked in 2018. yet they were trying like the devil to eliminate the affordable care act. >> reporter: biden hitting trump on foreign policy. >> embracing dictators and thugs from putin to kim jong-un. calling them my friend, sending love letters while he's poking the finger in the eyes of our allies. what's going on here? >> reporter: biden explaining his reversal on abortion, now supporting federal funding for abortions. >> that's what the vast majority of the american people supported for a long time. if, in fact, you have universal care it's impossible. it's a constitutional right and it can't be denied. >> reporter: biden wraps up the tour of iowa with a campaign stop in clinton before he heads to chicago to raise money.
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on a separate note i want to draw attention to a new lgbtq plan from beto o'rourke undoing some trump administration policies, encouraging congress to take action to ensure lgbt rights and tasking the doj to investigate crimes against transgender americans. we should see beto o'rourke later running in the 5k pride run to promote the new plan. >> thanks. this morning congress has new power in the russia investigation. does that mean key testimony from former white house council don mcgahn is imminent? laura fox has the answer live on capitol hill. >> reporter: yesterday a momentous vote on the house floor with the house voting to give the judiciary the power to enforce subpoenas against don mcgahn and get grand jury materials related to the mueller
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investigation. this after the justice department struck a deal on monday allowing members of the judiciary committee to see key evidence related to the mueller investigation. today a separate vote in the house oversight committee with elijah cummings, the chairman of the committee moving forward with a resolution to hold the attorney general william barr in contempt of congress and wilbur ross, the commerce secretary, in contempt of congress for failing to turn over enough information related to their investigation into how a question about citizenship ended up on the u.s. census. this all comes as democratic leaders try to quell concerns in the caucus to move forward with an impeachment inquiry. they are trying to argue the investigations they have in committee are moving forward seamlessly. when they are not, chairman go directly to court to enforce their subpoenas. >> thank you very much for that. donald trump, jr., is back on capitol hill today. he'll be interviewed behind closed doors by the senate intelligence committee after a contentious back and forth over his appearance.
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jessica schneider has more. what do they want to ask him this time? >> donald trump has gone before the committee before. now the stakes are higher because of discrepancies from his testimony from two years ago and what other witnesses told the committee and the special counsel. that's upped the stakes, plus trump jr.'s allies attacked the chair, richard burr, accusing him of helping democrats by continuing the investigation even after robert mueller wrapped up his probe. byrd issued a subpoena to compel trump jr.'s appearance. they struck a deal setting up the president's eldest son for two to four hours of testimony behind closed doors on a half dozen topics including key questions about the june 2016 trump tower meeting where trump, jr., arranged the meeting with a russian lawyer on the promise he would get dirt on hillary
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clinton. the dirt never materialized. the committee will ask about the trump tower moscow project which the president's long-time fixer michael cohen lied about to congress since talks about the project went on much longer than cohen initially disclosed. michael cohn serving a three-year federal sentence. the mueller report found cohen talked to trump, jr., about involvement in the project during 2015. trump, jr., said he talked about it and was only peripherally aware. that will be a big focus of inquiry. trump, jr., going before the committee for two to four hours later today behind closed doors. >> sprinterested to hear what h has to say. everyone is talking about jon stewart turning congress upside down. the long-time advocate for 9/11 responders got angry. really angry.
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>> and emotional. >> he slammed members of congress, at least the ones who showed up, over the lack of health care for first responders and noted that there were many empty seats in the hearing room. >> behind me a filled room of 9/11 first responders. in front of me, a nearly empty congress. sick and dying, they brought themselves down here to speak to no one. shameful. it's an embarrassment to the country and it is a stain on this institution. your indifference cost these men and women their most valuable commodity -- time.
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it's the one thing they are running out of. >> what a moment. some of the members did note it was a hearing room for a full committee and it was just a subcommittee hearing, hence that explains some of the empty seats. still, stewart's point well taken. what he wants is action. he wants an extension of the 9/11 victim compensation fund which is running out of money. >> we'll get more on that later in the program. meanwhile we have breaking news. protests in hong kong turning violent. police using water cannons and teargas to disperse people. demonstrators forcing lawmakers to delay the extradition bill which allows criminal suspects to be sent for trial in mainland china. the violence is the biggest political protest in years. ivan watson is live with breaking details. what's the situation?
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we're struggling with ivan's technical difficulties there. we'll be following this all morning what's happening there. it's violence. >> it is violence. violence against the protesters. no deaths yet, but authorities have used teargas, water cannons. it's all going on right now and shows no signs as far as we can tell of abating. we'll try to get ivan and get an update from the streets. breaking overnight a new arrest in the david ortiz shooting. when did you see the sign? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics.
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3:17 am
david ortiz. there was a driver of a motorcycle named eddie garcia and he took a still unknown gunman to the bar where ortiz was partying with friends. a gunman shot him in the back, fled on foot and garcia, the driver of the motorcycle was grabbed by the crowd. garcia appeared in court yesterday. he's the only person charged in the case. we had the opportunity to talk to his lawyer. garcia may have been the driver but probably didn't know who he was transporting. garcia's mother said he's a huge david ortiz fan, that he followed ortiz like many people have throughout his career and he sends his best wishes to ortiz's family. he's a fan like so many people are in the dominican republic. back to you, john. >> the big unanswered question is why. in the meantime, we are learning big papi is taking his first
3:18 am
steps since the shooting. he's recovering at mass general in boston after a second surgery to treat his gunshot wound. what are you learning? >> reporter: they were extensive injuries but he was able to get out of bed. a spokesman said he did get out of bed. big papi remains in the intensive care unit. his wife put out a statement. he's been surrounded by his doctors, his wife, his children. his wife thanked people for their support, thanked the red sox for bringing him back to boston where he's now beginning to recover. so much affection, outpouring of support coming to big papi in boston from across the city. it is a very big sports day in boston. tonight the bruins take the ice for game seven of the stanley cup. i imagine we will see another tribute to david ortiz at that
3:19 am
game. alisyn, i'm sure you'll stay up tonight to watch it. >> absolutely. thank you very much. >> they have a banner captain before each cup game, the bruins do. they have someone who is the symbolic captain. david ortiz is in the hospital so it's not him. it could be tom brady wearing a david ortiz shirt. >> would your head explode if that happened? >> this is bigger than my fixation with tom brady. this is how to honor ortiz and get the bruins revved up. if anyone could dry my tie, that would be a true miracle. >> joe biden has been on the big stage but never as the front-runner. how he's handling the spotlight.
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president trump and democratic presidential candidate joe biden held duelling events. we were told the president's aides think he's spending too much time on biden. he did hold back overnight. joining us now, david gregory, mj lee and john avlon. who won? >> well, i think it is important for biden to show and for democrats to show they can take on trump. that's what a lot of people are watching in the primary process. how do you deal with the crazy part of trump where he insults you and takes you on the way he does. this was a litmus test. a lot of democrats thought hillary clinton took him on straight on, didn't always do it successfully and that joe biden, the pugilist, will do better. he'll offer his own slights and people are taking his measure on
3:25 am
that. to the extent that he gets trump talking about him, that's a good day for biden. it makes biden the guy. in trump's mind, biden is the guy. the other democrats are saying, what about us? can we be the guy? >> iowa is an interesting case study. 32 counties in iowa in 2016 flipped from having voted for obama to voting for trump? when biden goes after trump, i don't know if he's appealing to those voters who went for trump. he's going after him so full throttle that i can't tell yet if the swing voters like it or not. >> david is right. the calculation right now is that any time biden can be in the headlines thanks to trump, that's a good day for biden. you're absolutely right. when the president is going after one of the democratic candidates it sends the message to anyone tuning in this early
3:26 am
in the campaign that this is a guy to watch because this seems to be the guy the president is taking seriously. we have talked a lot on the set. when we are talking to voters in the country, the issue that comes up the most when you ask about biden's qualifications and why someone may be remotely interested in biden now is because they believe he's the one who can take on president trump. >> what do you make of the fact -- and i was surprised when president trump did not mention joe biden by name in his final event last night. what do you make of that? >> the last person who speak to him apparently reinforced what his aides said which is stop building up joe biden. in the white house lawn remarks yesterday, he went after him in a 5th grade way as the president is wont to do calling him a dummy and words i have trouble saying but it came from the president so it must be okay.
3:27 am
this is the face-off. it is clearly in the president's head. i think biden is doing a classic democratic fighting for your strategy designed to appeal to the pivot county voters. the other democratic candidates will feel left out. interesting to see if they increase attacks on biden to level out. donald trump knows despite what he says, spoiler alert, the polls last night are trouble. his internal polls he told his staff to deny are trouble for him. the president is not in a poll position. the head to heads are rough. >> you think about the iowa voters. a lot of people -- i was talking to a businessman yesterday who said, i like some of the policies. i don't like the whole package. but we can't control the whole package. there are a lot of people who rendered judgment on whether they think he's a bad guy, insulting, all of that. biden has to do more than say,
3:28 am
hey, trump, fix yourself first. i don't know that that's going to resonate as much. people saying he's a threat. he'll get those trump critics who feel that way. but he's really got to say to farmers, folks who like the health care that trump is trying to take it away. that will be the test of where the speet spot is to get voters back who flipped back and forth. >> he has to validate them. i understand why you went for trump. you liked this. we can do better. >> he's got to show the fight. it's less important that you win on points that biden demonstrates he can take him on and won't be reduced to jeb bush. i hate to say that to jeb bush who is highly qualified, but he was eviscerated by that low energy thing. biden has to show, no, no, i can handle it. >> anna navarro, a big jeb bush fan and friend, sat where you are sitting and said she's getting jeb bush acid reflux
3:29 am
with joe biden. she feels joe biden needs to prove himself. david axelrod said when you have a septuagenarian candidate, you have to prove you are up to it. age is a legitimate question. >> absolutely. >> like john berman running around the city this morning. nobody can beat him. >> they locked the door and i still got in. i spilled water on myself, but i got in. >> i'll have to try harder tomorrow. >> i proved something to no one there. i want to play this moment. one thing joe biden hasn't done to date that much is interact with reporters, answer questions. he hasn't done an interview since he announced for president. now he's beginning to take questions from the press. yesterday he was pressed on his flip-flops. >> the triple axelrod. >> on the hyde amendment. we have subtitles because we are looking at the back of his head. >> that was more clear to you at the end of last week than the beginning of last week? >> yeah.
3:30 am
don't be a wise guy. yes, exactly right. i didn't consult with anybody but me on the decision. i was sitting there finalizing the plan. what hit me is you saw what's going on in georgia, alabama, missouri. it's just outrageous. >> don't be a wise guy. >> he said, i didn't consult with anybody but me. that's interesting to say. we know he did have conversations with other people about it. >> regardless, you have to wonder why we didn't see this answer a couple of days ago. initially when this was bubbling up and people were criticizing him for having switched positions and really wondering and putting out the question why did he make the switch? was it because he believed it was politically expedient? for a lot of critics, that's how it seemed. that moment, joe biden gaggling with reporters and telling the
3:31 am
media directly this was the thought process that went into why i made such a stark reversal. we do need to see more of that. at least if you are a biden ally or a campaign aide. you have to look at it and think these are more moments we need to create on the campaign trail for him. the narrative is set by somebody not joe biden. >> and you are keeping him sealed from a gaffe because he's past the sell by date. it's not that he can't connect with swing voters and address concerns. it will be his energy and accessibility. if he's too contained. >> before donald trump told you everything he was thinking, joe biden was good at that. >> doesn't use twitter as much. >> right.
3:32 am
donald trump is president. >> there were excerpts of the speech and it's fascinating bernie sanders is doing this, period. he's saying republicans may hate democratic socialism because it benefits working people but they love corporate socialism that enriches trump and other billionaires. >> it's speaking to the democratic party that looks at our political and economic system and said it is grossly unfair. there's a real audience for that. there is a real danger for republicans generally and donald trump in particular to say really, we're going down the road of socialism? >> from a messaging standpoint. corporate socialism is worse than democratic socialism is smart. >> don't you think that's a rebrand? socialism does conjure orwellian thoughts in voters. they need a different name for
3:33 am
it. >> that train seems to have sailed. >> take a look at this. >> testing, testing. jyna, jyna. >> no one is laughing here. it is harder to tell what's real from what's fake online. it poses a major risk in the 2020 election. we'll show you why next. people, our sales now apply to only 10 frames. a new low! at visionworks, our sales are good on over 500 frames. why are you so weird? see great with 2 complete pairs for $59. really. visionworks. see the difference. that's ensure max protein, with high protein and 1 gram sugar. it's a sit-up, banana! bend at the waist! i'm tryin'! keep it up. you'll get there. whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar. ensure max protein.
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adam schiff. >> it's a race between the a.i. to create them and the a.i. to detect them. >> reporter: his committee will hold a hearing tomorrow looking at artificial intelligence manipulated media and deep fakes. >> visuals that obviously were
3:39 am
planned. >> reporter: highlighting this altered video of house speaker nancy pelosi. it's not an example of a deep fake, but was edited to make it look like she's slurring her words. >> it would be very easy to introduce a doctored video that could have a very sizable impact anonymously at various places around the globe at one time. whoever introduced it would have some level of plausible deniability. >> reporter: other experts agree. >> we'll get to a point where you won't be able to visually distinguish between the two. we want to get ahead of it before that point. >> reporter: the team at uc berkeley studied hours of footage of political figures and 2020 movements when they talk aiming to help the government and news organization separate the real from the unreal. >> by the end of 19 and the lead up to the eye a with a caucuses and the new hampshire primaries
3:40 am
we'll have most if not all of the candidates fingerprinted. >> there is video of mark zuckerberg that purports to show him talking about controlling users' stolen data. let's watch it for a moment. imagine this for a second. one man with control of billions of people's stolen data, their lives, their futures. i owe it all to specter. specter showed me whoever controls the data controls the future. >> that's not real. you would never know it. you don't see edits, anything weird happening. who did that and will facebook take it down? >> that deep fake video was posted online in the last few days. we learned about it last night. it was created by artists in europe who want to challenge facebook's position and make them think hard about what they do with this type of video. we saw how facebook refused to
3:41 am
remove the video of nancy pelosi. facebook has been asked if a video like this were to emerge of mark zuckerberg or one of your employees would you treat it the same way? facebook is telling us they are going to keep that video up there. it's easier to say it for this instance in that this video was created to be a fake. if it was truly tricking people and fooling people they might have a different approach. >> they almost have to keep it up. it's got to burn a little bit. what does this tell us about what will happen between now and election day? >> we are living in a perfect storm of misinformation online. if you think about 2016 there were fake facebook posts, russian trolls. we have been a seeing is believing if you hear audio or see a video you rarely question that it's real. if you think about in october 2016 when the "access hollywood"
3:42 am
tape emerged it was the only time he had to apologize. at the time he didn't call it fake. it gives plausible deniability and allows people to question what's real. >> this is why people need to rely on established news organizations. the internet is the wild west. you don't know what you are getting unless you come to someone with a track record like cnn. >> a big start for the champions of the women's world cup. was it too much by team usa? the bleacher report is next. my experience with usaa
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don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. if you had a spinal injection while on eliquis call your doctor right away if you have tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... and it may take longer than usual for bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. what's around the corner could be surprising. ask your doctor about eliquis.
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there are new developments in the case of the connecticut mother of five who disappeared nearly three weeks ago. investigators have discovered dna from her estranged husband inside her home. he was just released on bail and made quite an exit from the
3:47 am
courthouse. jean casarez has more. what happened? >> reporter: he posted bond yesterday but not before prosecutors tried to get his bail increased from $500 to $850,000. they disclosed for the first time that after jennifer's disappearance her blood was found on her kitchen faucet mixed accoumix ed with the dna of her estranged husband and he's never lived in the home. they are in the middle of a contentious divorce. he walked out of the courthouse in his orange jail jump suit and was driven away. he and his girlfriend have been charged with tampering with or fabricating evidence and hindering prosecution after someone who looks like dulos was seen on video the evening of the day jennifer went missing depositing garbage bags into trash receptacles. inside the bags, bloody clothes. at least one bloody sponge
3:48 am
confirmed by police to be his es stranged wife's blood. both have pled not guilty. the defense says we are happy to see him head home. he had no motive to kill jennifer. alisyn? >> we'll take it from here. thank you very much for being on top of the story. >> team usa off to a record seating start at the women's world cup. andy scholes has more in the bleacher report. this was something. >> it certainly was, john. the united states showing no mercy in the opening game against thailand. setting a world cup record, men's or women's scoring 13 goals. it was only 3-0 at halftime. team usa just pouring it on in the second half, scoring a record ten goals. alex morgan etching her name into the record books scoring five goals herself. seven different players for team usa finding the back of the net. next up for team usa, another easy one. they play chile at noon eastern
3:49 am
on sunday. tonight we get one of the best things in sports. game seven of the stanley cup final. blues and bruins going to play in boston. the blues have an 11-year-old super fan called leyla anderson. she's threatening a life-threatening immune disease and she got a big surprise ahead of game seven. >> what if i told you the blues called and they want you at the game. >> what? how? >> doctor said it's okay. >> no, he didn't. mommy, no, he didn't. oh, my god! i'm going to boston? >> mm-hmm. >> oh, my god. i love you. >> that's pretty awesome. if you didn't have somebody to root for in the stanley cup before, i know you do, john.
3:50 am
pulling for laila and the blues. >> i'm so glad she's getting the experience. >> andy has to warn us before that. i couldn't get to the tissues fast enough. that was beautiful. okay. you have to stick around for this story. he says he became a right wing extremist thanks to becoming radicalized on youtube. he's here next to tell us how it happened and how to stop it. >> announcer: this bleacher report coverage of the women's world cup is brought to you by verizon. america's most reliable network. while we're on the road, i can keep my parents in the loop with the whole facetime thing. i created a rockstar. (vo) the network more people rely on, gives you more. like iphone xr on us when you buy the latest iphone. that's verizon.
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. how does a liberal young man become a follower of the alt-right. he says he was radicalized via persuasive youtube videos. he believed their extremist conspiracies for years. then he somehow deradicalized himself. he's now working to help others get out.
3:55 am
joining us is caleb cane. thank you very much for being here to tell your personal story. it's so fascinating. just to bring people up to speed, somewhere around 2015 you had dropped out of college. you were looking for direction. i think -- correct me if i'm wrong -- you would describe yourself as liberal. somehow online you find your way to the alt-right videos and websites. describe what happened. >> thank you for having me on. i was depressed during that period of time and looking for an outlet for the depression. i turned to youtube. i found a man named stephan molinu. his content helped me in some ways but i was being given a political philosophy. over time my political ideas started to change drastically
3:56 am
which was pretty clear to anybody in my life at the time. it took me to a place where i became further isolated from social groups and started to ostracize people in my life very unfairly. >> let's talk about the things you came to believe because of the videos. you came to believe -- again, jump in this iif this is wrong t other races were inferior to whites, that feminists were overly aggressive and women were inferior to men. you believed that, i guess, muslims were trying to take over western civilization or imgra immigrants were. how do you explain how you came to absorb those extreme views so much? >> it was mostly due to the people i was listening to. the people i was listening to were selling me a narrative that cultural marxists and, you know, immigrants and muslims and
3:57 am
basically liberals were trying to destroy western civilization in some sort of socialist regime. it's the type of rhetoric you hear from people online across the political spectrum. what it boils down to is it's digital hate politics. it leads people to radicalization. for me in my opinion radicalization is a public health crisis. we need to fix it through education and providing mental health support, support i didn't have growing up is what led me down the path. >> i will get to how you pulled ourself out in a second. when you say it is a public health crisis we have seen hate crimes spike in the past years. we have seen the rise of neo-naziism. were you tempted? were you veering in that direction toward violence? >> i don't know if i was veering toward violence.
3:58 am
i never felt that way. from what i see, the people that turn to violence are people that feel at the end of their line that their back is against the wall. these were people we saw in the new zealand shooting. they were deeply ingrained within social groups online. giving people -- relieving anxieties people have through their economic situation or their personal lives, it's fixing those situations that's going to keep us from seeing more violence. >> by the way, we also need to talk about the role that youtube plays. they directed you to more and more extreme videos. once you found one and youtube could tell through its algorithms that you liked it, you were watching it, you were engaged they directed you to more and more extreme videos. they need to take some responsibility for that as well. >> i think what youtube needs to do is have clear terms of
3:59 am
service of what's acceptable and what isn't. i am a free speech advocate. what i saw on the platform was people taking advantage of the algorithm. it doesn't care what your politics are. it cares about watch time and keeping you on platform. the a.i. they use for this is called reinforce. the whole idea is to keep you watching more and more. extremists come online and take advantage of it. >> what's your message to other people who, as you say, have fallen down the alt-right rabbit hole? how did you pull yourself out? >> i started getting exposed to other ideas. i educated myself on the problems and the issues. i started to reach out for emotional support from others. that's what we are trying to do, my team and i. i have a bunch of volunteers. we have set up digital platforms to try to deradicalize young people online through social intervention and
4:00 am
compassion-based conversations to combat this whole thing of digital hate politics which leads to radicalization. this radicalization is a huge public health crisis we need to solve. >> good for you. i will put on instagram a link to where people can find the help you found. thank you very much for sharing your personal story with us today. >> thank you so much. >> thanks to our international viewers for watching. cnn talk is next for you. for u.s. viewer, the battle between president trump and joe biden intensifies. "new day" continues now. good morning and welcome to your "new day." the gloves come off in iowa. president trump and former vice president joe biden exchanging jabs and insults in a preview of what could be an ugly general election campaign, if it works out that way. joe biden calling the president an existential threat to america. the president resorting to name calling to hit back at joe biden.


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