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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  June 12, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. thank you so much for joining me. this morning, a new escalation in the fight between president trump and democrats on capitol hill. today, the house oversight committee is due to vote on whether to hold two top administration officials, two members of the president's cabinet in contempt of congress. attorney general bill barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross. this is a fight for documents over how a citizen question ended up on the upcoming 2020 census. this is a big deal when attorney general holder was held in contempt of congress in 2012, that was the first time such an extreme action was taken against a sitting cabinet official. if this contempt move ends up before the full house and passes, attorney general barr
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would be only the second ag then to be held in contempt. and this isn't even the first committee, this congress to vote to hold him in contempt. then, of course, add the second cabinet official, wilbur ross, on top of that. lauren fox has been following all of this on capitol hill. it has been ongoing. lauren, even before this vote takes place in the house oversight committee, president trump is trying to step in with another assertion of executive privilege. what is going on here? >> reporter: well, kate, there was quite a bit of drama just minutes before this hearing actually got under way. that's when the department of justice and the commerce department sent letters to elijah cummings, the chairman of this committee, saying that the president planned to assert executive privilege over the documents. i want to read just a little bit of that letter from the department of justice. it said, this letter is to advise you the president has asserted executive privilege over subpoenaed documents identified by the committee. in addition the president has
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made a protective assertion of executive privilege over the remainder of the subpoenaed documents. so that was the fireworks that begun this hearing. and a few minutes into it, elijah cummings basically argued you had months to make this assertion of executive privilege. instead, you wait until just a couple of minutes before my hearing begins and then you assert it. so, he advised members to go ahead, read through the letters, then he would come back later this afternoon for the actual vote to hold these officials in contempt. he wants to give members of congress a bit of time to look over the materials, specifically to lack over these letters that were just sent moments before this committee hearing began. kate? >> lauren, thank you so much. a lot to watch there. also, though, happening on capitol hill right now, donald trump jr. is back behind closed doors. a source telling cnn that the president's eldest son is appearing before a senate intelligence committee anyway deal struck last month after a panel issued a subpoena for his
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testimony. this, we'll show you, was his arrival just a little while ago. >> are you here to correct your testimony? >> no, not hing to correct. >> that may be what the committee wants to find out. it's the fourth time that lawmakers have demanded or requested that he appear since his father took office. m manu raju is on capitol hill, following this side of things. manu, we know there are real questions about donald trump jr.'s past testimony and squaring that up against what the mueller report says. what do you know about what's happening behind closed doors right now? >> yeah. he has been in there since about 9:30 a.m. eastern time. we expect him to go for roughly four hours or so on a deal that was struck by this committee after he was hit by a subpoena by the bipartisan subpoena he fought and tried to resist. ultimately, he agreed to come,
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assuming the topics would be limited, assuming his time would be limited. that will get us a better sense, perhaps, of what happens. this is a class fight hearing. details could be hard to come by. what we do know is that there are questions about what he had testified before on capitol hill, compared to what it said in the mueller report, specifically on two specific aspects. one that infamous trump tower meeting he took with russians in 2016, in which he was promised dirt on the clinton campaign. he initially testified to capitol hill that he had only informed jared kushner, his brother-in-law, as well as paul manafort, then campaign chairman, about this meeting. the deputy campaign chairman rick gates recalled donald trump jr. telling a larger group that he had a lead on clinton dirt before that meeting and he had told capitol hill he was only prfrlly aware of the moscow trump project in the run-up to the 2016 election but michael
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cohen, the president's former attorney, former fixer now in jail testified before robert mueller, saying something different, that donald trump jr. was more extensively aware, that he told him about the efforts to get that project on a number of occasions. so now we have donald trump jr. behind closed doors, going to be asked those questions about squaring his past testimony. as you just heard i asked him specifically, are you going to change your testimony? he said no. then he said nothing to correct. so he clearly is saying that he has said nothing wrong. his testimony is consistent, but we'll see what lawmakers think when they emerge in a matter of hours. kate? >> absolutely. good to see you, manu. thank you. we're learning more details about the letter that president trump said he received from the north korean leader kim jong-un this week. here is how the president put it. listen to this first. >> i just received a beautiful letter from kim jong-un. i can't show you the letter, obviously, but it was a very personal, very warm, very nice letter. i appreciate it.
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>> that was just yesterday. now let's get to today. cnn's kylie abbott is joining me now. kylie, you have new information about what really is in this letter. what are you learning? >> well, as these letters have always been in the past, it celebrated president trump and showered praise on him. what it didn't do was present a way forward. there was no substance to the letter. a source who saw the letter explained to me. and that is the real key here. we are today marking the one-year anniversary of the singapore summit during which president trump and kim jong-un met for the first time and talked about great progress going forward. they signed a document, committing to denuclearization of the korean peninsula, but thus far, we've not seen any actual, tangible steps towards that and since the second summit, which happened almost four months ago now, there has been stalled negotiations between the two sides. so, president trump is touting
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the letter as beautiful. he's calling it one of another love letters that he has received from kim jong-un, but there is no plan for the u.s. and north korea to continue their progress forward, to meet again. >> also, i have to ask you, kylie, president trump yesterday weighed in on the reporting that kim jong-un's half-brother, who was murdered, may have been working with the cia. let me play for our viewers what the president said about this. >> i saw the information about the cia with respect to his brother or half-brother, and i would tell him that would not happen under my auspices, that's for sure. i wouldn't let that happen under my auspices. >> kylie, that is a -- add that to the list of pretty astonish ing statements, i guess, when it comes to kim jong-un and the president. the president is taking the side of kim jong-un over the intelligence community once again. >> right. >> are you hearing anything about this? >> president trump there is not
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confirming or denying that kim jong-un's half-brother was used as an asset for the cia. sources i've talked to say that they don't talk about the assets that the cia uses. that's just not something that they're going to do. but this reporting does shine light on how the cia is able to gain information about the hermit kingdom, this closed society. it's shocking for many to see president trump saying the cia would no longer use tactics like that. again, inviting kim jong-un back to the table. trying to lure him back into negotiations. i did talk to some sources who were shocked to see it was mentioned, said it wasn't helpful going forward with cia operations, but at this point it wouldn't be an impediment to their intelligence collection. >> that's at least an important point to make. kylie, thank you so much. in the midst of all of this, the 2020 campaign trail is heating up even more today.
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one focus, socialism, democratic socialism. is it becoming the defining term of the democratic primary? today, bernie sanders is laying out what he thinks democratic socialism means and what he thinks is at stake in this election. but this could also be the exact debate that president trump is hoping the democrats will have right now. just listen to this. >> more than 100 democrats in congress that were signed up for the bernie sanders government takeover of health care. democrats also support the $100 trillion green new deal. how about that beauty? the green new deal. the democrat party is really now the socialist party. >> and that was just yesterday. let me bring in cnn's rienl nobles, following sanders ahead of the speech today. sanders has made a big speech, defending his position, defending his democratic socialism during the 2016 campaign. what's this big speech about
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this time around? what are you hearing? >> the big thing he's going to do, kate, is lean into this idea that democratic socialism is better for america and is actually a winning strategy when it comes to taking on donald trump. the argument he's going to make is that americans do appreciate socialism on some level, depending on how it benefits you specifically. and he's even going to go as far as to label donald trump what he's calling a corporate socialist. he's going to harken back to the financial bailouts from the financial crisis a few years ago. this is what sanders is going to say today. he's going to say, quote, let's be clear. president trump and his fellow oligarches attack us. they don't oppose all forms of socialism. they may hate democratic socialism because it benefits working people but they absolutely love corporate socialism, that enriches trump and other billionaires. what he's going to try to make the case for, kate, is that what he wants to do is empower the average american and have them
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buy into this system where the basic needs of all americans are taken care of. the problem he has, though, kate, is that socialism itself, that overarching umbrella term is something that a lot of americans are unkfbl with. can he make that case in a two-hour speech, especially when donald trump is somebody who speaks in one or two-sentence sound bites? >> or just one word nicknames and labels that worked very effectively in the 2016 campaign. we'll see if sentences are more required in the 2020 campaign. let us see. first and foremost it will be interesting to hear what bernie sanders -- the case he makes today. good to see you, ryan. thanks. >> thank you. back on the campaign trail, former vice president joe biden, a day after tradeing insults with president trump. could his focus on the president so much, could it backfire on biden? plus they look and sound like the real thing, but are anything but. the real danger of deep fake videos and the race to stop them
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second day. cnn got this video of him a short time ago, doing the definition of retail politicicing at the tasty cafe. the infamous -- no, no, not infamous at all. the famous tasty cafe before one of his main events. if yesterday is any indication of what the former vice president is going to say today, he is going to go straight back at president trump as his number one target. the president, of course, returning in kind. listen. >> look, i believe that the president is literally an existential threat to america. >> i would rather run against, i think, biden than anybody. i think he's the weakest mentally. >> four years of donald trump will go down in history as an aberration. >> biden never got more than 4%. obama took him off the trash heap. now it looks like he's failing. >> i don't think the president gets the basics. he thinks these tariffs are
8:18 am
being paid by china. >> joe biden thought china was not a competitor of ours. joe biden is a dummy. >> apparently he had my speech on air force one. i guess he's really fascinated with me. >> when a man has to mention my name 76 times in his speech, that means he's in trouble. >> joining me right now, the national co-chair of the biden campaign, democratic congressman. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me, kate. >> donald trump noting yesterday biden mentioned him in his speech 76 times in one of his speeches. do you fear that the former vice president is making this campaign more about donald trump than he is about making it about what biden can actually do for the country? >> no, i don't at all. first of all, i would never quote trump in terms of the 76 times. i don't believe much that he has to say, but vice president biden is running against donald trump because donald trump is a threat to the future of america.
8:19 am
and i think if you're running against someone, you should contrast who you are with who they are and your policies with their policies. so the fact that he mentions his name or policies, or the fact that he's an existential threat to the future of america, i think that's what you should do when you're running against some person, is to point out the differences. >> differences is one thing, but there is also name calling. we saw name calling in 2016 and saw where that got folks. he has called trump an existential threat. you talked about it. childish, embarrassing, and more. yes, donald trump calls people names all the time. we saw him calling joe biden names. i asked democratic congressman debbie dingle of michigan about what the message is, that she thinks is going to win over voters like her constituents in michigan who voted for trump in 2016, and she had a very important message on this point. listen. >> i think people are tired of people taking shots at each other. and there are some that are dug
8:20 am
in, in both sides. but what they really want is to know that somebody cares about them. that's what i think will be the winning message and we'll see where we are next year. but i think the american people are tired of all this name calling. i think there's name calling on both sides. i think they want to see us talk about things that matter to the them. >> she's making an important point. what do you say to that? can biden do better? >> i can tell you what he has been doing. he has been talking about the fact that he wants to restore the soul of america, that he wants to bring back a middle class and create a better future for everybody. in the process, he articulates his vision of america with trump's current america. >> yeah. >> and he finds a country that he wants to change the climate in the country. so him contrasting is okay. i think that what debbie was talking about is not only about the presidential race but congress, too.
8:21 am
i mean, in washington, there's a little bit -- >> yeah. >> too much animosity. but i think that the vice president is a little bit different from everybody because, remember, he's the one saying that we need to work together to provide a better future for people in america. we need to restore the soul of america. and he actually calls decent people decent people, which he's caught flack for. i think the vice president is not who she's probably talking about, but i actually think he's very consistent with why he's running and what the future holds for us. >> so, let's talk about something that's going to be happening today. bernie sanders is giving a speech today, defending democratic socialism. defending doubling down on his support of socialism. he's going to say, according to experts, while president trump and his fellow oligarches attack us for our socialism, they don't hate all socialism. they may hate democratic
8:22 am
socialism because it empowers all people but they love corporate socialism because it enriches trump and other billionaires. >> the deck is stacked toward korpgs in this country right now and toward the very wealthy. what vice president wants to do is even the playing field, restore the middle class. >> could you call that corporate socialism? >> i wouldn't necessarily call it socialism. i don't get hung up on the names. i don't think the american people do. what the american people really get hung up on is the fact that they're working harder, their wages buy less today than it did before so that americans workers at an all-time high in productivity, earnings are at an all-time low. that's what people care about. so to the extent that bernie sanders is talking about that, then i think he's talking about the right thing. but when you hear vice president biden talk, he talks about how
8:23 am
labor built this country and that the people who work the hardest should share in the rewards of the corporate gains. and i think that that's what everyone should be talking abou about. >> vice president biden said something in iowa that caught our ear about the fight against cancer. let me play this for everyone. >> i promise you, if i'm elected president, you're going to see the single most important thing, change in america is we're going to cure cancer. >> congressman, we know, i know how personal this is to joe biden. we know how much energy and time he has put into fighting cancer with the biden cancer initiative. with that phrase, we're going to cure cancer, how can he promise that, though? >> we're america. we made a promise to go to the
8:24 am
moon. people didn't think we could. he knows as americans we can accomplish big things. in this race he is absolutely the expert on cancer, where we are in our progress on the fight, where we are on our progress for finding a cure. and i think you're going to see him lay out a policy. >> everyone would love it if he could make good on that campaign -- i mean, there is no one that would not support his -- if he can make good on that campaign promise. but that is one thing, curing cancer is something that has been out of reach for scientists, for the medical community. they're making progress. but curing cancer, that is a very, very bold campaign promise to be making. not just that he's going to fight it tooth and nail with everything he has got to make progress in the fight but that he's going to cure cancer. are you sure you want to hang your campaign on that promise? >> look, if you can't imagine america how you want it, and look we have to remember he's a
8:25 am
subject expert in that area. if he believes we can do it, i believe him. look, let's give it 120%. if we come up a little bit short that means we've made great breakthroughs. i don't think as americans we think or dream small. we should continue to dream big. you'll see his platform and others concentrate on what we can do. remember, as americans, we do some really, really great things. and i think curing cancer is one of those things that we have to strive to do. >> and it would be great to see progress and to see that one campaign promise, no matter what side of the aisle you sit on. make good on that one campaign promise, that's for sure. it's just a really high bar. >> thank you for having me.
8:26 am
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nearing a breaking point. thousands of demonstrators are taking to the streets in massive demonstrations against a controversial extradition bill, which could lead to suspected criminals in hong kong being extradited much more easily to mainland china. the video of how large these protests have been have been astonishing. it is a dramatic scene. and it is also getting ugly, as police have been using tear gas now to try and push back the crowds, get a handle on the crowds. the latest reports are that at least 72 people have been injured in the clashes. but let's get to the ground. cnn's matt rivers is joining me now from hong kong. matt, what are you seeing right now and what has happened throughout the day? >> kate, it started early in hong kong with relatively peaceful protests because the legislature in hong kong was debating that bill. >> 3:00 in the afternoon, 4:00 a.m., that would be in u.s. time.
8:32 am
that's when police started using tear gas, rubber bullets, water canons and pushing protesters that gathered way from the legislative building basically where we are right now. behind this barricade there are thousands of protesters that go way back that street. they've broken -- completely blocked this street. this would be like standing in wall street in manhattan. this is the financial district in hong kong, except it's been blocked off. protesters have built these makeshift barricades. this is aluminum sheeting, metal barricades that the police use. all kinds of things have been thrown in here. the point of all this is because of that line of police officers right up the road there. that's the front line for the police. they're all in riot gear. they have tear gas canisters and all kinds of things that they could use. you have to figure that police will not let these people stay here forever. how does it end? when will they move in?
8:33 am
will they use tear gas? >> the situation you're in the middle of right now, it's anyone's guess what could ignite the next flash or calm things down. it truly is. stay safe, matt. appreciate it. we'll be watching that closely. >> coming up, though, we're going back to capitol hill for the breaking news that the white house is asserting executive privilege now overall of the documents that a key committee is requesting with regard to the u.s. census. so, what happens now, as the committee continues to consider its contempt vote against the attorney general and commerce secretary? a member of that committee joins me live, next. wich, your mammoth masterpiece. and...whatever this was. because we make our meat with the good of the deli and no artificial preservatives. make every sandwich count with oscar mayer deli fresh. plants capture co2. what if other kinds of plants captured it too? if these industrial plants had technology
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minutes before the house committee was scheduled to meet and vote to hold the attorney general and commerce secretary in contempt of congress, the president stepped in, asserting privilege over documents at the heart of a beef between congress and the white house. attorney general bill barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross had not complied to hand over documents as to how the citizenship question was added to the 2020 census. let's figure out where things are now and where they're headed. joining me now is a member of the house oversight committee. congressman, thank you for being
8:39 am
here. >> great to be here, kate. >> with the president making this protective assertion of executive privilege overall of the documents that your committee has requested, does this vote that's going to happen then this afternoon to hold them in contempt, is it going to get you further rather than closer to getting your hands on any of these documents now? >> i think it gets us closer. i mean, what we're doing is pressing forward. and now we're going to pursue the opportunity to team up with the courts in order to do that. i mean, you can look at this as article i, congress teaming up with article iii, the courts, to demand accountability from article ii, the executive branch. and that's all part of what i think is a very thoughtful strategy of putting pressure on the administration to come clean on all fronts, not just with respect to this issue but many, many issues. it's all part of the search for the truth, which is what the public wants to see.
8:40 am
>> the justice department, in part of this back and forth, has said that this move, the contempt vote, is premature, because they say they're trying to work with the committee on the documents. wilbur ross said they produced 14,000 documents that you've requested. are they not telling the truth? >> well, they're certainly exaggerating it, if they're suggesting they cooperated and tried to provide the information we asked for. the reason we're making this move is because they basically stonewalled. the documents they've turned over have not been responsive at all. it's not the number of documents necessarily. it's whether they're meaningful and they actually address the committee's request. that has not happened here. we don't want to move forward in this way. we feel compelled to do it because the administration has not been responsive. we have a responsibility as the committee, as the article one legislative branch that does oversight and particularly our committee on oversight to pursue these things to try to get
8:41 am
facts. that's what we're doing, on a very important issue, the way the census is conducted in this country every ten years. >> broadly, you touched on how the courts are working on this as well. when you look kind of broadly at stonewalling coming from the white house, house democrats have had wins in federal court. three federal judges have blocked the question from being added. the supreme court now taking it up. why not wait to see how that plays out before you make your move? >> well, look, these are moving on different tracks. what's happening in the judicial branch of the supreme court reviewing this decision, that's moving along atity o its own pa. that should not affect our committee's moving forward in a responsible way, as we're doing. so, we're on a different track. those tracks may intersect at some point, but we have a responsibility to move as the oversight committee and in
8:42 am
fulfillment of our responsibility as the article one oversight branch to get this information. that's exactly what we're doing. >> so, assume that the vote happens this afternoon. bill barr, wilbur ross, held in contempt in terms of the committee. what's next? have you received any assurance from the chairman that this contempt citation will move to the house floor for a full vote? >> well, we're taking it one step at a time, obviously, which is how i think you do these things. you want to make sure you're crossing your t's, dotting your i's. >> are you going to push forward for it to go to the floor? >> i think it will at some point if we don't see some kind of accommodation. as you noted, the fact that we're bringing this pressure is getting wins from the courts at different levels and creating more accommodation for responsiveness on the part of the administration. look what just happened with judiciary's interaction with the justice department. so, we make these moves, which i think the public wants us to
8:43 am
make, apply the pressure, see if we get a response that's cooperative. if we don't, then we move it to the next level. >> congressman, let's see what happens first, what happens in committee. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. coming up, it's hard to tell what's real and fake online and poses a major risk in the 2020 election. >> testing. testing. gina, gina. >> a new report on how to spot and hopefully how to stop deep fake videos. that's next.
8:44 am
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next time you see a video online, you really do need to look again. just take a look at this video, a video that appears to show facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. >> imagine this for a second. one man with total control of billions of people's stolen data. all their secrets, their lives, their futures. >> it looks like zuckerberg. it sounds like zuckerberg. it's really a manipulated fake. that is what is called a deep
8:49 am
fake. it was created with artificial intelligence to show how technology could easily be used to spread misinformation, raising a lot of concern now for what that could mean for the 2020 presidential election. cnn's jody o'sullivan is taking a closer look. >> they're going to mexico. >> they took my microphone to kenya. they broke it. now it's broken. >> and alec baldwin's impression of him from "saturday night live." now take a look and listen at this. >> picking up somebody sniffing here. >> that's not really president trump. it's just his face mapped on top of baldwin's. researchers at usc created this clip and many others of prominent politicians showing just how easily viewers could be tricked. >> listen, america, donald trump cannot be president. >> videos like this are known as deep fakes, a new, sophisticated way to create fake videos using artificial intelligence and
8:50 am
their potential damage is catching attention on capitol hill. while some say the trek is exaggerated it's real for >> it is a race between the ai to create them and the ai to detect them. >> reporter: his committee will hold a hearing tomorrow. >> there are visuals that obviously were planned. >> reporter: highlighting this, altered video of nancy pelosi. it is not an example of a "deepfake," but was edited to make it looks like she was slurring her words. >> it would be very easy to introduce a doctored video that could have a very sizable impact a nanonymously at various place at one time. art whoever introduced it would always have some level of plausible deniability. >> reporter: and other technology experts agree. >> we'll get to a point in the near future where you are not going to be able to distinguish
8:51 am
between the two. and we sort of want to get out ahead of it before we get to that point. >> reporter: the team at uc berkeley studied hours of foota footage. constructing a system called fingerprinting. aiming to help the government and news organizations separate the real from the unreal. >> by the end of '19 and lead up to the iowa caucuses and new hampshire primaries, we will have most if not all of the candidates finger printed. >> joining me is tony sullivan. fascinating to get out ahead of this so they can tell a "deepfake," but terrifyinging almost. i fear to ask what it could mean for 2020. >> on a positive note it is good that we are talking about it now rather than in 12 months time. in 2016, russian controtrolls,
8:52 am
it was a surprise to the intelligence community and the xwlee media. so there is a concerted effort to get ahead of it. but you see the fake videos, but what it also allows is for sort of plausible deniability if somebody -- >> on the flip side. >> exactly. think about the "access hollywood" tape, trump could have said that is a fake. >> so what you hear and see, you need to question it. we do it every day for different reasons, but now we really need to -- it is a whole new level. donie, great stuff. coming up for us, david or tease ortiz take his first steps as a second suspect is arrested. are police getting any closer to answering the one major question? why would someone want to shoot such an icon, such a beloved star like david ortiz?
8:53 am
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8:58 am
arrest. patrick oppmann is at police headquarters and alexander field is in boston. patrick, first to you. what are you learning about this second arrest? >> reporter: well, we're hoping to learn a lot more very soon a as police and prosecutors here in santa domingo have told us that they will be offering a press conference at some point, still very much up in the air, where we will learn more about the second arrest. or they have told us potentially more arrests. and as well hopefully a motive which still remains very much a mystery. but we do know a second individual was arrested yesterday. again, police saying this is not the last arrest, that increasingly this looks more like an organized hit against david ortiz, that they are saying it is a dom plek acomple
8:59 am
complicated plan that may involve multiple individuals. and everybody who you talk to easy is they cannot imagine why anyone would want to hurt or skill such a beloved sports figure. and the mother of the first suspect who is believed to have driven the motorcycle is also a big fan. >> that is something to hear. patrick. alexander, what are the doctors saying about his condition and recovery right now? >> reporter: yeah, he is still in the intensive care unit at massachusetts why not hospital right here in boston. there are promising signs though. we learned from a spokesperson that he was able to get up yesterday, take a couple steps. that was after he had two surgeries to repair the wounds from that bullet that went from his back and into his stomach. he woke up wanting to see his family and doctors here. it was of course the red sox who brought him back to boston. he is now with his wife and with his children. they say that he is stable and starting to recover.
9:00 am
>> alex, patrick, thank you. looking for the update later. thank you all for joining me as well. hope you have a great day. inside politics with john king starts right now. que welcome to "inside politics." president trump welcomed a friend to the white house. polish president is getting red carpet treatment that includes a rare and expensive fighter jet flyover. and joe biden is in clinton county, iowa, the democratic front runner looking to prove he is the best candidate to win back the places that voted twice for obama but then flipped to trump. and then the president's eldest son is behind closed doors on capitol hill. senate intelligence committee wants to put the special counsel's findings side by side with donald trump


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