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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  June 13, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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and we begin this hour with breaking news. secretary of state mike pompeo not mincing words moments ago and blaming iran for attacks on tankers in the gulf of oman. >> it is the assessment of the united states government that the islamic republic of iran is responsible for the attack that's occurred in the gulf of oman today. this assessment is based on intelligence, the weapons used, the level of expertise needed to execute the operation, recent similar attacks on shipping and the fact that no proxy group operating in the area has the resources and proficiency to act with such a high degree of sophistication. >> well defense sources tell cnn a u.s. navy ship spotted an unexploded mine attached to one of the two tankers attacked this morning. one of the tankers was carrying oil and the other chemicals.
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this shows black smoke as you could see billowing from the tanker after it was hit by what the owner calls some kind of shell. now this all happened as the tankers were sailing through the gulf of oman. a busy and strategic shipping lane in the middle east. they are drawing comparisons to attacks on four ships in the same area months ago. there is a lot to discuss. i want to bring in correspondent michelle kosinski and lieutenant general mart kurtling and mark kirby, a former spokesperson for the state department and the pentagon. first to you, michelle, you were at pompeo's news conference, what does this attack mean for the u.s.? >> well, it shows that the u.s. stance of deterrence and increased pressure on iran is effecting iran. the u.s. was so quick to call iran out as the culprit for this one. it took a long time in the attacks on may 12th, very similar attacks, similar m.o.
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it was tankers that were also affected. but today, day of, the u.s. is willing to come out and say iran was behind this. and you heard the secretary spell it out there. so it shows that this is affecting iran. they are feeling the pinch of it's irgc, the revolutionary guard being designated a terrorist attack and the u.s. convincing companies not to do business with iran and cutting off some of its oil shipments out. we know, through multiple sources, that iran is feeling that. there are obviously furious about it and this is one more way of showing it, but it is not deterring them, clearly. and the u.s. stance is having an effect but it is not changing iran's behavior. at least not right now. so now comes the scenario of how do you respond to this? after the attacks on the 12th that we mentioned, u.s. allies
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were saying, remember, european allies want to keep the iran nuclear deal and keep doing business with iran because they feel like that is the best pathway to ultimately changing iran's behavior. so when they saw that iran attacked these tankers, they felt like, oh, god, now we have to respond to this. and that has to come through the u.n. unpleasant for them because it shakes up the status quo. but they felt like that would have to be something that needed to be done after something so serious. and now we have another round of this same kind of attacks. so we'll see what the international community does because of this. >> and the u.n. security council will be meeting within the next hour to discuss these attacks. >> that is right. >> so the question is will the u.s. do anything else. admiral kirby, we now the u.s. has announced sending 1500 additional troops to the middle east in response to iran's actions previous to the attacks on the tankers and now barbara
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starr reporting the navy will send in more navy ships to the region. i was just speaking to a national security official yesterday who said there is this concern with iran that there will be a miscalculation. do you think with these added moves that that increases the risk of a miscalculation with iran. >> i think it reduces the risk of miscalculation and i suspect that is why the navy will send additional ships or maybe even aircraft to that gulf to send a strong message to iran we do have a presence there and they shouldn't escalate things any further. so i any it is an attempt to de-escalate the tensions and try to reduce the risk of miscalculation. that said, the iranian revolutionary guard is a proxy group in iran and they don't answer to the civil state authorities so they act often times unilaterally and sometimes not even in concert or coordination with the government in tehran so there is still always a risk they could take more matter ne-- matters into
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their own hand and make things worse. >> and secretary of state mike pompeo came out quickly on this condemning iran and blaming iran. he said only iran has the sophisticated technology to pull off something like this. do you agree with that? >> i don't. first of all, what i would say, though, too, this is a potential approach to using asymmetric warfare. what i mean by that, pamela, they are using a weak force to attack a strong power, us. and they're doing it by using really inexpensive devices, limb pit mines coming out of the allied ports and these two ships that came out and admiral kirby could speak to this, came out of a port in saudi arabia and the united arab emirates and these are our allies or partners and so they are attacking our friends and one of the ships was going to iran when prime
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minister abe was there. and they are using cheap devices to conduct warfare against us. and putting more ships in the area can certainly feel good, but you're talking about a technology advanced navy going into an area to fight against these kind of things that are easily implaced on ships. it doesn't take much to do this. secretary pompeo mentioned the rocket attack in baghdad, and having been in baghdad and knowing what kind of proxy forces they have in the city, they are not advanced and sometimes fired off the back of mules. so these are not expensive and the maximum pressure campaign that we are attempting to use against iran, they're doing against us by attacking our allies and our partners. >> and this is all happening as tensions continue to escalate between iran and the u.s. michelle, admiral and lieutenant journal, thank you very much. well president trump has gone from asking russia, are you
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listening, to saying, that he would be happy to listen. if the trump re-election campaign is offered dirt on his 2020 rivals and in a jaw-dropping new interview the president added that he might not tell the fbi about it. he said maybe i would, maybe i wouldn't going against the advice of fbi chief christopher wrai. >> this campaign around, if foreigners or russia or china offers you information on an opponent, should they accept it or call the fbi. >> i think maybe you do both. i think you might want to listen. there is nothing wrong with listening. if somebody called from a country, norway, we haven't information on your opponent, oh, i think i would want to hear it. >> you want that kind of interference in our election. >> it is not interference. they have information. i think i would take it. this is something that said we have information on your opponent. oh, let me call the fbi. give pe a break. >> the fbi director said that is what should happen. >> the fbi director is wrong.
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>> so those comments sparking sharp and swift criticism from house speaker nancy pelosi. >> yesterday the president gave us once again evidence that he does not know right from wrong. it is a very sad thing. very sad thing that he does not know right from wrong. he takes an oath to protect and defend the constitution, but i guess it doesn't include him in terms of being -- to be held accountable to obey the law. >> now on the republican side, top trump ally lindsey graham called out the president's words and casting blame on democrats for the so-called steele dossier. >> i think it is a mistake. i think it is a mistake of law. i don't want to send a signal to encourage this. and i hope my democrat colleagues will be equally offended by the fact that this actually did happen in 2016. where a foreign agent was paid for by a political party to
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gather opposition research. all of those things are wrong. >> i want to bring in sarah murray, a cnn political correspondent and david chalian the cnn political director. sarah, first to you, let's not forget that lindsey graham told john mccain to hand over the dossier to the fbi. so if you would just kind of give us a reality check because he's trying to draw this parallel between what happened with don jr. and offered russian dirt and the steele dossier. >> as always, the case with lindsey graham, there is so much fodder there. it is like where do you start. for one, the steele dossier is not the entirety of what the russia investigation was based on. it was already moving and just one of the facets that was behind the fisa warrant and if they relied on it too heavily, bill barr started an investigation into how the investigation got started. so if people acted inappropriately, we'll find out about that. there is also a difference between a former u.k.
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intelligence officer who is helped the fbi in the past providing information and we have a very friendly relationship with the u.k., one of our closest allies versus someone from a foreign government going to a political campaign and essentially saying, hey, we have dirt on your political opponent, who cares who it came from. >> a foreign adversary. >> yes. we have dirt on your political opponent from russia, a foreign adversary, let us share that with you. this raised concerns and not rising to the level of the prosecutable as far as mueller's team determined but that doesn't mean it was the right thing to do. >> and mueller came out and said this is systematic on the part of the russians interference in the election and you didn't hear that sense of alarm, david chalian, coming from the president in terms of what mueller laid out. >> no. so for two years we've heard nothing from president trump other than no collusion, no collusion, no collusion and now we here i'm standing here willing, ready and able to collude if somebody in a foreign country would like to share
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information. i'm ready to take it on. it is unthinkable what he said. it disintegrates at the very core of what our democracy is about. this is the president of the united states inviting in a foreign entity to play in america's elections and doing it so cavalierly without any notion that that may be crossing a line. and we get used to the line crossing but this is one of the days where you wake up and you just say, this is the president of the united states looking to actually dismantle a core function of our democracy. >> so what would you say to those who say, look, what is wrong with listening as the president said? just listen and then he drew this parallel with presidential diplomacy saying, look, i meet with foreign leaders all of the time. what do you make of that. >> like when he was comparing his recent talks with queen elizabeth and so if -- and they talked about everything and so if she had mentioned something about the political race upcoming in 2020, somehow that
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is the same thing as if a foreign nation state called and said we have dirt on your opponent. oh, i would take a look at that. that is not the same thing. you're having conversations with people in your daily course of business that is a totally different thing than a foreign entity offering dirt on your opponent. >> and i think one of the alarming and out of body experience things about this is the republican party used to be the party of national security. they used to pride themselves on this kind of thing. so to now have the president being out there saying we don't care if foreign governments meddle in our election and makes me think back that we haven't heard much from robert mueller but one of the last things he said when he gave his ten-minute statement is a foreign government tried to interfere in our election and for me that is the biggest takeaway and that we should take this seriously because it is not going to end there and this is another example of how the president didn't take this seriously. he didn't take it seriously in the last election and the
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administration has done very little to prevent that from happening in 2020 and we haven't seen the uprising you would expect from members on both sides of the aisle to say let's make sure we secure our election and this doesn't happen again and now the president just extending an invitation, come on in, let's meddle. >> there is so much more to talk about in this segment. i'm so sad that i have to wrap because i have so many more questions. and also christopher wray, the president said he is wrong. what will he do now in will he respond. thanks. appreciate you coming on. coming up, a constant presence to the president, but now the office of special counsel said he should fire kellyanne conway. we'll tell you why. and bricks thrown at officers after u.s. marshals shot and killed a man. and then later revamping the president's plane, trump unveils the plans for changing up the look of air force one after nearly 60 years. ace.
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prevagen. healthier brain. better life. well counsel to the president kellyanne conway once dared the feds to come after her for violating the hatch act. well now they've done just that. the office of special counsel has accused conway of violating
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the rule of limited political activities of government employees and recommended that conway be fired and the white house is responding. i want to bring in kaitlan collins white house correspondent. so what is the president saying about this. i don't get the sense he's taken this seriously, this suggestion to fire kellyanne conway. >> we've been told that the president brushed this off when kellyanne conway was told she violated the hatch act, this law that prevents federal employees from making political statements something you've seep kellyanne conway do time and time again but the white house is pushing back on them coming out today. saying that their statement is unprecedented and that their actions against her are, quote, deeply flawed, pam. and saying that it violates her constitutional rights to free speech and due process. so they're pushing back on this hard. but it is significant this government watch dog is coming out saying kellyanne conway should be removed from her job but of course, pam, we have to
12:20 pm
point out it is the president who is responsible for taking disciplinary action when it comes to violating the hatch act and he's clearly not likely to do so based on what we've been told. and just in elijah cummings has announced he will hold a hearing with the office of special counsel. what more could you tell us about that? >> reporter: because this act is seen as the toothless. we've seen the special counsel not related to robert mueller office saying that because kellyanne conway is a repeat offender if no action is taken it sends a message to federal employees they could violate the law without repercussion and democrats are saying they want to hold a hearing on this and want to invite and make statements but with the request from capitol hill, from democrats specifically, four who is officials on capitol hill to testify, it is not very likely they will do so and you could see that in the letter that pat
12:21 pm
sip ill own sent to the office of the special counsel about the report on kellyanne conway where he referred to her as a close counselor to the president, one of the closest in the west wing and that may be a way to justify not being able to send her up to capitol hill to testify. >> kaitlan collins, the latest from the white house. and this just in from washington. employees of the department of agriculture turned their backs on secretary purdue as he was speaking. suzanne malveaux joins me now. what happened? why did they turn their backs on the secretary. >> this is a controversy blowing up at the usda. this is over secretary sonny purdue move to reorganize this agency and purdue meeting with employees, you'll see the video turning their backs on him. he said this will make the
12:22 pm
department run for officially but the hundreds of usda workers impacted, they are not buying it. and here is why. the career researchers in these two units, it is the economic research service unit that is ers and the national institute of food and agriculture and nifa, they produce research that contradicts the administration. president trump's imposition on climate change and crops and livestock. the u.s. agriculture, so one watchdog group even said that this is just the administration's back door way to cut off the staff and resources to the groups. [ technical difficulties ] well here is how purdue replayed here in a statement. he defended the department decision. he is saying this is going to
12:23 pm
improve usda ability to attracts highly qualified staff with the cost of living who be cheaper and put resources where agriculture is more directly impacted. so what is hanning now? the usda employees are working out buyout packages in the meantime there are critics ringing the alarm bell saying this is part of the trump plan to radically less government in areas of research and science. >> this is quite the visual there with the employees. their backs to secretary purdue. suzanne malveaux, thank you for bringing us the latest and bringing it. and coming up, what do trump's 2020 rivals think there is nothing wrong with listening to a foreign government offering up dirt on an opponent. i'll ask presidential candidates and governor jay inslee to weigh in. and plus president trump has a new paint job in mind for air force one and the color scheme sure does look familiar.
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time. i am -- can't imagine, always thought i -- in today's political environment you always think yesterday is the greatest outrage. but the fact that yesterday the president of the united states said even after all that we've gone through in the last two and a half years, even after all of the evidence of russian intervention has been out and vetted, even after 140 contacts between russian officials and folks affiliated with the trump campaign, or trump business operations, you would think there would be a sense of some level of moral obligation, even if we're not backwards looking, to say, on a going-forward basis, we ought to make clear that if any foreign power tries to intervene again in an election, the least we can do is
12:30 pm
ask for a requirement to report to law enforcement. i heard yesterday the president went on and kind of said, oh, it is no big thing or everybody does it. no, mr. president, everybody doesn't do it. the presiding officer who just left to run for president before, i have no question in my mind that if a foreign power tried to intervene in his campaign he would report it to law enforcement. every evidence in the past of attempts on foreign intervention, candidates have stepped up. doesn't matter what party they are, and did the right thing and reported to law enforcement. one of my colleagues on the other side said they don't want to relitigate 2016. there will be other times and
12:31 pm
places to further -- >> so there you're hearing top democrats in the senate blasting president trump for saying he would accept foreign dirt on his opponent. you're hearing senator warner and before that chuck schumer. i want to bring in jay inslee, a 2020 democrat hopingto unseat trump. so, governor, let's get your reaction to what we're hearing from top democracies there, mark warner, chuck schumer, on the president's comments in this abc interview. >> mine is the same with virtually everyone, which is that it is a shocking result to think that an american president will publicly solicit a crime and think that is okay on behalf of a foreign power. and it is shocking. to me it is like to think dwight eisenhower, good republican president, saying it is okay if you conspire with the kgb against this nation. in the most fundamental action of democracy, which was elected our president, but the question is what are we going to do about
12:32 pm
this and this means this is a message to us that we have to remove this threat from the oval office. he is a clear and present danger to democracy. and i will say, we have to figure out, look, if he would do this again, i'm a candidate for president -- if he would do this again. >> and let me stop you. because you said we have to remove this threat from the oval office. my understanding is until this point you have been in line with nancy pelosi to impeachment. does this change your thinking. >> we have to remove him by any means necessary, including defeating him at the electoral ballot box. >> sow don't think this is means for beginning an impeachment proceeding? >> i believe the president as we've seen his comments in the last two weeks is forcing the u.s. congress to bring impeachment proceedings, to give them no choice. and when a president said there was clear interference in our election cycle and when he said that is fine with him, and when he said apparently he will do it again, there is really no other choice. but we need to remove him from
12:33 pm
the ballot box. but the point is there are other legal means. look, if some victim in my state becomes a victim of this illegal activity, he may be subject to the laws of the state of washington. he can't hide from the laws of the state of washington and he should not assume that if he does the same thing again that we're not going to be happy to cut him slack of the criminal laws of the state of washington. he has to be aware of that. but this is, i think, just the ultimate last and most dangerous thing he said of all of the insults to democracy and ought to lead us to be committed to his removal. >> so what i'm trying to pin down, is you said, look, we should do this at the ballot box but also is this the tipping point for you on impeachment? do you think that now this is serious enough where democrats should open up an impeachment inquiry. >> i don't see any other choice.
12:34 pm
i knowed leaders will make a choice but i think he's making it inevitable by his actions. i want to talk about the 2020 race. you qualified for the first democratic debate. but you also have a lot of ground to cover in the polls. what do you need to do to change that? >> we need people to hear my message. and we're happy to do that and i've qualified for the first two debates and we've had a good surge of support because my clean energy message is resonating. i am the candidate and the only candidate saying unequivocally that i will make defeating climate change the number one priority of my administration. i'm the only candidate who said we have to get off coal in the next ten years. i'm the candidate who says that half measures are not good enough. look, we didn't win world war ii halfway. s in a matter of survival and great urgency. this is our last chance. and i'm the candidate with what has been called the gold standard of the plans of how to build a new clean energy economy. >> what is going to happen to
12:35 pm
the -- to the people in the coal jobs under your plan. >> there is a transition taking place in any event. coal is being reduced and today a report is issued we now have more renewable energy in our state -- or the nation than coal. but we need to accelerate it to save us from the climate crisis and when we do that we need to care for the families in the communities. these are dedicated hard-working people and do what we've done in washington to give them a plan for transition to help them. we need to be committed to the families until the united states. >> you're very clearly passionate about climate change and made this your main platform and proposed the dnc for a debate just on this matter but you were turned down. why is that? >> it is a disappointment because the petition of 200,000 people was delivered to have a climate debate and there are nine state chairs calling for a crisis debate and it is the
12:36 pm
right thing to do because this is the existential moment and our last chance. >> why were you turned down? >> the dnc chair said that it was impractical. and just find that kind of more than shocking. what is impractical is having eight feet of water over your head when you're a former in iowa. what is impractical having your town burn down like the 25,000 people in paradise, california. we can chew gum and work at the same time. we need to have a chance for the voters to decide who is really got the chops and the passion and the commitment to get this job done? because there is no other chance for the survival of our civilization. i have three grandkids and i'm running for president because i want to tell them on my deathbed that i did everything humanly possible for those kids and for your kids and grandkids. so we need a debate to really get down -- to get this job done. >> really quickly on this. president trump said recently in an interview that climate change dos both ways, that essentially it is a marketing term, that the
12:37 pm
term keeps changing. what is your response to that? >> i talked to a woman who ran a nonprofit for victims of domestic violence in davenport, california and she served 1500 women and then the flood came and washed away the nonprofit and leaving the women high and dry. and when i think of her tears about the suffering she had and the tears i saw in paradise, california, and seminole springs where the towns were burned down, it is infuriating to me that we have a president who is lying to the american people about the existential threat and infuriating that he's preventing our taxpayer dollars to generate the science and he won't let the scientists speak. this is morally an affront to everybody in the united states and he needs to be removed from office so we can move forward to save this nation. i'm committed to that. >> this is first on cnn business, we're learning that 600 trade groups and companies including walmart, costco and
12:38 pm
target, big companies, are warning president trump on tariffs saying tariffs on china will damage the u.s. economy, lead to job losses and harm millions of consumers. what is your response to that? >> those groups are right. look, we're going to pay for donald trump's incompetence. this is the most incompetent administration, i don't care what party you are in, they can't run a two-car funeral and fouled up this trade beyond all human recognition. what they're doing is ending up causing consumer prices for most of which we buy to go up, taxing people on top of that to try to make up for the damage the trade war has caused, and not actually advancing the trade agenda. look, we know we have to put pressure on china, but we know to be effective on that it is better to have alliances rather than this go-alone position. he makes decisions based on press releases and tweets. we need a president who will make it based on good straets
12:39 pm
strategy and how to protect our economy and i have a candidate ready for that job. >> governor jay inslee, i think i know which candidate you're talking about. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> yep. and we have breaking news now on cuba gooding jr., the actor is accused of groping a woman in a new york city club. new details about the charges against him up next. to look at me now,
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so recently my son's band was signed by a record label. a record deal? unbelievable. whenever we're about to get on a stage for a huge audience, i always give my dad like a facetime kinda moment before we do our thing. you see the crowd, you see the emotion. you know, he has that experience for the first time with me, and that's really important to me. i created a rockstar. (both laughing) (vo) the network more people rely on, gives you more like unlimited with apple music included, and iphone xr on us when you buy the latest iphone. that's verizon. breaking news involving cuba gooding facing a charge relating
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to an alleged groping incident. i go straight to closy may with the latest. >> reporter: this is a bit surprising. we've just heard from mark heller, cuba gooding jr.'s attorney in a press conference outside of the nypd precinct where cuba gooding jr. voluntarily surrendered for questioning for nypd. mark keller said that cuba gooding jr. has been charged and will be prosecuted by nypd with a class a. misdemeanor for forcible touching. he is on his way right now as we speak to court in new york city. so he has been fingerprinted, photographed and this all stems from an incident last weekend in new york city at a nightclub rooftop where a woman claims that cuba gooding jr. allegedly grabbed her breast and she then told him to stop and an argument ensued and that is when she called 911 and filed this police
12:45 pm
report. but cuba gooding jr. is denying any wrongdoing and his attorneys claim that there is surveillance footage from that club that vindicates him. >> quite the development, closy, thank you so much. and coming up, air force one, trump style. the president unveils his plans for jackie o. color scheme and teases a new new surprises. >> everybody wants to know is there a pod or not? >> a pod? >> have you seen the movie air force one. >> yeah? >> pod the flight out of the back? >> oh, i see. there is a couple of -- there are a couple of secrets. see great with 2 complete pairs for $59. really. visionworks. see the difference.
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12:50 pm
it's one of the perks of being president. flying around in air force one. and in true trump fashion, the president wants to put its own mark on the boeing 757 with a complete redesign he unveiled in an interview with abc news. >> as your new air force one. and i'm doing that for other presidents, not for me. we added things. and i got $1.6 billion off the price. >> everyone wants to know, is there a pod or not? >> a pod? >> have you seen the movie "air
12:51 pm
force one"? >> there's a pod that flies out the back. >> i can tell you there are a couple of secrets. i don't think we're supposed to be talking about it. so there it is, if you want. >> maybe not a pod but among the redesign plan, a brand-new paint job. red, white and blue stripes would replace the light blue ones. if this new color scheme looks familiar, it appears to be a reverse concept of trump's own private plane design. i want to bring in julian zelezer, a historian at princeton university. thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> what are your thoughts on this redesign? >> it does look a little like trump's airplane from the campaign. it's not totally surprising, though. president trump has complained about air force one and even made remarks about the kennedy colors, which are the colors that came about in 1962 and remain on the design. and he likes to leave his marks
12:52 pm
o every institution that he can. so why leave air force one out of the picture? >> that's true. good point. so this will be the first makeover on the iconic plane since jfk was in office. it's been continually updated, but why hasn't there been a makeover before then? >> well, i think some icons are worth keeping. and that was a very special moment in america history, 1962, when the kennedy couple, president kennedy and his wife basically put the design in place, both the colors and the lettering. and that was an important moment that a lot of americans like to respect and keep that tradition. and i think that's the basic reason. if something isn't broken, there's no reason to change it. >> president trump has touted that the proposed plane is much bigger and that this would be an overall upgrade. do you think that's necessary? >> well, it could be. obviously, security changes have happened and security needs have
12:53 pm
changed over the time. especially since 9/11. even the nature of the media has changed. so the space for reporters might be different. so it's certainly legitimate to say that there might be new needs for all presidents going forward. many people aren't sure that's why president trump is making the changes. but politics and society evolve and in this special airplane, it must as well. >> final question for you. the makeover is getting pushback from congress. the house armed services committee voted wednesday to restrict paint and interior decorating choices on air force one. has congress tried to restrict changes in the past? >> well, they always have some power over the purse strings but i can't remember a particular confrontation like this where they are essentially laying out a warning, if you make a big change, we need to approve it. that's the context of this particular presidency, why this is happening. there's just so little trust between capitol hill and the
12:54 pm
president, democrats want to show they have an eye on everything he does, even something like this. >> all right, julian, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. coming up -- shattered nerves. a tourist gets quite the scare while visiting a see-through sky deck in chicago.
12:55 pm
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12:59 pm
she'd never set foot on italian soil again but she's there as a guest speaker for a panel session called "trial by media." on saturday, the event is organized by nonprofit legal group the italy innocence project. all right. so file this under something you never want to see or experience, especially if you have fear of heights like me. the protective layer of the 103rd floor of the willis tower sky deck in chicago, it completely shattered. however, the willis tower told cnn affiliate wbbm that there was no danger to visitors as it was only the protective layering that broke. the glass underneath remained completely intact and is made to hold up to five tons. but the same thing, it happened in 2014 when tourists were standing on the ledge and then noticed some cracks forming beneath them.
1:00 pm
it attracts about 1.5 million visitors each year. that is frightening. that does it for me for this thursday. i'll be back here tomorrow filling in for brooke. i'm pamela brown. th in "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. from no collusion, no collusion to bring on the collusion, "the lead" starts right now. president trump now attempting some damage control after what may be one of the most alarming statements of his presidency that he would take dirt on his opponents from foreign governments, and he would not necessarily tell the fbi. we'll talk to the top democrat on the senate intelligence committee in a moment. he says he knows how to stop this. plus -- is the 2020 election now for sale? we'll break down the possible national security implications now that the commander in chief said there's no harm in listening to dirt from foreign governments. and then, president trump's comments,