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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  June 18, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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with a few simple steps. really? really. that was easy. yup. plus, with two-hour appointment windows, it's all on your schedule. awesome. now all you have to do is move...that thing. [ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. acteding defense secretary patrick shanahan is out hp he has decided not to go forward with his confirmation process, so he can devote more time to his family. trump also announcing markess per is shanahan's replacement. the white house is concerned over issues of shanahan's
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appointment. gloria borger joins me now. who saw this coming? >> this was coming for several days. what shanahan's personal situation is, is very sensitive, it involves his family, his children. he had been in an extremely contentious divorce years ago, there had been allegations of domestic abuse, police had been called to his house. when they arrived pat shanahan had shown signs he had been struck and abused by his now ex-wife. there were situations with all three children. he's given interviews.
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he said in a statement last night, i never laid a hand on my then wife. it looks by the initial statement shanahan had been a victim of domestic abuse, there were also signs the wife had had some issues and problems. these statements say with alcohol and substance abuse. all of that said, what has happened in the last several weeks, the fbi clearance process for shanahan to become secretary of defense had taken a considerable amount of time as all of these allegations, all of these instances of a domestic abuse situation in his marriage were being looked at yet again. when we came to work today, very senior aids in the pentagon said that shanahan was in a very bad space.
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he was getting inning creasingly concerned that his three children would be again in the public eye during any confirmation employee ses if this domestic abuse situation became public. and so earlier today, by all accounts, he decided to pull out of the confirmation process. he has withdrawn his name to be confirmed. he has resigned as deputy secretary of defense. and his last day here at the pentagon will be friday. the new acting secretary of defense will be mark esper. currently the secretary of the army, this is the civilian head of the army, he and the other civilian heads of the services will meet with shanahan later today, according to ryan brown. they will discuss a transition ahead. this comes at a busy time. not only do we have the iran tensions heating up, shanahan was expected to go overseas in the coming days.
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in a few weeks, he was expected to travel again to asia, which has been a priority of his. this now will have to be worked out, staffed, there will be significant changes i suspect on the secretary's steenier staff, these are all people shanahan brought in. the pentagon will move on, the u.s. military will move on. the u.s. military is expert at one thing. military come and go. people have a job, they move on, they leave, they get promoted. they retire. so the military will absolutely move on. policy and operations will be uninterrupted. but we are now six months plus without a permanent secretary of defense for the united states. >> that's really -- such a good point, barbara, we're seeing this, it speaks to a lot of the issues the trump administration has had. yes the military will move on.
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there's something different that happens here the vetting that isn't done. this isn't the only acting secretary. probably one of the most important ones, there's a lot of acting. epa administrator, u.n. ambassador. department of homeland security. this is an administration that's had a 65% turnover rate among senior level advisers, not just cabinet people. senior level advisers, that's an extraordinary rate, at one point the president said, you know, i believe it was last january, i kind of like acting, it gives me more flexibility. as barbara points out, mattis left six months ago, and so he's had an acting since then. the president then i think what he was saying was, i don't have to go through confirmation. if someone is acting and i don't like them, i can get rid of them
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and they don't have to go through the confirmation process. what was happening, it was looking very 34esc messy, it ha postponed. the administration did not want a messy confirmation right now, and i doubt shan harn wanted it either. >> what does it mean when you're looking at a position like this, or the department of homeland security or other departments where there's an acting, and there is not that continuity of leadership. >> i think that's a problem. i think what you would like is for people inside an agency to have a lot of faith and knowledge about the person who is leading them. i think ironically, by having this kind of revolving door, what you do is exactly what the president doesn't want to do. you give the so called deep state or the career people a lot more power and a lot more authority, because there isn't anybody at the helm to lead them. what you also have is a lot more
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people leaving government, retiring, feeling like, why would i work here any more, when i don't know in which direction the ship is headed. i think that's a real problem. particularly as barbara inpots o points out, there are so many things going on in the world right now. >> i want to go back to barbara at the pentagon. as we follow this news now of shanahan's departure, what are you making for instance of what we're hearing coming out of iran and the fact that there's going to be shifting leadership that -- with mark esper leaving, what is it going so mean. it seems like so much of this policy is driven out of the white house. >> it's an interesting thing, we have to see where the national security adviser john bolton falls in all of this.
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he's been very quiet in recent days. there's a significant additional transition coming in september, which is really just weeks away. the current chairman of the joint chiefs, which is the president's principle military adviser, he will have a scheduled retirement and a new chairman is coming in that is currently the chief of staff of the army. general milli will step in as chairman of the joint chiefs and doesn't know what secretary of defense he'll be working for. give me a minute and let me step back. we now have a statement from patrick shanahan about his resignation and about what has happened here today. sometimes maybe it's worth remembering that it's not all politics in washington, there are families involved, there are children involved, and we talked a minute ago about the domestic abuse and substance abuse situation in the shanahan
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family. i want to read some of what patrick shanahan wants to tell the world before he leaves office. he says, it's unfortunate that a painful and deeply personal family situation from long ago is being dredged up and painted in an incomplete and misleading way in the course of this process, he goes on and says, he would welcome the opportunity to be secretary of defense, but he says after significant reflection, i have asked to be withdrawn from consideration for secretary of defense, and will resign my position as deputy secretary. he says that he doesn't want to do this at the expense of being a good father. he has three children. he is concerned about their welfare if their family situation becomes public in a significant way. two of the children did issue statements last night in detail with their names attached about what they had faced in the shanahan family and what their views were about the domestic
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abuse situation between their parents. but the bottom line is, despite this personal family trauma, which is quite significant the fbi has been looking into it, and every week going by, for some aren't fbi could not complete the paperwork at this point. and shanahan had given some interviews. he talked about it, issued this statement last night, apparently when he came in today, he decided that he just wanted to step out of the public limelight and that's what he's done. again, for the troops, things will go on. policies will be set, decisions will be made, but it's no small thing not to have a secretary of defense in the united states. and one can only assume the white house sees the urgency of getting the situation resolved. >> indeed, barbara, thank you so much. >> gloria, thank you for your
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insight. the news of shanahan's depart sure coming as mike pompeo is in central command. saying the president does not want war with iran. outgoing defense secretary patrick shanahan saying the troops will be in the region for defensive purposes to address air, naval and ground based threats. this is coming after that attack on two containers. hillary manlevert is an expert. why america must accept the islamic republic of iran. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> can we read anything more into the fact that pompeo was at central command today? >> i think we can, and i think the new appointment of mark esper is important in the trump
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dynamics related to iran. the acting secretary was seen as someone very close to john bolton whose i'd yo logically militaristic, wants to overthrow the iranian government, and shanahan was working closely with him. pompeo, secretary of state pompeo on the other hand has had a more new answered approach. he's left the door open for negotiations and he seems to pivot quite easily to wherever president trump wants to go on iran. the appointment of mark esper is important in this regard. he was in the same west point graduating class as pompeo. they're really from the same ilk. they went to west point at the same time, they left west pint and pursued higher education at ivy league institutions.
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they're very much of the same ilk. esper like pompeo is conservative, he was at the heritage foundation here in washington, d.c.. he's much more open to a new answered approach, this gives secretary pompeo an ally potentially in a pivot with iran away from a purely militaristic overthrow the government approach that john bolton holds at the white house. and useful for pompeo. >> we're learning the president has been skeptical about that approach add well. going to war with iran. he was in a meeting with his national security team. and in an interview, the president called the tanker attacks very minor and he said this about going to war against iran to protect international oil supplies. i would go over nuclear weapons and i would keep the other a question mark. so he's saying this as there's 1,000 more troops and you have resources heading to the region. is there a disconnect between the president and other members
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of his administration. is he trying to make it clear that there is? >> i think john bolton serves as the national security adviser, serves a useful purpose for president trump. john bolton gives credibility to trump's position that he's willing to take the most militaristic position on iran. president trump is open to negotiating with iran to have a bigger, better deal as president trump terms it than president obama got with iran over the nuclear issue. i don't see as much of a discontent as a lot of the commentators do. i think bolton serves a useful purpose for trump, but trump needs advisers that he can go to when he wants to, and as he wants to pivot toward a more negotiating stance with iran. pompeo has served that purpose with the north koreans. he was trump's personal channel when he was director of the cia to north korea.
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if if he has a secretary of defense that leads more toward pompeo, that could help trump have a more balanced approach among his advisers and help him potentially go into a negotiating track. the other small detail here ifz heard, the former secretary of state henry kissinger, who negotiated the grand opening to china, has been at the pentagon the next two days. i'm not sure who he's meeting with. but there is a tid bit here, if trump decides to pursue, he has more leverage here. president trump is preparing to arrive in orlando where he's about to officially launch his 2020 re-election campaign. and he's already kicked it off with a surprise and a controversial threat to deport millions of undocumented immigrants. plus, the heavily armed gunman behind the shootout in a
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for hr+/her2- mbc. fls nenext hour president t
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will head to florida. today on twitter the president unveiled stunning next steps in his fight against illegal immigration. he writes in part, next week, ice will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal immigrants who have found their way into the united states. they will be removed as fast as they can come in. what exactly this means and how such a massive operation would be carried out is anyone's guess. by anyone, we mean people from the white house, to the department of homeland security. cnn has learned that many of them were caught completely off guard by the president's tweet. while this new plan may be a surprise to his own administration, it is right in line with president trump's tough talk on immigration. >> when mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best, they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> we have illegal immigrants that are treated better than our
11:22 am
veterans. our government won't do its job. we have some bad hombres here and we're going to get them out. these aren't people, these are animals. i refer to them as animals, and guess what, i always will. the united states will not be a migrant camp -- >> cnn's abby phillips is with us. tell us how the trump administration is scrambling to keep up with the president's announcement. >> this is one of those things that the trump administration says we don't talk about these operations before they happen. that endangers the people on the ground who have to carry them out. what's happening right now, is that they're trying to follow up on president trump's claim that this is going to happen next week by basically saying, that is not the case. the administration has long been considering a proposal to go after thighs families and
11:23 am
individuals. they've gone through the whole legal process, they've seen a judge. the judge has ordered that they are removed. this operation has been in development for quite some time. they're not sure exact letter when it's going to happen, and some of the details of how it's going to happen haven't been worked out yet. administration officials are scratching their heads as the president tweeted last night, it's going to happen last week, and it seemed to be what president trump was doing, was signaling to his base, i'm working on this issue, this is, of course, one of the toughest promises that president trump has tried to fulfill to his base, and he's not been able to wrap his arms around this problem of the flow of migrants coming up through the southern border. the message seemed to be aimed at them as he is launching his campaign tonight. it's created a lot of problems for his administration, these types of operations are intended to be kept secret, they require going in and getting people who
11:24 am
are at their workplaces or in their homes, they haven't worked out how that would happen. and so president trump has gotten ahead of them, and in some cases may have jeopardized really the element of surprise here, and not only that, this is always seen as one of those difficult issues for the administration in terms of public relations. it's going to be an unprecedented kind of effort to round up these people, including entire families in if their communities. and i think they have been bracing for that to be a tough public relations issue for them. but president trump is making that very difficult situation i little more difficult here today. >> we're getting new polling out of florida that could spark concerns for the trump campaign. i want to ask you about that, are they responding at all to that? >> so far we haven't gotten official response from the campaign right now, this is all coming at a time when president trump is trying to claim that all the polls are wrong, his
11:25 am
internal polls, that the public polls are wrong, he's doing extremely well. but this is yet another poll, a public poll this time that shows the president trailing his democratic rivals. trailing joe biden by a significant margin. trailing bernie sanders, elizabeth warren. this is another sign of concern, in it a critical state of florida, where the president is launching his re-election campaign. it's only going to build up even more anxiety on president trump's part, he's been tweeting about this nonstop for days, it's clearly angered him, this is a real poll we're looking at it, and it exists and we're talking about it, and i think the campaign is going to have no choice but to address what appears to be signs of trouble for president trump as he goes into his re-election campaign. s let's get to paul reyes.
11:26 am
a senior administration official is telling jim acosta, that the department of homeland security is planning for operation that would target undocumented families. maybe not what the president is describing, but what do you make of this? >> well, what i make of this is that we're seeing more confusion from the white house. and to me, it's particularly striking, because it comes around what's supposed to be his signature issue of illegal immigration. when i saw the tweets that he sent out last night, the things that jump to mind is just how logistically, legal letter and even policiwise, how problematic they all would be. legally as abby mentioned, taking away the element of surprise for any of these types of raids undercuts their effectiveness. remember just last year when the mayor of oakland -- she told her community that she had heard rumors of an ice raid and at
11:27 am
that time the president and members of his administration called for her criminal prosecution. now the president himself is doing that by announcing that some raids might be happening as soon as last week. logistically, we don't know that any of these raids even on a smaller scale could happen a, because so many of ice's enforcement mechanisms are assisting the border patrol. it doesn't seem to me that they have the necessary resources to go forward and carry out this type of operation. and finally, just in terms of policy, this is in line with the trump administration's overall policy of deterrence, but step back for a moment, and remember, deterrents did not work when this administration separated families. when he threatened to close up the whole border. now he's threatening these types of raids hoping to scare people, it's sort of a cover for his policies that have been a
11:28 am
failure, and remember that under the trump administration, the arrivals at our southern border that are unauthorized have surged. >> raul reyes thank you so much. >> my flesh pleasure. we've learned the dhs, katherine gorka is going to be named the new press secretary. her tenure in homeland security has been controversial because of her views on combating terrorism. she's married to the former deputy assistant the to president trump who was an outspoken and combative defender of his national securities agen agenda. we have more news on this announcement. >> katherine will be stepping into this role as the top spokesperson, the face for customs and border protection.
11:29 am
prior to joining dhs, katherine wrote extensively for breitbart. she spoke out lashing out at president bush and president obama for what she called a lax stance on terrorism. and she faces a lot of push back within dhs. she was part of this office on policy on violent extremism as part of that office, they cut a grant -- cut some funding that would have rehabilitated white supremacists. she's faced push back for that as well. her role has continually been questioned she is married to sebastian gorka, who has been a fierce defender of the presidentpresiden
11:30 am
president's national security agenda. we talked to one of her defenders who said they're ready for her to be spokesperson at customs and border protection. but, of course, they've taken on this heightened performance. at the same time that cbp, the front line of defense, when it comes to migrants crossing boarders in these record numbers at the same time the president has railed against immigration, promising these crackdowns. katherine gorka expected to be the top spokesperson, the press secretary of customs and border protection. there are questions as to when that will be finalized and when she'll take that role. she has some criticism within dhs. >> this will not be the last discussion of this, jessica schneider, thank you for following this story. jon stewart is back continuing his fight for those who got sick after 9/11. of savings and service.
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that's xfi advantage. make your xfi even better. upgrade today. call, click or visit a store. law enforcement is still working to determine why an army veteran loaded with gurns and ammunition tried to rush a federal courthouse in downtown dallas. brian clyde was shot and killed by federal authorities before he could answer questions. >> we have a shooting down here right now, shots fired, shots fired. we have s.w.a.t. coming through. holy crap.
11:36 am
shot shots fire d. >> diane gallagher, our national correspondent is in dallas, trying to get new details about the gunman. what have they found on his social media, are there any clues about a possible motive? >> that's what they're hoping to piece together. we've looked at his facebook page and it it paints a pretty unsettling picture here. there's a lot of postings, pictures, videos deal heing with guns, some which appear to be similar to the rifle that was used in monday's shooting. one that was posted just last week, which he appears to issue
11:37 am
a call to arms. show the rifle that looks similar to the one that was recovered from the scene yesterday. there are lots of memes that you see, confederate flag jokes, nazi memes and a lot of massa misogynist memes on that page. that page has since been taken down, rs authorities are looking at his social media foot print to try to figure out why are he may have targeted this building behind me. there are still plenty of agents out here, they've been checking this out over and over again. he had five 40 round magazines on him at the time. that's a miracle that no one else was seriously injured in this yesterday. >> it's stunning watching that video, and he didn't get in the
11:38 am
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names you'll never know. the bright-eyed, the brave, the visionaries. where challenges exist, you'll find them. at citi, we empower people who are out to change the world. because tomorrow belongs to those who welcome it with open arms. citi. welcome what's next a parkland shooting survivor will not be attending harvard this fall. the university is rescinding his acceptance over racist and sexist texts in documents that
11:43 am
appeared in texts two years ago. he says the messages were an effort to be as extreme and shocking as possible. he says he sent a full explanation and an apology to harvard's admission committee. and its shofs of diversity for asking for guidance on righting this wrong. the florida teen has become an alternative voice to the parkland #neveragain. an op ed columnist for the new york times, he's the author of a new college admissions book. where you do go to is not who who you will be. thanks for joining us. >> sure. >> when you look at this, do you think harvard made the right decision? >> i think this is a tough one, i can see it going either way. we like to say do this or do that.
11:44 am
in this case it was a tough call. the things that kyle wrote were awful. if they're indicative of an irredeemably race iist person, can understand harvard wanting to say, this is not who we are. are there second chances for someone of that age, and what are we going to hold people accountable for when it comes to private social media stuff that season the the best window into who they are? those questions are important well beyond this case. >> what about in the case of -- we just spoke last hour with a reporter who's looked at some of these -- the rescinding of these acceptances that harvard has done. this is not the only young person this has happened to, and the people that this has happened to, they've run the political spectrum. but harvard has a practice of when something like this
11:45 am
happens, they're not questioning what you said, which is a question that a lot of people wonder, what is this really -- is this him trying to have shock val value. does this speak to him as a american. we don't care if you put this stuff on social media and we find out about it, we have a character clause, you're not coming in. >> i'm not familiar with every case that's come before. i don't know the whole sample set we're looking at. i would hope that harvard would look at these case by case and ask whether they're seeing an adolescent acting out in if a completely inappropriate but not necessarily meaningful to who they are way. or whether they've got to make those judgments in a careful way. they need to do that because they're not seeing the social media history of every applicant who comes in. you know, they happen to have eyes on this particular situation, how many situations do they not have eyes on, and do they have to keep that in mind as they lower the hammer on
11:46 am
someone. that said, i think it's important to remember harvard is a private institution, they admit 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 of the students that apply. it's their right to say who does and doesn't come to harvard, and what the admissions process is about is it character judgments. the fact that something comes to light a couple weeks or months after an admissions decision has been made doesn't mean that can't be taken intoing the. and taking that into account isn't in the spirit of the admissions process. >> many frank, thank you for being with us. up next, we now know more about the questions of former trump top aide hope hicks is going to face tomorrow when she goes before the house judiciary committee, we'll be right back. a dedicated team to support you. and here's another reason to join. bring in your discount, and we'll match it. that's right. t-mobile will match your discount.
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breaking news now from capitol hill, we're learning more about hope hicks and her testimony before the house judiciary committee set for tomorrow. tell us what you've learned mamnu. >> the judiciary committee plans to ask hope hicks about her knowledge of the president's involvement in those hush money scandals, the efforts to cover up donald trump's alleged extra marital affairs in the runup to the 2016 elections. that's going to be one plagiar topic the house judiciary committee plans to ask hope hicks tomorrow.
11:52 am
they want to ask her what she knows about the hush money scandal. now, not only that, there are questions that the committee plans to ask her tomorrow about the allegations that were detailed in the mueller report that she had firsthand knowledge of or some involvement in or any sort of knowledge whatsoever. that includes the president's conduct around his former national security adviser, michael flynn, the president seeking to have jeff sessions unrecuse himself from overseeing the mueller probe. the president's efforts to curtail the mueller investigation all together. that alleged report as well as the firing of james comey that is a significant topic that they plan to ask her about, but anything to that, what she did in 2017 when it was revealed that donald trump jr. took that
11:53 am
meeting at trump tower. they want to ask her about her involvement in that. what will she ultimately answer? we do know that the white house has tried to prerenn vent their aids and former aids from discussing issues about their time in the white house. but if executive privilege is invoked or they try to block that. then we could see a court fight play out. this will all happen behind closed doors, but a transcript of this interview could be released within 48 hours of athis closed door session. >> had it sounds like the expectation is that they're not going to get all of the answers to all of the questions that they want. >> certainly. they skpek the they should, because in their view, she discussed all the matters in the mueller report.
11:54 am
from the time before there was a presiden presidency, there was no executive privilege that can be invoked on the hush money scheme that occurred in 2016, they expect some answers about that in particular, we'll see what she has to say. >> thank you so much for that report from the hill. we have a programming note now, apollo 11 which takes you inside humanity's greatest feat with newly discovered incredible footage, this is going to be on sunday night at 9:00 even here on cnn. president trump officially kicks off his re-election bid in florida as he makes an announcement on arresting millions of undocumented immigrants and a new poll shows he may face a tough fight in the sunshine state, stay with us. welcome to our lounge.
11:55 am
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s it it is the top of the hour, i'm alex marquard in for brooke baldwin today. the trump campaign is playing up the president's ties to the state which he narrowly won over hillary clinton in 2016. when compared to top democrats, the president is in a tough fight to keep florida red. he announced on twitter that ice will start to deport millions of undocumented immigrants as early as next week. kaitlyn, we'll get to that immigration policy in i asecond, walk us through these new poll
12:00 pm
numbers. >> reporter: what's striking about these polls is how much they seem to mirror the general outcome of what we've been reporting on. the polls that so infuriated the president, polls that were done by his own campaign. the internal polls that showed the president trailing democrats in key states, he's going to need to win. especially ones like florida where that internal poll showed him trailing joe biden p.m. now the new poll shows him trailing 51% to 41% in florida. the fact that the president is holding his rally here shows you an indication of just how much he realizes he's going to need thisp state to have a good margin and path to victory in 2020. alex, what's revealing about this, is also a test of these m joe biden, who we reported extensively, the president sees as his greatest threat. if the president went head to