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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  June 21, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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i saw one girl, 17 years old, she came after high school out to protest. there is not one clear leader of this protest movement and it is really hot. it feels 14r50ik 04 degrees fahrenheit right now with the humidity at like 75%. protestors are dropping and needing medical help for heatstroke and great reporting. we will check back with you. thanks. top of the hour. let's get a quick check on business. you can see a mixed performance in asia. the reason they're held back, there are concerns over the geopolitical tension with iranian oil prices soaring yesterday. slightly lower. really closely watching oil prices. markets were up in the u.s. after that fed decision wednesday and held steady this month but signals the possibility of future rate cuts. the s&p 500 popped to a record high close. also starring on wall street,
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slack jumped almost 50% on the first day of trading. is now valued at $20 billion. how many seconds does it take to reset a light bulb. this video is mocked. it goes on and on and on. just under a minute for two different versions of light bulbs. each one involves more drama than the last. >> goes on like that. >> good stuff. >> more than ten steps. reddit users found it. they thought the video was a parody. >> hard to believe that was mocked. "early start" begins right now. breaking news. breaking overnight, "the new york times" says president trump ordered then called off strikes against iran. >> a witness makes a stunning courtroom confession at the trial of a navy s.e.a.l. charged with murder.
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new released video shows a man's attack on tsa agents at an arizona airport. the new york pill y cans select zion williamson. >> he shares an emotional moment with mom -- passion. good morning. >> i'm dave briggs, june 21st, 5:00 a.m. in the east. 1:30 p.m. in tehran. we begin with breaking news. the president stepping back from the brink. "the new york times" reporting that president trump authorized military strikes against iran, then abruptly called them off. the strikes were in retaliation for iran shooting down a u.s. military drone.
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the "times" reporting there were ships in position and planes in the air when the president walked the whole thing back. it was not clear whether he simply changed his mind or whether logistics or strategy caused the pull back. it's also unknown whether the attacks may still occur, but what is clear, the president's public response haase sawed since the drone shootdown. thursday morning mr. trump seemed inclined to give iran the benefit of the doubt and leave open the possibility of war. >> find it hard to believe it was intentional if you want to know the truth. i think it could be someone who was loose and stupid that did it, but we'll find be able to report back and you'll understand exactly what happened. it was a very foolish move. how will you respond? you'll find out. >> for the latest, let's go live to tehran and bring in senior
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international correspondent fred pleitgen. fred, good morning. a lot of this has to do with twhar $130 million drone was shot down. president trump said we have it all document the silently. >> yeah, you're absolutely right, dave. iran is saying the same thing. the iranians i have to say are putting out a lot of information very quickly which is not something i've seen here, at least in a very long time. but a lot of different entities. the military, civilian leadership coming out with information and tweets of their own. now, of course, we know the u.s. military says this drone was hit by an iranian to surface missile flying in the u.s. air space. they're 20 miles off the iranian coast. iran's foreign minister got himself involved in all of this as iran was actually lodging a complaint to the united nations.
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he laid out how this, we checked them out, it would put them 9 miles off the coast and would mean that would have occurred over iranian face. the president said there would be strikes, calling them off there. hasn't by any relations from the iranians. however, one thing that we have seen is iran's head of their national sort of a security down. >> fred live from tehran. we'll have the latest on all of this in 30 minutes. earlier planned strikes broke on capitol hill. republican senator lindsey graham said he spoke with the president about iran both
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wednesday night and thursday morning. >> he believes that we're going into a -- we're getting into a bad space, that his options are running out, that he's not going to be intimidated. >> the top democrats on the hill, house speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer calling for the president to lower the temperature with iran. >> we know that the high tension wires are up there and we must do everything we can not to escalate the situation but also to make sure that our personnel in the region are safe. >> i told the president that these conflicts have a way of escalating. the president may not intend to go to war here, but we're worried that he and the administration may bumble into a war. >> schumer also said democrats told him in a situation room
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thursday that he needs to get congressional authorization against iran. eddie dwal ger on trial for murdering a detainee. he shocked the courtroom testifying that he, medic said he stabbed the prirs ner and covered the prisoner's tracheotomy because he knew he would die anyway. >> somebody went to one of the witnesses and actually asked the real question, what is the cause of death. >> the medic testified he was only admitting the murder now because he had been granted immunity and he cannot be charged. an outraged military prosecutor as much as accused scott of lying on the stand. scott replied, he's got a wife
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and family. i don't think he should spend the rest of his life in jail. the navy said they will not decide. it seems cooler heads are prevailing for the moment in the heated spat between former vice president joe biden and his 2020 rival cory booker. biden called him on thursday. bo booker revealing only portions of the call. >> i don't want to characterize a private conversation. i think that joe biden should explain to people because it's not about me -- >> right. >> -- i don't feel like i want an apology to me, i think this is something he should speak to the public about. i i he has an opportunity here. i understand where his intentions were. it's not about me and him.
2:09 am
he said things that were hurtful and harmful. i believe he should be apologizing to the american people and having this discussion with all of us. >> biden met with members of the congression congressional. some wishing he had chosen better words but claiming his remarks overall did not offend them. >> not at all. i mean, honest truth is we have to work with people who we disagree with on moral grounds every day and that's politics. >> you know that we have some members of congress right now that would be a 2019 version of what he experienced in the 1970s. the point he was trying to make is that you do have to work with people who have polar opposite politi politics. i certainly wished he wouldn't have used that example. >> republicans also weighing in on this potentially divisive issue for the democratic party. senator lindsey graham was
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surprisingly supportive of biden. >> now i don't want joe biden to be president for a lot of reasons, but one of the things that i like about joe biden, he's a decent man. there's not a racist bone in his body. he is my friend, and what he did back then and what he did is try to find a ground if that can't be done, america's best days are behind us. >> biden campaign is yet to get a fish fry tonight. tech companies don't like tariffs. they warned against further stopping of trade sanctions. they want other technology left off the list of products facing the duties. they want a special waiver. apple reminded the
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administration it pledged to contribute $350 billion to the u.s. economy over five years and said it's on track to meet that goal but the tariffs would cut into the details. tariffs wouldn't solve the practices. president trump is set to meet with chinese xi jinping next week when they're talking about an agreement. trump said he will get a good deal or there will be no deal at all. ahead, the governor of oregon has ordered the state police to track down a group of state lawmakers. more on this bizarre political standoff next. cake in the conference room! showing 'em you're ready to be your own boss.
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a standoff in oregon over the climate crisis. governor kate brown ordering lawmakers to come back after eight hours on a cap and trade climate bill. the wife of one told cnn they were in idaho at an undisclosed location. governor brown called their absence absolutely unacceptable. >> unfortunately senate republicans failed to show up and failed to do their jobs. future generations will judge us not on the fact of global climate change but what we've done to tackle it. >> tempers flaring. senator brian boquist said,
2:17 am
quote, she should send bachelors and come heavily armed. >> wow. just released surveillance video shows a man attacking a group of tsa agents at a security checkpoint at sky harbor airport in phoenix. the incident happened tuesday morning. a tsa spokesperson said the man was immediately subdued and arrested. one officer was taken to the hospital, four others were treated at an urgent care facility. the suspect is charged with criminal trespass, resisting arrest and misdemeanor assault. montreal hasn't had a major league baseball team in 15 years. the details next. great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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the new orleans pelicans finally making it official selecting zion williamson first overall in last night's nba draft. andy scholes has that. andy, there were tears, there were trades, there were trends you and i are not in touch with yet at least. >> it was an interesting, fun night in the nba draft at the barclays center. ever since the pelicans won the
2:23 am
lottery, we knew zion williamson would be headed there. zion like bre bron did rocking the white suit on draft night. he knew he was going to be the number one pick for a while now, but that didn't stop zion from getting very emotional when thanking his mom for everything she's done for him. >> i mean, i don't know what to say. i didn't think i would be in this position. my mom sacrificed a lot for me. i wouldn't be here without my mom. she did everything for me. i just want to thank her. she put her dreams aside for mine. >> to watch his hard work pay off and to watch this, we're so happy for him. we're so happy. >> the second pick, the memphis grizzlies selected john morant out of new york state. then the new york knicks were up. >> with the third pick in the 2019 nba draft, the new york
2:24 am
knicks select r.j. barrett. from toronto and duke university. >> unlike most knicks picks, new york loving the r.j. barrett pick. spike lee was on hand giving out high fives. he's from canada. his dad played for the national team and barrett actually grew up playing one-on-one games against steve nash. knicks fans hoping he's the star they've been yes or hav've bee. team u.s.a. wasting no time scoring three minutes into the game. they go on to win 2-0 to win their group. team u.s.a. set a world cup record scoring 18 goals in group one stage. up next a match-up with spain on monday at noon eastern. loser goes home.
2:25 am
>> finally major league baseball has given the tampa bay rays permission to explore playing half their season in florida and the other half in montreal, canada. this is thought of as a last-ditch effort to try to save baseball in tampa. the rays have wanted a new stadium for years. with this map they could build a new cheaper outdoor season for games early in florida and then go to montreal for the rest of the season. montreal lost the expos back 234200234 two -- in 2005. what would they wear on their jerseys? tampa/montreal? >> i don't know. you can heckle a player from the top deck. you can yell across the entire stadium. it's a bad baseball town. >> terrible. >> andy scholls. thank you, my friend. should be interesting. romans, what's coming up?
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breaking overnight. "the new york times" says president trump ordered then called off strikes against iran. breaking news out of philadelphia. live pictures here of a large fire burning right now at a refinery complex. more breaking news. this out of hong kong. live pictures right here as thousands of protestors return to the streets, this time surrounding a government building. >> it's hot there. >> looks like emergency services are called because ivan watson told us very hot, very humid. live report. welcome back to breaking news around the globe. i'm dave briggs. >> i'm christine romans. breaking overnight, the president steps back from the brink. "the new york times" reporting the president authorized military strikes against iran, then called them off. the strikes were in retaliation for iran shooting down a u.s. military surveillance drone. the times says the president initially approved attacks on a
2:32 am
handful of iranian targets like radar and missile batteries. there were ships in position, planes in the air when the president walked the whole thing back. not clear whether he simply changed his mind or whether strategy, logistics, weather caused the attack. what is clear is the president's public response seesawed. he gave iran the benefit of the doubt leaving open the possibility of war. >> i find it hard to believe it was intentional if you want to know the truth. i think it could be somebody who was loose and stupid that did it. we'll be able to report back and we'll understand exactly what happened, but it was a very foolish move, that i can tell you. >> mr. president, how will you respond? >> you'll find out. >> are you willing to go to war? >> you'll find out. >> the very latest, let's go to tehran and senior correspondent, frederick pleitgen.
2:33 am
fred, the fact that it was so close and walked back, what is the response there in tehran? >> reporter: look, the iranians directly so far haven't responded to the "new york times" report, christine. over the past 24 to 48 hours, they made clear if the u.s. made a military move, there would be a big move from them. they've been saying that, first of all, the u.s. would bear the responsibility of any sort of military strike that it would conduct here in iran and also that there would be a crushing response, not just between the u.s. and iran's forces but they said also in a broader area, which obviously could very well mean that they're talking about a possible response from iranian people, at those same times you have the diverging accounts of what went on. the iranians unequivocally
2:34 am
saying about what president trump said about this possibly being an accident is not their line. they're saying it was shot down deliberately because it was in their air space. they tweeted out the coordinates. we checked those out. those would be nine miles off the iranian coast. that would put it within iranian territorial waters. the u.s., of course, has a very different take on that saying it was about 20 miles off the iranian coast which would put it in international air space. that is still very much in dispute. a little bit of breaking news that we're going to get you guys a little more on in the next couple of minutes, christine. the iranians have just released the first images that they claim are of that drone that was down so they're showing some of the wreckage, some of the debris on tv. we're going to get that turned for you and bring that to you. >> get that verified for you, fred, and turn it for us.
2:35 am
fred pleitgen in tehran. let's bring in josh rogan, and cedric leighton. we talk about this drone. the pictures of the wreckage will be interesting because this is 110, $130 million piece of equipment. unmanned aircraft. this is clearly raising tensions in the region. colonel, talk to me about the mechanics of this. if you order retaliatory strikes and then walk it back, what could be the reason the president would have stopped if the "new york times" reporting is correct? >> christine, good morning. the basic reasoning could be twofold, one, he got cold feet or he decided that, you know, at this point in time the most important thing to do is do a show of force. depending what they saw on the radar screens as they were moving towards their country, the strike that was aborted,
2:36 am
that could have been the message that the president wanted to send. the basic thing where he decided to go ahead with it and that this is part of a deliberate plan. there's some talk about the two. we just don't know where we go from here. >> doesn't seem like a deliberate plan. >> senior national security officials just a couple of days ago if they were able to attack assets, there would be a direct military response. that's what everyone was thinking, including the president until he changed his
2:37 am
mind at the last minute. the most likely scenario is that he blinked. he stepped off the escalation ladder. if you're against an escalation it can't be good that it was in disarray and frankly seemed to be all over the place. what that means for our diplomacy and it is presidency by gut of one. >> what about command and control on the u.s. side? we have an acting outgoing secretary. can the president make this call? you need military authorization before we go down this path? >> christine, that is the subject of a lot of debate. most people in congress, of course, want some say over what actually happens here.
2:38 am
within the military they believe that congress has the sole authority to declare war. the one thing is to use the authorization to use military force that was started in the wake of september 11th, to have that be part of the justification to go after part of iran. i think that would be quite a stretch and it really would not be the type of aumf as it's called that would work in this case. it would not be brought in to take on -- >> can i say this, christine? >> sure. >> they're not worried about that. i talked to very senior officials. they didn't say they wanted to use the 2001 authorization, they said them' figure out what the justification is. they can use any justification. justification goes out of the
2:39 am
window. it's clear that the trump administration doesn't have the unity to exert whatever unity they have. it will keep us out of a scary acquisition. >> it's between two people, one john bolton and the president of the united states. let's remind people what bolton said about confronting iran. >> declared policy of the united states of america should be the overthrow of the regime in tehran. >> our goal should be regime change in iran. >> regime change in iran. that was just months before being appointed the national security advisor. now he says that doesn't matter. >> what does the president want? >> yeah, josh, let's step back.
2:40 am
first step is stepping out of the nuclear deal. and then crippling sanctions that hurt the iranian county. now getting forward, what does an off ramp look like here? when i talked to them on this. they want to increase pressure forever while deterring iran from responding. they want to squeeze them and if they happen to cause regime change, oh, well, all the better. now the calculation there is that the iranians won't respond violent violently, but apparently that calculation was wrong and now we're facing a situation where iran is going to have to continue to increase its reaction and it's not clear what the united states has prepared for that. >> you've watched iran for 30 years. the question is if iran takes down an american drone, right, and the united states responds, what does it look like the day
2:41 am
after and the day after that? have we gained this out. yes, there are war games that have some of them but they're not as widely deployed as they need to be throughout the military. the second thing we're looking at here is the law of unintended consequences. we have an administration where the minute you start escalating no one knows what the iranian reaction will be. we can certainly suppose they're going to use their proxy forces and do other things throughout the region and perhaps around the world. we don't know how much they will use those forces, they will leverage those forces to achieve their ends. i ran will not be like iraq. it will be much more difficult. >> the president was elected
2:42 am
partly by railing against stupid wars. what is the president's gut on getting involved mill tear ily. >> everyone is looking at the politics and national security implications and in this case the politics run counter to the security officials. in the end trump will always choose politics over national security. >> remember, we are sending 1,000 additional troops to the region. the president talked the other night, tuesday night b troops coming home from the region. you two shed a lot of light on that. josh and colonel, thank you very much. two more stories next. a large fire burning right now at a refinery in philadelphia. and these live pictures of protesters in hopping congress. they are surrounding a
2:43 am
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we've got breaking news now in philadelphia. you're looking at live pictures of a refinery fire there. the fire reportedly breaking out at the philadelphia energy solutions refinery which processes about 335,000 barrels a day. no comment from the company yet. no word on injuries or the cause of that fire. we're going to bring you some more information as it develops. more breaking news. this out of hong kong where protests are ramping up again. protesters have occupied a main highway around government headquarters demanding a complete withdrawal of the government transportation mess. ivan, what are you seeing?
2:48 am
>> reporter: we've seen a new tactic. they have surrounded the headquarters of the hong kong police. you can see the police officers standing in front, they're not wearing armor, wearing gas masks or threatening people with tear gas or batons and the crowd which has filled the streets around here has been chanting things like shame and release, meaning some of the people who were protestors who were detained during violent clashes with riot police on june 12th. the hong kong authorities have apologized for their policies publicly on several occasions in recent days. that's clearly not enough for these demonstrators here who are taking us right to the doorstep of the police and showing that they're still very angry. some of these people are just 17 years old. i talked to a 17-year-old school girl who said she came out of school to join in this protest. we don't know if there's any one
2:49 am
clear leader right now. they have been calling for the resignation of the top official in hong kong who's appointed by the chinese government in main land china. they've been calling for the police commissioner to come out and speak. there's a lot of anger at allegations of excessive use of police force on june 12th, and judging by the much less aggressive posture, some of them listening to insults hurled at them by protestors. they are not trying to repeat mistakes made in the last week and hoping the anger in the crowd might dissipate. dave? >> stunning amount of restraint. ivan watson, great reporting. thank you. a dramatic twist at the end of a navy s.e.a.l.'s trial in san diego. chief petty officer eddie gallagher on trial for murdering a young iraqi prisoner and other
2:50 am
battlefield crimes. another navy s.e.a.l. testified that he not gallagher killed the prisoner. medic cory scott said he covered the person's tracheotomy tube with his thumb suffocating him because he knew he would die. >> today somebody went to one of the witnesses and asked the real question, what is the cause of death. >> the medic testified he was only admitting the murder because he was granted immunity. an outraged prosecutor as much as accused scott of lying on the stand. scott replied, he's got a wife and family. i don't think he should spent the rest of his wife is for the jury to decide. just released surveillance video shows a man attacking a
2:51 am
group of tsa agents at a security checkpoint at sky harbor airport in phoenix. the incident happened tuesday morning. a tsa agent said the man was immediately subdued and arrested. one officer taken to the hospital, four others were treated at an urgent care facility. phoenix police say he was charged with criminal trespass and assault. a group of senators including mark warner, the top democrat on the intel committee, reportedly received a classified briefing about a series of encounters by u.s. navy pilots with unidentified aircraft. president trump confirmed he was briefed on reports of pilots spotting unidentified flying objects. back in april they received information about what may or may not be happening out there. >> from ufos to very slow moving objects. south carolina woman redefining the meaning of
2:52 am
driving under the influence. police say meghan holeman was asked to pull over a mile from her home after she was seen driving erratically in a silver power wheels toy truck. hollman's motorized ride can clock up to 5 miles per hour. she did manage to avoid a formal driving under the influence car because it was a toy vehicle. she is, however, facing a public intoxication -- excuse me. not funny. >> not dui because she was driving a toy. >> apologies. >> not an actual car. let's get a check on cnn business this morning. 52 minutes past the hour. asian stocks grappling with concerns over geopolitical tensions in iran. oil prices soared as the tensions flared. on wall street the focus stayed on hopes the fed will cut interest rates. you can see futures leaning a little bit lower. a record high for the s&p 500 up 1%. interest rates tumbled.
2:53 am
10-year treasury yields dropped under 2% yesterday. mortgage rates are falling fast. so lock it in if your' looking for a wall street. stock jumped 50% on the first day of trading. it's valued at $20 billion especially notable, the last company to do so was spotify. they have faced heavy competition from services like apple music. next, update on two breaking stories this morning. we'll be right back.
2:54 am
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want to bring you these breaking pictures here. this is a refinery fire in philadelphia. local media reporting explosions heard and now this fire is burning at philadelphia energy solutions. this process is some 335,000 barrels a day of crude oil. no comment from the company yet. we're making calls right now. we don't have any word of injuries right here or the cause of this fire, but this looks like it's the biggest refinery
2:58 am
in philadelphia. now this things is burning there. >> yeah, about 1,000 employees is said to be con -- the good news is it looks contained. we'll update you throughout "new day." more breaking news and live pictures. these out of hong kong where protests are ramping up yet again. demonstrators demanding the complete withdrawal of the china extradition bill that caused mass protests last week. police officials condemning protesters from blocking the main highway around police headquarters calling for, quote, peaceful and rational protests. those protestors want carrie lam to step down. >> the officers are hanging back taking a much less provocative stance than last week.
2:59 am
no batons, no facemasks, they're standing by police headquarters surrounded by peaceful demonstrators who are demonstrating. thanks for joining us. we're going to follow all of this on "new day." >> this country will not stand for it. >> watching a strike and then pulling it back probably give the iranians a lot of intelligence about our capabilities. >> the president is showing he's made the decision and wasn't willing to follow through. >> we had a constructive conversation about that. >> democrats piling on. biden on an issue like this, they're going to end up re-electing donald trump. >> he's putting himself in a deeper hole. i think he ought to be ashamed. all right. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day." it's friday, june 21st.
3:00 am
it is 6:00 here in new york. major developments breaking overnight. the planes were in the air. "the new york times" reports that overnight president trump ordered then abruptly called off military strikes against iran in retaliation for iran shooting down an unmanned surveillance aircraft. again, this operation was reportedly underway into the evening before being canceled. according to "the times," it's not clear whether the attack might still go forward. >> so the u.s. aircraft was shot down somewhere over the strait of hormuz. here's the map. the u.s. and iran have released different versions of exactly where this happened. there are big questions this morning. why did president trump suddenly reverse course and what will happen today? we have it all covered from washington to tehran. let's begin with joe johns. he is live at the white house. joe? >> good morning, alisyn. that "new york times" reporting suggesting that the united states essentially telegraphed


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