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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  June 26, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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he would testify, and that's what's going to happen. >> dwhat will happen between no and the 17th? will you be briefed by him? >> no, no. i don't expect that. >> do you expect the white house to intervene and block this in any way or the justice department to block this in any way? >> well, they may attempt to. i doubt they would succeed because mr. mueller is an honest man and understands that congressional subpoenas are not optional. i suspect that whatever the white house says, they're not going to make -- mueller will not make -- try to enforce a subpoena in court. >> will he be allowed to have a lawyer in the room? >> i'm not going to get into that. >> are you planning to hear from any members of mueller's team?
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>> that may be. >> this will be the last question. i think given the nature of what he has to say, given the nature of what was in the report, he will be a very compelling witness. thank you very much. >> the chairman of the house judiciary committee, jerry nadler, discussing the upcoming meeting with mueller to testify. he says he will be a compelling witness because he'll be made to answer questions about his conclusions. >> i thought it was interesting that nadler said even if all mueller does is reiterate what he wrote in the report, that's helpful to the american people because, of course, most americans, i'm assuming, have not read the entire report. so he thinks that mueller just
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repeating what was written will be advantageous to the democrats' case here. >> might have power, no question. joined now by jeffrey toobin, manu raju on the hill. jeffrey, as adam schi iff made clear yesterday, this was not a friendly subpoena. mueller did not want to come to testify. he is coming to testify. so the question is what is he willing to answer? how often will he say, listen, hey, it's not repoin the reportt go there, i'll refer that to a private session? how much can the special counsel do that when he's in the chair facing these hard questions? >> he can do it a lot. there really is not an immediate mechanism that the democrats or the republicans for that matter can use to force him to answer questions once he's in that chair. i think they can rely on his good faith. i don't think robert mueller is
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perceived as someone who will misuse the law, but it is a difficult position for the members of congress to be in because it's not like there's a judge who will force a witness to answer the question. the only power they have is essentially the power of suasion. obviously you can threaten to hold a witness in contempt, but i think realistically, that's something that's not going to be on the agenda with robert mueller as a witness. so he's going to have a lot of leeway to decide for himself what questions he wants to answer. >> laura jarrett, what's your read on how far mueller is going to go here? he made so clear in that statement a few weeks ago on camera, this is it, my report says everything. but i did think that, you know, nadler saying if he just repeats what's in the report to the american public, that's helpful. >> well, that's what democrats are banking on, given that
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nobody, at least the majority of the american people haven't read the report. so much that actors are now staging plays to try to get across this point to the vast majority of people who simply don't have the time to read the 448 pages like we all have. i think for robert mueller, who's made it crystal clear he does not want to participate in what he thinks is going to certainly turn into a public spectacle, there's still -- you know, you can see hints of where he has said both in the report and in his statement last month when he says things like we couldn't exonerate the president. he didn't have to say that. so i think there are opportunities there to press him, what did you mean by that? or even just asking for different examples or pressing him on of all the ten examples of potential obstruction of justice, which did your team find most compelling? i think there are opportunities there if democrats want to try to press him a little bit to give just a little bit more
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flavor or even things, you know -- he pointed out he didn't get full cooperation from all the witnesses. who in particular are you talking about? who did you want to get more information from? perhaps the president's son. there are so many different opportunities that they could use if they wanted to, the democrats, i should say. >> manu, here's a question. mueller himself is already a pretty compelling witness, but there are a whole host of witnesses the white house has blocked congress from interviewing. don mcgahn being the prime one here. can members, in effect, use mueller as a surrogate to some degree for those other witnesses by saying, hey, what did mcgahn say to you on this issue, what did he testify here? was that in contradiction to what this witness said? is that a line of ait cttack fo democrats? >> absolutely. they're going to question what he found, what these fact witnesses said to his team
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behind closed doors in their testimony, what was revealed in the report. and that is a question, i think, still in the days ahead. how does the white house handle that? because as you mentioned, jim, the white house has taken steps to deny hope hicks' testimony about what he said to the mueller team, about what she experienced and those allegations of obstruction of justice, preventing don mcgahn from coming to capitol hill saying he's covered by absolute immunity. they tried to prevent bob mueller from answering those questions. i tried to ask jerry nadler about that, saying do you expected the white house or justice department to intervene in some way. he said he doesn't believe they will do so, but he did warn they would try to go to court and enforce a subpoena if bob mueller does not comply. but ultimately, the big question for democrats is how much of an impact will this actually have? they're fighting an expectations game to some extent. this morning a number of drr democrats are saying this will strengthen their call for an
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impeachment inquiry. but adam schiff said people should have, quote, realistic expectations, when i asked him about it this morning. a lot of members are essentially guessing on the impact that this could have. democrats, too, this is a risk for them because they're banking on a lot here. but what will mueller actually say and will that move the needle at all, that's just a question we don't know. >> idatoobin, if you got one question to bob mueller, what would it be? >> it would be why -- what was the reason you did not reach a firm conclusion on whether the president committed crimes. he has a rather convoluted explanation in the mueller report of why he laid out the evidence but didn't draw a firm conclusion. and i think, you know, fundamentally, what the american people want to know from this
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whole investigation is did the president commit any crimes. robert mueller is in the position to draw the clearest conclusion about that. the attorney general took mueller's evidence and said, i think there was no crime here, but what do you think, robert mueller? i think pressing him on that question is probably the most important. but there are a lot. if i could just add one point, there are a lot of questions the republicans want to ask mueller too. they want to ask about the fairness of the investigation. they want to ask about the composition of mueller's team. they want to ask about how the entire investigation got started. all of that is appropriate and fair game and yet another reason why it's appropriate why mueller is going to be giving testimony. >> listen, you can bet good money that the page/strzok
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testimony comes up. a lot of this is about air time and how the various parties use that air time. >> totally. all right. thank you, everyone. we know where you'll be on july 17th. >> exactly. we might be as well. as lawmakers gear up for another border funding battle, president trump is expressing his discontent over a $4.5 billion aid package which the democratically controlled house approved tuesday. >> i'm not happy with it because there's no money for protection. it's like we're running hospitals over there now. people are coming up -- what people don't understand is you want separation. separation is the terrible thing of the families. i said, i'm going to put people together, but it's going to mean more people coming up. it has, from that standpoint. and we've done a great job. >> well, the families are still being separated because kids are being held alone. the aid package focuses on assisting with horrific conditions of migrants at the
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border. we had a witness on this program earlier this week who talked about lord of the flies conditions, the worst this lawyer had ever seen. >> since congress is not in session next week, the house and senate really have until the end of this week to try to get on the same page on this bill to give money mainly to keep these kids in some decent conditions, and they're not on the same page at all. if they don't, the president says he will move forward with those i.c.e. raids in major u.s. cities that he threatened last week but now delayed for two weeks. and just look at this image. if you have not seen it yet, it says everything. it is heartbreaking. it is appalling. it is a father and his 23-year-old daughter drowned crossing the rio grande. >> reminds me of that little girl f you remember migrants coming into europe from syria. these are real people. many of them are children.
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for many of them, this trip is deadly. cnn correspondent ed lavandera is live along the border this morning. ed, sometimes photos can make a difference. sometimes they don't. this one is certainly grabbing people's attention. it speaks volumes about the state of the crisis at the border. >> reporter: well, the sadness that emanates from that photo is extremely powerful. it's important to remember here that this has been going on for quite some time. these treacherous conditions that many of these migrants are facing have been going on. we've seen reports over the last few months of border patrol agents jumping into the river to save people who have nearly drowned trying to cross that river. all of this comes, jim and poppy, as the trump administration has cracked down for several months on people seeking asylum at the legal ports of entry. critics of the trump administration have been saying that essentially what that is doing is then forcing people who are desperate, tired of waiting,
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as perhaps this family was, to make the treacherous and dangerous attempts to cross illegally between the ports of entry and along the texas/mexico border that means crossing the river. that is, i can't tell you how many times i've stood on the bank of that river. it might look peaceful and scenic in many of the images you see. when you stands up close to it, that current in that river is extremely strong, and it's very dangerous. that is what we have seen play out here in a deadly way. >> we had the former acting i.c.e. director on the previous hour who made that point. when the legal points of entry are restricted, people take greater risks and get driven to those more dangerous areas. >> which is exactly what was reported happened with this father and daughter. ed, thank you. so back to capitol hill, happening now, the house oversight committee is holding a hearing that could ends with presidential counselor kellyanne conway being subpoenaed. >> that's right. lauren fox is on capitol hill with more.
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this gets to something i think a lot of folks at home might not know about, but the hatch act. explain what that is and what the alleged violations are. >> reporter: well, that's right. the house oversight committee, jim, is meeting this morning. they expected that kellyanne conway should have attended. they wanted her to testify. on monday, the white house sent a letter saying she would not appear today. they are prepared to subpoena her testimony. they want to know more about these alleged hatch act violations. the office of special counsel said they found kellyanne conway should be fired for her repeated alleged violations of the hatch act. that, of course, bars federal employees or at least limits their ability to do campaign work. they say kellyanne conway made multiple violations of the hatch acte act. so that is what members are meeting about today. what's interesting about this hearing is it's yet another example of democrats trying to get white house officials to come up to capitol hill to answer their questions. this time it's kellyanne conway, someone who's very well known in the public eye, someone who's very close to the president, and
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she will not be attending. >> lauren fox, one of many denials from this administration to request, demand subpoenas from congress. democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren is set to visit a florida migrant detention facility just moments from now. that just hours before democrats face off at tonight's democratic presidential debate. also, north korea is lashing out at president trump. this is just hours before the president heads to the g20 summit. the north korean regime is now accusing the president's top advisers of hostile acts. for your heart... your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory.
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well, immigration certainly in the news, and soon senator elizabeth warren will be toured an unaccompanied migrant child facility in homestead, florida. that facility is currently housing some 2300 children. >> so this comes just hours before she'll be on the debate stage tonight. of course, if you haven't heard yet, folks, the first democratic 2020 debate is being held in miami. our mj lee is in homestead, florida, at this migrant facility. it's interesting. the other candidates are laying low, debate prep, and she spur of the moment yesterday, it seems, told her team we're going
7:20 am
to this migrant facility and everyone should come with us. >> reporter: that's right, poppy. this was a last-minute change of plans for elizabeth warren. she announced this in the middle of our town hall event last night in miami. reporters were caught off guard. even her staffers didn't have a lot of time to plan for this announcement. we're told that elizabeth warren decided she would come here after speaking to advocates backstage right before her town hall event. just to give you all a sense of where we are right now, we are outside of the homestead detention facility here in florida just about 45 minutes outside of miami. this is where unaccompanied migrant children are held. they are held here until they can be placed with families and sponsors in the united states. the big reason politically that elizabeth warren is here is because this facility is contracted out to a private company, and she said recently that she worries that these children are being kept inside under prison-like conditions.
7:21 am
you can feel the tension even as you're driving up here. a lot of protesters holding signs, saying they want the children to be free. this is certainly going to be a dramatic day and visit for elizabeth warren just hours ahead of her debate performance. poppy and jim? >> mj lee there, thanks so much. going to be an interesting night tonight. let's discuss all the implications. cnn political analyst and national political correspondent for the "new york times," alex burns, and cnn political commentator joe trippe. good morning to you. debating can be good for candidates. carr there are pitfalls, right. think of rick perry. famously could not name the three agencies he was going to knock down or the rubio/christie exchange. high stakes either in the positive or negative direction for candidates tonight. >> absolutely.
7:22 am
look, i think most of the memorable moments in debates are ones in which a mistake happens. every once in a while, you get some momentum. that can happen. i think in tonight's debate particularly for some of the lesser known candidates, the amy klobuchar, senator from minnesota, tulsi gabbert, and mayor de blasio even from new york. they haven't gotten much attention. this is a big opportunity for them to finally get some. and for elizabeth warren, today this event that she's going to, this visit right now may be more important than the actual debate itself because again, she's already got a lot of that attention. >> yeah, certainly got the cameras there, right? with her today. what about cory booker? he got a bump, at least a lot of coverage from his spat with joe biden last week. but he's still lagging, especially when it comes to the
7:23 am
number of donors he's going to need to hit, that 65,000 threshold. how does he create momentum and give that some legs tonight? >> the theory of the case in cory booker's camp is not to keep on mixing it up with joe biden. it's not to keep on drawing big, stark contrasts over core culture and sort of ideological issues with the front runner. it's to talk about cory booker. i think what you're going to see from a lot of the candidates, especially in this first debate tonight, where you have a more mild mannered set of debaters than you have thursday, where you have these big combative personalities. you'll hear folks like cory booker, beto o'rourke, julian castro really try to introduce themselves to the american people in a pretty elementary way. i think the challenge is a little different for elizabeth warren. she's clearly in a totally different place in this race than the rest of them. >> joe, you see this dynamic now developing with tiers. you got a clear top five
7:24 am
candidates here with biden, warren, buttigieg. you see warren's numbers rising and narrowing the gap with joe biden. i'm wondering if a bigger focus tonight, even though joe biden is not on the stage until tomorrow, is whether warren can eat away at biden's consistent lead here. >> well, i think one of the problems for warren tonight in the debate is she's likely to be looking over to the next -- to tomorrow's debate with biden, sort of talking to this debate, whereas others in this debate may be using her to contrast themselves. i'll give you an example. de blasio can come in tonight and say you've got plans, i've actually had to implement them as a mayor. you've got tulsi gabbert with her experience in the war and coming in as we're looking at
7:25 am
iran and trying to contrast with -- literally with warren use her experience vis-a-vis warren to look at -- to sort of make the case she's better prepared on foreign policy. what could happen tonight -- amy klobuchar could come in there and make the progressive argument, something she couldn't do well with joe biden on the stage with her or not as effectively. so what could happen tonight is some of these other candidates could use warren as a way to contrast themselves and make themselves stand out, and she's in a position where the people she wants to contrast herself with, upper tier candidates, are in tomorrow's debate. >> what should they not do tonight, alex? what is the big no-no? >> i guess i won't say shae shouldn't do this, but i think the biggest risk they could take tonight would be attacking another democrat too harshly. i think joe is absolutely right. you're going to see contrast on
7:26 am
that stage, but something we've seen in previous elections, especially in the early debates, is voters are looking for just sort of a tasting menu of their onyxes in th onyxes -- options. they're not looking for a blood bath. i think if you were to see another candidate, a john delaney, for instance, running as a proud, unapologetic centrist in the race, if he were to go on stage and really take it to elizabeth warren, you're too far left, too hostile to business, too many regulations, i think that would be an enormous risk in the democratic primary, not just because it's a more liberal party, but because you just don't know how voters are going to respond to conflict. we'll see that obviously again on steroids tomorrow night when there's going to be a lot of temptation to attack joe biden, and joe biden remains a pretty well-liked guy in the party. >> i suppose there's the other risk of just not being noticed. it's a big field. off in the wings of this debate, not capturing attention. >> it is interesting. we got to go, but trump won by
7:27 am
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just hours from now, president trump is set to depart the u.s. for the g20 summit in jap japan. we're learning now behind the scenes talks are under way for a third summit between president trump and kim jong-un, despite the fact there's been no progress on denuclearization by north korea. the second summit in february ended when they walked away with no agreement whatsoever. >> that's right. so what's the thinking behind the third? we're hoping to find out more. maybe we'll find out more at the g20. north korea this morning is lashing out at what it calls extremely hostile acts from the trump administration. let's go to seoul, south korea. that's where our paula hancocks has more. >> reporter: well, poppy and jim, this information is coming from the very top here in south korea. the president, moon jae-in, in a written interview with news agencies, has said there has been behind the scenes ongoing dialogue between the u.s. and north korea, trying to set up
7:33 am
that third summit between president trump and kim jong-un. president moon also went on to say that this is with the backdrop of mutual understanding of each other's position following the hanoi summit. he's really trying to put a positive spin on that. of course, the hanoi summit, both leaders walked away without agreement. he's suggesting there was more understanding between those two leaders. president moon also went on to say that north korea could offer to give up the nuclear facility in return for the u.s. trying to loosen some of those sanctions. but this is effectively what north korea did offer at the hanoi summit, according to the north koreans, and president trump at that point said it wasn't enough. the u.s. wanted some of these undisclosed sites to be part of that deal as well. president trump is actually leaving for the region today. he'll be in this region at the g20 in japan. and he'll also be here in seoul over the weekend. according to the blue house,
7:34 am
she's considering going to the dmz, the demilitarized zone between north and south korea. its i it also comes on the same day there's an article quoting the foreign ministry slamming trumped a vietrump advisers and slamming reports that they're still one of the worst human rights abusers in the world, calling what some of the advisers were talking about as hostility and vicious slander. back to you. >> okay. paula, thank you. tensions ratcheting up between the u.s. and iran as president trump takes personal digs at iran's leaders and dismisses the potential consequences of war with iran. talking about hypotheticals. listen. >> if somebody should happen, we're in a very strong position. it wouldn't last very long. i can tell you that. it would not last very long. and i'm not talking boots on the ground. i'm not talking we're going to send a million soldiers. i'm just saying if something would happen, wouldn't last very
7:35 am
long. >> well, it's not clear what the president based that comment on, intelligence analysis. but his comments come as iran announced it would accelerate its nuclear program by increasing production of enriched uranium. this would be a violation of the international nuclear deal, which the white house of course drew the u.s. out of last year. iran also announced it is still delivering oil to china, a violation of sanctions recently imposed by the u.s. we're learning now from the supreme court this morning. we've been awaiting some key decisions with enormous political implications. we're going to be live at the supreme court with an update next.
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we have some breaking news this morning from the supreme court. they're wrapping up their term. >> jessica schneider joins us live from the supreme court. they punted again, have they not, to tomorrow on the really key decisions. are they trying to drop those decisions and leave town? >> reporter: probably, jim. they're definitely keeping us on edge out here outside the supreme court. there are those two big decisions still remaining. we thought we might get them today. turns out we'll get them tomorrow because the supreme court has announced that tomorrow is the final day of the term. so all signs are pointing to those two big decisions we're waiting for to be decided and announced tomorrow. those two decisions relate to partisan gerrymandering, when politicians go too far for redistricting lines for
7:41 am
political again. and the biggie, whether or not the trump administration can add the citizenship question to the 2020 census. time is ticking on that. census officials have said they need to get this census, to start the printing process by july 1st. we'll await that. we expect to see that tomorrow, being the last day of the term. the supreme court did issue a few decisions today. one in particular related to the 21st amendment, the amendment that repealed prohibition. that related to a law out of tennessee and the liquor license requirements. tennessee had a requirement in place that if you wanted to get a liquor license, you had to be a resident of tennessee for two years. proponents said it was well within the state's right under the 21st amendment to make and enact this sort of law, but the supreme court said, no, it is a violation of the commerce clause. so that residency requirement has been struck down in tennessee. so some minor cases that played out inside the court today. we got those opinions. but still on edge for those big ones. in all, we've got five opinions that are left.
7:42 am
those should come down tomorrow. then jim and poppy, one other thing we've been waiting for, for a while, the decision on daca. of course, the trump administration has been wanting to wind down the daca program that was enacted by president obama that really protects about 700,000 dreamers. these are the undocumented immigrants who came here to the united states as children. the trump administration wanting to winds down the program. the lower courts have been putting that on hold, not letting the trump administration end it, allowing those daca renewals to continue. the trump administration wants the supreme court to hear that case. we could hear tomorrow or toward the end of the week whether or not the supreme court will hear that daca case next term. so really, like you said, jim, the supreme court keeping us on our toes and keeping us waiting until the very last minute here. maybe so they can get out of town. jim and poppy? >> you'll be there for us, jest. we're waiting for all of that news. thank you very much. >> yeah, they give us the appetizers but not the main
7:43 am
courses. now to oklahoma, where a historic opioid crisis trial is seeing some of its harshest testimony against big pharma. the state's final witness ripping into johnson & johnson's claim that it bears zero responsibility for the crisis. the witness calling the statement, quote, absolutely incorrect. >> jean casarez has been on this from the beginning. she joins us with more. this is a trial about to wrap up. >> and this is such history because this is the first time that there ever has been a trial, that it's gone to trial. the theory is public nuisance that johnson & johnson procured the raw narcotic ingredients, sold them to the manufacturer of the opioid pills, they themselves had a fentanyl patch and their own pill. but they came into the state of oklahoma, touted it, and did not talk about the risks, and thus the opioid crisis is born, which
7:44 am
is a public nuisance. so the final witness for the state of oklahoma was the mental health commissioner. here's one thing she said on the stand. she said many things, but they unleashed a series of bombs on the united states of america and those bombs hit squarely, squarely on the middle of our country in oklahoma. when you prey on a state that is vulnerable to addiction, that offends my decency. and the mental health commissioner said that an abatement plan she has in place, that it's 30 years, $17 billion, and without that plan, people will continue to die in oklahoma. now it will be the defense side. johnson & johnson says, we had on the label, we had on the paperwork, we told people of the risks. we came into oklahoma. we said it was safe and effective because the fda was saying the very same thing at the very same time. and they have their evidence. and remember, two pharmaceuticals have already
7:45 am
settled. purdue pharma and teva. >> and the fda has a lot of questions to answer here. i hope this comes up on the debate stage tonight. i hope they talk about this. >> absolutely. it's a national scourge. >> thank you, jean. >> good to have you on the story. busy day at cnn. here's what to watch. still ahead this hour, the trump administration laying out its vision for peace and economic success across the middle east, but one of those countries, a key side, one of
7:46 am
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7:51 am
this is the house oversight committee live now, voting on whether to subpoena the white house counselor kellyanne conway over alleged violations of the hatch act. democrats control the committee, likely to go towards a subpoena there. >> one interesting note of all the subpoenas, the only person who's actually complied and is showing up is bob mueller. and don junior did that behind closed doors. >> and mueller did not want to testify. but he is complying with the subpoena. >> right, okay. also happening right now, the trump administration is laying out plans for peace in the middle east through an economic plan. the president's son-in-law jared kushner has spent the week leading a peace to prosperity workshop. this is him in bahrain earlier today. the administration's proposal is to try to raise $50 billion in investments to help the
7:52 am
palestinian economy. >> that's right. but many palestinian leaders, who we should note were not in attendance, rejected the plan, saying it's about far more than money. it's about land, it's about rights, it's about access to control their own borders. cnn's jeremy diamond joins us now. this is the administration's approach here to the israeli/palestinian crisis. even north korea, you hear the president talking a lot about condos on the north korean coast. are any of the president's advisers making it clear to him that this conflict is about more than investment and dollars? >> reporter: yes, i think so. and i do think the administration understands that ultimately this economic plan that they're proposing, this $50 billion in investments over ten years is totally contingent on resolving those thorny political issues. we heard jared kushner say as much yesterday. i also sat down today with jason greenblat, one of the authors of this peace plan. here's what he told me. >> none of it will become a reality unless there's a
7:53 am
political agreement. we understand that. there are two parts to this equation. a political agreement and an economic vision. you can't have one without the other in either direction. i know people are distorting this and saying they were trying to buy palestinian rights, bribe them, that there's no political plan. none of that's true because we cannot pull this off unless there's a political agreement between the two sides. >> and that is, indeed, the criticism that we're hearing from the palestinians, who have said -- who have rejected this administration's economic plan out of hand, suggesting that it is, indeed, a bribe in exchange for palestinian dreams of a sovereign palestinian state. this administration did not discuss any of those core political issues during this economic conference here in bahrain. but they are saying, again, that it is contingent on that agreement eventually happening. but when are we expecting to see that? well, it's going to be some months from now. we're expecting israeli elections to come up in september, and this administration has made very clear it cannot release the
7:54 am
political potent of this plan until those elections happen, and that means that this is likely to get pushed off until november. jim? >> jeremy diamond, it must be fascinating to be there. thank you very much for the reporting. a 9/11 first responder says he saw a different side of the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. what he says mcconnell promised during that crucial meeting about saving the victims' compensation fund. a has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate i switched to miralax for my constipation.
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all right. we have breaking news just in. the house oversight committee just voting to subpoena white house counselor kellyanne
7:59 am
conway. this is over alleged violations of the hatch act. we'll see if she complies with that subpoena and testifies. also this morning, 9/11 first responders, really american heroes, are saying they'll take mitch mcconnell at his word. this follows a tense capitol hill meeting with the senate majority leader. those first responders say mcconnell has committed to hold a vote to extend compensation for victims of the 9/11 attack. listen to this. >> mitch mcconnell showed his humanity yesterday in that meeting. i saw a different side of mitch mcconnell that i have not seen in previous meetings. i believe with rich there and my other guys, we tugged at his hea heartstrings. when we gave him louie alvarez's badge, i think he sensed our urgency this time. i think he understands now we have a serious problem on our hands in the 9/11 community. i'm confident he's going to stick to his word. and listen, we're going to take
8:00 am
him at face value, hold his feet to the fire. >> right now the september 11th victim compensation fund just doesn't have enough money to pay fully for those current claims. the first responders that met with mcconnell yesterday say he told them that they can expect a vote that will bring it to the floor in august. all right. thank you so much for joining us today. i'm poppy harlow. see you back here tomorrow. "at this hour" starts right now. hello, everyone. thanks so much for joining me. the date is set, friends. three weeks from now, july 17th, special counsel robert mueller will testify before two separate house committees in public hearings. house democrats had issued a subpoena for the former special counsel to testify, though mueller had made it abundantly clear he had no desire to make any further comments


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