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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  June 26, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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every one of them has memorized a couple of lines and zingers tonight that people can take away from tonight and remember, that person said that. >> is their timing right with that line? that's everything. governor, great to see you. thank you for being here. let's see what happens tonight. >> you got it. >> thanks for joining me. "inside politics" with john king starts right now. thank you, kate. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thank you for sharing your day with us. democrats get their star witness, robert mueller, scheduled to testify next month on camera. those, pushing for impeachment predict the special counsel will help their case. plus it's debate night for the 2020 democrats. elizabeth warren, center stage for the first group of ten. president trump predicts it will be boring but says he plans to tune in. and a sad and shocking image from the u.s./mexico border. a father and his young daughter
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drowned in the rio grande as washington tries to overcome partisan differences over funding for border detention centers. >> there weren't children playing. there weren't children laughing the way they usually do when they're moving from one place to another. these were children who were being marched like little soldiers, like little prisoners from one place to another. this is not what we should be doing as a country. these children did not commit a crime. these children pose no threat to people here in the united states of america. >> we begin there with the nation's immigration divide and with the heartbreaking image from the u.s./mexico border. an image that's upsetting to see but also very important for you to see. you see it there. a photographer captured this photo of a father and his toddler daughter, almost 2 years old. face down in the water of the rio grande river. the man's wife says she watched
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them drowned. her husband had safely ferried valeria to the u.s. side of the river and was back to help his wife when the little girl panicked and followed her father back into the water. a current then carried them. they had been waiting two months for an appointment to seek asylum and attempted the river crossing as an act of desperation. ed lavandera, you see the photo and you get heartsick. what is the mood there today? >> well, that's a horrific photo to see, but the stark reality of what has been going on here, along the u.s./mexico border, especially here in the texas area, for quite some time. we have heard reports of dozens of rescues by border patrol agents over the last few months, having to jump into the river to rescue people from nearly drowning, but critics of the trump administration say, john, that this is really the push by
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the trump administration and caused by this idea of what is waiting for asylum processes and these migrants being forced to wait in mexico. the trump administration has put a policy in place, limiting the number of people that can cross the border. the legal ports of entry to request asylum on a daily basis, forcing these migrants to wait in mexico. critics of the administration have been saying for months this is forcing migrants to make much more dangerous and treacherous journeys across the border in illegal ways as we've seen here, crossing the river illegally, which obviously can lead to a much more deadly situation. and this is what critics of the administration have been warning about for months. >> ed lavandera for us on the border. the photo of that father and daughter immediately becoming an issue here in washington. senate democratic leader chuck schumer brought a blowup to the senate floor to challenge trump administration policies he says lack compassion.
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republican chairman of the senate homeland security committee said he almost canceled the committee hearing when he saw that image. >> i didn't have time to have a picture blown up. we've all seen it, of oscar alberto martinez ramirez and his 23-month-old daughter, valeria. i realize tragedies occur all over this country, all over the world. i don't want to see another picture like that on the u.s. bord border. i hope that picture alone will catalyze this congress, this senate, this committee to do something. >> here with me to share the reporting and insights, katherine lucy with "the wall street journal," olivia knox with sirius xm and julia hershfeld davis with the "new
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york times." the senator says he hopes that image, which is heartbreaking, will catalyze washington l it? the senate has an emergency funding bill. as we come on air, the senate says it won't negotiate with the house, essentially take it or leave it. take the senate republican version. will house democrats do that? and that's not -- there's no big immigration deal here this is emergency funding for these detention centers and some other things for the here and now. there are bigger issues, like asylum, to be discussed. but on this issue, before they go home this week, will they have a deal? >> so the senate is planning. it is a bipartisan bill, one that democrats in the senate are also signed on to. and they want to show that the house bill can't pass in the senate, and that they are hoping to jam the house pretty much and say take up our bill and pass it before we leave for the july recess or we may end up leaving with no options at all. house speaker pelosi and hoyer have spoken fondly of the senate bill. there's potential they will take
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it up but there's key differences in the bills across chambers. in the house, democrats have restricted, put up guardrails, pretty much, saying they don't want money going toward deportation and they don't want money going toward the wall and restoring foreign aid to central america. >> i think you asked whether the photograph is going to make the difference. i do think some of these images -- that image clearly, but also the images of the horrible conditions in these shelters have really brought home for members of congress in both parties the fact that this money is needed and it's needed quickly. and even though there are a lot of reservations among democrats to send any money to any agencies that have been part of president trump's crackdown they recognize how badly resources are needed. i think it will be very difficult for democrats to -- on the house side to push back on this, as the leers there have said the senate bill is okay with them. but importantly, the senate bill does include some of those
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restrictions, money going toward deportation. getting it over the hump with latino members who wanted to see higher standards for health, safety, cleanliness and release times for children being held in these shelters and it looks pretty clear that those are not going to be able to stick if this is going to get through congress this week. >> sometimes photos do things that other things can't, in these kinds of debates. this really devastating image has struck a lot of people. we're hearing people react very emotionally today. it's being compared along with other searing images of children, the little boy who was washed up, the syrian refugee, that photo, or the photo of the little girl who was injured in a napalm attack in vietnam. these indelible images that speak to tragedyies with
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children. when you take a step back, these things can make a difference. one person that we haven't heard reacting is president trump. is he known to be influenced and moved with sort of tragedy with children. it will be interesting to see if we do hear from him specifically. >> he did an interview this morning with fox business channel where he was not asked about the image. >> yeah. >> he was not asked about the image. he was asked what he thought about the house bill, and the president said he doesn't like it. >> i'm not happy with it because there's no money for protection. it's like we're running hospitals over there now. i can't understand it, okay? they want those people to come into the united states, so i say it must be politics. they must think that having a big, open border and having hundreds of thousands of people flowing into the united states is a good thing for our country. it's ruinous to our country. >> that's the argument he wants to make in his re-election campaign. i'll come to some of the other questions about that. he has powers to do certain things but that's the argument he wants to make in his
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re-election campaign, democrats are for open borders, they want people to come into this country, they don't care about laws and want to decriminalize crossing the border. he does not sound like a man willing to sit down with the democrats and get what it would take to get a bigger deal. nor do they, let's be honest, do they seem willing to sit down with him to get a bigger deal. >> i don't see him changing now because of an -- even as provocative, as powerful as that image is, i don't see him changing his mind on ta. the narrow question of the politics, yes, that's very clear it will be a central part of his 2020 message. it was at the core of 2016. the question now, though, is after 2018 when a lot of the more aggressive rhetoric appears to have cost republican seats, swing seats, i sort of -- i wonder whether that will lead the campaign to tinker with their message a little bit, put emphasis on hispanics or latinos for trump, the group that mike pence travelled to florida to unveil yesterday. >> there, they target more
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conservative latinos, people who came here legally, saying you're the ones who are getting the shaft. you have this horrific image and 25 years or more of paralysis on this issue. it's been put on steroids in the trump era, but it predates him. chuck schumer says this to the president. >> president trump, i want you to look at this photo. these are not drug dealers or vagrants or criminals. the president's actions at the border are a whirlwind of incompetence leading to pictures like this. we've got to change our policies so president trump, if you want to know the real reason there's chaos at the border, look in the mirror. >> you sat with the president yesterday. you were working with your colleague on a book. the president said he wants to talk to you for your book. chuck schumer said he should look in the mirror, that these
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problems are of his making. does the president see it that way? >> he does not. unfortunately for us, because obviously we would have loved to ask him about that picture. it came out while we were in the oval office with him. we asked him whether he felt at all responsible for the pictures we've seen, of the state of these shelters, ways that these migrants are being treated, many say because of his own policies and what they've led to, overcrowding and a crush in the system. he feels no responsibility for it. his answer is that it's because democrats will not join him in changing the law. they can't change the asylum rules. all these loopholes need to be gotten rid of. he points the finger back at barack obama and said he caged children and he built detention centers, which he did. this migrant influx did start under president obama but conditions were never like this. and the president does not take any ownership of that and does seem to think it's going to be a political argument, that he's pushing back against the notion that this is his policy. you have to wonder not only will
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that hurt other republicans in 2020, but after being president for now 2 1/2 years, by then almost four years, will people really buy that argument, that all of this that you see around you is not his fault, not his responsibility, notwithstanding the fact that he has focused so much on immigration. >> is notwithstanding the fact that it didn't deal with all the issues front and center today, that he walked away from a deal he negotiated and said he was going to sign with democrats when republicans controlled the congress, they controlled both the house and senate. he walked away from that at the last minute because he was afraid of his base. sorry. >> no, that's the point i was going to make, john. when republicans control all of government, they weren't able to agree amongst themselves on immigration. also to julie's point about the political ramifications in 2018 when i was in texas, a number of voters told me that they had been republican but because of the family separation policy change under trump, they were deciding to vote for democrats. we saw a number of house
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districts flip there. >> that's why you see -- i'm sorry, go ahead. >> and strain on another self-imposed deadline on this immigration clash. the president delayed planned immigration raids across the country. and he has given democrats two weeks to work with him on, you know, what he calls closing asylum loopholes. it's not clear anything will happen there. we'll have to see what will happen. >> i think you're being kind. even if they were all to get into a room, they have such legitimate differences, arguing about this would take more than two weeks. >> that comes right after the fourth of july. is he going to go through with that? >> that's a great question. democrats get one of their biggest wishes granted, robert mueller headed to capitol hill to testify on tv. my digestive system used to make me feel sluggish
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behr presents: tough as walls. that's some great paint. ♪ that's some great paint. behr. ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with interior paints. find it exclusively at the home depot. house democrats are getting their star witness and a big debate about robert mueller's testimony. july 17th is the day, mark your calendars, special counsel subpoenaed by the house judiciary and intelligence committees. nothing to see is the president's spin today. >> my reaction is it never ends. we had no obstruction. we had no collusion. i have had 24/7 a phony witch hunt, disgusting phony witch hunt that nobody else would even have -- a normal person couldn't have even taken that. >> i know that, mr. president. >> i've gotten through that. now i hear mueller is going to go yet again -- how many more
9:19 am
times are we going to go through this stuff? >> that's not right but if you listen more closely you can understand what i'm trying to say there. mueller report detailed ten episodes of potential obstruction of justice by the president. democrats are wagering that hearing the facts spelled out on television, replayed on the news on cable television will resonate with the american public. the chairman says they expect answers, but mueller has cautioned the public, remember. and he has cautioned congress, temper your expectations. >> any testimony from this office would not go beyond our report. it contains our findings and analysis and the reasons for the decisions we made. we chose those words carefully and the work speaks for itself. and the report is my testimony. i would not provide information
9:20 am
beyond that which is already public in any appearance before congress. >> cnn's evan perez joins our conversation. he made clear there when he finally gave a news kmps he wanted to be done. the subpoenas, any indication he's prepared to do anything but say here on page 27 it says this, here on page 448, it says that? >> right. even if he just does that, we know for a fact that it will probably have a different impact. we saw it just in his -- in that press conference that he gave, right? the president reacted to that much more strongly than he did when the report was released. and we know why. the president hasn't read the report. most americans haven't read the report. just hearing those words from his mouth and just choosing different words can sometimes have a bigger impact. his press conference clarified things we were all left guessing after reading the report,
9:21 am
reading summaries that he thought were crystal clear. they weren't. whether mueller intends to or not, i think he is going to provide a bigger impact from his live testimony that perhaps reading the report and his press conference did not provide. >> it's a great point. to that point, you could read the report. it had a very important sentence in it. or when mueller finally agreed to give that press conference, decided, it was his decision, to hear it is different. >> if we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. >> a short sentence there. at a hearing, democrats can go through each of the ten potential counts of obstruction and read them, try to get mueller to engage on them. as long as he stays in the parameters -- he says he'll only talk about the report. if they stay within the parameters, one can assume he
9:22 am
could talk about it to a degree. incredibly powerful witness, no? >> so many members of congress, just hearing that come out of his mouth, many of them read the report, to hear him say outloud was a turning point and for their constituents, they thought, as well. people have not come to grips with what is in this report and to hear him say it, even choosing words that are different on the paper, saying the same thing, will have a different effect. the other thing is that the report is carefully worded, you might even say tortured language in cases where it seems like the team was trying to really carefully sort of navigate on some very important issues when it comes to obstruction and when it comes to -- >> that's what happens when you have 17 lawyers. >> exactly, who don't necessarily -- who have a very specific mandate, not independent of the justice department, who understand that this is going to be seen in a political context and so having him -- he's also going to be very careful, you have to imagine, and very well prepared but having him sort of speak in spoken english about some of these issues is going to be very different. >> to your point, since mueller spoke, the number of democrats
9:23 am
calling for impeachment have gone from the 30s, approaching 80 now. >> and the republicans. >> in the latest count and one republican. listen to our team on the hill trying to ask democrats, do you think when the american people hear from mueller and when you hear directly from mueller, is that push for impeachment going to go up more? >> i don't think there's any question about it, when people see the facts. >> people should have expectations. >> i think having that testimony, public testimony from robert mueller will add credence to the case. >> will the loweredship regret getting what they want here if nancy pelosi's goal is to calm impeachment talk? a they want it politically, but b, you spend tens of millions on this investigation, the guy who did it should testify. will it make it harder to stop
9:24 am
impeachment forces? >> what happens when the democratic house caucus, if that happens, tips into the pro start impeachment inquiry. what happens when it tips over to the majority of the actual caucus? does that change the way nancy pelosi manages this problem? i don't have an answer to that. >> democrats are trying to lower expectations. here is a republican on the judiciary committee, maybe trying to raise the bar, suggesting be careful, robert mueller. >> mueller better be prepared. i can tell you, he will be cross examined for the first time and the american people will start to see the flaws in his report. >> anyone going to bet on jim jordan and mark meadows over robert mueller? >> i think robert mueller will be entirely prepared for this, but certainly president trump's allies will be looking for any way to get a shot at him. but it's hard to imagine. >> i think that will be one of the most important parts of this, will be the tension sort of between the mark meadows people and gates and those people, and what they believe is
9:25 am
the origins -- are the origins of this report, of this investigation and mueller, who will defend it, who will say that this was -- this began because of a russian attack on our political system. i mean, to hear that from mueller, i think, will be very powerful. you'll hear a lot of that from him, despite whatever the republicans on the president's defenders on the panels come with, come armed with. >> i think that's a great point. can't wait. up next for us, the first democratic debate is tonight. how can the candidates break through on a very, very, very crowded stage? hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem...
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tonight is debate night for ten of the democratic candidates for president, ten more tomorrow night. ten candidates tonight. you see them line iing up here their podiums will be on the debate stage. historically diverse democratic field. let's walk through a little bit about the profiles of tonight's contenders on the debate stage. for starters, three women on the debate stage tonight. three tonight, more tomorrow. take a peek here of the age. senator warren, elizabeth warren in the middle, 70, oldest candidate on stage, tulsi gabbard, youngest woman on stage tonight. how have they served, where have
9:31 am
they served in government? mayor deblasio, former governor, former member of the house, several members of the house, former cabinet secretary in the obama administration. diversity in public service as well. watch it play out a little more, what do you notice here? of this group tonight elizabeth warren is the only one doing well in the polls, at 15% and this one poll consistent if you look at the other national polls. these other candidates have been struggling at the lower end of the pack, looking for a break dls through moment tonight, looking for something to help them raise more money, get more attention to move those numbers more up closer to her. elizabeth warren center stage tonight, put policy number one in her campaign, visiting a detention center today in florida, the site of the debate. she says she's hoping very much that a lot of the conversation among these ten tonight is about immigration. >> i put out a plan to end the private incarceration of our children in facilities like
9:32 am
this. and part of the reason is because this is wrong. we should not be doing this and part of the reason is we do not need for-profit companies that then come in and lobby washington to keep our broken immigration. if it comes up at the debate tonight i am glad to have a chance to talk about what i've seen here today. >> ten on the stage tonight. you're in miami anyway. immigration was going to come up, obviously, given the news we've seen, horrific image that came out tonight, issues with the detention centers. it comes at a time, did you reporting on this in politico, where progressive groups trying to take these candidates who are far to the left than president trump on these issues and push them even more so. >> i reported that a number of progressive groups move on, united we dream, indivisible are trying to get these 2020 candidates to sign on to their policy platform. they feel frustrated because a lot of candidates don't have
9:33 am
aggressive plans. castro's goes the furthest, according to these operatives. warren, just yesterday, released a minor plan to decriminalize border crossings and that's something that these groups want all the candidates to get behind and defund i.c.e. and cvp. i expect they'we'll hear about immigration a lot. >> activism in the democratic party, you also have people, whether it's joe biden, centrists in the field saying hello, trump won wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan for a reason. we better be careful on these issues. you mentioned decriminalization. cory booker, you see his tweet right here. i've said it before. i'll say it again. elizabeth warren tweeting she agrees with castro, another candidates, we shouldn't criminalize castro tuesday. again in the democratic party in a primary, where often the im t
9:34 am
impetus is keep moving left, this is a big issue. are the democrats on this issue? some say medicare for all, wiping out most or all college debt, is this an issue where they'll get pushed to the left in these debates and come general election regret it? >> that's a real risk. we saw this play out on the hill this week, indivisible was lobbying against democrats. you really feel like you need to turn off the system you have now and do something completely different. there are democrats who understand that that is not going to be appealing to the public at large. that could potentially scare away voters in the middle and more in the center of the democratic party and certainly independents. what they know is popular is to criticize what president trump has done. it's pretty clear when you look at the numbers that there's not broad support out in the country for demonizing immigrants, for mass deportations, for the sorts of things he has talked about. he did win those key states talking tough about immigration and the last thing they want,
9:35 am
many of them, is to be seen as an open borders party, which he has kept saying about them. it's not true if you look at the policies, necessarily. but the more they have pressure to talk about decriminalizing immigration, the harder it will be for them to go to the center. >> as the debate starts they want to see any evidence of a shift with these candidates further to the left. they see that as a winning message that this party is becoming socialist. that word came from the president. they're seizing on any -- not just immigration but any of these issues, health care, immigration. this is a party that's out of step. >> that's why debates are fun and important in the sense that if you have legitimate party differences within the party, you have to settle those before you can take the general election. it would be fascinating to see how joe biden deals with this issue. he wants to be the more moderate but has a lot of skeptics on the progressive side. how does he deal with that?
9:36 am
member of the house has been struggling so far, more moderate member who says no, you cannot say decriminalize. >> solemn law is a moral responsibility that we have in the united states and we have to return moral leadership to the white house. i'm not going to compromise on that. what i would do is make sure that we have many, many more asylum judges so that people don't come here and wait two or three years before they get their case decided. >> if you cross the border illegally, then that's illegal. >> it should be a crime. >> i want people to come to america legally. >> out numbered in the current democratic field. the question is, how does that position hold? >> so biden and moulton see a different pathway than harris or booker, that they need to win swing voters that trump took over from obama. warren, booker and harris' of the world say no, the way to win in the general is to talk to
9:37 am
minority groups, to build our coalition, to speak to the base and make sure that they turn out and vote. if you don't get those, there's no way we're going to beat trump. it's not through winning over those swing voters. that's an argument that a lot of these mobilizers have as well. if you suppress turnout amongst the people more willing to vote for you, there's no way you can beat trump. >> one of the first in the primary campaign. we know trump is a very base-focused guy. just getting started. top iranian official in response to president trump's latest warnings against tehran. johnson & johnson is a baby company.
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very important international news, iran responding to president trump's threat of, quote, obliteration if iran attacked any foreign assets. fred pleitgen joins me live. you had a few questions put to the foreign minister. what did he say? >> hi, john. yeah, i caught up with javad zarif, only western media that was there. i asked him flat out what he made of president trump's threats from yesterday and this morning as well. here is what he had to say. >> what do you make of president trump's threats of obliteration and that a war with the united states wouldn't last very long? >> well, he's certainly wrong, but that statement indicates that the united states' intentions are certainly illegal. the united states is not in a position to obliterate iran. they do not have the capability, other than using prohibited weapons to do this.
9:43 am
>> john, he also went on to say that iran does not want war, but he believes, he says, that the u.s. is the country that's in flagrant violation of international law for leaving the nuclear agreement and putting sapgs put ing sanctions on iran, john? >> doesn't sound like there's any opening for short-term negotiations. appreciate it, fred, very much. president trump heading overseas for critical meetings at the g20 summit. >> i'm going to japan right after this, so i'll be meeting with some nice fellows. if you've got student debt, hi. welcome. our generation has 3 times the student debt our parents did. it's just not right. but you can get your student loans right by refinancing your student loans with sofi. you can get your interest rate right by locking in a fixed low rate today. and you can get your money right ... with sofi. save thousands. fast, easy and all online.
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president trump leaves this hour for osaka, japan, the g20 summit. he talked a lot about the meetings on his agenda, sitting down with vladimir putin, president xi of china, his hosts, the japanese, might take as an insult. we'll get to that in a minute. also big on the president's mind, his displeasure with the federal reserve, jerome powell, saying he should be slashing interest rates, not holding firm, and offered this take. >> we have a man that doesn't -- he doesn't do anything for us. >> yeah. >> we're sitting there and we stay. he should have -- he should have never raised the rates to the level he raised them. he's trying to prove how tough he is, because he's not going to get pushed around. here is a guy, nobody ever heard
9:49 am
of him before and now i made him. and he wants to show how tough he is, okay? let him show how tough he is. he's not doing a good job. >> just for the record, to the "i made him" part, he was a distinguished economist, a member of the fed board since 2012. he was the undersecretary of the treasury for president george h.w. bush, former investment banker, former private equity partner, 25, 30 years known as a pretty influential, smart guy. but the president made him. >> i mean, what's so striking about this, you know, putting aside his background and all of his qualifications for that job, this is typically a position that the president takes pains to keep separate from himself. fed chairman is supposed to be independent. >> other presidents. >> right. >> some other presidents haven't been perfect in this regard either. >> but barack obama was criticized once for having the fed chairman at a table during a photo-op with others of his economic advisers and you hear the president talking in this
9:50 am
way about his fed chairman. it's different. >> also, what part of the economy does the president think is under dperforming? the recurring message for him is this is the best economy in the history of the world. everything is awesome. simply could not be any better, unemployment growth, manufacturing, all this stuff. you would cut rates to goose the econo boost the economy a little bit. what part of the economy does he think -- >> he is on the election ballot. he wants it to better perform. you get the idea of it but there are protocols, practices and standards. why did i say protocols? trade war with china, he will sit down with president xi. treasury secretary says we were 90% there and chien ra backed off. you rolled your eyes. you'll have a chance in a second. the president says i'll sit down and try to make progress but if i don't, it's okay.
9:51 am
i like my tariffs. >> they know what we have to have. if we don't have intellectual property theft protections and we don't have the opening of china, you have another $325 billion that i haven't taxed yet. it's ripe for taxing. so, when you say, are we going to make a deal? it's possible we're going to make a deal, but i'm also very happy where we are now. >> president using the word taxing instead of tariffs. >> he's right, though. >> he is right. the tax ends up on the person who buys the chinese good. whether you think it's a good idea or bad idea you, the consumer, end up paying that tax. are we going to get progress? >> there's hope, some expectation you might see some kind of pause out of this. you never know. i think the president is purposely trying to play both sides of this. he likes to, you know, manage expectations, but a lot of people think there's a scenario where both sides agree to some kind of hold, plans for
9:52 am
accelerated talks and no new tariffs go into place, which is not unlike what they did in argentina back in december, which was sort of, you know, stall tariffs and work. stakes are so much higher because tariffs have gone into place. >> the president also said something about our long-time ally, japan, that i don't think will quite go over well where he's about to head. debate night for the 2020 democrats. we'll take you, as they say, down the red carpet. 's no way t. can do no wrong. where did you learn that? the internet... yeah? mmm! with no artificial preservatives or added nitrates or nitrites, it's all for the love of hot dogs. here are even more reasons to join t-mobile. 1. do you like netflix? sure you do. that's why it's on us. 2. unlimited data. use as much as you want, when you want. 3. no surprises on your bill. taxes and fees included. still think you have a better deal? bring in your discount, and we'll match it.
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9:57 am
seems like he's doing more to try to run and replace rush limbaugh than frank lautenberg. the reality is here that's the kind of rhetoric that will drive further gridlock and divisiveness. >> time. >> cory booker in a senate debate in new jersey. he will be one of the ten democrats on stage tonight for the first of two nights of the 2020 democratic debates. just quickly, i don't know the answer to this question. some people think it's make or break, especially for the candidates on the outside, who are lower in the polls, who are trying to find a way to raise more money to get into the second round of debates where the bar is higher. what is the big question each of you have for tonight, round one? elizabeth warren, heightest ranking candidate in the middle, congressman booker, o'rourke.
9:58 am
>> o'rourke, who surged in the polls at first and then faltered, if someone like him or booker are going to utilize tonight to set themselves apart or keep going with their same rhetoric. a lost them are about healing and compassion. if they try to change it up a bit to get more of the attention. they said they're going to try to use this moment to really introduce themselves since they don't have so much name recognition. >> that's important. if you go negative when introducing yourself, sometimes people get turned off by that. elizabeth warren is the highest-ranking candidate at the debate. does she take heat? do other candidates if trying to draw contrast with somebody go after someone object stage tomorrow night like joe biden or bernie sanders? >> i think we're like lay to see more of that tomorrow night when you have more of the high-ranking candidates together. elizabeth warren is surging in the polls, coming in with
9:59 am
momentum. can she sort of put forth her policy proposals, ideas in a way that captures people's imaginations? her test might be more about running against herself than anyone on stage. >> i have a day after question. how many currently decided democrats or moderately decided come off the fence. i was a harris/beto person, now i'm definitely this person? i think that's the largest population of democrats, people who haven't firmly committed to a candidate. >> that's a great point. do people lock in or get more open minded? >> i don't think they do, by the way. >> i'm going to be very curious to see how each of these candidates is stylistically right. president trump has a different debating style than we've seen from other candidates and certainly as president he has shown he can be really aggressive and thrives on the viral moment and sort of really jabbing at people. so who is the democrat or who are the democrats at this debate who actually stick out as people who can take on that kind of a challenge in the debate and come
10:00 am
out not looking bloody but actually looking like they were on top? i think that will be something we'll have to demonstrate. >> guessing we won't have nasty nicknames but may see some aggressive. brianna keilar starts right now v . have a great afternoon. >> i'm brianna keilar. president trump will be leaving for the g20 summit in japan and leaves behind escalating tension on multiple fronts. he is sounding off on it all, from accusing robert mueller of erasing evidence to slamming his 2020 competitors. and there's also uproar growing at the southern border. children there, taking care of babies and extreme overcrowding in detention facilities. the conversation reignited by this photo, which shows a father and his young daughter, who drowned in an attempt to make it to t


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