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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  June 28, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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dead. her burned remains uncovered in the backyard of a man now charged with murder, but tonight there's still some mystery surrounding her sudden disappearance and the suspect's motive. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." this is cnn breaking news. breaking news tonight, joe biden on damage control after the first 2020 democratic presidential debate. the former vice president is defending his civil rights record after kamala harris questioned him about mandatory bussing to desegregate schools. the tense exchange raised questions about the strength of him as a front-runner while showcasing harris and her skill on the debate stage. also breaking, president trump is heading into high stakes talks with china at the
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g-20 summit after he mocked election interference with vladimir putin at his side. the president jokingly asked the leader not to interfere in the 2020 election. i'll get reaction from congressman john garamendi, he's a democrat, on the house foreign committee. let's go to pyong law. we're told joe biden knows he needs to do better after his performance last night. he tried to do that today. >> reporter: and he hit on those and that point immediately in his first public comment since the debate, wolf. he was on the defense trying to study the shift with his black voters where he had seen some of the strongest support in the polls. tonight the democratic
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front-runner, joe biden, is defending his record on civil rights after an intense exchange during the thursday night debate. >> i respect senator harris, but you know we all know that 30 seconds to 60 seconds on a campaign debate exchange can't do justice to a lifetime committed to civil rights. >> reporter: speaking to the rainbow push coalition, a civil rights organization. >> i never, never, never, ever opposed voluntary bussing. >> reporter: he's reacting to the debate confrontation with kamala harris. she challenged his past when he opposed mandatory bussing to desegregate schools. >> there was a little girl in california who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was bussed to school every day. and that little girl was me. >> we want to have this campaign litigated on who supports civil rights and whether i did that or not, i'm happy to do that. i was a public defender. i didn't become a prosecutor.
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>> what is it that turns tonight, that makes you discuss that? >> i think on some of these issues it's that the american public deserves to know how we come at our priorities. there are millions of people in our country who have personal experiences with this and that voice needs to be on the stage. >> reporter: a breakout moment fueling a throw back tweet and making headlines. fundraising jumps, said the harris campaign, to its third best day. >> america does not want to witness a food fight, they want to know how we're going to put food on their table. >> reporter: but harris had a debate stumble of her own. >> who here would abolish their private health insurance in favor of a government-run plan? all right. >> reporter: after the debate harris tried to explain her answer. >> so the question was would you be willing to give up your private insurance? >> that's not how it was asked. >> that's what you heard, right? >> that's certainly what i heard. >> reporter: the medicare for
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all plan, harris said she supports, would effectively eliminate private insurance with few exceptions, like elective surgery. the topic has tripped her before. >> i don't know if your insurance be company is going to cover this. let's eliminate all of that. let's move on. >> it was in the context of saying let's get rid of all the bureaucracy. >> not the insurance companies? >> no, that's not what i meant. i know it was interpreted that way. >> reporter: now the debate also challenged pete buttigieg. he was asked about the officer-involved shooting in his city of south bend, his question was on why representation of black police officers has not improved while he was mayor and wolf he said very bluntly, because i couldn't get it done. wolf? >> kyung, live in miami. thank you. now to president trump at the world stage over at the g20 summit in japan. he's prepared to go head to head with china's leader and making light of russian election
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interference here in the united states. chief white house correspondent is on the scene for us in japan. jim, this was mr. trump's first meeting with putin since the release of the mueller report. >> reporter: that's right, wolf, and that is not the only high stakes meeting the president has here at the g20 summit. he is closing in on a critical moment with xi jinping to see if both leaders can figure out a way to end their costly trade war with one another. the president is expected to hold a news conference where he is expected to face that nagging question, why won't he get tough on vladimir putin. >> reporter: it was hardly a warning that will send shivers down the spine of vladimir putin as president trump appeared to jokingly tell the russian leader to stay out of the 2020 election with a smile on his face. >> mr. president, will you tell russia not to medal in the election. >> don't medal in the election. don't medal in the election. >> r. >> reporter: the president's comments at the g20 summit were
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the latest indication that mr. trump is unwilling to accept the conclusion that moscow interfered in the 2016 election. at their previous meeting in helsinki last year, the president was siding with putin. >> i have great confidence in my intelligence people, but i will tell you that president putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today. >> reporter: the president's late jest encounter with putin warned that russia had been caught red handed. >> i will close by the central element of our indictment that there were multiple systematic efforts to interfere in our election and that allegation deserves the attention of every american. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: contrast the trump/putin warmth with the icy reception he felt with theresa may whose spokesperson said she told putin there cannot be a
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normalization of our bilateral agreement until russia stops what threatens the u.k. and its allies including hostile interventions in other companies, disinformation and cyber attacks. back in the u.s. former president jimmy carter said they had hand picked trump. >> trump winning the election in 2016, he lost the election and he was put into office because the russians interfered on his beha behalf. >> so do you believe president trump is an illegitimate president? >> based on what i just said which i can't retract. >> reporter: president trump has never warned putin to butt out, an opportunity he passed up in 2016. >> why do i have to get involved with putin for? i have nothing to do with putin. i will tell you this, russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails
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that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. let's see if that happens. >> reporter: the president and put continue shared one other lighthearted moment when mr. trump took aim at the media. >> we have -- you don't have -- >> hold on. but in putin's russia, the press is hardly free. the president took a jab at the press on the same day he greeted saudi arabia's crown prince, muhammad bin salman. and the global financial markets are bracing for the outcome of the president's meeting with chinese president xi jinping. there are some hopes of some kind of cease-fire between the two leaders in their trade war, something we expect the president to discuss at his news conference later today. next up, a meeting with the
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saudi crown prince, muhammad bin salman. we'll be watching to see if he brings up the case of jamal khashoggi. >> thank you. joinings now, democratic congressman, john garamendi. i want your thoughts on the president's trip to the g20 but first what did you think of the democratic debate which featured the debate between senator kamala harris and former vice president biden? >> i was flying across the country at that moment and i just cringed. i said, here goes the beginning of the circular firing squad. we really can't do that. there's so many issues out there. the integration issue goes back to the '70s. it was very, very difficult. we have to press forward. we have to press forward to make sure that every part of our society has access to the education they need, to the jobs that are out there, and so we need to move beyond that and
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please, no more circular firing squads for our team. we've got a great team out there. they're all very qualified, all very capable. let's take a deep breath and really deal with the fundamental issue of the president. he has got to go. >> don't you want a serious debate between these democratic presidential candidates to underscore where they agree and disagree with each other? don't voters have a right to know that? >> i'm quite sure you and other journalists will be more than capable of doing that, we just don't need to do it to each other. >> so you think senator kamala harris was wrong in going after the former vice president like that? >> i think the first debate was the kind of debate we should have. stated the issues, talk about what you want to do. this second debate, kamala wasn't the only person that was going after the front-runner. i know how that works. i've been a front-runner and i've also been number two and three in campaigns. i much prefer to talk about the things that i want to do, that i need to do and let's talk.
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if it's education and bussing, recognize the fact that the federal budget spends a whole heck of a lot more money on the bombs than it does the education. those are the things we want to be talking about if you want to be president. >> what did you make of president trump joking about vladimir putin about russian election interference at the g20 summit? >> are you surprised? this is the president from the very earliest parts of his campaign cowtaued to putin, has never held russia accountable. i was even more concerned or at least equally concerned about the way in which he disrespected the fundamental role of the free press in our society and i think jokingly, or maybe not, said, well perhaps i could do better if i didn't have a free press.
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>> former president jimmy carter said the election in 2016 was illegitimate because of russian interference. do you agree with jimmy carter? >> i don't agree with the illegitimate part of it. he won. did he win fair and square? i don't think so. clearly he had the help of the russians. was that collusion? well, the mueller report said probably not. we're going to hear from mueller. whether there was, the russians were helping president trump to the presidency. he got the necessary electoral votes. he did have 3 million less votes across the nation than hillary clinton, but we're not talking about legitimate or not, what we're talking about here is the 2020 election and i am so disappointed, i am is disappointed in the president not standing up with putin not
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saying get out or else just as theresa may said. >> thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. just ahead, i'll talk to a former biden advisor about his debate performance and whether he can turn things around next time. and by refusing to take russian interference seriously, is president trump giving vladimir putin a green light to medal in 2020. stop the movie. i didn't have to call an ambulance. and i didn't have to contact your family. because your afib didn't cause a blood clot that led to a stroke. not today. we'd discussed how your stroke risk increases over time, so even though you were feeling fine, we chose xarelto® to help keep you protected. once-daily xarelto®, significantly lowers the risk of stroke in people with afib
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tries to recover from a searing attack on his record during the first 2020 presidential debate. let's bring in jake sullivan. he helped hillary clinton and barack obama prepare for debates. thanks very much for coming in. >> happy to be here. >> what did you think of biden's debate performance? >> the vice president went in planning to lay out a case to the american people about how he was going to restore the back bone and unify the country. he got a lot of opportunities to drive his message on the middle class and then he had to face what every front-runner had to face which is a number of people on stage going after him but i think at the end of the debate what most people watching it saw was answer after answer the vice president sticking to the core message of his campaign. >> didn't he anticipate that that issue, school bussing, would come up? that somebody would raise it, not necessarily kamala harris? someone would raise it? don't you think he should have had a better response? >> here's the thing.
3:19 pm
i think the vice president really wanted to focus on distinctions or differences between the candidates today, not something that happened, you know, 30 or 40 years ago. so from his perspective the more time spent on the president in the future, the better. he didn't want to get into a deep litigation, as he said in the debate, he didn't want to be litigating out the question of who's got a commitment to civil rights since basically all ten candidates on that stage have a commitment to civil rights that is an entirely different sport let alone ballpark from donald trump. >> you helped with the debate preparations for hillary clinton and for barack obama. how is the former vice president going to bounce back now? there's another debate at the end of july that cnn will be hosting. >> in 2008 there were something 24r50ik 2 or 24 primary debates between hillary clinton and barack obama and the cast of other candidates. in 2016 bernie sanders and hillary debated maybe a dozen times. we have to remember, this is a
3:20 pm
marathon. there are going to be a lot of debates between now and when the ballots are cast. this isn't a matter of bouncing back, it's a matter of sticking to your script. >> when the president was meeting with vladimir putin at the g20 summit, he was joking a little bit about russian interference in the upcoming 2020 election. what do you make of that? >> it's interesting. every time this issue comes up donald trump thinks it casts into doubt his election victory. his insecurity is having an effect on america's national security. what he's saying is you're not going to have any problem from me if you interfere. >> the former president, jimmy carter, went be so far to suggest that the whole presidency is illegitimate because of russian interference and the help he got winning that. >> i think congressman geramendi
3:21 pm
got it right. by the constitution he's a legitimate president but he would not have won the election, in my view, had russia not interfered. that's something we have to take seriously. >> you think that was decisive in helping him get enough electoral votes. >> 70,000 votes, when you look at the scope and scale, it's hard for me to argue had a it didn't have that kind of impact. if it didn't, then the tens of millions of doll rars spent on information and advertising by campaigns every year is totally wasted. >> you think it was about 77,000 votes in pennsylvania and wisconsin and min began, you think that was the result at least in part of russian interference? >> a lot of different things could have changed. half of that number, 37,000, that would have been required to make hillary clinton president. this is a significant part of that, not only the hacking and leaking of emails, but the millions of messages sent out on
3:22 pm
social media. the real issue for me, this is not surprising from donald trump. we can expect this. what's more surprising is they voted almost unanimously against a bill that would protect us against russian interference in the future. if the president isn't going to step up, the president could do the job. >> what did you think. way the president was joking with putin today about fake news? >> you know, you know very well the sorry, sad, morally repugnant record of the putin regime when it comes to journalists, killing them, jailing them, disappearing them, exiling, he's not just saying, hey, i don't care what you do in russia. he's making common clause with putin. for american president to do that, i think that could be the most long-term damaging legacy of this president. >> significant development. jake, thanks very much for coming in. >> thanks for having me.
3:23 pm
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democratic presidential candidate joe biden forced to do some cleanup and defend a civil rights record after a bruising attack by senator kamala harris. let's dig deeper with our correspondents. let me play a bit of that exchange that they had last night. >> do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose bussing in america? >> no. i did not oppose bussing in america. what i opposed is bussing ordered by the department of education. that's what i opposed. >> well, there was a failure of states to integrate public schools in america. i was part of the second class to integrate berkeley public schools. >> because your city didn't step in. >> the voting rights act and the civil rights act. >> how damaging was that to biden? >> we don't know yet.
3:29 pm
we don't know if this moment for joe biden is going to be fleeting or whether it is going to be pivotal in terms of his campaign. it's still early. there's a long way to go before voters make up their mind. people are looking at african-american voters because that's the base of joe biden's support and one of the reasons why he's so strong. he could sweep through the south and grab all of those delegates because of the affection black voters feel for him. i spoke to some black voters in south carolina and what they felt and whether or not this was changing their minds. one of the things they said was leave joe biden alone. they feel like this doesn't matter. this was a collection of voters. in terms of kamala harris, one of the things somebody said to me, she loves kamala harris but she doesn't think she could do well with white voters but black voters are looking at white voters. what candidate would appeal mostly to them. when we look at the next polls, one of the thing is how are black voters feeling about joe biden, if they're still a
3:30 pm
supporter and also what white voters are doing. is this going to turn off any white voters? we don't know. he obviously stumbled. you saw him try to clean it up with his speech in front of the jesse jackson rainbow coalition in chicago. we'll just have to see. >> what did that exchange, david, tell you about biden's place in this race right now? >> it told me the question mark that has been hanging over the biden candidacy since its inception still is there. he did not assuage the questions in the community about whether or not joe biden is the man for this moment, for this party, to be the standard bearer to go all the way and take it to donald trump. there's a question around that, and what i find so fascinating about joe biden's position in this race right now, there's a huge divide between how voters have been responding to joe biden and how the political community has been responding to the biden candidacy.
3:31 pm
he did nothing last night, which was his biggest opportunity to do so, to assuage the concerns and convince the political class that the voters have this right. instead, he left them with lingering questions. >> david, he tried to clean it up today at the rainbow coalition in chicago. he said we all know the 30 seconds to 60 seconds on a campaign debate exchange can't do justice to a lifetime commitment to civil rights. what did you make of his effort to clean it up? >> first of all, wolf, in that clip you just played senator harris did her effective prosecutor campaign against vice president joe biden. all that was left was, your honor, permission to treat vice president biden as a hostile witness. he has to know something like that is coming. to david's point, he's got to show the american people that he's the right man for this moment. you want to be the guy that's going to debate donald trump three times but you somehow
3:32 pm
stumbled in this 30 to 60 second block against senator harris who's never done this before. that's never a good excuse even if he's right. >> we also saw the former vice president wrap himself up in the legacy of the obama presidency. >> his mind is a security blanket. before he became the vice president of the united states, the crime bill was there, his views on bussing were all present and relevant. i think he was hoping there would be a new clean slate. what he was finding is that was essentially a package deal. obama and biden. he's trying to ride the coattails as much as he can. when you are asking me to be the person who will sit in the oval office on that particular day -- >> what does biden need to know
3:33 pm
going forward. and he has the obama/biden record on these issues. i was surprised he didn't just go through the litany. in fact, just on the obama/biden administration had a policy, a desegregation. one of the reasons is a resegregation in school. he could have been a lot more familiar with his opponent's record on some of these issues, right? kamala harris has been criticized for some of the positions and policies she has taken as a prosecutor. he sort of hinted at that when he said oh, i was a public defender, you were a prosecutor but he didn't sort of deliver the case. so i think that's one thing. and then the second thing is just to be a little bit more -- even in the -- even in not that
3:34 pm
dramatic exchange with kamala harris, i thought that he was not exactly the most coherent, effective advocate for his own policies and history. at one point he just stopped. this is a debate where you're only getting a few minutes over the two hours. at one point he said, oh, my time's up, he stopped speaking and his voice sort of trailed off. he just did not seem like he was fully in command of that stage and fully in command of his own record. there's more that we need to assess and we'll do that right after this. >> and i watched for hundreds of hours in that -- in the so-called -- the situation room, not where wolf blitzer lives, the real situation room. eric volunteered to come to my rescue that evening. a mom, these things really matter. from this day forward, i'm a lexus customer for life. thank you. sincerely...
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the latest charter school scandals are piling up. leaders of one san diego charter network? indicted for conspiracy and grand theft. thankfully, the governor's charter school policy task force just made important recommendations for reform: more accountability on charter school spending.
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and giving local school districts more control over the authorization of charter schools. reforms we need to pass now. so call your state senator. ask them to support ab 1505 and ab 1507. we're following the breaking news. back with our correspondents and our analysts. the president has been in osaka, japan, at the g20 summit. he met with vladimir putin today. first time they're meeting since the mueller report came out. i want you to listen to this exchange that they had. >> will you tell russia not to interfere? >> don't medal in the election. >> he smirked, he laughed, he said, yes, of course i will. don't medal in the election. please don't medal in the election. >> that was the commander in
3:40 pm
chief mocking what is a legitimate real national security threat that is aimed at undermining the very core of our democracy, our free and fair elections. and what he did was make it into a joke, a toss aside line and it is not surprising, wolf. this is not new behavior for donald trump but it is still astonishing to watch the commander in chief dismiss a national security threat in public. >> is he essentially, david, essentially inviting more russian and perhaps other interference? >> yeah, wolf, i think he is. the message in that clip you played with him laughing and mocking the idea of russian interference, he's sending an unambiguous symbol to putin and anybody else that he's not going to do anything about russian interference so why wouldn't russia continue to interfere? the president still is hung up on this idea that he doesn't like the narrative, that he got
3:41 pm
help winning the election and that, among other things, is why he's not going to take these affirmative steps. >> laura, sitting with putin, the president also went after what he calls fake news. listen to this. >> we have -- you don't have -- >> trust me. >> in russia journalists are often imprisoned or killed. >> the idea that he believes it's the same that's happening right now in america is very startling, very shocking. also the idea of the president of the united states who remember the first amendment and the free press, we honor that amendment in the constitution. he's making fun of the ability to criticize the government or illuminate the president doing something wrong. this is one of the patterns the president misses the mark every single time, having the opportunity to be on the world stage, to honor the united states of america and support the core values and chooses to be glib about it.
3:42 pm
remarkable. >> listen to this. the former president, jimmy carter, had today. >> there's no doubt that the russians did interfere in the russians. i think the interference, although not quan at this 2350id, it showed that trump didn't actually win in 2016. he lost the election and he was put into congress because -- >> so do you believe president trump is an illegitimate president? >> based on what i just said, which i can't retract. >> have we ever heard that kind of rhetoric from a former president about a current president, ryan? >> not that i can recall. you know, look, jimmy carter is someone who's done a great deal of work around the world as an elections monitor. part of his post presidency has been a sort of, you know, good housekeeping seal of approval on new democracies and their
3:43 pm
elections. for him to say this, you know, it carries a certain amount of weight. but i think it -- it's our responsibility to point out that what he is saying is -- at least in my view is not accurate. there is no evidence, of course, that there was changes in the vote totals. there's a lot of evidence that there was a misinformation campaign, of course, sponsored and paid for by the russians, and how many votes and how many voter's minds that changed, we'll never know, right? as we all know, 77,000 votes, they were flipped in three states in the midwest, you would have a president clinton, not a president trump, but he did win the electoral college and it's very hard for us to quantify how much the russian misinformation campaign actually affected voters' minds. so i feel like he was going a little bit further than most people who have studied this issue have been willing to go.
3:44 pm
>> a little startling to hear from jerry carter because he's not a bomb thrower. there's no proof of this, but it does raise concerns. to david's point, people want this to have some attention, the idea that russia did undermine our democracy and people want this government on high alert going forward. everybody, stick around. there's more breaking news we're following. a suspect charged with murder and more in the case of a missing utah college student. cnn is outside of the suspect's house. stand by, we'll have the very latest. i assembled it myself last night. i think i did an ok job. just ok? what if something bad happens? we just move to the next town. just ok is not ok. especially when it comes to your network. at&t is america's best wireless network according to america's biggest test. plus buy one of our most popular smartphones and get one free. more for your thing. that's our thing.
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there's breaking news in the case of a missing utah college student. police have now arrested a suspect they accuse of kidnapping and murdering the woman and then burning her body in his backyard. scott mcclain is there. tell us more. >> reporter: hey, wolf. police say that it was digital footprints that led them here to the suspect's house, but it was what they found on the property that turned this into a murder case. >> it is with heavy heart that i address you today. >> reporter: tonight police have made an arrest as chilling details emerge in the case of missing university of utah student mackenzie lueck. investigators revealing what they had found. >> charred material was located which has now been forensically determined to be female human
3:50 pm
tissue. a dna profile of that human tissue was obtained during forensic testing by the utah state lab. that dna profile was compared and is consistent with the dna profile obtained through further forensic testing of personal items of mackenzie lueck. >> lueck's uncle saying a few words. >> the lueck family would like to express their gratitude for the effort put forth by the salt lake city police department. they are also grateful to her community, her friends and others around the nation who have supported this investigation. >> reporter: salt lake city police say they would not have made an arrest were it not for the digital bread crumbs left behind by lueck and the suspect. the cnn. police questioned the properties owner 13-year-old as a pepper of interest arrested on friday morning at a nearby apartment
3:51 pm
complex. >> after an exhaustive week of investigation, we are filing charges of aggravated murder, aggravated kidnapping, obstruction of justice and a body. >> it began at the salt lake city airport last we can. a 1:00 a.m. text determining the woman arrived back in salt lake city city safely showing her near her luggage near a carousel. then a lyft ride dropping her at hatch park. >> investigation of her phone records show her last communications were with the arrested person. >> phone records show the location of their phones to be at hatch park within less than a minute of each other. this was the same time as mackenzie's phone stopped receiving any further data or location services on june 17th
3:52 pm
at approximately 3:00 a.m. >> thursday, police investigating other clues into luik's fate a mattress and box spring given away a week ago and a tip from a neighbor who describe the suspect burning something in the backyard. chief brown composing himself as he described the call to mackenzie's parents. >> this is one of the most difficult phone calls i've ever made. as both greg and his wife diana were devastated and heart broken by this news. >> tonight, questions remain as to how luik and aajayi came into contact and what led to the horrific death. >> according to his linked in page the suspect worked in i.t. for dell and previously for goldman sachs. had his neighbors say he ran an airbnb out of basement booked most night. one person called him the epitome of a great neighbor. >> thank you.
3:53 pm
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has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. we're getting major breaking news from the president of the united states. he just tweeted this from japan. he is at the g-20 summit just waking up over there saturday morning. look at this after some very important meetings including my meeting with president xi of china i will be leaving for south korea with president moon. while there if chairman kim of north korea sees this i would meet with him at the border dmz
3:58 pm
just to shake his hand and say hello. very significant oef tour from president trump to chairman kim jong un of north korea. saying while he is in seoul south korea only 30 miles from the demilitarized zone separating north and south korea he is willing to go to the dmz and would be willing -- would be willing to meet with chairman kim. he says just to shake his hand and say hello. if that happens, that would be a significant development since they've already had two meetings, the last one very unsuccessful in vietnam. we're staying on top of this story, significant development. we'll see if the meeting between chairman kim and the president does take place at the dmz. meme, other news, our good friend former cia and nas director retired general michael hayden back on cnn later tonight for the first time since suffering a stroke last november. in a new interview general hayden is talking to cnn's don lemon about what he experienced
3:59 pm
that day and his road to recovery. and he speaks out about some of the momentous events taking place since his stroke. here is a clip. >> i just want to get your doctor -- your reaction to the president saying he would take negative political information from a hostile foreign country. >> yeah. >> it's unbelievable. and i watched that. and actually twittered on that. the american president would do that? it's truly unbelievable. >> he said it would be ridiculous to tell the fbi. >> yeah, i know. and the fbi thinks, no, we want that to happen. >> well, christopher wray said that the president shouldn't do it. >> right. >> should call the fbi. >> yes. >> he said christopher wray was wrong. >> it's a remarkable thing, isn't it. >> now tuning people in the
4:00 pm
intelligence community? what does that do. >> it's awful. it's awful. now, the next day they go to work and do the best they can. that, you know that's really hard. >> don's full interview with general hayden later tonight, 10:00 p.m. eastern. erin burnett outfront starts right now. outfront next turmoil joe biden trying to recover from the damning exchange with kamala harris. what does the former vice president the seep yerp campaign adviser is outfront. plus a presidential candidate says he wants to give you a thousand dollars a month no strings attached. how does that plan add up? andrew yang is outfront. and president trump about to sit down with the crown prince of saudi arabia. after joking with vladimir putin about not meddling in u.s. elections. let's go outfront. and good evening, i'm erin burnett, outfront tonight biden on his he is heels, the former vice president struggling to


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