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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  July 1, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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hi there, you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. pete buttigieg's bid to become the 46th president of the united states just got a big boost. a nearly $25 million boost, to be exact. that is how much the south bend, indiana, mayor raked in during the latest fund-raising quarter, and his campaign wasted no time in publicizing the numbers. and if that is the total for a previously unknown mayor, you might be thinking that the hall for a former vice president, joe biden, anyone, will be equally as impressive. but in the email to supporters, team biden, not spilling the details, at least not yet. cnn's bphil mattingly starts us off. break one this impressive haul
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by the buttigieg campaign. >> you had a key point. when the campaign is putting out fund-raising numbers five hours after the deadline, that's a pretty good sign they feel good about the number. in this case, with good reason. the buttigieg campaign, almost $25 million, more than triple what they raised in the first quarter, and goes deeper in terms of why this is such a good quarter for the campaign. 259,000 donors. it's important to point out, money is not everything, or else jeb bush will be the republican -- 2016 nominee and maybe even the president as well. he had all the money. but money for pete buttigieg, when you put in perspective the fact six months ago nationally very few people knew who he was, came in limited, didn't have the mechanisms someone like bernie sanders or elizabeth warren or other people who have run in national office before had in their place. his ability to raise through different mechanisms, traditional high-dollar fund raisers and grass roots money. being able to rope in this kind of a haul at this stage in the
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campaign doesn't necessarily mean he's going to be the nominee. it certainly means he's going to be there for the long haul. and one of the things to point out, they started lean and small on the staff level. if you want to win in a primary, you have to have people in the early states. when you have $22 million on hand, you have the money to deploy those teams now, certainly what we see the campaign do in terms of building out over the last couple months, brooke. >> back to joe biden. and, again, we don't have the specifics. they're teasing a successful quarter. tell me more. >> yeah, look. it's an open question. we don't have an idea when the campaign is going to release their money totals right now. and they don't have to. no campaign has to until july 15th, the deadline when they have to file with the fec. so an open question now. you noted that email to supporters saying they blew their fund-raising goals out of the water. we don't know what their fund-raising goals were. we know the vice president has spent a lot of time, high-dollar money. there is a very good chance he's going to have equal to or more
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than pete buttigieg. the big question right now that has always been the case with the biden team, is the grass roots number there. is the money coming in from the types of supporters that have bolstered bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, that give those candidates the ability to stay off the fund-raising circuit and more on the campaign trail. we'll start to get some answers when we get the full numbers, not necessarily the top line. when they break down individually and see where the money is coming from -- again, moneys, polls, all there. but the money matters both for perception purposes and in terms of what's going to happen over the long haul. keep in mind, it's still very early, brooke. >> news flash. phil mattingly, thank you for the reminder and report. good to see you. kamala harris' campaign and her fiery debate clash with former vice president joe biden let to their biggest day of fund-raising since her launch. that number and the senator's performance getting interest from rivals on the left and on the right, including from donald trump jr., who in a now deleted post retweeted this right wing
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commentator who identifies as african-american. so this person question harris' identity, saying in part, she is, quote, not an american black because her mother was indian and her father was jamaican. don jr.'s comment was this. is it true? wow. malika henderson is cnn's political reporter and nia reston. and nia, first to you. what we have from the spokesperson from don jr. told the "new york times" that he was expressing surprise at harris being half indian and deleted it after his words were misconstrued, right? that's their camp. but the harris campaign, several of the 2020, you know, rivals and others say it was downright racist when his own father, donald trump, pushed for birtherism against barack obama. and it is racist right now. >> i think that's right. i mean, it's such a dejavu
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moment. and if anybody is paying attention to the way in which donald trump rode to prominence in the context of the 2012 campaign and certainly in the 2016 campaign, he was at the forefront of birtherism. and this certainly has echos of that, this idea that somehow because she has parents who were -- have sort of different nationalities, she's not an american. and you have a coordinated effort online around this with many people retweeting it. seems like they're sort of trying to push this same notion so sow doubts about her. and listen, why are they trying to sow doubts about her? because she did a bang-up job in that debate, and they fear her as a potential opponent in 2020. she might be the very candidate who could -- always talks about the obama coalition. she might be the candidate that could energize the kind of voters that could pose a challenge to trump in 2020. so you see his son there, along
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with these conservative allies, pushing this birther lie, and a lot of obviously democrats reacting, right? and her democratic opponents basically saying, cut this nonsense out. >> now, that original tweet that don jr. retweeted may have -- that tweet went viral, spread by other right wing accounts. when you look at the daily beast, they point out that kamala harris is ineligible to be president because her parents weren't born here, even though she was. so do you think these attacks on senator harris -- are they about both dividing democrats as well as spreading misinformation? >> well, i think it's all of those things. but the important thing to remember here also, brooke, is that all of this stuff has been percolating on twitter for many months now about kamala harris. her campaign knew they were going to have to confront it. and it wasn't actually just there. it was also coming from the left in terms of some people on twitter who are supporting other candidates, who started to question aspects of her
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background. and, you know, she really perhaps knowing this was coming addressed her background in her book, in her memoir, earlier this year, where she talked about her mother coming into this country, you know, as a breast cancer researcher, and being surrounded in berkeley and oakland by many black academics and intellectuals, and making -- wanting her children to grow up, you know, in that culture and that was something that became really important to kamala harris. this is a line in the book where she taulks about how important t was for her mother to raise her daughters as proud, black women. and so she -- i think knew that some of these, you know, completely racist attacks were coming, and she is ready to take that on, even if she's not going to do it herself. her surrogates certainly around her will. >> and i wonder too if some of these attacks -- this has been
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out in the twitter sphere for months. but nia, do you think because she had such a strong performance in that debate last week that the target on her back just got even bigger? >> i think that's right. and i think they know that, and i think as they have alluded to, i think they're certainly ready for it. and in some ways, they have the example of what happened with obama in 2012 and 2016 and sort of a lot of the nasty, racist chatter on the twittersphere and from this president. i think they are very much ready for it. you heard her in an interview a couple months ago address this question. and i think -- >> the breakfast club. >> yeah. >> where she said i'm black. >> she said i was born black and i'm going to die black. in this way, as was alluded to the chatter on the left and in some ways you can find chatter on the left from prominent, black academics. so there is this question of how
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black is she. and in some ways, i'll say it's a cultural question for some people. but it is also a political question, right? how black are her politics? is she sort of down for the cause, as it were, in terms of sort of black liberation and black equality. so it's a very complicated thing that's going on here. and i think those folks who were conservative and sort of racist who proliferated the tweet that you saw don jr. retweet and a lot of others retweet, they sort of know this is already percolating on the left. with the ultimate goal, sowing division, chaos, doubts and uncertainty around her candidacy. >> i want to move off that real quickly, to the buttigieg numbers. why don't you think if you're joe biden's camp and you're teasing you did so well, why not just negative the buttigieg headline with saying how much you raked in? >> well, we don't know yet.
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we do know that, obviously, that the former vice president has been doing so many of these high-dollar events and we have some idea of those numbers. so you would expect that it would be good for him, as well. but buttigieg, we really were expecting this for a while. i mean, just the talk out among hollywood donors, there is -- so much love for him as a candidate out there. and also, you know, just a lot of grass roots donors. and he needed this to catapult himself up into that next tier, where people can see him as someone who is really viable, and he hadn't made it to that point yet. you know, even with a very good debate performance, he needed to show the numbers and that he could carry on going forward. because we are going to see a lot of these candidates drop off very quickly as we go through the summer. and they're not able to raise the money they need to meet the thresholds. >> all right. maeve and nia, thank you very much for that discussion. >> you too. we continue on.
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president trump makes history, becoming the first sitting u.s. president to set food in north korea. but did the u.s. get anything out of this? and now there are reports that the administration is considering a major concession in nuclear talks. we have that. and ivanka trump, adviser, daughter, diplomat? why her attempt to crash a conversation with world leaders at the g20 is just one of several recent moves getting criticized. and taylor swift's music just sold for millions of dollars. so why is she blasting the deal, and warning young artists? i'm brooke baldwin and you're watching cnn. this is rick blomquist. his life is pretty comfortable. then, he laid on a serta and realized his life was only just sorta comfortable.
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he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ we are back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. after becoming the first sitting american president to step foot into north korea, a new report suggests that president trump is considering a move that is a step back from full denuclearization. trump took 20 full paces during a visit to the zone. he was in asia for the g20 summit. as president trump shook the hand of the north korean dictator, the "new york times" is reporting that the president is weighing what could be considered a big concession to
11:17 am
kim jong-un. let me read part of the reporting. quote, the concept would amount to a nuclear freeze, one that essentially enshrines the status quo and tacitly accepts the north as a nuclear power, all of which goes against what the president has said he wants from kim jong-un. >> well, i just would like to see ultimately denuclearization of north korea. the sanctions will stay in place until denuclearization. the big thing is, it will be a total denuclearization. >> on north korea, you said you believe in complete denuclearization. what does that mean, exactly? >> it means they get rid of their nukes. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> starting that process very quickly. very, very quickly. >> the president's national security adviser, john bolton, has denied the report of the white house considering a nuclear freeze. so we start there. cnn analyst max boot is senior fellow in the council of foreign
11:18 am
relations and columnist at the "washington post." max boot, read your piece in the post. so what we'll move past earth one and earth two and feel free to go there if you want to. bottom line, you say this was just a photo op and that denuclearization is totally off the table. tell me why you think that. >> well, it's been pretty clear for the last year, ever since the singapore summit kim jong-un has no interest in giving up his nuclear weapons. he is happy to meet with trump. he would love to see sanctions relaxed. but he's not going to give up what he views as being a guarantor of regime survival. you look at the report in the "new york times." what that suggests is some folks in the administration are waking up to that reality and understanding that if they're going to salvage anything out of this process, it's not going to result in complete denuclearization. the best they could maybe hope for is to close down a few north korean nuclear plants, maybe to get a freeze agreement from north korea, although how they would enforce that, how they would verify that, i have no idea. >> if they were to somehow figure that out, wouldn't that
11:19 am
still be progress? >> it could be. it depends on what they have to give up. they have set very ambitious goals of denuclearizing north korea and are not going to relax sanctions. there are some experts who would argue maybe an interim agreement would make sense. about you it would definitely amount to de facto recognition of north korea as a nuclear power and essentially give kim what he wants, which is a., to keep his weapons. it would be a victory for kim, not achieving what donald trump has set out and certainly falwell short of the nuclear deal with iran, which he called the worst deal ever. >> we'll come back to iran in a second. but to your piece, he being kim, saw what happened to moammar gadhafi and saddam hussein. this is also what the "new york times" says. at the core of mr. trump's argument is his friendship with mr. kim alone constitutes diplomatic success. on sunday, the president asserted that the tremendous danger from north korea he inherited when he took office has passed, we're a lot safer today. >> this is so crazy, brooke.
11:20 am
the reason why there is was an elevated danger was because donald trump was talking about going to war in his first year in office. when he stopped talking about going to war, the danger receded. and this notion that he's achieved something that nobody else has achieved by becoming pals with kim jong-un. that's ridiculous. any president could have easily gone to north korea. any north korean dictator would have been happy to meet with any american president. but no previous president was willing to do that unless they had some concrete guarantees they were going to get something in return. and trump is happy to give away america's prestige and not get anything else in return. >> meantime, juxtaposed with what's happening in iran, trump has taken a hard line on iran. iran, according to zarif have blown past the enriched uranium levels based upon this iran nuclear deal. nevertheless, what the u.s. allies may feel about this, because i'm mindful of that, trump's tactic with iran obviously isn't working. >> it's not working.
11:21 am
and it's hard to reconcile them, because the uranium nuclear accord that donald trump called the worst ever and he exited is actually way stronger than anything he's ever going to get out of north korea. and now we have a situation where both iran and north korea are becoming more dangerous. where they are both building up their nuclear programs in the case of iran. they don't actually have nuclear weapons yet but increasing urani uranium production. the question is, where does he go from here? there's not an obvious next step, unless he wants to rejoin the nuclear deal that he trashed and exited. >> just looking at so much of this through the prism of politics, last question, and i'm wondering how will republicans, how will his base, see both of this back home? how will they perceive it as we go into 2020? >> i think his base will back him no matter what he does. it's kind of ludicrous to me to see this. but people like lawyura ingram, tucker carlson and others who
11:22 am
would be excoriating a democrat who would call him his best buddy and say they're in love with this communist dictator, they would be screaming for impeachment, but when donald trump does it, it's wonderful. pursuing peace. so it's not going to shake his base at all, i don't think. but it will certainly cause independents and moderates, people who have misgivings about trump to have further doubts. because he's not achieving what he set out to do and what he claimed he had already done. >> max boot, thank you very much. ivanka trump facing criticism after this new video show her trying to insert herself in a conversation with world leaders at the g20. the details of this awkward moment ahead. and stunning pictures out of hong kong today. look at this. protesters storm this government building over a controversial bill and police fight back with tear gas. we will take you live. we will tell you what is going on, next here on cnn.
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so as we mentioned, president trump will now go down in history as the first sitting u.s. president to step foot in north korea. but his daughter and adviser, ivanka trump, is doing something unprecedented in her own right, appearing side by side in photo ops with world leaders, representing the united states in round table discussions, seemingly acting as a diplomat more than ever before. chris cillizza is our cnn politics reporter and editor at large and i know you'll call her role as you go through these photos hugely inappropriate. >> yeah, let's start here.
11:28 am
she's not a foreign policy or international relations expert. and more importantly, she has a job she's not been confirmed to of t . this is not like the secretary of treasure or secretary of state, for example. anyway, let's run through some of the moments from this weekend that you might have missed. here's the actual secretary of state, mike pompeo. if i could just get in here -- there's got to be a spot here somewhere. oh. now, eventually -- jared kushner, her husband is like, hey, mike, why don't you pop in. but ivanka trump, front and center. let's go to the next one. by the way, this next one is me in high school. this is ivanka trump. you see her here, justin trudeau, christine lagarde, theresa may, and they're talking to one another. this is like an a, b, c way out of the conversation. this seriously was me also. hey, what are you guys talking about? sports?
11:29 am
i like sports. this is definitely like that kind of thing. now there's more. let's go to the photo from the g20. now, you recognize these two people, donald trump and ivanka trump, sitting next to him, shinzo abe. look, justin trudeau, prime minister of canada, in the second row. theresa may, because she's resigning, barely in the picture. but look, front and center. this is not the first time, by the way, brooke, we have seen this. g20, 2017. this is a bit of a grainy photo, but here's what you can make out. here is theresa may, there is ivanka trump. why is she at the table? she was taking her dad's place while he stepped out. this is not someone who lacks for a desire and a willingness to put herself front and center, and, of course, all of this, because the internet is great, has led to this. you remember this famous photo of the beatles walking across abbey road. a lot of times they crop it with
11:30 am
john lennon. here's another photo from the brits. meghan markle. there she is! it's often cropped here so you don't see it. but there you go! so it's a walter mitty type of situation. but on a serious note, ivanka trump, they get around the anti nepotism call by making her a white house employee, agency employee. not confirmed to her job. no one other than donald trump has said, yes, you can do this, no foreign policy experience and now is acting as a top diplomat for the united states. there's just a lot here. it is funny, but also not funny at all. >> what do you think -- thought bubble for the world leaders as she is pulling a chris cillizza in high school -- what are they thinking? >> i think at some level there's
11:31 am
a little audacity moment there. this is the problem and why anti nepotism laws exist in the government, right, and why we should add the white house to it. because in that first video with mike pompeo walking in the background, who do justin trudeau or theresa may or shinzo abe or xi jinping -- when they're talking to mike pompeo and then they talk to ivanka trump, who do they think -- look, they see this stuff. this is not immune to the -- who do they think donald trump is -- who do they think donald trump favors. he has said that ivanka would make a great president. and in that sense, sending mixed signals to the world community. not what we need. >> no, i'm sure it's carefully choreographed. i laugh at the memes, but it's
11:32 am
incredible, incredibly serious. chris cillizza, thank you for pointing it out. in a new article, joe biden's son hunter biden, opens up about his struggles with addiction and his tumultuous personal life and now conservatives are seizing on it. and an alabama woman five months pregnant when she was shot in the stomach has been indicted in her unborn child's death. police say she is the one responsible. but will she be prosecuted for manslaughter? oh my, this heinz mayonnaise is so creamy, one day you'll tell your grandkids about it. and they'll say, "grandpa just tell us about humpty dumpty". and you'll say, "he broke his pelvis or whatever, now back to my creamy heinz mayonnaise". heinz mayonnaise, unforgettably creamy.
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joe biden's 2020 campaign is bringing up new scrutiny of his own family, a new profile in the new yorker examines his son hunter's controversial business dealings, and his tumultuous personal life, including his battle with drug and alcohol abuse. it poses a new question today, will hunter biden jeopardize his father's campaign. why he had such a candid interview. >> i think after his father announced he was running for president, there have been a reprising of some of these in some cases old controversies about his personal relationships. there have been slices of the story of his drug abuse in the media. and i think he wanted to be able to basically tell his story. rather than having other people
11:38 am
tell it in ways that i think he thought were -- would be misleading. >> cnn senior washington correspondent, jeff zeleny, and cnn political correspondent, sara murray are with me. jeff, in choosing to speak now and in this huge piece in the "new yorker," what's the strategy for getting this out from the perspective from team biden? >> well, brooke, i think it's clearly as adam was saying there, it is, you know, hunter biden's attempt to try and get everything out at once. and for him to tell the story. not for someone else to tell the story about his, you know, deeply personal and tragic, really, addiction to drugs and alcohol and crack cocaine. and the story really goes through many low moments, where he's living on the streets, where he's living in an apartment not far from the white house. he's essentially strung out on vodka and crack cocaine, other things. and the vice president of the united states comes to his son's house. so there are these searingly personal and tragic details, really, inside this story. so by doing this, hunter biden,
11:39 am
it would seem, is trying to essentially answer the question or try and answer the question that has been hanging over his father's campaign in some respects, what happened to hunter biden. he was always at his father's side, about ybut in this case, not at the announcement or the debate last week. so i think getting out the story. the campaign so far, brooke, has been completely silent on this, at least to us, about their reaction to this. so i'm not sure this was part of a grand campaign strategy, as opposed to a son trying to get this story out. it certainly does not come at a good moment, necessarily, for the biden campaign. but it is a sympathetic view of his trials and tribulations in his family's struggles. >> what about, sara, the business side of this. one of the biggest concerns in terms of optics had to do with business dealings in china and ukraine. can you explain that to us? >> that's right. there's this sense this hunter biden benefited over the course of his career with being in
11:40 am
proximity to joe biden's power. there is no evidence that joe biden actually did anything wrong or did anything to sway things in hunter biden's favor. he's denied his son ever lobbied him for anything. but when you look at ukraine, hunter biden was on the board of this energy company and it was being investigated by a prosecutor in ukraine. joe biden got the prosecutor fired by threatening to withhold u.s. aid. you can see what the optics are. similarly, in china, hunter biden was working with a company that was trying to land a big deal with the bank of china, takes air force ii with joe biden to china in 2013. a few days later, this business deal is finalized. and so it sort of gives the impression that hunter biden is constantly using his connections with his father essentially to get these deals done. and there is an interesting quote in the "new yorker" article that says as a former senior white house aide put it, there was a perception hunter biden was on the loose for potentially undermining his father's message. another former business associate said the appearance of
11:41 am
a conflict of interest is good enough at this level of politics to keep you from doing things like that. and brooke, frankly, that's what republicans are betting on. they're betting on the fact that the appearance of impropriety is just as important as the actual impropriety itself. >> you know, jeff, you've been on the trail, talking to potential voters and supporters. you know, some of these headlines or his story has been out there. how much do voters, quite frankly, care? >> i'm not sure, brooke, that they are all that aware of hunter biden. certainly the biden family tragedy and family story about how he lost his beloved son beau who was the attorney general of delaware, and really the prodigal son in many respects, how he died of brain cancer, one of the reasons that joe biden didn't run in 2016. his life has been, you know, sort of a moving tragedy throughout many chapters from the loss of his wife and daughter in a traffic accident in the '70s. he raised these boys by himself with the help of his second wife, jill biden, who the boys refer to as mom.
11:42 am
but i don't think voters really, you know -- i think they're certainly sympathetic to joe biden. but hunter biden is not a household name in terms of -- to democratic voters out there. but i think in one case, it certainly is a distraction, potentially, for mr. biden. but it also, we should point out -- one thing i was struck by reading the piece, how joe biden continues to love his son, be close to his son and wants, you know, him to get better throughout all of this. so it's potentially, i guess, a humanizing -- something that many people in this country certainly can relate to. as it relates to addiction. >> yeah. i just finished dr. biden's book. it is clear that family for them is number one. jeff zeleny and sarah murray, thank you both very much. coming up next, taylor swift. her music catalog just sold as part of a $300 million deal. she is none too pleased about it. hear why she is warning young artists. and stunning photos out of mexico. have you seen this? mexico, folks. three feet of ice fell in one
11:43 am
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the latest charter school scandals are piling up. leaders of one san diego charter network? indicted for conspiracy and grand theft. thankfully, the governor's charter school policy task force
11:47 am
just made important recommendations for reform: more accountability on charter school spending. and giving local school districts more control over the authorization of charter schools. reforms we need to pass now. so call your state senator. ask them to support ab 1505 and ab 1507. . taylor swift's music catalog has been sold, ask thnd this me deal is creating some bad blood. the pot music superstar is calling the deal her worst-case scenario. this has happened after a company owned by scooter braun paid $300 million for the rights to the record label and swift's music. this sale prevents swift from owning the first six albums in her catalog. in a lengthy tumblr post, swift
11:48 am
lashed out at scooter braun, claiming she has been bullied by him for years and accused the former label of blocking her from buying her own music. she said for years i asked, pleaded for a chance to my own work. instead i was given a chance to earn one album back at a time, one for every new one i turned in. adding i had to make the excruciating choice to leave behind my past. bill warty is director of entertainment industries at secu syracuse university. bill, thank you so much for being with me and again, when she talks about this being her worst-case scenario, spell it out for us. why is this awful for her? >> well, i think there's two things happening here. number one, it's about money. right? oh if you own your masters, you're
11:49 am
taking the royalty. so every time it's streamed, you're getting a much greater share of that license fee. and then number two, it's about control. if you own your masters, you get to decide exactly where the recorded versions of your songs go. and if you don't own your masters, the people that do own them get to make those decisions to a certain extent. it's a very complicated rights picture. but that's the basics. >> so was she never given an opportunity to buy it herself? >> well, i don't really believe that, if i'm being honest. and from what i've read and from some of the conversations i've had with folks in the business, taylor swift's money spends just as well as anybody else's. and i don't believe for a second that if, you know, she wanted her masters badly that she couldn't have made her own offer or directly negotiated with scott boresheeta and made that happen. and the label president, founder who just sold these rights, he's released some deal memos, which make it pretty clear that it seems she had some opportunities to take back her master rights.
11:50 am
>> hmmm. some folks are coming to scooter braun's defense, i.e. justin bieber, criticizing taylor swift's post saying she was looking for sympathy and accusing her of crossing the line when she questioned his character. do you think musicians like justin bieber are just out there, you know, doing the right thing as they see it, defending their manager, or do they have a point? >> well, i just think generationally, this is what everyone expects. if you're -- you know, if you're 29 or under, i think that any time anything important happens in the world, you know, everyone who has a public profile feels it's important to get in line and share their stance. i do -- listen, i've worked pretty closely on and off over the years with both taylor and scooter. i think they're both great people. i think they're both very smart business people. and -- but i have a very hard time seeing scooter painted as a bully, seeing scooter painted as a sexist in some corners. that doesn't add up with
11:51 am
anything i've seen or with the track record he's built. so i -- you know, i'm not surprised i'm seeing artists and not just ones he's managing and other folks from the business sort of get online and share their viewpoint. because they feel he's being a little bit unfairly lashed out at. >> got it. bill werde, nice to have you on. >> always a pleasure. thank you. five-time wimbledon champion venus williams has been upset in the first round of the all england club. 15-year-old cory "cocoa" golf, who became the youngest to qualify for wimbledon stunned williams. ahead of the match, the teen admitted that venus and her sister serena were her inspiration when she picked up a racket years ago. williams was the oldest player in this year's ladies' draw at wimbledon. coming up, a fiery plane crash moments after takeoff leaves no survivors. what investigators are hoping will help them piece together what exactly happened. next. you're turning onto the street
11:52 am
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federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused this deadly plane crash in a texas airport just north of dallas. the private plane had just taken off from the addison airport sunday when it veered left and slammed into that hangar, bursting into flames. all ten people on board -- that's eight passengers, two members of the crew, were killed. their families are being notified right now. cnn's scott mclean is live in addison. so scott, what happened? >> reporter: hey, brooke. ntsb investigators got onscene late last night and so today is really their first full day on
11:57 am
the scene to try to figure that out. and figure out what exactly happened here. the lead investigator said that her initial look showed that there is extensive damage from the initial impact and a lot more damage from the fire that followed. you can see some of the damage to the hangar here. this is just what you can see from this vantage point. there's a lot more that you cannot see. now, thankfully, there was nobody inside the hangar at the time, but all ten people who were aboard that aircraft were killed. there were two crew members and eight passengers bound for st. petersburg, florida. now, this flight, this plane, veered right into that hangar, right after takeoff. it is oddly similar to an incident in hawaii, about a week and a half ago, in another small plane that killed 11 people. now in this particular incident, this plane, a beach craft super king air 350, it is a dual engine plane, a turboprop, known as pretty reliable. it's usually used to shuttle corporate executives from place
11:58 am
to place, according to cnn's safety analyst, david soucie. he actually called this the cadillac of super props. whether or not it contains a black box, though, is unclear. if it is used as a charter plane, it is required to have one. if it's just a private plane, it may not have one at all, brooke. we're expected to hear from the ntsb in about two hours from now. >> great. we'll check back with you then, scott mclean in texas, thank you. meantime, winter in mexico? question mark? a freak hail storm hitting god ga ga gaut la hara. tom sater is in the weather center for us. tom, i woke up, i was obsessed with these photos. how does this even happen? >> well, it's hard to say. it's climate change-related. it really isn't, brooke. because this is one storm, and they do have thunderstorms in
11:59 am
ga g mexico. the summer solstice dropped 1 to 2 feet of snow in the mountains of colorado. a parcel of cold air was able to make it to mexico. but there's more to these pictures than you actually would understand. it looks terrible, like 3 feet of hail fell in one area. but we were able to go back and find out that when this storm system developed down there, this mountainous area is going to develop storms. but all of that hail was associated with heavy rain, as well. so that heavy rain, brooke, took all of this hail from all of the surrounding villages and communities and shoved it into the lowest part of town, which was like a catch basin. so unfortunately, it funneled this into this region. so it's hard to say that 3 feet of hail fell in just this spot. most likely, it was swept in and the water receded and left in its wake all of this. but crazy pictures, you're right. >> crazy, crazy, crazy. i knew you would be able to explain it.
12:00 pm
tom sater, thank you very much. >> sure . we continue on. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being here. we know that joe biden has been seated firmly atop the democratic 2020 polls for weeks and weeks now. but are the voters putting their money where their early support is for the former vice president's campaign? that answer is unknown. but for pete buttigieg, it is a resounding yes. the indiana mayor raising a staggering $25 million in the second quarter. cnn's phil mattingly has the numbers. and phil, the numbers are impressive, to say the least. but what does it mean for his campaign now and also in the long run? >> yeah, brooke, no question they're impressive. pete buttigieg in the first quarter raised $7 million. now more than triples that in his second quarter. what does this mean? money isn't everything, doesn't determine who wins the nomination, but does play a key role. pete buttigieg started six