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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  July 1, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> sure . we continue on. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being here. we know that joe biden has been seated firmly atop the democratic 2020 polls for weeks and weeks now. but are the voters putting their money where their early support is for the former vice president's campaign? that answer is unknown. but for pete buttigieg, it is a resounding yes. the indiana mayor raising a staggering $25 million in the second quarter. cnn's phil mattingly has the numbers. and phil, the numbers are impressive, to say the least. but what does it mean for his campaign now and also in the long run? >> yeah, brooke, no question they're impressive. pete buttigieg in the first quarter raised $7 million. now more than triples that in his second quarter. what does this mean? money isn't everything, doesn't determine who wins the nomination, but does play a key role. pete buttigieg started six months ago where barely anybody knew who he was nationally and had a lean organization. what he has not just raising
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$24.8 million, but also having more than $22 million cash on hand, is he now has the resources to build out his full team. something the campaign has been doing in spades over the course of the last couple months. now in all those early states, they have the must be oney to h ground operation you need to actually be successful in those states. also a key thing to look at is the individual donors. over 290,000 individual donors in the second quarter, overall more than 400,000. what does that mean? one t shows he's not just high dollar fund-raising, which he's doing a lot of, also has grass roots support as well. but from a metrics perspective, that means he's already certainly in the fall debates that the dnc is going to be running. he's hitting those metrics, hitting those qualifications. so for the long game here, and this is going to be a very, very long democratic campaign, pete buttigieg, because of this quarter, very impressive on the top line, now sets himself up to ensure that he's there, as long as he wants or needs to be. whether the numbers in the polling or votes back that up is an open question. on the financial side, he's in a
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pretty good place right now, brooke. >> but the biden campaign is being a little coy, right? teasing they, quote, blew our fund-raising goal out of the water. so why don't we have an exact amount? >> yeah, so the interesting thing, and i think this underscores the strategy that the buttigieg campaign had. they don't have to -- campaigns don't have to release numbers until they file with the ftc on 15 days, july 15th. the deadline was yesterday. the fact the buttigieg campaign released their hours five hours after the deadline meant they knew it was a big number and wanted to dominate the news cycle as long as they could. the biden campaign doesn't have to release anything until july 15th and we're waiting to see what they're thinking there. but you make a key point. sending out the email to supporters, and granted, it's not an official press release of any kind, saying they blew their internal fund-raising goals out of the water means they're at least teasing a big number. how big will it be? it's an open question. one of the big questions about joe biden is, given his past, time in the vice president's office, does he have the grass roots support somebody like bernie sanders or elizabeth warren or pete buttigieg has
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where he can raise small dollar money to go along with the high dollars he's been able to find, that's one of the big questions when you get this filing. look, joe biden is the front runner, has been the front runner for a while, he's going to raise a lot of money, no question about it. but what they actually tell in terms of next, that's what we're waiting on from the biden campaign right now. >> phil mattingly, thank you very much. and speaking of waiting, as we wait for fund-raising tallies for the kamala harris campaign, the california senator's allies and even her rivals are fighting back against a viral tweet that questions her racial identity. a tweet that was shared and then deleted by donald trump jr. cnn's kyung lah is with me. and i know a spokesman for trump jr. says his words were misconstrued. that's what they're saying. team harris says his retweet was part of a larger racist online attack and these attacks will not work. tell me more of what they're saying. >> yeah, team harris isn't buying that excuse at all. and what you're hearing from that campaign is they are saying
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that they are going to call it out, they are going to hit back, and they are going to hit back hard. so we've seen her surrogates, we have seen her spokespeople hitting the cable airwaves, hitting social media, saying they will not take it. we're also hearing from the other 2020 hopefuls, uniformly, across social media and even in interviews to the press. they are calling this out. take a listen. >> the tweet of donald trump jr. was the act of a coward. you see what they do. put something out there and then he deletes it. so that he can say it was just a mistake. >> we have a president who is a racist and apparently based on a statement yesterday, his son is following in his footsteps. >> well, look, these are the same racist attacks his daddy tried on barack obama, and they didn't work then and they're not going to work now, period. they're not. and we really appreciate all these other candidates who are speaking up about this, because it's going to take all of us speaking up and speaking out to
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confront the misinformation, to confront the smears and racist attacks that this president's allies are going to promote on her. >> and as you hear that harris spokesperson speak there, brooke, you see that there is a decisive step. they are saying, if we see this, we're going to call it out. it not amplifying it. we are essentially going to say this is a lie and they are going to talk about it and they are going to keep hammering it. >> precisely what they're doing. kyung lah covering her campaign, thank you. let's have a discussion. tara setmare is host of "honestly speaking" with tara podcasts. bakari sellers has endorsed kamala harris. so because of that, i'm starting with you. this certainly is not the first time that senator harris has faced questions about her race. i want to play this clip from a couple months ago when she was asked about her identity during that identity with the breakfast club. >> i'm glad you mentioned barack. a lot of black people questioned
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if barack was black enough. i see them doing the same thing to you. so what do you say to people questioning the legitimacy of your blackness? >> i think they don't understand who black people are. i'm not going to spend my time trying to educate people about who black people are. i was born black, i will die black. and i'm proud of being black. and i'm not going to make any excuses for anybody. because they don't understand. >> so you have a number of, you know, 2020 hopefuls, also condemning this tweet, immediately comparing it to birtherism, which was racist. how concerned are you, though, that this narrative about, you know, her race, her identity, could actually have long-term and negative impact on her? >> well, i think it's really hard for me to go after the words that she spoke, because she was forceful. she was honest and she was speaking the truth with my good friend charlamay. i don't think it's going to hurt her in the long term. we're having conversations about race in this country that are
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healthy. and let's just remember that donald trump and melania -- we like to act as if melania wasn't part of it or look at her with rose-colored glasses, but they perpetuated this birther myth and lie and this racist attack and now donald trump jr. is perpetuating this racist attack as well. and i'm not calling them racist. i'm just saying they do racist things. and so what you have to do now is understand that you have to fight back against these attacks, but then even more so, you just have to make sure that you put forth platforms and plans to show what you're going to do for the black community. i mean, that's the pivot point. i think that all 20 candidates coming to say that this was wrong and calling it out is simply the baseline. that's why i'm not someone who is clapping and cheering for that. i think doing more than that and actually showing what you're going to do for actual black people in this country is more important. she's going to beat back that racism, put forth plans and move forward, and call them racist and call out these racist acts as they come. >> this tweet, tara, the man
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behind it, the tweet that don jr. retweeted, you know, he identifi identifies as african-american. but the attacks have also come from the right and the left. so my question to you is, what's the end game? is this about, you know, suppressing the black vote? if there are any doubts about who c who c w who cam kamala harris is? >> first of all, it's a disgusting asinine campaign online to try to question kamala harris' blackness. we saw this division fomenting online during the 2016 campaign, pushed by the russians. this part of that, you know, interjecting the racial division and questioning this is something that the russians saw and capitalized on in this country. and it's outlined in a lot of detail in the mueller report, as well as in the indictment of the russians in abstentiona in st.
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petersburg that was taking on identities to try to push these kinds of racial divisive mar actives during the elections. they know the american people can respond to these things and it can go viral. that is a concern to me, that there are still people that are out here, using this as a way to definitely suppress the black vote, and it concerns me, not only with this issue with kamala harris, but also with her cheap shot against biden, trying to portray joe biden as some kind of, you know, racist that's not woke enough from something that happened in the '70s, could lead to -- what if he is the nominee or what if she is the nominee? and you have a group of people out here looking at this, saying, well, maybe she's not black enough. we're not voting for her. or, you know, joe biden because of busing in 1970s, he's not for civil rights, even though his record shows he is, so we're not going to vote for him. in places like michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania, these are rust belt states that the democrats need to win and when you only lose by 78,000 votes in three states like hillary clinton did, that can make a
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difference when you have voter suppression. so these games being played, especially those on the right, should know matter. we're playing into our enemies' hands by this. especially online. >> bakari, do you want to respond to that? >> it's interesting how she couched the moment between joe biden and kamala harris, talking about someone's record, someone who is on the wrong side of history when you're talking about diametrically opposed to jesse jackson. diametrically opposed to ed brook and thurgood marshall in the issue of busing. i think it's relevant. but you've got to pivot and move forward. and one of the things we're talking about, while we're having this agenda, and this conversation about black voters and while we're having this conversation about what's superficial, i hope all 23, 24, 35 candidates, however many are still there, actually put forth an agenda to uplift the american people, uplift african-americans in particular. and focus on having this black agenda, amongst other issues. i think senator harris is well-positioned to do that.
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and i think after all of this is being said, they would not be doing this, and this comes from don jr. and others, if they were not afraid of kamala harris. that just shows you she's electable, and some people on the right side are shaking in their boots. >> she did well after that last debate. let me jump in. she did well after the last databas debate, and i think because of that she has a much bigger target on her back. i think a lot of it had been out in the twittersphere and now in the mainstream. we've got to leave it. i appreciate both of you, tara and bakari. thank you, thank you. we'll continue it. we've got lots of time. it's very early. very early, guys. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. just into cnn, reports of offensive facebook posts by border patrol agents. things like jokes about migrant deaths and lewd names about sitting lawmakers. that's ahead. and president trump makes history with an unexpected visit to north korea. and now a new report details a major concession the west may be willing to give to kim jong-un. and ahead, protesters in
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hong kong bash in the city's glass and city's government building, vandalize the inside. just a short time ago, riot police used tear gas to disburst massive crowd. we will particular you live to hong kong. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. hi i'm joan lunden. today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options and find a perfect place. a place for mom. you know your family we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. but dad, you've got allstate.
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welcome back. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. after becoming the first sitting american president to step foot into north korea, a report says president trump is considering a move that is a step back from full denuclearization. trump over the weekend took 20 paces into the hermit kingdom during a last-minute visit to the dmz. he was in asia for the g20 summit. ask as president trump shook the hand. north korea dictator, the "new york times" reports the president is now weighing what could be considered big c concession. the concept would amount to a nuclear freeze that enshrines the status quo and tacitly accepts the north as a nuclear power, all of which goes against what the president has said he
12:18 pm
wants from kim. >> and the big thing is, it will be a total denuclearization. which is already starting. i wanted them to denuke and they wouldn't do the full. they wanted to do some. and i guess a lot of people would have would have said that's a great start but i didn't feel right. >> i would like to see the denuclearization of north korea. >> john bolton denied in a tweet the white house is thinking about a nuclear freeze. gene lee is the director of the korean history at the wilson center. lindsey ford at the asia society policy institute and served as senior adviser in obama's defense department. so ladies, thank you so much for coming on, and first just out of the gate, i want reaction from the two of you. jean, starting with you first. seeing president trump stepping over that, you know -- that line, and walking those 20 full
12:19 pm
paces into north korea. photo op or something more significant? >> well, a little bit of both. mostly a photo op. he is handing a huge propaganda gift to kim jong-un, to be honest. you can see how it was covered from the north korean side and how it was splashed all over north korean state media. but it will -- it will be sort of a kickstart to the negotiations. it did get these two countries back in touch. and so that's promising. >> we'll come back to those smiles on state-run media over in north korea in just a second. i've got those pictures. but lindsey, what did you make of it? >> yeah, i have to be honest. i'm a little cynical about where we go from here. to me, this was the policy equivalent of click bait. the president offered almost nothing that was substantive in terms of a deliverable coming out of this, other than to restart negotiations that, let's be honest, are in a no man's land, because he never had his administration do the homework up front to get real deliverables in the first place, which you could have done before
12:20 pm
he ever went to singapore. >> policy equivalent of click bait. staying with you, lindsey, i know the "times" is reporting the u.s. may settle for what's being described as a nuclear freeze. you know, i was reading something you had written in "the times" before, how you had backed the ideas of the u.s. accepting a plan that is not full denuclearization, similar to this nuclear freeze, and you had written, quote, whether such a deal is possible depends on mr. trump's ability to embrace the art of the imperfect deal. do you stand by this? might that be progress? >> yeah, i do stand by this. i think that the president's finding out that it's always easier to break deals than it is to put them together. and there's a reason that administrations accept imperfect deals like, you know, the one he's criticized, the obama administration had with iran. it's because you make the best use of the leverage you can, the leverage that you have at the time. and i think that this administration overestimated how much leverage they had with north korea, and the problem is, right now they have even less
12:21 pm
than they would have had back at the beginning of 2018, had they really engaged in this kind of negotiation, a realistic sort of freeze cap, maybe eventually roll back north korea's program back then. it's going to be much, much harder today. >> perfect segue to who has the leverage. i just wanted to show and then you can chime in, jean, because we have the pictures from the various -- the state-run media, what you were alluding to earlier. so you tell me what you think kim jong-un is thinking, but also please chime in. >> no, i was just going to say, building on what lindsey is saying, the u.s. would have had more leverage in 2017. the fire and fury, the rhetoric, the threats from president trump in 2017 gave kim jong-un the justification that he needed to keep building those weapons. and so he has essentially backed the united states into a corner, where all they have as an option now is containment. and so i would say, let's go a year -- let's go back farther, and say 2017, we would have had a far better -- would have been in a far better position to
12:22 pm
negotiate with north korea. would have had more leverage. >> would have, could have. didn't happen. so now as the "new york times" put it, glorified status quo may be what the u.s. could grab hold of. we'll keep watching and covering it. lindsey and jean, thank you both very much. hong kong. breaking news, police used tear gas and batons to disburse this massive crowd of protesters. we'll take you there and explain what this is all about. >> you can see, we came to the right there, justin, all the people in the street. this would be an eight-lane highway, usually. and now all the protesters are out in the street. the nation's largest and most reliable network. the best network is even better? best, fastest, best. enough. sprint's doing things differently. they're offering a new 100% total satisfaction guarantee. i mean i think sprint's network and savings are great,
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on your wireless bill. xfinity mobile has the best network. best devices. best value. simple. easy. awesome. click, call or visit a store today. it is the middle of the night now in hong kong, but we have been covering chaos. hundreds and hundreds of protesters stormed into this government building. the legislative council complex. they stayed until the riot police chased them out, firing tear gas, charging at them. the protesters, many of them, carrying umbrellas, to protect themselves against the tear gas, moved to the main road in central hong kong. they are furious over this controversial bill that would allow the chinese government to
12:28 pm
extradite people from hong kong to china. and cnn's nic robertson has been in the middle of it for hours and hours. he is live for us now hong kong. nic, what is happening? >> the legislative council building, the government headquarters, you can see here now, everything is cleared away. the protesters gone. this is a crime scene in there. the police let us in for a short time. there is graffiti everywhere, pictures of previous chief executives have been torn from the wall. computer monitors smashed. somebody put a notice outside the library there that said don't damage the books. everything else inside the building has been trashed, including that main legislative chamber. you can see the glass here. this is what the protesters were breaking through during the day. thick glass, reinforced, heavy plastic in the middle. and then they forced their way through the metal barricades. now the police are declaring this a crime scene. they're taking their notes
12:29 pm
outside. they swept through the area, putting clouds of tear gas ahead of them, about midnight here. that was three-and-a-half hours ago. and in what was a coordinated, careful effort to get the protesters out of the building, there were no confrontations. the police swept in in such a way that the protesters ran off. we saw them leaving with their hands held high in the air. but there was no direct confrontation with the police, no casualties that we saw. and within 15 or 20 minutes, the police had secured not only this building, but were beginning to secure the streets around. what we now know is that the chief executive here, kari lamb, head of the legislature here, will be giving a press conference in about 30 minutes. she's expected to talk a lot about the damage the protesters have done. >> we'll listen into that. we'll talk on the other side. nic robertson, excellent,
12:30 pm
excellent reporting. thank you to you and your crew in the middle of it all in hong kong. thank you. coming up, the new white house press secretary bruised in this scuffle with north korean guards. we'll tell you what was happening behind the scenes. and ivanka trump taking center stage during her father's trip to japan. we'll discuss the unprecedented nature of her role at the white house. this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now during our lowest prices of the season. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to hit the ground running. don't miss our 4th of july special with the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed now $1299. plus, free premium delivery when you add a base.
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while the president's visit with kim jong-un caught some of his own staff off guard, we're
12:35 pm
learning about a chaotic episode behind the scenes involving the new white house press secretary, stephanie grisham. she was physically bruised after getting into this scuffle with north korean security. watch. >> stop! no! let go! stop! need help here! >> kate bennett and brian stelter are with me. and kate, i know you have just been in touch with stephanie. did she say how she's doing, and what exactly happened? >> we communicated briefly. i asked how she was doing. she says she's fine, not making a big deal about this. but, you know, you could see by that video, clearly seemed as though the korean -- north koreans were trying to block access to the u.s. press from getting some pictures as the president went to have this historic moment at the dmz. and stephanie grisham is a pretty tough lady.
12:36 pm
i've dealt with her quite a bit over the last two-and-a-half years covering the first lady. she's not someone to tangle with. and i think this is demonstrative of her commitment. a lot of the press know her from campaign season two years ago when she was a press wrongler on the trump campaign. they know she is fierce and not someone you mess around with. and she was trying to help the press get the shot. >> so in trying to help the press get the shot, brian, you know, on the one hand, you know, you give the woman a little credit for essentially body-checking this north korean security guard in order for the u.s. press to get in to get the pictures. but on the other hand, you say what? >> well, i think this is called getting started in a new job on the right foot. she did two things that were important during this trip to asia. number one, when president trump said, okay, who do you want me to call on, stephanie. she said, you're the boss, you decide. so she knows who is the boss, she knows the president believes he's his own best press person and defers to him. this incident was really
12:37 pm
significant. she was showing she understands the importance of access for the press having cameras notiin them so it's not just north korean cameras. she made sure american cameras were in the room, as well. deserves credit for that. going forward, will she help try to reduce the amount of lying and nonsense that comes out of the white house? count me skeptical. this is a really important, strong start and a break, maybe, from some of the troubling behavior we have seen in the past. sean spicer's first weekend was characterized by lying about crowd size. so good on stephanie grisham for doing this, trying to help the press get inside. >> you have been explaining how you've been looking at fox and how they have been covering the handshake in 2019 differently. >> the coverage of trump and kim versus the coverage in the past, when former president barack obama would be willing to reach out to some rogue states or autocratic regimes. the hypocrisy burns. this is the video showing some of the examples.
12:38 pm
>> obama would personally negotiate with leaders of terrorist nations like iran and north korea without preconditions. wow. the world will probably be a little bit safer. the media should be giving president trump credit for that. >> i'm not sure there's any real discussing issues with kim jong-un. >> he may be the one president who would actually do this, who would go meet with the north korean leader. >> look, it's a bad idea for the president to speak to kim jong-un. >> why wait until the end of may, let's do this at the end of march. >> the current president truly believes he's the chosen one, cannot deal with criticism. >> we are really in danger of living in a sort of pretty little dream world, where barack obama thinks the power of his personality is going to have this financial transformative impact on these crazy men. >> president trump made the decision himself to meet face-to-face with kim jong-un. >> this guy has a very unique quality of leadership. >> he is so charming, he can deal with people, englihe can g along with people. i think this will only work out
12:39 pm
well. >> and all these examples from last year, brooke. it's continuing to do. it's continuing in those days with this most recent made for tv photo op. i think the point is, you mash it up together, it looks especially bad for fox. on a daily basis, some of these talk shows, this is why it sounds like propaganda, sounds like something out of north korea, because it is so dependent on who is in charge and what party they're in. unfortunate we don't see more consistency. >> if this were a democrat stepping into north korea, he or she would be excoriated. >> excoriated. you said the word. >> kate, speaking of overseas trips and the trump family, we know that melania trump skipped out on going to japan for the g20 or the following bit to seoul. but who did tag along was first daughter, ivanka trump. and much is being made about exactly how much of a presence she had. >> yeah, i mean, this is such an interesting role, again, brooke. we've talked about this, this unprecedented first daughter, but senior adviser.
12:40 pm
her portfolio certainly covers many of the things that were discussed. women's empowerment, women's economic development, business development. but sort of the foreign policy aspect, scratching their heads. ivanka trump asserting her way in here. i think if the first lady had been there, we wouldn't see her in so many photo ops. but it's that question, that fine line of the daughter versus the adviser. and which leads and she's taken some heat for, you know, just how much presence she had on this trip. >> and, again, if you thought about what would fox say, what would the sean hannitys of the world say if chelsea clinton had been old enough to go with her father on presidential trips malia or sasha. the hypocrisy burns. >> brian stelter, kate bennett, thank you very much. next, border patrol agents under fire for reportedly posting offensive comments inside a closed facebook group.
12:41 pm
we'll explain what was in the messages and the top border patrol official joins me live to respond. only fidelity offers
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a major upset in the world of sports. five-time wimbledon champion venus williams has been beaten at the england club. 15-year-old cori cocog gauff stunned williams. she admitted venus and serena were her inspiration. reporter don riddell is with me now with more on this stunning upset. i know you have interviewed coco in the past. tell us more about who she is and how she pulled this off. >> well, she's absolutely extraordinary. there's been a lot of excitement in the tennis world, brooke, about coco gauff for a couple years. she played a tournament in georgia in macon, and it was a tournament for 18-year-olds and at the age of 12, she went in and won the whole thing. and it wasn't just the way she was playing. it was just her poise and the way she conducted herself that
12:47 pm
has been so impressive. and ever since then, she's been on a tear, breaking records everywhere she's gone. when i interviewed her at the u.s. open, she had just lost the junior girls final. she was really disappointed she had lost. but she had made history by getting to that event at that age. she won the french open juniors last year. as you say, the youngest player in the open to qualify for this. and can you imagine having gone through all of that, you're now playing in your first major at the age of 15 -- >> no. no way. >> your first opponent is venus williams, who has won it five times, one of the main reasons you are playing this sport and then you go and beat her as well. it's absolutely incredible. and you know, one of the things that really impressed me about her, i've interviewed loads of athletes, brooke. they can't all string two sentences together. she was amazing at the age of 13. and i got to the end, and i turned and pointed to the camera and said, why aren't you scared of this? it's a television camera. and she said, well, i've been practicing at home for the last year with my mom and dad and my grandma, and they ask me
12:48 pm
questions and i try not to say um and i try and say interesting things. that's somebody who at the age of 12 is planning for the future. incredible. >> that's crazy. where is she from? >> she's from georgia. georgia. >> from georgia. >> she's now moved to florida so she can focus more on her tennis career there. >> that's right. don riddell, sounds like you called it in talking to her. incredible match for her. we'll be watching her throughout this whole thing. thank you very much, don. coming up next, a top border patrol official joins me live to respond to reports to that a closed facebook group for border agents was filled with offensive posts. we'll explain what was in them. thanks to priceline working with top airlines to turn their unsold seats into amazing deals, family reunion attendance is up. we're all related! yeah, i see it. and because priceline offers great deals
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. just in, customs and border protection officials are investigating reports of cruel and lewd postings by current and former border patrol agents. the comments were made within a closed or private facebook group. they run the gamut from callous attitude toward migrant children dying to those in congress advantaging the conversation. and with legitimate facebook profiles belonging to border patrol agents, we have not been able to reach members who made the postings. natasha chen is live in clint, texas, outside of a detention center for migrants and let's start with the posts themselves. what is in them? >> reporter: it is very disturbing, egregious, that is what i wanted to ask congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez about as she entered this clint, texas,
12:54 pm
facility, because there are two opposing groups behind us. they tried to rush the members of congress as they came in about 30 minutes ago for the scheduled tour and of course this is happening just as we're learning about this alleged facebook group. so i asked the congresswoman because the posts were about her. here is what she had to say. >> i mean, in that last facility i was not safe from the officers in that facility. >> do you have any comment about what was posted about you and the alleged facebook group? >> i mean, i think it is just -- it's just indicative of the violent culture that we saw inside. >> reporter: i also asked her whether she would be asking for an investigation about this. she didn't answer that. everyone went straight on in. now she did tweet about another facility that this group visited earlier today. i want to share that with you. she said now i've seen the
12:55 pm
inside of the facilities. it is not just the kids, it is everyone. people drinking out of toilets, officers laughing in front of members of congress. i brought it up to their superiors and they said officers are under distress and act out sometimes, no accountability. she also tweeted after i forced myself into a cell with women and began speaking to them, one of them described the treatment at the hands of officers as, quote, psychological warfare, waking them at odd hours for no reason and calling them expletive and what about that is due to lack of funding. so a very tense moment out side of the clint facility. the members of congress have seen a couple of facilities and this is the final stop and they will come out shortly to share what they saw with us as these opposing groups continue to stand in front of that doorway back there. >> natasha chen, thank you very much. i want to bring in brian hastings, the chief of operations for the u.s. border
12:56 pm
patrol. brian, thank you so much for coming on. i have to get your response to this. keeping in mind you'll have a lot of critics wondiering why i took pro-publica publishing this before you. >> we took the posts that were put out today very seriously. this does not represent the thoughts of the men and women of the u.s. border patrol. each allegation will be thoroughly investigated. we have already turned this into the office of the inspector general in our own internal cbp to begin the investigations. >> i hear you saying this is -- this isn't indicative to how border patrol feels, according to propublica there are 9500 members of this private facebook group. >> so i would say from what i've seen so far that it is limited to a number of very limited number of folks who have put
12:57 pm
that rhetoric out there and i'm not familiar with the site or a member of the site and this is not representative of what the u.s. border patrol stands for. >> have you looked at the posts with your eyes, sir. >> i have seen them, yes, ma'am. >> and what are the consequences, through the investigation, what could potential consequences be for the men and women. >> we'll have to let the investigation go through the process and each one of those individuals, if they are found to have done these inappropriate -- appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken. >> we heard a quick clip from alexandria ocasio-cortez visiting a facility and she said she didn't feel safe inside because of the agents. to her you would say what? >> ma'am, we're professionals. we're dealing with a crisis right now. over 680,000 apprehensions so far this year. agents are under a great deal of stress but with that, what i would remind the public, is how
12:58 pm
many rescues men and women of border patrol have done and put their life on the line to save various individuals throughout the year. >> these agents, you know, they are on the front line of the crisis and you can imagine what some americans are going to think when they -- they read the reports about these offensive private posts. what do you want -- what is your response to that? what do you want americans to know? >> so men and women of the border patrol are working hard to protect the national security of america. it is very difficult to do right now when you are dedicating a large percentage of the work force to dealing with the humanitarian crisis that is out there. and men and women of the border patrol are out there risking their lives every day to do the jobs now so don't let the actions of a few be representative of the whole is what i would ask. >> and i hear you say you're under a lot of stress, these agents are under a lot of
12:59 pm
stress. it is actually something that the congresswoman said that the agents at the facility told her. but if, once you go through the this -- this process of investigation and end up having to fire agent because of this, final question, you're already understaffed, how much would this impact you? >> well, the appropriate actions need to be taken regardless. we continue to do very well with recruiting. it is difficult recruiting with the crisis that we have at hand. but nonetheless, the appropriate actions will be taken in this case. >> brian hastings, thank you so much for coming on and answering questions as this is coming to us. chief of operations for the u.s. border patrol. thank you. >> thank you. and i'm brooke baldwin here in new york. thank you for being with me. we're going to washington, "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. it might not be so lonely at the top for joe biden much
1:00 pm
longer. "the lead" starts right now. breaking news, we've got a brand-new cnn poll unveiling here on "the lead," who is surging and how much damage was done to the former vice president's lead after those crucial first debates. president trump taking historic walk into north korea, but what is the next step? a new report suggests it might mean letting kim jong-un keep his nuclear weapons. plus, we're joined by a cartoonist who lost his job after his depiction of president trump playing golf over the bodies of dead migrants went viral. the latest evidence of the hazards of political cartooning in the trump era. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. welcome to "the lead," i'm jake tapper. breaking news. the very first look at our brand-new cnn poll with insight into where the 2020 democratic hopefuls stand after the very first debate. former vice president joe biden isti