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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 1, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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longer. "the lead" starts right now. breaking news, we've got a brand-new cnn poll unveiling here on "the lead," who is surging and how much damage was done to the former vice president's lead after those crucial first debates. president trump taking historic walk into north korea, but what is the next step? a new report suggests it might mean letting kim jong-un keep his nuclear weapons. plus, we're joined by a cartoonist who lost his job after his depiction of president trump playing golf over the bodies of dead migrants went viral. the latest evidence of the hazards of political cartooning in the trump era. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. welcome to "the lead," i'm jake tapper. breaking news. the very first look at our brand-new cnn poll with insight into where the 2020 democratic hopefuls stand after the very first debate. former vice president joe biden is still in first place but
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plummeted 10 percentage points since may. the big story senator kamala harris has shot up to second place after her widely-praised debate performance. elizabeth warren has also gone up significantly and is in third place within the margin of error with harris. senator bernie sanders rounding out the top four, also going down. david chalian is at the magic wall, and wow, the debates had a huge impact on this very fluid race. >> no doubt about it, jake. you just were going through this new shuffled race here. this poll was taken entirely after both of those nights of debating took place in miami last week. and we've got a top tier here. you see biden's need -- lead has significantly narrowed, 22%, harris at 17%, warren at 15%, sanders at 14%, nobody else cracks 5% in this poll. the change over time, joe biden
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down 10 percentage points since may. and kamala harris and elizabeth warren doubling support, harris up nine and warren up 8 and sanders down 4 and buttigieg about even and down 1 point since may. what is behind some of biden's support, why he still holds the narrow lead? the african-american vote is still critical to him. 36% among african-americans of this poll are with biden and 24% with harris and 12% for warren, 9% for sanders. you see the battle among the white vote closer. it is this advantage among african-american voters that is keeping joe biden at the lead at moment. and i want you to see this. i think this is really interesting. we see kamala harris shooting up to that second place. but look at the issues. whether it is the economy, health care or climate, we asked democrats who do you think is best equipped to handle it and she is well below on those issues. her top tier competitors except for one issue that we tested,
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race relations. she's well ahead here. 29% say she's best equipped to deal with race relations compared to joe biden at 16%, sanders at 13, booker at 9% and warren at 6%, jake. >> very concerned about whether or not their nominee could beat president trump in the general election, what are they saying about that in this poll. >> this is the animating feature of this democratic primary so far and we still see it here. more than six in ten democrats, 61%, it is more important to have a nominee with a strong chance of beating trump than the 30% who shares my positions on the issues. and take a look. this is joe biden's strong suit. we asked people who does have the best chance of beating trump in your mind? among the democrats, 43% say joe biden. he is running away with it. 13% and 12% and 12% for sanders and warren and sanders. if they could pierce the joe
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biden seamingly hold to best defeat donald trump, that could have serious implications for his candidacy. >> david chalian, thank you. let's chat with experts. the joe biden lead down to just 5 percentage points over kamala harris, six or seven over elizabeth warren. the race really seems to be opening up. >> it does. it does. and you could kind of see that happening in the aftermath, what you heard from people after kamala harris had the strong performance. that said, one of the striking parts of this poll given what kamala harris took it to biden, the issue of busing, black voter are still overwhelming with joe biden. that hasn't changed. so that is still very much a strong hold for him. and she hasn't been able to shake that. >> and we should still point out, this is still early. this is a national poll. the state by state poll are more important when it comes to the crucial deadlines in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina.
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still the biden campaign, they can't be happy about this? >> they probably are not happy about going down. certainly after that debate performance, you would think that this is kind of good news in the fact that it wasn't worse. like this is -- like kamala harris really showed herself in that debate as a leader. she was on that stage leading and saying whatever -- and saying what needed to be said and showing herself in that way. and that is what biden did not do. but when you see that he still has a strong support with black voters, what you see is that black voters are not just voting on one issue or going after the candidate who is black. that is never been true. it is not true in this case. but it does show that kamala harris does have some room to grow and to see if she could make her case that she could be the one to beat trump. >> and she has room to grow if you look at the issues to expand
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her portfolio. and mia, it doesn't matter where the numbers are in polling as to where they are headed and you have joe biden down ten and bernie sanders since may down four and kamala harris up nine, elizabeth warren up eight. >> clearly kamala harris and elizabeth warren are experiencing a surge. i think people are being open to their candidate asy in terms of the issues but the debate performance made a difference for both women in the race. so warren was the stand-out in the first night and able to come across as natural while sharing her policy positions in a very clear way in a concise way. kamala harris dominated the stage in the second night. and she was able to show she was able to go toe to toe with the front-runner in the race and come out ahead. so clearly that actually made a difference with people, especially people who watch the debate performance, really thought she was strong. so with that i should point out, among people who think that they want a candidate to beat trump,
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the issue of race is not separate from that. because we have to remember that donald trump's candidacy and presidency has been about divisive rhetoric around race and class and gender. so to the point that you have a female candidate potentially who could actually bring it to donald trump on a very issues that are dividing the nation, i think that we have the potential for an increase among -- growing strength among the women. >> and 43% said biden has the best chance. 43% still say biden has the best chance even if elizabeth warren and kamala harris impressed them. >> that is good news for biden in this polling. but what makes this race exciting is that support is really soft. in that 43% number, only 23% of those are committed to biden. 18% are to harris and 18% are to warren. so what that tells me is people are willing to look at those two female candidates if they think they could beat trump and that is why kamala harris is going
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up. because she stood on the stage and said she would go after a front-runner and someone has to be able to perform well on tv to take it to trump and joe biden may -- voters may believe he's most equipped to take on trump but that is a very soft hold on them. >> look look at the racial break down. black voters, 36% with joe biden, kamala harris 24% and elizabeth warren 12% and sanders 9% and buttigieg 0% with black voters, and then black, bidens 20% and harris and warren 16% and sanders 15% and buttigieg 6%. and he does much better with them than with the democratic electorate as a whole. as does kamala harris i should point out with 24% higher than her normal 17%. >> when you have -- >> overall 17%. >> when you have biden, who was
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the vice president of the first black president, this is where it does play to biden's strength to kind of bear hug obama as tightly as he can -- >> barack, he calls him. >> his buddy, his friend, barack, as tightly as possible and to say, look, i stood with him, i stood behind him and i helped get those goals accomplished and i could do that again. so that is -- that is a strength for him. but i think as kamala harris gets to be known more, that is the question of whether she can win over the black voters. she's not going to -- she's not known as well as joe biden who is near universal name recognition, so the question is as people get to know her more will they continue to flock to her. >> let me ask you a question, amanda, because i heard from republicans who are trump critics such as yourself, that the democratic party really scared them, that the party was so far to the left and everybody raising their hand in terms of free health insurance and for
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undocumented migrants, kamala harris since the debate talked about how she supports busing now. she wants busing now and other federal efforts to promote integration. is that what you think? >> oh, yeah. i think that no limits on abortion and amnesty, the position where they're going with health care, it scares republicans. you could look at trump and be like, we don't want that, but whoa, democrats who really think about health care in particular, because there is a lot of overhang from obamacare where people's health care did get disrupted and now they say we'll take lead in private health care insurance and this is reflecting the polling for kamala harris and she's still shaky on pl -- on policy. while she could take to trump, if she's going with buffing, you better explain that. >> and you mentioned health care. during the town hall she said initially to you that she was all in to -- for medicare for all and now it seems like it is not necessarily the case. there is a misunderstanding, talking about this and talking about that.
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it is not really clear where she is on that medicare for all. and on where she is on health care. and you're right, because of that, that is something that trump will take it to and make it worse. the other thing, what i'm wondering is, does how she perform in that debate encourage other candidates to take it to joe biden in the next debates because this clearly incentivized -- not any hit, because eric swalwell did not go up on the polls but a good solid hit like kamala harris we saw. >> let's remember that we are in the primary. and six out of ten democratic primary voters actually do believe that undocumented migrants should have access to health care. >> right. >> and so this is a -- >> but four out of ten don't. >> that is right. but this is a primary and that is still a majority. and this is a primary and people are clearly reaching out to the base. and seeking to appeal. so i think it is important to remember that. >> everyone stick around. don't forget to tune into the next debate hosted by cnn in detroit, michigan, july 30th and 31st right here on cnn.
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but don't just take my word for it. try it out and decide for yourself. switch to sprint and get both an unlimited plan and one of the newest phones included for just $35 a month. in our 2020 lead, while kamala harris and elizabeth warren has shot up in the cnn poll of democratic voters taken after last week's debate, mayor pete buttigieg has other numbers to crow about. the south bend, indiana, mayor announced he raised $24.8 million since may and all spent in the primaries. and as phil mattingly reports, this comes as the biden campaign hints at growing grass root funding itself after a debate many campaign advisers wish had gone better. >> south bend, indiana, mayor, pete buttigieg laid down a major marker. of the $24.8 million variety cementing himself in the top
1:17 pm
tier of the crowded primary field when it comes to campaign cash. the head-snapping second quarter haul, more than triple what he raised a quarter prior from nearly 300,000 individual donors with nearly $23 million in cash on-hand. >> obviously we're very pleased with how the debate went. it was a chance to explain what we're about and why i'm running to some people who have never tuned in before. >> reporter: and now it is the ber omter for other candidates. they blew the fundraising goal out of the water but the biden team did not release a specific dollar amount yet. kamala harris spotlighting her debate >> there was a little girl in california who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was bused to school every day. and that little girl was me. >> reporter: harris keying on this explosive moment to raise more than $2 million in just the 24 hours after the exchange,
1:18 pm
according to her campaign. harris also adding two new endorsements to her portfolio. representatives bobby rush and frederica wilson, two members of the crucial congressional black caucus announced support on monday. all as harris received unified support from her democratic challengers on the issue of race. specifically this tweet from donald trump jr., the president's son, that seized on a lie perpetrated on social media that harris is jamaican and indian descent meant she was not black. trump jr. deleted the tweet but not before candidates like bernie sanders leveled this harsh charge. donald trump jr. is a racist, too. shocker. and, jake, the harris campaign has weighed in comparing it to the birtherism attacks from -- against president obama from donald trump. and said it didn't work then and it won't work now. and donald trump jr. didn't know she was of half indian descent
1:19 pm
and once he realized it was being misconstrued he immediately deleted the tweet, jake. >> phil mattingly, thank you so much. three face-to-face meetings with kim jong-un and repeated presidential promises of denuclearization but will north korea actually get to keep their nuclear weapons? stay with us. not even our competitor's best battery can match the power of energizer. because energizer ultimate lithium is the longest lasting aa battery in the world. [confetti cannon popping] energizer. backed by science. matched by no one. introducing zero account fees for brokerage accounts. and zero minimums to open an account. we have fidelity mutual funds with zero minimum investment.
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making history as the first sitting american president to walk into north korea. but despite what the president hoped was a dramatic tv moment with north korea's dispottic leader kim jong-un, it is unclear what, if any, progress president trump made toward the stated goal of denuclearization. the photo op came as the "new york times" is reporting that the trump administration is considering allowing north korea to keep its current stockpile of nuclear weapons in exchange for a freeze on nuclear weapons production, a significant moving of the goalpost were that to happen as kaitlan collins now reports. >> reporter: president trump back in washington today after taking historic first st-- firs steps into north korea. his impromptu sitdown with kim jong-un has reignited talks with the permit kingdom but now there are questions about what the talks will look like. >> we just had a very, very good meeting with chairman kim. >> reporter: "the new york times" reports the u.s. may selt for a nuclear freeze instead of
1:25 pm
denuclearization, a concept the "times" said would be accepting the north as a nuclear power. a far cry from the president's demands that kim surrender his arsenal. >> this is complete denuclearization of north korea. and it will be verified. >> reporter: trump's national security adviser john bolton said neither the national security council staff nor us have discussed any desire to settle for a nuclear freeze. this is a an attempt by someone to box in the president. but it could be an attempt to box out bolton who was absent from the president's trip to the dmz because a u.s. official said he was on a flight to mongolia. bolton may have been missing in action but the president's daughter and senior adviser wasn't. ivanka trump is facing criticism over the foreign policy role she played in asia. she summarized trump's meets with world leaders, a job reserved for national security staff.
1:26 pm
>> the prime minister modi and abe just concluded a meeting with the president. >> reporter: she awkwardly squeezed out the secretary of state in a photo op and even crossed into north korea from behind closed doors. while the trump chief of staff waited outside, an experience she called surreal. back in washington, the president is facing scrutiny of his own. after warmly embracing multiple authoritarian leaders while in asia. >> we met and liked each other from day one and that is very important. >> reporter: he lavished praise on the saudi crown prince who the cia recently concluded authorized the brutal murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. >> they've been an ally. >> reporter: and touted his relationship with vladimir putin after joking about the interference in the election. >> i get along with president putin, i get along with mohamed from saudi arabia. >> reporter: now, jake, if the administration does allow north korea to remain a nuclear power, that agreement could end up
1:27 pm
resembling the iran nuclear deal which the president with drew from because he said it was disastrous. >> kaitlan collins at the white house. thank you. joining me now is democratic congressman max rose of new york, serving on the house homeland security security and army platoon leader in afghanistan. congressman, thanks so much for joining us. "the new york times" is reporting that the trump administration would consider something of a nuclear freeze allowing the north korean regime to keep the current nuclear arsenal for exchange for no more future production. would you settle for that agreement? would that be good enough? >> absolutely not, jake. look, this is a politics of foreign policy driven by this president's deep, dark insecurities. apparently at this point you have to do is twitter flirt with this president and compliment his hair and you could get whatever you want. this is theatrics through and through. and it is very disappointing to see the president of the united states stooping down to this level. but i also think it is important
1:28 pm
that we take a step back here and really analyze this situation as a regional problem, not just an issue with north korea. if we want true nonproliferation, a true end to this conflict in east asia, then we have got to involve china. it means we have got to get china to the negotiating table and we have got to step back this tariff crisis. these two issues are interlinked and this president is not acknowledging that at all. >> let me ask you, because president obama former director of national intelligence general james clapper, he said the u.s. might ultimately have to accept north korea as a nuclear power, that the regime is unlikely to ever give up the nuclear weapons program, so on that broad view of it, he and president trump don't necessarily disagree all that much. >> well, i personally think that is not the issue here. the point is that we have got to have a broad-based strategy with a pre-determined outcome. we have not established
1:29 pm
anything. there is no clear negotiations, there is no clear strategy. and there is no regional approach. so i do disagree with this notion that we should just relinquish this and set tup as an ultimatum because look beyond the region. this is an invitation to nations like iran and god knows who else that there are no consequences to continued nuclear proliferation. it is extraordinarily dangerous and could kata liez a global race for nuclear weapons and i'm unwilling to settle for that. >> supporters of the president say that most of us might not like the actions of people like putin or president xi or mohammed bin salman or kim jong-un but the reality is the u.s. needs to work with them and in the case of saudi arabia, saudi arabia is a key check on iran. what do you have to say to that? >> yeah, look, well it is clear that we have to engage with people and we can't have a utopian forum of geopolitics but with that being said, what we're doing right now is we are
1:30 pm
rewarding bad behavior. khashoggi is killed and -- and in response we have further arm sales to saudi arabia and support them even more in the efforts in yemen when it is a clearly a geopolitical race against iran. you look at russia, the president of the united states sits down with vladimir putin and jokes about him interfering in future elections. at one point or another this president has got to understand that vladimir putin is laughing at him, not with him. we cannot reward attacks on the homeland and that is exactly what russia did in 2016. so we can walk this fine line, this is what this country is all about, but it takes a mature foreign policy and right now we have exactly the opposite. >> let me ask you, you mentioned iran, iran has surpassed the threshold on uranium production that was -- that was limited by the obama nuclear deal which
1:31 pm
president trump with drew from. the president said he would sit down with iran without preconditions. would you support him doing that to try to work out a new nuclear deal with iran? >> well, first of all, yes. and second of all, the administration has to speak with one voice because when you speak to the secretary of state about this, he talks about a series of ultimatums for iran that are completely unobtainable and we know that iran will never agree to them. we're doing the same with china. we cannot give people incredibly unreasonable ultimatum or ultimatums that we know they'll never assent to and then use that as an excuse for continued escalations. i fear that that is what we're seeing in both china and iran. so i would definitely support us sitting down with iran, pushing a renegotiation, pushing an expansion of the nuclear agreement, one that hopefully does not have a sunset clause and also has constraints on missile development and missile technology and i definitely think that is possible.
1:32 pm
>> i want to ask you what you thought of the president's daughter ivanka trump, an adviser to the president, she was front and center during the g-20 summit meeting with world leaders representing the united states. take a listen to your democratic colleague congressman john garamendi defending the president's decision to have ivanka as a key adviser and diplomat. >> he could choose his advisers. and he needs to have people that he could trust and if ivanka is that person, that's okay. >> do you agree, congressman? >> with all due respect to my colleague, john, i don't think the american taxpayer should subsidize family trips to the east asia for the trump family to bolster ivanka and jared's resume. this is not a joke and right now this administration is treating our foreign policy as exactly like that. and you know what, i'm not shocked because this is what we get when we have a foreign policy crafted by insecure overly hawkish jingo liftic
1:33 pm
draft dodgers and we have to reframe american foreign policy and i have not seen it yet and continue to push for that. >> democratic congressman max rose from new york. thank you for your time. why taxpayer funded security agents for pompeo feels like uber eats with guns. a cnn exclusive, next. is is not. it's a revolution in sleep. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now during our lowest prices of the season. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to hit the ground running. don't miss our 4th of july special with the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed now $1299. plus, free premium delivery when you add a base. ends sunday. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. she's staying in a rainforest tree house? that's my dream. you dream big for a man on a plane to omaha. and she's zip lining with little jon?
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? in our politics lead, cnn has learned that democrats on a key committee are looking into whistleblower allegations that the security detail is running day-to-day errands for the secretary of state, picking up the dog and his son and chinese
1:38 pm
food all without him even in the car. and as cnn michelle kosinski reports, agents are complaining at times they're basically, quote, uber eats with guns. >> reporter: multiple congressional aides tell cnn a whistleblower on a key house committee that on multiple occasions diplomatic security special agents were asked to run personal errands and in one instance picking up chinese food for secretary of state mike pompeo when she was not in the car. the whistleblower said it led to complaints that the security team was like uber eats with guns and then picking up the dog for the groomer and he expressed fond during testimony. >> i have a soft spot for any golden retriever. >> reporter: and a document shown to cnn, agents were told to pick up his son at washington station. the secretary should be in the car during these kind of trips and only if there is a threat that would necessity it.
1:39 pm
the state department did not deny that these trips took place. but a ds special agent in charge insisted that at no point during my service did he or any member of the family ask me or any member of my team to act in a way inconsist went our professional obligation to protect the secretary. it is not clear whether these alleged tasks were initiated by pompeo himself or someone on his staff without his knowledge, but the whistleblower told congressional investigators there is a culture right now at ds to please pompeo and not make him angry. >> these are not the kind of people that go around complaining. they do their jobs and they do them proudly and they do them quietly and so you have somebody who felt so strongly about this that they decided to go to congress, that has to be taken seriously. >> reporter: congressional investigators are seeking to understand why pompeo's wife susan has her own security detail. this is unusual, according to a former senior ds official who said that if syracuse was granted to a secretary's spouse in the past, it was just for a short period of time and only
1:40 pm
after a threat assessment for that person was done with an intelligence division of diplomatic security. the whoift told congressional investigators that multiple agents understood the normal procedure was not followed and warned not to use her call sign which is shocker over the radios because they, quote, know it is not kosher. something a state department spokesperson calls absolutely and definitively not true. the spokesperson tells cnn only that an initial threat assessment was done for susan pompeo in july of 2018. a special agent in charge defended the assignment. today the security threats against secretary pompeo and his family are unfortunately very real. the diplomatic security service is proud to protect the pompeo family from those who would harm the secretary of state and the united states. so in addition to this whoift saying that multiple people within diplomatic security feel that proper procedures weren't followed and these are long-standing procedures, we also know that within the state department there have been questions for a while concerning
1:41 pm
susan pompeo's role there. for example, that she was chairing meetings at the state department about logistic as head of a recent trip and now another whistleblower came forward to the same congressional investigators from the executive floor of the state department saying that staffers there were told to keep discussion of her out of official emails so as to keep it out of the official record. jake. >> michelle kosinski at the state department. powerful images in the world lead, protesters in hong kong rammed inside of the main government building. the group of mostly young people all wearing protective helmets and on a mission to protect freedoms in hong kong that no one else has and that china and those in the mainland cannot see what is happening because china blocked the cnn signal and banned talk of the protests on social media in china. cnn nick robertson joins us live in hong kong. and this is a bold and dangerous move the protesters tried to make. >> reporter: it is, jake. and could tell you and show you the windows where they smashed their way in.
1:42 pm
you could see how thick this glass is here. double layered plastic in the middle. this is now a crime scene. the police have put up the police wire and if you look behind you could see the graffiti written up and just over here to the side where they smashed their way through the steel doors inside to get inside of that building. a huge amount of graffiti with just -- we just heard from the chief executive here saying there were good protesters and bad protesters today and the rule of law is important and wants the people of hong kong to reflect on what we learned from the police chief in the last couple of minutes he had to evacuate his officers because all of the civilians workers had led the building and the office was under siege and a white powder was being used and he didn't know if it was toxic and he called his police officers out and that was at 9:00 in the evening and that is when the protests got in and did the damage and that is when the chief executive is calling bad, breaking the rule of law and wants people of hong kong to reflect on that. >> nic robertson in hong kong.
1:43 pm
congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez just visited a border facility in the u.s. and making shocking claims about the conditions she saw there including some migrants were being told to drink from toilets. that story is next. hi, i'm joan lunden. when my mother began forgetting things, we didn't know where to turn for more information. that's why i recommend a free service called a place for mom. we have local senior living advisors who can answer your questions about dementia or memory care and, if necessary, help you find the right place for your mom or dad.
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breaking news in our national lead, just moments ago democratic members of congress alleging horrifying conditions at migrant detention centers near the border after visiting three centers, alexandria ocasio-cortez tweeted, quote, now i've seen the inside of these facilities, it is not just the kids, everyone, people drinking out of toilets and officers laughing in front of members of congress. i brought it to up to their
1:48 pm
supervisors and they said officers are stressed and act out sometimes. no accountability. nick is live where one detention center is. what else are they saying. >> reporter: they were in there for an hour total, jake. and representative joe kenny was the first to emerge after about 20 minutes and he noted the capacity issues, estimating about 25 migrants in the facility. it is worth noting last week when i visited along with a tour of reporters, there was a total of 117 migrants so if he's seeing capacity issues at 25 you could imagine the conditions we saw last week. it was chairman joaquin castro that spoke first for the congressional hispanic caucus calling the conditions dehumanizing saying this country is in a very dark place. >> when we went into the cell, it was clear that the water was not running. there was a toilet but there was no running water for people to drink. in fact, one of the women said
1:49 pm
that she was told by an agent to drink water out of the toilet. >> reporter: some of the members emerged emotional. it was representative presley who came out and was comforted briefly while she made her impassioned comments say she'll always speak truth to power. these congress men and women saw things today that they wish they hadn't, jake. >> and customs and border patrol are now investigating reports that i think we first saw on propublica of current and former border patrol agents allegedly making crude, lewd, sexist and racist comments on facebook including jokes about migrants. what do we know about that? >> reporter: there were jokes about migrants, there were d-- there were derogatory comments about escobar and ocasio-cortez and one of the posts suggested that demonstrators should throw burritos at the representatives. we did hear immediate reaction,
1:50 pm
swift reaction from the u.s. customs and border protection saying they're investigating the allegations and taking them seriously. they were first reported by the unit at propublica and just a short time ago that i had a chance to speak off camera with representative ocasio-cortez. she said what cannot be lost on this all is that 9,500 members were part of what she calls very racist facebook group and there is a total of 20,000 border patrol agents and that is a significant number to be part of a vitriolic group. jake. >> thank you, nick. a cartoonist was let go after one of his cartoons about president trump went viral. we'll talk to the cartoonist next. wn ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a-- ♪ drifter i was ♪born to walk alone! you're a drifter? i thought you were kevin's dad.
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salonpas lidocaine patch blocks pain receptors for effective, non-addictive relief. salonpas lidocaine. patch, roll-on or cream. hisamitsu. the pop culture lead now. a political cartoonist let go after 17 years with the newspaper chain and after this cartoon of his went viral. michael de adder depicted trump golfing over the bodies of oscar martinez and his 23-month-old daughter angie valeria who drowned. the president saying, do you mind if i play through. he was a freelance artist for brunswick news incorporated and the newspaper chain denied canceling his contract over this cartoon but critibs are question if the ties to a big-time oil giant with interest in the u.s. and a need to be on president trump's good side may have played a role in the firing. i want to bring in the cartoonist, michael de adder. thank you for joining us.
1:56 pm
so michael, why do you think you lost your job? >> i don't know, but the facts of the -- of my situation were that -- i spent 17 years at the paper and even when cartoons were -- axed which were frequently i replaced the cartoons. i spent 17 years filling in spots and -- doing my job. there wasn't a day that i wasn't working that a cartoon of mine didn't appear. and i seem to have a good relationship on a monday when i was talking to my editor and then i posted that cartoon online and on thursday i was dismissed. and without cause. like without a reason. i asked what is the reason for this? and i went through a list of items. was it cost?
1:57 pm
no. was it confidence and they said no. or was it my online presence and again to. and that was the end of the conversation. >> do you think business interests -- >> it leads you to wonder. pardon me? >> do you think business interests in the u.s. played a role in your dismissal. the newspaper chain is owned by one branch of the family and another branch of the family has a big oil business that needs to be on the good side of the american president one would think. could that have played a role? >> that is the only thing that makes sense really. business interests affect all decisions at the newspaper and within the company. the bottom line is the only line at the newspaper. so 17 years and you know -- you know how the newspaper works. it just -- nothing else seems to make sense. any was going to -- if i was given a reason, if they said
1:58 pm
cost-cutting, i would have moved on or said i was let go because of cost-cutting and maybe the cartoon would have led to the same thing. but probably not. and i would have taken things at face value. i wouldn't be sitting here. i didn't -- i'm a reluctant, you know, former employee. i didn't want to create -- i didn't want this -- i didn't look for this to happen. i didn't look to be fired but i also didn't look to be the poster boy for fired cartoonists. >> in a statement they said your policy was not canceled because of the trump cartoon. they said bni was not offered this cartoon by mr. deadder and said negotiations were going on for weeks to bring back another reader favorite. what do you make of their excuse? >> well, number one, not to
1:59 pm
dismiss another cartoonist, but the reader favored who is a good cartoonist is more of an irving favorite, not -- irving is the family who owns the company. he's an irving favorite. and, two, you know, possibly -- i mean, yeah, i had the sarah huckabee sanders what i consider a better cartoon of sarah huckabee sanders a week before and cartoon on trump shooting the media. i mean, all i know is that when the viral cartoon hits fans on a wednesday, thursday at -- i don't know, 1:00 or 2:00 or noon i was let go without justification and not only that, i -- that morning i thought everything was good so i provided not one but three cartoons to fill out the week and not ome was i dismissed but my cartoons were axed and it was
2:00 pm
like hitting a brick wall. i mean, had they just gone with reader favorite, they probably would have filled out the week at least. >> i have to go. political cartoonist, michael de adder. good luck to you. our coverage on cnn continues right now. happening now. breaking news. dramatic drop. a new cnn poll shows joe biden clinging to a narrow lead after dropping ten points in the wake of the first democratic debate. kamala harris is jumped into second place closely followed by elizabeth warren. nuclear power, in a sharp reversal of past policy, a new report said the trump administration may be willing to agree to a nuclear freeze by north korea. is the u.s. about to let north korea continue to be a nuclear power? and embracing dictators. before his meeting with kim jong-un, the presidentce