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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  July 2, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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dehumanizing migrants. >> each one of these allegations will be thoroughly investigated. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berm berman. >> you can hold my hand if you want. >> we were holding hands accidentally. >> it's team usa today. i know that's hard for you. are you rooting for america for the first time today. >> just because i love meghan ma markle and prince harry. >> it's hard for you to root for america because your daughters are at camp. >> wow. it is july 2nd, 6:00 here in new york. we thought the first democratic primary debates would change the 2020 race in a big way, and now we know we were right. a new cnn poll shows the front runner, former vice president's joe biden's commanding lead over the democratic field has
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plummeted and two women, senators kamala harris and elizabeth warren have surged after their debate performances. >> what makes this poll so important is it was conducted entirely after the debates, where harris had that electric moment with joe biden. there's a ton of information. we keep saying this is a huge field with 24 candidates. voters might not see it that way. just four candidates are polling above 5% and there are some signs this morning that the candidates are taking positions on issues that are different than where the public is. our political record, david chaley he has been rolling inside these big numbers. >> it is a shuffled race. there's no doubt about it. there's that top tier you're talking about. four candidates, biden is leading in this race. now it's a narrow lead. 22%, harris at 17%.
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you saw the rest there, changing since may, biden is down 10 points. harris and warren doubled their support. sanders drops 4. buttigieg holds about steady, he's down one. i want to show you a key to joe biden's support. it is the black vote, 36% among african americans. 12% for warren. i want to take a look at the issues here, on the economy, biden is the one that is leading the deal, best equipped to handle it. followed by warren and sanders. health care, that's a bernie sanders strong point. climate it is sanders and biden. i want you to note, harris is down here. this is an advantage right now for her top tooier competitors lean in on these issues. one issue that we tested, race relations is kamala harris's strong suit, 29%, best equipped to handle it.
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bernie sanders at 13. as you know, democrats are looking for someone to beat donald trump. more than 6 in 10 democrats say they are looking for someone with a strong chance of beating trump versus the 30% who say i'm loo looking for somebody who shares my position on the issues and this is joe biden's calling card. look at this. we asked democrats who is it that you think is best equipped to beat trump. going away it's joe biden, 43% of democrats say so. then bernie at 13. kamala harris at 12. you can see here if any of biden's competitors could pierce this notion that he is the best to beat donald trump that that could spell serious trouble for his candidacy. john, alisyn. >> stick around, we want to bring in jess mcintosh, former director of the outreach for the hillary clinton campaign, and john avalon back on the red eye, cnn senior political analyst. jess it turns out campaigns
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matter and debate matter. that's the message i get from these poll sgls th. >> they do and it's incredibly exciting to see both women rise as quickly as they did. we spent a lot of time asking if america was ready far woman president, whether these particular women were electable. the momentum we're seeing after the performance we saw should put those questions to rest. these women should be in the top tier and among the strongest candidates the democrats could field next year. >> do you see these numbers as a mark of turbulence and the sort of super bowl quality of candidates bouncing around? the reason i ask is that amount of bounce kamala harris got, she had an incredibly strong note worthy performance, but will that come down to earth? >> some of this is gravity taking hold. but i think kamala harris's bounce is a big deal because she came strong out of the gate in
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the first debate. you see a leap that's not within the margin of error. she has had a slumbering strength. she is the candidate folks wanted to know more about and she is uniquely positioned to help bridge a lot of democratic divides as she perceived today. objectively very very strong. for the folks in the back half of the field, they're nowheresfield and joe biden's folks shouldn't feel good about this. they can come up with rationalizations. >> you have a great point. kamala h kamala harris is still the candidate folks want to know about it. you brought up the issue of race, and if we can put up p 103, joe biden, the former vice president is still leading among the black vote there at 36% to 24% for harris. i look at this and say, well, look there's big momentum for harris among these numbers, and
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if she continues that momentum and draws even with the black vote which isn't unthinkable. there is a clear path there for her to close the gap even more. >> i mean, john, that has always been senator harris's path to the nomination. there's no doubt about that. and you remember back in 2007, 2008, the black vote was parked with hillary clinton for much of 2007 in that nomination race until barack obama made his move in iowa and voting for an african-american for president, that was the game change in the race, and so yes, if kamala harris can dig into the african-american vote that is parked with joe biden right now, that is a mortal threat to the biden camp. >> is her bounce about race relations or bussing? just to be clear, that is not an issue. bussing is not an issue that voters say they care about this
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year. okay. maybe in 1974, but -- or was it the moment. is it just that people are responding to the fact that she can go after biden. >> i think that one moment was important. i think her entire debate performance was important. every time she opened her mouth it was a win. we saw somebody who was frighteningly competent and capable of going against donald trump. she didn't have to go after joe biden, and she laid it out anyway. i think there's a conversation happening in the democratic party right now about america grappling with its racist past and the present day ramifications of that past. that's an important conversation we're having, and i feel like joe biden is just continually asserting he's not able to have it. in just a few days since the debate performance which was so disastrous, that moment about bussing, he doubled down on state's rights, he subjected that it was relatively novel not to see a black teen and
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immediately assume they were a gang member, and went on to say it was no longer socially acceptable to make fun of a gay waiter like it was five years ago. this is in the last four days. we're starting to see that this is the safest candidate iderode little bit as he's talking about the issues. >> the poll you talked about last night, which candidate do you want to hear more about it, it is senator kamala harris, it was in april and it is now. this is not the number that i have in front of me. the number i have in front of me it says harris is at 30%, warren at 24%, but harris is the candidate people want to know more about it. >> i think that's an important proxy for momentum, for room to grow. it's striking to me that buttigieg and booker did not see more of a bump out of this debate. booker had a strong performance. buttigieg slightly down.
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>> isn't that also a little unrealistic in terms of what you're talking about in the bouncing around of the poll. buttigieg raised so much money, surely we will see a bump at some point. maybe it's a little delayed. >> maybe but there's also a question of how much raising money is a proxy for broad popularity. you may be appealing to wealthy and college educated whites. his donations have been fairly broad. he's clearly in the top tier of candidates. a lot of the field is nowheresville. >> buttigieg, looking at those numbers, seeing that he's at 0 or 1% with black voters. that's a no go in the democratic party. that's the base of our party. unless he can move those numbers at all, it doesn't really matter how high the money can go. >> and that's where the movement was. there has been so far, and might be going forward. let's see if we can do this one. should government health insurance be available to undocumented immigrants. this is an important one, p 114, and that says that only 38% say
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yes. 59% say no. and why is that important? well, you remember on the debate stage when asked should undocumented immigrants get health coverage provided from the government, everyone raised their hand, so david chalion, the polls say the candidates want when americans don't want. >> you're playing primary politics instead of general election politics. that poll number if you look at it by democrats, it's opposite, 6 in 10 democrats believe that undocumented immigrants should indeed have health insurance from a government run program if there was one. they are raising their hand because they understand in this moment it's a popular position to take with the party but independents and republicans are obviously vastly opposed to it which makes the overall general election opposed to it which means whoever emerges from the
3:11 am
stage, the democratic nominee raising their hands when they get to the general election, they're going to have to massage that position. >> that was the cover of the "new york post." this is how they lose. americans who are struggle to pay their health care bills are like, huh? you're going to offer this to undocumented immigrants? >> this is a perfect snapshot of the democrats's greatest danger, a further field to the left. donald trump's entire play book is negative partisanship, they're radical, extreme. if they can get a thin edge to the wedge, the candidates all seem to be saying they support something that's well out of the mainstream for americans. >> if your number one issue is making sure undocumented immigrants don't get health care, you're voting for donald trump. i don't think the democratic field needs to get bumped.
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>> what if your number one issue is your own health care. >> i think there's a lot of time to explain what the programs mean. you can't have a national program for health insurance that leaves millions of people uninsured. we're going to have to pay for that at the emergency room. it's not fair in terms of spreading disease to leave people untreated. those are logical arguments that don't necessarily work in 30 second time bites. luckily this primary is longer than 30 seconds. >> a lot more to talk about with this poll. i think it provides a road map for candidates to run in the primary and the general election as wellment we'. we're waking up to questions about the death of tyler skaggs. all of major league baseball is in mourning. the 27-year-old was found unresponsive in his hotel room in texas. the angels were there to play the rangers. sara sidner live in los angeles. we're told foul play is not suspected. >> that's right. it is a mystery, john, but from
3:13 am
across the country, coast to coast, you have fans and players from teams from the new york yankees, for example, to right here in los angeles expressing their absolute shock that this 27-year-old, well liked left-handed pitcher is gone. >> tyler skaggs taking the mound for the angels. >> tyler skaggs on the mound against the oakland a's, the 27-year-old athlete was one of the los angeles angels most reliable pitchers. less than 48 hours later, police found skaggs dead in a texas hotel room. his body discovered just hours before he and his teammates were to begin the opening game of a series against the texas rangers. their game postponed as shock and grief set in, from texas to thiz home field in anaheim -- his home field in anaheim. >> for him to pass away at such a young age is hard. >> just honoring him. he earned our respect pitching.
3:14 am
>> reporter: major league baseball, his team, those he played against, and those he never knew took to social media to express their sorrow for number 45. his teammate and all star mike trout, remembering him as a great teammate, friend and person who will forever remain in our hearts. we love you, 45, he tweeted. all star pitcher for the toronto blue jays tweeted rip, tyler skaggs. heartbreaking, man, makes me sick to my stomach. prayers for his entire family and friends. the reason for skaggs death is still a mystery. police reportedly ruling out foul play or suicide. he had so much to live for. the los angeles born athlete was playing professional baseball for a team in his home state and he had just gotten married last year. he appeared happy and ready to take on the texas rangers, donning his texas duds in in this instagram photo. by monday afternoon, the los
3:15 am
angeles born angel would never alight on the mound again. skaggs married his wife carlie in december, they didn't get to spend a year as a married couple. >> it is so sad. it is so sad for her and the angels family. think of what it's like for the players. they live on the road together, you know, for half the year, and they have to go back to work with that locker empty. you know, with their friend gone and no answers this morning. >> it sound like he was beloved and they are desperate for answers and they will get them. but we're just all waiting. meanwhile, lawmakers go inside the migrant detention facilities at the border and they will share with us what they saw, and also investigative reporters find disgusting comments by some border patrol agents online. reread you those disturbing posts and what they mean, next. . i'll never forget that day.
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u.s. border patrol says they are investigating reports of disturbing social media activity on a secret facebook group for border patrol agents. these posts included vulgar comments about latino lawmakers and twisted remarks about migrant deaths. meanwhile members of congress got a firsthand look at some of the detention facilities holding these migrants, and cnn's nick valencia is live in texas with more. what did they learn.
3:21 am
>> reporter: good morning, the national border patrol chief and u.s. border patrol council were quick to condemn the posts. they brought added scrutiny as members showed up to tour the facilities along the southern border. u.s. customs and border protection under fire, and under investigation digging into what it calls disturbing and completely inappropriate social media posts, allegedly written by current and former employees in a closed facebook group. p the group reportedly named for a group of undocumented immigrants. one post about the father and daughter crossing the rio grande. one member asked if the photo could have been faked because the bodies were so clean. when questioned about the post, president trump said he did not see them. >> the border patrol, they're patriots, they're great people. they love our country, they know what's coming in. >> cnn obtaining these screen grabs from the group, responding
3:22 am
to a story about a pregnant teenager and baby held in cpb custody for a week. one commenter posting from the bottom of my heart, i don't give a [ bleep ] >> they also shared lewd comment about latino congress members, including alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> these do not represent the thoughts of the border patrol. each one of these allegations will be fully investigated. >> all of this comes as the new york congresswoman toured two west texas detention facilities with other house democrats, the lawmakers leaving outraged by the conditions. >> what we saw today was unconscionable. no child should ever be separated from their parents. >> i am tired of the health and safety, the humanity and the full freedom of black and brown children being negotiated and compromised and moderated.
3:23 am
>> congressional hispanic chairman, juaquin castro managed to capture some of what he saw, posting this video in twitter, showing women inside a cramped cell. >> when we went into the cell, it was clear that the water was not running. there was a toilet but there was no running water for people to drink. in fact, one of the women said that she was told by an agent to drink water out of the toilet. >> cbp tells cnn the claim of people drinking from toilets is completely untrue. chairman juaquin castro went on to call the conditions that migrants are being held in as dehumanizing. another saying these are very dark days in the country and migrants who are held in 8 foot by 10 foot cells are given no basic human rights. >> nick, thank you for being there. continue to push, we need to see what's going on inside those
3:24 am
buildings. oscar alberto martinez, and his 23-month-old daughter valeria have been laid to rest. they are the father and daughter in the heartbreaking photo, losing their lives trying to cross the border into the united states. hundreds attended the funeral in el salvador, among the mourners was valeri a's mother and oscar's widow. they had hoped to live and work in the united states for a few years and save enough money to return and beld a home of their own. >> it's so heartbreaking to think about her life going forward. rjts a senior official is describing hong kong's legislative building as a crime scene, this after a night of violent protests, hundreds of masked protesters stormed the government headquarters spraying graffiti all over the legislative chamber, and nic robertson is live in hong kong with the latest. you were in the thick of it yesterday reporting for us, nick, what's happening today? >> reporter: alisyn, the chinese government has weighed in with
3:25 am
their opinion, and they are calling this an undisguised challenge to the one country, two systems here of hong kong. that is autonomous province and this is the way the relationship between the two, between china and hong kong is described, one country, two systems and china using very strong language here describing it as a challenge to that. what we are hearing as well from the protesters is they think that there's a possibility that they could be a little bit of a backlash in terms of popular opinion or the damage that has been caused but they hope in the coming days that the people here will weigh the opinion of what they were trying to achieve against the greater numbers who were out protesting peacefully. that's their hope, the chief executive here is essentially told the people of hong kong, there are good protesters, bad protesters, you make up your mind but we must have the rule of law, and the police have explained why they pulled out of the building, under siege, they
3:26 am
said, they evacuated the building. the electricity was being turned off in the middle of the night for them. that's why they decided to have this tactical retreat. today it is a clean up around here. the administrators of the building say it could be weeks before the building is cleaned up and it could be until the next session of government here before there are anymore sessions of government. the two in july have been shelled for now. >> nic robertson great work. we saw you right in the middle of it yesterday. glad to see more peaceful surroundings today. thank you very much. we have an update to a moment you saw right here on "new day" 9/11 first responder, john field, our friend, choking up while he was asking new york city's mayor, bill de blasio to honor his fallen brother, 9/11 first responder, luis alvarez for his sacrifice.
3:27 am
>> so i'm asking mayor de blasio to give luis the key to fonew yk city. >> i'm sure he will do that. >> he better. >> luis earned it. with just days to live, alvarez spoke before congress, asking for congress to extend the september 11th victims compensation fund. here's part of that testimony. >>. >> i have been lucky enough to have the pain and suffering of 69 rounds of chemo and countless other treatments and surgeries. it is my goal and it is my legacy to see that you do the right thing for all 9/11 responders. >> amazing, and now here's the update. and alisyn called.
3:28 am
mayor tweeted, the city can never repay its debt to detective lou alvarez, and will be be my honor to give him the key. >> he did it right away. and when we had john on, so many disappoints from government officials and the fact that it happened with such alacrity. >> it better happen. >> those guys get things done. they demand things and they get things done. >> the public funeral for luis alvarez will be tomorrow. now to this, iran crossing a dangerous benchmark, why president trump says teheran is playing with fire. that's next. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're
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they know what they're doing. they know what they're playing
3:33 am
with, and i think they're playing with fire. >> that was president trump with a warning for iran after teheran acknowledged it had exceeded its critical limit on nuclear fuel that was set in the 2015 nuclear deal, so joining us now with more information is david sanger, national security correspondent for the "new york times" and cnn political and national security analyst, david, great to have you and all of your reporting has been so helpful to us in the past two days. so they have exceeded now the 660 pounds, i guess, of the lower enriched uranium. does that mean they are going back to stockpiling it? >> it certainly means they have exceeded the limit in the 2015 agreement that president obama and john kerry negotiated with the iranians. it doesn't mean they have enough at this point to produce a single nuclear weapon. it will probably take about three times as much low or enriched uranium to make a single weapon. under the agreement, they shipped about 97% of their fuel out of the country.
3:34 am
mostly to russia. and so that means that they have very little fuel right now. but it does put you on this slippery slope where the iranians are saying, look, if you keep doing the sanctions, if the europeans don't fulfill their promise to make up the economic losses that iran is suffering from not being able to ship much of its oil out, then they will just ignore the agreement and keep moving forward, and the problem the united states has is that since president trump abandoned the agreement more than a year ago, the u.s. position right now is iran's got to comply even if the united states is no longer a member of the agreement. >> which is a tough push and a tough sell there. and again on the issue of whether or not it puts them closer to a nuclear weapon, so far they haven't produced anymore of the highly enriched uranium which would speed it up. let me read a statement from the white house, it was a mistake under the iran nuclear deal. there is little doubt that even
3:35 am
before the deal's existence iran was violating its terms. maximum pressure on the iranian regime will continue until the leaders alter the interaction. the fact is that during that preef time that this -- brief time that this agreement was being implemented, iran was abiding by it, right? >> it was actually more than three years. it went into effect in early 2016. they stuck with it even after for a year after the president abandoned. that statement, john, was particularly remarkable because the white house said iran was in violation of the agreement before the agreement was goer negotiated. at that time, iran was in compliance with its commitments to international inspections and so forth. it was heading toward what everybody feared would be a weapons capability. but i think the big fear here going forward is two-fold. first, the iranians have made it
3:36 am
pretty clear that by next weekend or early next week, they plan to raise the enrichment level. right now the fuel they're producing you can only use in a nuclear reactor to make electric power, basically. but if you raise the enrichment level you're moving closer and closer to what it takes to making a bomb, then you're on the road to the agreement being completely prepared afractured. if they can't come to a negotiating solution, this is a reason for the united states or israel to take military action. >> david, explain this president trump paradox. very punitive towards iran. it was in compliance with the nuclear deal, yet very conciliatory and friendly towards north korea that has been doing all sort of provocative actions. >> it is one of the bizarre historic moments of the trump foreign policy that will be sorting out for many years.
3:37 am
you could imagine a situation in which iran is sort of a natural ally of the united states if it ceased what's been pretty terrible behavior in supporting terrorism and in their threatening missile launches but you could see where the natural affinity between the united states and iran is, and you could see how the u.s. could encourage a younger generation in iran that's politically rising to begin to alter the regime or alter the behavior of the regime. with north korea, they've already got nuclear weapons, and so the lesson that the iranians may welcome out of from this interesting weekend at the dmz is that if you really want to get the president's attention, if you really want to get him to warm up to your leaders, you should obtain those nuclear weapons and have that leverage. >> and of course david sanger,
3:38 am
terrific reporting, which says there are people in the administration suggesting nuclear freeze, not removing all the weapons from the korean peninsula, which would be a huge shift from where the administration was a year ago on that point. david sanger, great reporting, great to have you with us. great to be with you. the biggest challenge for team usa in the world cup, we beat england in the revolution, much to the chagrin of allisisy camerota. can we do it again. the bleacher report is next. masy childhood development. you don't mind if i record this, do you? uhh, no! first kid here's all the numbers, food's in the fridge, oh and lucas likes to pull on jewelry so you might want to lose the nose ring. by their second kid, parents are more likely to choose luvs. it absorbs 20x its weight and the new triple leakguards lock away wetness for outstanding leakage protection. live, learn, and get luvs.
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this melting pot of impacted species. everywhere is going to get touched by climate change.
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i have one kid in each branch of the military. when i have a child deployed, having a reliable network means everything. (vo) the network more people rely on, gives you more. like a special price for military families and big savings when you switch. that's verizon. later today, revolution part two, the u.s. soccer team meets with its toughest challenge yet, taking on england in the world cup semifinals, we beat them
3:43 am
once, 200 and some years ago, we can do it again. amanda davis has a preview. amanda. >> john, it is a big day, and one i have to admit, i'm struggling just a little bit to maintain by professional, you guys definitely more used to world cup semifinals than me in england. it is the biggest game for both of these sides in the tournament up to this point. the usa definitely the favorites as the defending champions up against hoping to get to the final for the first time. so far it's been megan rapinoe who starred for the usa in terms of the last two games particularly. you wonder if this might just be alex morgan's moment. back here in leon where she's used to winning when she played here in 2016, she held them to a treble of trophies and we saw her having a one around on the pitch, on her own on sunday, really soaking it all in. and she's got the added incentive today.
3:44 am
it's her 30th birthday and she's going head to head with rapinoe for the tournament's top scorer award. >> megan rapinoe has put the team on her back from spain to france, and it's going to take, you know, players like that, and you know a couple individuals each game to step up and really help carry this team and pino has done that in great fashion. >> reporter: she certainly has. it's been really really hot here for the last couple of days. we have been in the midst of a heat wave with temperatures close to 100 degrees fahrenheit, though it is a little bit cooler today. there's a bit of a breeze, and speaking of hot, the u.s. women's jerseys have been flying off the shelves. nike announced this week the team's home shirts have outsold any other men's or women's this season. you can only think that that will help the team's argument when it comes to the ongoing equal pay dispute with the u.s. soccer federation, and a win
3:45 am
this evening, a place in another world cup final won't do any harm either. >> such a great point. thank you very much. may the best players win. >> the americans. >> you don't have to be neutral on this. you can root for america. >> i'm talking about skill. >> you don't have to root for the royal family here. >> i understand, but meghan markle is so attractive. an upset for the ages in the opening round of wimbledon. coy wire has more in the bleacher report. good morning to you, a 15-year-old kid pulling off a major upset at a major tournament, incredible, cori coco gauff. kisses for coco from dad, for the kid from outside atlanta, stepped on the court at wimbledon. venus is 39 years old. she won four majors before golf was even born. the youngest woman to qualify in the open era takes down her idol
3:46 am
in the first round. gauff said this was the first time she ever cried after winning a match. >> i never thought this would happen. i'm literally living my dream right now, and not many people get to say that, so i'm just happy that they gave me the opportunity just to play, and i just never thought it would be this far. >> alisyn, coco had to take a science test before the tournament and when she made the draw, two of her teachers found out that she actually plays tennis, they saw her name in an article. that's how humble she is. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's amazing. that's down playing it. she should mention it to some people, coy, that's amazing. i had the same experience where i watched the girl who felt that serena williams was her idol, beat her. >> you had the same experience. >> i had the exact same experience of watching it. >> you have never won wimbledon, correct? >> i have never won a tennis
3:47 am
game. >> we're going to have cori gauff's mother live from wimbledon to find out how this phenom is doing the morning after that victory, which is much like alisyn camerota. >> watching from the stands. we have an interesting story this morning, picking up chinese food, getting the dog from the groomer, why members of the secretary of state mike pompeo security detail say they are being treated more like couriers. we have a cnn exclusive next. freedom is the ability to go where you wanna go... ♪ and do what you wanna do. ♪ so... what do you wanna do? the 2019 jeep compass. hurry in to the 4th of july sales event and get $500 additional bonus cash on select models. visit
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this was we have a cnn exclusive, a whistle blower, alleging that secretary of state mike pompeo misused his security detail. special agents said they felt like uber eats employees with guns. michelle kaczynski who broke the story joins us with more. >> congressional investigators with a key house committee. he goes there with these concerns about how secretary of state mike pompeo's diplomatic security is being used at times.
3:52 am
we don't know how the trips were initiated by the secretary of state himself. could have been by members of his staff, but there were things like picking up chinese food, causing agents within diplomatic security to feel like they were being used as quote uber eats with guns or picking up the family dog from a groomer. another time when they had to pick up his son, his adult son from the train station and bring him to the family home. so long standing protocol dictates that if they're going to do a trip like this, first of all, the secretary is supposed to be in the car at the time. if not, there should be a specific threat that would necessitate a trip like this. so the state department came up with these very carefully worded statements for us. it took them four days to come up with them, and in one of them, this is quoting a special agent in charge saying at no point during my service did the secretary or any member of his family ask me or any member of my team to act in any way that would be inconsistent with our professional obligation to protect the secretary. however, the bigger issue here, according to this whistle blower
3:53 am
is that multiple people within diplomatic security service are wondering why pompeo's wife has a dedicated security detail. this is very unusual. in the past if it was done, it would only be for a specific threat, for a short period of time. they don't buy that there's a threat that would merit this, and they don't believe that protocol was followed, that a threat assessment was done within the office, how it's usually done, the state department says an initial threat assessment was done and that is why she has a permanent security detail. but there is a lot of push back coming from people within dss on this. >> as we've seen with other cabinet members when malfeasance was exposed, they then had to make changes or got fired, so it is a very good thing that you and reporters are covering this for us. thank you. up next, cnn is live in syria as a new round of violence pushes thousands of people from their homes. wow!
3:54 am
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this melting pot of impacted species. everywhere is going to get touched by climate change.
3:57 am
the leaders of 11 humanitarian organizations, issuing an urgent warning. they say northern syria is on the brink of a humanitarian nightmare unlike anything we have seen in this century. cnn's ar wa damon is live near the turkish border. arwa? >> reporter: good morning, this is just one of the many makeshift refugee camps that has sort of cropped up within these olive gloves. most of the people living in these conditions, and it is already swelteringly hot, have
3:58 am
fled their homes in the last week or two. but it's not the first time that they are fleeing. we were just talking to the extended family that is underneath this tent, and they had actually on numerous occasions fled, sed up these tents and they would go back thinking it was safe. but the last time that they went back home to this area that's about an hour and a half south of here, more bombs came in and more people in this family were lost, including two twin boys. now, their mother isn't here. she's in another tent. she's diabetic. she can barely move. she was just sitting there, crying, crying, crying, wishing that anything would happen to her, just to be able to see her children once more. and then each time when we're talking to people here, they keep telling you about how many people they have lost in their family. you know, this young girl said that her uncle had been killed.
3:59 am
another young girl came over and talked about how her father had been killed, and these families, that's it. they're not going back. this is everything that they brought with them, bits and pieces from their homes that they were able to salvage. a few of the children's toys that they were able to bring out. back to this area that they're from, we were down there, and the fighter jets are constantly overhead. it is absolutely terrifying. it's chilling. it's hair raising. there are only a few hospitals, medical facilities left because they've all been bombed. even when they try to go underground, into underground locations they're being bombed, and there is an entire population down there that's getting ready for an even more intense bombardment, they know it's coming and they don't understand how it is that is these images are constantly broadcast, and the world remains silent and refuses to help them. >> and how long have they been living like this in those conditions and in fear of what
4:00 am
is to come. arwa damon, thank you so much for showing us what's going on on the ground there. appreciate it. so it's a whole new race on the democratic side, a brand new cnn poll on 2020 shows us big changes. "new day" continues right now. joe biden no longer a double digit front runner. >> he and bernie sanders are sliding, the insurgent candidacies are gaining. >> i think his performance was disappointing. he's going to have to up his game. >> there were times when i walked into this facility, and i was brought to my knees in tears. >> these women were being told by cpb officers to drink out of the toilet. >> she voted against two bills that were put in to alleviate those situations down there. >> president trump to have military equipment featured at this year's fourth of july celebration. >> we're going to have planes going overhead, the best fighter jets in the world, and we're going to have some tanks stationed outside. >> the chinese and the


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