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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  July 2, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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they've been given a little bit of help from a couple of the players who have drafted a note to give to their bosses, saying do you want to be the boss of the year? please give your employees the day off. i mean, how can any boss refuse that? well, i'll be watching for sure myself, amanda davis. thanks very much. thanks to you for joining us today. i'm jim chute oh. kate baldwin starts right now. >> hello everyone, i'm kate baldwin. thanks so much for joining me. first up, a breaking brand spanking new poll from the all-important first in the nation state of iowa. let me show you this. the new usa today poll shows that joe biden is still in the lead with likely democratic caucusgoers at 44%. but the lead has taken a big heat. kamala harris surging with 16
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and 14 prs respectively. bernie sanders taking a slide and down into the single digits. all the more interesting because this poll was taken after the big debates and tracks with what cnn's poll just released yesterday shows nationally. speaking of sanders, his campaign just released its latest fundraising total, bringing in $18 million in the last three months. so what does it all mean? who better to explain than iowa's favorite son. jeff zeleny joining me now. so many numbers, so little time. what do you make of it? >> kate, good morning. let's do some math here. the reality is for bernie sanders that $18 he raised in the last three months, it's a very good number. it's a consistent number to what he raised in the first three months of the year. but it's slightly lower, $6 million lower than pete buttigieg's number that he released yesterday. so it shows that bernie sanders is no longer leading the way in terms of fundraising. but more important now are those new iowa poll numbers out this
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morning. this is something we've all been waiting for. how do voters who are going to begin this primary process view the race as it stands right now. let's take a look at the numbers again. joe biden 24%, but kamala harris also rising in iowa, and i think that that number is interesting. also the bernie sanders number. we don't have an exact comparison to this poll, but to our most recent iowa poll, bernie sanders has fallen significantly. so kate, that is the dynamic of what is going on. and the race does not really separate from the early voting states to the national contest. of course people in iowa are watching this, the debates, they're seeing the dynamics, as well as new hampshire, south carolina. so this race has been reset, no question. now the burden, the challenge, of course, is on senator harris to show that they can be in that top tier as well, and she is head to head with elizabeth warren. and as it turns out, nearly all of them will be in iowa over the fourth of july holiday long weekend. >> it's remarkable how their
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travel plans are tracking each other. it's truly remarkable. let's talk about money. some cold water for all the democratic enthusiasm that you were just talking about. the trump campaign and the rnc also put out new fundraising numbers this morning and they are huge. >> no question. we should always remember the other candidate in this 2020 race is donald trump. he is running essentially unopposed on the republican side. take a look at these numbers. they're also releasing. in the first quarter $75.8, the second quarter $105 million. this is a combined total between what the president himself is raising and the republican national committee is raising. but it's essentially a wash because they are using it for the reelection of this president. so that is a lot of money for television ads and digital ads. they're already spending a ton of money, online, on facebook and google ads, et cetera, trying to identify supporters. so one thing that's clear, both sides will have a ton of money. but that right there should be a warning call for any democrats. because they have a competitive
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primary, president trump of course does not. kate. >> that is exactly right. there is going to be so much money spent on this election, it almost makes you sick to your stomach. thank you so much. let's take a deeper dive into the latest cnn pole showing that biden is sliding and kamala harris and elizabeth warren are gaining some major ground. cnn's larry is with me. >> i've been looking down at it. >> you look down at everyone. anyway, this was the first, the iowa poll just came out. this was the first -- cnn poll was the first pole entirely after the debate. what is your big take away here? where is biden losing support? >> just again he dropped ten points, harris up nine. i think that this is a key part of this. this is african-americans and i think that this is important, because this had been joe biden's base.
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was at 49% and kamala harris was just at 6%. now look here in late june. he's down 13 points and harris is up 18 points, from 6% to 24%. everyone else is pretty stable. but then you combine wit the iowa poll that also showed harris moving into second place. that was kind of what barack obama did. he won in iowa and then he was able to get more african-americans on his side. so when you combine the two polls you can really see that the latest polling data is good for harris. the question is whether or not they could hold it sglt i hope i'm not throwing this out of order. this is warning signs. he still has a lot of support amongst the key constituency, african-american voters. but this is clearly warning signs? >> this is clearly a warning sign because this is supposed to be his base and he lost 13 points among that base. and i think there was this real question, they're two african-american senators running in the race. cory booker is not going anywhere. kamala harris has been able to take away the support and it does remind me a bit of 2008 when hillary clinton was leading with african-american voters to
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start off with. and then as barack obama got better known, he went up. and harris has gotten better known, she has gone up. >> i'm maybe overly fascinated with the question of the most important quality that the nominee could have and it is still consistently the person who has the best chance of beati beating donald trump. good news for joe biden. >> this is probably the best news for joe biden. overwhelmingly democratic voters believe that he has the best shot of beating donald trump. 43%. no one else is even close. i will point out, though -- the one thing i will point out is he was asked a similar question and he was aup at 55%. so even on this question you've seen it drop but he's still the best candidate for the chance to beat donald trump. >> on the second night of the debate every candidate raised their hand when asked if they would support a government health care plan if it provided health care to undocument immigrants. everyone on the stage raised
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their hand and this poll shows some very interesting information about that, democrats versus the broader american electorate. >> exactly. among democrats, it is a very popular position. 61% of voters say yes. but look at that, among all americans, only 38% say yes. so i think this is going to be a key thing. can democrats transition from the primary season to the general election to be more in the center of the electorate. it's going to be interesting because they raised their hands. can they back track on that? i'm not sure, but this is why they're doing it. but you have to win the general election to become president. >> it comes down to what is the bigger priority in the general election that voters are looking at. is it the fact that they don't agree with this aspect of their policy positions or something else? >> and you can bet your bottom dollar donald trump is going to run on this issue because he loves running on immigration. >> it was the big tweet after the second debate. thank you so much. so 24 hours ago we were telling you that pete buttigieg had a huge fundraising success,
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raising nearly $25 million. a real sign of staying power. that's more than bernie sanders this quarter. much more than you would even -- especially much more than you would expect from a candidate who was a virtual unknown six months ago. but that surge in money has not translated into a surge in the polls. in the single digit amongst democratic voters. and when you look at a crucial source of democratic supporters i was talking about, african-american voters, pete buttigieg is getting zero, zero respondents named them. this morning pete buttigieg is speaking before the rainio coalition in chicago. phil mattingly has been watching it all. what did pete buttigieg say? >> preface with this, kate, you can have all the money in the world and if you don't have african-american support of any kind, at least some of it, you're not going to brin a primary. with that said, mayor pete buttigieg are very keenly aware that this is an issue for them. this isn't a one pole snapshot.
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we've seen multiple where his support with african-americans is zero or right around that area. their solution to this from the campaign and buttigieg himself is dual pronged. one is policy and the other is presence. on the first one he's laying out a plan, kind of a system-wide plan that would address criminal justice inequities and try and kind of boost african-americans as well, and laying out the details of that. the other is actually being there. he makes a couple of key points when he talks about this that he's not very well known in the community. so you've seen him go to a number of events like the rainbow coalition today. you've seen him focus on radio and television with audiences that are predominantly african-american. but he was asked specifically about that zero percent poll number by our extraordinary colleague, dj judd. take a listen to what he had to say. >> well, first of all, there's a lot of voters i need to get to know and who node to get to know me. they need to understand the
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details of the douglas plan and they need to see me in action for a longer period of time. when you're new on the scene and you're not from a community of color, you've got to work much harder in order to earn that trust because trust is largely a function of quantity time. i'm committed to doing that work. but i think the most important question is will our policy benefit black americans and all americans. and if that happens and if i can show that, i think the politics will start to take care of themselves. >> kate, kind of a key point. he's making it clear it's going to take time from where he came from. six months ago nobody really knew where he was. he has the money to stay in the race, he has the money to build out the organization that can start reaching out to people. but does he have enough time to swing zero percent, some type of number that makes him viable overall in a lot of these states. that's an open question. >> that's the unknowable at this point. thank you so much. really appreciate it. joining me right now the cnn's political analyst and athena
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jones. just listening to pete buttigieg -- because when you look at the pole number that is brutal. zero african-american respondents give him support. you have strength for biden. harris is may being gains, but then what buttigieg is up against. and then you hear his pitch when he's speaking to the rin yau push coalition. what i took from it is it's going to take a long time. >> i think so. you talk about name recognition and biden's eight years with biden and obviously kamala harris comes from a black community. pete buttigieg doesn't and he made a good point explaining that. he's also said that he's willing to put in the work. people just don't know who he is, and when he's making gains when it comes to fundraising and not moving so much in the polls, we know that that has to do with the black vote. and he's willing to fight for it, willing to show that he's willing to do the work. and i think that certainly black voters aren't a monolith and they want to see candidates trying to win their vote. one more point, we have the eight years and deep support that joe biden has, but back in
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2008 it was barack obama winning the caucuses, winning in very states that gave other voters in states like south carolina to see that he could have a chance. and that's something that could happen with kamala harris as she begins to get more name recognition. >> that is a very important memory, i think, from how that really transitioned at that time. what is your big take-away when you see the poll numbers from iowa and the cnn poll? it's really a race, folks, don't count anybody out yet. >> except for half the field which is statistically in oblivion. but i think the big take-away is kamala harris won the debates. even over both nights, she's the one that got the biggest dump. she was crisp and decisive and she was able to pefr swayed a lot of people. particularly biden voters who are looking at electability. biden did not have a disastrous debate but the trend is not his
8:13 am
plan. >> and when you punch it can backfire. but going on attack on the debate stage worked. >> and she was incredibly artful about the way she did that. bernie sanders also in trouble. not the same kind of loss in the numbers that joe biden has seen. but warren and harris on the rise. it's striking to me that cory booker who had a very strong debate didn't seem to have a significant pickup in this. you're seeing the top tier clearly march. >> what do you make of the fundraising numbers? they're wild this quarter. this is so much money. it's crazy banana pancakes. >> the craziest. >> it puts a lot of pressure on the rest of the field. we've seen this huge number now from pete buttigieg, nearly $25 million. i mean, $18 from bernie sanders is nothing to slouch at. >> it still is a big number. >> bernie sanders created an entire grass roots campaign of fundraising and now you're seeing that it's up against -- >> people have ta toos of bernie on them.
8:14 am
people don't have tattoos of pete buttigieg yet. >> what big number is he going to put out? we heard him tease around $20 million at a fund rare but we don't know what the real number is. >> it's good to be the incumbent, i think we can take that away as well. >> donald trump's numbers in that quarter are extraordinary. any doubt that he doesn't have a serious challenge, but if other folks had gotten in that might have taken a dent out of it. you've got to pay attention to both sides of the aisle, but a lot of money. this is going to be a very -- >> interesting, especially on the dem side, they're having to spend a lot of money early because they need to get the requisite number of supporters to get on the debate stage. the guys who have not made the debate stage, they're trying to to get on the debate stage come the fall. >> and if you're not hitting the financial threshold, wait for the next debate and people are going to try to break out one more time. if they can't get liftoff, they're going to start to fall to the wayside.
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>> you can't build or build your teams. >> sorry to say, guys, money is everything. it's great to see you guys. thanks so much. coming up for us, tanks, flyovers and a big speech. what president trump has ordered up for the annual july 4th celebration on the national mall. is this more celebrating america or more playing politics? plus, good reporting uncovered a secret facebook page for current and former border patrol agents. what was revealed was obscene postings about migrants and lawmakers. and now members of congress visiting the border say the revelation made them feel unsafe. what's happening with this now? and that stubborn fat just won't go away. coolsculpting takes you further. a non-surgical treatment that targets, freezes, and eliminates treated fat cells, for good. discuss coolsculpting with your doctor. some common side-effects include temporary numbness, discomfort, and swelling.
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the show will go on, sort of. president trump has been long requesting a grand display of military might for the upcoming celebration of the 4th of july and we are now getting new details of what exactly he's going to get and who will be invited. joining me now the cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr and cnn white house reporter, west wood. what are you hearing about the military hardware that the president has been talking so much about? >> there's likely to be quite a number of aircraft flying overhead across the national wall on july 4th for the absolute to america event.
8:21 am
we expect now to see b 2 aircraft, the b-2 bomber, the navy blue angels, demonstration team, f-22s and 35s, some of the air force's most advanced fighter aircraft. but the big question is what people will be able to see on the mall itself, and the question is whether these tanks, two m-1 tanks and two armored fighting vehicles that have been brought down to washington, d.c., these weigh tens of tons. they're very heavy vehicles. they can't really be driven on the city roads because they damage the streets. so will they be able somehow to tow them to the mall and put them out on display. this is something even the president has acknowledged may be a real question from the sheer weight of these vehicles. it's something the military would like to see. they have brought a small number of these vehicles to washington to try to make it happen. but if you have spent more than
8:22 am
five minutes in washington in the summer time, the real vote on july 4th will go to mother nature. it is always hot and steamy in washington in the summers and we checked the weather forecast already, a 40% chance of thunder showers on july 4th. kate. >> it is always a crap shoot when it comes to the weather on july 4th. that's one thing you can't control. thanks for that. sarah, what are you hearing about the speech from the white house about the speech the president is set to give? >> the white house is trying to downplay the fact that it could be politicized by some. the white house pointing to the fact that much of the event will be open to the public. but there is going to be a ticketed area right on the steps, the best seats in the house around where the president will be giving this speech. and the republican national committee is allocating some of those tickets to major donors. the rnc has not responded to cnn's request for comments, but the ndc is saying that they
8:23 am
weren't given any tickets to allocate. the tickets will be given to vips, friends and family and military members. they're not saying exactly how the tickets will be allocated. that's all lending to the perception of some that there could be politicized. conway told that president trump wouldn't be making this an event, but he says it will include a list of trump's accomplishments. take a listen. >> this is a public event, it's open to the public. the public is welcome to come and celebrate our country and the greatest democracy. i'm not going to allow you to politicize the success of this administration and opening up so many jobs for people and what we've done for veterans. america will hear the whole speech. >> there could be some concerns that the president lists his accomplishments could be inherently partisan but this is something that president trump has wanted to do for a long time, ever since he returned
8:24 am
from that trip to france in the summer of 2017 where he witnessed the parade there. he has want to do some military show of force here in the nation's capital. he even planned last year to do a military parade to mark veterans day and the cost led to him scrapping the plans. a lot of this will mirror what trump wanted to do at the time. the mayor and dc officials will discussed that the security necessary for the president to give the speech from the national mall could put a real strain on the city's resources. >> sarah, thanks so much. sorry, i've got something caught in my throat. it would be so sad if this becomes a political partisan event. this is so not supposed to be about politics. but we'll have to wait and see, of course, what the president actually says during the speech. because other presidents in the past have not even made a speech at this event. let's dive more into this. joining me now to discuss is diplomatic analyst, retired john
8:25 am
ki kirby, what do you make of this? it's supposed to be about independence, the president is making a speech when past presidents have not. what do you make of it? >> it bothers me a lot. the 4th of july is not a military holiday. we have armed forcings say, veterans day, all kinds of days. this is not that day. this is not who we are. he went to the celebration in paris a couple of years ago and it's a military spec actle, no question about it, and i think he's trying to replicate that the best he can and that's not who we are as a country and certainly not who we are as a military. 4th of july isn't about the day we won independence but the day we declared it. it's about the idea of freedom itself. it should be above just the military or any branch of government and it certainly needs to be above politics. >> absolutely. john, thank you so much for that
8:26 am
perspective. so needed right now. let's see what happens in the next 48 hours. coming up for us, still today, a congressional delegation tours a government detention facility at the border. they left saying that migrant women asking for water for told to drink out of the toilet. one of those lawmakers joins us next. this is anne marie peebles.
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border protection officials say they are now investigating a new report from pro plubly ka which uncovered disturbing social media activity on a private facebook group for border protection agents. the posts include jokes about migrant deaths, racist and sexist memes about congresswoman alexandria ocascio-cortez. after leaving the visit to a detention facility yesterday, the congresswoman herself described what she witnessed inside as horrifying. >> there's abuse in these facilities. there's abuse. this was them on their best behavior and they put them in a room with no running water and these women were being told by cbp officers to drink out of the toilet. they were drinking water out of the toilet, and that was them knowing that a congressional visit was coming. this was cbp on their best
8:32 am
behavior, telling people to drink out of the toilet. >> nick valencia is outside a detention site in el paso, texas, for us right now. what are you learning about all of this today? >> this closed facebook group was first reported by the investigative team at propublica and they allege that this group is about 9,500 of former and current border patrol agents and they claim that they were able to link some of those posts with legitimate facebook accounts with current border patrol agents. i was also to obtain some screen shots from the facebook group and some of the the posts are vile. they make jokes will migrant deaths. you remember the viral photo of the gentleman and 2 yearly girl who crossed the rio grande. there were racial comments against es co bar, as well as
8:33 am
representative alexandria ocascio-cortez with a suggestion that demonstrators should throw things at them. yesterday president trump was also asked about the facebook fwrup and this is what he had to say. >> i don't know what they're saying about members of congress. i know that the border patrol is not happy with the democrats in congress. i will say the republicans do want border security. the democrats want open borders. the border patrol are patriots, great people. they love our country. >> we should mention that the national border patrol council, as well as the border patrol chief was quick to condemn these comments, saying, quote, that the social media posts related to members of congress and those encountered by border patrol agents are unprofessional. others calling them vile and reprehensible. this is just another damaging allegation against an agency that is already struggling with public perception, kate. >> that's for sure. thanks so much. joining me right now democrat congresswoman of
8:34 am
california that was part of the congressional group that visited the facility just yesterday. congressman, thanks for being here. >> tharchgs for having me. >> we've heard a few accounts of what was seen inside. what did you see in that facility? >> we saw a number of facilities. we saw the office of refugee resettlement where some teenage young people had been placed. we saw cells where women were placed in prison-like cells where they were sleeping on the floor 12 to 15 in a cell. those are just disturbing images. and then we saw unaccompanied minors, a separate facility in clint where unaccompanied minors, where a young probably 3-year-old tried to pass in a playful way a dry erase board underneath the door, and he was playing with other children under the age of ten in a closed -- in a closed-door
8:35 am
facility. >> the deputy commissioner of customs and border patrol said today that he's confident that -- he's confident that the work of the officers, the work the officers and agents are doing at these facilities. and he was asked to answer specifically to what we heard from alexandria ocascio-cortez and others who say that they were told from women in one of the facilities, they were told if they were thirsty they should drink out of the toilet. here's what he had to say about that. missen to this, please. >> they raised concerns with respect to the manner in which they're being treated, the access, again, of the fresh water that we have on hand everywhere. of the consumables, the foods, the snacks, the medicines. now we have a medical capability at an unprecedented level, 140 medical teams littered throughout the entirety of our southern border. if there are allegations made of misconduct, we take those
8:36 am
incredibly seriously and investigate those and get to the bottom of it. i am very confident in what it is that we are doing in the way of caring for these individuals, these incredibly vulnerable populations in our custody. again, in overly saturated conditions. >> he said it was the first time he's hearing of this allegation of someone being told to drink water from a toilet. what do you say to him? >> well, what i say is go visit the facility. there was a lack of running water in that facility. there was a sink that did not have running water. so these are pretty easy to verify and to check. so i think it's deeply frustrating for us, as you mentioned. the gulf of distrust is pretty evident given the facebook posts that these individuals have. some of these women said that they were moved to the cell in the last 24 hours. for those of us who have been there multiple times, they were given blankets in april and now
8:37 am
they have blankets which we were asking for for months. so these humanitarian conditions need to improve. and just because they're meeting standards doesn't mean that the standards are exactly what they should be. they should be better standards. this is a humanitarian crisis and we need to treat these people with respect. >> i heard -- we've heard from some of the lawmakers who were in the group with you say that they did not feel safe during your visit. did you feel the same way? >> i heard other members ask about their safety and i think that is a valid concern, given that we are in these facilities, we are surrounded by border patrol, 15 to 20, shadowing our movements, giving us instructions, trying to limit us from taking our phones. this is all behavior that hadn't been done in prior visits for a lot of us who have been to these facilities. so i think that was what was frustrating, especially given that we were there hours after the propublica article and
8:38 am
public reporting indicating that some of these individuals harbor some very deep-seated racist and vile views towards migrants, but also towards members of congress. >> did you see border agents taking selfies with you in the back ground as we've heard other lawmakers say? >> i did. and that was frustrating. but that happened. someone on staff tried to take -- did take a selfie. we were in a closed facility, getting a briefing, and down from what they would call the floor of this prison-like facility, an individual, a staff member took a selfie with representative alexandria ocascio-cortez in the back ground, and they called them out on it. and i think it shocked the senior brass of the border patrol who clearly understand the lack of goodwill that exists
8:39 am
between some of us as members of congress who have been there multiple times. >> first off, i of course want to know why. and second, if they're snapping photos with their phones, why weren't you able to take your phones in either? >> that was the question we were asking. i'm used to classified facilities where everyone leaves their phones and locks them up. that's not what was asked this time. they told us to leave our phones in a room that they controlled, leave them with our staff. some of us did leave our phones with someone else outside of the room for the first visit. but in the second visit, i turned my phone off and took my phone. if they can have their phones, i can have mine. >> congressman, thank you for going to the facility. they could clear a lot of this up if they would just let reporters in with cameras, i will continue to say. thank you so much for coming in and giving us your account. >> thanks for having me.
8:40 am
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8:45 am
>> this has been months in the making. richard neil, the chairman of the house ways and means committee, originally asked for the president's tax returns in april. then of course he had a subpoena in may, and just now the house ways and means committee will sue the irs, the treasury department and their respective leaders, steve mnuchin, but they expect this to be a prolonged court battle. this has been months in the baking. when i talked to richard neil back after the election in november, he said this is exactly where we would be, that this would be headed to court. he never expected the treasury department to turn over the president's tax information. but i just want to read from the court filing just one brief quote. it says the defendants have mounted an extraordinary attack on the authority of congress needed to conduct oversight. and of course this fits into a broader narrative that we're trying to with them trying to
8:46 am
get information from the trump administration and trying to dig into the president's own finances. we've already seen cases where democrats have tried to get financial information from accounting firms and banks that the president has used and those cases have already gone to court. so a broader spectrum here with democrats trying to get more information about the president's finances. but of course a big step in this case for the president's tax returns. kate. >> absolutely, lauren. a very big step in this ongoing battle. now it heads to the federal courts. thank you so much. i really appreciate it. we're going to keep our eye on that breaking news. but there is other breaking news that can not be ignored that we will turn our attention to overseas. the death toll in syria is rising as members of humanitarian organizations are now issuing an urgent warning. they say the northwestern province is, quote, on the brink of a humanitarian nightmare, unlike anything we have seen this century. just let that sink in. i know this war has been going on for years, but listen to what they are saying. it is on the brink of a
8:47 am
humanitarian nightmare, unlike anything we have seen this century. you cannot turn away from this cnn's national correspondent is joining us now from a makeshift camp in northern syria where families have fled. what are you seeing and hearing there? >> reporter: kate, let me just try and describe where it is that organizations are describing it like that. the families you see around us, these are the families who have just arrived in the last few months. they have been living like this for months. there are, according to the estimates of some ngos, one in three women are either pregnant or breast-feeding and are unable to properly nurture their children. the reason why this is a dire humanitarian crisis is one of the many reasons why people are having to live like this. and two months, remember, these are sheets strung around an olive tree. this is what they're having to use as a tent because the main camps here are completely full.
8:48 am
and they stretch for miles, these main camps. they've become permanent structures. they just don't have tents. they can't absorb a larger population. and that's whapg is, especially on the southern part of the province, you have this very intense bombing campaign. we were down there. it's terrifying. there are fighter jets in the skies at almost all times. hospitals are being bombed. people's lively hood -- most of these people are farmers. there's a baby over here who is just a few months old i want to show you as i'm talking about all of this. but people's farms, their agricultural lands are being bombed and they have nowhere else to go. they're right up against the border with turkey. that border is shut. and so as they're being push, this population is literally being crushed with no one to be able to protect it or save it. newborn baby over there, kate. and so many people here are telling us why is it that eight years on, the world is still
8:49 am
watching? why is it that we are being continuously used as political pawns and why nobody is showing us a shred of compassion or understanding or trying to do anything to bring this kind of suffering to an end? >> thank you so much for shining a spotlight on it. you being there is everything. thank you so much. we'll be right back. pampers is the first and only diaper with three extra absorb channels. they stay up to three times drier so babies can sleep soundly all night pampers wireless network claims are america's most reliable network. the nation's largest and most reliable network. the best network is even better? best, fastest, best. enough. sprint's doing things differently. they're offering a new 100% total satisfaction guarantee. i mean i think sprint's network and savings are great, but don't just take my word for it. try it out and decide for yourself.
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this just in from the white house. vice president mike pence suddenly cancelling a planned trip today. let's get back over to the white house to figure out what's going on here. sara westwood is joining me once again. what are you hearing? is everything okay? >> reporter: we're still getting more information about why vice president mike pence is not going to make it to that opioid event that was scheduled this early afternoon. vice president pence was called back to the white house today and says that it's no cause for alarm. the vice president's office says this event in new hampshire should be rescheduled. we do not have a lot of information about why it is that vice president pence is not going to make it to that event,
8:55 am
but his office is saying he was called back to the white house to handle something and so we will bring you more information when we get it. but that event, that opioid event in new hampshire will not go forward today, kate. >> according to the white house so far, no cause for alarm on this very last minute change in plans and schedule. let's see what comes from it. thank you so much. appreciate it. coming up, new fund-raising numbers are out for senator bernie sanders. an impressive haul, but also impressive, the number that president trump and the rnc just posted. more on the battle for dollars in the 2020 race after this. this is rick blomquist. his life is pretty comfortable. then, he laid on a serta and realized his life was only just sorta comfortable. i've been living a lie. (laughs) the serta icomfort hybrid mattress. not just sorta comfortable, serta comfortable.
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welcome to "inside politics." john king is off. bernie sanders releases his fund-raising haul as a new poll out of iowa reinforces the narrative that his campaign is struggling to maintain the buzz of his 2016 run. plus the president is touting his, quote, big fourth of july event in washington, complete with military flyovers, two fireworks displays and lots of controversy. and mayor pete buttigieg speaking last hour at the rain bow push coalition in chicago addressed whether he understands the racial issues facing his community in south bend and


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