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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  July 2, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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u.s. and north korea. >> good reporting kiley. thank you very much at stake on all this. follow me on twitter and instagram @wolf switzer tweet @cnn sit room. erin burnett outfront starts right now. >> outfront next we have breaking news. a ticking tom bomb dangerous overcrowding at migrant facilities, all documented in a new report. the disturbing pictures and a stunning account really from a longtime border agent. 2020 contender mayor yan williamson left out of the piece by vogue about women running for president. she is our guest. mike pence why did he cancel an event at the last minute to rush back to the white house? new details ahead. ets let's go outfront. good evening, i'm kate baldwin in for erin burnett. outfront tonight, breaking news, a shocking report detailing what officials call dangerous and
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potentially life threatening conditions at migrant shelters in texas. this is the report from the inspector general at the department of homeland security. what is inside these 16 pages cannot be ignored. mass overcrowding of children and adults. some with no access to showers or clean clothes. described in this report. at two facilities children had no access to hot meals for days. as the government requires. and inspectors ares are reporting that more than 800 children had been held longer than did -- the 72-hour hour period before transfer is required to health and human servicess. you can see them here. in these images. with what you can guess are their parents, sleeping on the floor. to give you an idea of the sheer magnitude of the crisis, the photographs show adults standing shoulder to shoulder. look at it one facility people forced to stay in standing room
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only conditions for a week. in the report. at another some adults held more than a month in overcrowded cells. officials describe the mierpgts as banging on cell windows and holding up signs for help. one official calls it, quote, a ticking time bomb. cnn nick valencia spoke exclusively to a longtime border agent in el paso. the agent described the border patrol culture recalling a supervisor joking about dead migrants. watch. >> he was making fun of them. >> saying what? >> that what difference does it make? it's just another life? he made a another also regarding running over illegals. i'm like, you cannot run over people. >> to say the lee least. >> nick valencia is outfront live in el paso, texas. what more is the agent telling you, nick? >> well, i asked in longtime
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veteran agent who served for years in the el paso area, why are you deciding to speak out now? they said that people, america deserves to hear the truth. this agent said that they've seen and heard terrible things, filthy conditions where cleaning crews only touch the surface and don't do deep cleaning what she called filthy cells. she also said that apgts are derogatory to peers why wouldn't they be derogatory to migrants in their custody? these are surgeries allegation attention, allegations i took to border protection here. they did not give me immediate response, kate. what they told me is they take the allegations very seriously. and that they plan on turning it over to the inspector general. this agent went on to say that they do support the president's immigration policies. i asked this agent, do you believe if the president's policies immigration policies have contributed to what is being called the crisis here along the border? this agent told me that so long as the president has done -- has not done anything illegal or
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unethical that they should continue to speaking about border patrol agents in the area they should continue to obey his orders. and his directives here. these, again are serious claims. serious allegations i we took and did not get immediate response to from cbp, kate. >> continue asking the questions. that is for sure. nick, thank you so much. i really appreciate it. outfront now, democratic congresswoman judy chu of california, among a group group of lawmakers who visited migrant facilities in texas thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> first i want to get your reaction to that one border agent sitting down with our nick valencia and the way that border agent is talking about the culture that she saw, and even a supervisor joking with running over dead migrants. >> i have to commend the agent for speaking out. but it is not surprising. we just saw the facebook post that came from a group of border patrol agents.
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there is 9,500 of them in this facebook group in which they made fun of dead migrants, including the father and daughter that were found lying face down in the rio grande. and they were talking about throwing burt os at the congress members investigating the facilities yesterday, and had derogatory depictens of congress member alexandria oxio cortes. it says to me that the cbp is out of control. and that conduct is unacceptable and shocking. >> we know have also the disturbing images that we are showing -- we've been showing from this report, from the inspector general, clear overroud crowding in some of the detention facilities. situations like that wsh is that what you saw during your visit? >> yes. we went to the el paso border patrol station and we went to
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the clint border patrol station and saw women crowded into these cells. and as soon as the women knew that we were congress members coming there they started talking, tears streaming down faces by the conditions that they were facing. they said that they had no idea when they were going to be released. they were there over 50 days. they had been separated from their children. they could not get medication. one had ep leps and the other had an aneurysm. and then they said there was no running water. and one told alexandria ocasio-cortez. when they said there was no running water the agent said drink from the toilet bowl. it's disgusting. >> we heard from you and others of an agent telling the woman to
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drink out of the toilet if she needs water. the border patrol chief of operations brian hastings has now responded to this. and i want to tell what you he said. brian hastings says this. drinking out of the toilet is completely untrue. he says there are ample supplies that a lot of our stations look like costco. i mean that's the second border patrol official i've heard disputing what you were told. what do you say to that. >> you know what i say is that there is a version of truth in terms of how detainees are truth versus how cbp portrays things. for instance when we asked about all of the accounts from the attorneys about the children wearing their same clothes filled snot where toddlers soiling pants because of know diapers. lack of showers and toothbrushes
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and tooth peace the cbp said none of it was true. he pointed to the toothbrushes and then said they can brush their teeth any time the they want. look at this. and yet those attorneys had interviewed 60 children. and the 60 children had pretty much given the same account of the treatment that they were given. i think those children did not lie. >> and i'm really starting to wonder because there is this very clear disconnect between the story that is were -- the depictions from attorneys and lawmakers and what we heard from customs and border patrol. do you -- with that in mind, do you see that there is going to be -- do you think there is going to be in change? what is going to change it? this is now the -- go for the ig report, this is now the ump teengt account we've had in weeks of the dire situation there. if it's a ticking time bomb,
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what's going to give? there needs to be accountability that's why the oversight and government reform committee is having a hearing even this next week after they heard what happened yesterday. and so -- yes. >> because the role of congress is important here on oversight as well. let me ask you this. because this week donald trump signed into law the emergency funding bill that congress passed to try to help ease some of this crisis. you voted against it because you said there weren't enough safeguards how the money was going to be used. if the situation is so so dire why vote against the money? >> because it did not have minimum standards for medical care, nutrition and sanitary provisions. >> but other democrats didn't see that. they said the money is running out. we've got to get it there fast it's not perfect but it's good. and that's okay. why and see not okay. >> let me tell that you the only thing written in the law in terms of how the detention centers should be run is that
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they be safe and sanitary. the trump administration interprets that as not even having to need tooth brushes. they actually went to court and said that safe and sanitary does not mean including tooth brushes. and so that's their interpretation wlaf safe and sand marry era tear is. that's why we needed to provide those guidelines as to what actual humane treatment in the detention centers really actually means. and that's why we had other provisions. for instance, that niece funds have to go. >> no, no, i totally hear you. it comes down to -- if time is of the essence talking about a ticking time bomb some money thrown at it that might be crass how i'm say going. but some money is better than nothing and that's what we hear from nancy pelosi and a group of laurms. so much more is needed this ig report is stretching appear something has to give and i hope the definition of safe and
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sanitary is something that there can be a common definition of as soon as possible. congresswoman, thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> outfront for us next, the white house on the defensive over the president's fourth of july plans. >> do you know that the fourth of july is a celebration of in country's independence? are you aware of that? >> i'm not going to allow to you politicize it. >> but isn't that exactly what the president is going to be doing here? plus the fight for 2020 even koser ton. a new poll putting kamala hairness a stisktle dead heat with joe biden. but can she maintain the momentum? self plus "vogue" women of 2020 missing one woman. mary anne williamson. why. she is is my guest. and the 12-hour pain-relieving strength of aleve. that dares to last into the morning. so you feel refreshed. aleve pm. there's a better choice. our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy!
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so, i switched. to always discreet boutique. its shape-hugging threads smooth out the back. so it fits better than depend. and no one notices. always discreet. tonight, breaking tradition. president trump planning a fourth of july celebration like no other literally. calling for fly overs, calling for tanks, and something else. he is planning a big speech. something the presidents the past have avoided. the national july 4th celebration by tradition is not political. here is how white house counselors kellyanne conway described the themes he will hit on. >> how wonderful this country is, our trools and military, our great democracy and great call to patriotism, the success of the administration and opening up so many jobs for individuals what we have done for veterans.
4:16 pm
>> barbara starr is outfront. >> we're going to have a great the fourth of july in washington, d.c. it will be like no other. >> president trump claims the military is thrilled to be at his self-proclaimed salute to america. there is no way to know if that's really truppe. the feerl is required to do what the commander in chief says as long as the order is legal. president trump has wanted to show off the u.s. military in a large scale public event since seeing the 2017 parade in paris. kellyanne conway rejected claims it's too political. >> do you know the fourth of july is a celebration of this country's independence. i'm not going to allow to you politicize it. >> but is the event sending the right message. >> i think that our military might, our prowess is renowned throughout the world.
4:17 pm
so i don't think that some fly overs and a few static displays of tanks are going to demonstrate that to the world or to the american people. >> general joseph dunford wsh chairman of the joint chiefs acting defense secretary mark he is per and other senior military leaders are now expected to attend. 900 troops from the washington, d.c. national guard are activated for security duties. that's triple the number routinely deployed for the holiday. >> we're going to have planes going overhead. the best fighter jets in the world and other planes too. we're going to have some tanks stationed outside. >> two m-1 tanks and two armor vehicles have been wraut to washington. but each take weighs 60 tons. it's not clear if they could be parked near the 97-year-old lincoln memoryual without damaging the area. there will be a flyover of the f-22 and f-35, the air force's
4:18 pm
latest fieer jet. also the plane used at air force 1 and even the new marine 1 presidential helicopter. the cost for all of this, nobody knows. the republican national committee is distributing reserve tickets for vips friends and family and members of the military. >> july 4th is a wholiday to th celebrate our independence and freedoms as a country. we have done for decades and decades without it being directly tied to the military. >> if president trump veers into partisan political remarks on july 4th, expect to see the senior military officers present stay very quiet and not react. they are determined to stay out of any partisan political debate. kate. >> and that may be a minefield. thanks barbara. outfront joan walsh national affairs correspondent for the nation and mark lotter director of communications for the trump
4:19 pm
campaign. thank you for being here. mark we heard kellyanne conway speak today saying the president will be talking abouts successes of the administration. this moment -- that by definition is political. i mean traditionally presidents don't take part in the celebration to avoid this. convince us all this isn't about politics and running for re-election. >> i tell you this is about celebrating america and also about celebrating our military. i mean, when our founding fathers at the end of the declaration of independence said that they pledged their lives, fortune and sacred honor they knew it took more than a piece of paper to get that independence. it would take men, heroes willing to take up arms and fight for it. we still have that fight today for freedom, not only of this country but around the world. i think it's right to showcase the military and the great things they are doing around the country. >> and joan, i mean do folks need to be careful here? because what if -- if what donald trump doesn't do what kellyanne conway says he do. he is completely afflictle reads
4:20 pm
the declaration of independence from the stage. >> it's not what's done. it's not what american presidents do. they have not done this. i also want to correct, mark, we have men and women fighting for our country. but we -- one of my favorite memories -- i'm dating myself but i was in "wealthtrack" by baier the bicentennial in 1976 i was quite young. i was thinking who was president? gerald ford i'm a exact it was a republican. we don't need to do this. we don't need tanks in the street. that's not american. we don't need fly overs. s in a beautiful celebration. i've done it several times already. it's already patriotic we don't need to make it partisan. >> mark one thing you said of course there are moments and everyone should of course support the men and women of the military. retired rear admiral john kirby works with krn be said to me today this day is not about the tools and troops that helped us stay free. it's the idea of freedom it's above one branch of government
4:21 pm
or above the military or above one branch of government or politics. >> i don't think it's about mr. politics. celebrating america celebrating the men and women defending our freedoms and constitution. i also don't remember any kind of uproar in 1984 when ronald reagan reopened the statue of liberty onboard military battleships with the statue of liberty behind him over the course of a four-day three-day celebration. it was celebrating america. and yes the military was involved. there would be fireworks involved both then, both now. and so i think a lot of in is people trying to make it political. when really it's just going to be a celebration of our country. >> is the dnc getting tickets to give away? i haven't heard about that. in fact i heard today they are not. they're only going to the rnc. >> dnc tells cnn they're not getting tickets. the source did cnn that the campaign -- trump campaign got tickets how many. >> i'm not sure how many tickets.
4:22 pm
it's not unusual for -- for these kinds of organizations to have friends, family nearby and that's the way we view that. i remember working in a state political party back in 2004 when president bush was having an official event in our state party helped distribute kikts o tickets. it's standard operating procedure. i would also say it's the same thing that goes on at the other end of the national mall when -- when the congressional leaders invite people to the capital. >> but when the rnc getting tickets to invite people since it's general admission. rnc receiving vip tickets and the dnc is not. and if you are trying to keep this above politics and trying to keep it from looking political how does this help. >> it's not unusual for any politician of any party. >> it's unusual in a mass the event. inauguration every member of congress gets tickets to it. white house events, sure, those can be handed out because- that is where the president resides and he hands out the tickets for
4:23 pm
it. not a frashl national celebration like this. >> i would also say at the end other end of the national mall the western front of the capital is reserved for the leadership who distribute the tickets. so, gwen, this is not something unusual. i was on the national mall last year at the capital and i didn't see a general public line to get in. you had to have tickets from either the speaker, the majority leader or their -- or their leadership offices. >> all right. let's first and foremost see what the president says and then we can have a fun debate it afterwards. great to see you march jean joan thanks as always. out out front next the fight for 20 a potential opening after a major shift shows support for joe biden and bernie sanders starting to lip slip. plus the women of 2020 get the vogue treatment except for one marianne williamson. she is here with us. that's a four day weekend "awesome" and with getaway deals on accommodation starting from 15 percent off, you can be a booker at booking dot com
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4:28 pm
harris up 13 points since the breakout performance. biden down 8 points since last month biden at 22. harris at 20. that's within the margin of err i. this is not an outliar. in the krurnl early state of iowa mayoris cease a surge is there. second% compared to biden at 24. a poll before the debates shows pairness the middle of the pack in iowa with 7% and harris is hoping to build on the momentum. she is spending the next three days crisscrossing the hawk eye state. and it's not just harris on a roll. elizabeth warren is seeing big gains. emjay lee following her campaign outfront live in las vegas las vegas tonight. emjay, very good news for warren in this new quinnipiac poll as well. >> that's right, kate, elizabeth warren in a strong debate performance last week and the
4:29 pm
new poll shows she is still in double digits and edging out bernie sandners the poll. this is a campaign and candidate that has bet big on policy and substance and for the time being that appears to be paying off in this poll about a third of those that were polled saying that they believe elizabeth warren has the best policy ideas. and i should note she is kicking off a two-day swing here in nevada. and she is going to be bringing her populist in edge to a state devastated by the financial crisis ten years ago. you remember that when the housing bubble burst there were a lot of people across the state who ended up losing homes to foreclosures. and i just want to leave you with a quick snapshot of what is at stake heading into next year and the election. when we spoke to a couple of voters just 15 minutes outside of the vegas strip in a neighborhood the voters first three people that we spoke to basically saying that they feel like the economy is doing well.
4:30 pm
how the economy is doing next year is going to be such an important factor, kate, in determining what happens in this race because the folks are inclined to think that the economy is doing well for families they're probably going to be less inclined to want change in the white house. kate? >> that'ses it a great point. tough news to hear from those voters that you spoke to there for the dpkic field. thanks emjay. outfront now al green. he has endorsed kwam la harris for president. congressman thank you for being here. >> my honor to be with you. thank you. >> thank you. it is clear across the board in all of the new polls that kamala harris got a big boost from the last debate. how -- if that's her launch pad, how does she sustain it? >> well, i think that these polls tend to go up and down. but i do believe that she gave a presidential presentation. she has demonstrated that she has the courage to prosecute the case. she will prosecute the case against the russian involvement
4:31 pm
in our elections. prosecute the case for reproductive rights for women, prosecute the case so that dreamers can have a pathway to citizenship, prosecute the case against the assault weapons that are killing our kids, even in schools. so i think that demonstrating that she has the courage and the knowledge and that she will be there for the american people has made her a person for consideration. >> there is one big red flag for harris in these polls. and that's policy. if you look at just this new quinnipiac poll lids beth warren tops the pack on who democrats think has the best policy ideas. harris is behind her, behind sanders, and behind biden on this. how is that not a problem? >> i think we're early in the race still. unfortunately, these races are starting earlier and earlier. we're a long long away from iowa taking place next year. i think scheel have policy positions well defined. and i think she is also being
4:32 pm
very deliberative about this. she wants to make sure that what she says is something that will be defended and she presents herself very well when she does make policy statements. i think schehe'll vermont polic positions the american people will respect. >> the most important qualities in apology. i'm fascinated by this. the most important quality remains to be who has the best chance of beating donald trump. biden was far and a way the leader in the cnn poll on this. and the quinnipiac poll finds the same that biden tops the field at 42% with the best chance of peting trump. hair sis a stant second at 14%. that's critical to voters. but how does she chip away at that? the vice president has had the opportunity to be on center stage for many years. he was there with president obama. he is a well-known entity.
4:33 pm
miss harris -- senator harris has the tupt nopportunity now t present herself. these things take time. we are in our infancy with this election. after time has passed and people get to know her and her positions i think we'll find that they'll believe she is the electable person. after all that stage she demonstrated she can be a formidable challenger. she demonstrated that she can take on trump and that she can take on putin. i think the american people will appreciate that in the long run. >> she definitely demonstrated taking on biden. harris is gaining ground in the national polling among black voters now at 27% but trails biden who has had a deep well of support months of african-americanen voters some time biden is up 12 in that regard. do you think joe biden deserves the support of black voters? >> i think he deserves the opportunity to be heard. all of the candidates do.
4:34 pm
and i think that he is now running for president. he was on the ticket with another candidate, president obama, who had to defend the positions of the campaign as it were. but he now has the opportunity to be heard like the rest the candidates and he will have to to defend his positions. you can't have a presidential election and shy away from your history, your past and the positions that you've taken. i think that senator harris will defend her positions, her past, her history. >> do you think he can't be trusted? do you think he can't be trusted on issues -- african-american voters -- you know what we're talking about here. >> do i think he can't be trusted? was that your position. >> yes, yes. >> flo i'm not saying that. this is not something that i would take on to the extent that i would demean the vice president. i happen to like the vice president. i just happen to think that senator harris is going to make a better president than he would.
4:35 pm
i happen to think that she is the future. she is what the -- the people of in country are looking for as we move into a future that looks toward working people, working families, making sure that young people are inculcated into the process. i think she will bring new faces into the process and make a dpirchs when we run against the president. >> congressman thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> outfront for us next, her answer to who would be her first call as president, went viral. >> my first call is to prime minister of new zealand. >> marianne williamson is outfront. plus we have breaking news, the trump administration backing down over the demand to include a citizenship question in the 2020 census.
4:36 pm
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tonight, the vogue treatment. august of the women running for president appearing in a new issue of "vogue" magazine talking about what it's like to run for president. well, all of the women except one. marianne williamson conspicuous oi absent from the profile appear photo shoot. that same marianne williamson joins me outfront now. thank you for being here. >> thank you so much for having me. >> do you know why you weren't part of this profile about this -- it's about the history being made, the historic number of women running.
4:40 pm
>> i know. i just saw it online like everybody else did. saw a lot of people tweeting about it. and, no -- nobody talked to me. >> no one reached out to you no one gave you an answer. no one reached out and there was a scheduleding conflict and you couldn't be part. >> no, no, no although when we asked about it we were told the decision was to make it only about the elected officials. and that i do challenge. because. >> let me -- i want to hear this because this is exactly what "vogue" said when cnn asked about it. they said we're not discrediting marianne williamson and all she pleshd for the photo voepg wanted to highlight the five female lawmakers collecting a collect of amount of experience to this race. does that make sense to you. >> no, absolutely does not. because the framers of the constitution were very clear about who is qualified to run for president. did not make any media certainly not "vogue" magazine the gait keerp here. the framers of the constitution said in order to run for president, to be qualified to be president you have to have been bosch here.
4:41 pm
you had to have lived here 14 years. and you have to be 35 years or older. if they wanted to say you had to be an elected official they would have. and they didn't for a reason. they were leaving it to every generation to determine for itself the skill set that that generation feels is most necessary in order to navigate the times in which we live. and that kind of bias on the part of media -- it's very insidious and subtle. it's a suggestion that only those who have elected -- elected office in their past are qualified. now this is not in any way to minimize or to disparj the qualifications. but there are other kinds of qualifications. and franklin roosevelt said that the primary aspect of the presidency -- he said the administrative aspect is secondary and the primary role he said is moral leadership. >> so would you. >> in should not be anybody's edition but the american veem. >> "vogue" offered you a spread now would you take part? >> yeah, i guess. it's -- we did offer that pu but
4:42 pm
the press said she would be glad to be the story they wrote back and said thank you so much for the offer. >> this is the first chance we've had to talk to you since the big debate. and there was something that got -- that you said a moment that got a lot of folks nodding their heads almost -- almost a warning that you offered up to the democratic party. let me play it. >> it's really nice if we got all the plans but it if you think we're going to beat donald trump by having all the plans you got another thing coming. he didn't win by saying he had a plan he won by saying make great we have to get deeper than superbowl fixes. >> do you think anyone else in the democratic field gets that? >> i don't know. i know what i was saying show. if you look at marianne you look at the issue section which has been up there since the beginning i have detailed policy plans. however i also remarked that when john kennedy said we are going to moon. he didn't say i've -- i'm gk at
4:43 pm
a to talk to the nasa scientists and make it happen. i'm talking about the role of imagination and inspiring people. i'm talking about what it takes to actually motivate people. and that is going to be necessary if we are going to defeat donald trump. donald trump did not win just because of the people who are passionate about him. he also won because of many people who did not vote and many people voted third party. if he is going to win again it won't be because of people who are so excited about him. if he wins begin it will be because not enough people were inspired. my point is we have to talk about a vision for this country, not just prosecuting against what was, which is necessary, but also inspiring what america can be. en and i think people are exhausted of the fight what i'm talking about a vision for america addressing the things we need to address in order for the united states to be better than ever in the 21st century. without that we will not win in 2020. >> there was also a moment -- another moment in the debate
4:44 pm
when everyone on the stage was asked what was the first order of business, the first thing you want to tackle if you win. here is what you said. >> my first call is to prime minister of new zealand. who said that her goal is to make new zealand the place where it's the best place in the world for a child to grow up. and i will tell her girlfriend you are so on because the united states of america is going to be the best place in the world for a child to grow up. >> that answer has gotten a lot of attention as well. how is that your first order of business that you want to accomplish in the white house, marianne. >> first of all, you have more than one thing that you did when you enter the oval office obviously. >> of course. >> but pillar of my campaign is to address the chronic trauma of millions of american children who go to school every day and classroom that don't have the adequate school supplies with which to teach a child to read. if a child cannot lerp to read by the age of 8. the chances of high school graduation are claft country
4:45 pm
insided and incarceration drastically increased. millions go to school hungry. millions live in what are called america's next war zones where psychologies tell us they are personsing a level of ptsd that is no less than severe than the ptsd of a returning veteran from afghanistan for iraq. now their despair is normalized by the political establishment. to me we should be rescuing these children. no differently than if they were the victims of a natural disaster. it's a pillar of my campaign that's why i want a department of children and youth. i want just like to the prime minister of new zealand said thepts new zealand to be the best place in the world for a child so grow up. i want every school in the united states to be a palace of learning that is not nothing. these children to me this is a civil rights issue. how much the despair of millions and millions of children just because they are not old enough to work so they have no financial leverage. they're not a constituency. they're not old enough to vote. their needs are routinely
4:46 pm
zplised that shouldn't happen in the united states of america. >> marianne williamson thank you for coming in we'll see you on the trail. >> thank you. thank you. >> outfront for us next, vice president mike pence abruptly cancelling an event in new hampshire. he and his staff already on the tar mack ready to go. instead returning to the white house. why? and a star of the iconic film pret in wegenke john crier is outfront to talk the cnn new series, the movies. . it's a sit-up, banana! bend at the waist! i'm tryin'! keep it up. you'll get there. whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar. ensure max protein.
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i got real relief. i got clearer skin and feel better. now, watch me. get real relief with cosentyx. breaking news. the trump administration says it will now print the 2020 census without a question on it about citizenship status. and that is a major turn-around for the president who vowed to add the question, even in the face of the supreme court striking it down. critics are celebrating the move, saying it was availed -- originally, it was a veiled political play trying to suppress immigrant communities. pamela brown is "outfront." pam, this is a huge about-face. >> it is, and a stinging defeat for the trump administration over the census citizenship question. remember, just a day after president trump, this was yesterday, here at the white house said officials were looking at delaying the census, the administration, we have learned, has now decided to move
4:51 pm
forward with printing it without the controversial question in the wake of the supreme court putting the citizenship question on hold for now. president trump has said repeatedly, the question is important in understanding whether a person is in the u.s. legally. but critics said, as you pointed out, it was an attempt to politicize the census and scare immigrants from taking part. wilbur ross says he respects the supreme court but strongly disagrees with its ruling and the department will conduct a complete and accurate census. kate? >> there is also, pam, this mysterious turn of events with mike pence suddenly cancelling an event in new hampshire at the last minute. he and the staff were on the tarmac ready to go when they were told to turn around. what do you know about this. >> yeah, that's right. there is a lot of mystery surrounding this abrupt cancellation at a rehab facility in new hampshire that the vice president was supposed to attend. i'm told the plane had not taken off, but he was -- was ready to go. that vice president pence was on the tarmac. now, a senior administration
4:52 pm
official said shortly after that it didn't have to do with national security and it's not personal in nature. not health-related to the vice president or the president. pence's chief of staff, mark short, told reporters, including a reporter from bloomberg, there will be more on what happened later on, and then when asked when that would be, he replied, weeks from now. so it's highly unusual for the vice president to cancel going to an event with such short notice without more explanation. i have reached out repeatedly to those on the vice president's team and have not heard back tonight. but according to short, we'll find out soon. kate? >> so, so fascinating. it's one thing to cancel an event. it's another thing to be on the tarmac ready to go and then be called back. >> a lot of questions. >> yeah. always eventually comes out. so we say. we'll just wait and your reporting will bring it to us. "outfront" next, actor jon cryer, star of "pretty in pink" out with more on cnn's new
4:53 pm
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this weekend, cnn is taking you to the movies. a brand-new original series about the stories behind the movies that we all loved so much. it premiers sunday night. here's a preview. >> there is still something about being told a story. a movie is something that's been really hand-crafted to mosaic, that's been carefully pieced together. it just creates this opportunity to totally lose yourself. these images live in our consciousness. stays in our minds. the way music is recalled in our heads. those images replay. and we live our lives by them. it brings all the elements of all of our senses together. there's really nothing else like it.
4:57 pm
>> even though you're doing something incredibly personal and in many ways incredibly selfish, because you're doing something you love so much, it gets out there in the world, and it could change people's trajectories. >> ahead of the series, erin had the chance to talk to actor jon cryer about his role in one of the iconic movies of the 1980s. >> joining me now is actor jon cryer. he starred in a number of hit movies and television shows, including the beloved character ducky in "pretty in pink." you look back in your career and the people you've worked with. one of the most iconic, though, of course, for teenagers was "pretty in pink" and ducky, you -- it's amazing how little you change over time. there is no questioning who you are. it was a funny, sweet, charming underdog. what did you -- what do you remember the most about playing that role? >> about being ducky? well, the wardrobe. the wardrobe was very memorable.
4:58 pm
because i had expected to be much, much cooler looking. and -- well, actually, you're showing a clip from when i actually did manage to look cool for a moment. >> yeah, you look good there. >> the bolo tie is doing a lot of work there. and the enormous amount of hair, which as you can see i've gone a different way recently. but i think i remember the abiding thing was i had seen "the breakfast club," and i was so excited to be working on a film of john hughes', and with molly. and because he took -- he took teenagers in a more serious way than a lot of filmmakers at the time. and i appreciated that as a former teenager. i think i was 19 or 19 or 20 when i actually got the part. >> and, you know, it -- to your point, it was something that -- you know, some of the angst and pain of being a teenager was
4:59 pm
made much more real by this -- "pretty in pink" and other movies at that time. when that came out, i was around 10. 1986. there's a picture of me. [ laughter ] see, like you. >> oh, that's wonderful. >> like you, i've changed quite a bit. i was a little young at the time, but i did see it as a teen and one of my favorite scenes was in the record store. here it is. ♪ ♪ >> i loved that scene. i loved you in that scene. what was your favorite moment in the movie? >> it was probably the scene right after that. where -- where ducky realizes that andrew mccarthy has shown up and that molly's character is actually expecting to go out with him and not ducky.
5:00 pm
it's a very heartbreaking scene and wonderful to go from sort of a comedic high to, i know, much more dramatic scene. >> i appreciate your time. thank you so much. >> thank you, erin. such a pleasure. >> and be sure to tune in for the all-new cnn original series "the movies" which premiers this sunday at 9:00 only on cnn. >> thanks. "ac 360 starts now. the president wanted tanks and troops for the 4th of july and now he's got them. he's turned into a situation of and by one person, donald j. trump. that is the question as tanks sit on a rail car waiting for their part in president trump's 4th of july show. he's given himself a prime speaking role, which presidents have traditionally not done and there will be a military fly-by including the plane used as air force one and the blue


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