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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  July 3, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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and these are the pictures america is waking up to. look at this -- shameful. that's the "new york daily news." squaller pervasive in "the new york times." it's not just the pictures here. it's the new report just released by the trump administration itself which discovered hundreds and hundreds of migrants including children crammed into extremely overcrowded border facilities. this was all uncovered by a government wash >> government investigators found migrants sleeping on concrete floors with no access to showers, children younger than 7 being held for weeks rather than the 72 hours allowed by law. now, border patrol divers are searching for a missing 2-year-old in the rio grande. agents say the girl's mother told them she lost her daughter while they were crossing the river. all of this as one border agent
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sounds the alarm in an exclusive interview with cnn that we'll play for you. nick valencia is live in el paso, texas, with our top story. nick? >> reporter: these disturbing images from the inspector general report show that the facts are undeniable. overcrowding is a serious issue that demands immediate action. while it focuses on the rio grande valley, things are just as bad. that's according to a veteran agent we sat down with in a cnn exclusive. this agent telling us enough is enough. taking a big risk by doing this. >> but america needs to know. they need to know the truth. >> reporter: a border patrol agent who's had enough. in an exclusive interview, the veteran agent who said they'd go on camera only if they were concealed. the first to expose the group,
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i'm 10-15. the agent telling cnn being derogatory is part of the border patrol culture. even hearing one joke about dead migrants. >> he was making fun them. he made a comment also regarding running over illegals. and i'm like, you cannot run over people. >> reporter: in describing the conditions inside the el paso facilities, he compared them to a zoo. >> the holding facility, the cel cells, they are what i will say filthy. we have a maintenance and cleaning crew that clean the general area by the hallways. but i have never seen them cleaning counters or toilets or
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sinks in a cell. sometimes you go in a cell and there's trash everywhere. >> there are those in border patrol who say they are getting basic human rights. what do you say about that? >> what is basic human rights? toilet paper. water from the sink. wearing the same clothing for days. >> reporter: and this morning a search far 2-year-old little girl is resuming this morning. customs and border protection announcing overnight that a mother told them they lost her 2-year-old child while trying to cross the rio grande. customs and border protection saying they hope their search leads to a positive outcome. >> all right. thank you so much for that reporting. we're going over this report from the ig. we'll have much more on it later
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including information most adults had gone as long as a month without a shower there. thank you, nick. breaking news. at least 40 people have been killed and more than a hundred injured from an air strike on a migrant center east of libya's capital. emergency crews are working to help the wounded and remove the dead from piles of rubble where buildings once stood. the u.n. recognized interim government blamed the leader of the opposite libyan national army calling this an intentional war crime. but right now there's no independent confirmation about who was responsible for this attack. a navy s.e.a.l. found not guilty of a premeditated murder in iraq. edward gallagher was accused of stabbing the body and posing with the body for a picture. was this a surprise, nick? >> reporter: nothing would have come as a surprise in this
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court-martial, alisyn. it's been twisty, turny from beginning to end. but eddie gallagher was facing the possibility of life behind bars. not anymore. that jury seven military members, eddie gallagher's peers found him not guilty of stabbing to death that isis detainee. not guilty of firing at civilians. and also not guilty of pressuring fellow s.e.a.l.s to return him in. this case always rested heavily on the witness testimony of gallagher's fellow s.e.a.l.s. the defense always said this was not about murder. this was about mutiny. young s.e.a.l.s who didn't like him who made stuff up to get rid of him. take a listen to his wife talking just after the verdict came down. >> i was feeling like we're finally vindicated after being
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terrorized by the government my husband fought for in the war on terror. he's fought every major enemy of the united states. he is a righteous and noble individual. we need to afford the benefit of the doubt to our war heroes who we send over there to fight these evils. >> reporter: now, eddie gallagher was found guilty of taking photograph with the corpse of that young isis detainee. but the maximum sentence for that and we'll hear it later today, the max numb sentence is four months and he's already served a lot more than that during pretrial confinement. eddie gallagher will be home for the fourth of july. >> really appreciate it. this morning we're still waiting for answers on the cause of death for pitch eer tyler skaggs. his team took the field one day after he was found dead in his hotel room. live where the angels played
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last night, scott, what an emotional evening. >> reporter: yeah. you bet, john. the angels wore black patches with tyler skaggs' number on them last night. but it was clear that the 27-year-old pitcher was on his teammates' minds not just on their jerseys. manager brad osmos hugged every one of his players off the field last night. he said he felt there was some urgency to win to give these guys something to smile about. and they did 9-4. before the game there was a moment of silence held for tyler skaggs. stadiums are obviously loud places. but at that moment, you could hear a pin drop. you would never know that skaggs had been a member of the opposite team. after the game, his teammates, they were visibly upset including all-star mike trout. listen. >> you know, we're close. all these guys in here, you know, i see these guys more than my family. you know?
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you know, to lose somebody like him, it's tough. you know? my first at bat, i get up there and all i do is think about him, you know? >> reporter: yeah, clearly still a distraction for those players. now, there are still a lot of questions about the circumstances of the death. skaggs was found dead in a hotel room on monday. the manager called his death incomprehensible. local police says this does not look like foul play nor suicide. there was an autopsy scheduled for yesterday but at the request of skaggs' family, none of the details will be released until the full report is completed in october. meanwhile, the angels won't be playing back at home until july 12th after the all-star break. >> still really only questions remaining at this point. we have no information about the cause of death.
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>> i wonder why his family wants to hold the autopsy until october. >> you know -- >> there's is mouso much intere. >> maybe they want to protect information. maybe there's something they don't want people to know. >> maybe. on a happier note, it was just like the revolution with almost as much drama. the united states beat england 2-1 to win a ticket back to the world cup finals. and the drama began before the game even started. one of team usa's biggest stars sidelined with an injury. so what's in store next? amanda davies in france, coy wire in atlanta. this makes us 3-0 against england if you count the war. >> oh, john, it's been a tough morning for me, i have to say. sometimes you got to put your hands up and say you were beaten by the better side.
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england's lionesses claimed by the ones that everyone else is using at the benchmark for women's soccer. even without megan rapinoe, she was ruled out with a minor hamstring injury. jill ellis' side dominated. it was a case of no rapinoe, no problem. once again the usa were lightning quick out of the blocks. they scored for the sixth time in six games inside the first 12 minutes. this time it was veteran of over a hundred caps kristen press. she was closely followed by birthday girl alex morgan as she keeps up her golden campaign. carli lloyd's clap against
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chile. this time morgan stopped for tea. it was a very -- was it a dig at english tradition? was it a reference to the boston tea party and july 4th? she's left us guessing. and ultimately, it was left to the goalkeeper to seal the deal. to book the usa in a record fifth world cup final. >> it just meant a lot to me to have through this whole thing my teammates have had my back. i've had theirs and this was a culmination of that. >> it was as stunning as you would have wanted that semifinal to be. of course, we find out a little bit later on whether it will be the netherlands or sweden lining up against the u.s. >> coy, the reason i was jumping in, what was the reason with
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megan rapinoe? >> this was a big shock to all of us. their co-captain not even warming up. we caught up with rapinoe after the win. she was asked about not playing. here's what she had to say. >> no, i wasn't fit for selection today. just a minor hamstring strain. for me the timeline really was after the france game. and now i have the extra rest day and looking forward to the final. i expect to be fit by then. >> it will be nine days of rest for that. i don't think there's any way that megan rapinoe doesn't get out there on that pitch. we're reminded through this injury two of the most impressive things about this team. one, their mental toughness, and two, their depth. rapinoe's backup capable in and scored the opening goal of the match. she said she watched her
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teammate and the great carli lloyd practice headers every day at practice for two years. that's what enabled her to make that happen during the game. she is inspired by lloyd. i think there's a generation of young girls inspired by these women. they're inspiring all of us, aren't they? >> a generation of old men. i mean, it's everybody. we're all inspired by them, coy. >> but let me get this straight. this is the new offensive hand gesture? let me make sure i got it. i like to use it in the car when another driver bothers me. >> drinking tea in their face is what it amounts to. >> i don't know if this cuts it for me. >> what do you think prince harry and the queen thought? >> they were not happy. >>ment no. i'm going to drink your tea, prince harry. i want to know one thing here and it's important. the president of the united states who claims to be a fan of soccer has not tweeted congratulations at all to the women's team. before the fourth of july, you might think you want to get behind the national team that's playing in the world cup finals.
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we've heard nothing. >> i'm sure he will this morning. monitor it on twitter. >> i'm watching carefully. nothing. he's tweeting a lot about the parade and celebration. there's going to be tanks, planes, political favors on the national mall tomorrow night for the president's fourth of july celebration. the question is who's paying for it? a way, smokey the bear. that's next. i have one kid in each branch of the military. when i have a child deployed, having a reliable network means everything. (vo) the network more people rely on, gives you more. like a special price for military families and big savings when you switch. that's verizon. i'm looking at that truck! wow! that's awesome! this 4th of july, celebrate in a new chevrolet. oh wow! they're all really cool cars. woo, i love it! i like those lights. look how beautiful this is!
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president trump wanted tanks for his july 4th salute to the nation and he'll get tanks. this morning we're getting a better idea of how much those tanks will cost taxpayers. we're also learn whog will get tickets to this event. tom foreman is live with one of those tanks behind him near the lincoln memorial. what's the latest, tom? >> reporter: this is exactly what the president wanted. big pieces of military hardware right in the middle of this area that will be absolutely flooded with tourists for the holiday. look at how they brought these in last night.
3:20 am
these are actually bradley fighting vehicles. they're armored personnel carriers. allegedly there will be some abrams tanks brought in as well. that is the big question though. who's going to pay for all this? what budget is this coming out of? and while the president says this is a celebration of america, many of his critics are saying, no. this is a celebration of himself. the iconic fireworks over the national mall will be moved to a new spot. all flights grounded at reagan national airport for two hours. and troops deployed for security. all so president donald trump can be the center piece for d.c.'s fourth of july celebration. giving an unprecedented speech at the lincoln memorial. >> we'll have a great fourth of july celebration like no other. >> reporter: for all the cost, a grand military parade a scene in
3:21 am
other countries such as france, russia, and north korea. but cost estimates for that plan quickly ran into tens of millions of dollars. d.c. city council mindful of extensive treat damage howled no tanks. and the pentagon is not discussing the price tag for a flyover by the blue angels, a plane that serves as air force one, some other aircraft, and a couple of tanks and troop carriers that will also be there parked near the mall. >> we want to bring millions of people into the city and we want people to come who love our country. those are the people we want. >> reporter: the president tweeting, the pentagon and our great military leaders are thrilled after asking the chiefs of every branch to stand with him during the celebration. the pentagon not saying which, if any, are going. and adding to the frustration of those who claim the traditionally nonpartisan event
3:22 am
is being hijacked by team trump, the committee are reportedly giving vip access to friends and colleagues. the white house response? >> this is a public event. it's open to the public. >> reporter: the public may be thrilled to see these military vehicles parked here, the flyover, and everything else. we're in the shadow of the lincoln memoir rriamemorial. lots of protesters are now converging on the small as well included some with a permit to fly the baby trump balloon over the festivities. that will also be overhead. >> unintended consequences and the baby trump balloon probably won't damage the roadways. tom foreman, thank you for that reporting. a major development overnight in a big political setback for the white house. the trump administration confirms this morning that it
3:23 am
will not ask about citizenship status on the 2020 census. those opposing the question argued to the supreme court that it would disenfranchise minority groups. the court ruled the way the administration justified it did not pass muster. wilbur ross says he strongly disagrees with the justices but would print the census documents without the request. now, before the announcement from the government, the president tweeted that he wanted to keep up the fight, but frankly it's not at all clear what that means. >> okay. meanwhile, former vice president joe biden and senator kamala harris are heading to iowa this holiday weekend as a new poll in that race shthe rac tightening. what's the latest? >> reporter: it's a whole new ball game for a lot of candidates as they come to iowa, the first of the nation caucus. and we'll see kamala harris starting her day here in des moines, iowa. and just two hours away is joe biden. i want you to take a look at
3:24 am
this map. it's not just those two candidates. you can see how many of the 2020 hopefuls are here. it's joe biden, kamala harris, bernie sanders, pete buttigieg, tim ryan, and beto o'rourke. and if you look at the latest iowa poll that just came out, you can see that joe biden still is in the lead, but that lead has had a significant cut in it. right on his heels? kamala harris, elizabeth warren, and bernie sanders fourth. it mirrors a national poll that came out. similar to a cnn poll that was also conducted. and throughout this week on this fourth of july holiday, they are going to have a very iowa event, all of these candidates are going to be doing parades, picnics, holding a number of town halls. pete buttigieg, a candidate who is also going to be here, he is going to be unveiling a new
3:25 am
policy. and he is calling this policy the new service core. it's a nod to his time in the military service. giving back. it's going to target 250,000 service opportunities, targeting young people, high school, college, various students who might be unemployed. alisyn, it's a way he hopes of trying to bring young people together and help the country. alisyn? >> okay. it'll be interesting to see that. thank you for the preview. quick programming note for everyone. this friday we have a cnn exclusive. former vice pesident joe biden will sit down with chris cuomo. how does the 2020 front runner plan to stay ahead of the pack? this interview will air friday morning right here on "new day" at 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. eastern. >> i want to say he hasn't really done this kind of interview yet, so it tells you everything the timing of it that he's choosing to do this now. i cannot wait. some of the biggest news
3:26 am
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new disturbing photos from inside u.s. detention centers. these show squalid standing room conditions. thaez are released by the trump administration. so it will be tough for the president to call thaez fake, though we'll see. let's bring in john avalon. john, it turns out the inhumane conditions are more widespread. worse and have gone on longer
3:31 am
than we knew. because these pictures have just been released but i believe these were taken in may from this watch dog agency within the government. and they show -- i mean, you can see. people haven't showered. we're getting reports they haven't showered for weeks. children are being kept there longer than we knew. just all sorts of really inhumane conditions. now what? >> that's right. and president trump and the administration can't spin their way out of this one by blaming democrats or the media because this is an internal watch dog report. they have to own this to some extent. and it's important because it dove tails with what we've reported, with what the democratic congresswoman saw and said. this is a humanitarian crisis. polls show people agree on that now. they may have different sources of the crisis but this is happening on america's watch right now. >> let's put up some of the numbers. 23% of americans say it's not a
3:32 am
crisis. again, what kind of crisis splits on partisan lines. since you brought up the showers, i just want to read this. everyone's supposed to get a shower within 72 hours. this says most single adults had not had a shower in cbp custody despite several being held for as long as a month. so it's just not happening. people aren't being treated the way that our own government insists that they should be. correct? >> i saw a line in that report that i found very important was one official describing this as a ticking time bomb. imagine what happens when you put too many people in too small a room for that long. and we could be heading to a very dangerous situation at the border as well. you know, another poll that's coming out today, it relates to 2020 but it says this is now overtaking health care as voters' number one issue. 42% right now saying this is their number one issue. that is going to be something these candidates have to grapple with as well. i think we have yet to hear someone emerge as the voice for
3:33 am
that. >> well, i mean, lots of them are trying to -- there are certainly some sounding the alarm as the inspector general was trying to do with this. for your action is our final management alert. the purpose of which is to notify you of urgent issues that require immediate attention and action specifically we encourage dhs to take immediate steps to alleviate dangerous overcrowding and prolonged detention of children and adults in the rio grande valley. could they have used any stronger language here to try to get the administration -- to try to get their attention and do something about this? >> well, i think the administration is employing the strategy of if we ignore it, it'll go away. it won't go away and that's what makes it a scandal. we treat our -- the al qaeda terrorists in guantanamo better than we treat these children. and that is really an outrage. but i think under pinning the
3:34 am
response is in some respects this is what they wanted. they said from the very beginning that this was a deterrence policy. you wanted to deter people from coming here to the united states. and what would deter people more than showing they would be treated, put in cages and treated not like human beings. the president, we haven't heard from him. we heard from all of the democrats on this. this is not one of these fake manufactured scandals in washington. this is a national tragedy and a scandal. >> take the trump administration's own word for it from the inspector general report. one more question on the polling. to an extent, the president is messaging that it's a crisis is starting to win over. it's been a crisis for a long time. a different kind of crisis. however, you know, when 75% say it's a crisis, when asked, if you approve or disapprove how the president is handling immigration, 57% disapprove. so how the president's dealing with this is not popular and
3:35 am
democrats will tell you it's a humanitarian crisis, not a crisis that requires a wall here. john, i want to move on to this big expensive parade. the national parks service is diverting nearly $2.5 million in entrance and recreation fees primarily intended to improve parks across the country to cover costs associated with the president's independence day celebration. they're getting money from smokey the bear. >> they're stealing from smokey the bear. >> and this is only a fraction. this is only a fraction of the cost here. it doesn't cover the planes flying over. >> we don't know the number yet. >> roll it all up, this is a band-aid on the total budget bust that is going to be this presidential vanity process under the guise of celebrating america's independence. the great columnist erma said once, isn't it great where we celebrate our independence not
3:36 am
with a military strength of tanks but family picnics. until now. that's what normally infuses our celebrations. now the president is scratching a long-term itch to have a military parade on the taxpayer dime. >> speaking ofr the taxpayer dime and who's going to benefit from this, the reports are that the rnc and the administration is offering tickets to this big event to big republican donors. and so is this a political event? is this a political rally? >> it's not unusual for the president to invite friends, political friends even for the fourth of july fireworks. what is unusual is everything else going on around this at a time i think a lot of americans would just like a nonpartisan day. nike's pulling the shoes with the american flags. and i think a lot of people are really looking forward to celebrating the fourth of july on sunday when our women win the world cup final. and so to have all this
3:37 am
controversy around and to make these silly political mistakes, it's ununforced error. >> i would note sarah isgur has spoke of the women's world cup one more time than the president has today. joe to you, what does this mean? >> i'll make two points. one, america doesn't need to put military parades on. countries like russia and france who are insecure of their power need to demonstrate their strength in a way where we don't have to. people know we're the strongest country militarily in the world. and on the -- i'm just personally outraged about the president hijacking the fourth of july. it's for all people. i was struck by the sound you played from the president saying i want people who love america to come to this event. but i'm only giving vip tickets to republicans. all americans love america. and we really have to stop.
3:38 am
saying if you don't believe in him you don't believe in america. it's really wrong. and the fourth of july is the single worst day of the year to be making that argument. >> guys, thank you all very much for the insight into this. we will cover both of those things and the developments all morning. an outpouring of support for a fallen hero who helped others on 9/11. how new york is saying good-bye to luis alvarez. that's next.
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this morning, the auto industry has lost an icon. lee iacocca was ceo of chrysler. he then helped save them from bankruptcy in the 1980s. at the height of his career, iacocca was likely the most popular business person in america. 9/11 first responder luis alvarez will be laid to rest this morning after his long battle with 9/11-related cancer.
3:43 am
this was the scene at his wake yesterday. look at this line. it snaked through the funeral home's parking lot as people waited to pay their respects. >> the streets around the church here in queens are blocked off. it is going to be a very difficult day for many people across the city not only nypd. he dies of rectal cancer linked to spending three months at the 9/11 site looking for survivors and then any remains of his colleagues and others across that terrible, terrible time. this was a guy that lost month was able to get -- he had months of chemo throughout cancer.
3:44 am
>> this fund is not a ticket to paradise. it is there to provide for our families when we can't. nothing more. you all said you would never forget well, i'm here to make sure that you don't. >> reporter: now, when you compare that luis alvarez to the luis alvarez that was in perfect health back then, you can see the difference that many rounds of chemotherapy and the cancer took on him. he died shortly after speaking those words to congress. he also -- the family released a statement in part saying that it was a blessing having with him. the words they want people to
3:45 am
remember is he asked please take care of yourselves and each other. john? >> all right. miguel, we're thinking of his family today. we're also thinking of all of our friends who are luis' friends having a tough day today. >> it's a tough day. but when you see what luis went through to make it to congress to bring that powerful message, we owe him a debt of gratitude for 9/11 and then everything he did beyond. americans getting sick by tainted alcohol at luxury resorts. we have new information about what the u.s. government did not tell you about it. that's next. super emma just about sleeps in her cape. but when we realized she was battling sensitive skin, we switched to tide pods free & gentle. it's gentle on her skin, and dermatologist recommended. tide free and gentle. safe for skin with psoriasis, and eczema. a lot will happen in your life. wrinkles just won't. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair's derm-proven retinol works so fast,
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this melting pot of impacted species. everywhere is going to get touched by climate change.
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as the united states investigates a series of mysterious deaths in the dominican republic, the state department is finally releasing concerns about tainted alcohol at resorts in mexico. that senator first raised the issue two years ago. two years. michelle kosinski joins us with the latest. >> this is the chairman of the homeland security committee. and you said two years about all
3:50 am
those cases in mexico. at this point, hundreds of people have come forward. american tourists who say they became violently ill after drinking what they believe was tainted alcohol. and some people died as well. this bears a striking resemblance going on in the dominican republic. senator johnson wrote this letter after the death of abby connor. she and her brother on the first day of their vacation had a few drinks by the pool. they were unconscious almost immediately. she was found face down in the shallow end of the pool. he recovered but she died. so we see some of things the state department was able to do and not do in cases like this. they were able to pressure the mexican government to raid establishments. they shut down two bars. they seized liquor of unknown origin. but they said none of it tested
3:51 am
positive for anything dangerous. nothing could be definitively linked after two years. and that's pretty much where this ends. you see the difficulties there. the response doesn't make any mention to the fact that there are multiple press reports out there saying other mexican government raids yielded hundreds of gallons of tainted methanol. so it kind of shows you where things go unless a lot is done about these cases. >> it's worrisome on so many levels. >> it is. >> thank you very much for looking into that. so most americans say that health care is at the top of their list for what they want to tackle in 2020. so are the democratic candidates effectively speaking to those americans? we talk about that next.
3:52 am
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raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented
3:55 am
immigrants. >> okay. that moment from last week's debate has some democrats worried the party may be moving too far left on health care. will those positions cost democrats in the general election? joining us now to talk about this and more, we have terry mccaauliffe of virginia and a c political commentator. good morning, governor. >> happy fourth of july weekend for you. >> you as well. >> what did you think when you saw every democrat on that stage raise their hand to ensure undocumented immigrants? >> the first thing i thought of, if you're sitting out there in america today, you have one question. what about me? who's talking about my prescription drug costs? who's talking about my out of network expenses? people are happy generalry with their doctor but not happy with prescription drug prices. undocumented workers come to the country, they're going to get health care through a plan or
3:56 am
through emergency room. but we're not spending enough time in these debates talking to the americans about the issues they face every single day at home. we spend a lot of time talking about medicare for all. i talk about these shiny objects up there that people talk about. this is not what's affecting most americans. we better use these upcoming debates to be able to address these issue of health care. we've got to show specific plans about not allowing insurance companies to not deduct the cost of advertising. these are the big issues that congress needs to address. it's very important for us going forward. like education. >> your feelings echo that of president trump's. that's exactly what he said after the debate. how about taking care of american citizens first?
3:57 am
that's the end of the race. do you agree that this will hurt them fatally in the general election? >> no. not fatally. this was the first debate of what we're going to have ten more debates. we have a long way to going these were introductory debates if ar lot of people. but i have written people want deliverables. we have a deliver every day. we've got to balance budgets, build roads. people want to know are you going to do for me. this is early in the process. the problem is we have the videotape. they can't take back their hand raise unless -- >> and i think americans want to make sure these undocumented workers get health care.
3:58 am
what they did, put their hand up, it's the appropriate thing to do. but i want to see more things. we're going to have plenty more things to discuss with donald trump as we go forward. listen, he came into office single handedly has really hurt individuals across this country on health care. trump's got to answer for all the horrible things he's done. . we need to make sure as we go forward that we are talking to people about infrastructure, education. we got delab dated schools. every child should have a healthy, nutritious breakfast at school in the morning. >> are you saying that undocumented immigrants should be insured because the polls suggest that the majority of
3:59 am
americans don't feel that way. 61% in our latest poll say they disagree with that position that all of those democrats take. so in other words, just on the position, should the democratic candidates rethink that position? >> listen, i come from a place that every single person in this country no matter how they came to our great country should get health care. we spend a lot of time talking about issues that don't affect us at home. people watched that debate the other day and said, okay. people come to the country, there'll be no crimes. everybody's going to get health care. we need to address the concerns that people have at home. we have issues. we have a ballooning deficit in this nation that nobody seems to talk about. >> former governor terry
4:00 am
mcauliffe, thank you. >> happy birthday, everybody. >> america. >> john, let's get hot dogs and beer and let's go. >> we could do that any day though. >> thanks so much. there are disturbing government photos of how migrants are being treated today. "new day" continues right now. this is exactly what the president wanted. >> i'm not going to allow you to politicize it. >> this is about celebrating our military. >> i don't think we need to bring them onto the national mall to justify their effectiveness. >> new images show what one cbp official calls a ticking time bomb. >> i am not leaving this facility. i am prepared to stay until i see the girls!


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