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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  July 3, 2019 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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you are watching cnn. thanking for being with me on this wednesday. new disturbing photographs detail the shear number of people and children crammed inside these migrant detention facilities in texas. look at these drawings by children. they reveal an even crueller side to the crisis. these are pictures drawn by a 10-year-old, an 11-year-old, a holding center in mcallen just released these pictures and they appear to show children in
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cages. this is what the children from guatemala made when asked about their time in u.s. custody. mcallen is part of the reoe riod valley, and they warn of dangerous overcrowding where some male detabinees haven't showered for a month, others clogged toilets just to be left out of their refinement during the repair. there is a 269% jump of those trying to enter the region from last year. but you beyond all the statistics and images, there is the smell. the smell as described by the incoming head of the american academy of pediatrics who visited two facilities in this area last week. >> when i opened the door, first thing that we -- that hit us was
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the smell. it was a smell of sweat, urine and feces. and i heard drinoise and i look to my left and there was a sea of silver. the young boys had no expressions on their faces. no laughing, no talking. almost like dog cages with people in each and the silence was just -- it was hard to see. >> and as all of this is happening at the u.s.-mexico border, border patrol agents are under fire for a chat group. and nick valencia spoke to one border patrol agent. incredible reporting from you and your team. i know that the secretary of homeland security says that there will be an investigation, this agent says something must be done about the culture inside. >> reporter: this veteran agent decided to speak out on condition of anonymity and i ask
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kd them why and they basically said enough is enough, they are tired of the more rid conditions, saying so long as border patrol continues to respond like this, migrants in u.s. custody whether never be safe. what do you say to leaders who are saying hoomigrants are gett basic human rights. >> toilet paper, water from the sink? washing t wearing the clothing for days? we used to have these plblanket and ten different aliens would use the same one. we would recycle them, put them in a bag and they wouldn't get washed. >> what about the kids? >> you know, they just want hope. they want to believe in something. >> reporter: there were several times during the interview that the agent had this sort of long
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blank stare and i asked what are you thinking about. and they said it is just really hard not to take home the emotional baggage from what you see inside and what you hear as well. in fact the agent telling me earlier this week that they overheard a supervisor talking about that image that everyone saw of the central american family and his daughter, the 2-year-old girl drowning after they tried to cross the rio gran grande. and the supervisory joked about dead migrants. but that is not all. >> he was making fun of them. >> saying what? >> that it is just another life. he made a comment also regarding runningoff illegals. and i'm like you cannot run over people. >> reporter: the agent saying being derogatory is part of border patrol culture. these are very serious allegations, allegations that we took to customs and border protection. while they did not directly
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respond, they did say that they take them very seriously. >> thank you for getting us this. how is this sitting with children, short term damage, long term? let's my break in judy ho, clinical forensic psychologist. so judy, thank you for being on with me. and guys, let's throw those pictures back up, the drawings from the 10 and 11-year-olds. because the government claims these aren't cages. here you go. call them whatever you want, but these drawings, how children perceive their experience, looks like cages to me. >> that's right, brooke. and i share the concerns of dr. sarah and this border patrol agent. these are huge impactful things for these children. right now they are in conditions that could be construed as a form of imprisonment and also neglect.
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we know from research and clinical experience that for children who have been exposed to imprisonment conditions or neglect, that they have hire risk of depression and suicidal thoughts as they grow older, a higher risk of having functional difficulties as adults and worse physical outcomes. and notwithstanding the fact that they are sort of experiencing a form of trauma. so what about the possible ptsd symptoms that they will develop as they get older that changes the way that their brain processes things, their memory, the way that they interact with other people, feeling like there is no place that is safe for them. >> and they are like floating in limbo. we don't know how long they will be at any given place. and so it is hard to evenen of, well, then what do you do on help them. but eventually, you know, what can be done for kids who have been held in custody to help mitigate any of what you just described? >> absolutely. and that is part of the problem is that these children were promised that they would only be
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there for a few days and all of a sudden it turns into a week or more. and this is very troubling for children. children need boundaries and structure. so to your point, to be able to recover from all of this, they will need boundaries and structure, they will need to be comforted knowing that they still have a safe place somewhere, that when somebody says something to them, that they can be counted on to follow through in the appropriate manner and certainly many of these children will probably need professional intervention from mental health experts. >> the former head of the american academy of pediatrics leader said this is truly a very dark spot in u.s. history. this will be remembered as a time when the u.s. was cruel to immigrant children, it makes me wonder what kind of country are we that we would treat children this way. and it just got me thinking, final thought from you, when was the last time this was done to kids. was it japanese internment camps? just think of the damaged a repercussions. >> absolutely. historically there has been a repeat of these circumstances.
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and when we look at the long term consequences of people who have survived that, it has changed them in many ways. and in other times they have actually been unable to recover. they will have long term negative mental health consequences and sometimes not able to hold down a job, unable to have loving relationships because they don't trust people. so we certainly need to help these children as much as we can when they get out of these conditions. >> judy ho, thank you very much. we talk about numbers and statistics, but to think about the psychological ramifications, all part of the conversation. thank you very much. i want to move to the race for 2020. joe biden's first batch of fundraising numbers is in. the 2020 democratic frontrunner raised $21.5 million since entering the race in late april. that puts the former vice president behind south bend mayor pete buttigieg who raised almost $25 million in the second quarter. biden does come out ahead of bernie sanders who was at the $18 million mark and we're still
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waiting on fundraising numbers from kamala harris's campaign. let's go straight to arlette saenz in waterloo, iowa where biden is campaigning today. and you know, i mean obviously these are huge numbers but to folks who say he didn't raise as much as pete buttigieg, how does the campaign respond to that? >> reporter: certainly still an impressive figure second largest reported so far. but it is worth noting that joe biden entered the 2020 race three weeks into that second fundraising quarter. so he wasn't working with as much time as the other candidates did. but biden also entered this race as one of the most well-known names in the field. and over the course of his campaign so far, he has devoted a lot of time into holding these high dollar in-person fundraisers. he attended more than a dozen -- more than two dozen fundraisers over the course of his campaign so far. but so far even though biden was
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able and willing to put in that work holding those fundraisers, he was not able to best the number that was posted by a relatively unknown candidate just a few months ago, mayor pete buttigieg. >> and you are you're in iowa. a number of the hopefuls are out and about trying to woo the voters. what are joe biden's plans and why is this state so important? >> reporter: well, biden will be here later today in waterloo holding an event. tomorrow he is marching in an independence day parade in independence, iowa. and i think biden is trying to reassure voters that he is the best pick to be the democrat being nominee and take on donald trump. you will also see other top tier contenders like kamala harris and bernie sanders and pete buttigieg, kamala harris trying to capitalize after her big debate moment and the candidates are here seven months away from
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the caucuses in february. >> thank you. and this week joe biden and his wife will be sitting down with quis cuoompan chris cuomo. how does the frontrunner stay ahead. the interview this friday morning at of:6:00 and 8:00 a.m eastern. still to come, president trump is promising his salute to america will be as he says the show of a lifetime. but what do the men and women in the military have to say about this? and a judge says that teenager accused of rape deserves leniency because pressing charges would ruin this young man's life. outrage growing over this story. and iran reaches a nuclear deal with the country's president planning to enrich uranium. could iran be closer to producing its own nuclear weapons. how do you gauge the greatness of an suv? is it to carry cargo... or to carry on a legacy?
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on holidays friends and family come together, eat, leave politics far behind. but tomorrow politics will be pretty hard to ignore in washington, d.c. president trump will be front
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and center for a salute to america, an event believed to be inspired by a bastille day parade he attended two years ago. trump's u.s. version will be complete with tanks, a military flyover and a vip section for his allies and friends. capping it all off, a speech by the president himself tomorrow night from the lincoln memorial. all of it causing the critics to say it is less about celebrating america and more about celebrating trump. tom foreman has more on the planning and the backlash. >> preparations under way up and down the national mall with some big pieces of military hardware being brought in as the president wished for the white house, this is a big display of american exceptionalism, for the president's critics it is instead an awful lot of fuss about him. the iconic fireworks over the national mall will be moved to a new spot, all flights will be grounded at reagan national
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airport for more than two hours. and three tis time three times number of guard will be deployed for security. all for the fourth of july celebration, giving an unprecedented speech at the lincoln memorial. >> it will be like no other. >> reporter: for all the costly changes, it is still not precisely what he wanted early on, a grand military parade as seen in some other countries such as france, russia and north korea. but cost estimates for that plan quickly ran into tens of millions of dollars. the d.c. city council mindful of expensive street damage said no tanks. the park service has remained quiet about how much it will cost to take on the additional requirements and the pentagon is not discussing the price tag for a flyover by the blue angels, a plane that serves as air force one, other aircraft and a couple tanks and troop carriers that
11:19 am
will also be there but simply parked near the mall. >> we want to bring millions of people into the city and we want people to come who love our country. those are the people we want. >> the president tweeting the tent go pentagon and great military leaders are thrilled after asking the chiefs of every branch to stand with him during the celebration. the pentagon not saying which if any are going. and adding to the frustration of those who claim the traditionally nonpartisan event is being high cracked by team trump, the white house and the republican national committee are reportedly giving vip access to favored friends and colleagues. democrats say on this scorching week, they are largely being frozen out. the white house response? >> this is a public event, it is open to the public. >> reporter: one group the white house may not be happy to see, protesters who have obtained a permit to fly the baby trump balloon over everything, so that will also be in the air over the
11:20 am
festivities. >> tom foreman, thank you. and while the president claims that the military is, quote, thrilled, cnn has learned that the military chiefs were concerned about displaying tanks and other armored vehicles at an event some feel is politicized. retired general mark hertling, happy early fourth of july to you. listen, some of the top military chiefs aren't going, right? some are sending alternates. but those who will be there, general joseph dounfordunford, secretary, and d.o.d. guidelines restrict political activities for all personnel, but the white house says this is all about patriotism, this isn't about politics. i know that top brass can't speak out, so what are you hearing? how are they feeling about this? >> i'm hearing something
11:21 am
different from friends this both the active service and the retired ranks. and it is putting the chiefs in a very difficult position to play a part in this political event. and that is what it has become. when we talk about the inspiration for various holidays, whether martin loouut king day or veterans day, there is a focus on something and fourth of july is focused on our liberties and the signing of that great declaration of independence that reflects our values and what we fought for. it hasn't been a political event. it hasn't been something that is showing the power of the military, but it is becoming that. and it will certainly more than likely knowing the president's approach to these kind of things will be something that he will tout as a direct reflection of how great his administration is. and i know the military -- senior military ranks do not want to be standing behind him when he does that because they
11:22 am
have continued to maintain their professionalism and their bipartisanism, but they also have to obey the orders when the president says he wants displays, he has to get them there. >> and speaking of acting secretaries, do you think that it is a coincidence that this has been approved by an acting defense secretary who is vying for the job? >> yeah, i don't know, brooke. i'd be hesitant to say it is just because he is an acting guy. again, the president is the commander in chief. when he wants something to happen, it happens. and make no mistake about it either, near military bases around the world, the military gives some vehicles to the local community, and it is mostly for recruitment purposes. because recruiters like to get out there on the fourth of july and try to bring young people in. but in this case when you are talking about shipping vehicles there fort stewart, georgia -- and by the way a shout out to
11:23 am
the folks first of the 64th arrest hour and third infantry division that got those vehicles up to washington, d.c. on the turn of a dime to get them ready for this kind of static display, that is a hard job when you don't have a whole lot of notice and getting that equipment there on a rail head and then on some heads. but they will do that. but again, should it be part of the demonstration that is the fourth of july? as i've said, i'd much rather see kids having their face painted and fireworks and eating hot dogs and ice cream sundaes and enjoying what our declaration of independence says. john adams gave us the best advice back on the day that the declaration was signed when he said we should celebrate this day with pageant fridry and pom bells ringing and people relishing in their citizenship. it should not be focused on
11:24 am
military power in my view. >> will eithlet's go back to de storm. you commanded the bradley tank. did you ever think when you were over there that fast forward so many years that you would see the tanks rolling down the streets of washington, d.c.? >> i would not. i have to convict you know, bradley is not a tank, it is a fighting vehicle. and there is a distinct difference. >> forgive me. >> all my military guys would give me a hard time for that. but there are tanks there. and bradley fighting vehicles which i think that the president confused and called it a sherman or sheridan. so yeah, i never thought that i would have experienced that. it is an awesome piece of weaponry for conventional war fighting. it should not be part of a celebration of our liberty in my view. general, thank you very much. coming up next, he is accused of raping a teenage girl at a party, recording it with his cellphone and sharing the video with his friends. and a new jersey judge says that
11:25 am
this young man deserves leniency because he is quote/unquote from a good family. but what about the alleged victim here? whoops. sorry.
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want to turn to a story we all should be paying attention to, a 16-year-old girl from new jersey was sexually assaulted during a pajama themed party. there was alcohol, she was advisably intoxicated. her speech was slurred. and a young man at this party identified in court documents as gmc goes into a dark room with her, grabs his cellphone and films himself penetrating this limp 16-year-old girl from
11:30 am
behind displaying her bare torso and her head hanging down. this is all from the documents. and the young man decided to share the video with this message, listen, when your first time having sex was rape. that is a direct quote. the assault was captured on video, shared and the perpetrator referred to it himself as rape. case closed, right? no. a family court judge says it wasn't rape. he then went on to question if the act was sexual assault defining rape as something is that happens when attacked at gunpoint by strangers. this 70-year-old superior court judge then went on to say this young man comes there a good family and gets good grades. that he was an eagle scout. and then the judge took it a step further saying that prosecutors should have explained to the girl and her family that pressing charges would destroy this young man's
11:31 am
life. destroy this young man's life? here is something important. eagle scout or not, rape is rape. and that judge then went on to deny the prosecutor's request to try the 16-year-old as an adult writing, and i quote, he is clearly a candidate for not just college but probably a good college. this judge has since been rebuked by the appeals court which has cleared the way for the case to be moved from family court to a grand jury where gmc, the young man, will be treated as an adult. so let's discuss all of this with a federal and white collar criminal defense attorney and also cheryl hunter woman's advocate and rape survivor. so ladies, this one got me today. cheryl, first to you. when you first read about this, what were you thinking? >> what is most amazing to me is that in the rape cases like this, what judges often look at is the rapist's future. what they fail to look at is the
11:32 am
future of the victim, what happens to the survivor. there is no longitudinal studies done of what happens to survivors of rape. but i work with them every day. and i see what happens to them over time. and the irony is they are serving a life sentence. each and every one of these people that i work with come to me because they are in the grips of the trauma of rape that happened decades ago. >> yes. caroline, the judge dismissed the text messages that the young man shared the video with his friends as, quote, just a 16-year-old kid saying stupid crap to his friends. so did the judge here just show a complete misunderstanding of the legal definition of rape? >> you hit the nail on the head there. absolutely. and this case went up to the appeals court and the appeals court really rebuked the lower court judge saying that the predatory nature and sophisticated nature of this crime and i'm so glad you went
11:33 am
into the graphic nature because he was unwilling to. he was dressing it up with euphemisms and calling it sexual assault, wouldn't even say that it was rape. and it was really a sophisticated criminal act. and so that is what the prosecutors were trying to say. they wanted to waive him out of the family court and have him be tried as an adult and thankfully this is not turning into a brock turner case. the appeals court caught it before it was too late and he will be tried as an adult. and thankfully everybody is coming out to see just how horrible this lower court judge was. you know what it says on the supreme court courthouse in washington, d.c.? equal justice under law. everything about this case is antithetical to equal justice. when you sigh this young may hd to be tried as an adult because he comes from a good family, that is so offensive and does is
11:34 am
so many bad things for the criminal justice system. >> and you were telling me in the break that when you were reading the appellate court decision, you could feel your blood boiling. tell me more about that and how rare is it for this sort of rebuke of a judge. >> thankfully it is rare. thankfully this made national news. my blood was boiling because the judge oftentimes would refer to the victim and questioned the fact that she was intoxicated. so victim shaming, victim blaming. again, as you noted, this isn't really rape? typically in a situation that he would classify as rape, there had to be two or more people holding somebody up at gun point or knife point? in these text messages, this boy actually referenced having a knife in one of them as well. so to dismiss this as sort of like adolescence is just the anthesis of what we should be
11:35 am
promoting this our society. >> and i want to end up with this young victim. when you read in the court documents, the next morning after she woke up you, the description is something to the effect that she felt something sexually had happened, she was hurt, she was bruised. she finds out -- goes to school, finds out that there is video that is getting shared. and this guy who she confronts apparently denies it and ultimately she goes to her mother who then took to police. so brave for doing that. >> incredibly so. >> how often does that sort of thing actually happen? >> generally what i find with people and in my own experience as well, is that survivors of sexual assault and rape don't speak up. they fear that sort of retaliation or recrimination or reproach, they fear that public shaming that happened as well to the victim mary as they are calling her, that mary was subject to. she kept asking him to please
11:36 am
destroy the video. and originally when mary and her family went to authorities, they simply wanted to destroy the video so that it stopped circulating. and she could put this incident behind her. but then it escalated from there rightly so. but she just wanted to get per li her life back. is it possible? it is possible. i've experienced it is it possible? it is possible. i've experienced it myself. but she has a long road ahead. it is not as simple as destroying the video and moving on. >> cheryl, thank you so much for speaking up and using your voice. caroline, for clearly getting irked and angered reading this whole thing. ladies, thank you very much. we're carvana, the company who invented
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coolsculpting, take yourself further. a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! a new and dramatic act of defiance from iran in its high stakes game of chicken with the united states. today president rouhani said iran will begin enriching uranium at a higher level. and that the rate will be as much as we want to be. and here is why that is so troubling. enriching ukraine yuchl to a higher level of purity would bring them much closer to producing a nuclear weapon. david sanger is joining me. and this is after president trump pulled the united states out of the nuclear deal.
11:42 am
what is iran hoping to achieve here? >> i think what the iranians are doing is this series of very carefully calibrated steps to slowly walk away from the conditions of the nuclear deal with president trumpkerry negotiated. their argument is if president trump abandoned the deal a year ago and europeans have not if you will filled their promises to make up for the losses, why should iran stay in the deal. but they are not leaving at won't. they are taking a series of small reversible steps. and the one that president rouhani described today is the one that would be of most concern. because it would begin to raise the level of enrichment away from reactor grade and gradually toward bomb grade. they would be a long way, more than a year away, from having enough to make even a single nuclear weapon. but it still shows you that they
11:43 am
are on a slippery slope to getting out of the deal. >> and on this slippery slope, is there any hope that the u.s. and iran could go back to the bargaining table on that deal? >> perhaps. it would require two things to happen. first, the u.s. hasn't really reached out to the iranians. in fact if anything, they have said that they would sanction the iranian foreign minister who is the man of course who negotiated this with then secretary kerry. but the second thing is iranians would have to back away from their demand that before president trump would negotiate a new deal, he would have to re-enter the old one saying that we reached this with the united states and the u.s. will either abide by it and build on it or not. and of course president trump has call that had deal a disaster and said he wouldn't go back to it. but they both would have to do a considerable amount.
11:44 am
we've seen president trump turn around quickly. he went to fire and fury to the scenes that we saw last week. so you can imagine it happening. >> speaking of north korea, speaking of a country that does already have a nuclear arsenal, president trump says that he and kim jung-un fell in love over the first weekend, first time ever presidential visit. if you are iran and you are watching u.s./north korean relations, how does that inform your own policy? >> what it tells you is you don't really need to give up anything in order to get a better relationship, that kim jung-un i think has pretty well figured out what president trump wants are the big televised moments like you saw at the dmz and singapore a year ago that in the interim of course mr. kim has continued to produce nuclear material, probably use to fabricate new weapons. we think they have somewhere
11:45 am
between 20 and 60 weapons so far. he hasn't had to even do a freeze. so iranians may conclude that the way the united states deals with you best is if you actually go ahead and get a weapon. because so much material was shipped out of iran after the 2015 agreement, they are a long way from being able to build up anything near like what the north koreans have. and they don't have a whole lot of time because their oil revenue is dropping so fast. >> david, thank you as sals for you always to your insight. you are the best. >> happy fourth. >> same to you. next, no rapinoe, no problem. u.s. women's soccer advances to its third straight final, but will team usa have one of its biggest stars for the title match? uh-oh, looks like someone's still nervous about buying a new house. is it that obvious? yes it is. you know, maybe you'd worry less if you got geico to help with your homeowners insurance. i didn't know geico could helps with homeowners insurance.
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team usa now headed to the world cup finals on sunday to fight for their fourth world cup title. tuesday's game a 2-1 victory over england proving the team can win without star megan rapinoe on the field. she was benched with a minor injury and watching her teammates win from the sidelines. >> no, i wasn't fit for selection today. just a minor hamstring strain. so obviously we have a lot of days now and for me the time line was really after the france game and now i have the extra rest day and looking forward to the finals. so i expect to be fit by then and ready to play. >> of course it wouldn't be a victory for this team without someone harping about the player's celebration, this time it is alex morgan who pretended to sip a cup of tea with her
11:51 am
pinky finger extended, a dig against the english. sports writer and author of one goal. amy, thank you for coming back. i read your piece yesterday. headline was u.s. women's soccer, we got this. but birthday girl sipping the tea. because a lot of people said that was too much. >> well, at least she extended her pinky, so goeood etiquette. and the "daily mail" splashing headlines that they were arrogant. it gets back to that they don't celebrate right, they are not humble. we ask women and especially women athletes to be humble and nice. and why should they be?
11:52 am
why treat their moments of glory any different. >> as we've talked about, they a suing the federation for equal pay, other countries, other teams, other sports are looking to them, looking up to them as a way to maybe pave the way for their own selves. to me, feels so much more than soccer. >> sports are always more than sports. they are never outside of their political moments and this political moment happens to be about a gender discrimination lawsuit. and so that is -- the window of soccer allows us to see what does equal work mean, what does support mean. should support drive results or are we waiting around for results to then bring on support. is that right. so these are really big questions that apply all over the workplace, not just the athletes' workplace. and they are huge. >> and lastly, win or lose, win hopefully on sunday morning at
11:53 am
11:00 a.m. eastern, what will you have -- you've written so much about sports, but what will you have taken away from this whole experience? >> i think that i have a very american perspective about this one because we have these polls about patriotism being at these historic lows. and there is a lot of red white and blue going on around this team. and so i think that sports can bring people together, sports can pull people apart and sometimes at the same time, but i think the pulling together right now, the fan base, what will happen next, that is what is most interesting to me. >> amy bass, thank you very much. still ahead here, pharrell williams is guaranteeing an internship to all 114 students of a harlem school's graduating class. i will talk to one of those top students coming up. and reminder to all of you, this sunday night our brand new cnn original series the movies will delve into the stories behind the movies that you love. here is a preview. >> there is still something
11:54 am
about being told a story, a move have i is something that has been really handcrafted, it is a mosaic that has been carefully pieced together. it just creates this opportunity to totally lose yourself. >> these images live in our consciousness, stays in our minds the way music is recalled in our heads. we live our lives by them. >> it brings all the elements of all of our senses together. there is really nothing else like it. >> even though you are doing something incredibly personal and in many ways incredibly selfish because you are doing something that you love so much, then it gets out there in the world and it could change people's trajectories. >> when you can go somewhere that you're pretty much guaranteed that you can set your worries aside for that period of time, it is like a drug. >> a direct conduit straight into your soul. >> i grew up wanting to be the
11:55 am
movies. it was all about the movies. >> since the dawn of man, we like to get around a fireplace and commune in story together. so we can feel for a few hours that we're human together. >> please tune in this sunday night 9:00 eastern and pacific only here on cnn. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family
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the latest charter school scandals are piling up. leaders of one san diego charter network? indicted for conspiracy and grand theft. thankfully, the governor's charter school policy task force just made important recommendations for reform: more accountability on charter school spending. and giving local school districts more control over the authorization of charter schools.
11:59 am
reforms we need to pass now. so call your state senator. ask them to support ab 1505 and ab 1507. welcome back. you're watching cnn. as new disturbing photographs detail the scram packed conditions inside migrant
12:00 pm
detention facilities in texas, drawings by children now reveal an even crueller side to the crisis at the border. these images were drawn by 10 and 11-year-olds who were just released from holding centers. they appear to show these children in cages. and the american academy of pediatrics obtained these drawings after its incoming president visited some of the facilities where migrant children are being held. >> first thing that we -- that hit us was the smell. it was a smell of sweat, urine and feces. and i heard crinkling and there was a sea of silver and the boys had no expressions on their faces. no laughing, no joking, no talking. i describe them almost like dog cages with people in each of them and silence were -- it was hard to see. >> first americans many migrant children meet are the border
12:01 pm