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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 4, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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president trump's july 4th
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extravaganza. washington makes last-minute preparations to show off american military hardware for all the world to see. crisis on the southern u.s. boarder. pictures of children on the southern border depicts children in cages. a deadly strike at a migrant center. it could amount to a war crime. welcome to our viewers in the united states and london. i'm max foster in london. this is "cnn newsroom." the sun will be rising in a few hours' time in washington, and with it comes an independence day celebration like the country has never seen before. this year, donald trump will be center stage with a salute like never before. it will be with tanks, fighter jets and a speech from the u.s. president. in the back drop, mr. trump's
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u.s. immigration policies. he wants the 2020 census to include a question on the people's citizenship. he's blurring the line between patriotism and politics. we have the report. >> reporter: armored vehicles cooling into washington as the city prepares for president trump's independence day extravaganza which will feature those tanks parked at the lincoln memorial, military flyovers and a vip section for his political allies, but there are concerns about the price tag. trump tweeting the cost of our great salute to america tomorrow will be very little compared to what it is worth. we own the planes, we have the pilots, the airport is right next door. all we need is the fuel. we own the tanks and all. but that's not so. the washington post reports the national parks service will divert $2.5 million from entrance and recreation fees to
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cover a fraction of the cost, money that's typically reserved for park improvement and the administration is refusing to reveal how much this will cost taxpayers overall. trump's claim that the equipment is right next door is also misleading. sources tell cnn the aircraft he wants must be brought in from california, kentucky, missouri and florida. trump is also facing criticism from democrats who say he's turning the patriotic holiday into a partisan one. >> instead of addressing something like veteran homelessness, he's spending it on boosting his ego with a parade that's fundamentally about him and getting tickets into the hands of wealthy donors in the republican party. >> leaders are also reluctant to put tanks and other armored vehicles on display. >> the truth is he's polite sizing the armed forces when he does it this way. it's not a political event, it's an event that's supposed to
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bring the people of the country together. >> reporter: several top military chiefs won't attend the celebration thursday and are sending their deputies instead though they say that's because they had prior plans. all this as the president is facing other setbacks at home. >> you go through all this detail and you're not allowed to ask whether or not somebody is a citizen? >> reporter: trump insisting he's not dropping his effort to add a citizenship question to the census despite his commerce secretary saying he was. the president tweeting the new reports about the commerce department dropping its request is incorrect or to state it differently, fake. this after wilbur rossa nounsed yesterday that the census bureau has started the process of printing the questionnaires without the question. meanwhile, iran's president is now warning that his country will boost its uranium levels beyond what was in the 2015 iran nuclear deal, a move that could further ramp up tensions with the united states. now as we are approaching the
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final few hours before this event, white house officials are still scrambling behind the scenes to put the last-minute touches on the celebration for tomorrow, including still giving out tickets for some of those vip members. caitlyn collins, cnn, the white house. >> amy pope is with us. associate fellow at chatham house. what do you think? >> this is highly unusual. first, having tanks coming through the streets of washington. that is going to strike many, many americans as very inconsistent with past practice. the american population in general is very weary of the military operating on its own shores and the president is just pushing the envelope here by turning the fourth of july celebration, which is an incredibly popularholiday, hot dogs and fireworks, into what appears to be a celebration of the military. >> why do you think he's doing it? >> i think he loves the generals. he loves the pomp and
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circumstance. it feeds into his concept what have it means to be the commander in chief. what's interesting is it's really at odds with what the constitution says he should be doing. the constitution explicitly has a civilian at the head of the government. it has a civilian at the head of the secretary of defense. it feeds into his ideas of what it means to be great. >> but the military's always been involved in these events so is he really doing anything that radical? >> it's really the tanks, frankly. the military will often have parades. it is a celebration of america's independence, of america's power, its global leadership. all of that is important, but there are two things that are happening. one, it's the tanks rolling through the streets of washington. two, it's the fact that the president is really blurring the lines between the campaign for 2020 and what it means to be
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american. he's giving some of his best tickets to the event to his political donors right there that draws into question what his motivation is. >> do you think some of the military leaders showing a lack of strength, dare i say, because there's obviously some major reservations leaking out from the military side on this? but they're not saying anything publicly? perhaps because this is something relatively new. there is an opportunity to step back and assert their military independence. >> there is a line there. the president is the commander in chief of the military. >> so they have to do what he says? >> right. it would be traditional for them to express their reservations behind closed doors and not do so publicly, but at the same time you don't have a secretary of defense, right? you don't have someone that's in that position of authority and power to push back against the president and i think that is one of the weaknesses of where we are at this moment in time. >> how might it affected their, you know, operational status though to really get involved in
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this? aren't they making a big fuss about something? >> i think they're trying not to make a big fuss about it. they're going along with it as the tone is set by the white house, but you're not seeing any press releases coming out of the pentagon, for example. the fact that many of the military jermts are sending their deputies is a clear sign of discomfort and the fact that you have retired military generals, many of whom are nonpartisan, incredibly well respected publicly saying they're uncomfortable with this, that's pretty much as far as we would expect the military to go. >> what about the argument that you would see this in north korea, france, other countries whereas the country with the biggest, smallest military in the world doesn't have the opportunity to show itself off in that time and perhaps it is time that america had a similar event? >> i think the united states has a long history here that can't just be erased. the birth of the country, the common law coming from england,
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actually, was quite suspicious of putting military at the front of the government. that's continued and only exacerbated of the history of the united states. when you look at the declaration of independence it was very clear that one of the major issues was the fact that the military basically seemed to be taking over cities, being quartered in people's houses and not being held accountable for their wrongdoing. the design was to keep the military in a particular box and to keep the focus over seas and not in the country except in extraordinary conditions. >> if you put yourself in the shoes of a trump supporter, how do you think they're going to view this? >> fair and accurately, i think they're not going to be too bothered by it. first of all, they don't seem to be too bothered by anything he does. it's hard to understand what might trigger a reaction. at the same time, i do think there is going to be some
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portion of the population that revels in the manifestation of power and won't be surprised by what it is. >> how will he use this opportunity to further his cause? >> if he is smart he will focus on his recent engagement with north korea and china and show that he is strong and he's demonstrating american power abroad. it's very likely that he'll turn this into another partisan mudslinging exercise. that will be detrimental to him. he needs to show that he's the commander in chief. he needs to show that he can rise above petty partisan politics especially at this point in time and to avoid a lawsuit that this is a campaign event. whether he can do that, that's a
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question. >> thank you for joining us today. president trump defending how migrants are being treated meanwhile at u.s. boarder detention centers. a u.s. watchdog sen interpret sounded an alarm on overcrowded facilities. migrants are shoved into crowded cells. on twitter mr. trump said our border patrol people are not hospital workers, doctors or nurses. great job by the border patrol. many are living far better now than they were -- than where they came from and in far safer conditions. but the complaints about the detention centers are growing and they come as some border agents are under investigation for racist and sexist posts in a facebook group. nick valencia has the details on
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that. >> back and forth agents, picking at each other. >> reporter: tonight an agent speaking exclusively to cnn about the facebook group calling itself i'm 10-15. derogatory comments about latino lawmakers and posting offensive memes. kevin macaleenan said he's ordering an immediate investigation into similar posts. this time in thousands of documents obtained by two advocacy groups. cnn reviewed some of the more than 5,000 documents. i.c.e. was planning raids called operation mega with happy hunting and target building.
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i.c.e. does not condone this. today we're also hearing new details about what's going on inside those detention facilities at the u.s./mexico border. dr. sarah goza toured two of these facilities last week describing the horror she witnessed firsthand. >> when i opened the door the first thing that we -- that hit us was a smell and it was a smell of sweat, urine, and feces and they were young children, boys and there are unaccompanied boys in there, and they had no expressions on their faces. i describe them almost like dog cages with people in each of them and the silence were just hard to watch, hard to see. >> reporter: new pictures from inside a facility in mccallan texas were hard to see. all three pictures were drawn by
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different children with stark similarities, children behind bars. the report quoting, a border patrol official who described the situation as a ticking time bomb. on monday texas democratic congressman joakim castro visited the clint border facility. >> the system is completely broken. it's not just about money, it's also about the standards of care. >> nick valencia, cnn, el paso, texas. in arizona a truck driver has been arrested and charged with human smuggling. a border patrol agent pulled over a semi and found inside 33 people from mexico and elsalvadore. this included 12 children and four pregnant women. temperatures inside the truck were close to 100 degrees fahrenheit or 38 degrees
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celsius. across the ocean, dozens are killed in an airstrike in libya. an incident u. nfrmt officials claim could amount to a war crime. details on that next. just when you thought you were done painting...
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u.n. officials say a deadly attack on a migrant detention center in libya amounts to a war crime. they accuse militias of orchestrating the airstrike. the migrant center is next to a military camp which has been a target of their strikes for weeks now. becky anderson has more on the attack and the dangers they're facing which is a major hub trying to cross over to italy. >> reporter: an attack on innocent civilians in the dead of the night. emergency workers struggling to identify victims and body parts in the rubble of an airstrike. parts of the migrant detention center were brought to the ground.
1:22 am
many inside had no chance. those who did survive rushed to recover their few possessions. the center held at least 600 men, women and children from other countries. refugees and migrants who had fled other horrors, violence, persecution, economic repression and the search for a better life. >> what we know is we want the u.n. to help because this place is deadly. some people got stranded here. they don't know what to do. they don't know where to go. >> reporter: the u.n. says there needs to be more than just condemnation. a full independent investigation to determine how and why this happened. to bring those responsible to account. no one has yet claimed responsibility but the u.n.-backed government in tripoli is blaming haftar, a rebel general whose forces have been fighting for control of the capitol for more than a year.
1:23 am
>> it's not acceptable that civilians are targeted, that the target of military action are area of the town where it's known that civilians are present and living and, therefore, knowing very well the likelihood of civilian casualties are very high. >> but the victims here had no part to play in the battle and yet they paid the ultimate price. becky anderson, cnn, abu dhabi. two women are being selected for top jobs in the european union. christine lagarde nominated to lead the european central bank and german defense minister ursula bongolea was tapped to run the european mission. >> translator: a lot depends on this. it is absolutely vital to show unity, absolutely vital that we form our combined passion for
1:24 am
our europe that is so important in this world and that it needs to be heard and seen. these are our goals for the next 14 days. thank you very much. >> the european parliament has to confirm the nominees. they weren't likely choices. >> reporter: well, these nominations come after a marathon set of talks in brussels which expose deep division in the block. neither were front-runners for these jobs. both are considered to be compromise candidates. let's look. the top job for e.u. president is ursula. she's considered to be a hard line leader. also german chancellor angela merkel is likely to be pleased that her own party has nominated her for the job. however, the ruling coalition party has fiercely nominated
1:25 am
her. she could face lots of opposition. they have to approve her nomination by an absolute majority less than two time. if she fails to win their approval, it goes back to the 28 e.u. leaders. with a german taking the top job, it should come as little surprise that the nominated can date is the president ms. french. now christine lagarde is considered to be something of a financial rock star. former french finance minister, current head of the imf and well-respected leader on the international stage. there are critics who say she is not qualified for this job. she lax an economics degrow. she's never worked atz a central bank, however, european markets are cheered by the news. equity markets went higher.
1:26 am
it shows investors think lagarde is cut from the same economic cloth of mario draghi. more fiscal stimulus potentially in the wings. what is undeniably positive is that european leaders to be nominated are women. it shows that they're working oen a better gender balance at the top. i'm anna stewart in london. you're watching "cnn newsroom." on again, off again. a controversial question president trump wants to include in next year's u.s. census despite a supreme court ruling against it. we'll discuss that next. we switched to tide pods free & gentle. it's gentle on her skin, and dermatologist recommended. tide free and gentle. safe for skin with psoriasis, and eczema.
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welcome back. i'm max foster in london. we're hours away from independence day celebrations in the u.s. capitol. celebrations will be complete with tanks and fighter jets. president trump is brush ago side growing city criticism about over crowding and unsanitary conditions in migrant detention centers. australia says north korea has released one of its citizens from detention with the help from sweden. 29-year-old alex siegly is at the station in beijing. he was reported missing by his family more than a week ago. it's unclear why he was detained. news coming in from the
1:31 am
english premier league. chelsea has a new coach. frank lampard will be the new coach. he was a standout player at chelsea. by the time he left in 2014, he had scored a record of 211 goals in 649 appearances over 14 seasons. during that time he helped the blues to many titles and the 2012 european league's champion. frank lampard is the new chelsea coach. census chaos. the u.s. justice department is reversing course again on including a citizenship question in the 2020 census. the department told a federal judge it's now looking for a way to ensure the controversial question is included in the form. on tuesday the government started printing the
1:32 am
questionnaire without the questi question. the news reports say they dropped their request. president trump said this is incorrect or fake. we are absolutely moving forward, as we must, because of the importance to the answer to the question. only thing, there is nothing fake about reports. one justice department lawyer even admitted to the federal judge the tweet this morning was the first i heard of the president's position on this issue just like the plaintiffs and, your honor, the doj attorney adding i do not have a deeper understanding of what that means at this juncture other than what the president has tweeted. the president acted following a backlash on pro trump media over an issue he's been advocating for months. >> i think it's very important to find out if somebody's a citizen as opposed to an illegal. you're not allowed to ask
1:33 am
whether or not somebody's a citizen of the united states? how horrible and ridiculous is that? >> can you imagine you send out a census and you're not allowed to say whether or not a person is an american citizen? >> for more, joined by professor palmer. first of all, the question. what is the question we're discussing here? >> the question here is in the census to ask everybody filling in the form, are you a citizen of the united states? >> what's wrong with that? >> if you like -- superficially it's okay to be a decent question but on the other hand, federal funding follows population not citizenship so it could be in one household you have a number of people who are undocumented or a lot of them in residence and citizens. what you are effectively doing is identifying as part of a broadly wider policy is a
1:34 am
question where people will not fill in the form. that could skew the voting. >> when people are concerned about being targeted as a result of their answer to that question, what do they mean and is it realistic? >> well, we know that i.c.e. and other agencies have been raiding undocumented immigrants or what they claim are immigrant communities and so on and that's increased. just a couple of weeks ago president trump taking a raid to that point, to round up people all over the country, and i think the deadline is coming up this week. this is part of a much broader strategy. president trump has trump petted all along from the campaign onwards that these are illegals, gang members, so on. he basically has declared a national emergency, the border
1:35 am
and so on. we know that the situation is very serious. this is part of a broader issue. >> people with your argument, is there a risk to over thinking and the question isn't nearly as loaded as you think? he just wants to have this question in there as part of the census survey? >> the key question is justice roberts said the rationale put together by the trump administration for this question was incongruent with the facts. the facts are thoot second -- t discussed this and they were asked to try to square this question with the voting rights act and what he had said in part of his computer files revealed after his death, this would be an advantageous question that
1:36 am
would help republicans and nonhispanic whites. that was part of the documents put forward to a court i think in maryland. what we have is an intent to disadvantage democrats, disadvantage hispanics and others and that is overt in court documents and that is what chief justice roberts -- >> so you think this is about the election? >> it clearly has electoral cons is he questions. they can do a lot of redistricting. the republicans have been waiting more on the voting rights act. but to use that as something they want to enforce. it's like a band. it was so overtly anti-muslim but it's possible, therefore, that if you change the rationale, the supreme court majority could swing in the other direction. >> yeah.
1:37 am
we tried to accept what was going on in court and the tweets play into it as well. kwhaegs your und what's your understanding about where we are? >> it looks like the administration is willing to postpone the 2020 census. >> in order to get the question in? >> in order to get the question in. >> despite the printing already starting? >> yes. in fact, the constitution does say that there should be a census every ten years so effectively it would be overriding the supreme court at this stage, other courts, the constitution, his own administration and the machinery which has now begun to print the census itself. >> presumably there's a reason for not telling it but the terminology was changed to allow it to go? >> i think it's going to be very, very difficult because it is so overt, the language used
1:38 am
about disadvantaging democrats and advantaging republicans and -- you know, disadvantaging hispanics. i think it's going to be very difficult to say there is another rationale especially as the discussions with steven bannon haven't been revealed too. this was something quite early on. they have a major legal and constitutional battle on their hands. >> in terms of the wider subject of immigrants in the centers, do you think it all comes together as one narrative? >> absolutely. that is the big number one question around which his political base is most strongly, and i think president trump has focused on maintaining his base as the basis of his victory. the key problem with that strategy is that he didn't win the election in 2016 on the basis of that, he won it on the
1:39 am
basis a large number of democrats could pick him up. >> the problem is that he's g l galvanized so strongly that they are more highly likely to vote than not. >> we have seen the democratic side become more divided as well. >> yes. >> many americans describe as the extreme left up to the center ground. so they're not clear on their policy dealing with trump either. >> the democratic leadership has basically supported in a softly way a large part of the movement that president trump has inaugurated. they have not fundamentally challenged him on most questions and they voted for about $5 billion to be spent on further border security and so on. the mass base of the democratic party, on the other hand, the
1:40 am
democratic electorate has shifted much further to the left in fact so what we've got is an >> discenter greating center ground. >> and the polarization has been in effect since 2016. >> thank you for coming in. u.s. navy s.e.a.l. convicted of posing for a picture with an is isis victim will get a pay cut and demoted. he isn't expected to serve anymore time. gallagher told the jury he takes full responsibility for his action. president trump tweeted his congratulations saying glad i could help. now to america's 243rd birthday. donald trump had big plans at the nation's capitol. will it rain on his parade?
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a popular tourist spot in italy has been rattled by one of the world's most active volcanos. much of the island was engulfed in smoke and ash and some tourists jumped into the sea to escape the lava flows. possibility of thunderstorms are in the forecast for donald trump's fourth of july celebration. in washington, karen mcginnis joins us from the international weather center. what we can look forward to, karen? >> yes, a very typical hot, steamy forecast for july 4th with millions of people
1:45 am
expecting hot temperatures from the upper 80s into the low 90s. we did see records over the last few hours. the bulk of the fireworks will be for washington d.c. about a 60% chance of daytime high of mid to upper 80s. boston spectacular fireworks there. almost a 0% chance of storms but where we see the most organized set of storms will be across the northern tier. also for nebraska into colorado and for wyoming, otherwise, widely scattered storms from nashville, new orleans, atlanta. they're hosting 60,000 people running about six miles or ten kilometers. it is going to be a very hot and steamy forecast for them. it's going to feel like 97 for the afternoon. a lot of people celebrating, picnics. in shiks it will feel like mid
1:46 am
90s there. as you can see, pretty much from the eastern rockies all the way to the eastern coast of the united states, temperatures are going to be sizzling hot but as i've mentioned, it does look like fireworks and mother nature, rapid city to denver, for the west coast of the united states, you're looking at a fairly quiet weather picture. that will be good news. temperatures in southern california mostly into the 70s. enjoy your holiday. max, back to you. >> karen, thank you very much indeed. southern japan is braced for possible landslides following extremely heavy downpours across the island of kiu kyushu. the storms are no longer seen as severe. we're getting a new look
1:47 am
inside hong kong's legislative council building after protesters stormed it on monday. you can see debris, broken glass wmpt this is a suspended bill that would allow people to be go. one man has been arrested in connection with the incident. boeing will pay $100 million to help support the families of 346 people killed in two 737 max jet crashes in the past year. a computerized stall system is believed to have played a role in both crashes, in indonesia a ands we know every person who steps aboard one of our
1:48 am
airplanes places their trust in us. we are focused on reearning that trust in the months ahead. the match-up is set for the world women's -- the women's world cup. after netherlands and sweden battled out until the chance for the championship. we'll have that coming up.
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well, the stage is set for the women's world cup final. it's the u.s. versus the netherlands on sunday after the dutch team's last-minute win over sweden. amanda davis has the highlights. >> reporter: it was only four years ago that the netherlands made it to the world cup for the first time. now they're headed to the world cup final against three-time champions u.s.a. it won't go down as a classic against sweden. it was difficult to compare it to the game of england versus
1:53 am
u.s.a. we had two sides confident in possession but not always finding the opportunities to do something with it. the likes of vivian medemar and sweden's sweden blackstone were short chances. both keepers did make a couple of stunning saves and ultimately the dutch continued their habit of scoring late. so late this time we needed extra time. it was manchester united's player who made the break through into sunday's decider which will no doubt prove their biggest challenge yet. politicians spend a lot of money to convince people to vote for them. jeanne moos whose the truth behind the testimonials. >> reporter: this trump ad
1:54 am
features tracy from florida walking the beach praising the president. >> i could not ask for a better president of the united states of america. >> reporter: he couldn't ask for a better testimonial because tracy from florida is just a model from i stock photo. trump offering religious support is the real thing. >> in our prayers. >> no, not a prayer that he's real, just a bearded and tattooed hipster type from istock. >> and a.j. from texas. >> president trump, although i am a live long democrat -- >> he's another model oo available for 170 bucks. this was reported by the website. what's a add manager think of this? >> if i did anything like this i'd be firing. >> no word of firing from the
1:55 am
trump make america great again committee that made these facebook ads. there is an itty bitty disclaimer that pops up on the ads for two seconds but you better have your trusty magnifying glass handy. don't blink, it's coming. actual testimonial, actor portrayal. why would someone do this when they could grab a real trump portrayal? >> sloppiness and laziness. >> it's morning again in america. >> stop the clip there. that's vancouver, canada. >> someone on twitter defended the trump committee's use of stock images. they would go to no end to make a trump supporter a living held. they didn't borrow the images, the locations are the
1:56 am
mediterranean sea. better check tracy's birth cert. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. first there was the ice bucket challenge. now the bottle cap challenge is the latest viral trend. the idea is to spin kick the cap off the bottle without knocking over the bottle. john mayer nailed it in this attempt. action star jason safin and connor mcgregor were impressive. this one not so much. just needs a little more practice. i'm max foster in london. "early start" is next in the u.s.
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an incredible reversal from the justice department by way of tweet the president demands a citizenship question on the census against orders from the supreme court. no military money for a border wall. another blow to white house efforts to fulfill a major campaign promise. a salute to america in d.c. but they're concerned about polite sizing america. ♪ ♪


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