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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  July 9, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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for the resignation of labor secretary alexander acosta, the fallout from a sex trafficking case. house speaker nancy pelosi is calling on secretary acosta to step down for brokering a secret plea deal in 2008 for accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein. acosta was a u.s. attorney in florida at the time. speaker pelosi calls that deal unconscionable, and the controversy is rising, again, after federal prosecutors in new york implicitly rebuked acosta's handling of the case, filing new charges yesterday accusing epstein of running a sex trafficking ring. they allege the millionaire financ financer abused dozens. they uncovered a trove of lewd photos in his safe last weekend. he faces 45 years in prison. jeffrey epstein's social circle involves a wide swath of powerful people, including two
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u.s. presidents and a saudi prince. we are also learning that attorney general bill barr has recused himself from parts of this case because of his professional and family connections to epstein. at this hour, we are waiting to hear from secretary acosta, and from the white house. cnn's brynn gingras is here with all of the latest developments and there are many. >> jeffrey epstein, an already registered sex offender, meaning this was no secret but he still had friends in high places, former president clinton, president trump, who in a 2002 interview called epstein a terrific guy. both have somewhat tried to distance themselves now while epstein is behind bars waiting a bail hearing next week. it may be harder for others like acosta to distance himself to the past connections for the multimillionaire. >> growing calls this morning for president trump's labor secretary alexander acosta to step down, over his handling of sex abuse allegations against
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multimillionaire jeffrey epstein when acosta was the u.s. attorney for florida's southern district a decade ago. a newly unsealed indictment charges the hedge fund manager with operating a sex trafficking ring where he is accused of sexually abusing dozens of underage girls in his new york city home. epstein pleaded not guilty to all charges monday. >> as alleged, epstein was well aware that many of his victims were minors. and not surprisingly, many of the underaged girls that epstein allegedly victimized were particularly vulnerable to exploitation. >> according to the new york indictment, epstein ran a trafficking enterprise between 2002 and 2005. the 66-year-old allegedly paid hundreds of dollars in cash to girls as young as 14 years old to have sex with him at his homes in new york and palm beach, florida. prosecutors say a search warrant executed on his manhattan townhouse uncovered a vast trove of lewd photographs of young looking women or girls.
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the indictment is a direct rebuke of a secret nonprosecution agreement acosta negotiated with epstein's high powered attorneys in 2008, which suspended a federal grand jury investigation into the allegations against him. in exchange, epstein pleaded guilty to two state prostitution charges. the miami herald called it a deal of a lifetime, considering it was a federal investigation identifying 36 underage victims. house speaker nancy pelosi is calling for acosta's resignation, saying that deal was unconscionable. attorney general william barr recused himself from that investigation, but now the justice department is looking at whether he needs to recuse himself from any other investigation into the case. >> i'm recused from that matter because one of the law firms that represented epstein long ago was a firm that i subsequently joined for a period of time. >> prosecutors calling for other women to step forward. >> the alleged behavior shocks
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the conscience. they deserve their day in court. we are proud to be standing up for them by bringing this indictment. >> now, we're still awaiting word from the white house but a senior administration official told cnn there was an internal review of acosta's involvement in epstein's case but stopped short of commenting on his standing in the administration. the u.s. attorney's office says it's received calls from more potential victims in this case. john and alisyn. >> brynn gingras, thank you very much. we have yet to hear from secretary acosta this morning on the new calls for him to resign. we have yet to really hear from the white house about all of this. there are no public briefings. that does play into it. joining us is joe lockheart, and bianna golodryga, a cnn contributor. secretary acosta, the new calls for him to resign, the white house hasn't said much about this. there's reporting in "the washington post" and politico which say really the next 72
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hours could be critical, and politico has a quote here, the way to stay in this administration is to stay under the radar, out of the news and be quiet. the president won't like it if all of these questions about acosta and his connections to the epstein case if they linger. how do you see this playing out? >> i think that's the biggest factor. that's where we have seen the president move is if there's a distraction that's sizable enough that overshadows him or is just shiny enough that he doesn't like it. on the other hand, acosta could be defiant, could defend the deal as a legal matter based on facts that he knew at the time, and based on other circumstances. that might please the president as well. i think it's kind of hard to call that one. the obvious point is this is such bad publicity, such distraction that the president wouldn't like it. >> do you think acosta should have been questioned in a more robust way during his confirmation process. senator tim kaine did ask about
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this plea deal. that was basically it. should this have all come out before? >> obviously in hindsight, it should have. i think, you know, senator kaine did raise it. this story has been around for a long time. i don't think we know all of the details. remember, the justice department that moved this story forward, it was investigative journalism, the miami herald did amazing work on this by finding women, talking to them, and reporting it. and i think that gave the nudge to doj and sdny to actually do this work, but yes, this should have been fully vetted by the senate when he was nominated. >> listen to what then secretary nominee, acosta said about this when pressed by tim kaine. >> based on the evidence, professionals within a
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prosecutor's office decide that a plea that guarantees that someone goes to jail, that guarantees that someone register generally and that guarantees other outcomes is a good thing. >> again, he was in a palm beach county lock up. >> he had work release for six days a week to go to his office, and he said, and other things. and that was hardly a robust defense of what he had done there. >> and again, when you see this today, it's so many different levels. there are the legal questions about what happened ten years ago. there's the question about why the case is being reopened or reprosecuted, now to an extent, and then there are the connections that epstein seems to have with everybody, right, with bill clinton. there's a new statement from bill clinton out overnight. let me read that. president clinton knows nothing about the terrible climbs jeffrey epstein pleaded
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guilty -- claims jeffrey epstein pleaded guilty to. in 2002, 2003, president clinton took four trips on jeffrey epstein's airplane, one to europe, asian, two to africa, which included stops in connection with with the wothe clinton foundation. the wording of the statement in question, he took four trips but people say there were many more flights involved within those trips, and this is just the tip of it in terms of who epstein was running around with. >> i think the core of this is that he ran in circles of powerful people regardless of their party affiliation. ig it w i thought it was interesting to see the u.s. attorney and how florida handled the case years ago as well. secretary acosta thus far has been very defensive, with regards to how he handled the case, then said that he dealt with it, in thhis view, appropriately. it is interesting to see the connections not only to bill clinton, but obviously to
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president trump as well. the quotes we have seen president trump give about jeffrey epstein, supporting him, and being a friend and saying that he is attracted to women. >> this is from 2002, an interview that donald trump obviously before he was president gave to new york magazine. he says, i have known jeff for 15 years, terrific guy. he's a lot of fun to be with. it's even said he likes beautiful women as much as i do, and many of them are on the younger side, no doubt about it, jeffrey enjoys his social life. who says that. >> i'm just thinking back to a quote the president gave alongside his daughter ivanka where she jokingly said the one rule i had with my father is he couldn't date my friends who were younger than me, not wanting to compar any of the presidents girlfriends with what jeffrey epstein is being accused of but just to even say comments like that, it shows there's a huge cultural shift of what was acceptable a few years ago to where we are in the post me too
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movement. >> and again, david gregory, william barr has had to recuse himself from the kirkland, ellis ties to the defense of jeffrey epstein. >> a law firm they both worked for not at the same time. >> william barr's father was the headmaster of the school which hired jeffrey epstein in the 1970s. no connection necessarily but just the tentacles of this case, in this administration and past administrations seem to be everywhere. >> yeah, i mean, i think, you know, the tie to the law firm, the fact that a big law firm, a big litigation firm would cause a recusal is not something that should raise eyebrows, there's no question that this was a guy who was incredibly wealthy, who had connections to power, who used those connections, who's certainly going to use them in the course of his defense as well, who's hired a very prominent defense lawyer now, and winegarten who has defended prominent clinton administration
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folks, so you know, i mean, again, this is a guy who traveled in very powerful circles. it's not surprising the tentacles would reach this far. >> about the bill clinton stuff, sources in the current white house say -- have shared why this is all so uncomfortable. here's what the "washington post" reports, officials at the white house are nervous that democrats will encourage women allegedly abused by epstein to testify publicly before congress, drawing attention to acosta's work on the plea deal according to current and former administration officials, what our point was last hour is democrats can't be sanguine about this either because of the bill clinton friendship with jeffrey epstein and who knows who else. so this is why all of this really ugly stuff people, many people we would imagine are biting their nails this morning. >> well, listen, all of this
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stuff should come out. on the clinton matter, i stay in touch with the foundation, and i know, you know, to clear up the trips versus the flights, i think the number was 26 or 27. each of these trips, and i have been on many of these trips where you go to asia or africa, and each flight is counted. each trip will be six or seven different flights. i know most of the clinton circle. jeffrey epstein's not part of it. i have never met the guy. i have met most of the president's friends but all of this should come out. the new york da, he should answer questions about why he wasn't registered as what they call a level 3 sexual offender. the really striking thing for me, though, with this administration is there's no discussion at all about the underlying behavior. no one questions alex acosta's
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judgment in letting this guy go through. it's all about, well, will this look bad on the president, and i don't think someone like acosta would ever have been nominated by another president, if they had done vetting, but certainly wouldn't have lasted this long. i mean, the miami herald story has been out for months and months, and it hasn't bothered them. so that says something about their character. >> miami herald, by the way, has called on acosta to resign in an editorial overnight. elizabeth warren raised $19 million in the second fundraising quarter, which is a lot of money, more than many candidates, and she did it even though she wouldn't do closed door fundraisers with big campaign donors. >> early on, people were complimenting her ability to come up with finite details, specific plans, and yet you didn't see her numbers rising, wondering why is that, well, now we're seeing the real effect, the net effect of her strategic plan of going forward, not
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taking money from corporate donors, going for individual donors, and specifying that i'm going to enter this race with policies, with plans, with ideas, and that's clearly eclipsing bernie sanders. >> david gregory, what do you see in her numbers and the lane that she and bernie sanders share that's getting crowded. >> i just see energy, you know, i think that right now the democratic electorate is shopping around and looking. i think there's a definite wing of that electorate that wants to take it to trump, wants to see somebody who can beat trump, and they want to refashion the party and find a way to move to the future and be a little bit more pure about redefining what the party is. that can be difficult for a party as it's trying to seek the white house. i think in that progressive lane, she's shown a lot, and she's distinguished herself, and distinguished herself even from bernie sanders, and i think every time, too, that biden
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comes out and looks a little bit weaker, it gives more energy to others, including elizabeth w warren. >> on the subject of joe biden, there's a cnn interview that chris cuomo did with the former vice president and jill biden and we have new sound from overnight from that interview where jill biden talks about what happened at the debate with senator kamala harris. listen to this. >> the biggest surprise, you think was the debate, i think, you know, i think probably kamala was a little bit of a surprise. he got into politics because of his commitment to civil rights, and then to be elected with barack obama and then someone is saying, you know, you're a racist, as soon as i heard those words. >> they said you're not a racist, but this all -- >> but when i heard those words, i thought uh-oh, what's coming next, and i think the american people know joe biden, they know his values. they know what he stands for. and they didn't buy it. >> have the bidens successfully
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turned the page with this interview strategy before the next debate which is on cnn in three weeks? >> all right we >> well, i think the fact that they have done these interviews is they are concerned. i think joe biden's secret weapon is dr. jill biden. she can talk about him in a way he can't, and i think there's some validity to the, you know, when you start a sentence with i don't think you're a racist but. and i think she did a good job there. i think, you know, it's interesting, you know, she says in there that the american public knows who joe biden is. that's not necessarily true. and i think the value of these interviews is they get a much better sense, particularly when the two of them are talking, and when you look at his life story, it's, you know, a story of being tested and personal strength, going through personal tragedy.
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i think coming out of a bad debate, they have done a pretty good job of trying to right the ship by going to their strength, which is his experience and his character. >> but you'd think that somebody entering the presidential race would not be so shocked by an incoming fire from, you know, another democrat, and both he and jill biden said that they were surprised by kamala harris coming after him. they should have been better prepared for that and that's something he's going to have to clearly anticipate going forward throughout this primary. he wants to focus on taking on president trump, but this primary race is going to be a tough one for him as well. >> i think that's absolutely right, and i think that, and joe makes a good point as well, which is of course people know biden but they don't know him as a potential number one. they know him more as a kind of, you know, political firmament in
4:18 am
washington, a potential commander in chief, that is knowing a president differently. it clarifies the mind a little bit, and again, not being prepared to defend the record was something that i think was just a real gap. >> david, joe, bianna, thank you all very much. jeffrey epstein now faces charges in new york but after his plea deal a decade ago, is there a threat of double jeopardy. how do prosecutors avoid that? we discuss the legal implications next. super emma just about sleeps in her cape. but when we realized she was battling sensitive skin, we switched to tide pods free & gentle. it's gentle on her skin, and dermatologist recommended. tide free and gentle. safe for skin with psoriasis, and eczema.
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check it out! now you can schedule a callback or reschedule an appointment, even on nights and weekends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. multimillionaire and registered sex offender, jeffrey epstein is facing new sex charges. federal prosecutors in new york have indicted epstein on sex trafficking, alleging that he exploited dozens of girls, some as young as 14 at his homes in new york and florida from the years 2002 through 2005. now epstein had already pleaded guilty to similar allegations a decade ago in this controversial secret plea deal. how do these new charges avoid double jeopardy. joining us now are laura coats and jennifer rogers. both are former federal prosecutors and cnn legal analysts. great to have both of you.
4:23 am
laura let me start with you with that question. these charges have already come up a decade ago. you know. prosecutors have already alleged all of this against him. how is this not double jeopardy. >> in order to have double jeopardy, you have to a complete overlap of crimes alleged. you have information perhaps about new crimes since the other case was actually brought forward. there may have been information about having brought young girls across state lines from say florida to new york, there's information he may have been engaged in recent activity. if all of that is true, it's not double jeopardy. you're talking about new york versus florida. new york is not beholden to what happens in florida. >> jen, you worked at the sdny, that's who's bringing these new charges. as laura says, there must be new victims who have come forward because otherwise, if it were exactly the same thing florida knew, then would the sdny be able to charge him? >> they would be able to charge
4:24 am
because double jeopardy only applies if it's federal, and federal you can't charge another federal case. this was a state case actually. the federal deal was a non-prosecution agreement. it was never charged in the first place. we don't know whether new victims are coming forward, but they did make a call for new victims at the press conference. it will be interesting to see if they get new conduct. remember, what the nonprosecution agreement in florida was about was florida based conduct. what the new charges are is a  conspiracy that encompasses both things that happened in new york and happened in florida. so substantively, it's different conduct as well. >> very helpful. because you worked at the sdny, i want to ask you, why now? why do you think prosecutors now opened this as everyone has talked about this morning, it was an open secret what he has been doing with underaged girls for years. donald trump talked about it openly in a new york magazine article in 2002 that jeffrey liked young girls, ha ha, wink wink, why now? >> we're speculating, of course, but i think what happened is people knew about the conduct
4:25 am
vaguely, they knew about of course the prostitution charges that he ended up pleading guilty to. the new information in the past year or so is the secret non-prosecution agreement which looks fishy. everyone is questioning why he got the great break. my guess is prosecutors in new york said hey, wait a minute, he has a home here, he may have been done the same thing here, we can look into that, and it sounds like he got a deal he shouldn't have gotten down there, so maybe we can wrap this up into a case. >> explain how it's possible that alexander acosta who was the prosecutor in that case, who's now a labor secretary would have agreed to what's being called a sweetheart deal like this where he was facing, i think, 45 years in prison or life in prison, and he ended up getting 13 months in a county jail with six days a week work release? >> which doesn't happen for sex offender in florida, by the way, to go to a cushy office 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, by the way, and also i can't explain, alisyn, why this sweetheart deal went down. i have never heard of the idea
4:26 am
of immunizing unnamed people who may have been enabling or acting as madames, to help a pedophile have people at their disposal to sexually abuse them. it's unheard of to have that leniency to hand over the reins to the legal defense team and have them exercise any form of control over how the plea deal is structured. and what also is unheard of is the notion that the victims themselves were not given the opportunity to voice their concerns, to testify or even comport with the victims rights act that says they have a right to know that the a plea offer has been made let alone accept it. all of this is a complete and total joke in terms of somebody comporting with what is supposed to be reasonable prosecution, which in many respects is why everyone is so confused because acosta, remember, alisyn, he is overseeing and monitoring human trafficking as the labor secretary. if there was this lapse in judgment in leniency with respect to somebody who was a child molester or pedophile, you can use whatever term you like,
4:27 am
to talk about under age girls, your lapse in judgment did not end that year. >> that is an important reminder. >> jen, what about the notion of regular people that rich and powerful men do not face the same justice system as the rest of us. you look at harvey weinstein, there are so many alleged victims there, nothing has happened with him yet. so many stories over the decades. i mean, are they paying off prosecutors, why are they allowed sweetheart deals when the rest of us aren't. >> it's rich and powerful people, more defendants in the criminal system are men than women. rich and powerful people do get a different deal, you know, in large part due to the defense lawyers they can hire. >> is that it? not because of the connections they have to other rich and powerful politicians, it's just that they hire better lawyers? >> it's hard to say. we have the inspector general at the department of justice looking into the deal if there's really any actual bribery or
4:28 am
something like that, hopefully that will be uncovered but hopefully there's also a reckoning going on. we have harvey weinstein facing criminal charges as well. jeffrey epstein, i got to tell you, these are very strong charges. i don't think he's getting out of this one, so hopefully now, things are turning after the me too movement, and we'll see some headway in that direction. >> it does feel like things have changed. we'll see it with harvey weinstein, with jeffrey epstein, just the conversations we're having where people used to be able to say in new york magazine articles, ha ha, this is funny, and now they go, that's illegal, actually. laura, jennifer, thank you very much. john. >> i have to say, it's such a good point, there was a time when donald trump felt like it was okay to joke about jeffrey epstein's younger girlfriends. >> that's right. in the recent past. >> not so long ago. >> by president trump's standards it was a bold move, a speech celebrating his record on the environment. this is crying out for a reality check. we have it next. so you have ten years experience... i do. but no phd? first kid here's all the numbers, food's in the fridge, oh and lucas likes to pull on jewelry
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in terms of presidential speeches, it was as close to slight of hand as it gets. president trump just bragged about his environmental policies taking credit for the work of several past presidents along the way. john avlon with a needed reality check. john. >> hey, guys. so look, there are misstatements, there are lies, and then there's just bizarre world, and that's what happened to president trump's speech on environmental leadership yesterday. keep this in mind, the trump administration has ordered the roll back of at least 83 environmental regulations. now, try to square that record with this. >> from day one, my
4:34 am
administration has made it a top priority to ensure that america is among the very cleanest air and cleanest water on the planet. >> okay. that's just not true. the trump administration's epa showed data releasing the number of unhealthy air days are up 14% since 2016, no wonder since the limits on toxic emissions, something arnold schwarzenegger called stupid. while america concurrently boasts the best access to clean drinking water in the world, we're tied in that category with nine other countries, we might not stay that way for long with trump administration no longer prevents mining companies from dumping debris into local streams, and loosening ground water protections from uranium mines. we heard president trump trying to take credit for positive environmental trends that date back daecades. >> more waste clean ups than any year of the previous administrations. >> here's the thing, cleaning up
4:35 am
super fund sites take decades, so for example, trump measured clean up in a paper plant in kalamazoo, michigan, which began in 1998 and accelerated under president obama, in contrast, the trump administration has proposed budget cuts that would slash super fund clean up by 30%. let that sink up. you can't celebrate gains by cutting programs, unless you think the american people are stupid too notice. and totally ignoring the climate crisis. the only mention of the word climate was to insult the climate accord. the national climate assessment released by he has own administration warned that the average global temperature is much higher and rising more rapidly than anything modern civilization has experienced and this warming trend can only be explained by human activities and if on cue, last month was the hottest june in recorded
4:36 am
history, according to the european union's climate monitor. far from being a leader on the environment, president trump has been a lack arla -- lack ard. the trump administration is using ideology, to drive environmental. . it's hard to believe over a decade ago there was a bog bipartisan consensus on climate change. trump has dismantled that tradition at a time of maximal climate crisis. so don't believe the white house hype. the rhetoric and the reality just don't match, and that's your reality check. >> john, i'm so glad you dug into the speech there. this one cries out as you say for a reality check, and we can't say it enough because the president says things that are demonstrably false in those speeches. >> it's just the opposite of the
4:37 am
actions his administration has taken. >> and all the reporting said it was the campaign that wanted him to go out there and speak on these issues because they wanted to inoculate him to an extent on some of the criticism there. >> thank you very much. it's time for cnn business. there's a significant risk that the u.s. government will not be able to meet its financial obligations by this fall. what does this mean? chef business correspondent has -- chief business correspondent has the answer. >> the debt ceiling deadline is fast approaching, a new report from the bipartisan policy center says the u.s. government could default on its debt in september december. economists forecast it would not occur until october or early november. the u.s. reached its $22 trillion limit on borrowing already back in march. now, since then, the treasury department has been using what it calls extraordinary maeasure to pay the bill. the treasury is taking in less revenues from companies after the tax cut in 2017, that has
4:38 am
raised the risk of reaching default much soon every. a default would risk the position of u.s. debt as the global safe haven investment. the calendar is a mine field as lawmakers head to the august recess, 20 days for the senate, a dozen or so working days for the house. there is budget uncertainty, lawmakers must work out a budget deal by the fall. another government shut downs or maybe deep spending cuts or failing to raise the debt limit. all of these are risks for the economy. the economy says the bipartisan policy center warned if they do not raise the debt ceiling before recess, lawmakers would be placing a reckless risk on the full faith and credit of the united states. >> i get the sense that the administration won't meet the president's eight-year deadline to get rid of the $22 million debt. >> that campaign promise is not one on a white board trying to be crossed off in the white house. >> christine romans, thank you very much. a star is born at wimbledon. 15-year-old coco gauff made an incredible underdog run, upsetting her idol, venus
4:39 am
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attorney general bill bar says president trump will continue trying to add that citizenship question to the census sometime this week. maybe as early as today. but didn't the supreme court already shoot down that argument? cnn's jessica snider is live in washington with the latest. what's the plan, jessica? >> good morning, alisyn, we learned that the president is now considering either an
4:44 am
executive order or a presidential memorandum, directing this citizenship question be include on the census and the proclamation could come as soon as this week. the president has been pushing this despite the supreme court's ruling that the administration's initial rational was, as they put it, contrived. the president of course believes this ongoing fight will ongoing strengthen his support among conservatives and the attorney general, bill barr says that he has been in constant discussions with the president and is confident there is a path to getting the citizenship question on the census. really that doesn't factor in the reality that the census has already gone to print without the question, and the legal fights are still going strong. meanwhile, house speaker nancy pelosi is saying that this is all part of an effort by the administration to shut out diverse voices across the country. >> injected himself into this, but this is about keeping, you know, this hat, make america
4:45 am
white again, they want to make sure that people, certain people, are counted. it's really disgraceful, and it's not what our founders had in mind. >> and speaker pelosi also warned that she could schedule a full house vote soon to hold ross, and attorney general barr in criminal contempt. the house oversight committee has voted along party lines to recommend that criminal contempt, so john, really this fight goes on. it's playing out in court as well as in congress. >> we have to see exactly what move the administration makes here, but almost certain to end up back in court and soon. jessica snider, thank you very much. beijing says it supports the hong kong leader over the controversial extradition bill after she declared it dead, but pro democracy activist joshua wong calls carrie lam's declaration a ridiculous lie.
4:46 am
with guarantees that lawmakers cannot restart and rush the bill through. a purple heart was found in the donation box of a tucson arizona goodwill and now that thrift store is looking for the recipient's family. the medal showed up in mid june, engraved with the name nick demillo jr., seaman second class who served in the u.s. navy and went missing in action in world war ii. he was awarded the purple heart posthumously. if you know anything about him or his family, reach out to the goodwill industries in tucson, arizona. >> we'll put this online also. i hope people pay attention to this. it would be wonderful to get this back in their hands. >> it's wonderful how goodwill does go through things meticulously. i drop off the bags and hope for the best, you know, and it's really nice to know how much care they're putting into this. her cinderella run at
4:47 am
wimbledon captured hearts of fans around the world, 15-year-old tennis phenom coco gauff joins us live next. can you feel your heart race, while totally relaxed? can you feel the pull of gravity, as you easily climb upward?
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can't imagine doing it any other way. this is caitlin dickerson from the new york times. this isn't the only case. very little documentation. lo que yo quiero estar con mi hijo. i know that's not true. and the shelters really don't know what to do with them. i just got another person at d.h.s. to confirm this. i have this number. we're going to publish the story. her incredible underdog run at
4:51 am
wimbledon is over, but it could be just the beginning for coco gauff. joining us now is coco gauff. thank you very much for being with us this morning. congratulations on all of it. i know so much happened over the last week, but was there a best moment for you? >> yeah, definitely the best moment for me was winning the match against venus. i mean, you always dream of something and when it actually happens you don't believe it. >> were you surprised? >> yes, i was surprised i even got to play her and definitely surprised when i won the match. >> i want to play you some sound of what venus' sister serena has
4:52 am
said about you. listen to this. >> i think there's some 15-year-olds like me who wouldn't know what to do at wimbledon and then a 15-year-old like coco who knows what to do. i think she's definitely on a different level. >> a different level. serena williams says you are on a different level. how does that make you feel? >> oh, my goodness, that's really surprising and shocking, i mean when your idol says even though you exist that's pretty crazy. and i met her, both of them the william sisters. >> what do you think she means different level? >> honestly, i don't know. i guess maybe she means when she was 15 we weren't quite the same, but honestly. i really don't know. but serena is at the highest level and always at the top of her game.
4:53 am
>> are you pulling for serena to win at wimbledon this time now that you're out? >> of course. if it's not going to be me i 100% want it to be her. >> so what's it been like for you over the last week and a half. you went from someone who may not have been well-known outside of tennis but now all of a sudden a lot of people know who you are. >> it's really crazy. i'm getting recognized in restaurants and on the street and i never thought this would happen. i kind of dreamed playing wimbledon and all the grand slams but people actually recognizing. across the world. >> one of them was recognizing the fact you're just 15 years old and one of our viewers asked what teenage thing do you miss the most or think you miss the most because you're spending so
4:54 am
much time playing tennis? >> honestly. my whole life has been crazy and surrounded by tennis so i wouldn't say i miss too much. but when i'm on the road i definitely miss my brothers the most. i love them so much and they're always supporting me. sometimes i wish they could come with me to tournaments, but they're doing their own thing as well. so i kind of like to support them as much as possible as well. >> i have a couple of 12-year-olds. do you have any advice for our kids? >> honestly, the biggest piece of advice i have is just to always dream big and don't let anyone limit your dreams because the possibilities are endless. and if you want to do it -- if you can think it, then you can do it. if you can dream it, then you can do it. honestly just keep working hard and it won't come easy and i know it'll seem impossible but if you keep working hard it'll
4:55 am
happen. >> i thought a lot about my second serve going in and it never does. >> are you working hard? >> apparently not hard enough. maybe you can help me out because at 47 years i get one out of three of them in. it's disheartening. some people have been commenting on you on twitter. magic johnson says congratulations, absolutely amazing. michelle obama, the former first lady of the united states wrote coco is terrific. jaden smith writes shout out coco gauff, you're the one. what's that like? >> yeah, it's been crazy. it's been crazy how much people have noticed me. i mean i never, ervin my wildest dreams would ever think the former first lady, magic johnson, joel embiid, if i keep naming the celebrities i would be here all day so it's amazing
4:56 am
how much support i've gotten. >> which one's your favorite, though? what's your favorite tweet? >> definitely -- well, my favorite person that tweeted me was ms. michelle obama. and then the favorite tweet like what they said was when joel embiid said watching coco gauff was leak watching a game set. >> the other thing that happened was watching the u.s. cup team just won. and they're fighting for equal pay. have you had a chance to see them play or listen to what they're saying? >> yes. unfortunately, in their final game i didn't see the whole game because i was practicing the same time as them, but i saw the last couple of minutes and i was so happy for them. i mean, those ladies have really fought their way, and i hope one
4:57 am
day they can achieve equal pay. because playing tennis especially on the womens sides we're very deserving of equal pay. and i believe it should be like that for every sport not just tennis. and i hope one day they can achieve that and they absolutely deserve it. >> is there any part of your game or what part of your game do you think needs the most improving? >> the part i think we need to most improvement, just my confidence, stepping in on the court. other than that, i think all my game needs improvement because i still miss shots. nobody's perfect so i'll always need to improve no matter how many tournaments i win. i know how the ball feels from the different players. >> i can't speak to your forehand but i think your confidence is pretty good right now and i think you're doing an
4:58 am
awfully good job. what are your goals for the u.s. open? i know you hope to be here for the u.s. open. what's your goal there? >> my goal obviously is just to win the tournament. now with my ranking i can for sure get into qualifying. so maybe i can build my ranking up i can -- the u.s. open is kind of a special place to me because i've been going there watching the tournaments since i was 8 years old so that definitely would be a special moment for me when i get to play. >> you're going to have more than a few people watching you here in new york. coco gauff, congratulations on everything. thank you so much for being with us and good luck. >> thank you. >> that was so terrific. i admire her so much. and i love her advice to our kids. just dream big. stop squashing their dreams,
4:59 am
john. >> i'm trying to make them believe they can do anything. but i have to say the poise and confidence, not just to play tennis, she's worked so hard at that, but also everything that comes with it. people all of a sudden start asking you a ton of questions and she has great thoughtful answers. >> they also say her tennis style shows confidence. she did things other tennis players wouldn't have done at that moment. >> it's the overall game. she knows how to play the game. >> i think we're going to get a chance to see her again in the future. >> i have a hunch. >> thank you for our international viewers for watching. for our u.s. viewers, growing pressure in the white house over the labor secretary ties to jeffrey epstein and that sex trafficking case. "new day" continues right now. multi-millionaire financer
5:00 am
jeffrey epstein looking at two charges. >> the alleged behavior stops the conscience. >> one thing you cannot say about joe is that he's a racist. >> he's going to have a problem with black voters. >> we can go back and pick everybody's record apart. nobody knows the context at the moment. >> joe biden thinks out loud. some of those thoughts you want to say keep them to yourself. good morning, everyone. welcome to your new day. late last night house speaker nancy pelosi called on the labor secretary alexander acosta to resign over that secret sweetheart deal he made with multi-millionaire jeffrey epstein. this morning we are waiting to hear from secretary acosta and the white house on


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