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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  July 10, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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welcome to "inside politics" i'm john king. thank you for sharing the day with us. british ambassador to the united states resigns. in leaked cables, he called president trump incompetent and inept and the white house made it clear the ambassador was no longer welcome. the president will get another big wish, the fed chairman citing trade turmoil and a global slowdown suggests a cut in interest rates is coming soon. and the u.s. women's soccer team gets a hero's welcome in new
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york. >> the only mom on the cup team, number 22, jessica mcdonald. ♪ >> we begin the hour with the labor secretary. we are told we will hear a statement from him in just a few hours. epstein, of course, now under new indictment on sex trafficking charges involving underage girls. new york prosecutors make no secret they believe the case was botched on acosta's watch. abby philips joins us live from the white house. what are we expecting to hear from the labor secretary as he
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fights to keep his job? >> clearly, the pressure is building on this situation which has prompted acosta to take the matter into his own hands and explain himself and try to get a handle on this situation. but we are hearing from our sources that he is not expected to resign at this press conference. it's happening over at the department of labor where he is still the secretary of that department and it sounds very much that the white house is preparing to mount a defense of alex acosta. it all started yesterday when president trump defended him saying that he has been an excellent cabinet secretary, talking about how long ago these allegations are, that acosta orchestrated what critics are calling a sweetheart deal for jeffrey epstein. and even this morning, the chief of staff suggested the defense in that case, jeffrey epstein's defense tried to get alex acosta kicked off the case because he was so aggressive in prosecuting that case. but we will find out if we will hear more of those arguments from acosta himself.
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he started this processed by cheating that he welcomed the new york investigation. but it remain toes be seen, does he even take questions this afternoon? will he answer some of these concerns about his role in creating this deal for jeffrey epstein that a lot of people look at and say was exceptionally leentent given the crimes that he was accused of. all of this seems to be damage control mode for acosta, damage control mode for the white house. this is up to president trump. he is known to change his mind at any minute about things like this and it could only take a bad news cycle or a series of days of bad news cycles for the tables to turn on alex acosta. so we'll see what happens this afternoon, john. >> we'll see what happens. we'll watch the statement. and, of course, as you just noted, the president's reaction to that statement is the most significant things we will watch. as we track that, another big developing story here in washington, the resignation of the british ambassador to the
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united states. kim derroch stepping down just days after his leaked criticism to president trump calling his administration inanticipate and clumsy. derroch writing in his resignation letter today, since the leak from this embassy, there has been a lot of speculation surrounding my position and the duration of my role. i want to put an end to that speculation. the current situation is making it impossible for me to carry out my role as i would like. the president is getting a big wish here. three days of attacks, most of them on twitter and the ambassador says i'm going home. going home in the middle of a big leadership test election in his own country and going home embarrassed after a 40 plus career service to his country. >> that's right. and i don't think that this was a surprise to many other
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ambassadors here in washington who know that their job depends on meetings that they can have at the white house. how effective they can be. truthfully, foreign policy in this administration is driven by the white house. so even though the state department said that they had received no orders to turn down meetings with the ambassador, he wasn't going to be able to go to the white house. but despite the fact that trump said he wouldn't meet with him, other ambassadors told me they thought he could keep doing the job if he had the confidence of his home government and obviously, that was what was at stake yesterday when boris johnson who is expected to be the future prime minister said that he wasn't necessarily going to bam back him continue to go be the ambassador here in washington. that was kind of the final straw. >> and let's play that moment. because we can focus on the ptd, his conduct and his behavior and the president's long power. if you like me, i like you. if you don't like me, i don't want you around. we'll come back to that.
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prime minister theresa may, there was a debate to replace her and to kylie's point, boris johnson didn't exactly answer the question. >> it is vital that our civil service is not politicized by ministers leaking what they say. whoever leaked that deserves to be eviscerated. >> just answer the question. >> tell us if you're keep the ambassador in washington. >> i will keep him until he's due to retire. and i think we would like to know if you would. >> i'm not going on be so presumptuous. >> okay. take that -- >> that was a punt. i'm not going to be so presumptuous to say -- the question was if you get the job what would you do? that was taken by the ambassador and by others as a please get out of the way. >> well, that was and certainly the question of how these cables came out is something that i think was also at may here.
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somebody allowed those things to leak out and there's speculation that that was as a result of some sort of unrest within the foreign office and, obviously, you'd had to have been an opponent of sir kim to want those to get out. these are the sorts of things that when you talk to people who work in the embassies, ambassadors of other countries, many of them will say privately about president trump. but the idea that they -- and it's the job of an ambassador to convey those things. they are considered a view of who the president of the country that they are representing, their home country to is. but the fact that these things leaked out really does raise questions about who had the agenda in the uk to make that public and that, i think, more than anything else, along with the comments that were not an endorsement of him from boris johnson made him feel like he couldn't be effective any more. >> it's a critical point we make that in the sense of the the 2 1/2 years of this administration, whether it's the president's steps that many
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europeans view as undermining nato, whether it's direct attacks on the german chancellor, the british prime minister, trade tensions with the chinese, trade tensions with the japanese, trade tensions with the allies. this is what the ambassador wrote, some of the emails that got him in such trouble when they became public. the scene from here, we don't believe this administration is going to be substantially more normal, less dysfunctional, less unpredictable, less diplomatically clumsy and inept. i don't think this administration will ever look competent. i think everyone at this table has had similar conversations with people from other embassies who have had a hard time adjusting to had disruptive and unorthodox president and the way he does business. >> it's not only people from other embassies, but it's people inside the administration who say the same thing. the ambassador did nothing wrong. he was providing guidance back to his government about how to effectively work with and communicate with this government and with this president. but there's no question, i think, that after all of this
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stuff that was intended to be private guidance became public commentary, he could no longer effectively do his job. and that depended on having private social interactions and conversations with people close to the president. much has been made of the socializing that sir kim did. that is what made kim good at his job. those people would no longer be seen in public socialize, the administration. >> and if you think about the content of these cables, he talks about how the president is thin skinned and is very sensitive. you could see from the way the president responded on twitter to these leaked documents, that he skort of is playing that role of saying, you know, i've never met the ambassador, i don't know who he is, he's a pompous fool. and because of the fact that the president is very sensitive to criticism and lashes out when he sees people criticizing him, the ambassador was not able to be effective any more and sort of
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providing his role to the government. >> and to that point, does it have an impact? the new prime minister will pick a new ambassador to the united states. special relationship at a very important time, the uk trying to figure out how to deal with brexit. the uk trying to figure out how to negotiate unilateral trade deal wes countries around the world, including the united states. but to your point about the president, if you're in another foreign capital and your ambassador is coming home, what do you do when you think if it gets out that you said something unfavorable, the wacky ambassador to the uk is not someone we're thrilled with. a very stupid guy. he should speak to his country about the failed administration and not be upset with my criticism of how badly it was handled. i told theresa may to do the deal but she went her own foolish way. as the president is criticizing this ambassador for being undiplomatic, he's not exactly the leading candidate for diplomacy school here. >> loyalty is a one-way street for this president.
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this is a president who has been very willing to be undiplomatic in talking about our allies, but if someone speaks negatively about his administration, it sort of becomes a major story for him. so this is clear that this is the way the president operates. >> which is why to me the reaction is fascinating in the sense that they have a hot and cld, mostly cold relationship during her tenure. they have tried to paper it over at moemtsd when it's in their interest and say things are going okay. her days are numbered. if you're jeremy hunt and you're trying to be prime minister, if you're boris johnson, you handle this carefully. theresa may, listen to her. >> mr. speaker, this morning i have spoken to sir kim derroch. i have told him that it is a matter of great regret that he has felt it necessary to leave this position as ambassador in washington. the whole cabinet rightly gave
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its full support to sir kim on tuesday. sir kim has given a lifetime of service to the united kingdom and we owe him an enormous debt of gratitude. >> she's taking sides there. >> she is. and she's a short timer, she can afford to do that. i think the real question is what happens with the next ambassador? will he or she feel freely to speak with the trump administration, how to communicate with them, how to anticipate what they're going to do. the uk doesn't want to be in the position where they have an ambassador who is seen as ineffective, who is seen on the outs with her own president. so i think it will be a real challenge for them to figure out who is going to get this job next. >> i suspect next ambassador may use the phone or code. >> speaking freely is one thing, but writing is another issue. >> we joke about it, but it is a bad thing if an ambassador feels they cannot speak freely to the
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welcome back. house speaker nance sis pelosi making a remarkable plea for unity today at a private meeting of house democrats, urging members to keep their differences in the family and to not engage in public disputes over public strategies and priorities. the speaker received an ovation for her remarks.
9:18 am
the timing is more than noteworthy. plus the speaker is fresh from one of those public spats she's trying to discourage. four new democratic women in congress taking issue with the most powerful issue with american women in politics. alexandria ocasio-cortez proceeded to leave and they think she's too timid on impeachment, the speaker telling the "new york times" weekend, the squad has, quote, their public whatever and their twitter world, but she went on to say little influence when it comes to shaping the house agenda. a key pelosi deputy today says kumbaya. >> it's all puppies and rainbows. the house democratic caucus is a diverse family. we are a passionate family.
9:19 am
we are a large family. we will remain united in the face of a common enemy named donald j. trump. >> cnn's phil mattingly live on capitol hill. phil, puppies and rainbows? >> yeah. so you may have heard some laughter from the reporters when mr. jeffries said that. and that's because anyone with a pulse understands that it's been a difficult week for the house democratic caucus. and it's also why according to one member in the closed door democratic caucus meeting this morning, speaker pelosi gave the most forceful call for unity he's seen since the democrats have been in the majority. and the reason why, obviously trying to put the last couple of weeks behind them, but trying to wrangle in the entire caucus and the very different parts of the caucus before some substantial issues they're going to have to deal with. just this week, they're dealing with their defense policy bill. progressive democrats are upset that it spends so much money. even though the administration has already threatened a veto
9:20 am
for, that puts crosswise with more moderate members. there's the democratic wage bill. moderate members have been concerned about the impact on small business, progressive members don't want to hear that. on top of all of it, there is the budget and spending caps deal that's been going on for a while where all of these members are likely going to have to support the speaker in her thorough multi dimensional negotiation with the administration. what this all means, and i think part of it you can contribute to growing pains. part of it you can contribute to new members who don't understand what other members are going through in their districts. and that i'm told from one person in the room is what the speaker was trying to make this morning. those aren't the districts that make the democrats the majority in the house. those aren't the district that's make the speaker the speaker of the house. so she basically said today, keep it all in the family. the reality is, john, if they can't kind of bring things back together right now, it's going to get more and more difficult and it's going to undercut them
9:21 am
in their negotiations with the administration going forward. and i think everybody is aware of that. we'll just have to see what happens going forward. >> i'm going to stick can puppies and rainbows. that's what i'm going to stick with, phil. molly ball with "time" joinsous conversation. it is a fascinating moment for the house democrats as they try to governor with the republican senate and the republican president. a lot of the members who make a majority from districts trump one or trump is competitive in, i want to read one things today. for them to become a target is meaning those members i take responsibility, you make me the target, but don't make the blue dogs and our new dems the target in all of this because we have important fish to fry. mosey here herself, who was a young liberal from san francisco, now the senior leader trying to keep this all together, trying to manage these new members who are impatient. how is she doing? >> and let's not forget that speaker pelosi did start this spat. she was the one who made the
9:22 am
comment about the new members that they were responding to. but yes, you could see this -- i see it as this oration to the caucus, the kickoff of a political campaign for pelosi. this has always been the biggest test she was going to face this year is could she get particularly these big funding bills and the debt limit, could she get those must-pass bills through the house by negotiating with the white house and the senate republicans. and that task is still ahead of her and she's saying you guys are my troops. you have to be behind me. i have to have my army to go into this battle. another thing that she said according to a source in the room, she said some people came here to make a lovely pate. we're making sausage here. she's saying, look, i'm going fight for every inch i can get. you can count on me to do that. but we have to settle for the best we can get and let's not make the perfect the enemy of the good. this is a big rallying cry here. this is a bigger speech than she usually gives to the caucus. she's trying to -- at a moment when people have been all over the place, right?
9:23 am
people have been squirrelly. i've talked to a lot of house democrats recently who have said, well, people are kind of not sure where this is all going. there are some really big tests coming up ahead for her and for the whole democratic caucus. >> and one more snippet, i love the pate and sausage. if some of you have some unease about the voting records for other people as they represent your districts and their districts, understand the value of the majority. it's the complete difference. essentially trying to tell the more liberal members who want more, who want the president impeached, who don't want him to get any money for his immigration programs, who don't want him to get the defense money that he wants. you want to be in the minority? you'll lose these. if you make me take your position, we'll lose these. >> to me, this speech sounds like it encapsulated the issue that is at the heart of these divisions which is that nancy
9:24 am
pelosi has one job. as they see it, alexandria ocasio-cortez and her three colleagues have a totally different job that has nothing to do with what she's talking about. she's rights if your goal is to move legislation through, to get it through a very fractious process and across the finish line, you have to -- democrats have to be unified, they can't be sniping at each other and tweeting at each other and calling each other child abusers. but, on the other hand, these four women consider themselves to be at the vanguard of a totally new era for the democratic party. they're about a movement. they're about pulling the party to the left. a lot of the policy issues that they have championed, medicare for all, free college, you know, a much bolder stance on climate change, the presidential candidates are now embracing. they feel the energy of the party is behind them and their job is to do all of that because they have saved seats and they have the ability to do that. for nancy pelosi, it makes her job a lot harder and it makes the job of the people she's talking about, the people from the more competitive districts harder because they're being
9:25 am
painted as somehow insufficient, not doing their jobs, not insufficiently committed to the party's values. >> so help me understand this. and the four members of the squad, ocasio-cortez, omar and talib have not been shy about getting back at the speaker, publicly using their twitter accounts to say respect us, you should listen to us more. we're bigger than you think. iona presley who had to manage the world in the politics in the city of boston, her tact is different. >> there will be plenty of time for that. i will just say that i do not believe that that advances the cause or helps our party or strengthens us going into 2020. >> what she said. >> even having this conversation. >> even having this conversation. so that is more in line, even though she disagrees with nancy
9:26 am
pelosi on some of the ways, the tactics, the end games, that is more, to me, presley unlike the others trying to play the inside game. is that fair? >> it's about choosing your battles. she's a seasoned politician who has worked in boston and knows about how to choose your battles and figure out when to leave things to fight another day. this is one case where she doesn't want to be fighting with democrats when she's been one of the people at the tip of the spear in criticizing the trump administration and laying into president trump and his white house. i think she's much more comfortable doing that than attacking other democrats or attacking the speaker of the house. and i think that's a challenge that these democrats are going to have to face figuring out how to focus their fire on president trump and not on evach other. >> the young joe kennedy, iona presley, see how some of these young and upcoming democrats handle these issues. when we come back, are the democrats ready to give the president what he's been wanting for months?
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oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ a new record for the s&p on wall street this morning. that after new signals president trump will get his wish. he has long wanted an interest rate cut heading into the election year and he's be rated powell for not delivering one. today, powell said the global economic slowdown means he's
9:32 am
willing to change his mind. >> many of whom participants saw the accommodative policy stance strengthened. since then, based on incoming data and our developments, it appears that uncertainties around trade tensions and concerns about the strength for the global economy continue to weigh on the u.s. economic outlook. >> in english, that would be financial speak there for lower interest rates and markets expect them now to come, those cuts, a cut at the end of the month. a big question, will powell cut the rate just once, will it be an insurance cut under last year's rate hikes? will that satisfy the president? damian, translate what we heard from the fed chairman today and are the -- is he right, are the market conditions the reason there's likely to be at least one rate cut or is he bow to go pressure from the boss? >>. >> that's a great question that we might not know the answer to for some time. the fed is seeing global growth is slowing and inflation remains low.
9:33 am
typically, you raise interest rates to combat inflation and if inflation is low and there's all these concerns about trade in china, they feel like it's best to lower rates to try to key the economy juiced. now, the risk is that the unmroit rate is only 3.7%. the stock market, as you just said, is at an all-time high. why exactly where they juicing the economy if we had a really strong jobs report last week, as well. it is confusing. there is no precedent for cutting rates in an economy like this before. and it is going to open this up to criticism that they are bowing to pressure from the president to really get the economy hot going into 2020. >> and to that point, we know how the president feels. i want you to -- this is larry kudlow, somebody who says he's trying to calm the president down when the president says we should demote him. larry kudlow says sure, the fed is independent, but -- >> i personally believe that
9:34 am
should be independent. but that word, "independent," i mean, it doesn't mean they operate from another mannette. in a day-to-day sense, certainly, they're independent. but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't listen to advice from their elders. >> there's a bit of intellectual inconsistency there. if you're independent and the president is your elder and he says cut rates and you do it, you're not independent, are you? >> exactly. and what does elder mean? that suggests the white house is in a position to dictate what the fed should do. i mean, the reason the fed was created to be independent of the white house is so you don't have a situation where there's political interference in what the central bank is doing. we just saw in turkey the leader of turkey just fired the head of their central bank because he wasn't happy with the way their central bank was doing things. and the risk is obviously if you have a central bank making decisions about interest rates that many americans don't have the time to understand, but if the .rates are being changed
9:35 am
based on political fears, you could have the situation where you have run away inflation, we get back into the 70s, where it's a huge mess and it's really hard to sort that out. and so that is what i think people at the fed have been trying to guard against. but it does seem like they are getting ready to cut interest rates which is something that the president has been jaw boning them to do for about a year. >> and democrats don't often come to the aid of trump appointees. but i want you to listen to this exchange. as we note at the top, the president has been suggesting that he thinks he has the authority to move powell if he doesn't like what he does. listen here. >> you get a kul from the president today or tomorrow. and he says i'm firing you. what would you do? >> of course, i would not do that. >> i can't hear you. >> my answer would be no. >> it's both a funny moment and an important moment.
9:36 am
jerome powell said my answer would be no. >> we would have to see it to believe it. it it want an incredibly awkward situation. the president would be walking on egg shells there because the stock market could fall a couple thousand points you if he felt hike he was trying to interfere with the central bank. so there would be big risks for both. i think powell is trying to send a signal, don't go there for the white house and trump keeps attacking the fed. he's going to be watching closely as we all will be to see what happens later this month when the if he fed has to make its decision on the rate cut. >> heading into a re-election season. appreciate your insights. we'll bring you back as this continues. before we go to break, the u.s. champion women's world cup soccer team in in new york today. the superstar megan rapinoe wouldn't resist taking advantage of the moment. >> new york city, you're the mother [ bleep ] best! [alarm beeping] {tires screeching} {truck honking}
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>> > topping our political radar today, president trump tweeting his reaction to winning an ee monthly omoluments case. that lawsuit brought by the attorneys general of the district of columbia and maryland. aim my mcgrath's campaign says it raised $2.5 million since she announced her senate bid tuesday. 2.5 million is a pretty big number for a senate race. >> president trump defending
9:42 am
home depot, slamming people who choose not to shop at the hardware store because co-founder bernie marcus donated to the president's campaign. the president tweeting they are vicious and crazed and they don't care who gets hurt. the president himself has called for boycotts of company when he has liked their positions. some of those companies he's targeted, harley davidson, at&t, cnn, apple. the acting homeland security secretary telling cnn's chris cuomo, the rump administration strategy at the southern border is working. there's been a 28% drop in enforcement actions in the month of june and he credited president trump for helping those numbers go down. >> so we're very much still in a crisis mode. but what we see in june is our strategy is working. the president is engaging with mexico. the deal to enforce immigration and security on their southern border to partner with us on tackling transnational organizations, that's clearly having an impact on the flow. >> he says the president's policy is working.
9:43 am
those are the numbers we know the president focuses on. the apprehensions at the border month to month, those statistics, one month for the administration. good news, risky to bet on one month, but we'll see, right? >> we'll see. it's like looking at the monthly jobs numbers and trying to make a conclusion about the economy. i think the trend the is what to look like, not any single month. is and this has happened before where the trump administration got excited about lower numbers and then the other side of that sword is when they start to go up again, the president is very much focused on this and it blows back in the other direction. so i think they have no choice now but to focus on the down tick and it's a risky thing to hang your hat on. >> yeah. it's hard to chart cause and effect here. so mcleanen is saying that
9:44 am
numbers have gone down because of the deal the president struck with mexico. the president has made similar comments to that effect. we'll have to see future months, i think, to know if that is really the case. but for now, it does look like a win for the trump administration. again, the numbers are variable, so you really have to pattern spot more than point at one particular number. >> at least a temporary piece if you're kevin mcleanen at any point. up next for us, obamacare being tested in court could have an impact on the next election. : 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right - by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. you can get your interest rate right - by locking in a fixed low rate today. and you can get your money right. with sofi. check your rate in 2 minutes or less. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k.
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new signs today, another big challenge to obamacare could be getting back to the supreme court. perhaps even in a presidential election year. this after two gop appointed judges on an appeals court in new orleans signaled they might side the affordable care act is unconstitution. the trump administration is on the side of striking down the entire law. new questions about the constitutionality come after the republican congress effectively eliminated the individual mandate in obamacare by reducing the penalty to zero. that is a point that is raised in that court hearing. >> if you no longer have the
9:50 am
tax, why isn't it unconstitutional? >> a significant question because it was the mandate the chief justice john roberts angering republicans siding with the more democratic progressive members of the court, that's how they protected obamacare. that judge seems to suggest that's gone now because of what the congress did. is it possible the court is going to throw out obamacare and we're going to have this debate again in the middle of a presidential election? >> it's a tricky political question because the president ran on protecting pre-existing conditions and he says it over and over again. yet after the midterms, he did a 180 and says the administration's position is that obamacare should be entirely gutted. so it's entirely possible this case could go to the supreme court again and we could have the debate. but i think it's one that puts the trump administration and this president in a difficult position even as democrats
9:51 am
themselves are having their own debate about where they should be on health care. >> right. they would have the medicare for all versus just redoing obamacare. mitch mcconnell has said we would immediately pass bipartisan legislation on pre-existing conditions. good luck. the republicans had control for two years and they couldn't pass anything. if obamacare gets thrown out or at least put into limbo, this is what they would have to think of, like it or not. that thing that allows you to keep your kids on until they're 26 years old on their parents' plan, that could go away. caps on out-of-pocket expenses, go away. return of the annual lifetime caps on coverage could come back. are the republicans prepared? they want to rip up obamacare, are they prepared for the political fallout if that happens? >> no, they're not. and that's what this whoebl debate we saw playing out in the last two years when they had the majority in the house and the senate showed you. when it came time for them to articulate a vision for what would come instead of or after, they were successful in
9:52 am
repealing baesh repealing obamacare, they weren't able to do it and there is no sign that they have gotten any closer to that. the onus would be in part on democrats if this happened, you know, in the short-term because they have the majority in the house. you're right. they would have to have what could be a divisive debate among themselves about what it looks like for them, but they also be able to point to the trump administration and said it's their fault that we don't have the affordable care act any more. all of those popular things that you just outlined are gone because of republicans and we're trying to pick up the pieces. >> and the president says he will have a plan. that's when? >> he's been saying that for two years. republicans more broadly and not only putting this on the trump administration, republicans were saying they were going to repeal and replace obamacare for the better of the last decade. the president has come in and said even though we weren't able to get it done in my first two years, re-elect me and we'll get it done in 2021. it is not clear that there is
9:53 am
any strategy. the supreme court has the same five justices. there is a chance that they uphold this, but it is causing turbulence going into 2020. >> the chief justice would have to come one a new reason after the mandate. up next, is there a gender battle brewing within the republican party. ♪ corey is living with metastatic breast cancer,
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the republican party has a women problem and one gop effort to try to fix it just suffered a
9:58 am
big defeat. in a north carolina house primary, republican voters advanced greg murphy over joan perry. two freedom caucus congressmen backed murphy. all republican women in the house backed perry. one of them, congresswoman cathy mcforest rogers backed perry saying if republican women doing win their primaries, we wouldn't win back the majority. it's that simple. am i right in translating that as her telling the men in the caucus, you guys just don't get it? >> that's exactly what she's saying. she's not the only one. another republican congresswoman has said the same thing. greg murphy was backed by other republican groups and there's really only one republican outside group that is putting money behind women to win republican primaries. if republican women don't whim
9:59 am
primaries, they can't win general elections and get into congress. >> republicans have a problem with voters of color. among the house, it's still a male dominated game. but 77% of the members of the house are men. but when there are women, democrats by a lopsided margin, 20% of women, only 3% of republican women in the house. senate, again, mostly men. 17% democratic women. 8% women. governors, 12% democratic we know, 6% republican women. state legislatures, the bench, if this is going to change in congress next year, the year after, only 9% of republican women. this is a demographic cliff for the republican party. >> it absolutely is. i was in congress last week and i met dr. perry. i think the real challenge is not only that there's just one group trying to put mowing behind this every effort, but even with those efforts, republican women do not seem to be responding. and republican he voters in general don't seem to be responding so you can dump what was nearly $1 million of money into this race, have a qualified
10:00 am
candidate who fit her district and they still can't them across finish line. it's a challenge. >> i was going to say, in 2018 in the primaries, when a democratic woman ran across a democratic man in a nonincumbent seat, the woman was more likely to win. same situation for republicans. the woman was less likely to win. back tomorrow. brianna keilar starts right now. i'm brianna keilar live from cnn's washington headquarters. under way right now, his fate is in serious jeopardy. just a short time from now, the labor secretary who gave a sweetheart deal to a millionaire now charged with underage sex trafficking will break his silence. and the top diplomate from america's greatest ally is resigning after he called president trump inept and incompetent. the president forgets his own history of calling for boycotts


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